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Cocktail is a cute and funny rom-com â" which is old Bollywood wine packaged as ⦠a new Cocktail (pun intended!!).

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Bol Bachchan
Bol Bachchan(2012)

Bol Bachchan is a typical, leave-your-mind-at-home, brainless Bollywood masala flick, which is an official remake of 1979, Amol Palekar starring comedy, Gol Maal. But while the original is heavy on quality humor ⦠this version is embellished with all the colors, melodrama and action which are part of 21st century masala flicks.
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The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spiderman works best to a level of entertaining summer blockbuster, and nothing more. Its not a movie that takes you on a different tangent (like what Nolan did with Batman Returns) and overwhelms you with feelings of great deja vu. Its good fun and just not very ambitious!!
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From nowhere is it the best Pixar movie that I have seen ... but its not the worst either!
Brave is safe, sweet and has its great moments !!
In the end, I leave as a happy Pixar fan ... waiting for the next adventure ....


Trust Polanski to turn a "carnage" out of a very basic situation (two boys fighting in the playground) ... and that too the verbal kind ... !
Witty dialogues, great acting talent make the simple story .. and the eventual mushrooming of 'real' people behind the (fake) civilized ones is part amusing - part tedious for the audience ... !! Great anthropoligical watch though ...

The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady is all Meryl Streep and just how versatile and amazing an actor she is!!!
Story with the dementia, the flashbacks and the vague references to the real events is tad bit too confusing for one to actually related to it and/or actually enjoy the essence of "The Iron Lady - Margaret Thatcher" ... felt a bit cheated that it was missing ...

A Separation
A Separation(2011)

The movie is real - about real people, in a real setting, dealing with real life situations and normally done. The lines between black and white are never clear in the real world and the movie shows it no differently me that is the USP of the film ...
The fact the it has been made by an Irani team and is a story of a modern Muslim family, might be why the West is so facinated by the movie ... but to me it was the simplicty of the story, and the honest depiction of how individual perspectives vary yet impact others, that stood out ... !
Totally worth a watch if you can deal with reading subtitles (the movie is in Persian) ...


Bollywood meets Hollywood in a game of Canadian ice hockey!!
Interesting concept .... but the story is just all messed up ... like the director and the script writer were trying too hard to mash up everything in a 2 hours screenplay. End result: you feel like been there, seen that ... and much more entertaining!
Peters is funny .... Akshay just has a special appearance ... the lead couple cute ... songs real nice!!

The Rum Diary

Just like Depp ... the movie is quirky, offbeat and watchable ... !
Sexy, crazy, funny and a little mad ... the movie is a fun ride .... ! Nothing mind-blowing yet good fun ...

Bbuddah... Hoga Tera Baap

I love Amitabh Bachchan .... ! His movies are cult classics ... and there has been no one who has done the "angry young man' role better ... !
This movie however was torture ... ! 2 hours plus tribute to the Big B with no story to back it other than the fact any time called him "Buddah" he gets angry just does NOT work ... even as time pass ... !! Waste of time ...


Personally found the movie to be enjoyable and fun ... but nothing mind-blowing is happening in the 2hours plus on screen... !
Nerdy boy finds his a vivacious girl ... he falls in love ... she thinks they are just friends ... classic Bollywood!
Pluses: Kareena, the dad and granny for Kareena, songs, the fact that its a happy movie and the non-Bollywood ending !!
Minuses: Cliched story, where not too much is happening on the whole and Imran Khan - who really needs to work on his expression range!!
Great watch for die-hard Bollywood rom-com lovers ... !!

J. Edgar
J. Edgar(2011)

Disappointed ... only and ONLY watch it if you are a die-hard DiCaprio fan! (NOTE: Leo looks ghastly in the Razzie worthy make up ...!)
Eastwood has managed to make a weak, dull and empty movie, which manages to bore, confuse and disturb you all at the same time ... ! What could have been amazing unfolding of the public and private life of J. Edgar Hoover ... was a flat snoozefest ... !

The Big Year
The Big Year(2011)

With Martin, Black and Wilson you are inevitably to consider the movie to be an laughathon ... but its is not! While it is some borderline humor, the movie is essentially a mild drama-entertainer about following ones dreams and the costs and benefits of it !!
Decent enjoyable watch nonetheless .... teaches you a lot about the cut-throat world of bird-watching and having the right priorities in life ... !!


The Dirty Picture was a tough act to follow but Vidya Balan has done it ... and superceded it ... if thats even possible!!! She charms, dazzles, and hurts as Vidya Bagchi .... and you (the audience) walk the entire walk with her till the last shot of the movie
Balan aside, Kahaani is a extremely well script and directed thriller, with superb performances from everyone (mostly unknown actors), including the other main lead of the movie - the city of Kolkata! Also deserving mention is Mr. Bachchan's vocals for Tagore's poem "Ekla Chola Re" which is just surreal ...
It is must watch for everyone - even Bollywood haters - just because the movie is very non-Bollywood.


Enjoyable, teeny bopper dance flick with its heart in the right place ...
I have not seen the original, so cannot compare the two .... but as a standalone flick, this one is a decent time-pass to watch (especially on a plane!!!)

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

Warning: the has nothing new or novel to offer ... !!
Having put that out of the way ... it is an hardcore action thriller ... lots of murders, blood, car chases, fights and just plain violence!! If you love the genre or Denzel Washington watch it ... otherwise ... move on ...

Take Me Home Tonight

Watch this movie with zero expectations .... and you actually end up enjoying a few moments ... !
Story wise it is one night, one big party and a few losers 'finding themselves' (gah!!) during the fateful evening ....
Formula doze of raunch, drugs and stupidity is ofcourse what completes this flick ....

Allah Ke Banday

With Naseeruddin Shah leading the cast one has great expectations from an art house/indie flick ... !
This one had a great concept (child crime, juvenile prison ... !) and started off well also ... The problem started when these kids 'suddenly' overtook the jail!! From there the story just went haywire from typical RGV type movie, to a hodge-podge of sappiness from a teacher wanting to change the world with education, to one of two kids suddenly finding love (ugh!!) to give the story a 'fair' closure ....
Good concept and cast really and truely wasted!!!

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

For a movie's 3rd episode - it is still funny !!
For a Christmas theme flick ... it has its dose of holiday sappiness and bonding moments ...
On the whole it is what Harold and Kumar franchise is known for .... crazy, drug infested, politically incorrect and random as ever ....


Went in the theatre expecting to see a 3D cinematic ride, and a story like Oliver Twist told Scorsese style .... ! After the first 30 minutes of a predictable ride, the story took me completely offguard and pleasently surprised. The innocent story grows to be such a fitting tribune to cinema, while retaining its innocence and the youthful charm .... I am still in awe ... !!!
Totally worth the 11 Oscar nods ...

