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A little too sweet for me.

Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery

Similar to Garage Sale mysteries - except here it is a contractor who solves mysteries in between projects. This mystery wasn't obvious until the very end though.

Garage Sale Mystery: Murder by Text

Another normal garage sale mystery. Jenn has to figure out how a friend is murdered.

Garage Sale Mysteries

30 years ago, a bridegroom disappears. Jenn has to debunk the official line that he moved out-of-country-with-another-girlfriend and solve his murder

Garage Sale Mystery: Art of Murder

The normal garage sale mystery. Jenn has to figure out how a friend is murdered.

Garage Sale Mystery: The Novel Murders

Slightly different for a Garage Sale mystery. Rather than clear a friend of a suspected murder, Jennifer is solving set-up murders based on books she has read.

Wall of Secrets

A different mystery. Usually someone is killed, and the hero figures out who did it. In this case, someone is spying on the couple, and the hero has to figure out who and why.

Garage Sale Mysteries

Another in the line of garage sale mysteries. Similar in that a friend is accused of murder, and Jennifer has to sift through the clues to determine who the real culprit is.

Love & Friendship

Movies based on Jane Austin tend to feature strong females in an era where females have to be quite indirect to achieve their goals. Love and Friendship is no exception. I had troubles with the language - I appreciated that pauses where the movie told me who the characters were.

Nim's Island
Nim's Island(2008)

I didn't like the story-line at all. Talking animals; characters getting out of impossible situations; totally predictable. I saw it a second time a couple years later, softened my stand a bit and raised my rating by 1/2 a star. At least the plot kept moving.

The Irresistible Blueberry Farm

The "Murder She Baked" girl switches roles. In "Blueberry farm", she is a NYC gal who makes a trip to Maine, solves a mystery and has to chose between two guys to live happily ever after with -- another Hallmark-type movie.

Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Mystery

'Cookie Murder Mystery' is interesting - typical Hallmark movie - pretty unmarried girl helps solve a murder and finds love. But I didn't guess the bad guy, and the movie had some logic to it.


I enjoyed Maleficent. It is easy to see how Maleficent would cast that spell on Aurora, and how she might have second thoughts later. Angelina Jolie did a bang up job playing Maleficent.

Snow White and the Huntsman

There was a part that made me think they were copying Lord of the Rings with Snow White playing the part of Frodo. I was not too impressed with the movie.

After All These Years

I have mixed feelings about this. It is interesting, and I found it not very predictable. On the other hand, I watched it a second time a couple of months after the first time, and could not remember anything about the movie, so it obviously didn't make much of an impression on me.

Guilty At 17
Guilty At 17(2014)

It says it is based on a true story, but it is hard to believe that kids are capable of such behaviours.

Dirty Dancing

My wife makes me watch DD. Too bad that this was Jennifer Grey's defining role as an actor. It is a movie I don't mind watching over. I like the music, and the story is uplifting. Interesting comment by Mr Kellerman that this style of holidays is losing popularity.

In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes(2014)

In your Eyes is a romance, but in the realm of science fiction. Becki and Dylan can see each other even through the other's eyes and feel each other's emotions, etc. -- even though they live at opposite ends of the country. Over the movie, they get to know each other intimately and fall in love. All that I found plausible, but the fairytale ending was stupid.


It is hard to see Ashton Kutcher as an international super-spy. Easier seeing Heigl as a wife struggling with suddenly being put into the position of defending her husband with a gun. But Killers is funny.

Rodeo & Juliet

The story is too hokey and predictable and the acting is not intense enough.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I like science fiction, so I enjoyed most of the story. This movie does suffer from an un-understandable story line at times, and it is not that unique, but it is fun when Clary finds out what she is.

Falling for Christmas

Like most Christmas movies that follow a similar script - two lonely people with baggage (in this case, professionals no longer at the top of their sports) get inspired by the holidays and everyone lives happily everafter. It is not original, but this one was slightly better than the others of the season. Oh, I forgot to mention, on my TV, the movie is called "A Snow Capped Christmas".

The Christmas Shepherd

I guess most Christmas movies follow this script - 2 lonely people with baggage (kids or dogs, etc.) get inspired by the holidays and everyone lives happily everafter. Alright, not original, but perhaps that is what we want to watch in the month of December.

The Last Keepers

Watchable, but nothing special considering how many avenues witchcraft can open up.

October Kiss
October Kiss(2015)

Typical Hallmark movie. Pretty unattached woman unwillingly looks after young widower's kids and they fall in love and live happily everafter (sic)


William is a jerk. After travelling across Europe, he has reached the city of his father's origins and he wants to find his grandfather. Effy is a teenager - half of William's age, but wise beyond her years. Together they track down William's relatives, but during the process, both William and Effy grow and perhaps fall in love with each other.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

To me, "Catching Fire" is better than the first movie as this one concentrates more on the characters around Katniss, and the politics of Panem.

Angels Sing
Angels Sing(2013)

Really hokey movie. I gave 1/2 star for the movie and one for the music.

And So It Goes

I like movies about growth, but it is hard to imagine a curmudgeon like Oren learning anything about life. But if you believe in fantasies, 'And So It Goes' is the movie for you.

The Way Way Back

I like coming-of-age movies, and this is one of the better ones. Duncan comes out of his shell and stands up for himself after a summer at the beach. The chief architect of this change is Owen - a strange duck himself.

Safe Haven
Safe Haven(2013)

Save Haven is a normal Nicholas Sparks movie - damaged girl finding love with a good looking widower - even in the face of the corrupt cop ex-husband hunting her. I didn't like the last five minutes of the movie - too much Stephen-King-like.


Lucy is a combination of science fiction - i.e. what happens if we can use all our brain's capacity, and hot chick action hero. While I may not remember the details of the movie in a few years time, it was fun to watch for 90 minutes

Left Behind
Left Behind(2014)

Nicholas Cage's acting seems to be deteriorating.

Simply Irresistible

I do not like the concept of this movie. Amanda is failing to make a go of her mom's restaurant after her mom passes away. Then along comes a magic crab who makes Amanda's cooking outstanding, rescues her love life and generally improves her life. We should all be so lucky to have a magic crab appear.

My Sweet Audrina

Interesting movie. Audrina is kept cloistered in her home - is not allowed to leave the house even to go to school. And she has the same name as the sister that died before she was born. Often I can see where a movie is taking us, but not with this one.


Movies about abusive husbands are no fun - neither are movies about impossible outcomes.

The Witches
The Witches(1990)

I don't understand the high rating most reviewers give this movie. It is a very simple story - witches are bad and kill little children - some kid is smart/lucky enough to kill witches.


i liked the mix of actors and CGI. The story is nothing original - evil human miners killing local peace-loving population to harvest some ore - and the lowly indigenous inhabitants fighting for their planet.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

I'm a sucker for the teenage angst type of movie, and this is a version of that genre. It would be lovely if everyone could find out so much about their lives in just 4 or 5 days as is depicted in this movie.

Thrill of the Kill

I found this to be a low-budget, predictable lousy movie.

An interesting point - I saw it again 2 years later, and had no idea how it would end - or that I had seen it already. Now is that because it was so forgettable?

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

I found the movie mediocre. Perhaps it is the age of the film - but the musical numbers seemed forced, and the movie went on too long. I enjoyed the two leads - Peter O'Toole and Petula Clark. (by the way, the photo Flixster uses is from the 1939 version of the same movie)

The Edge of the Garden

An interesting concept. Guy buys a house and finds it contains a ghost from 50 years previous. For some reason, they can see each other, and both think the other is the ghost. An ethereal relationship occurs between the two - communicating through overnight notes which somehow cross the 50 year gulf.

Circle of Friends

If you like coming-of-age films, this one is great. 'Circle' follows three girlfriends from Confirmation through university. Minnie Driver is wonderful as Benny, the plain one. It is also interesting to see these actors - Minnie, Chris O'Donnell, Colin Firth, etc. in early roles in their careers.

The Young Victoria

It seems this is a fairly faithful representation of Queen Victoria's early years as a queen plus the movie is interesting enough to keep the viewer interested. If you like historical dramas, watch it.

Life With Father

'Life with Father' may be worth watching for a little historical perspective of the late 19th century. I am glad that wasn't my period in life though.

Wanda Nevada
Wanda Nevada(1979)

Interesting to watch to see Brooke Shields acting as a 14 yr old and Peter Fonda in a scene with his famous dad.

The story is a little far-fetched with an Apache ghost killing people, and a gunfight with 100 rounds shot off, and nobody hurt. I suppose if you are writing a fantasy, you can make it as silly as you want.

Girl Most Likely

I normally like the self growth/self realization type of movie, but there is not much of either in this film.


Tyler's college buddy (Chase) spends the summer at Tyler's family cottage. Over the summer, Chase finally informs his friend that he is gay. Later in the summer, Tyler's father decides he is gay as well. Not only does Tyler have to come grips with have a gay best friend, but the family has to decide how to live with a gay dad.

Bird People
Bird People(2014)

Interesting movie. Both connected and unconnected. For a 2014 movie, everyone sure smokes a lot.

Borrowed Hearts: A Holiday Romance

Borrowed Hearts is a Hallmark type of movie - a poor single mother with a cute daughter find a rich single guy who can't stand them, but needs them to act as his family. By the end of the movie, the business is saved, the couple is in love, and everyone lives happily ever after.


It is not easy to guess what is coming in this movie. The premise is interesting - when does a game become so real that you have troubles distinguishing reality and a game. I did not think Cronenberg's version had much thought to it. Whenever the plot got boring, another layer got added.

Be My Valentine

A typical Hallmark movie which involves two experienced but single people finding a reason to fall in love - and persevering even against interference run by friends and ex's.

The Lone Ranger

The action scenes were well done, and I enjoyed Johnny Depp's acting, but I didn't like the story. For instance, if you are going to native legends to raise the dead, then make the rest of the movie honour native legends - plus if they are just building a railroad, there is not going to be two parallel tracks for the dueling trains scenes at the end of the movie.

Reel Love
Reel Love(2011)

I presume this is a made-for-TV movie, but with two names as actors - LeAnn Rimes and Burt Reynolds. It is a typical small-town-girl-moves-to-a-big-city-but-is-still-a-small-town-girl movie. The acting is fine - the movie would be better if I liked fishing.


A worrisome treatment of a teen in today's politically correct times.

Places in the Heart

'Places' is OK, but as much as it is supposed to be an uplifting movie about unlikely survival during the Depression, I found it depressing as in the end, it is only by luck and Moze that Edna survives - and next year, with neither Moze or luck on your side, she will lose the farm anyway.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

I was impressed with James Spader's role. He seems both withdrawn and 'broken' and yet sure of himself enough to convince his female friends to confess their secrets about sex. I enjoyed the film ending as well.

Silver Linings Playbook

I found 'Linings' an interesting movie with pros and cons. Pros: Dealing with mental illness - and hope for the future; interesting to see Lawrence in a role so different than Hunger Games. Cons: When I read the various comments and history of the film, it was nominated for so many Academy Awards? Really? Didn't seem that special.

Sense and Sensibility

It is hard to believe anybody gets happily married in 19th century England with all the rules and customs. Jane Austen writes interesting books, and the actors in this adaptation are very convincing.


Put together a girl who was just dumped by her boyfriend, a trip to Slovakia, a last minute substitute boy as a travel companion, and 17 year-old passions and you have an interesting movie. Some of the filming in Slovakia seemed stilted - they could not have been actors.

The Road to Christmas

Another formulaic Christmas film. Couple gets thrown together over Christmas, and discovers they are soulmates. This film interested me as I had fallen in love with Baby in "Dirty Dancing', and I wanted to see what Jennifer Grey looked like later in her career. But for me, Megan Park playing the 12-year-old daughter was the star of this movie.

Correcting Christmas

Although Flixster calls this "Correcting Christmas', on my TV is is called "Back to Christmas". The concept is a little different than other Christmas movies. Ali actually gets to go back one year to correct the mistake she made a year ago. But other than that ripple, it is still the normal find-true-love-over-Christmas theme like most holiday movies.

A Very Merry Mix-Up

Some parts of this film are not quite believable. Alice goes to meet her future in-laws on her own, and losing luggage or not - you don't know the address?? But it is a Christmas movie, and therefore the heroine has to find true love over the span of a Christmas vacation, and that part is a bit cute.

Angels in the Snow

The Tuckers (the family who is stranded and winds up seeking shelter at the cabin) seem to be too good to be true, but this is a Christmas movie after all. I didn't see the point of the shock at the end.

'Tis the Season for Love

Slightly less predictable than all the other Christmas movies being shown at the moment. In this one, the struggling NYC actress realizes that the small town that she fled from has some possibilities as well.

A Christmas Truce

I was expecting a story about the incident during WW1 where a few American and German forces supposedly called a truce on the last Christmas day before the end of that war. This Christmas Truce film is about a fabricated incident during WW2 - and while the film was meant to make you feel good, the fairy-tale ending was a bit much to swallow.

Becoming Santa

At least it is different than the stock Christmas movie. In this one, boy and girl have already decided they love each other, the only problem is that marrying the girl comes with a lot of expectations.

Charming Christmas

Like all Christmas movies, some Scrooge (in this case Meredith) sees the light at Christmas and finds her lost love. This film is worse than most as it drags.

The Command
The Command(1954)

I'm usually not as keen on older movies, but this one is OK. It is always OK when the leading man does not follow protocol, and does his own way.

Last Chance for Christmas

Yet another Christmas formula movie. In this case the guy is a worker from the North Pole, and the gal is the owner of a reindeer herd who can supply a reindeer to replace Prancer who has come down with split hoof or something like that.

The Christmas Secret

Yet another Christmas "find love in 7 days before Christmas" type of movie, but this film is better than most of the seasonal fare, leading up to the odd tear near the end.

A Christmas Detour

Another formulistic Christmas movie. Already-engaged gal is 'forced' to spend time with cute guy, which forces her to reconsider her life choices. I enjoyed the 20-year-married couple who provided a foil to the main combatants.

The Imitation Game

I don't know how closely the movie follows real life, but this movie is like Alan Turing himself - a mix of intelligence, oddness, humour, despair, etc.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Monkingjay Part 1 seems to be a placeholder for the final movie. It is OK; Katniss is still saving the day, and President Snow is still that bad guy, but this movie seems to fall short on content.

Mr. Holmes
Mr. Holmes(2015)

Mr. Holmes is not your usual Sherlock Holmes mystery. In this movie, the mystery exists as Sherlock is drifting into dementia, and he can't quite figure out why he retired as a detective.

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

Inside Out shows us how each member of a family works through five emotions. That sound simple, but the movie is quite engrossing, and as we are brand new grandparents, it felt very relevant.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

I enjoyed this film about a competition between an expensive French restaurant and a bargain-brand Indian restaurant - 100 feet from each other.

Last Holiday
Last Holiday(2006)

When Georgia finds out she has weeks to live, she throws caution to the wind and lives it up. This story has been told before, but it's OK to watch it again.

The Flight Before Christmas

This movie is a bit too much formula writing - On the way home to console her sorrows, a newly-dumped girl happens to get store-stuck in the same room as a conveniently single guy.

Home by Christmas

Better than most of the Harlequin/Lifetime type of movies. Julia has a terrible lawyer though.


Perhaps I have to see 'Despicable Me', but as my introduction to minions, I didn't think much of this movie. I found I just didn't care much what happens to minions.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

A movie about a widow and her bratty son moving west to make a better life for themselves. The movie is OK, but I find it hard to fathom that the mom - Alice won an Academy award, and a fellow waitress, Flo was also nominated for Best Supporting actress.

All of My Heart

It is a very predictable Hallmark-type movie. Incompatible couple thrown together, forced to work together, and you know the rest.

500 Days of Summer

500 Days is different love story, and worth watching. I would have rated it higher, but I found the non-linear presentation confusing. It felt like taking Shakespeare in class and having to read it a couple of times to figure it out.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

There is a lot of content - the movie is set in and 'exotic' retirement hotel in India, and deals with seven Brits - how they got there and what they need in their retirements. It also throws in some complications of the Indian family that runs the hotel. It is a well-written story.

Guilt by Association

I guess this movie achieves its goal - to make the watchers frustrated with the American justice system. It is not a feel-good movie though.

A Walk to Remember

I saw "A Walk to Remember" for the second time today. I have to give it more respect that I did the first time I saw it. Sure it is mushy or corny, but I always have hope after seeing a movie like this that people can change or grow for the better.
If you are a romantic, this is the movie for you. But it is difficult to watch without an odd tear welling in your eyes.

The Devil's Teardrop

OK movie with Natasha Henstridge playing an FBI agent who tries to solve a sophisticated set of attacks with the help of a former FBI agent who is now a family man.


Fun to see the Duke as a detective instead of a cowboy. But I found the script pretty bland.

Man of the House

A feel-good movie with Tommy Lee Jones acting as a father figure to five ditzy cheerleaders. Not his best effort.

The Shoes of the Fisherman

It is a 50 year old movie, but I enjoyed it. If only all Popes cared about the world rather than the church.


Jill must solve her sister's kidnapping on her own - because the police think she is crazy. Jill does a lot of work in one day, but something was unsatisfying about the movie - perhaps its lack of realism.

The Good Witch's Charm

This is the third Cassie Nightingale movie I have seen, but as far as I am concerned it is not as good as the first two. Perhaps the idea has petered out.

Expecting Amish

Hannah is forced to decide between life on her Amish colony or life in the big city with all the trappings of modern life. I was a little disappointed in the script. Unless you are Amish, the decision was obvious. They should have written it so that the options were a little more equal.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

The movie is not very original - a couple with a troubled marriage being forced to confront their issues in an unusual circumstance. If you are looking for light humour, this movie fits the bill

Bonjour Tristesse

Interesting family dynamics. Cecile (Jean Seberg) seems overly dependent on her playboy father played by David Niven. This film is more of a tragedy than a comedy though.

Enough Said
Enough Said(2013)

Enough Said is a non-Hollywood type of story. The actors are older and physically not movie-star perfect, and the script is believable.

The Man in the Moon

Great story of first love and loss set in 1957. It is fun watching Reese Witherspoon acting at the age 14.

The Tenth Man

The Tenth Man is a worthy movie. It is easy to see how the decisions were made by the various characters, even though the outcomes were not at all what was expected.


One can't but feel sorry for Hanna - who's whole reason for being is to avenge her mother's murder.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

I don't know - doesn't the plot have to make a little bit of sense? The last scene where Downey brings down a whole gang of bad guys is so far fetched. But the movie is pretty funny and Monaghan is pretty sexy.

Most Wanted
Most Wanted(1997)

The professional reviewers don't like this movie as it is just another framed action film. That may be true, but at least it was interesting to watch.

Everything is Illuminated

An unusual film - part comedy, part drama. Elijah Wood plays a young man who travels to the Ukraine to remember what he could about his Jewish grandfather's escape from the Nazis in WW2. He gets more than he bargained for.

Love Field
Love Field(1992)

Love Field is a story of bigotry set in 1963. I I thought Michelle Pfeiffer and Dennis Haysbert's acting was top notch. And it is always nice to see a movie with a ray of hope at the end.

The Wives He Forgot

I watched this because I liked Molly in Breakfast Club. I thought she did a good job in "The Wives He Forgot". The movie runs its course, but there is some doubt at the end.


Good movie about a realistic family, although I'm surprised that both Cher and Olympia Dukakis won Academy awards.

The Other Woman

The movie is interesting, well acted and realistic. That makes it a better-than-average movie.

The Nanny Diaries

Scarlett Johansson plays nanny to a horrible couple (the X'es) with a cute kid. Eventually she leaves, but not before explaining the error of Mrs. X's ways who reforms and lives happily ever after.

There is a bit of kitsch in this movie!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan (Leonardo DiCaprio) does a great job playing a depraved stockbroker, but the movie went on and on. I didn't last beyond the first 3/4 hr.

Meet Joe Black

This movie grows on me. The story is interesting, the relationships formed are special, and the acting was great.

I didn't realize until I did some research that this is the third time this story has been filmed -- the first two are called Death Takes a Holiday - in 1934 and 1971. I found the story intriguing - "Death" trying out life. I will have to see the earlier versions.

Sisters & Brothers

We get to see the lives of four sets of somewhat unusual siblings. The actors were fine, but the script dragged at times.

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

The idea is fine - a shy underachieving insurance salesman goes to a convention in the big city (of Cedar Rapids?). But I found the movie painful to watch.

I'll Be Seeing You

Patricia's father is missing and is summoned to identify her double in the morgue (a double she didn't know even existed). So she starts her own investigations into her father's disappearance and a local fertility clinic -- which should be OK, but she doesn't come across like Columbo or even Jesse Stone.
But, being a made-for-TV type of movie, everything is wrapped up with a pretty bow.

A Walk on the Moon

Great acting in a drama about relationships - in 1969. Unfortunately, I remember those times, and I have spent holidays in camps like is featured in the movie. You really feel for the characters - and Diane Lane and Anna Paquin - mother and daughter - both struggle with love and sex this one summer.

Jesse Stone: Sea Change

Whodunit starring Tom Selleck. This one is pretty good. I didn't guess whodunit, and Tom seems to play himself - a somewhat washed up guy who still has what it takes and a bit of empathy as well.

Antwone Fisher

My type of movie. I saw it for a second time some 5 years later, and reduced my rating a bit, but it is still my type of movie - a drama where the characters care and where they learn something about themselves, and sure enough where there is a positive outcome.


The story seems unlikely; the obsessed fan even shooting one of the pop star's rescuers, and even though I watched it just a couple of hours ago, I already can't remember exactly what happened to the fan at the end of the movie.


The idea is appealing, and the acting pretty good - at least Harrison and Ormond. I haven't seen the 1954 original - my rating for this movie might change when I see it.

Abducted: Fugitive for Love

OK movie. Twists in the story keeps you watching.


I enjoyed Shooter. It is always nice when it is one-against-the-world, and the one comes through - even though it would be a fantasy.

Take Me Home Tonight

Another teen angst movie, except the characters are a little older, and the plot is a stretch. The whole point of teen angst movies is to mature and discover yourself, but this movie is not as interesting or funny as others in this genre

Fellini's Roma

I don't understand what everyone sees in this film. Maybe I'm too much of a pragmatist, but a plotless, lousy filmed, self indulgent movie seems a waste of time, even if Fellini is the director.


A dated whodunit. Black and white film from 1946. At least I didn't figure it out til near the end of the movie.

Along Came a Nanny

A typical Hallmark movie. The hunk in this one is a detective undercover as a nanny. The love interest is a fellow nanny. The hunk has to solve the mystery and live happily ever after with the girl.


My logical mind doesn't get what Monica sees in Jesse, but love isn't usually logical.


You have to watch this movie more than once to even vaguely understand it.

Léon: The Professional

Cute - a 12 year old hitman. Natalie Portman plays Mathilda - a kid who is orphaned by a crooked cop. Leon is the loner "cleaner" and Leon and Mathilda become a family with Mathilda learning the trade.

Who's That Girl?

It is just a crappy movie. Don't watch it. I give the movie a half a star, and the two cougars their own half-star.


I didn't think that much of it. Sure, it covers a summer of growing up by a band of pre-teens, but eh, who cares!