Margin Call
Margin Call(2011)

A well-crafted and acted boardroom thriller - where big money and major businesses are at stake in the troubled times. The star of the movie is definitely the dialogues and the stellar performances .... ! Gripping movie to watch ...


So Brad Pitt is still steaming hot .... and Moneyball just gets more interesting because of that ...
The movie on the whole just revolves around two characters - Pitt's and Hill's characters leaving the story-telling very one-dimentional ... ! At times I even felt Hoffman (as the bad-guy Coach) was not properly utilized ...
Conclusion: Great concept, ok movie .... watch it for Brad Pitt ladies ...


So for me Drive was over-rated - broody young man, extreme Tarantino type violence, story lacking depth and just abrupt ending ... !!
Gosling is good - but tries too hard to be cool in this movie ... !
Other's just hardly get noticed ....
Pretty pointless a movie if you ask me ...

The Ides of March

Corruption in the game of politics - a story told many a times and this one is no different. Just lacked that something extra to make it brilliant cinema ..
What stands out is Goslings performance (from idealistic to jaded) and Clooney's expertise behind the camera ... !


The story starts from one point and soon just goes to a totally different tangent ...! But then stays true to being an action caper right till the end ...!
Taylor Lautner is a clear winner in this whole deal, since he could pull off an existence without Twilight atleast, and that too decently!!

Catch .44
Catch .44(2011)

An extremely senseless, mindless and pointless movie where we see a killing spree !!

Don 2
Don 2(2011)

To be really fair (which I am trying to be!) the movie has some marked pluses and minuses...
- Plus: very stylishly shot!, some action sequences are at par with Hollywood, it is Bollywood's closest successful attempt of a caper movie ..!
- Minus: Shahrukh Khan (who over acts and looks plastic), the awkward story pace and weak music ....!!

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

To be fair, MI4 delivers what it promises in the promotions... Mindless entertainment, Tom Cruise and slick action!!
Having said that very disappointed in the lack of logic on some of the scenes (including the famous Burj Khalifa scene) and the poor shameless role played by Anil Kapoor ...!!


The problem starts from the fact that this movie and none of the characters, especially the leading lady, just fail to connect with the audience at an emotional level .... So Haywire is a perfect case of stylist look, good cast and no soul ....!

I Am Kalam
I Am Kalam(2010)

This would have been an awesome indie flick if it wasn't for the extremely cheesy Bollywoodish finale ...! Having said that the offbeat story, the amazing performances from both the kids and the colors of Rajistan made it a great watch ...

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade' ... That the spirit of this movie....
At the end of the day, it's a feel good movie made on a real life incident, with some touching scenes, and good-looking people....


A feel good, positive movie .... But then we expect nothing less from a Disney flick...
Especially enjoyed a head strong, independent role played by Lane ....!!

X-Men: First Class

So wasn't expecting anything but another mindless summer 'blockbuster' and this was actually a pleasent surprise ...! Decent story which managed to (as logically as possible for a comic remake) connect a lot of dots ... Especially enjoyable to watch was a relatively cast of unknown actors, who showed great promise ...!!

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

Blah has a new name... This movie is it!!!
Predictable and typical Statham flick ....

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(2011)

Watched it because i just loved Bronte's books ... ! Movie adaptations, have never done too much for me, and this one is no different .... !
Mia is her usual self (ok) and the costume drama is decently adapted.
However the surprise for me was the on-screen presence for Fassbender, he is just smoldering ...!


Watching this flick made me feel like I was back in my teens, and I am watching one of those Sweet Dreams romance stories unfold on the screen.... sensitive, cute, soft, charming and emotional.
Not for everyone for sure ... !!


Mammoth cast, brilliant director and an interesting plot, this summarizes the movie ...! One really enjoys the multiple facets of human beings that open up in the times of crisis ...from selflessness (shown by Winslet's, Cotillard and Fishburn's characters), to the hunt of personal financial gains sought by others (like Law's role) and finally the reaction of the directly impacted (like Damon!)!!!!!!
Having said that, the best part of the flick is the way it ended! Not the most brilliant movie, but still a good, intelligent watch ...


This movie really starts off slow .... and builds up as a thriller, till the dramatic twist right in the last 20 minutes, which even though is good, is not great enough to venture the entire 90-odd minutes !!
Watch it if you are a Hathaway fan, otherwise ... leave it !!!

The Dirty Picture

Bollywood sometimes surprises us with a unique piece of work - The Dirty Picture is just that!
Super talented star cast at their best (Balan, Shah, Hashmi and even Tusshar in a small role)
Extremely sharp writing - the double edged one-liners are just 'taal-maar' (aka LOL) great
Music that just remains etched in the minds .... Ooh la la has us all twisted around its tunes .... and a well-make movie ....
Having said that - I do have some issues with the movie: too much (and on some places) not needed skin show, the 'romance' in Silk's life just does not fit well with in story-telling and the ending is too abrupt .... th second-half needed more pizzazz ... !!
Final verdict: Must watch for the dialogues ... !!! ;o)

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Lets start off by saying this is not even remotely like Band Baja Baraat or as good!
The movie has its pluses and minues ... and I will honestly outline those for you and let you make the decision if you want to see the flick:
Plus: Great music, very sleek conning of the ladies, Parineeti Chopra (as Dimpy) is just adorable and YRF has once again made a very stylish movie. For Anushka fans, she looks great!!
Minus: The story is not consistently sleek and maintains a consistent, Anushka's character is very weak, Ranveer is pretty type casted, the romance angle is just not well-developed to justify itself in the movie ....
Final verdict: Fun timepass


A solid action flick with a female lead as a serial killer ... !!
If you are a fan of this form of mayhem movies ... you are bound to love this one ! Zoe Saldana is good casting, but even better is the kid who plays the young Cataleya ... !!
Exciting, fun ride .... !!

I Am
I Am(2010)

A movie that explores human misfits trying to fit into the world in their own unique way is the story of I AM ... !
Art house cinema stands tall on strong performances from all the cast and some really good scenes that just touch you at a different level ... ! Especially stands out Rahul Bose's scene with the cop and Kashyap sequences with the young Sanjay Suri .. !!

30 Minutes or Less

a pretty messed up, dumbed out and weak buddy action flick ....
Funny in some parts, juvenile most of the times ...
Best part of the entire enterprise was watching Aziz Ansari who was hilarious as Chet ... !!

Morning Glory

Surprisingly witty, fast-paced, intelligent and fresh movie on the revitalization of a dying morning show ... !! Great acting by all the leads, especially McAdams as the workaholic, optimistic producer and Ford as the cranky, grumpy reporter on the downhill road ...
Wish this movie is shown to all the morning show producers in Pakistan ... they can take some tips on working out of the box from here ...