The Missing
The Missing(2003)

A good movie if you like your westerns without a lot of fluff. Maggie's older daughter is kidnapped by a creepy native psychopath, and it is up to Maggie and her father (who she detests) to save her. As well as dealing with the kidnappers, the relationship between Maggie and her dad must be settled. There is a lot going on in this movie.

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

A childish movie. Has all the normal Nancy Drew clichés, but does not transfer well to the 21st century.

Love Affair
Love Affair(1939)

Interesting to see how much change pre-marital relationships have changed from 1939 to now. This movie would appeal to the romantics among us.

Superman Returns

Superman is always fun to watch, and I didn't mind the new Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Feast of Love

I enjoy interconnected stories. This movie had about 5 or 6 different relationships going through various issues, and I didn't even mind the ending (too often in movies like this, everybody lives happily ever after).

Something Borrowed

I watched it because I like Ginnifer Goodwin's acting. But besides her being cute, it was a somewhat dumb movie.

A Rumor of Angels

A difficult movie to watch. All the characters deal with death in their own ways. Is there hope?

The Neverending Story

Nope, I didn't enjoy it. Perhaps in 1984 it was entertaining, but neither the acting nor the special effects were satisfactory. I gave it 2 out of 5 as the story has possibilities.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I enjoyed the storyline of combining the Civil war and Abe Lincoln with vampires, but silver bullets or not, three good guys would not be able to defeat that many vampires on the train. So it turns into just an action film - and all action with little believability turns me off.

Salem Falls
Salem Falls(2011)

A good movie in that it slowly draws you in, drags you down when everything goes wrong, then pulls you back up when some issues get resolved.

Rachel and the Stranger

A predictable movie. A widower needs a women to help run his farm, so "buys" one (by paying off her debt) and treats her like dirt. Of course she is everything the widower ever wanted, and they all live happily everafter.

The Russia House

Although I liked Connery and Pfeiffer's acting, I found that actually understanding the significance of the notebooks and what happens with them was difficult. I had to watch it more than once to understand it.


I like science fiction, but this movie is just too simplistic for me.


A film with both a shaggy-dog type story and a moral. A little bit for everyone.

Little Man Tate

I had mixed feelings after I watched this movie. It was entertaining, but not that enlightening.


"Impromptu" is fun to watch. Even more impressive is that it is based on fact.

Georgy Girl
Georgy Girl(1966)

Georgy Girl is a sad commentary on the choices available to a frumpy girl in the 1960's. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable movie.

Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes

We all know the background to Tarzan. I liked the visual aspects of the movie (great apes), but didn't like the Scottish noble life as much.

Addicted to Love

It is funny. A little dark (spying on your ex), but funny.

Restless Virgins

Interesting that this drama actually happened 10 years ago. I thought such goings ons only happened in the movies.

Goodnight For Justice

So it is a Hallmark movie. But even so, it was fun to watch - and root for Luke.

Pitch Perfect

Musicals are fun - especially if there is reason to sing - like being part of a group. I can't get that cup song out of my head now.

Howard the Duck

Goofy film (oh, sorry - he was a dog)

Blue Steel
Blue Steel(1990)

I saw Blue Steel 25 years after it was filmed. The story is OK, but I found it plodded along at times. Where is the NCIS lab when you need it?

Investigating Sex

This movie has an A list of actors, but is a B movie at best. Perhaps the point of the movie is just beyond me, who knows?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Really enjoyed this movie. And it can be watched more than once. You almost need to take notes at the beginning of the movie though.

Boys and Girls

Not bad. Predictable, but still watchable.

The Five Senses

I like movies that make me think - especially when they interweave the characters

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

I like science fiction, and enjoyed the movie. Perhaps not having read "A Princess of Mars" is a good thing, as I didn't have the book to compare to.

What Happens in Vegas

Even though I knew what was going to happen, I enjoyed it.


What if you were a superhero, but didn't even know it? That is the premise of Unbreakable, and it is quite interesting. Not as interesting as Sixth Sense was though.

Not Like Everyone Else

It is hard to believe this movie was based on a true story.


I've always liked the song Fame. It took me 28 years to see the movie. I enjoyed the music and dancing. As a film I thought it was mediocre - too many draggy scenes.

At First Sight

It is an interesting observation that even if your eyes can see, you have to learn to see. The love story angle is a bit predictable.


Perhaps it is an honest film, but not much fun to watch.


The lone-wolf-getting-revenge type of movie. I liked it - sure it has no redeeming social message, but it is always fun to see the underdog get her revenge.

Captive Hearts

I wonder why it is that cop movies are featured in so many movies. This is another, although when one compares Captive Hearts to NCIS or Criminal Minds, one wonders if the slow pace of forensics on this show is the norm?

Mail Order Bride

Chick flick about a lady hustler needing to find a place to hide out, and of course, in true Hallmark tradition, the hunk saves the day.


Interesting movie. For someone who did not grow up with such wild circumstances, It is difficult to imagine. The ending was abrupt and unsatisfactory.

Annie Hall
Annie Hall(1977)

I guess I just don't like films with Woody Allen in them. I try to watch them, but he prattles on and on.

Season of the Witch

I liked it. 90 minutes of saving the world.

Guarding Tess

The premise of the movie (differing opinions between a headstrong political widow and her secret service agents) is good. But the movie struggles in the details - especially in last scenes of the movie.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I didn't realize until I read other reviews that the apes were not real. The story is interesting, the special effects amazing.

Personal Velocity: Three Portraits

Not my cup of tea. I don't mind the short stories, but other that the fact the three women are having troubles in part due to their upbringing, the stories do not inter-relate at all.

Dan in Real Life

"Dan in Real Life" is enjoyable - stories about falling love usually are. Not every movie needs to have the complications of "Hamlet".

Living Out Loud

Primarily about a mother's fight with breast cancer and its effect on family and friends. Better than other such movies as the story includes how the disease affects the whole family.

Stone Cold
Stone Cold(2005)

It is easy to like Tom Selleck in these movies. The movie is a tad unbelievable, but I enjoyed watching Jesse solve it.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twi4 - it seems each Twilight gets a bit worse. This one features Bella in dark makeup - each scene a little darker than the previous.


I like Meg Tilly in this movie. She plays her part with the right touch of innocence and entitlement

The Other End of the Line

unrealistic and predictable. Not a very good movie.

Autumn in New York

I've seen a few movies like this. Womanizing guy falls in love with beautiful woman only to find out she has terminal something-or-other, and he matures caring for her. Seen it, done it.

School of Life

This movie leaves you with a ray of hope that there are some teachers that are not disillusioned.


I've read other's reviews, and sure there are inconsistencies in the logic of the plot, but this movie runs along at a quick pace, and there is really not time to dwell on its faults. Matt Damon is the hero - taking on the whole rich upper class - mainly because he only has 5 days to live - might as well go out in a bang!

Doc Hollywood

Cute movie - although the plot is exactly as expected. A highfalutin big city doctor lands up in a small town complete with caring people and "a beautiful, intelligent, and feisty" woman and has to consider his options.

Chasing Christmas

Although "Chasing Christmas" is based on Dicken's "A Christmas Carol", it is different enough that it was enjoyable. And this from someone who is more like Scrooge-before-the-ghosts than Scrooge-after-the-ghosts. Bah Humbug.

Perfect Pie
Perfect Pie(2002)

An interesting movie. Two best friends reunite after a 30 year absence. And it takes a whole movie to explain the reasons why.


The Robinson Crusoe story with a few twists. Crusoe as a slave trader. I did not see the twists as an improvement over the original story.

Two Girls and a Guy

The idea is good - two girls find out by accident that they have been dating the same guy for a year. They decide to confront him. But I didn't find Blake's excuses funny at all - in fact, I wondered what the two girls were still doing at his apartment after the first 15 minutes of the movie at all.

The House on Carroll Street

I've always liked Kelly McGillis (Witness and Top Gun come to mind), so I had to watch this movie. The House on Carroll Street' is a slow-paced mystery, where the most excitement is Kelly and the bad guy crawling along the wall 10 stories up in Grand Central station. It is pretty bad if the 1950's United States of America "officially" accepted Nazis as immigrants in order for them to work on developing weapons.


The second half is a lot more interesting than the first. It is one of those movies where I was beginning to suspect the ending way before it showed itself, but when it happened, it was unbelievable.

The Sum of Us

In 1994, I would imagine the idea of father and son, straight and gay, accepting each other without question would have been more groundbreaking. Hopefully in the 20 years since, this would not be such an unusual story.

China Moon
China Moon(1994)

I didn't find Paper Moon that predictable. I enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot and I enjoyed the acting of Madeline Stowe and Ed Harris, the two main characters. I guess crime doesn't pay...

Vampire's Kiss

I read that Vampire's Kiss is now a cult film. I guess I'm not in the cult. Does it really matter if he is a vampire or not if it is a bad movie?

My Future Boyfriend

I like time travel movies, but this one has no redeeming features. Anybody resolve all their issues if they can just go back in time and redo the same events with knowledge of what will happen.


I struggled to find interest in this movie. Perhaps I'm not artistic enough, but I didn't see the point of the B&W, and it just dragged.

Jack Goes Boating

A film about ordinary people - perhaps they get a bit angrier about their lot in life than some of us do. The characters are struggling with their relationships, and we follow them as they move forward.

The Enforcer
The Enforcer(1976)

Dirty Harry is back. All in all, the movie held my interest even though you know how a Dirty Harry movie will end.

Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her

I usually love interweaving movies - movies where the main characters show up in each other's story lines. This one is fine, and the acting is great - but I didn't really get attached to any of the characters.

Stanley & Iris

If you need 90 minutes of a feel-good movie, this one is the one for you.

The Smurfs
The Smurfs(2011)

Dumb movie about Smurfs running around in NYC.

P.S. I Love You

Interesting movie. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a spouse die on you, but what Gerry does for Holly is pretty special.


In thinking about this movie, I first thought that is was such a stupid movie because none of it was logical. A car burns up in a grand explosion, and the driver comes out without a burn. A girl takes every pill she can find in the medicine cabinet, but comes out unscathed. But OK, the movie is a satire on almost everything.


It is interesting how wealthy 18th century aristocrats spend their time and efforts. It is funny; whenever I see a film from this era, instead of enjoying the stories of the aristocrats, I wonder about the lives of the common people who play the instruments or prepare the meals or wait on those rich.

Cat People
Cat People(1942)

I've always wanted to see this because I enjoyed the 1982 version of the same movie. I liked the '82 version more. This movie creates the setting that the scary parts are in your mind, not using visual blood and gore on screen. But the story seemed quite simplistic (maybe because I knew the story already??)

No Strings Attached

This plot has been around before - can a couple have regular sex without falling in love? At least in the movies, it is not possible. At least the rest of the plot around that basic plot was interesting.

I Could Never Be Your Woman

It is a cute story - Both mother and daughter going through relationship issues. Michelle Pfeiffer is a single mom with a 13ish year old daughter. We sometimes wonder who is the adult between the two.

The Waiting Game

For a Harlequin movie, this exceeded my expectations. As always, there is the underlying pretty-girl-meets-hunky-guy-and-falls-in-love-and-lives-happily-ever-after part, but the plot around the romance is good. I wasn't sure who were the "good guys" and who were the "bad guys".

The Squid and the Whale

I haven't been through a divorce, so this is all a little obscure to me, but this movie is believable. Although everyone struggles with the new arrangement - the movie primarily covers the impact on the kids. It bothers me that the parents say they are there for their kids, but really they are not. Both of them are more concerned about themselves than they are about their kids.

The Sure Thing

John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga play university students who take a whole movie to realize they are meant for each other. The movie-going public are aware of it from the moment we see them, but these two think they despise each other. A fun 90 minutes!

Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds is OK. What are you going to do when you meet your soulmate? Even the ending is believable, although I've seen the same ending in a few WW 2 movies.

Doing Time on Maple Drive

I normally like such movies where families grow or come to understand their issues. That part of this film was fine, but I found the resolution of the movie all a bit too neat. Most of the time, when you throw in a suicide attempt, a coming out, realization you are an alcoholic into a weekend, it doesn't come out tied in a nice bow.

The Thirteenth Floor

I quite enjoyed the complexity of this film. Somewhat like the Matrix in that the question is "what is real?". I had the advantage that I recorded it on my PVR, so I could go back over the parts that were most confusing.

Dial M for Murder

I find it difficult to gush over these older movies. Sure there is a battle of wits between the Inspector and the husband. But the audience knows who did it from the beginning - we have to make do with watching if the Inspector can figure it out.

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

The Mechanic is very similar to The Transporter. Same loner doing jobs without asking questions. In this case, instead of transporting, he is killing. The problem is when the questions won't go away.

A Touch of Grey

A Touch of Grey is more of a play than a movie. It all takes place in a hotel room where four high school friends have a mini-reunion - perhaps 20 years after school.

Once a few bottles of wine have been demolished, the facade of "everything is fine" breaks down and we find out how life is treating each friend and not all is rosy. A strength of the movie is that it doesn't try and tie everything up with a nice ribbon, but perhaps there is hope in their new-found awareness.

Get Over It
Get Over It(2001)

Although predictable, I still enjoyed this movie. Who knew Kirsten Dunst could sing?

Dr. Dolittle 3

Pretty weak movie. There is so little to the story.

Friends With Benefits

Although it is obvious where this film is going from the first scene they have together, it has its funnier moments. I think Woody Harrelson was the best of the supporting actors in his role as the gay sports writer.

What Katy Did

Family television. Somewhat simplistic.

Wild Things
Wild Things(1998)

An interesting movie. There is the odd twist in it.

Au Pair
Au Pair(1999)

Another movie-by-numbers. A pretty business grad gets hired as a nanny for a rich handsome rich guy with two bratty kids. Of course, the kids hate all nannies and even though she is not trying, she convinces them that she should marry their dad and everyone lives happily ever after.

I saw this a second time two years after the first time I reviewed it, but I had no recollection of seeing the first time, so I guess Au Pair is not that memorable.


A long movie dealing with response to death - involving three non-related people. To me, the connection between the three was contrived, so I thought it didn't end well.

Lucky Christmas

A sappy low-budget Hallmark movie


Enjoyed it - not sure how my kids would have felt about it if they would have seen it as kids.

Stealing Beauty

Liv Tyler plays Lucy who arrives in Tuscany to meet family, be sculpted, find out who her father is and to lose her virginity.

Liv is quite beautiful as is the Italian countryside, and coming of age stories are always fun, but this movie is tastefully done.

Jeremiah Johnson

I don't understand. The ratings for this movie say that 90% of people like it, but the movie seemed to plod along too slowly for me.

Growing Op
Growing Op(2008)

I've always enjoyed coming-of-age stories, and this fits the bill - although the family unit in this movie is more unusual than most. They develop marijuana. So how does a home school teenager fit in when he falls in love with the girl-next-door?

Dangerous Crossing

I like mysteries - even 1953 B&W ones. Current mysteries have a bit more suspense though.

The Verdict
The Verdict(1982)

It is always uplifting to see the underdog come out ahead. The acting is great - only the law seems an ass.

A Valentine Carol

A superficial movie about a girl getting married for all the wrong reasons - until the ghost of Marley shows her the error of her ways - a la "A Christmas Story". Not very original.

Marvel's The Avengers

The Avengers is a for the control of earth between aliens and the team of Marvel heros. The plot is somewhat predictable with only a few twists, but there is a lot of action. I suppose people will watch it with so many A-list actors in it.


What a lot of angst about lesbian relationships. Margret falls for Dawes (Selena), but it appears that Dawes is just using everyone to achieve her ends.


I have to start by stating I've read the book. That always has an impact on how one views a movie. In my case, it has been over 25 years since I read and enjoyed the book, and yet something bothered me about the movie. It seems to take a long time to parlay to us, the movie watchers, how bleak things are in 1984. I got the idea much faster reading the book. The bleakness part of the movie bored me to tears. Also, the ending seemed different - actually the movie ending confused me.


An interesting movie about the choices one makes in their lives. Robert Downey is a 17th century physician who first makes a number of self-indulgent choices which backfire on him and he loses everything. He then is basically forced into helping in the efforts to fight the plague and since this the movies after all, things turn out fairly well for him.
I downgraded my ranking by one star because I watched Restoration a few years after the first time I had seen it, and had no idea that I had already seen it. I figured if I had totally forgotten I had ever seen it in the first place, it could not have been as good as I had rated it to start with.


Perhaps it is just me, but I didn't find it intelligent, just idiotic.

The Defiant Ones

Everyone should have a life-changing event like this. Consider a pre-civil rights era when blacks and whites were supposed to hate each other. This pair are shackled to each other for days and have no choice but to depend on each other for either one of you to survive. It is worth seeing.

Something's Gotta Give

I ran across this on TV, and decided to see it for the second time and enjoyed it. I have not read up on Jack Nicholson's private life, but one wonders if he is just playing himself in this movie. I supposed the attraction of the movie is that true love can even overcome an obnoxious personality.


I like time travel movies, but this one leaves a bit to be desired. Usually when I watch a time travel movie, I imagine how cool it would be to be in their place - to find out some lost history or to be the wise character (with all your future knowledge), but it would not have been fun to live back in 1357.

Heaven's Prisoners

Heaven's Prisoners is a mediocre movie - the kind one expects from the no-name made-in-Canada movies. It has this problem where the bad guys just kill their enemies in cold blood, whereas the hero - even though he is an ex-cop - can only shoot the bad guys in self defence. So the ways the movie deals with eliminating the bad guys can be quite convoluted.


Philippa is in a hopeless situation. The drug dealers who have supplied drugs to her husband and students are supported by the Italian police who are questioning her. All seems lost until an young innocent translator helps her accomplish her goal.


Malena is a coming of age story set against the backdrop of World War II. In this movie, a 13-yr old loves from afar, and never quite gets to make his love known.

With Honors
With Honors(1994)

A simplistic movie - a homeless bum teaches Harvard students what is important in life, but everything is too easy in this movie.

Wuthering Heights

I was not that impressed. Wuthering Heights is supposed to be a literary classic. There are nine Wuthering Heights movies (from 1939 to 2012) in the Flixster database, so it has to be a good story right? For now I've rated this one 2 1/2 *'s. I will have to see a couple more at least to do some comparison rating.

Catch Me If You Can

Great story. Amazing that someone would be ballsy enough to actually try the various occupations Frank did.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I choose to wait until they arrive on TV, but I have watched the first three Twilight movies. From the story point of view, I preferred Twi1 and Twi2 over Twi3. Twi3 didn't add much. We always knew that Bella was torn between Jacob and Edward, but that she would choose Edward. I guess by getting the vampires and werewolves to work together, they can keep both sets in the last two movies.

Wide Sargasso Sea

I was attracted to the movie as I recently learned about what and where the Sargasso Sea is. There is not much to learn watching this movie however. Well perhaps you learn not to be born in the mid 17th century, and to treat your slaves with a little compassion.

Three Coins in the Fountain

I watched this movie because we toured Rome last year. It was nice to relive our holiday through the scenery - even though we were there sixty years later.
The movie was nothing special - something about three girls finding husbands.


Mediocre movie.

My Neighbor's Keeper

'My Neighbor's Keeper' is an interesting whodunit. The story centers on two suburban couples - one with kids and one who is trying to have kids. The mother of the couple with kids is murdered, and a number of the characters - the husband, the neighbour wife, a serial killer - are suspects

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Love, sex, politics, growth - a lot is packed into this movie. I do agree with those who think the film is a little long.

She's Too Young

Well done movie. I think based on true facts if I remember back that far (9 years ago now). Presumably, not all fourteen-year-olds in well off communities behave like that. Peer pressure is a bitch.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Strange... I've seen this movie a couple of times at least, and never rated. It is a little weird, but very watchable.

The Bouquet
The Bouquet(2013)

Typical TV movie. Estranged sisters are forced to work together to save the family business after their dad dies. Of course, during the 100 minute movie, they gather enough wisdom to resolve their differences, save the business, find beaus and live happily ever after.

Groundhog Day

I watched again today (on Feb. 2nd of course) just to refresh my memory of this film. The premise of the movie is unique - at least I have not run across it in another movie, but on viewing it again in 2013, I found the Feb. 2nds were going on for too long - and the inevitable end could not come soon enough for me. I reduced my rating by 1/2 a star from what I had rated it 10 years ago.

The Skeleton Key

Scary movie. I spent most of the movie trying to figure out who the bad guy was and how was it going to end? It didn't end the way I figured it would.

Pretty bad. I watched this movie again five years later, and it still did not end the way I figured it would (I had forgotten that I had seen the movie already)

Kiss of Death

What impressed me to start with was all the name actors - Nicholas Cage, Samuel Jackson, Helen Hunt, etc. You are alternately distressed at the hopelessness of fighting organized crime and hope for the hero.

Rome Adventure

Simple predictable story, but I enjoyed seeing all the sights of Rome again. I don't know if I would have watched it save for the fact we just spent some time in Rome.

8 1/2 Women
8 1/2 Women(1999)

A weathy businessman and his son hire 9 women to participate in their private bordello. But why they do so, or what exactly is happening is unclear and seems just strange rather than interesting in any way

Along Came Polly

Nothing special. For some reason, Reuben (Ben Stiller) decides to date Polly (Jennifer Aniston). For some other reason, opposites attract. "Along came Polly" reminds me of another Aniston movie - "Friends wuth Money".

Melinda and Melinda

I guess I have to see it again. Don't watch M & M if you are tired - it is too confusing realizing which story you are in.

Mystic Pizza
Mystic Pizza(1988)

One summer in the lives of three young women who work as waitresses at Mystic Pizza - the local small-town pizza place. This movie delves into class distinction and work ethic and getting out of Mystic.

The Santa Suit

Typical feel good Christmas story


I can't even imagine being Sam Cahill and going through what he did. This is a powerful movie and necessarily is left unfinished.

Taking Lives
Taking Lives(2004)

There are times knowing the schedule is detrimental to watching the movie. The movie sort of ended - they had the bad guy, but there was still 20 minutes left in the time slot! Sure enough the cops had it wrong, and Angelina Jolie had to save the day.

Love Comes Softly

As per the movie title, it starts out as an necessary arrangement (Clark and Marty spending the winter together), but love comes softly. Actually even though it is a formula-type movie, it is believable - not bad even.

Carnal Innocence

"I presume Nora Roberts is a well-known author. At least my wife knows who she is, but if this movie is an accurate portrayal of the book, I would not read any of her stuff. In 'Carnal Innocence, it seems half the town is getting murdered, and the other half are suspects.

The Other Guys

I don't like parodies very much. Most of the time, they are not very funny, and this movie is no exception. "Aim for the bushes"? Yeah right.

Les Miserables

Stories of unjust persecution are always intriguing. What a justice system where stealing a loaf of bread is a lifetime prison sentence! I had to read Les Miserables in French in high school, and never quite understood it, so the details are interesting. I thought the acting was well done. Liam Neeson does great work, and Geoffrey Rush is fun to hate.

Do You Know Me

"Do you know me" is a mystery where Rachelle Lefevre (who plays the vampire Victoria in Twilight) is a young woman who discovers that she has a secret she had no idea she had. When she investigates thugs start chasing her, and she has no idea who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

Judicial Indiscretion

Judicial Indiscretion is not bad for a TV movie. I guess you could call it a story of greed although it takes a while to figure that out.