The Devil's Double

I had higher expectations from this flick ... and thus was a little disappointed
The movie was still a great depiction of the lives of ayaash Arab brethren, and an insight on the life of Uday Saddam Hussain (and his body double!).
NOTE: the movie has some very graphic and crazy scenes, so if you are not into this kind of cinema ... avoid this flick .. !!

The Debt
The Debt(2011)

The biggest problem with this movie is that it is not consistently paced ... and you are just plain bored at times ... !!!
Having said that, it is still a decent thriller, with an interesting concept ... !!

The Help
The Help(2011)

I really enjoyed this movie ... and especially Octavia's acting as the sassy Minny Jackson!!
What was most disturbing for me, was the realization that this black-white class difference of the 60s is still very predominant in the society we live in ... and thats just so sad ... !
Watch this movie guys and take some lessons on how the other side feels ..

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

So this one is a definite improvement over the crappy 2nd movie... but that does not say much for it ... !!
It is too long ... it takes forever to get to a point ... and then just does not end ...!!
Story-wise - it had no where to go ... !
Only good thing was the good looking men in the movie ... from Dempsey to Duhamel ... eye-candy galore ... !!

The Tree of Life

It is too abstract and vague for me to enjoy ... !!
Felt like i was watching a documentary on Nat Geo crossing over with a movie ... !!

Desi Boyz
Desi Boyz(2011)

Predictable, cliched and very Bollywood... !!
Having said that ... the movie is enjoyable, some good songs, has hawt male leads (esp John looks great) and has its funny moments and characters (especially Anupum Kher as Deepika's dad!!)

Midnight in Paris

The magic of this movie lies in the fact that it makes you fall in love with Paris (and its various eras) without stepping foot in the city .. !!
The subtle message about love, relationships and our illusion of the past has been wonderfully woven by Woody Allen ... ! At best a charming watch ...

Friends With Benefits

Loved Milas Kunis in the flick ... !! Timberlake is also beginning to grow on me as an actor ... !
On the whole, really enjoyed a very predictable and raunchy ride ... due to the on-screen chemistry of the two leads, extremely witty dialogues, great acting by the support cast !!!
If you enjoy rom-coms ... dont miss this one !!! ...


For a first time director, with a basically a off-beat cast (Khandelwal & Soha) ... this is a pretty excellent movie ... !!
Very moving and touching movie, which has been really well-translated by Ghosh as a stylish movie ...! Music is very good ... and so is the casting and performances given by anyone ... !!
Unknown Bollywood is just getting way better than the conventional mainstream blockbusters ... and one has to add Soundtrack to that list ... !!


To me Rockstar is Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir's best work to date ... a simply outstanding cinematic ride!!
Perfectly crafted, emotionally charged, chaotic and yet simple at heart with mindblowing music ... the movie is a joyride to watch and sure to sweep off a lot of Awards next year ... !!!
Having said that the movie also has some flaws - the female lead (Nargis Fakhri) cannot act, the ending is too stretched and story a bit too abstract for masses to understand ...
Bottomline - you dont like this movie, you belong to the masses and movies like Bodyguard are made for idiots like you ... !!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Watching this flick is guilty pleasure for me... !!!
Having said that ... this installment is the most mature and thrilling one of the saga made to date .... ! Brazil looks amazing ...
Kristen, Taylor and Robert all suit their roles of hot, eye candy ...
the last 20 minutes is well made and leaves you craving the last installment,
and ofcourse there is no room for common sense in the world of vampires, werewolves, and fantasy ... !!

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

Intense, bold, edge-of-seat entertertainer and has pretty amazing performances from Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning ... !!
One of those flicks ... that you can watch a million times ...


A pretty weak - but stylishly made - Bollywood flick! Content is very routine - with action and romance illogically woven in the story !!
To me the best part of both the lead - John & Genelia who look awesome - and a much hotter villian !!
At best a timepass ...!!

The Change-Up

An adult version of Freaky Friday !!
Bateman and Reynolds are both really good - more so in the switchover than otherwise .. !!!
To put it nicely - it is a dickflick ... and men are bound to love this one ... !! (NOTE: This is not a family movie)


Interesting and novel concept ... !
Going a little cliched half-way through .... !!

The Adventures of Tintin

Let me begin by admitting that I have NOT read the Tintin comics!!!
Having said that... the movie was an enjoyable, well-made, fast-paced and thrilling ride made by Hollywood giants - Spielberg & Jackson!
Best part is that the movie is a wholesome entertainer for adults, grownup Tintin fans and the kids... Plus the animation is pretty neat!!!

Lock Up
Lock Up(1989)

A could've, would've, should've much better movie if the director had not been so hung-up on making a one-man against the evils of the system movie ... ! Plus the OTT action did not help ...!!
I guess for me the flick was too Bollywoodish to actually like .. even when the story did have a lot of potential to be great ... !!

Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster

For starters - i wish the director had picked people who looked better and could act .... ! Hooda is the usual gangster, Shergill looks good and acts well, Gill just looks like a stand-in for Iman Ali ... rest are forgetable
Now lets look at the movie:
Story: a little all-over the place from love-triangles, to political drama, to a little bit of mystery-thriller right near the end!
Music: Pretty forwardable
In summary it is just a hodge podge of sleaze, greed, deceit and some good scenes towards the end !!


Uff I forgot how hawt and yummy Patrick Dempsey is *drooling*
Having said that the movie is funny and intriguing at the same time (more than I expected!!) only disappointment was the last 15-odd minutes of the movie (aka the finale)
Cannot stop laughing at the madness called PeanutButter and Jelly ...
Watch it!!
It is enter-tain-ment!!

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

After a longtime a REAL entertainment ...!!
The movie is high on excitement, drama, emotions ... and while it takes time to grow ... the off-beat story leaves you with a fantastic feeling in the end !!
Dakota Goyo as Max is top notch ...! Jackman is great .... dont miss this one!!!

Larry Crowne
Larry Crowne(2011)

Let's get the fact clear - the story is very run-of-the-mill and ordinary!!
Having said that I still really enjoyed watching the movie because...
1. I love both Hanks & Roberts immensely
2. The story is told in a very positive & uplifting matter
3. It is well-made, simple, cute and happy movie which are very rare these days!

That Girl in Yellow Boots

Strong indie flick! Disturbing and explicit!! What stands out most for me post the movie is the fact that Kalki is a very strong actor!!
Watch it - it is quality and intelligent Bollywood...


B-grade flick with 2 has-beens in the lead ... !!
While the movie has been shot stylishly, it is low on thrillers, very loud and extremely predictable !!
Cage should seriously retire now ... !

A Walk to Remember

A tad bit over-rated ... !!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

This movie was epic for many reasons ... biggest being the Jolie & Pitt met and became Bragelina after this ... !!
Celebrity worship aside, it is a pretty predictable romantic thriller .... !! Just a feast to the eyes ....

Puss in Boots

It is actually a pretty decent spin-off ... ! Funny, cute and amazing animations ... !!
Banderas as Puss is extremely effective, and Hayek is steamy as Kitty Softpaws ... !!
Perfect family entertainment ....

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Remember the movies where there used to be this horrible monster which only a super geek could figure out a way to calm/kill ... well this is it and instead of a geek there are these teenagers who save the world ...
Super 8 could have been a great cinematic experience ... but personally watching an 80s type movie in 2011 was just not fun from anywhere!!
Verdict: Over-rated

Mr. Popper's Penguins

One of those feel-good family movies that are just not made that often these days (other than as animations) !!
Carrey is actually very lovable as Mr. Popper ... and not crazy, wild or weird we have seen him usually ... Plus the penguins and their antics are way to cute ... and add to the movie's charms!!

The Son of No One

Expected this cop thriller to be much stronger given that it boasted a mammoth cast ... !
What we got was an average B-grade dark thriller ...

Ra. One
Ra. One(2011)

SRK seriously needs to stop thinking that he is larger than life, that he is superhero material or even that he can act!! Only this he is, is a great marketer, and that is why Ra.One has achieved the box-office success it has!!
The movie is crude, crass, baseless, cheesy, mash-up (aka shoddy rip-off) of everything that has been made by Hollywood in the past ... !
Plus (which are few and far): well shot (at par with any Hollywood blockbuster), good songs and Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal are a feast to the eyes and you wish there was more of them!!!

In Time
In Time(2011)

A pretty decent sci-fi meets Robin Hood flick ... !!
Not the most expessive bunch of actors, but thank god the script did not require much in terms of acting talent .. !!
Kudos for a novel concept, slick execution and for making an out-right entertainer ... !!!


Another good versus evil film, where one 'good' cop tries to fight all evil in hit offbeat way ... !!
Devgun plays a B-grade offshoot of Salman Khan's larger-than-life type roles ... and boy he fails ... ! His slow walks are actually really annoying ... !!!

The Big Bang
The Big Bang(2011)

The one star is for the stylishness of the movie, because other than that, it is just crassness and the nudity !!
Substance is completely missing ... on what could have been a decent, B-grade, crime thriller ....!! What a waste ... !!

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo(2011)

Great scenery, very typical chick flick meets teen romance story, and overall timepass moments ... !!!
Honestly - the movie isnt bad ... but it is not great, must watch either...

Captain America: The First Avenger

This is surprisingly a very enjoyable super-hero movie ... !!
Pretty normal comic book movie, with a story that makes some sense, and good action to support it. The flavor of the 40's has been well caught on screen ...!
Leaves us looking forward to The Avengers in 2012 ..!

The Ledge
The Ledge(2011)

The movie is a little slow in starting off ... but it eventually picks pace and ending especially jolts you ... !
Strong acting .... but the only problem is the movie is too talk heavy!!

The Hangover Part II

For starters ... if you've seen the first one, the second follows the EXACT same formula (so it is very predictable)!
Having crossed that disappointment, the movie makes Bangkok look like slums of Cambodia (the city is not as slummy as they make it look!), the laugh and crazy quotient is lower and just a lot of stuff (like Tyson sequence) seems like it has been added in the plot for the heck of it ... !!!
Disappointed with Phillips and his Wolfpack ... but then sequels are just never better than the original ..

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

This is an easy, breezy romantic comedy ... ! The light-hearted movie boasts 'star-power' ... good acting ...some LOL moments ... and a yummy-licious Ryan Gosling (with his 'photoshopped' six-packs!!!)
The story was a bit all over the place ... from a man dealing with a broken marriage, to the 'twist' towards family drama ... to the cheesy ending in the high-school... !
Perfect, timepass watch

Well Done Abba

A simple, sweet story based in the rural India highlighting the corruption plaguing the society at grass-root levels ... !!
Highlights: top-notch acting by Boman Irani (who I feel is at time under-rated by Bollywood) and the amazing direction of Shyam Benegal who tells a difficult story with light-hearted ease ... !!
Thumbs up ... !

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Bad Teacher is a must watch for Cameron Diaz fans, as dont think I have ever seen her look so good!!
Otherwise - it is a time-pass flick with ups and downs in humor quotient ... ! You might find it funnier if you like the sarcastic, dead-pan kind of one-liners funny .... !!
Note: it is not AS badass and x-rated as the promos make it to be .. so just remember that when you start watching it and you will have fun ...

Stanley Ka Dabba

Once in a while you come across a movie that is real, sweet, cute, heartwarming and then in the last 10 minutes it shakes you and leaves you disturbed and thinking ... again because it is so REAL ! Stanley ka Dabba is one such flick ... !!
Amol Gupte the director and actor are both spot on! The kid playing Stanley (Partho) is just too good ... but then so is everyone else right on mark ...
Watch it ... and form your own opinion ... but do watch it ...

Green Lantern

Very disappointed with the movie ... !
1. The story is just a mashup of a whole load of super-hero movies - damsel is distress; mistreated geek turned fugly in, fight to save earth (and the universe) in one go - with a very been-there-seen-that-before feeling
2. Ryan Reynolds - while is good to the eyes - is not superhero material
3. Blake Lively is not damsel material ... !!
4. Makers need to know most of the audience has not seen the comics .. and for those mortals the movie is very ambigious
5. The action moments are lack-lustre and uninspiring for a superhero flick ...
Verdict: Give a miss !

Red Riding Hood

This is a 'darker' version of our childhood fairy-tale ... and honestly the movie is a total mess... !!
Very all of the place story-telling, very confusing and honestly very disappointing because not every story has a 'Twilight' twist to it and the makers should have realized that before venturing with this one ...

The Smurfs
The Smurfs(2011)

The movie is Smurfily cute and cliched ... !!!
Kids are bound to love the simple story and the positivity of the story left me (an adult) warm and fuzzy from inside ...
Just do not expect anything but syrupy sweet Smurfs against the evils they come across in the real world ...

The Bodyguard (Kaavalan)

Bodyguard is an outlandish, Salman Khan flick .. ! Slick action, good music and some humor ... loads of cheesy oneliners add to the mass appeal of the movie ... !!
Dont expect anything from the movie, and you are likely to be happy audience, otherwise you will want to kill yourself every 2 minutes ...
Kareena does not appeal ... but Salman has become a pro at pull off these 'larger than life' characters ... and it seems to be a formula that works for him ... !!

The Dilemma
The Dilemma(2011)

What a bloody waste of good comic talent ... both Vaughn and James have been totally wasted in a movie that runs like a boredomfest ... !!
It is definitely not a comedy ... and hardly drama ... more like melodrama thats all over the place ... !