Nora Roberts' Angels Fall

A chef lands up in a small town when her car breaks down. Parts are on back-order, so she lands up working as the cook in the local diner. She witnesses a murder and the killer is after her as well. All the normal aspects of a romantic suspense are there - a murder, lots of potential suspects, the love-interest, pretty scenery, etc.

New In Town
New In Town(2009)

It is a familiar theme - up-and-coming corporate executive comes to town to close down its only plant, but falls in love with town and some guy and does all she/he can to save the town business. For some reason, I was not happy with Renée Zellweger's performance. It is hard to see Renée as a corporate executive.

What Lies Beneath

Man this movie dragged for me. I could not stay interested long enough to be interested in the story.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Perhaps this is a good movie - after all 90% of reviewers like it. I'm in the 10%. Is the world that full of MD's who get away with murder, comedians who are not funny, filmmakers who cannot make films, marriages that are farces? I guess I would prefer my movies to offer me hope instead of realism.

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

Yet another version of 'The Blue Lagoon' - two mismatched kids find themselves stranded on an island, have to work together to survive, fall in love, get rescued, drift apart then live happily ever after

American Beauty

Thought provoking movie. On one hand, Lester is motivated to make significant changes to his life - some positive. On the other hand, lusting after one of your daughter's girlfriends and working as a server at the local burger joint are not feasible long-term goals either. It is difficult to summarize this movie in a few words - but it doesn't portray suburban life in the most positive way.

Summer School

I passed this while channel skipping on TV, and it looked like a young Jethro Gibbs. Sure enough Gibbs (Mark Harmon) - 25 years younger - is the main actor in this movie about a phys-ed teacher getting through to a bunch of remedial students.

Where the Heart Is

A feel-good movie where a pretty young pregnant girl (Natalie Portman) gets left at a Walmart in Oklahoma. During the movie, Natalie has to figure out how to have her baby, establish a support network and find a loving partner.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Olive decides she needs a reputation to be noticed in school, so she pretends to sleep with different kids in school. The movie is funny and I appreciate the sarcasm. The references to John Hughes films was great too.

High Noon
High Noon(2009)

High Noon is not a bad movie for a Lifetime movie. The story is believable, the acting is well done, it moves along.


I'm not keen on movies where the solutions to Veronica and J.S.'s problems involves killing someone. So yes, show that high school politics are despicable, but high school killings is not entertainment.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

This is a different version than I am used to, but I liked it. I may be forced to read the book to determine what really happened. I have not quite figured out the significance of Wendy creating Captain Hook in the image of her father.

Black Narcissus

Quite an amazing film - especially considering it was filmed in a studio 65 years ago using painted backdrops to represent the panoramic Himalayas. Even the topic is refreshing - not all goes according to plan even for nuns.

Letters to Juliet

This is a very predictable movie. Sophie answer a 50-year-old 'Letter to Juliet'. Claire - who is now a grandmother and her cute lawyer-grandson goes looking through the Italian countryside for Claire's long-lost love. If this were a predicable movie, Claire, the Italian oldtimer, Sophie and the lawyer-grandson would all live happily ever-after, right?

Alice in Wonderland

I liked the plot. The movie made more sense than Lewis Carroll's book. I didn't mind the computer graphics or the acting.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

I'm not a fan of most action movies - most seem to give up any thinking to concentrate on the chase or explosion or shooting scenes. But Die Hard is a fairly complete movie with action, comedy, and some heart.

Men Don't Leave

If you like family drama, watch 'Men Don't Leave'. A family is thrown into turmoil when the husband dies unexpectedly. In an effort to deal with their circumstances, Beth and her sons find different supports, but eventually find out that family is needed to pull themselves together.

Concrete Canyons

Retired country sheriff, Ben Sloan travels to the "Concrete Canyons" of Chicago to find out why his son is being sought for murder. He lands up working with detective Susan Kincaid to find the true killers (of course, he knows his son could never commit murder). It is a very watchable movie - even considering it is one of the many Canadian made-for-TV movies.

Walk the Line

Assuming the movie is an accurate portrayal of Johnny Cash, it is worth watching just to learn move about the music legend. The only problem is that Joaquin Phoenix can't really sing, but then neither could Mr. Cash.

My Name is Sarah

"Sarah" is pretty good for a Lifetime TV movie. Sarah (Jennifer Beals) lands up as part of an AA group, but she went to the meeting, not because she is an alcoholic, but because she followed a hot guy into the meeting. Of course since AA meetings are all about trust, there is a small problem with her little white lie.

What a Girl Wants

If you are feeling a little down and want to watch a happily-ever-after fairy tale, this is the movie for you!

Just Like Heaven

It is fun watching a ghost who doesn't know they are a ghost. At one point, Reese was arguing that she was completely normal while her ghostly image is being split in half by the dining room table.

Smoke Screen
Smoke Screen(2010)

Smoke Screen is pretty good for a Lifeline movie. It is an interesting mystery - not immediately obvious who the mastermind is, and somewhat logical - which is more than one can say for most mysteries.

The Veteran
The Veteran(2007)

A confusing movie - I presume it is because of the poor writing - with a very unsatisfying ending.

Verdict in Blood

For a Canadian TV movie, it is pretty good. The story is interesting - it is not obvious who did it until near the end of the movie, and the acting is OK. Even the mandatory love interest is quite toned down.

My Daughter's Secret

I didn't think that much of the acting or the story. Perhaps I should just skip Lifeline movies.

Vivacious Lady

I have troubles rating old movies very highly. I guess it is a product of their times, but the stories are quite simplistic. All the fuss because the younger Morgan can't come out and tell his parents that he is married.

Primrose Path

An old movie on TV during Ginger Rogers movie day. Not at all like her normal dance-with-Fred-Astaire type movies. She plays a young woman who manages to pull herself out of her circumstances only to be dragged back down again. It is hard to believe that such an innocuous movie would have affected the sensibilities off the 1940's censor boards.

Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society

"Poison Ivy 4" wasn't that bad. The old country-hick-comes-to-college-to-learn-the-ropes type of movie. A little like "Sydney White", except the bad sorority sisters are a bit sleazier.

Foreign Student

1955 is really not long ago. Amazing that blacks were treated like that 60 years ago. Philippe is a French exchange student who is thrown into Virginia of the 1950's with all its pros and cons.

The Hunger Games

Hunger games is a movie that makes you think. Hopefully our world is not headed that way - where mere kids are thrown into a life and death gladiators arena. I thought the actors were fine, and the story made sense - at least you understand how the forest fire started and where the mutts came from. Go with the 85% that liked the movie, see it yourself.


I enjoyed the idea of the story. It certainly does present problems that exist with genetic research. Although the details leave a bit to be desired. The business that a stick through the heart does not kill you, but a rock smashed on your head does is fancy writing. But never might its shortfalls, watch the movie.

Birthday Girl

What to say about this movie. On the plus side - it stars Nicole Kidman with very few clothes. It is pretty strange - an Australian playing a Russian who speaks English, but pretends not to. On the negative side - I don't think it is one of Nicole's best movies.
A nerdy guy orders a Russian non-English-speaking mail order bride. He finds out she is not quite what he was expecting.

Oscar and Lucinda

The mid 1800's is a tough time to be a lady or gentleman. Oscar and Lucinda are meant for each other, but they have to fight through society's rules and Oscar's fear of water. The scene of the glass church floating down the river is pretty cool.

Last Templar
Last Templar(2009)

I presume this is a TV movie. It always shows as Part 1 and Part 2 - two hours each - usually not back-to-back.

Although I enjoy archaeological movies - especially about the Templars, this one is really hokey. So many impossible coincidences -- and relic hunter, Mira Sorvino just doesn't feel like a female Indiana Jones to me.


Our world needs a few feel-good movies, and 'Waitress' fits the bill. Earl (why are Southern bad guys always called Earl?) needs to be taught a lesson, and Jenna finds a way to accomplish that.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

'Precious' should probably be rated higher than 2 1/2 stars, but I found the movie so depressing. I prefer my entertainment less realistic than this I guess.

The Full Monty

This is a funny film - in part because these guys make the best of a horrible situation - most of Sheffield being thrown out of work when the steelworkers are all laid off.

Come Live with Me

This movie is OK. It is fun to see James Stewart so young. The story has been done before though - a marriage of convenience occurs, and the couple has to decide if that is all they want.

Easy Virtue
Easy Virtue(2009)

The combination of a new American wife being brought home by her British hubby to meet his family lends itself to a lot of funny situations. I thought Jessica Biel played her part well and Colin Firth is fantastic as normal.

The Guns of Navarone

Great action - especially for a movie filmed 50 years ago.
The only thing that bugs me - we are supposed to shed a tear for the four members of the British task force who don't make it, but not give a poop for the 50+ German soldiers they kill.

7 Things to Do Before I'm 30

This is a cute movie. If you like movies where people find out things about themselves, this will do. It would be interesting to find at 30 years old, a list of your goals that you wrote when you were in high school. Are they still relevant?

Six Days, Seven Nights

Robin (Anne Heche) and Frank (David Schwimmer) have been together for three years, but Robin decides in six days that Quinn (Harrison Ford) is the one for her. It is a fun romp of a movie - little short on believability.

The Horse Whisperer

Lets see... I enjoyed the acting - including a young Scarlett Johansson. The story is good. Scenery is wonderful. I took off a star as the movie was an hour too long - especially if you are watching it on TV with commercials.


Jodie Foster is a great actor. Watch this movie just to see her performance.


Depression is a depressing subject. As such, this is a depressing movie. The actors did a good job, and the music was outstanding.

Slumdog Millionaire

I watched this the first time I saw it scheduled on TV. Is it worth the eight Academy awards? It is pretty good. I liked Jamal's life story being related to the questions of 'Who wants to be a millionaire'. The millionaire questions were pretty easy though - I was able to answer 3/4's of them without resorting to Google.

Dangerous Minds

Stories about teachers winning over a tough audience are always uplifting - shades of 'To Sir with Love'. This movie has all the normal ingredients - tough-but-caring teacher, kids-with-chips-on-their-shoulders, fights, the teacher deciding to leave, but kids pull her back. Music is great. I would have rated it higher, but it really has been done before many times.

The Cider House Rules

Cider House is worth watching more than once. About orphans, ether overdoses, first love, abortions and duty.

The Blue Elephant

Cute movie - primarily for kids. Reading about it, was created in Thailand and dubbed into English with a different voice cast.


Cop vs murder suspect movies are always fun to watch. It would be a bit more fun if the cop did not survive being pushed off a cliff, shot in the shoulder and climbing mountains with his shot shoulder just a day or two after he was shot. But he gets the girl of course.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I keep hearing praises for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Perhaps the book is better than the film. Zooey Deschanel is quite cute though.

Come Dance at My Wedding

Another of the Canadian movies we see on TV - usually one can spot them a mile away, but this movie is one of the better Cdn movies. A young woman (Cyd) finds out who her dad is just weeks before her wedding when she finds out the dance studio she inherited from her mom has his name on the deed. Somehow in the space of 90 minutes, Cyd has to resolve her relationship with her dad, confirm she still wants to get married, decide if she should sell the dance studio and live happily everafter.

The Last Song

It is a funny way to create a movie. "Lets write a movie as a vehicle for Miley Cyrus to initiate her adult acting career". Nevertheless it is good fodder if you are a romantic -- what does it say in the summary? "...first loves and second chances".

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

I think the way you rate this movie depends on how much of a romantic you are. Unfortunately, I am a hopeless romantic, so it gets a 3 1/2 stars - even though it overplays on the viewer's emotions. I believe this was the first time I saw Rachel McAdams, and to me, she is the best cast member.

French Kiss
French Kiss(1995)

A cute movie about a fastidious North American (Meg Ryan) and a French ne'er-do-well (Kevin Kline). She flies to Paris to retrieve her fiance and he stashes a stolen necklace in her purse to escape the police. It is all complicated, but is a good movie if you are looking for something with a happy ending.

Letting Life In

Reminded me of "Dying Young" except it dragged and the movie ran too long.

Merlin and the War of the Dragons

Describes the early years of Merlin's life - and how he helps defeat dragons invading England. I read in Wikipedia (can one trust Wikipedia?) that the budget for the film was $250,000. That is amazing itself.

A River Runs Through It

This movie is about the youth and young adulthood of two brothers - set in the mountains of Montana - with fly fishing as a major component. Robert Redford is the narrator (and director). Worth watching.

The Velveteen Rabbit

When I saw this movie, it had been years since I glanced at the kid's book the Velveteen Rabbit, and compared to my great memory of the book, I found the movie a little disappointing. But the movie is cute - and for the kids everyone lives happily everafter.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Other than I have never liked the character Stifler whom Seann Scott plays in this movie (although he's called Wheeler here), the movie is pretty good. Two immature guys get to substitute community service for jail time. The community service involves mentoring two teens - and of course, it is not obvious who is benefiting the most - the adults or the kids.

Harlequin's 'Loving Evangeline'

The problem with Harlequin Romances is that is it a formula. There is always going to be a problem to resolve, and while resolving the mystery, the hero and heroine are going to fall in love and live happily ever after. The mystery was good. The romance not so good.

The Jane Austen Book Club

Interesting how six members of the book club's lives play out over six months - one month for each of Jane Austen's books. I had two problems - 1) the movie was too predictable and 2) I would probably have rated it one more star if I had actually read Austen's books. I've only read one (P&P), and it hardly had a role in the movie at all.


I thought this film was well done. Young pretty guy falls for beautiful "older" woman (Uma Thurman). It just turns out that Uma's shrink (Meryl Streep) is pretty guy's mom. Imagine the possibilities! Meryl plays the Jewish mother/therapist well.


Brubaker is a prison drama - a little like Shawshank Redemption, but in this one, it is Brubaker that is fighting corruption in prison. It is almost too idealistic, but it is always cool when corruption is stifled.


An early Canadian film - but about an family from Arkansas. I was attracted to the movie as I saw that Burton Cummings was in the cast. It is a feel-good story of a mom who sets out to the big city to retrieve her son who has been kidnapped by her husband. The story is fine, but the filming is pretty bad -- scenes where you cannot hear the dialogue because of the background noise, and some really fuzzy scenes (which did not feel like they were put there on purpose). It is good that Burton stuck to music and did not go into acting in a big way.

Secrets & Lies

What do you do when the baby you put up for adoption 25 years ago suddenly calls you out of the blue and wants to meet -- especially if you are not all that happy with your life at the moment. This movie takes us through that. What I found amazing is that I read that most of the lines were improv. The actors were given their roles, but no actual script.

This Time Around

Is a cute movie about two young women who hold a long grudge against the cute guy who snubbed them in Grade 8. Eleven years later, that same cute guy (Brian Austin Green) comes back into their lives and they hatch a plot to gain revenge. I downrated the movie by half a star as one can see the end coming from about 15 minutes into the movie.

Beautiful Girls

This would qualify for my teen angst movies, except it is 20's angst. Six small-town guys are in town for a school reunion, and all are in various crossroads. Do I get married? Do I continue my affair? What about my job? The only thing wrong with the movie is that in one short weekend, they mostly figure out what they want to do with their lives. If only life was so easy.

Random Hearts

This movie has its pros and cons. Pros: Good acting - idea has lots of possibilities - not often we get this sort of combination of mystery and romance - I liked the vague ending. Cons: too long or drawn out.

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

This movie follows a busload of tourists rushing from city to city in Europe. The story is fine and I love the European scenery. One of the better vintage classics.

The Chalk Garden

We have seen movies about unruly kids before - kids who scare away governesses. Usually (like Sound of Music), the governess solves the kids' issues with some caring, and falls for the widower who hired her. The Chalk Garden is a little different. It is the grandmother who hires the governess, and in this case the governess is a convicted murderer. Interesting film.


I saw this version of 'Titanic' after I saw the James Cameron version. It is much more subdued - and displays the men of the Titanic as much more heroic than the later version.

Lantern Hill (Jane of Lantern Hill)

Jane is a young girl who reminds me of Anne Shirley of Green Gables. She takes it upon herself to reconcile her parents even though her mom lives in Toronto and her dad in Prince Edward Island (where the movie is set). It makes for a great family movie

Just a Kiss
Just a Kiss(2002)

I didn't like it. I tried watching it but it just did not flow and even the weather channel was more interesting.

The Time Traveler's Wife

I liked it. Mind you, I have not read the book. It is hard not to feel for Clare who loves a guy who trips in and out of her life - sometimes older, sometimes younger. One of the failings though is that it feels like the times he time travels away from Clare's life are set up to make the movie more interesting - not any regular or random intervals.

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

When I saw this come up on TV, I decided to watch it because of the song. The movie is worth watching to see the '50s Hong Kong views and to see one view of how racism is treated in that era. But the plot of the movie is pretty simplistic - man meets woman - who fall in love despite different risks and backgrounds. It was nominated for Academy awards in 1956 - won for the music.

Before Sunrise

It is different. A movie that takes place over a day and night - just two strangers meeting each other on a train and finding out about each other before one of them has to fly back to America in the morning.

This Happy Feeling

Best part of this movie is the seagull and Mrs Early (the housekeeper).

First Daughter

Mush again. Same story, but worse than "Chasing Liberty"

Ready to Wear (Prêt-à-Porter)

I tried four different times to watch this over two hours, but even though it has a cast of thousands (31 stars I guess), it has no continuity and puts you to sleep

The Book of Eli

Generally this is a pretty good film. Always fun to watch the good guy triumph over evil. But the details are a bit of a stretch. I had to go check out the plot in Wikipedia to confirm what I saw was what I was supposed to see. So I would give it 3 1/2 stars for a good scorched post-apocalypse world, but take off 1 star for unbelievability.

Murder by Numbers

Two teens decide to commit the perfect murder just because they can. They figure they can set it up that obviously the murder was committed by a local janitor/drug dealer. Of course Sandra Bullock just knows that it wasn't the drug dealer, and the battle of wills and more between her and the two teens is on.

The House Sitter

The storyline is strange. Tory gets to house sit for a crazy guy who turns out to have a crazy brother. At the end, she even paints loving pictures of the crazy guys - I wouldn't watch it unless it was the last unseen movie on TV that night.

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

Anna (a Brit) and Jacob (American) fall in love during university and move in together. But as Anna overstays her education visa, they are kept apart for long periods by various government regulations. Does their love overcome the obstacles?

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

I'm a sucker for stories involving distressed love. So I enjoyed the movie, but I do agree that the movie is a big cliche - and it seems a good part of the movie is John or Savannah reading letters before the inevitable Dear John letter. I was impressed by Richard Jenkin's portrayal of John's father. He's a great actor.

The Three Musketeers

I don't understand why they have to keep presenting the same movies over and over again. Sure there is lots of excitement, sword battles - even airships in this one, but it is not special enough to warrant watching it.

The Last Castle

I usually like seeing movies where the underdog finds a way to triumph over the nasty villain, but this movie is a bit hard to take. In five minutes of movie time General Irwin goes from "Hmmm, we should overtake this prison" to the full fledged revolt overcoming guns, water cannons and helicopters.


What makes us happy? Is it money and power or compassion and friendships? This documentary tries to help us decide.

Valentine's Day

I like movies where storylines intertwine with one another, and Valentine's Day certainly has that - perhaps twenty A and B list actors figuring out their love lives on Valentine's Day. It is somewhat like "Love Actually", but never quite claws its way up to the point where you think the characters care about each other.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

A pretty creepy movie. Jodie Foster plays a 14 year old who lives by herself. She is smart and willing to do anything to keep herself out of foster care (ha ha).

The Ugly Truth

Pretty good comedy. Mike is a beer-drinking, woman-chasing loudmouth who has a part on Abby's morning show as the guy who spills the ugly truth on the relationship between men and women. Abby gets some help from Mike to help her attract a neighbour as a date, and of course, Mike finds out there is more the Abby than he first thought.

Then She Found Me

If you are a romantic, you will like this movie. The main characters are all going through major changes in their lives - April's marriage is falling apart and the is 39 with no kids; Bernice is feeling left out of the daughter she gave up as an infant; Frank is having difficulty raising his kids. The movie takes all these issues and more and ties them up in a neat bow.

Eloïse's Lover (Eloïse)

Movie is OK. Asia finds out she has feelings for Eloise. There is not enough of a plot. The ending is unclear.

Quigley Down Under

Quigley is an American sharpshooter moved to Australia. As in all Westerns, there is the good guy (Quigley) and the bad guy -- in this movie played by Alan Rickman. Their differences of opinion comes with the way Alan's character treats the local aborigines. As someone raised on Westerns featuring the American wild West, it is quite interesting to see a movie set in the Australian wilderness.


The movie is OK - not outstanding, just OK. It is frustrating as we see Joe (Costner) getting these supposed messages from his deceased wife, and we don't know if he is crazy or if he really is getting messages (which could also be construed as being crazy). Anyways Joe takes off for Venezuela to try and find out what happened for himself.

Love Wine
Love Wine(2005)

I did not like this one. Too predictable, too simplistic, too much like a romantic-comedy-by-number paint set.


Somewhat scary movie about the possibility and reaction of mankind to a new airborne disease. We follow some individual families as well as staff from CDC and WHO. Contagion involves social breakdown and profiteering and the research to find patient zero. All in all a pretty good movie. If you are squeamish, there are parts where you might want to shield your eyes.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

This movie is called "The Fighter". You would think it is about a boxer, and sure enough, Mark Wahlberg is cast as a boxer who has lost a few fights. But "The Fighter" may also be Christian Bale who is cast as a washed-up boxer who has fallen on hard times and is now a crack cocaine addict and a lousy trainer.

Winnie the Pooh

Not a very good film. The story and artwork was too simple -- no where as good as Ice Age (for instance). I suppose the fact that it teaches a moral (look after your neighbours before yourself) is a plus.


I normally like science fiction movies, but I did not like this one. The idea is that it is possible to enter the sub-conscious of targets by entering their dreams, and therefore steal secrets or change their behaviours. OK, that is understandable, but now you add dreams within dreams within dreams, etc. and the fact that it is possible to set up a dream for others (like Fischer's dead father is in the dream?) and it gets too complicated for me. I will have to watch it again, maybe my understanding and rating would improve.


2012 is when the earth ends, right? By watching this movie, we get to see how it happens. Don't save your pennies as money will do you no good when the whole earth is flooded.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Watching Jason Bourne is always fun. He is a one-man wrecking/killing machine with humanity. It is always fun when Jason tells Pamela she is looking a little tired.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Interesting to see how naval battles were fought in the early 1800's. If only they knew then what we know now. To the chagrin of some of his senior crew, Cptn Jack Aubrey sets out to defeat a technically superior ship.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

I've seen this many times since 1965. It is to the point where I know exactly what is coming in the next scene, but I don't mind watching it each year. It still rings true every Christmas.

Larry Crowne
Larry Crowne(2011)

What happens when a hard-working guy gets laid off? If you are in a movie, you go back to school to get your college degree and totally change your life around! The movie feels like fluff even though it was co-written by someone from my home town.