The only thing remotely decent about this flick is Wiig and her ability to express the humor through her face .. ! Rest is pretty much all down-the-dumps .. !
The story is predictable and uneven; the raunchy chick-flick theme while unique is also not that funny (expect a few giggles and a smile at best!!!). Over-rated!!

Vertical Limit

OMG to the amount of people who died to save that one girl in the end ... !! bah ... blah ... and watever ... !!!

An Unfinished Life

An interesting family drama with mammoth cast ... !! The dymanics of relationships and the secrets of our lives that haunt us all ... !
Problem, the narration has a very been there, seen that feel to it ... !!!

Four Lions
Four Lions(2010)

Four Lions is one of those movies that needs to be watched for its uniqueness - from plot, to acting to ending it is all offbeat ... ! An offbeat black satire ...!!
The flick is very British ... and has some multi-ethnic cast ... but that just makes it a fun watch ... !!

Water for Elephants

The only thing standing out positively in this movie is Waltz as the hard-hearted, circus-owner! Rest is either average or just ignorable !!
Witherspoon and Pattinson has zero on-screen chemistry for the romance to 'click' to the audience ... and the acting is plain average ... !!
Movie does give a good insight on the behind the scenes on the circus profession of the 30s ... but who cares about that now anyways ... !!


This is actually a well-made movie that looks into the messed up education system in the sub-continent ...! The pluses:
- Big B - no one could pull off such a role with such charm and perfection!!
- Perfect casting ... from the leads to supporting cast, they all hold the fort in their role!!
The flaws:
- The first 30minutes were not needed at all. They are just boring, pointless and annoying !!
- The Saif-Deepika romance, another story angle that was not needed in the story at all ...
Overall - not a cinema watch ... but good one to watch at home on DVD with a remote =D

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

The intial part of the movie is really slow and you wish the story would move a little faster ... but once the kid comes into the scene it takes a turn for cute .. !
Overall a very predictable chick flick ...

Double Dhamaal

What a juvenile, crappy movie ... !!!
Please avoid all costs !!!

Horrible Bosses

Who doesnt have that one day ... or that one boss that is just so horrible that you wish death upon them !!?!
Well take that realistic situation, 3 ordinary men and a whole lot of bizzarre events ... laughaton!! It belongs to the same genre of cinema awesomeness as Hangover!
Great oneliners (I laugh thinking about them), pretty slick acting and some R-rated raunchy moments ... ! Loved it ... !!

Get Him to the Greek

Off-beat, quirky and raunchy - the movie swings between being totally insane and an emotional ride. Other than some funny one-liners ... didnt connect for me ...
Cannot say i am a Russell Brand fan after this flick as well - but the guy does have an on-screen presence.

Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly(2011)

Disgusting toilet humor that works when combined with an interesting plotline, great acting and awesome music!!
This movie marks Bollywood coming of age and no surprises that Amir Khan was behind the breakthrough flim-making ... !!
Just have one parting comment for the flick: "i hate it, but i love it (in brackets" .... go watch Delhi Belly to understand my comment ;o)

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Another relationship movie - but this time the wronged ones are the MEN not women ... !!! Just completely 180 degree opposite relationship story ... and actually hits close to the heart and home! A lot of scenes make you say: 'OMG this is so true' - and that is the USP of this flick ...


Off-beat Bollywood at its best... !
Good plot-line, slickly made .. and well acted ...
Not your routine song-n-dance .... *phew* ... plus the flick has my fav Rajeev Khandelwal and Kalki which are added pluses ... !!

The Calcium Kid

The movie is good-natured fun while it lasts ... ! But that i guess is the British element behind the flick ... since Bloom is pretty much playing the part of an innocent kid in a weird situation .. (stereotypical)
I have recently learn to accept that British humor is more intelligent and wittier than Hollywood .. and Calcium Kid is another example of that ...

Johnny English Reborn

Funny, cute and a easy family entertainer ... !!!
The movie holds it pace and works farely well as a 007 spoof (actually better than the first one!!!) ..
Atkinson gives the flick his 100% and it works .. !!!

West Is West
West Is West(2011)

This movie is more emotionally driven than its prequel - East is East - which relied more on crassness and humor ... !!
Loved the Pakistan connection, from Saeen Zahoor's vocal/music to the fact that the story depicts the richness of rural Pakistan's culture and even unfolds flaws in our family system due to scattered families living in different parts of the world ... !!
Acting wise the young Aqib Khan has a great, charming presence ... while Om Puri is just top notch as usual ...

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Sorry you haters ... but i enjoyed the movie ... !!!
Funny, cute, well shot, stylish and urban ... so what if some stuff doesnt make sense ... neither did Inception or Avatar ... so lets move on !!
Kats ... looks hawt and so cute ... !
Imran ... just cant help loving him and looking forward to more of his stuff ...
Ali Zafar ... great looker, sings well and just wish he'd had that 'star' presence on screen ...
Music top notch, acting great no fazool melodrama and the 3 leads have great chemistry which makes it a fun, entertaining watch ... !!!

East Is East
East Is East(1999)

This is watching any Pakistani-Muslim male's identity crisis unfold on the screen ... while he also has issues with his English cross-breed family's identity!! Hypocracy, drama, humor and colors when West meets the East ... and migration and foreign land starts showing the 'darker' side

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Forest Gump is Tom Hanks at his best ... !!!
But more than that the movie is heart, soul, sweetness and a lot of American history told with the eyes of a simpleton .. !!


The flick started off in an Bourne format ... and the acting powress (Ronan & Blanchett especially) and the stylish direction made one feel it was going in that direction. But the action, thriller half-way through took a sci-fi twist, which was a little disappointing ... !! Wish the maker would kept it more real and believable ....
Overall ... decent watch at max I would say ... !!

Shor in the City

Pretty impressive, offbeat flick ... with its claim to fame being the song 'Saibo' .... !!
Loads of second tier actors put together in a combination of stories from the backstreets of Mumbai, which is well-told and presented!! Good, real and soft watch ...
Tusshar is a good actor ... he is just not 'hero' material and he should stick to movies like this to gain some popularity and fans atleast ...

Tezaab (Acid)

Watching the movie now only makes us laugh at how retarded some moments are ... but honestly it was breakthrough in those days:
- this movie gave Bollywood epic music which is still awesom
- launched the 'ek-do-teen' girl, whose smile still makes our hearts skip a beat ...
- brought together the 'hit jori' of Anil Kapoor & Madhuri which gave us many more blockbusters ...

Jab Pyaar Kisise Hata Hai

One of the very few movies where Twinkle actually looked nice (personally I never liked here) ... must be the pairing with Salman Khan!!
The movie was also a little off-beat ... esp the twist in the interval, the portions after that which were more family centric instead of romance or typical villian type situation .... ! Enjoyable ....

...Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Ash's Bollywood debut ... nothing extra-ordinary story-wise, but the movie has been made more to give the former Ms. World as platform to launch her acting career than anything else ...
Best part of the entire flick was NFAK's music .... !!

Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya

The movie had my favorite pairing of the time ... Salman & Kajol ... both looking cute, hot and just perfect!!
Story-wise the flick was strictly ok ... rather typical Bollywood rom-com ... but the music was great, and leads were just awesome!!

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

For Bollywood this flick was a breakthrough cinema ... great music and an extremely distrubing performance by Urmila who just stole the show as Fardeen's obsessed lover .... !
The movie was a part of Matondkar's best performances ever ...


Sunny Deol as the angry young man at the peak of his career .... !!
Typical 80's Bollywood where one hero who fight all evils ... the world was just black & white, and songs will just pop up in between serious moments like all was hunky dorey ...
*sigh* to the cinema of yester years who makes us laugh today !!

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed is somewhat a weak movie ... !!
Dont know why Hudson does this bitchy roles repeatedly (Bride Wars) - doesnt help ...
Goodwin's character is too weak and lame ... you want to slap her more than feel for her situation ... !!
The men are just another story ... and I just dont wanna go there ...!!
Only recommended for those who like romance at all costs kind of movies ... !!

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

The movie gets A-plus for being original in terms of concept, plotline and idea execution ... but then it is a tad bit confusing and also at times a little annoying due to the repeat sequences ... !!!
Not much action in the movie ... and acting wise Gyllenhaal is tops ... !! Overall an amusing and watchable flick ...

Murder 2
Murder 2(2011)

Pretty routine formulaic B-grade flick from the Bhatt camp ...! Throw in Emraan Hashmi, with a uber hot chick, a scary and sick villian, put some almost nude scenes, kissing, etc ... add a dash of mystery, murder, and gore; and finally top it all off with great songs ... !!
Voila box office success (aka 2 plus hours of torture for people with a brain)!!Paisa vasool ...
PS - forget about having a story ... just start somewhere, connect the dots (whether they make sense or not) and end it!! Who cares about their flow ... !


This is the movie that takes Bollywood to a new level ... Rated movies, bordering soft porn!!
Sherawat is smouldering in every scene ...
From this flick onwards Hashmi gets the title of 'Serial Kisser' ...
Music - is just excellent ... soothing, foot-tapping and still memorable!!
Story-wise ofcourse the movie had nothing unique to offer, just another B-grade thriller !!


Very British serial (cop) killer versus the London police force, spearheaded by Statham ... !
The movie has some gripping sequences, the story is unfolded well ... and Gillen carries the rolle of a cold blooded, mentally sick killer ...
However - the movie does have some very bloody and gore-filled sequences ... so not for the people with a weak stomach!!

Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya

A laugh riot with great. foot-tapping music and hot female leads .... both Sush and Kats just rock it. The best part of the movie was the Salman's mum and her never ending slaps ... !!!

Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega

Bollywood's take on "While You Were Sleeping" ... ofcourse with loads of songs, cheap comedy and comedy of errors ... ! Zinta & Mukherjee light the screen together ... and thats the best part of the flick ...

Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat

Pretty lame a movie ... as the biggest flaw lay in the casting of the leading lady ... she just wasnt attractive enough (actually she was pretty average) to get 3 world-wise men falling for her ... !!

Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula

While the movie looked great potential watch on love in the promos ... when we saw it is as an actual disappointment ... too fomulaic, boring and the leads just did not have the 'chemistry' !!

Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (Say This Is Love)

The launch movie for today's superstar Hritihik Roshan ... it was perfect script to present to the world Bollywood's star ... ! Great music, dances, comedy, tragedy, romance and of course the bad men ... !!

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

Another chapter in the endless movies that Hollywood has churned out on married men, their desire for joys of a single life ans beyond ...
With a few bursts of humor, the story is borders emotional and dramatic dabbled with crass/raunchy scenes, lewd jokes and a bit of sappiness ...
Conclusion: No bad, but nothing mindblowing either ... !!


The movie was pleasently entertaining and fun .... mainly because of all the characters which have been so well-etched by the director and portrayed by the actors ... !!
Amusing, fun, wholesome and interesting story of a dysfunctional family and their Spanish speaking help (and her daughter) ...

Made in Dagenham

Unlike most 'inspired from real life' movies this one is entertaining, refreshing yet the struggle of the women to get respect for their work and equality in the 60s UK is fully shown ...
Very strong performance from Sally Hawkins ... and the ensemble of ladies ... !! A good watch this was ...

The Prince & Me

Good watch for all those teens and tweens who are looking for 'Happily Ever After' and the "Prince Charming" .... but movie wish it is just another royal romance with some nice scenes scattered here and there ... !!!

The Slammin' Salmon

Spoofy, crass and lame story of waiting staff competing for the high sale of the night ...
with some funny, and some tired sequences ... the movie overall belongs to the National Lampoon genre of film-making ... ! Not the easiest to handle and accept !!

Death Race
Death Race(2008)

The movie is tops for action ... and maybe even the smart alec thrills ... !! (Loosely translated: it is a typical Statham flick ). Car chases are taken to a whole new level ... but other than that not much the movie has to offer ...

Nanny McPhee Returns

There is something about British cinema which is extremely endearing and heartwarming ... and Nanny McPhee movies are jus perfectly delightful kids' cinema ... !!!


Personally I am extremely disappointed with Bol !!
It is depressing and it is a pot-pourri of too many social messages squeezed in one ... !! There is a way to do this Mr. Mansoor (where it is both 'strong in message and still cinamtically entertaining) ... and you have completely gotten it wrong with BOL ...
Pluses: Perfect casting, great acting from Cheema & Sehbai and it is at par with any international flick with regards to production quarlity!!
Minuses: Confusing story (was it about fundooism, women's lib, poverty, population control ... still not sure!!); weak music (with both Atif's talent & Mansoor's history expections were high in this department); and ubr boring movie watching experience (because the makers were even unable to transfer the plight of the suffering family to us, the audience)
Finally - kudos to Pakistani people who are still going to support our cinema and the movie after more than a month of release is still running to full houses.


An ok B-grade action flick ....!!!
Smart and intriguing in parts and expectantly dumb as most action movies otherwise.... !!
Not a bad timepass watch on the TV though ...

Cheaper by the Dozen

cheese, cute, funny and a tad bit crazy ... !!!
it is a movie about families ... and i guess that exactly how families are as well ... !!!

Final Destination 3

Stupidity .... blood, gore and more stupidity !!
Dunno how these movies can have sequels and prequels .... not even worth one movie ... !!