The Hurt Locker

Normally I don't watch movies about war. Perhaps wars have to be fought, but I don't have to watch movies glorifying wars. Yet this is an interesting film. Primarily about what it takes for one particular soldier to be an Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert (the guy in the bomb suit dismantling bombs).

Santa Who?
Santa Who?(2000)

Just an awful movie. Don't waste your time watching it.

Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity

I liked this film. In so many Canadian films, the plot seems to be less important than the acting, etc. but this plot is unique. It helps that one of the main characters is Sandra Oh as I've always enjoyed her acting.

Rising Sun
Rising Sun(1993)

Entertaining. A whodunit that keeps you on your toes by sending the viewer down wrong paths as you try to determine who the killer is. Sean Connery usually does a great job acting, and this movie is no exception.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

One of those "feel-good Christmas" movies. Totally unbelievable, but what people seem to want around Christmas time.

Silent Night
Silent Night(2002)

An interesting story of a Christmas eve during WW II and one night of peace between a few German and American solders. Based on a true story.


I have mixed feelings about this movie. Sure it exciting with Liam Neeson single-handedly taking on the whole French underworld killing people left and right. And this is all justified to the audience by the fact that Liam is allowed to do whatever it takes to rescue his daughter

A Walk in the Clouds

A syrupy movie - about love and honour. Actually I didn't mind Keanu's acting, but the ending of the movie - with the fire and the vine is pure crap.

Messages Deleted

Random people start dying around a screenwriting teacher, and the cops suspect that he is the killer. The teacher has to solve the mystery before the cops arrest him.

I found the story quite convoluted -- something that only make sense in a movie, and even not then.

Past Tense
Past Tense(2006)

A who-dun-it which is OK. I had not guessed who the bad guy was.

Good aspect of the film - the acting was fine. Bad aspect of the film - the plot depended on a girl who was the reincarnation of the murdered girl, so anytime the movie stalled, the girl remembered some more details.

The Bourne Supremacy

Always fun to see the underdog win. Bourne is back taking on the whole CIA. I wonder how many cars they went through in all the car chases/crashes?

As Good as It Gets

I'm not sure why I like this movie. Perhaps the hope that the three lost souls can improve their lot in life. The movie is full of steps forward and steps backward - sort of like life. Anyway, all three leads play their roles well - Jack is an actor I love to hate, and sure enough, his role in this movie is like many of his other roles.


I enjoyed this movie. There are a lot of funny moments, and only a few where the movie is drawn out a little too much (like the drunk-Annie-on-the-plane scenes).

I even like the fact that they did not use A-list actors - I could relate to the various sizes of actors. It would have been a lot less believable if everyone looked like Megan Fox.

The story has been done before - Annie gets jealous of Lillian's new friends and hits rock bottom losing her job, home and friends, but claws her way back. But go see it anyways.


There are a few movies out there where something out-of-the-ordinary causes the hero to become a genius. It always seems to be a temporary phenomenon. This movie is no exception to the rule.

I did not mind it - somehow it is a satisfying movie - perhaps the wish that one can solve all the world's ills.

Men in Black
Men in Black(1997)

I like this movie - I tend to watch it again when it shows up on TV. The special effects are a little dated for 2011, but what the heck.

The Ant Bully

This cartoon is pretty good. Has lessons on being aware of your environment and working together. They didn't bother with trivialities like the ant colony having only female ants, etc.


I'm torn about movies like this. Sure, I enjoyed the action moves - like when Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) does his Neo-like moves.

But I need movies to be consistent. If Cris can see two minutes in advance, base the story on that. Somehow, by the end of the movie, Cris is seeing weeks in advance. And they do the "Cris-gets-killed-in-this-sequence-but-this-one-turns-out-to-be-a-sequence-in-his-mind" more than once. I down-rated the movie a full star for its unsatisfying ending.

The Shipping News

An interesting family movie - with all sorts of A list stars. Kevin Spacey plays Quoyle, who starts his live over after he goes back to his ancestral home in Newfoundland. I liked the acting by Quoyle's daughter who is played by three sisters (at different ages I presume). I also liked the set - the stark Newfoundland seashore.


I've said it before - I like stories about relationships, and this suits the bill. In it, Claire, Ray and Jeremy all learn quite a bit about love.

The Ninth Gate

Normally I like thrillers. And of course, everyone knows Johnny Depp. But I only rate this movie three stars. The role of the book dealer could have been played by anybody. And the film had an unsatisfying ending.

Eat Pray Love

I enjoyed the book, but I much preferred the images the book created in my head than the ones I saw on the screen


Jodie Foster plays the role of the protective mother quite well. This movie has us doubting Jodie's sanity while she struggles to figure out what is going on.

Amazing, I saw it a second time a year after I first watched it, and I totally forgot who the bad guy(s) were. Still only a mediocre movie in my eyes.


Good for some escapism. We learn to love the main two characters, flaws and all, and in return, they perform the selfless heroic acts that save the day and we go home happy.


An underrated film - Jessica Tandy's last. And Jessica does a wonderful job. Two women from different generations, but with a love of music go on an adventurous road trip from the south States to Toronto to see a concert. The story seems a bit contrived, but it is worth a watch.

Now and Then
Now and Then(1995)

Interesting that only 19% of critics liked "Now and Then", yet 78% of Flixster users liked it. I am in the 78%. It is always interesting to see the kid and adult version of the same person in a movie, although I had to write a few notes to remember which kid was which adult. To me the adults the writer created from the four kids we are introduced to made sense.

A Crime
A Crime(2006)

One of those movies that the director throws hints, but never comes out and confirms anything. What we know is that Alice, who seems a little crazy, picks a NY taxi driver as a likely candidate as the murderer of her neighbour's wife. Alice sets it up that her neighbour sees the cabby in the same outfit he was supposedly wearing when he killed the neighbour's wife. Wait, it gets more complicated than that!

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

Movie was fine. Pros: Lets you pull for the underdog. Just like a kids story, everyone (more or less) lives happily ever after. The actors were great - well suited to their roles. Cons: 2 1/2 hours is too long for a non-epic type of movie. In the movie, the ghosts either bother Dr. Pincus to the extreme or totally leave him alone - depending on whether the movie needs them around or not. That kind of lousy logic always frustrates me.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

I finally got to see this in 2010. I was a little disappointed - to me its reputation outshone the actual movie. It did remind me of the Lord of the Rings a bit.

The idea of the two boys participating full out in the war seemed a bit far fetched, and the last scene where the young kids grow up to young adults before finding the wardrobe again and finding no time had elapsed would be frustrating. It is a bit long

Nonetheless, it keeps your interest, and is worth a viewing.

The Truth About Charlie

Have you ever watched a movie and thought that you've seen it already. That happened to me with this movie. It was as interesting the second time as the first. The only thing I could remember from the first time to the second was that stamps were involved.

The movie is a whodunit, except from the point of view of a new wife who returns from a vacation and finds her husband has been murdered. It takes the whole movie for her and the viewers to find out about the husband's prior life and who killed him and why.

La Femme Nikita (Nikita)

I was disappointed. Perhaps because I used to watch the TV series, I was expecting something more like that. For some reason, the English words coming out of their mouths when they were obviously speaking French in the movie bothered me too, yet most of the time I never notice such things.

This is the oldest movie where I have seen the role of a 'cleaner' - someone who comes in to clean up the mess when the original agents mess up. You have to give the director credit for the great quality of the action scenes in a 20 year old movie.

Sherlock Holmes

I enjoyed this. Mind you, one needs to see it more than once to catch all of Sherlock's deductions. Perhaps it is not like previous Sherlock Holmes movies, but I enjoyed the sleuthing aspect of it, and the action kept it interesting (although I would have been happy with a shorter movie and less action scenes).

Crazy for Christmas

Another feel-good Christmas movie. The movie is done OK, but it is basically 90 minutes of fluff - but does not have much content.

Death at a Funeral

I never saw the original, so I did not mind this movie. Perhaps it is the mood I was in when I saw it. You have to throw out any semblance of realism, and just laugh at the silly jokes - the dwarf getting thrown into the casket, the naked guys on the roof, the normal-straight-laced people running around high on drugs.

Cry of the Owl

I liked parts of this movie - especially when Jenny turns the table on Robert and starts stalking him. I had no problems with the plot until the final scene which dropped my rating by a full star.

Still if you like dark non-mainstream movies, this is one you should watch.

Dinner with Friends

Perhaps I am not enough of an intellectual, but I had difficulties with this movie. I find the discussion of what keeps a marriage fresh an interesting topic, but I did not find the behaviour of the four main characters useful as a learning exercise, nor super entertaining as entertainment.

Hearts in Atlantis

Most of Stephen King's books involve the supernatural somehow. After a while, that gets to me - our world is not a world where much is supernatural. But in some of Stephen King's stories, I don't mind the supernatural aspects - stories like The Green Mile, and this one.

Ted (very well played by Anthony Hopkins) comes into Bobby's life and provides a needed father figure. He guides Bobby through the best summer of his youth.

District 9
District 9(2009)

An original science fiction movie! A bunch of aliens are stranded on earth and forced to live in a slum in Johannesburg. An accident happens and a government agent starts to turn into an alien. Since the alien weapon technology is much better than earth's, a dustup occurs between the bad guys and our government agent hero half earthling/half alien.

A Single Man
A Single Man(2009)

Worth watching. Although the bulk of the movie deals with George's preparation for his suicide after the death of his significant other. George doesn't want to mess it up, so to speak.

Love Story
Love Story(1970)

I better stop watching 40-year-old movies. When I see them today, they seem disappointing compared to today's movies, and there are a few of these 1970's era movies I have down-rated from my initial rating.

Very simple script. Still you should see it - it made a big impact in the early 70's.

Screamers: The Hunting

This is a fairly good sci-fi movie about a disagreement between some earthlings and machines called 'Screamers'.

I guess I watch too many of this type of movie as I had a pretty good idea of what would happen in the movie about half way through it. The special effects are not bad. Worth seeing!

The War of the Worlds

I guess better late than never. Saw this for the first time 57 years after it was released. It was pretty amazing considering it was filmed in 1953. It is one of the classics.

If it was filmed in the 21st century, I would not rate it as highly though. The story is short on content - and pretty optimistic if you are human. The Martians out-technology Earthlings, but our germs kill them. Of course, every 'good' movie needs a romance. But for its age, you should watch it.

Powder Blue
Powder Blue(2009)

I like interconnected movies. Powder Blue is just such a movie where the lives of a stripper, an ex-convict, an ex-priest and a mortician come together just before Christmas. OK, so its a little strange, but it has hope.

Three things, I had no idea Patrick Swayze was in it until I saw the credits. It was his last movie, and not a typical role. Second, we see a lot of Jessica Biel skin - that is not so bad. Third, it snows blue snow in LA on Christmas. That is just weird. The epilogue - I saw this movie twice - six months apart, and liked it a lot more the second viewing than the first.

Where the Wild Things Are

It is amazing how a simple child's book is changed to a complicated movie. The fact that it is a movie about childhood and not a kid's movie makes it more interesting. It would be interesting to have a discussion in a film class about each of the six wild things. Is one Max's mom, one his sister, one his teacher, etc.? I will have to watch the movie again to make up my mind if that could be the case or not.

The Lovely Bones

I didn't like this movie much. Perhaps I need to read the book. Susie helps solve her murder from the in-between world - sort of like Ghost Whisperer. But how she does it seems inconsistent. Sometimes she makes contact with her family or boyfriend, but not enough to really help much. Where is Melinda Gordon when you need her?

The Deer Hunter

I saw this for the second time perhaps 30 years after I first saw the movie. Although the Russian roulette scenes still haunt me, I've downgraded my rating a bit. Yes, it is powerful but it is just so demoralizing.

If you want to watch a unforgettable movie, this is it. If you are looking for a three-hour escape, don't watch this movie.

Fried Green Tomatoes

I don't know what it is about this movie, but I like watching it. It is a story about a love between two women in a different era -- a story of good over evil, of weak over strong. It throws in a mystery of Ninny and Idgie as well. And perhaps a longing for the good old days.

Life as a House

George is having a bad year. Divorced, alone, estranged from his loser son, behind the times, he has no motivation. Then in the same day he gets fired and finds out he has terminal cancer. What a start to a movie!

I enjoy this sort of movie - as George is dying, he resolves his issues with his ex-wife and son, Sam. Sam is having a tough time of it as well - needing drugs just to get by and withdrawing from the world. With the help of Alyssa, Sam helps his dad build a house and becomes less self-centred.

Presumed Innocent

An interesting movie. Harrison Ford is Rusty Savage, a prosecutor. One of his fellow prosecutors is murdered and Rusty is charged with murder. You have to see the movie to find out who did it.

On second watch, a couple years after the first, I downgraded my rating a bit. The movie is almost too obscure.

Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick (Everlasting Moments) (Maria Larsson's Everlasting Moment)

This is an interesting movie. Set in Sweden in the early 1900's. Back in the days when life was hard, marriages were until "death do us part" and there is no AA. Makes you glad to know that we things are a little easier now.

Maria rises above the banality of that life - with the help of a camera she won in a lottery, and a soul-mate - the local photographer.

The Boy Next Door

A made-for-TV whodunit. It is always fun to try and figure out who the killer will be before the movie tells you

The Bad Son
The Bad Son(2007)

This is a not-so-bad whodunit. A team of two cops are trying to catch a serial-killer and his crazy family. The cops have to fight through blocks arranged by someone very aware of police procedure. As there always is in these movies, there is an interesting side plot. This one is about the relationship between one of the police officer and her 16 year old daughter.

White Oleander

What happens to a teenager when her single mother is sent to jail for killing her boyfriend? She lands up in various foster homes and institutions. In this movie, we follow Astrid (played by Alison Lohman) through a number of different situations which seem to be Hollywood's answer to foster homes. The biggest issue Astrid has is her mother. We don't know if Starr actually cares about her daughter, or if she just want to raise Astrid in her image.

The New World

I enjoyed it - but only because I never quite knew the story/legend of Pocahontas. So the details may not be true, it was an interesting story. I have seen it more than once, and each time there is more to take in.

A problem I had with it - it draggggggged. Perhaps we needed all those long dragged-out scenes to understand their feelings, but a shorter movie would have been better.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot(2000)

Billy comes from a manly town who are in the middle of a manly strike... And Billy wants to be a ballet dancer. How much fun can we have with that? The movie was OK, but personally I didn't think much of Billy's dancing.


This is a pretty good feel-good movie. A school outcast gets to direct a couple of pretty classmates in their band. In typical feel-good fashion, they overcome all sorts of adversity and do will in the NY state school band competition - Bandslam.

The Pirates of Penzance

I was in the chorus of the Pirates of Penzance in high school, so I always wanted to see this to see if it stirred any memories. I hope our school version 45 years ago was better than this movie as I thought it was terrible. Hard to follow the words. Rather silly story. Unless you are a fan of operettas, skip this movie.

Criminal Intent

A whodunit. The movie throws out hints at who killed Devon's wife, and we, the movie watchers have to decide which is feasible. Is it the husband? the mob? the assistant? In the end, none of the possibilities is very feasible in my eyes.

Gomorrah (Gomorra)

It may be non-fiction, but it is pretty hard to watch. You need to take notes and watch it twice to get all the characters straight. It would help if I spoke Italian and didn't have to read the sub-titles.

In the Gloaming

This movie might make you reconsider your relationships with friends and family. Are you you making enough time for them? For being a movie about a kid coming home to die, it is quite meaningful. They could have made it a lot more depressing

Dim Sum Funeral

I liked this movie. Through the circumstance of their mom's funeral, a Chinese-American family come together for the week-long traditional Chinese funeral. There is a lot to resolve - issues about the siblings relationships, and issues regarding their mother.

Tortoise vs. Hare

An animated film about the rematch of the famous race between the tortoise and the hare. I didn't like it much, and the fact that some of the characters were played by Danny Glover or Jay Leno did not help.

Empire Falls
Empire Falls(2005)

It is probably not that historical, but it is interesting to see this version of the current state of small-town Maine. The mill is empty and everyone has left. All there seems to be left is a diner, a pub and a church that needs painting.

This movie is chalk full of name actors, and revolves around the life of Miles Roby (Ed Harris). The actors do a great job, and the story is laid out well (although the movie is four hours long). If you like plain stories of how people interact and deal with the life's trials and tribulations, you will like this movie.

Desk Set
Desk Set(1957)

It is always fun to watch Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Imagine a movie about a computer replacing staff researchers!

Actually, the movie is a bit silly. Of course, Tracy and Hepburn fall for each other, so the computer story-line is only a side issue.

Whispers and Lies

The movies we get to see on Canadian TV. Here is another with limited plot and questionable actors.

Before the Rains

Things do not end well for a love affair between two different races and casts set in India as colonial rule is ending. The Indian scenery is worth the watch.

Blood Work
Blood Work(2002)

I watched this for the second time recently - the first time being perhaps 7 years ago. It didn't take long before I remembered who did the whodunit, and it became frustrating that it was taking so long for Clint's character to decipher the clues. It is worth watching once. At least Clint Eastwood plays his age as a retired FBI man with a transplanted heart.

The Boys Are Back

If you like movies about families struggling, you will like this movie. Clive Owen's character, Joe has just lost his wife to cancer, and has a six-year-old son. Joe has his own ideas of what is important in child-rearing.


There is more to this movie than you see on the surface. It is not a typical May-December romance. Ben Kingsley's character seeks out younger women as conquests, but doesn't quite know what to do with Penelope Cruz's character when there actually is true love between them.


Knowing is a pretty good science fiction movie. Perhaps the reasons behind the numbers is a bit illogical.

If some super-aliens is going to save mankind from extinction by saving a few humans, they don't have to go through all the troubles of a 50 year time capsule and poor old Nicolas Cage figuring out cryptic numbers, but hey - then it would not be an interesting movie, would it?

Loving Annabelle

If you like movies that feature relationships, Loving Annabelle fits the bill. Of course the problem is that no matter how much anyone is in love, it is just not possible to act on your feelings if you are the teacher, and the object of your affections is your student. Many of the other reviews complain about the 'abrupt' ending, but it suits the movie.


I like a good murder mystery as much as the next person, but this one is hard to watch.

I like it when movies let you draw your own conclusions, but in this movie, the leads are just so obscure, and the killer's motives only seems to be to make a confusing movie for the movie-going public out there. Saying that, I probably would watch it again, just to see if it makes sense the second time.

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Kit Kittredge is a kid growing up in the early 1930's when everyone was losing their jobs, and families had to diversify to pay the bills. Kit's family took in boarders which brought a number of interesting characters to the film. This movie is part solve-a-mystery and part Kit-wants-to-be-a-reporter.

Revolutionary Road

What a bleak view of 1950's suburban life! There is so much to this movie - most of it unsaid. I need to see it again, and I have reserved the book from the library.

A couple of points. I was troubled by the fact that we never saw the two kids. And I enjoyed the music. There is one piano melody -- whenever we heard it, you knew things were turning for the worse.


I haven't seen many of John Wayne's movies, but I would imagine that most of his are like this. John is the good guy, but the movie can't decide if the natives are the bad guys or the soldiers are. What is different about this movie to many other westerns is that a lot of emphasis is on how significant a father's influence is in raising a son. If you like Westerns, or you like John Wayne, watch this movie.


I like this film, and I am not quite sure why. Poppy (Sally Hawkins) is a perky young British woman. The movie seems to be a bunch of random scenes about her life. There are times when I just wonder why we are seeing this part of Poppy's life -- can she really be that ditsy? Then there are other scenes like her interaction with Scott the driving instructor that seem quite profound.

I have never seen Sally Hawkins in a film before, but she is a good actress.

The Bourne Identity

A good action flick. Watch Jason Bourne find out who he is, driving fast cars, killing bad guys, finding a love interest in just 90 minutes! Lotta killing though

Audrey's Rain

Aaaaack, until I read the synopsis, I had no idea that this is a Hallmark movie. I guess it follows the pattern. Audrey has devoted her life to looking after her mentally challenged sister, and her other sister's kids. As a result, she has had no life of her own.

Along comes her former boyfriend, who is back in town selling his family's property after his wife passed away, and sure enough, the sparks start flying again. It is interesting to find a movie that features a challenged kid so prominently. You don't see that very often.

A Decent Proposal

This is a believable movie. Tia is a type-A personality who has never had time for love. But she falls in love with Nick. Unfortunately, Nick is killed in a climbing accident, and Tia - who is pregnant with Nick's kid, lands up marrying her boss. But it doesn't look like her husband really loves her, instead she is just an acquisition.

Mee-Shee: The Water Giant

This is a pretty klutzy movie. There is a busy single parent, his ignored kid, the compulsory bad guy, the compulsory love interest, the compulsory native local, the compulsory Loch Ness-type monster which all gets wrapped up so everyone can go home happily ever after.

The Prince & Me

Another stock story - this one about a girl-from-the-farm falling in love with a prince-in-hiding. The prince asks her to marry him, but she does not want to live an inconsequential life being hounded by paparazzi, so she goes home -- and you know how it will end.

Mona Lisa Smile

Julia Roberts plays a teacher in the mid-1950's when colleges like Wellesley seem to exist just to prepare young women to be housewives, not independent people. Similar to 'To Sir with Love', the teacher has to not only teach, but inspire her students to strive to do the best they can.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

I enjoyed this movie. Frances McDormand plays a down-on-her-luck governess who finds work as the social secretary for a ditsy actress. They are just what each other needs.

Goose on the Loose

This is a really stupid movie. Childish, predictable and has bad acting. Don't watch it.

Four Christmases

The idea is great - a film about a couple visiting four sets of parents - all on Christmas day. But, unless you are a fan of Vince Vaughn, it is not that funny. Also it is difficult to feel Vince and Reese Witherspoon as a couple.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

I enjoyed this movie. Sure it was very similar to the first National Treasure, and it felt a bit like Da Vinci code -- where each clue lead to another clue. It is not too believable, and goes on for over two hours. I cannot imagine anyone kidnapping the president. But it is fine if you just sit back and not think too much.

A Fork In The Road

This movie feels like one of those Canadian movies I see on TV a lot, but it originates in the States. The story is certainly unique - I have not seen this storyline before. Of course, we are expected to believe that the escaped convict is innocent, and it all ends well, but it still feels like a B movie.

Muriel's Wedding

Muriel's Wedding is one of the first movies we see Toni Collette, and she is wonderful in the movie. Muriel rebels against her life in small town Australia, and changes her life around, although she never quite loses her dowdy self.

Icarus (Dolph Lundgren is The Killing Machine)

Icarus or Eddie is a former KGB agent who accepts hit jobs to supplement his income. Of course such a profession is fraught with difficulties, and sure enough, Eddie's enemies put out a contract on him. The movie is about Eddie killing his way through the bad guys and trying to save his family.

The Clique
The Clique(2008)

This movie doesn't work for non-teenagers. It is just too childish. I guess you need to take things to an extreme to prove your point, but I hope the schools in our neighbourhood are not as shallow.

Law Abiding Citizen

An unbelievable story - some guy sets out to avenge his wife and daughter's killers. He succeeds in dispatching the killers, but then he takes it upon himself to teach the whole justice system a thing or two about justice. He takes the eye for an eye argument to the extreme, landing up killing 15 additional people involved in his family's justice.