Ramona and Beezus

Sweet, cute, wholesome family entertainer and just what you need to cheer yourself up after a tough day ... !!
Ramona ... aka Joey King ... was just adorable and perfectly bratty ... !! A delight to watch from beginning to end
Lots of good actors in the side roles (which was a surprise for me!) ... coz i love Corbett, Duhamel and even Sandra Oh !!
Gomez didnt have much of a role ... and was prolly just here to pull the tween crowd in ... !!

The Adjustment Bureau

With Damon in the lead i expected the flick to be a strong and clever storyline ... but this one was just great leads in story that needed development, energy and some sort of co-hesion!! This was just way too abstract ... !!!
Only reason to watch it: Blunt looks mega cute through-out!! (think i becoming a fan of hers)

No Strings Attached

An extremely weak effort at being funny or even romanric .... more successful on the raunch element ...! The 15 minutes are actually the worst of the movie ... (or maybe i stopped expecting anything after that!)
Neither Kutcher nor Portman impress, connect or leave a memorable impact at the end ...

Turning 30
Turning 30(2011)

Novel concept ... a strictly ok movie ... !
Primarily because the writing is very poor ...
The protagnist is all over the place ... and is not someone you feel sorry for at all ... !!!
The lead has lame role ... and no reason to like the protagnist .. .!
The EX did only one thing right ... breaking up with her and choosing the other chick ... dunno why he was shown like a bubbling idiot wanting to come back in the end ...
Oh ya ... and the gal-pals ... were just painful and hapless ... !!

Ragini MMS
Ragini MMS(2011)

Bollywood's take on Paranormal Activity ... !!
Sex and horror combined to give a formula for box office success ...
Gotta say ... the movie was interesting in bits, and scary in pieces ... decent job to the makers ... !!


Not even remotely close to Neeson's other action-thriller Taken ... primarily because as drama fizzles as the story unfolds!! Also the makers have tried to squeeze in a a romance twist to the movie ... which just does not fit the genre ... !!
Bruno Ganz stands out ... Kruger looks good ... and thats it!!!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

An extended bachelor party of a man with his 2 friends in Spain .... ! Fun, frolick, jokes, madness, excitement, adventure, and so much more happens during the 3 weeks ... and you just love the thrilling ride these 3 friends are on ... !!!
Acting-wise Farhan Akhtar steals the show ... with Abhay a close second!
Hrithik and Kats are just too great on the eyes ... !!
Well-shot ... great music ... emotially charged moments ... ZNMD is just an amazing watch !!!
Zoya Akhtar has got it spot on this time ... !! Salute

Maid in Manhattan

modern day cinderalla ... !
where the prince is the Senator to be ... and Cindrella is a single mother working as a maid. Instead of evil step family ... its the bosses, the guests at the hotel and of course the 'other woman' !!!

Chalo Dilli
Chalo Dilli(2011)

Vinay Pathak is a rockstar and is THE heart and soul of this movie !!
A mature movie - very low on the typical Bollywood masala quotient since there is not romance, dancing, action or even mindless comedy ... !!
Lara and Vinay are perfect casting .... and everyone in the movie does full justice to their roles ...

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Once again Eastwood proves that he is a guru and god of film-making and Hollywood ... !
A strong, emotional and well-made story of a good-at-heart person ... someone who is real and in his own way makes a difference in the world around him .... yet his own family never appreciate him (bitter and sad truth of our world!!)

Never Let Me Go

A well-crafted and acted, yet extremely depressing, movie!
The sci-fi backdrop is underplayed with emotions and sentiments taking the front seat - giving the performers to work the scenes with very strong acting ... !!


Ready is a typical bollywood masala potboiler, with a little bit of everything (action, romance, songs, phamlee love, villans) and a LOT of Salman Khan and humour ... !!!
The movie works because it is a 'paisa vasool' type of a movie ...
- Lots of fun and funny sequences,
- Great, foot-tapping music, and
- Salman Khan doing funny to perfection.
Asim looks dated, acts average and pretty blah in a lot of places and I sincerely feel they could have casted a better lead against Salman! But after a while you forget about it ... because Ready is all Salman Khan!!!

Kung Fu Panda 2

One of the best visual animation treats to hit cinemas ... !
Vivid, colorful and extremely striking .... 3D just took a giant Kung Fu leap here ... !!
Story - strictly ok ... but the humor, Black's perfection's as a voice actor, and plain joy of the entire flick unfolding on the screen ... made up for everything ....

Capitalism: A Love Story

Not as slick and smart as The Inside Job - which also takes on the Corprate America and its impact on the economy and people !! In fact it is not even as good as Moore's other documentaries ... !
Having said that ... some of the antics of the corporations to fleece their employees for a profit are just TOO much !!

Stephen King's 'Thinner'

Well scary or thrilling this wasnt ... !!
Kinna retarded ... like Stephen King's books !!


The movie should be titled "The Corruption Idol" or "Who whats to be the biggest cheat?" ... in the game cops, criminals and politicians are fighting to be the most corrupt !!
While the movie starts strong, it does not remain consistent and then just crumbles all over the place ... !
Only saving grace: Nana Patekar !!

Haunted 3D
Haunted 3D(2011)

A typical bollywood masala horror ... with music, jokes and romance thrown in to give it a mass appeal !!
3D - bollywood has yet to figure the technology out!!
Thrill/Suspense - hardly there ... !
Action/Story - fairly stupid ...!!
Most annoying was the makeup of the men (purple lipsticks were just ghastly!!!) and the ghosts (with those sick looking eyes!)

Sex and the City 2

Tacky, crass, crude and annoying!!
SATC2 lost everything it has always been loved for in this flick ... no style (their vision of Abu Dhabi was horrendous), no spark (other than a few surprise appearances!!) and no sexy humor (even Samatha was annoying!!)... !!
Thank God Abu Dhabi Govt decided not to support the movie ... as they've made a confused hash of the city and culture. The fake Emirates Palace just made me wanna gag ... !!! Bah

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

A kids cartoon movie ... !!!
The story, animation and treatment just leave a lot be desired ....

I Love You Phillip Morris

Correction: the movie has nothing to do with cigarettes or smoking!
It is actually a true quest for himself, love saga of two gay men, and escapades of a cop-turned-con-man against the system !!
Carrey is top-notch (and not annoying for a change!!) and together with McGregor rocked the screen in this hilarious, touching and a tad bit insane flick ... !!


Mirch tackles the subject of adultry of women in 4 different stories ... and each of the four scenarios they getaway scot-free (without their men catching them for their sins!!)
Interesting premise ... presented in the light, engaging and fun manner ... with some really strong acting from the ensemble ... !
Problem - the pace of the film is uneven, the connecting (fifth) story is lame and the story a little too much for the masses to swallow ...