The Soloist
The Soloist(2009)

The old "help a down-and-out guy which transforms both their lives" movie. Reminds me of "Reign Over Me". I don't mind movies like this. Gives me hope that there is hope for the human race.

But it does ask interesting questions about how does society help the homeless?


A plain movie about a normal guy who wants to adopt a Chinese baby. Then he meets a quirky girl. Most of the professional movie raters do not rate it too highly, but it is an interesting study of a young couple and their strange parents.

Just Buried
Just Buried(2007)

One of the better Canadian farce movies around. Certainly not a textbook plot. The characters are pretty twisted and its a funny movie.

You Might as Well Live

A typical Canadian film - low budget, no-name actors - but this one does not really have a textbook plot. In this film, the 'hero', Robert is unwillingly graduated from the mental asylum where he belongs.

Robert has to try and make it in the real world, although his world is pretty strange to start with. We get to follow him through his journey. I never thought I would say this, but there is too much nudity in this film.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A chick flick starring a guy? Imagine your girlfriend dumps you for a hot musician and the both of you land up at the same vacation resort for a holiday.

The movie-going public have to deal with the boyfriend sulking around and hearing his girlfriend humping the musician in the next room. I liked the movie though.

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

"Funny People" is not really funny, but about two comedians who are struggling with their lives. George has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Ira doesn't quite know what to do with his life.

Whatever Works

I probably enjoyed this more than I should have. I like movies about relationships, and I like movies with interconnected characters, and this movie has both. But it felt contrived - it is a movie for our enjoyment, not about the real world. But for 90 minutes of escape, watch it.

Blood: The Last Vampire

I liked the fight scenes. Trying to figure out who was the bad guys and who was the good guys was quite difficult. Maybe if I watch it three times.

Land of the Lost

I haven't seen the whole movie, but the ten minutes I saw on TV convinced me that I will never watch this all the way through. It is just too stupid.

Joe's Palace
Joe's Palace(2007)

Joe is the caretaker of an empty house. His employer doesn't live in the house as there are bad memories associated with it. During the movie with Joe's help, the owner finds out the pre-World war history of his family.

Capturing Mary

An interesting movie - part of a set of two movies, the other being Joe's Palace. Mary recalls her experiences in the house that Joe caretakes. These experiences changed her life, and there are some irregularities in Mary's story, so we don't quite know if it is totally true, or if Mary's dependence on alcohol has clouded her judgment.

How to Deal
How to Deal(2003)

I guess this is a chick flick, but I enjoyed it. Poor Halley suffers through her parents getting divorced, her best friend getting pregnant, her grandmother moving in - all at the age of 17. Because of all these failed relationships, she decides no love affairs for her, but of course fate has another plan for her.

The Longshots

This story behind this movie was OK. I didn't think Keke Palmer played the role tough enough to play an 11 year old Pop Warner football player. Even for 11 year olds, it is a bruising game. But realism aside, it is an uplifting story.

Out of Africa

I saw this again today -- mind you for the first time since joining Flixster. It is a good movie. Keeps you interested, good story, good acting, good scenery. Interesting that it is based on a true story.

This movie features a strong-willed woman who makes the decisions in a frontier land at a time when most women seemed to be nothing but fluff.

She's the Man

The essence of Shakespeare's play where Viola loves Duke who loves Olivia who loves Viola is always a good thing to base a story on. But as much as I like Amanda Bynes movies, I don't think she plays a convincing boy and the movie was 3/4's of an hour too long. Amazingly, that is still good enough be better than 1/3 of the movies I have seen.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I have enjoyed the Harry Potter series. I found this one the most difficult to watch so far. I guess I need to watch it again, as I don't understand where it ended. Why would Voldemort's minions not be interested in dispatching Harry? Isn't the lore that Harry is fated to cause Lord Voldemort's downfall?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It is a great idea -- writing a movie about a man who lives his life in reverse, starting as an ancient baby, and ending as young baby. You wondered how they would do it.

In then end, it is primarily a love story between Benjamin and Daisy, but I liked the story and how they resolved the problems growing younger presents. Also, the makeup, etc. was great. The movie could have been a little shorter though.

Eating Buccaneers

It's a good concept. A plane crash lands in a forest with five advertising executives on board. The movie-going public have to survive their harrowing ordeal. As the movie goes on, we see the days roll by. I find too many Canadian movies too formulated - you can see what is going to happen long before it does. This one is no exception.

Run Fatboy Run

Pros - Fairly funny movie about a slacker finding a reason to quit slacking. Con - another formula movie that depends on men getting kicked in the balls, seniors swearing and bare bums to be funny.

Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl(2004)

Ben Affleck, up and coming publicist exec, is left raising a daughter on his own. He has to choose between being a family guy or the successful exec. Of course, this is smaltz - you know how it is going to end, but I liked it anyways.

There is a scene with Will Smith (he gets no credit for some reason) that is pretty good. But it is pretty bad writing that a publicist would not know what the play Sweeney Todd is all about.

Righteous Kill

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as veteran cops hunting a serial killer. It was OK - not the best. They may be big stars, but they are showing their age. Plus the story left a bit to be desired.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

This movie is a prequel to the original Star Trek series, although the original Spock comes back in time to advise Kirk and himself in the past. It is interesting to imagine how the original crew came together, and who knew that Spock and Uhura had a thing going?


An interesting movie set in the future where everyone has different powers. It is not as flashy as films like X-men with the fancy plane and uniforms. In Push, the characters can have skills include things like those with the ability to predict the future (Watchers), or those with power to make others do whatever they desire (Pushers), or a number of other skills. There is the traditional battle between two sets of bad guys and the good guys.

Snow Angels
Snow Angels(2007)

If you like dramas about people struggling with their lives and loves, this is the movie for you. Unfortunately many of the characters in this film are slightly damaged, so there is a lot of struggle. But it is a film to remember.

The International

A private bank is trading in arms, and the 'hero', Clive Owen, is trying to prove all their underhanded activity. Clive's character is a bit more ordinary than Jason Bourne, but he gets into similar gun battles, etc. The one in the Guggenheim Museum is pretty cool.

State of Play

Movies about reporters discovering or figuring out an important story are always interesting to me. This movie is almost too convoluted though. The movie gets us all interested in the problems of the American government hiring private armies, but just drops that story line. Nonetheless, worth watching.

Désaccord parfait (Twice Upon a Time)

Usually I really like movies about relationships. And that is what this movie is -- about rekindling a 30 year old relationship. But I didn't see enough of a point behind making the movie -- maybe it was because I could not identify with either of the two main characters.


Another teen angst movie. This one centres around a kid who lands up working at the amusement park for the summer after finishing college. He struggles through relationships, and he learns a bit about how to handle himself.

Nights in Rodanthe

It reminded me of a Canadian B movie, but with an A list cast - including Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Sure It's a nice love story - complete with the baggage of past family and each other's shortcomings. In the end, I found it kind of mushy. I've seen a couple of comparisons to The Notebook, but it is half the movie the Notebook is. Bring a box of tissues though.

Lost Song
Lost Song(2008)

A movie about post-partum depression. I somehow doubt that there is a large market for it, but it is an interesting film, even if only to see the great performance by Suzie LeBlanc as the mother with a new-born. There is not much to add to Flixster's long description.

The Visitor
The Visitor(2008)

This movie involves a professor who is just going through the motions after his wife's death. He has a seldom-used apartment in New York city, which some con artist has illegally rented to an immigrant couple. Rather than kick them out onto the street, he becomes involved in their lives.

The movie turns out to be a social commentary on America's immigrant policies. I liked the "unfinished" ending. Richard Jenkins was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of the professor, and that nomination is well-deserved.


This movie is about Rembrandt painting his most famous painting called "The Night Watch". Supposedly it is an avant-garde film, but it seemed to be a series non-connected scenes - hard to follow and lengthy. I guess I am not sophisticated enough to appreciate this type of film.

The Good Witch's Garden

If you are looking for a feel-good movie, this is the one to watch. Cassie has moved into her ancestor's long-vacant home. She has to fight against prejudice and a legal challenge to her claim on Grey House, but of course finds acceptance and love in Middleton.

Northern Lights

Maybe I am not critical enough, but I didn't mind this movie. It has all the normal aspects of a entertainment-type movie. It has mystery as Nate tries to solve a murder; it has the required love-interest between Nate and Meg. It has parades and gun battles - no car chases though. All in all a stock Lifetime-type movie.

Angels & Demons

Dan Brown aside, I liked the thriller aspect of the movie. Unlike Da Vinci Code where I knew the story before seeing the movie, in this one I had no idea of who the real bad guys were. At least I had the correct suspicion part way through the movie.

On the Beach
On the Beach(1959)

Saw this on TV the other day. I could just imagine the movie sending shivers up and down the spines of viewers in 1959. There must be at least one other movie based on the same novel as I have seen this concept before. I found the most surprising actor Fred Astaire. I've never seen him in a serious role before.

An Accidental Friendship

Nice fairy story. A female police officer and a homeless woman strike up an unlikely friendship and everyone lives happily ever after. Not bad for a TV movie.

Forever Lulu
Forever Lulu(2000)

Melanie Griffith plays Lulu, a crazy lady who waits 16 years to tell Ben (Patrick Swayze) that they have a son. Ben has moved on, and has his own problems. But he cannot ignore Lulu's request if there is a possibility he has a son. Ben and Lulu make a road trip from San Francisco to Wisconsin. Somehow Claire (Ben's wife) is involved as well, and together, all three damaged people learn something. I could not watch without some tears.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Twilight, Part 2. I guess the story is OK. I think the best part of the movie is the cute vampire played by Ashley Greene. And who knew Dakota Fanning was in the movie?

Both of the relationships Bella (Kristen Stewart) has - with Edward (Robert Pattinson) and with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) are stilted to say the least. Not as good as the first movie.

Up in the Air

This is an interesting movie. George Clooney plays a guy who lives out of a little suitcase and fires people for a living. He has no office and basically has no home or friends, but he likes it that way. But then two women come into his life. Vera Farmiga is a female version of George. Interesting. The second woman is Anna Kendrick, a young thing who George has to take under his wing. See the movie to find out how it ends. I found it disappointing, but realistic. I recommend it.


I thought the movie was OK. A whodunit. Madeline Stowe plays Emma who hears something strange, but cannot identify the murderer as she has limited vision. Aidan Quinn plays the cop/love interest and it requires both of them to solve the murder. Usually in this type of show, I can guess who the bad guy is, but I guessed wrong in this one.

The Art of War II: Betrayal

I don't know what all the fuss is about. It was an typical action movie - retired good-guy agent against the world. Sure it is similar to the Bourne movies, but it is not the only movie that is.

If you like the one-man-against-the-world type of movies, watch this.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

Eh, it was OK. Sure Pierce Brosnan can't sing and the story is ludicrous, but its all in good fun. I'm glad I waited until it came on TV though. I like ABBA's music, so that helped.

Closing the Ring

I like these sorts of stories. It is like a whodunit, but instead of a CSI figuring out who the killer is, we have to figure out how everyone is connected. I wondered for most of the movie what Mr. Quinlan (Pete Postlethwaite)'s connection to the story was.

I saw this movie a second time and liked it even more the second time. Scary stuff - Belfast in the 80's.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

I liked this movie. It is a combination of adventure, scary, family, good and evil, ogres and goblins. I liked the actors, except I'm never that keen when one actor (in this case, Freddie Highmore) plays the parts of both twins in the movie. Watch it, you won't be sorry.


I waited until it reached TV, but I had to see movie that so many people were talking about. Eh, its just a love story between a young girl and a good looking vampire. I prefer True Blood for my vampire stories. Still it did have a plot, so it gets some marks.

Love for Sale (O Céu de Suely)

I saw this with English subtitles. I did not find it outstanding, but worth watching. Is it a comment on the few choices a Brazilian woman has - especially one with a child? Her husband abandons her, and she is left to raise their son with no income in a dead town - even his mother is no help.

The Women
The Women(2008)

Lots of A list actors. A little unrealistic. Start your own clothes designs and Saks wants to buy them? A friend writes a best seller on her first try? I guess the movie is OK to watch if you don't think too much.

Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York

This is a really hokey movie. I wasn't impressed with the camera work, the special effects or even the whole story-line.

Eagle vs Shark

I suppose love is blind. I don't see what Lily sees in Jarrod - to me, he is crazy whereas Lily is just awkward. But the movie is engaging. I find I was hoping they could make a go of it by the end.

10,000 B.C.
10,000 B.C.(2008)

Alright, so 10,000 BC is not historically accurate, for instance woolly mammoths and horses did not roam earth at the same time, but as a bit of an escape, 10,000 BC is fine. The hero has to convince many tribes to join together to defeat the evil master.


I am not really into war movies. However, Stop-Loss kept me watching to the bitter end. It deals with the inhumanity of war, of soldiers trying to fit back into civilian life, and with the American government's Stop-loss program - a program to keep soldiers in the war beyond even when their tour of duty should be over.

I found the ending disappointing and a let-down.

Dead at 17
Dead at 17(2008)

Four teenagers are involved in an accidental death. We see the different ways the boys deal with the stress of covering things up. When it looks like one of the four is going to spill the beans, he is murdered but it is made to look like suicide. Of course, his mother doesn't believe her son was suicidal and conducts her own investigation.

Personal Effects

An interesting movie. About two families dealing with murders in their families, and sitting through the trials. The leading actors are Ashton Kutcher -- the first time I have seen him in a serious role and Michelle Pfieffer. They land up supporting each other. The images of a dark and depressing American town stand out as well.

Double Jeopardy

I think this is the third time I've seen Tommy Lee Jones in his "chasing the wrong bad guy" role. The plot feels like a movie you would write in movie-writing class. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but it has its moments in the details.

Last Chance Harvey

An untypical movie. A movie about love where the characters are mature. Both Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson are great in this movie. Of course this is just the movies. How many 50-year-olds do you know who on the same day as he gets rejected by his daughter and fired from his job has time to chat up a nice British woman. But it is nice to have a hopeful movie.


I don't have real high opinions of most animated movies, but this one is pretty good. A cute rat (can a rat be cute?) wants to be a chef - in Paris no less.

Michael Clayton

Is there such a thing as an honest lawyer? This movie struggles with that question. Could you defend a company that sell chemicals that poison its customers? This is an interesting movie to watch. I recommend it.


This movie is Thelma and Louise with less theatrics. Not as good as T & L, but fun nonetheless.

Static (Glitch)

Pretty interesting story. Things don't go well when three researchers implant themselves with their invention.

Mulholland Drive

Alright, I have tried to watch this at least three or four times. I still have not had the patience to watch it all the way through its two and a half hours in one sitting. But at least I have seen all of the movie now.

I don't like it. Not my type of movie. I like logic in my movies. This one has no idea who is real and who is a dream.

Devil's Mercy

I guess I can't rate it very highly. I just wrote down the title, and 3 or 4 days later, I was going to write my review, but I can't remember what happened. It is supposed to be a horror film


Tara's mother is trash, and when she's forced from her home, she bunks in with her younger brother, then deserts her brother (James) and daughter (Tara). James does his best trying to care for Tara, but it isn't easy - he lands up losing his job, and Tara is put into foster care. James and Tara land up at James' father's farm, which is where the movie becomes unrealistic.

All in all, it is worth watching the movie. Not cute, more scary actually.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

I don't know if I will ever rate an animated movie beyond 3 stars. It just isn't a full movie to me when the characters are avatars. Each of the four friends finds out something significant when they land up in Africa. If you have 90 minutes to kill some weekend, and this movie comes up, watch it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I saw this movie 17 years after it was released. Even after seeing a few of the Buffy TV shows. Perhaps I was expecting too much for the first movie of the Buffy genre. I didn't like it. Too simplistic. Stick to the TV series, and skip this movie.


In Canada, this movie was called "Press Run". It is a whodunit like Perry Mason used to solve.

Of course the hero is framed and the movie includes the hired cut-throat killers, the good cop, the love interest, the real bad guy, etc. -- almost as if someone wrote this movie from the how-to-write-a-whodunit text book.

It OK if there are no other movies on TV.

Kiss The Girls

The movie is adequate. Keeps you interested. I enjoyed Morgan Freeman's acting, but Ashley Judd's was a bit suspect. The business that the cops missed the underground hideout is pretty lame.

Fugitive Pieces

I found this a gripping movie. Life is not easy for Holocaust survivors. We follow the life of a Jakob who looses he parents and sister to the Nazi's. He has troubles letting his memories go - he needs to retain them, but not forgetting means he cannot love. The acting by Robbie Kay who played Jakob as a nine year old was amazing.

A Kiss Before Dying

An interesting movie. We know who the bad guy is, but the characters in the movie do not. Ellen can't quite believe that her sister committed suicide, and she continues investigating over a couple of years -- while meeting, falling in love with and marrying the character played by Matt Dillon. It is not quite a whodunit, but a figure-out-who-did-it. I'd like to see the original 1956 version of the movie though.

The Silence of the Lambs

Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Dr Hannibal Lecter is amazing. He is one of the great villains in movies. I watched it for the third time eleven years after it was made, and the movie still keeps you riveted to your seat.

What is weird is that even though Lecter is a serial killer, the movie goes to great lengths to show us the similarities between Starling and Lecter, and we don't hate Lecter, but we hate 'Buffalo Bill'. And the line at the end of the movie - Lecter is having Dr. Chilton over for dinner.


I've seen this movie twice now. It is OK. Taryn Manning plays Sage a tough chick who wants revenge when a crazy dj kills her boyfriend. Even has the obligatory car chases.

Benny & Joon
Benny & Joon(1993)

I enjoyed this movie. It is a complicated movie about relationships and mental illness. It gives the feeling of hope even if you are slightly different.

I've always enjoyed Mary Stuart Masterson's acting and this movie confirmed that.

Family in Hiding

Story about a family of a mother and two teen kids in the American Witness Protection Program. To make it exciting, the kids keep messing up and doing things that inform the bad guys where they are. One does wonder if the Witness Protection Program is as useless as it appears to be in this movie.

Lies and Crimes

Movie about kid dealing with divorce, and growing up a little. I hate to admit it, but I had tears in my eyes watching it.

Mom, Dad and Her

Movie about kid dealing with divorce, and growing up a little. I hate to admit it, but I had tears in my eyes watching it.

Real Women Have Curves

I enjoyed the movie. It portrays the struggle of many first generation immigrants, although the mother's resistance to her daughter going to college is unusual. America Ferrera does a great job.

Farewell, My Love

A story of payback. In France, a young girl sees her parents killed by a set of Russian mafia. Many years later, she has perfected her skills as a killer, and travels to America to seek revenge.

Revenge for wrongdoings usually makes for an interesting movie, and this is no exception.


An interesting set of inter-related stories - a US citizen is being tortured in Northern Africa as he supposedly received phone calls from a terrorist; the daughter of a local army official runs away home; a young terrorist tried to kill that army official; a green CIA agent is assigned to be the liason. Some of the action is in the present and some is in the past (which I found quite confusing). One might need to see it twice to understand it, but it is worth the watch.


This movie is pretty good. It appeals to the wimps of the world who want to play super-spy. Any movie where you can oogle Angelina Jolie's bare butt can't be bad.

They have this thing with curving bullets around things. OK, a few degrees might be possible, who knows? But in this movie, there is a bullet that goes around in a 360 degree circle. There is just no way. And the name-in-the-weave thing? What - a message from God?

Lost Boys: The Tribe

I like True Blood, so am watching more Vampire movies. I have not seen Lost Boys 1 though. This movie was too type-cast for me. Vampires are after the hero and his sister, and he has to do the wooden stake thing to save her and himself. Big deal.

Introducing the Dwights

I enjoyed this movie, perhaps because I identified a bit with Tim. There are a lot of insecure people in this movie. Tim's mom cannot stand to have someone take Tim away from her family. Tim is insecure about dealing with girls - even Jill doesn't know what to do with someone as shy as Tim. I enjoyed the actors - especially the mom who is a comedienne who borders on being funny. The part of Mark was a little confusing as there are times he seems quite delayed and others when there is little wrong with him.

By the way, this movie was called Clubland in Australia, but Introducing the Dwights in North America.


I enjoyed Elisha Cuthbert's acting in this movie. She is a 15 or 16 year old kid when she played this role, and she acted like one.

Gone Baby Gone

This is a good movie. I didn't see what was coming, and when the story was laid out for me, it all makes sense. The ending is troubling and I guess each person who watches it has to decide what they would do in that situation. I found myself thinking about it long after the movie was over.

Meche Blanche, les aventures du petit castor

White Tuft is a story of a beaver family, primarily a mother and two kits - filmed in real life. It would have taken a long time to film as there are numerous times where the beaver kits are in the same shot as other animals - bear cub, wolves, etc. The story is quite suitable to entertain kids and you do learn quite a bit about beavers. There are a few times that consistency is missing - for instance a beaver is swept away for miles down river through rapids, but eventually swims up to try and get back upstream - all in calm waters.

The Tracey Fragments

This is the last time I watch a film with the word 'fragments' in the title. There are actually two things that frustrate me about this film. I guess I am not avant garde enough to enjoy the fragments of film we see and then there is the fact that this is a story of the underbelly of city society - dysfunctional families, bullying, etc. I guess I prefer my movies to be rose-coloured.

Kung Fu Panda

This movie is OK for a 90 minute escape. Using the stars (Angelina Jolie, Licy Liu, Jackie Chan, Jack Black, etc.) for voices did add anything to the movie for me. I found it a cookie-cutter type movie - the lazy panda who everybody loves becomes a Kung Fu warrior overnight and fights the bad guy to the death.

The Fast and the Furious

This movie is all about high-performance car races and hot bodies. If you are into those things, this movie is for you. The storyline is a bit simplistic, but it is fine for 90 minutes of escapism.


Atonement is a great film. Amazing the difference in the lives of Robby, Cecilia and Briony caused by the accusation of rape by Robby. I have always enjoyed historically-based movies, and Atonement does a great job of portraying the early part of WW II before the British are evacuated from France back to Great Britain.

The ending frustrates me as the author Briony in her 70's writes one ending for her book Atonement, but tells us of another ending.

Beyond Loch Ness

After an Immaculate conception, Miss Ness moves to America to have her kiddies. The monster is killing everything she sees as she is protecting her babies. But a-ha in comes a noted cryptozoologist (is that a word?) to rescue.

This movie had some action, but it stinks as a movie. Not logical at all, and the teenagers kissing at the end was so inappropriate.

Eastern Promises

An interesting movie about the Russian mafia in London. A young prostitute dies giving birth in a London hospital and her midwife tries to find her family so that the baby does not land up in foster homes. Viggo Mortensen was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as a Russian henchman and I believe the nomination was well deserved. If you like gore, there is a fight scene that is amazing - so vicious I was considering hiding my eyes.

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

An interesting movie. Most people in Germany knew about the horrendous treatment of Jews yet went along with it. Should we feel sorry for Hanna Schmitz? She was just looking for work as a guard. Should we feel sorry for Michael Berg? He could have told the court what he knew and reduced Hanna's sentence. By not doing so, he sentenced himself to an incomplete brooding life.

I watched this movie twice and will watch it again.

Mr. Woodcock
Mr. Woodcock(2007)

I don't think much of humour that puts people down. Mind you Billy Bob Thornton plays the sadistic teacher well.

Reign Over Me

This is a wonderful movie. Adam Sandler in a serious role about his struggle to deal with the grief of losing his entire family in the 9/11 attack. Sandler is just barely holding himself together when he meets his college roommate (Don Cheadle) who actually is not doing so hot himself. Both men benefit from their friendship.

I was totally impressed with Sandler's acting in this film. Certainly different than his norm.

Away From Her

I have put off seeing this movie. I find movies about Alzheimer's scary since my mother went through it before she passed on. But scary or not, you should see "Away from her". It is wonderfully played and wonderfully directed. Sarah Polley just shows you what Alzheimer's can do.


This movie is not cookie-cutter. Imagine a world where most dead become zombies -- and somehow they are harnessed and become useful members of society. Of course, for the movie to work, sometimes the zombie control collars malfunction, and the zombies go back to their human-eating tendencies.


I can never be truly afraid of a Stephen King movie as I know he just makes things up -- with never a concern with realism. In this case, Mike (John Cusack) is a scary-things author who doesn't believe that anything is actually paranormal. Of course that is until he runs into Room 1408.

I have read different reviews, and wondered if we had seen the same movie. I checked with Wikipedia, and found that there are at least two very different endings on DVD. So you may have seen the ending that doesn't match with your idea of how it should end.

The Stepdaughter

This is a direct-to-TV movie with a few plot holes. The title for one - there is no stepdaughter, the doll for another - we never find out why Susan covets that doll so much.

But if you like physiological thrillers where you have to figure out what is going on - with a slightly abnormal ending, watch The Stepdaughter.

Keeping Mum
Keeping Mum(2006)

British black comedy. Funny seeing Rowan Atkinson in a non-Mr. Bean character. I watched this film a second time and quite enjoyed it. I don't know if I caught the very last scene under the duck pond the first time I saw it.


This is a cookie-cutter superhero story. Good guy has extra senses and has been wronged in the past when bad guys kill his father. Cookie-cutter movies need a love interest, and in this movie it is Jennifer Garner as Electra.

I actually liked the movie, but the story is pretty boring.

Shadow of the Hawk

I didn't like this movie much. It didn't flow well - just a series of vignettes. I've always enjoyed Chief Dan George though.

Kate & Leopold

Cutesy story for those who have paid their dues. The time travel aspect has so many possibilities, but this is only about Kate & Leopold.

10 Items or Less

I only watched it for half the movie. I found it boring. I like both Paz Vega and Morgan Freeman, but I found the content lacking. It is pretty bad when the best part of the movie is Morgan Freeman walking lock-step with the store manager.


Does depersonalization disorder really exist? Hudson (Matthew Perry) is so depressed that psychoanalysis, drugs or even a girlfriend doesn't help. I have no idea if there is any realism to this disorder, but it is quite original as a movie.

How She Move
How She Move(2008)

I was shocked to find out at the end of the movie that it was filmed in Ontario. What do Canadians know about step-dancing? The movie is pretty good. Pretty difficult for the hero to balance relationships, studying for the scholarship and step-dancing.

Love in the Time of Cholera

You would think this movie would work. Florentino finds his soul mate (Fermina) while just a kid, but her father will not bless the marriage, so Florentino waits 50 years while she marries, had kids and her husband dies before he courts Fermina once again. Using the same actor to play a 20 year old and a 70 year old needs a lot of make up - especially if the 70 year old is naked.

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired

I didn't like this documentary very much. It was hard to determine what the actual point of the movie is. Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13 year old. America thought this was pretty revolting, Europe wasn't so worried and was happy to have Polanski direct another movie. This movie suggests that the judge mishandled the case and that should be the most significant plot line in the movie.

I guess I'm old fashioned, but movie star or not - sex with children should not be allowed and I feel Polanski should have served more than 42 days of "analysis" behind bars.

The Bucket List

This is a pretty good movie. Deals with life and death, friendship and getting through your bucket list before you die. It is a great movie for the two experienced actors - Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

The Great Debaters

A feel good movie about the debating team at a 1930's all black Wiley College. They have quite the uphill battle as during the 30's, black schools are segregated and underfunded and in fact Negroes still are lynched occasionally.

Dragon Wars
Dragon Wars(2007)

The story is not outstanding. Ethan is the hero, but he doesn't quite know what he is supposed to do. Sarah is confused at the beginning, but she catches on by the end of the movie.

CGI are everywhere in the second half of the movie. I didn't like the two snakes fighting at the end of the movie. Unless you are following intently, it is pretty easy to confuse grey with black. Interesting that when I saw this movie a second time about a year after the first, the only thing I remembered about the movie was the snakes/dragons battle near the end of the movie.

Across the Universe

I am totally impressed with the way the movie was written to use so many Beatles songs in its plot. I grew up with the Beatles, and can sing along with many of the songs, so I quite enjoyed this movie. I've seen it three times now.

In the Valley of Elah

An interesting film. Tommy Lee Jones plays Hank, a father who receives a disturbing phone call from his soldier son who has gone AWOL after returning from Iraq. Hank travels to the base and finds out that the son has been murdered, and gets involved with solving who did it.

I thought the acting was superb - Jones was nominated for an academy award. Theron (who plays a cop) also is great as the level-headed rookie investigator.

The Heartbreak Kid

A movie about meeting your soul mate while on your honeymoon and all the troubles than result. Mediocre movie at best.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Will Smith plays a researcher who is trying to find a cure to a plague that has transformed most of humanity into Morlock-like beings. He and his dog are the last sane beings in New York city.

I enjoyed the movie. It has its share of terror, hope and sadness. Will does a great job, and he has to carry the movie on his own for most of it. I read that this is the third movie based on the novel of the same name. I would like to see the other two now ('The Last Man on Earth' [1964] and 'The Omega Man' [1971])

Rails & Ties
Rails & Ties(2007)

Kevin Bacon is Tom and Marcia Gay Harden is Megan - a couple who are having difficulties with their marriage. Not only that, but Megan has cancer. Tom withdraws into his work - as a railroad engineer, but even that is messed up when he crashes his train into a car parked on a crossing - killing a suicidal mother.

When the 11 year-old son of that suicidal mother comes to Tom's house to accuse him of killing his mom, Megan sort-of adopts him - and perhaps all three of them can begin to heal.


This is a difficult movie to watch. Understanding Stewart's and Claire's relationship isn't easy. The story is not really about the girl's murder, yet we keep seeing the murderer weave in and out of the movie. I will have to watch it a second time to try to understand it

I thought I had seen this movie before, but it was part of the movie 'Short Cuts' I remembered (based on the same short story by Raymond Carver).


Another movie set in the last days of high school. Three nerds are trying to figure out how to get laid before school ends. There are all the various problems they run into - insecurities about the girls they pine after, troubles buying liquor underage, getting robbed, problems with cops, etc. I don't think I found it quite as funny as others seemed to.

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

The movie "Sydney White" is a pretty good version of the tomboy-not-fitting-in-but-is-an-outstanding-person movie. After being kicked out of her sorority, Sydney takes up with seven losers - ala Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Of course in this fairy tale, Sydney defeats the snarky witch and everybody goes home feeling happy.

Year of the Dog

This movie sucks. For Peggy, it seems dogs provide the love and attention she needs. But when tragedy strikes, Peggy goes a little crazy.

But, I just don't see the point of the movie. It is agonizingly slow. The people in the movie are shallow. And it drives me crazy that Peggy couldn't see that she could be a dog-loving vegan if she wanted to, but no one can convince the whole world to turn into copies of herself.


The story line of Bolt not knowing his TV powers are real is unusual, but the story line of pets crossing the States via foot, rail and truck has been done before. But how can you go wrong with a TV superhero dog who learns how to be a plain puppy, but ends up being a hero and rescuing the girl!


It is an interesting way to see the actors. It looks like they filmed them, then animated it somehow. It would have been great to see it in 3D instead of on TV as I did. I presume this movie follows the poem, but I haven't read it. As an adventure story of the mighty Beowulf, this film is pretty good.

Mount Pleasant

A movie about a Vancouver neighbourhood where middle class interact with lower-class. This has the effect of a kid pricking herself with a drug needle and home owners getting together in a night patrol to harass prostitutes, etc. I found the movie interesting but frustrating. The various issues of the conflicts between spouses or between adults and kids don't get resolved - they just seem to worsen.

The Perfect Holiday

I found this a cookie-cutter type of movie. Lonely mom with three kids finds a perfect guy who has to work through various obstacles to find his way to true love, dah-da dah-da. I gave it a half-star bonus for the fact that the movie does work with the actors, but deducted a half-star for Queen Latifah and Terrance Howard's redundant roles in it.

American Pie 2

The continuing adventures of five horny guys - this time at the beach after a year of university. There is not much difference between this and Pie 1. Alyson Hannigan is still cute.

The Last Mimzy

A brother and sister start to display mysterious skills after finding some magic toys. A very interesting movie where the bad guys (the Government as usual) aren't as bad as normal in this type of movie. A bit simplistic of an ending. I especially liked the little girl's (Megan McKinnon?) acting.


This movie doesn't surprise you. The heroes witness a murder while posing as mannequins in a store window. So, they know who the murderer is, and he finds out who they are, so they just have to outsmart the bad guy while convincing the police they have a problem. Of course, they would have to come to each other's rescue and fall happily in love - at least that is how you would write it in movie-writing school.

Lethal Weapon

One of the better buddy-cop movies. Gibson is the crazy cop, Glover is the grounded family man, and these two opposites counter each other as they go through enough action to keep you at the edge of your seat for the whole movie.

Another Day
Another Day(2001)

All the way through this movie, I was thinking I have seen this before, but it was Premonition I had seen before. Similar plot. This one is better. I don't understand how it happens - just like in Premonition, but somehow Shannen Doherty time travels to just before her husband is killed in a fire. Now can she stop him from dieing in the fire?

Pipe Dream
Pipe Dream(2001)

Pipe Dream is about a plumber making a movie. Well, it didn't start out that way - the plumber convinced the casting director to cast women for a fake movie so he could seduce girls. But somehow, "Pipe Dream" becomes a hot commodity with a financier falling over himself to fund it.

Enter Mary-Louise Parker who plays the writer and helps the plumber direct. You have to see the movie for it to make sense, and see it you should.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

I guess I'm getting use to Hollywood films. There is not much porno in this movie, but a lot of cussing, and I hardly noticed.

Zack and Miri need to do something to keep them out of the poorhouse, so they decide to make a porno. Zack and Miri have lived together since highschool, but in a brother-sister fashion, but they agree to "perform" with each other (for the first time) in the porno. Aw shucks, watch the movie.

The Virgin Suicides

Five daughters in a family, and the youngest commits suicide. The story of the family is told through the eyes of the neighbourhood boys - who don't quite understand what went on. Neither do we.

The Usual Suspects

I liked this movie. Five felons land up working together on a job that cumulates in them hijacking an exchange between two gangs where $91million is involved. As the movie progresses we find out that Keyser Söze is responsible for everything, but who is Keyser Söze?


This movie has such high reviews by everyone. It is certainly is presented differently than most movies, but I had a lot of difficulty understanding it -- and I got fed up watching everything twice. But there are some parts that were pretty humorous -- for instance in one scene, he is running and forgets why. He sees somebody and decides he must be chasing him, but then the guy shot at him, so he realizes that he is running away. There should be a warning - short-term memory loss is hazardous to your health.

Sweet November

I saw this for the second time today. I even moved my rating up 1/2 star. Ok, the movie is somewhat preposterous. Nelson (the hunky Keanu Reeves) with his A type personality meets Sara - (the beautiful Charlize Theron) and moves in with her for a month. That is what she does - adopt needy hunky men for a month. Of course it wouldn't be the sappy movie it was if Sara wasn't sick somehow, and if Nelson didn't want to leave after his month. And of course, Nelson is forever transformed, etc. etc.

Finding Forrester

I saw this for the second time today. I am a sucker for movies of self-discovery, and this movie fits that bill - for both Jamal and Forrester. Much of the movie is spent in Forrester's condo where the two of them become friends while writing stories. I enjoyed their performances, and also Anna Paquin's role as a student who takes Jamal under her wing. If you like inspirational movies, watch this one.

He's Just Not That Into You

In this movie, nine 20/30 year olds are having difficulty finding the "right" person to share their lives with. There is lots of advice given - some of it pretty funny. The actors are first rate, although I didn't like Scarlett Johansson's contribution.

The Guitar
The Guitar(2008)

What would you do if on the same day you get laid off, your boyfriend decides to dump you and you are told you have cancer and only a month or two to live?

This movie presents one response. Makes you think.

Stir of Echoes

Why are there so many movies where the characters can see ghosts? The movie is pretty good. Kevin Bacon plays the dad who is haunted by the ghost he sees. When she asks him to dig, he doggedly digs everything he can in the yard and house. I enjoyed the performances of all the major characters - the father, mother and 5 yr old son.

I Remember Mama

A film along the lines of Pride and Prejudice, but this is a first generation immigrant family with four kids in early 20th century San Francisco. The story teller is the oldest daughter who has a yen for writing. We go through the various troubles they encounter - lack of money, the stay in a hospital when a kid needs an operation, the good and bad relatives, etc.

It is a heart-warming movie, and if you get a chance watch it.

None But the Lonely Heart

Ernie (played by Cary Grant) has to turn over a new leaf when he learns his mother has cancer. Now that he is stuck in town, he has to deal with making a living and keeping his girlfriend happy. The movie is somewhat depressing as in this era, it is almost impossible to make a living legally, so there is always the lure of illegal activities.

The People Under The Stairs

A horror movie. The bad guys are crazy and keeps kids prisoner and kill others to feed to the prisoners. It is an average movie. Full of inconsistencies. The people under the stairs cannot get out after being there for years, but our hero, Fool, figures it out in the space of one movie.

Chasing Liberty

I've seen this type of movie before - President's daughter needs to get away from the constance surveillance and goes on a wild adventure in Europe with no money. Not too realistic, but fun to watch regardless.


One of those movies where the world is stacked against you, but you battle against the bad guys if it is the last thing you ever do. The movie keeps you interested til the very end, in fact at the end on the bridge, I was wondering if any one else would come along for Kurt Russell to battle with.

The Arrival
The Arrival(1996)

Not a bad movie. Typical science fiction - aliens are on earth, and only one guy (Charlie Sheen) does something about it - even though he gets fired, loses his girl friend, has friends die mysteriously, gets framed for murder, etc.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Clint Eastwood is 78 years old and plays Walt Kowalski, a retired war vet who's neighbourhood has become overrun with immigrants. To a certain extent, the movie is depressing. It appears for the Hmong, there is no way out of the gang mentality -- at one point Sue says something along the lines of "Hmong women land up with good educations and jobs, Hmong men land up in jail".

Walt goes from being intolerant to understanding and caring for his neighbours. During the movie, I was wondering how Walt was going to resolve the dilemma he finds himself in, but his solution was not what I expected.

Star Trek: First Contact

Stories about time travel are so hokey. If the Borg can go back in time to "fix" some history that isn't to their liking, why can you go back one day earlier and blast them out of the sky when they arrive? And if Picard releases some gas killing all organic matter on every deck of the ship, and yet Picard survives? Come on now.

But, logic aside the movie keeps your interest. It is always great to view the battle between the evil Borg and the crew of the Enterprise. Great makeup of the Borg.

Charlie's Angels

The angels are eye candy that can supposedly fight their way out of any problem. There is not much point to this movie.

Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country

The last Star Trek with the original crew. The Klingon peace one. Unless you are a Trekkie, they are getting old. I'm glad that everyone is talking about retiring in the movie.

We seen it before - characters who will not accept their world leaning toward peace. The movie is OK. Nice to see some new faces - Kim Cattrell, Christopher Plummer.

Witness for the Prosecution

Whodunits are always interesting. A high-profile lawyer (Sir Wilfred Robarts) defends his client in court, but the client's wife provides some damning evidence. The court case gets resolved, but Sir Wilfred isn't happy as it seems too pat.

What I found interesting is that this movie was nominated for six Academy awards in 1957. Although it didn't win any of them, I was amazed it was considered Academy Award quality. I don't think it would be nominated today.


A revenge movie. Julie is injured and her fiancée killed by Hanaghan - a poacher. Hanaghan needs to finish the job of getting rid of loose ends, and Julie is not ready to forgive and forget, so an inevitable showdown must occur.

I was a little tired of the revenge aspect of this movie by the end. It must be a made-for-TV movie.

Star Trek V - The Final Frontier

One of the lamer Star Trek's. The Row, row, row your boat one. Sybok with his BB guns somehow captures Kirk and Spock (in all Enterprise's previous missions, has the Enterprise ever been captured before?). They wander off and find God, and when that doesn't work, the movie writers bring in a rogue Klingon ship for interest.

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

This is pretty good for a sequel. The Star Trek with the whales. Still has all the old characters - Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhuru, Sulu, Chekov, etc.

Good Luck Chuck

Charlie is cursed. The next man you meet after sleeping with Charlie becomes her true love. So women are lining up to sleep with Charlie -- and the movie takes full advantage to show snapshots of Charlie having intercourse with many different women - so many they have to use split screen to fit them all in.

Of course the issue is that with a curse like that, Charlie will never land up as the true love to anybody, even if he loves her. Actually there are some pretty disgusting parts to the movie. His best friend for one. The 400 pound women complete with a shopping bag of donuts who Charlie "seduces" to attempt to prove the curse has been lifted. Plus Charlie is not that funny. This movie is not that funny for that matter.

I Heard the Owl Call My Name

An old movie, but certainly worth watching. An inexperienced priest is sent to a remote Native community. The community teaches him a lot about life and death and the movie shows how Native and Christian cultures can co-exist.

The movie is shot on location, and I was struck by how often we saw laundry drying on a line.

Dances With Wolves

I only own two movies and this is one of them. Kevin Costner is John Dunbar - a soldier who lands up as the only soldier at an isolated frontier outpost. He sets about preparing the frontier for his fellow soldiers to arrive. In the meantime, he meets and interacts with the local natives.

I guess this movie romanticizes the natives, but eventually Dunbar identifies with the Sioux. He learns to understand the needs and fears of the Sioux. The scenes with Graham Greene (the holy man) and Mary McDonnell (a Caucasian who was captured as a child and is native now) are the strength of the movie. They embody the a respect for fellow man.

Because of this, in the encounter near the end of the movie between Dunbar and the soldiers, you cannot help but side with Dunbar - and hope for the Sioux when they come to rescue "Dances with Wolves". The ending is one of hope, where the movie could easily have been ended much more tragically.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

As Flixster states, Vicky and Cristina are two Americans spending the summer in Barcelona. As often happens in movies, they spend the summer finding out about life and love. In this case, the object of their affections is an artist who loves his crazy ex-wife.

You need to see the movie to see how it all ends, but I found it frustrating that neither Cristina nor Vicky seemed to learn much this summer. The other thing I found frustrating was the over-use of the narrator. But these frustrations are minor. Watch the movie.


It is weird seeing the movie after you have seen the series. We've seen the premise a hundred times already. Also I find it difficult to understand how Ra can build things like spaceships and StarGates when he can't repel a measly rabble of locals.

But the movie is for entertainment, right? No point on dwelling on logic.

All the Good Ones Are Married

The movie is about a working mother, a husband with too much time on his hands, a young pretty protégé who comes to live with them and the inevitable mayhem that comes with this situation. The acting is fine, but the story is obviously written by a guy - the ending is too hokey.


This is an OK movie. I suspect it had difficulty deciding whether it was made as a documentary about the Beatles early years, or a story about the unfortunate life of Stuart Sutcliffe.


I enjoy the movie Constantine. I've seen it twice now. An interesting view of this universe of ours -- that angels and demons are contemporaries who use earth as their battle ground - angels to influence people to heaven and demons to influence people to hell.

I even didn't mind the Matrix-like battles that Keanu fights.

The Perfect Child

Movie about family, second marriage, kid's acceptance of her stepmom. Throw in a mystery and you have the film "The Perfect Child". The movie is simplistic and a B-type (Hallmark/Lifeline) movie.

Follow the River

I read some of the other reviews for "Follow the River". It seems if you have read the book, the movie is disappointing. I haven't read the book. I enjoyed the movie. What is the saying? "If fate hands you lemons, make lemonade."

Mary Ingles makes the best of her situation, but in the end decides it better to leave her children with the Shawnee and try and make it back to her husband many days travel away. That would be one tough decision.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita è bella)

I have been meaning to see this movie for ten years now. In 2009, I finally got to see it. Although it kept my interest for the full movie, I was disappointed. Perhaps after waiting for 10 years, I was expecting a better movie.

Roberto Benigni plays Guido to whom Life is Beautiful. He does everything he can to shield his son from the realism of the German concentration camp - to the point of unbelievability. Still, I'm glad I saw it finally.

The Haunting of Sorority Row

Simplistic horror show. A sorority pledge comes back to haunt the sorority sisters who wronged her. The movie is fine, just nothing special.

The Zero Sum (Letters)

A brother is stealing to try and earn cash to bail his brother out of jail. He winds up falling in love with Leah, one of his mugging victims. Now he has to come to grips with his life of crime and the expectations of Leah.

This is a moving film. Worth watching.

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

Peter Strauss, interplanetary adventurer and 15 year old Molly Ringwald team up to defeat the Forbidden Zone - a planet with all sorts of evil beings. I found this a really corny movie, although who knew that Molly acted in science fiction movies?

Stephen King's 'Silver Bullet'

Silver Bullet is typical Stephen King - a Christian werewolf is cleaning up a town, but I didn't like the movie much - not scary enough for a scary movie.

This movie has the feel of a Canadian or made-for-TV movie. I was surprised when it was not.

Premonition (The Psychic)

This was a pretty weak movie. The car chase was just pictures of drivers making scary turns with the car wheel. The FBI are dimwits - no CSI here. The nuclear materials are treated like they are nothing to be frightened of, and when the nuclear materials explode, nothing happens.

But as long as you don't mind the lack of realism, I guess it is an exciting movie.

Heart of the West

I haven't seen any of the other Hopalong Cassidy films, but if this is what a good film used to be like, movies have come a long way. The story is a hokey as they come.

Sliding Doors

I'm not sure why I liked this movie. It is hard to believe that missing the sliding subway door would have that much difference in your life.

But it was interesting following the two realities. I'm glad she cut her hair in one of them otherwise I would never have been able to follow it. The ending pissed me off, but they had to combine the realities somehow I guess.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

An overly long version of Christ's story. Von Sydow is great as Jesus, but hearing the Duke's voice as the Centurion pissed me off for some reason.

The Perfect Suspect (A Daughter's Conviction)

I don't know if it is an option or not, but the version I saw had a narrator doing a running commentary on the scenes - as if the movie watcher was blind or something. It drove me nuts - I took off one star for that feature.

As a whodunit, it was average. I guessed the culprit near the very beginning, but I wasn't positive. Us movie goers having to see the heroine imagining each possible suspect killing her step-dad was also a turnoff.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

I didn't find this version of Get Smart that funny, mind you the series never was my favourite show.

The Jacket
The Jacket(2005)

I like movies with convoluted plots - as long as I can figure them out. This one fits the bill. While being treated for mental illness in 1992, Jack (Adrein Brody) is transported into 2007. In his trips back and forth between the two eras, Jack has to resolve various issues.

Second Sight
Second Sight(2007)

I enjoyed this movie. As long as you can get past the idea that Jenny has telepathy and can feel the same feelings as the killer, the movie makes sense.

Art School Confidential

I haven't been to art school, but the jokes about art teachers and students are pretty funny. The movie deteriorates as it goes on, and I didn't think much of the ending.


Cute movie. Realism is a bit lacking (like how does the plant stay alive inside WALL-E's trailer).

Under Suspicion

This is a very interesting movie - partially because it ends ambiguously. If you land up watching it, pay very close attention to the last scene in the police office, as I feel it is very important. Don't want to say more as I don't want to give away the story.

Freeman, Hackman and Bellucci give great performances. Usually I love thought provoking movies, but I found this one too vague. Watch it and form your own opinion.


This movie has a interesting premise - an obituary columnist starts reading obituaries on her PC before the deaths occur, but the movie deteriorates into a boring whodunit.


The movie is OK - as a bit of fluff. Halle Berry is turned into Catwoman who then goes out to avenge her mistreatment.

It is so stupid that Catwoman can fight the cops with her hands tied behind her back if she needs to, but when she fights Sharon Stone, Sharon almost kills her.

Boiling Point

A unremarkable movie. Cops bend the rules a bit to catch the bad guy.

The Running Man

Perhaps I shouldn't watch 80's flicks. I found this movie really corny, unrealistic and just plain dumb.

Flushed Away
Flushed Away(2006)

Flushed Away is OK. Enough to keep you watching. The story is not that special. I didn't realize which actors are providing the voices, which is fine.

Burnt Offerings

I started to watch Burnt Offerings on TV, but it takes such a long time to come to the point, I left it going in the next room and came to the computer for my entertainment.

The Family Man

This is a little bit like "It's a Wonderful Life" set in current time. Nicolas Cage - a high NYC roller with lots of money gets to test out a life as a poor middle-class father with a loving wife (Leoni) and two kids.


I guess this movie is OK. I can't imagine anybody suggesting that watching one person's life would make good TV, but of course, the movie presents us with the highpoints of Ed's life - his relationship with his girlfriend and family.

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

A movie about John and Jen (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) and their first 10 or 15 years of marriage. Marley, their neurotic golden lab is a both a curse and a blessing for the family.

I thought the reality of this movie was appropriate. It includes some joyful and some stressful times which many of us have gone through. I saw the movie in a theatre with a whole bunch of kids in the audience, and I was amazed how quiet they were during the movie.

The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)

I am always surprised how cheaply a life is viewed during a war. This story is told through an orphan's eyes, and although advertised as a horror movie, I didn't see it that way. Sure there is a ghost, but he is trying to help, and the real horror in this movie is greed.

Hans Christian Andersen

I found this movie ho-hum. Sure, it is fun to watch Danny Kaye do a great job. I wasn't as impressed when I was busy watching the story of Hans the Cobbler and a 20 minute ballet broke out.

Somewhere in Time

Ho hum. Christopher Reeve travels back in time by wishing and knows he will fall in love with Jane Seymour. Too much of a chick flick - and I normally don't mind chick flicks.

The Godfather, Part II

The reviews I read state this movie was even better than Godfather I, but I liked the first one better. Somehow the killings ordered by Michael seemed less necessary that those ordered by Don Vito in Godfather I.

What I really liked about this movie is the flashbacks to Vito Corleone's start as a Don.

Jane Doe: Vanishing Act

These Jane Doe mysteries are like the Perry Mason ones were - good clean mystery solving

Wide Awake
Wide Awake(2008)

It is a TV movie, but quite interesting - held my interest for a couple of hours. Good if you like whodunits.

Planet of the Apes

I preferred the first Planet of the Apes. This one was OK - the story kept you interested; peace reigns at the end.

But just as the astronaut (Mark Wahlberg) is about to get killed, his monkey co-astronaut lands from centuries ago and saves the day -- how hokey is that? Plus the ending -- it wasn't clear and wasn't any good as far as I was concerned - it was only made that way to enable a sequel to be made.


I didn't like this movie much. The dagger heist was interesting, and the forerunner of many current heists like the Ocean series. But the rest of the movie seemed pointless, and I found it amazing that Peter Ustinov won an Academy award for this movie.

Mercury Rising

Typical movie for Bruce Willis. Bruce plays an FBI agent who goes with his gut feeling too often, whereas he is supposed to go with the facts.

What is hard to believe in this movie is that the bad guy is another branch of the government. One has to hope that the NSA doesn't normally go around shooting citizens for no good reason. Miko Hughes plays a convincing 9-year-old autistic boy.

The Misfits
The Misfits(1961)

I wondered who the Misfits were in this film - the mustangs or the people. It is worth watching this movie.

Marilyn Monroe actually acts and one wonders if her sad role (in this film written by her husband at the time) had anything to do with Marilyn's life at the time. Of course the fact that four of the five stars of the film (including Marilyn and Clark Gable) would die within 8 years of the film makes it a must see as well.

The Jackal
The Jackal(1997)

I haven't seen "The Day of the Jackal" yet, so I can't compare this movie to the predecessor. I found the movie alright.

Of course it doesn't make sense that an assassin with the reputation of the Jackal would be so easy to figure out, but I am here to enjoy the movie not to complain about every little inconsistency.

Highway 61
Highway 61(1992)

This is a strange movie. A nerdy barber (Pokey) lands up on a road trip from Ontario to New Orleans with a corpse and worldly singer (Jackie) who convinced him to make the trip. All sorts of interesting and strange things happen along the way - visiting Bob Dillon's childhood home, meeting Jackie's former band mates, having a disagreement with Satan, etc. It's a great film.

Layer Cake
Layer Cake(2005)

You wonder what the layers refer to. Wikipedia says it refers to the different layers of human social strata, but it also could refer to the different layers of trouble Mr. X (Daniel Craig) gets himself into - just as he is planning to retire from his life as a cocaine dealer.

This movie is worth watching. It gets almost too complicated in the middle, but one can see how Daniel Craig got his job as James Bond from his performance in this movie.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

An intense movie. Vigilante justice is always difficult to accept as one never knows if the accusations are true. I recommend this movie. You need to see it to decide for yourself

The Matrix Revolutions

I thought this Matrix dragged compared to the others. Perhaps I've seen it all before in the first two films of the trilogy.


Paul is a freshman in university in NYC. He needs to maintain high marks to continue his scholarship, so is branded a "Loser" by his room mates. He is forced to live in an animal hospital where he meets Dora. Dora is in love with a professor who treats her like dirt. Of course, in the end, Paul and Dora discover each other and everybody lives happily ever after!

Sure, it is a formula movie - similar to The Apartment, but cuteness and happy endings raise it to 3*'s

Loving Leah
Loving Leah(2009)

Typical Hallmark cutesy movie. When his Rabbi brother dies, Jake must renounce his brother so he does not have to marry his widow (Lauren Ambrose). Jake cannot go through with renouncing his brother, so he lands up in a marriage of convenience with Leah. Well, you can see where this is going.

I found Lauren miscast as Leah. She is not mousy enough and doesn't look very Jewish to me. As cutesy and predictable as the movie is, I still give it 3 *'s for its entertainment value.


The taxi driver played by Jamie Foxx gets hijacked by the hitman played by Tom Cruise. I wondered how the movie would end. Given the hitman's way of operating, one of Jamie Foxx or Tom Cruise was not going to survive the night. A very inventive movie.


Pretty silly movie. Parody of a squeaky clean Mormon who needs money to get married and finds a job as a porn star.

Kid Galahad
Kid Galahad(1962)

As long as you realize that Elvis movies are just a vehicle to put his singing butt on TV, you can enjoy the movie no matter how corny the story is.

Out of Sight
Out of Sight(1998)

I'm not sure what to make of this movie. It was playing on TV after midnight and I fell asleep during the middle of it. I'm not sure whether to blame it on the movie or on my tiredness. I did see the last 45 minutes and was unclear exactly what the ending of the movie alluded to. I will have to try to watch it again without and see if I can stay awake this time.

Quantum of Solace

I was not that impressed with the movie as a whole. What was impressive were the Bond action and driving scenes. I came out of the movie wondering how many vehicles they destroyed making those scenes.

But the story - eh! - I've seen the Bond on the edge of sanity getting the bad guy story before.

Separate Tables

It is interesting to see some of the better movies of the 50's. I only watched this as the TV guide rated it 4 *'s. Can you imagine "living" at a seaside hotel for four years the way Major Pollock did?

The movie was fine. When you "live" in a hotel for a long time, and in high society Britain, everybody knows everyone else's business. This can make for an interesting story. I was amazed to read however that two of the ensemble of actors won Academy Awards,

The Good Shepherd

This movie started out slowly, but got better as it went along. Christian Slater plays a priest who starts playing detective when a fellow priest is accused of murder. His former girlfriend helps him and they almost get killed figuring out who the murderer is.


Funny - A slasher film that makes fun of slasher films. Everyone is a suspect, it even plays the someone-who-gets-stabbed-during-the-movie-wakes-up and is the actual killer ploy. Pretty good for a scary movie.

X-Men: The Last Stand

The X-men series continues with a challenge. There is a cure for mutancy! Of course neither of the primary protagonists (Charles or Magneto) are too keen on the cure, but we still see the ultimate battle of the X-Men vs the mutant supremists.

Not often in a series that as many of the primary characters are bumped off or neutralized. I liked the addition of tiny Ellen Page who walked through walls.

X2: X-Men United

I've now seen all three X-Men movies. They are worth watching even if you are not a comic book aficionado. It helps to see them in order to follow the storyline, but even that is not necessary. Surprisingly, this is one set of movies where at least the first sequel is as good as the first movie.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

Peter Parker is having difficulty balancing his love life, work life and his gig as Spiderman. Of course, he has to find a way to regain his will to endure his difficult life and Spiderman has to save the city yet again.

But Peter's struggle with his various roles is a strength of the movie - he is after all the most human of all the superheros.

Pie in the Sky

Only two things are important to Charlie - traffic and Amy (Anne Heche). Somehow these two things are at loggerheads with each other, and Charlie keeps losing Amy.

All in all, the story is not that entertaining.

Blow Out
Blow Out(1981)

A film starring a young John Travolta as a sound engineer who thinks he can solve a mystery by listening to a sound bite he taped and synchronizing it to a film that "happened" to be made of an accident.

The movie is dark and the ending bleak, but it is worth watching.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

Strange movie! This movie would great for a film student to study - things like the bugs at the very beginning of the film representing the low-life in Lumberton. Or the closeup on the dead ant-infested ear at the start of the movie, and then on Jeffery's ear at the end of the movie. There seem to be messages throughout this film.

Anyway, college student solves mystery while we watch Dennis Hopper as a crazy gangster - you got to watch it yourself.

Murder on Spec (Trophy Wife)

Kate (a blond Brooke Burns) plays detective after her husband is killed and Kate is implicated. This movie is done quite badly - unbelievable story, questionable acting. Probably best to skip it.

New Waterford Girl

Life is tough for Moonie Pottie in the small town - especially a coal-mining Cape Breton small town. A big city family moves into town, and Moonie and her new friend cause havoc in town.

This movie is pretty good - easy for anyone from a small town to identify with.

Space Cowboys

Pretty hokey movie. Four old wanna-be astronauts have to go into space to save the world. One finds out he has terminal cancer, and of course, the movie finds a way for him to go out in style while doing his duty saving the USA.

Great Expectations

It is interesting watching 60 year old classic movies in B&W. I actually had not read this Dickens' classic yet, so I was introduced to the story by this movie. As expected, the movie is well done; for example Miss Havisham's wedding room is properly dreary. I have read how this movie ends unlike Dickens' book. I will have to read it now to see how the true ending might be.

An Officer and a Gentleman

This is a decent movie. Combining the self-centred tough guy Zack (R. Gere), the Sargent (Gossett, Jr.) who sees something in Zack and Paule, the love interest (Debra Winger). Can Zack be a team player? Can he admit he might love Paula? Gossett Jr. won an Academy Award, and perhaps Debra Winger should have as well.

First Knight
First Knight(1995)

It is always fun to watch another version about Camelot. This one suffers the indignity of having Richard Gere looking like he is from the 20th century playing Lancelot. Sean Connery does a tremendous job playing King Arthur.

The ending is just too hokey - one minute Aurthur is sentencing Lancelot to death and the next minute bequeathing his kingdom to him.

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

I enjoyed this movie. The idea of a rat race of humans running round in circles, but instead of a Matrix being controlled by computers, in this movie Dark City is controlled by aliens. Another similarity to the Matrix, in this movie, the main character - Murdoch - has abilities similar to the "Strangers" controlling humans' lives.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

This movie makes you think, in fact each time you see it again, you understand a little bit more. A convict is sent back in time to see if he can find the source of a virus which wiped out most of mankind. This is not a perfect time travel, where Bruce Willis knows exactly when he is travelling to, and what he is to do.

The actors play their roles well; Brad Pitt makes a good crazy guy.

But I'm a Cheerleader

I don't know if I praise this film for glorifying homosexuality before many other films or degrade the film for being just so stupid.

I think I lean on the side of stupid - it is just a silly film

In & Out
In & Out(1997)

Comedy about a teacher (Kevin Kline) who is "outed" by a former student. The problem is, he doesn't even know himself that he might be gay.

One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when he is listening to a cassette tape which will help him become more masculine. The tape tells him that men don't dance and of course Kevin can't stop from dancing that beat.

Sex Is Comedy

A movie about making a movie. The director in the film tries everything from cajoling to befriending to get a sex scene correctly played in her film. The last scene of this movie is the filming of that sex scene in the movie. I gotta say, it looks like they got it done right.

But this movie seemed to take too long. I'm sure they could have achieved the same reaction from her audience in a movie half as long as it was.

Brief Encounter

What people do about "Falling in Love" in the 1930's was quite different than what would be expected now. Laura and Dr. Harvey meet, fall passionately in love, and decide to end their love affair - all over a few Thursday afternoons. In prim and proper great Britain, they did this even though they each had family and kids at home.

It is amazing how this brief encounter is so watchable.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

I watched this for the second or third time today. Watch it if you can, it is a great story. If you count the photos during the end credits, perhaps the movie should be called "Eight weddings and a funeral".

Perhaps a fault of the movie - whereas it does a good job of discussing the process of making that decision of who your life partner will be, I'm not sure how many couples these days go thru those fancy weddings anymore?

The Dark Wind

Navajo policeman Jim Chee solves a mystery on Indian land in Arizona. It is a fairly standard "New kid on the block figures out who the bad guys are with Indian overtones" type of movie.

Roll Bounce
Roll Bounce(2005)

Somewhat of a corny movie. I watched it on TV because I spent time at our local roller rink as well in the 60's and 70's. It has a formula story-line. Down-trodden kid (Bow Wow) skates off against the uptown team, solving his family and girl problems all in one 90 minute movie.

Don't Move
Don't Move(2004)

An interesting movie. Sometimes a little confusing as Timoteo is remembering the past as his daughter is going through a life and death surgery. We find out he was about to leave his wife for a sultry Italia (Penelope Cruz), but chose to stay with his wife when she became pregnant.

Love Notes
Love Notes(2007)

Movie about a one-night stand between a country & Western star and a level headed music critic. Enjoyable to watch the development of characters and the inevitable ending.


I have read some of Flixsters' reviews of Australia. I think they are harsh. OK, so this is not Gone with the Wind. But it is similar. Epic movie, wide Australian scenery shots, 2000 cattle stampede, Darwin being hit by Japanese forces in World War II, typical story of good vs evil - a film that leaves many in the theatre crying.

On the flip side, this film has its hokiness - a kid stops the stampede by waving his hand at it, one of the main characters is killed, but no - it is a case of mistaken identity.

All in all, you should watch it - if just to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

The Big Sky
The Big Sky(1952)

An old movie with cowboys and Indians. This movie is OK - at least it doesn't automatically paint all Injuns as evil. Interesting that most of the time they walk the ship up the river. That certainly is not what they teach us about the river highways of Canada's fur trade.

Ghost World
Ghost World(2001)

Its tough being a smart outcast. Enid realizes that she is turning into the very deadbeats that she ostracizes.

I enjoyed this movie - as I do most movies where the characters are finding out about themselves. I still haven't figured out where that bus goes though.


This movie is OK. The standard good vs evil played out in martial arts battles. The good (Jennifer Garner) struggles with her life choices. I guess you have to figure out how to balance the good warriors vs the bad ones, but I don't like the idea of anyone having the ability to bring back people from the dead. How does one ever end a battle if you dispatch someone and they just pop back into the picture again?

(I have never seen Daredevil or read the comic book, so my review might be missing that aspect).

The Secret Life of Bees

This is an engrossing movie. During the early 1960's, Dakota Fanning lives a damaged life with her father. In rebellion to what has happened to her and to her nanny, they leave him and move in with a trio of sisters - beekeepers.

This is a very powerful movie - if you are not careful, you will need to dab your eyes while Lily (Miss Fanning) determines her roots.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost(1998)

Not sure what to make of this movie. Musician dad drives off a cliff one Christmas. A year later, he comes back as a snowman??? So he has until spring to make up for all his absences. So it is sappy, I still watched it.


Somewhat funny. Too many stereotypes.


A pretty good movie. You would expect Angelina Jolie to play her normal scene-stealing performance, but she plays the mom better than I expected. This movie is both depressing and hopeful and amazingly mostly true. The business of Christine Collins (Jolie) being too sane to extract herself from the insane asylum is interesting.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

The only way to enjoy this movie is to tell yourself this is just entertainment -- the movie has no redeeming features at all. If you watch it with that caveat, then all the car crashes and plane crashed and heroes getting shot and surviving is just fun!

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

As a 17 year old, I watched this movie first on Christmas eve - much to my parent's dismay. All that skin and the sexual parts. I just watched it again 40 years later. The movie is a little dated, and less risqué now. But still worth watching.

Christmas Caper

This is a mediocre movie at best - even with Shannen Doherty in the lead role. I guess it being a Christmas movie, the ending where everyone lives happily ever after is OK. I thought the movie would have been better if they would have developed Shannen's role a bit more.


I quite enjoyed this movie. Perhaps there is too much idealism - the chances of the outcasts being such good friends is remote, but it is nice to hope that even the outcasts of the world make it through graduation as happy as they do in this movie.

Secret Window

I wasn't expecting this ending. Johnny Depp plays a writer with severe writer's block. Some help in unblocking him suddenly presents itself.

When Angels Come to Town

This seems like one of the low budget, made-for-Christmas, sappy TV movies where two angels come to town and fix all the problems in their world.

Mr. Holland's Opus

I enjoyed this movie. I guess I am just a sucker for inspirational, hopeful movies - ones where the character doesn't realize the impact he is having on those around him.

"Mr. Holland's Opus" is about a teacher trying to improve his students' lives through music - who never has time to finish his Opus.

The Christmas Choir

This movie was on TV tonight. I watched for a while, but it got too hokey. I missed the last 20 minutes.


My choice of free films on TV has deteriorated since I dropped Movie Central. But I lasted all the way through this teeny bopper film where the good guys (girls actually) win out and what's-her-name gets her guy.

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

I guess you either like Jim Carrey or not. I don't think much of his slapstick humour. The story's OK, but the film still bugs me.

Pitch Black
Pitch Black(2000)

Pretty good scary science fiction. You can just tell at the beginning of the movie that not everyone was going to make it off the planet. The people that survive the crash don't know each other, and they learn lots about each other.

Near Dark
Near Dark(1987)

I thought the story was pretty lame. Either they are evil vampires or not. Vampires that have lived for hundreds of years do not take as many chances as they do.

There's Something About Mary

Saw it again today. I guess it is only a mediocre movie as the only things I recollect from the last time I saw it was the dog battling with Ted, and the scene near the end where all of Mary's suiters come together.


What is this movie called - black humour? How do four siblings kill off their horrible parents? I suppose it was funny. I wasn't that impressed.

Berlin Express

I have not seen too many 1948 movies. Most interesting thing about this movie is that it seems they used actual footage of bombed out Frankfurt and Berlin as backdrops to the movie. The movie is quite idealistic - five people from five different countries try to rescue a German peacemaker just after WWII.


Movie about 16 year old rich kids. I guess it would be great for female teens, but the clothes, etc. are not of much interest to retired males.


Perhaps I'm becoming jaded, but when I saw this for the first time in 2008, I didn't feel that it was that good of a movie. Perhaps in 1987 I would have rated it higher. The humanity of Murphy was pretty good though.

The Event
The Event(2003)

A New York DA is investigating a suspicious suicide in the city's gay community. The movie turns into a debate on the pros and cons of assisted suicide. There are a few name actors in this movie (Olympia Dukakis, Sarah Polley, Parker Posey, etc.).

To Be Fat Like Me

One would think that a movie where a skinny jock realizes that fat kids are people too would be great and uplifting movie. But I found this film to be only average. Maybe I was feeling unsympathetic today.

Zathura: A Space Adventure

A kid's movie where a game two brothers are playing becomes life and death.

The Sweet Hereafter

Thought-provoking script and a very good movie. Combining the story of the devastation that is caused when most of a small town's children die in an accident and questionable relationships between two of the main characters and their daughters.

Watch it if you can.

Nowhere in Sight

"Nowhere in Sight" is a thriller that pits a blind woman against two bumbling thieves. More sinister than "Home Alone" though.

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

I found it just a horrible movie. Stupid, not funny, lousy acting. Skip it.

Boogie Nights

Film about the making of a porn star. It's OK - was way too long for me (3 hours including commercials). The part where Dirk tries to sing was just painful - I had to change the channel.

Everybody's Doing It

This is a pretty good movie. About kids in school on the verge of having sex for the first time, and how the school tries to deal with sex education. We get to see all this through the eyes of Angela who refuses to be herded as are most of her schoolmates.

It was also funny to realize after a few scenes that they used the name of a local school of ours, and I've seen the face of the school portrayed in the outdoor scenes (but it is not Grant Park High School).

The Perfect Man

Very predictable cutesy movie. It only works if you are in love with Hilary Duff somehow.


This movie has a hopeful storyline - a little hokey sometimes, but engaging. I have never seen the main actors before but they do a good job.

The Red Violin (Le violon rouge)

An interesting movie that follows the life of a 17th century violin through its many owners across centuries and continents, all tied together by the words of a soothsayer.


Ah, the innocence of first love -- and love of dance. I saw this for the first time in 2008 which is pretty bad - 25 years after it was made. Too bad that Lori Singer only had a 10 year career as an actress.


I usually don't comment on the actors in movies, but I felt that Will Smith does a great job as an invincible superhero who is struggling with the point of his life.

The story is entertaining as well, although the second half of the movie wasn't as good as the first.

Wild Wild West

The spider is pretty cool, the movie is not.

Broken Bridges

We've all seen these stories before - drunk performer turns his life around, reunites with his estranged girlfriend and daughter and everyone lives happily everafter.


I've read the novel and seen Crash in a theatre. It is a pretty strange movie/play. But I still want to see it again when it comes on TV.

Stick It
Stick It(2006)

This movie is OK as a filler during the NFL commercials. Typical rebellious-teen-who-mends-her-ways-and-solves-the-sport's-problems movie.


Lousy movie. Confusing and therefore hard to maintain interest. I have read reviews that say I need to watch it a few more times and I will love it. Maybe, but after one viewing, it sucks.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Jean-Do Bauby has a massive stroke and is left paralysed with only one eye working. This movie is the true story of his treatment, his memories and how he communicated and in fact wrote a book by only blinking his working eye.

It is a pretty amazing movie and well cast.

They Wait
They Wait(2008)

Sarah (Jamie King), Jason (Terry Chen), and their son Sammy (Oey), return to Vancouver for his uncle's funeral. Sammy and Sarah see ghosts and Sammy gets very sick. The movie is about Sarah first realizing what she is seeing, and then finding out what the ghost wants if she is going to save Sammy.

The movie is scary enough plus you get to learn a bit of Canadian-Asian history.

Bye Bye, Love

I liked this movie. The three divorced men care about their children, and have difficulties with dating after their divorce. The kids more-or-less understand the difficulties of divorce, so I see the movie as providing some hope for a lousy situation.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Ok, this movie has its faults. Like a 10 year old kid (prodigy or not) is going to compose that music? And Robin Williams can be that annoying? And his parents can hear a few seconds of the symphony and know it is their kid?

But the story is uplifting, and I really enjoyed the music, and I had tears in my eyes at the end. Watch the darn movie!

Short Cuts
Short Cuts(1993)

I think one has to see this movie more than once to catch all the connections - there are a thousand interrelated stories (with an unbelievable large name cast - usually these sorts of movies feature unknown actors). I enjoy this type of movie. Now I need to see Magnolia.

Swimming Pool

A strange movie. I still don't get the last scene - Julie is not Julia??? But the relationship between Julie and Sarah is interesting to say the least.


Pretty lousy movie. Only redeeming feature for me is that it was filmed in my home town, so I was able to recognize all the city scenes.

But parts of the movie, like the black dressed swat team wandering through the forest for what seemed like hours guns pointing was just terrible and boring.

The Golden Compass

I enjoyed the story - especially liked the idea of having your soul exist external to your body as an animal. In this movie, Lyra is given a golden compass which by providing the information gives her the power to defeat her bad guys.

I have not read the book which leaves one at a disadvantage in understanding some of the relationships.

The ending was troubling as well as it unabashedly starts the next movie in the series.


A story of survival where the men are real shits. You have to watch the whole movie to find out what is going on. Penelope Cruz was nominated for an Best Actress Academy Award which is deserved.

The Island
The Island(2005)

Futuristic story about clones - people "created" for the purposes of providing body parts. For the clones to provide working parts, they have to live normal social lives, and therein lies the rub (i.e. normal social people don't take kindly to being harvested for body parts).

The Gold Rush

I watched the first version - with no dialogue, only a piano score. I have only seen two or three of Chaplin's movies. It is an indication of the quality of his films that an 80 year old silent black and white movie competes favourably with today's movies with all the technology they have now.

The Shepherd: Border Patrol

A typical Van Damme fight movie. Jean-Claude joins the US-Mexico Border Patrol to avenge the overdose death of his daughter (who is played by his actual daughter in the movie). We get to watch while Jean-Claude shoots his way through a cartel run by former American Special Forces.


Don't think this has anything to do with reality. I have seen the 1000 AD Viking settlement in Newfoundland; they were not this wild. But history aside, it makes for a fine good vs. evil story.


This is a strange movie. Why do the four protagonists insist on their destructive relationships? You would need to be a psychiatrist to figure them out. I do need to see the movie a second time though.

American Ninja

Corny white ninja expert guy protecting pretty girl while beating all various bad guy type movie

A Beautiful Mind

An inspiring movie -- to be able to recover from paranoid schizophrenia. The fact that the movie was based on fact is amazing as well.


Movie of good angels vs fallen angels fighting it out on earth. The idea of the story is OK, but I disliked the inconsistencies. For instance six bullets don't even knock Michael over yet fist fighting knocks him down. I also didn't understand the why of the last scene. Although I only give it 3/5, I would watch it again.

Catch and Release

The living arrangements of Gray (Jennifer Garner) and all her fiancé's friends -- even her fiancé's best friend is somewhat strange - they all live together in a house.

This movie is great -- the type where everyone grows up a bit during the movie. I saw it a second time a year after the first, and enjoyed it more the second time. Its amazing how much I forgot though.

Me and Luke (A Dad for Christmas)

A smaltzy story. 19 yr old dad wants to raise his son with his Grandma's help. Of course, as a single parent, he has no problems finding a job, getting a girl and living happily ever after.

Starter for 10

I liked this movie. Of course it is similar to some other teen movies - parents are dumb, learn about life at university, etc. I enjoyed the British take on it.

Bratz: The Movie

This is a lousy movie. Everything is over-the-top - including the Bratz skills (the best scientist, the best cheerleader, the best soccer player -- and then the performance involving the whole school they put together with 10 minutes notice. I rate it one star, but gave it an extra half as I liked the music.


A corny sexy Canadian vampiry story.

Sunshine State

A long movie - about two families in a Florida neighbourhood. The story includes a little of everything - family, greed, bias, expectations, suicide, fidelity, unplanned pregnancy, etc. etc. I enjoyed it - almost have to watch it again to recall all the stories.


This movie must be Canadian because it keeps reappearing on TV. It is a combo vampire, renegade cop, soft porn and horror film.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes. Always fun to see the trodden-upon cop get the bad guy when it is least expected.

Blast From the Past

Pretty cute story. Scientist creates a fall-out shelter (not a bomb shelter) during the cold war and they land up locking themselves down there for 35 years to escape the radiation. When the doors open, they find a different world.

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Another Cinderella Story. Its OK - adds a few wrinkles to the old standby fairy tale.

Stage Door
Stage Door(1937)

I saw this recently on a channel featuring classics. Amazing to have so many future stars in one movie. The story remains relevant today even though it is a 70 year old movie.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

Tom Hanks becomes stranded in an airport after a coup in his home country makes him homeless. We are treated to a whimsical movie when he succeeds in making all the airport employees back him. Kumar Pallana's role as the East Indian providing entertainment to Viktor and Amelia's date is priceless.

The Beach
The Beach(2000)

The Beach has an interesting concept - that a closed beach exists where life is idealic - no cares, all the marijuana one would like, eat fish from the sea, etc. The idea is flawed as the need to keep the beach secret causes the death of two of the inhabitants. It does portray a negative view of mainland Thailand - if that is how it is, I have no interest in visiting.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

I've always known about this movie. 50 years after it is filmed, I finally saw it for the first time. It is fine - honest hill billy takes on corrupt politicians and wins. But I prefer modern movies. The old ones seem too simplistic.

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

Bee movie is pretty good. An animated flick more for adults than kids.

Little Children

Normally I like these sorts of movies a lot -- the type where the movie tells us of a bunch of intersecting lives. But Little Children isn't the best of this genre.

Although this movie has a lot of little children in it, it seems that the reference to Little Children is how the grownups are acting. The narration pissed me off too.

Interesting, I saw this movie again a year later, and this time I liked the narrator. Kate Winslet plays her part well.

The Mighty
The Mighty(1998)

The Mighty is about two kids who together are much more than each is separately. The acting of the two kids is great, and I don't know how they convinced the supporting cast of adults (Sharon Stone, X-File's Gillian Anderson, Meatloaf, Gena Rowlands) to join the cast.

I found the story moving and predictable as it moved to its inevitable conclusion, but still a pretty good film.

A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly is about the future where everyone is taking drugs -- even the undercover cops are taking drugs.

Perhaps this is why the movie can't decide if it wants to be animated or real-life. It takes a while to get comfortable with the style of the movie, but hang in there, it gets interesting near the end.

Oh yeah, Winona Ryder sure looks different than her normal roles.

The Passion of Darkly Noon

An interesting movie. Darkly is nursed to health by the hot Callie (Ashley Judd). When her boyfriend returns, Darkly is conflicted - he was raised by deeply religious parents vs his obsession for Callie. You get more and more uncomfortable as the movie advances to its inevitable conclusion. Mind you, I hate obscure stuff like the big shiny boot floating on a lake.

Breakfast with Scot

I enjoyed this movie. Eric is trying the keep his lifestyle private. After all he is a tough pro hockey player - an enforcer no less. Eric's partner, Sam inherits Scot after his sister dies. The problem is, Scot may just blow Eric's cover.


Instead of a chick flick, this movie is a guy movie - with drinking, burping, bare breasts, stupid characters, etc.

I found the beer (and humour) tasteless. Pass on this movie.

Standing Still

Not a memorable movie. I wouldn't watch it again.

National Treasure

A pretty good treasure-hunter type of movie, although I prefer Angelina Joli as my hero.

Also, if this treasure's origins are in the middle East, isn't it an International Treasure?


The idea of this movie is brilliant. A couple of kids from the 90's get thrown into the world of a 50's B&W sitcom where everything is just peachy. Peachy yes, but not very real. The firemen have never rescued anything other than a cat in a tree. The basketball team has never lost. David and Jennifer manage to introduce Pleasantville to feelings which changes everything.


An interesting story - combining science fiction with aliens, faith, loss and family. Figure out how they put all that into one movie.

The Time Machine

If you have read the book by H.G. Wells or seen the 1960 movie of the same name, you will realize this movie takes more liberties with the original book than the 1960 version does. Mind you the basis of Eloi and Morlocks and that the Eloi being the source of food for the Morlocks is still there. I think they could have done a better job of the remake.

Mary Higgins Clark's 'Lucky Day'

Must be a made-for-TV movie. A happy-go-lucky guy is murdered for his winning lottery ticket. Nora is a friend, and is trying to figure out why he disappeared, enlisting the help of a sympathetic co[/


I tried, but I couldn't sit through it. I guess I have become too main-stream, but the black and white only cartoon-like images and the long time it took for any coherent story to develop made me seek another movie to watch on TV this evening. Twice I've tried to watch this movie. I lasted 30 minutes this time before escaping.

Walk all Over Me

This movie is fun. Leelee Sobieski plays a small town girl who plays at being a dominatrix, and somehow figures out how to get out of a serious jam.

We Own the Night

A story about a family of cops on one side, a underground bar on the other side, and a brother (Joaquin Phoenix) who walks the fine line between the two. It does feel like it has been done before and could have ended much more tragically.

The Weight of Water

I enjoyed the plots. It took a while to become comfortable with the dual stories.

Message in a Bottle

This movie is too much of a chick flick - and usually I don't mind them.

Hilary and Jackie

Interesting biopic of two musical sisters. I don't follow the world of classical music, so I had never heard of Jackie du Pre. The movie does make you care for her and the waste of her life cut short by MS.

Twin Falls Idaho

Is an unusual movie. Its true, what you remember after the movie ends is the twins whispering in each other's ears.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Saw this again today. Gotta love those action scenes. Interesting that one could develop a story where you can bend "truth" at will to suit the story. Neo is killed by the computer, but a kiss from Trinity wakes him up and he saves the universe for us humans???

Home Fries
Home Fries(1998)

Mindless entertainment. I was impressed with Catherine O'Hara's acting -- it must be hard to be that crazy. Drew Barrymore is always cute.

Cool Hand Luke

Paul Newman in a classic movie as a guy who can't be beaten into submission.

True Heart
True Heart(1997)

This movie feels like the work of a beginner director or someone making a movie just to use Canadian film tax writeoffs. The story is ho-hum. It is interesting watching a 15 year old Kirsten Dunst and Zachary from Home Improvement.


An interesting movie. I find it interesting how the various people who are only related through a fatal car accident deal with the death of the teenager. Almost everyone blames themselves, yet everyone's reactions are quite different.

One thing that drove me nuts -- until 2/3's of the way through the movie I did not understand the connections between the players. It was almost enough to make me switch channels to an easier movie.

Chestnut: Hero of Central Park

A kid tear jerker. The dog gets stabbed. Is he gonna die!!?! Ok, it is a cute movie. But the scene where the dog sets out a trap for the burglers with string and oil diminishes the whole movie.

Curious George

Jeepers. Flixster rates this as 3 1/2 stars. I found it a horribly childish waste of 90 minutes. Nowhere near the quality of other animated flicks I have seen like Ice Age or Shrek, etc.


Scary movie. Seen a few like this. Out of control kids want to make havoc on good guy's home. I didn't like the role portrayed by Nicole's father. He seems to be as childish as David, Nicole's beau.

The Black Dahlia

There are a lot of subplots to this movie, but I guess the main plot is Bucky and Lee's attempt to solve the Black Dahlia's murder. I quite enjoyed Hilary Swank's part. I didn't realize it was her until I read the cast list after I watched the movie.

Grindstone Road

Its pretty bad when we are presented with a horror show and we've seen it all before. Shades of the series Ghost Whisperer. Hannah sees ghosts. Her husband thinks she's crazy. But in the end, he sees her point ('cause it hits him over the head), and all is fine.

The Collector

The premise of the movie is that Freddie who a klutz and has no social capabilities kidnaps a pretty girl with the idea that he can make her fall in love with him. The movie revolves around the tension between the two of them. I like my movies to wrap themselves up in nice bundle, but this ending is logical but not too satisfying.

Bridal Fever
Bridal Fever(2008)

A Harlequin-type of movie. Gwen can't find the perfect guy. She gets some help from the "famous" romance novelist she is working with, but perhaps it is the novelist that needs help.

Little Miss Sunshine

This is a lovely movie. The idea of an extended and dysfunctional family getting caught up the dream of 7-year-old Olive - perhaps the only sane one in the family.

The Mermaid Chair

A vague chick-flick. Jessie has a husband and child, a mother with a secret who is cutting off her fingers, a father she thinks she killed and a love affair with a monk.

The movie has some failings, but I would watch it again.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

The movie is funnier than I though it would be. It also portrays gays more positively than I thought it would, actually overdoing it with the coming out of the black firefighter.

The Postman
The Postman(1997)

What happens after the world as we know it disappears? The postman saves the day!

Alright, its a corny movie, and too long. But I enjoyed the premise of the story and you can't help liking the ending.


Not my type of movie. But I watched it all the way through. It does have a quaint idea of how an alien would attack Earth.

Death at a Funeral

A funny British dark comedy. You spend half the film trying to figure out who is who - like how is Martha (who brings Simon who supplies a lot of the humour) related to the patriarch who's funeral it is? I need to see it again to get everyone straight.

But understanding who is who is not necessary to laugh with this movie.


Micheal Pitt is Hervé, a 19th century silkworm trader. Keira Knightley is Hélène, his wife. Hervé travels across the world to find his silkworms, and becomes obsessed with a Japanese girl. It is hard to imagine the character Hervé as a successful businessman, but easier to imagine him as someone obsessed with a Japanese concubine he has only pined over from afar.

The movie has some great music and scenery and the ending hits you out of nowhere, but the movie does drag somewhat.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Strange movie. I have never read the comic, so I don't understand the passing of the main character from Bruce Willis to Mickey Rourke to the next guy, etc. back to Bruce Willis.

Lots of gory action though. No consistency on what actually kills a character or not.

Surviving My Mother

An interesting movie. I'm not quite sure if the writer of the movie figured out where it was going to land up, but it involves a woman, her mother who is dying of cancer, and her daughter who is feeling neglected.

Becoming Jane

What a pain it was to grow up in the time of Jane Austin. All these rules around gender, class and wealth and having to learn complicated dances. Aren't we lucky we don't live in the late 18th century.

December Boys

I usually like coming-of-age stories, and this one is OK too. This one focuses on four orphans who happen into a month-long holiday at the other end of Australia. Of course living at the sea-side with real people around is different than their lives at the orphanage.

Shrek the Third

Not as good as Shrek 1. I don't understand why they would draw Artie to look so similar to Prince Charming.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter movies are getting darker - Voldemort is playing with Harry's mind; Dumbledore is ignoring Harry; all the wizarding world hates Harry. But the movie is one of the better of the series.

American Venus

Another movie I disliked. Celia is a disturbed woman who is addicted to handguns and needs to manipulate the people around her, especially her daughter. But I learned nothing by watching it, other than perhaps an appreciation for Canada's gun laws.

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

I never bought comics books. If this movie is the best comic books can write, I now know why. Save your money. Move on to the next movie.

Point of No Return (The Assassin)

American version of La Femme Nikita. It has been a while since I've seen the Nikita series, so I can't do a lot of comparing. The story is somewhat bland. Druggy rehabilitated as government killer does her job. However she falls in love and wants out of her assassin role.


Stardust as a fantasy is entertaining but not too significant. Tristan goes from a pure but inept 18 yr old to a swashbuckling hero in one short week.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

Chris is picking up his life after a life-changing car crash where he goes from a rich spoiled hockey star to a mentally challenged janitor. He has some decisions to make when his help is required by some bank robbers.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

A silly feel-good movie I saw when it came out and then again in 2008. I hadn't realized how hokey it was. All the scientists ripping their masks off when E.T. expired, E.T. making the bicycles fly when he needed to (why didn't he just transport himself to the meeting place?), the Star Wars-like sound track, etc. It lost 1/2 a star as it aged.

Fierce People

Are the customs of a rich family like those of a primitive South American band of natives? That is the premise of this movie. There are those in the rich family who stop at nothing to protect their interests. The movie is better than most these days.

Gray Matters
Gray Matters(2007)

If you need a bit of lightheartedness, this movie is for you. Gray finds a girl for her brother, and a) falls in love with her herself, and b) figures out she is gay. Not an Oscar-winning drama, but enjoyable. At least they don't treat being gay as being a second class citizen.

The Wicker Man

I found the story interesting. I didn't like Nicolas Cage's character. As I watched more of it, it felt vaguely familiar and got more so as the movie progressed. After I finished the movie I checked up, and sure enough, I would have seen the original Wicker Man in the 1970's. If you decide to watch this, watch the 1973 version, and skip this one. PS, on TV I saw the DVD ending. Think I would have preferred the theatre ending.

The Wicker Man

I saw this in the 70's, and was only reminded of it when I happened to watch the 2006 Nicolas Cage version. Skip the 2006 version and watch this one. I remember this movie after watching it once 30+ years ago which says it all. The ending was what did it.

Good Bye, Lenin!

Alex's mother falls into a coma just as the Berlin Wall comes down. Eight months later, she wakes up. Alex is told that any stress can give his mom another heart attack, so he decides to hide the fact that East Germany has fallen.

I enjoyed this movie. I could see why Alex would behave like that, although it seemed silly to keep it going so long.

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 2(2006)

I hated this movie. There is no explanation how the curse gets from the three girls in Japan to Karen to Chicago. The story flits from story to story with no logic -- as if the only point was showing us another scary Curse death.

Music and Lyrics

Movie about a washed-up pop star (Grant) and a young writer (Barrymore) who figure out a way to write a successful song and learn a bit about love.

Arctic Tale
Arctic Tale(2007)

What do we learn watching this movie? Fuzzy baby bears are cuter than baby walruses. Being a wild animal is tough. Its made tougher when the walrus' breeding grounds are melting away.

The Brothers
The Brothers(2001)

I happened across this on TV, and it was interesting enough to watch to the end. There is something about a movie where four good friends get together every so often to play basketball and figure out what is going on with their relationships.


I guess the rating one gives this depends on your age and how many movies you have seen. Aquamarine is a mermaid who is looking for love as she is about to married off to a someone she hates in Mermaidland. But it really feels like a kid's movie. It does have a moral aspect which I don't mind.


Everybody rates this movie so highly. I just think it is OK - worth watching but not noteworthy. I don't know about everyone else, but other than Bumblebee, the robots look alike and hard to figure out who is on which side. The battles are confusing.

Scenes of a Sexual Nature

This whole movie takes place in a British park. We (the camera) flits from park bench to bench to blanket to hill, listening in on various couples' conversations. It reminded me of "Love Actually", but there are no real connections between the couples. I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't rate it that highly as it felt like seven non-related vignettes.

There is no sex in it by the way - the nudity rating is for a bare bum. Most of the vignettes are a little depressing. The vignette that troubled me the most was Louis and Esther's.

Broken Lullaby

Oh no - a Harlequin romance. I kept watching as it was a somewhat convoluted mystery, although I had correctly assumed who the bad guy was almost from the first time I saw him/her.

Breaking and Entering

There are a lot of sub story lines in this movie - Liv's daughter, the hooker at King's Crossing, immigrant crime, what is urban environmental architecture, depression, cheating, etc. -- the story goes around in circles a bit. I don't understand Jude Law's character (Will).

In the Land of Women

This movie revolves around Carter (Adam Brody). He has woman problems. First he breaks up with a hottie, then he goes to live with his dying grandmother, then he causes all three women/girls who live nearby to fall in love with him. Must be nice.

Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks(2007)

A preposterous movie. Mr Brooks is a businessman who is a serial killer on the side. He has an alter-ego, an apprentice, a daughter with the same tendencies, and involves the cop who's trying to catch him. Not too believable, but watchable just the same.

Black Book
Black Book(2007)

This is a good movie. Interesting. Plot twists until the very end. Makes you wonder about the Dutch resistance. Sometimes subtitles get to me, and this movie has Dutch, German and Yiddish in it, but the film was so engrossing, I never noticed the subtitles.

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

This story can only be a movie. Like when the van Grace is trapped in blows up, and Grace pops out non-the-worse-for-wear. Eh, if you like blood and guts, hate cops and want to escape for 90 minutes, this is the movie for you.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

You have to like slapstick comedy complete based on spoofing other movies to like this movie. I don't. I only lasted 15 minutes.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

When I read others' reviews everyone is panning this film because it is not enough like the Marvel comic. I haven't read the comic series, so I was just watching the movie for the movie's sake. I liked it - especially the scene with the two ghost riders crossing the desert. Go watch it!

The Reaping
The Reaping(2007)

I'm not sure what to think of this movie. As a horror show, it is not as creepy as the Omen (the 1976 one). Katherine is a scientist, yet for what is happening in this movie, she concludes that it is the work of God and the devil. I didn't mind the entertainment and the ending leaves the door open for a sequel.


Don't you hate stories like this. A serial killer who uses the weaknesses of police departments to elude capture (to this day). I enjoyed this movie though. It bugs me that not only did they not ever charge the killer, but also that I didn't understand the reasons behind the murders.


A made-for-TV movie. In the future, one company owns the patent for a cure that everyone needs to take to live. The good guys discover a cure, and the bad guys want to prevent this cure from becoming public knowledge. Pretty Mickey-Mouse movie.

One, Two, Three

It is pretty funny to see Jimmy Cagney running through his lists in this film.

I have seen three of these 50-year-old highly-rated black and white films in the past week, and all are directed by Billy Wilder. Is he the only director of that era?

The Apartment

I sometimes wonder how 50 year old movies are rated so highly, but The Apartment retains it relevance and is worth viewing even in the 21st century.

Shirley MacLaine is involved in a relationship with the boss (Fred MacMurray) but finds out during the movie that she is not the first, nor will she be the last. She tries to commit suicide and Jack Lemmon comes to the rescue!