Formula mystery-thriller ... ! Predictable yet had enough twists and turns to keep one glued to the screen to watch the story unfold
Fairly slick and stylishly-made, esp for Bollywood ... !!
The movie did not need songs and Dias hardly had a role ... however, biggest flaw was the publicity which just did not make Game a desireable enough a movie to watch for cine-goes ... !!!

The Lincoln Lawyer

Movies do not do justice to good books ... fullstop!!
Having said that ... it is still an enjoyable and thrilling ride to watch McConaughey in full form as a lawyer ... !!
Slick, fast paced with enough twists and turns to keep one hooked right till the end ... !!

Just Go with It

Adorable and funny!!
Although we have seen this story's Bollywood version (Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya with Salman Khan, Kats & Sushmita Sen) ... this is a much pleasent and cuter version ... !
The kids rock in every scene, Jen & Adam have a great chemistry going, Kidman is wasted and annoying yet there are enough funny moments to make this rom-com a great watch ... !

The Traveler
The Traveler(2010)

what a retarded and mindless movie in the name of horror-slash-thriller ... !
Suggestion: dont watch it ... if by mistake it watch it ... pujleease dont try to make sense !!!


Talk about lame, cheap and sleazy humor being turned into a movie ... and this one is bound to be right on top of the list!!
Best way to described it would be action spoof gone wrong ... painfully wrong ... !! Least it could do was be funny ... but ... nooooo ... its not even THAT!!
Less said is better ... but this flick doesnt deserve anything !!

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

For a while I thought this flick has been made in Lollywood!! Picture perfect action straight out of a Punjabi movie ... Morgan and crew could easily have been Shaan and the gang !!!
Only saving grace: stylish and sleek look of the movie and witty one-liners ... !!

Primal Fear
Primal Fear(1996)

A classic court-room drama, thriller and movies made on multiple personality disorder ... !
With a stellar star-cast, awesome screenplay and equally great acting ... cannot help but love this disturbing movie ... !!

From Prada to Nada

I actually really enjoyed the flick ... !!!
With zero expectations from it ... i thought the whole riches to rags story, with the love stories thrown in and the quirkiness of the Mexican-American culture just made it an adorably cute movie to watch ... !!
Nicholas D'Agosto is so hawt btw ... and Alexa Vega rocks in every scene ... !!!
Great, fun and cute entertainment ... !

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

What was coming off as interesting in the previews, was actually disturbing and over-indulgent as a movie ... !! Granted with strong performances ... ! It has been wrongly dubbed as a psychological thriller - at best the movie is a simple psycho drama.
A story of the girl who breakdowns under work pressure! (this one is a ballerina - but could be anyone!!). Well-crafted but still dark and depressing ...

Death at a Funeral

Haven't seen the original, Brit version ... but really enjoyed the African-American version !! The randomness of a bunch of quirky family bonding is very relateable to our own lives ... and thus hold an ironic twist to the tale ... !!
Obviously with powerhouse funnymen ensemble in the movie the chemistery is great ... !!
Perfect casting .... surprisingly funny movie .. !!

The Way Back
The Way Back(2011)

Story-wise it is one helluva survival tale - walking 4000 miles from Siberia to India ... wow!!
Acting is top notch from all the four in the lead roles (Sturgess, Farrell, Harris & Ronan) who each is perfect !!
The movie itself is a long tedious watch ... which after a while just becomes exhausting!! Wish it was crisper and shorter ...

Youth in Revolt

Falling in the 'off'beat' comedy genre - it is another one of those confused teens coming of age flicks ... !! Pretty lame, predictable and average ...
Cera suits the insecure teen roles perfectly ... but otherwise the flick had a whole bunch of support team which were wasted !!
Worst part ... the movie is all over the place ...

London Boulevard

This is a movie bordering on the unwatchable.
It is really lacking in everything: the plot, if any exists, does not arouse any interest or involvement, consisting only of an unstructured sequence of pseudo-events, the screenplay is pathetic and boring, the characters are just odd prototypes, interpreted by a cool cast on paper, but which in the end leaves much to be desired.
So my advice is: Don't watch it!!

The King's Speech

What stands out for me in this flick is the uber perfect acting by everyone .... and a extremely well told story. The equation and relationship for Bertie & Lionel has been very well developed - and both Firth and Rush rock in every scene.
Unlike any period film I have seen - King's Speech is sweet at heart, strong in story-telling

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

Fast Five is more than fast cars and races .. its a heist movie belonging to the same genre as Italian Job and Oceans' series ...
... and it successfully dons the genre ... with the thrills, races, excitement, action, adventure, humor and the utlimate heist at the end of the 2 hour road ...
Never really a big fan of the Fast movies so far ... gotta say this one is different ....dont miss this one guys ... it is a perfect entertainer !!!

Cadillac Man
Cadillac Man(1990)

A pretty average flick on a man who has it messed it all up in life ... marriage, job, relationships .... but always a salesman at heart all becomes well when his fast-talking saves everyone from a hostage situation ... bizarre but Williams owns the show!!

Dum Maaro Dum

Pretty slick action-thiller from the house of Sippy's - stylish and dramatic in look and presentation ! First half is very well done, second is mostly loads of deaths/killings as the mystery unfolds ... !!!
Pluses: the oh-so-hawt Daggubati *drooling*, the foot tapping music, styling of the movie and Prateik & Abhishek's acting!!
Minuses: average story, high quotient of blood and gore, and not-so-slick finale !!
Overall - timepass !!


Cute, sweet, funny and brilliantly colorful ...! Not much of a story (which is pretty predictable) it is still an amazing watch for the characters, the animation and explosion of colors on screen !!
Summer is here ... is the first in the series of blockbuster cinema is Rio ... !

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

If you liked and enjoyed the first 3 Scream movies - do not miss this one. It completely sticks to the essence of the trilogy, with enough blood and gore blended with lighter moments and the suspense of the whodunnit. The funny quotient is infact higher in this one than any previous movies ...
While progressing with time and technology - Scream is still a great, fun ride on-screen!!

Thank You
Thank You(2011)

Cliches galore this movie is still an enjoyable, laugh-out-loud comedy Bollywood is becoming very popular for ....
Pluses: foot-tapping and catchy music, superb acting from Irfan and Shetty ... while Akshay & Bobby look damn good, hilarious situations (leave your brain at home kind)!!
Minuses: leading ladies (blah and dont even look good), preachy finale (which was anyways too long) and a lack of any real story ... !

7 Khoon Maaf
7 Khoon Maaf(2011)

Watch this movie ONLY if you are a big fan of Bharadwaj movies or you want to see the amazingly talented actress Priyanka is ... otherwise be prepared for disappointment!!
The story (or stories rather) are very weak - and follow a very predictable path. Meet a guy, be charmed and marry him, he turns out to be a sod when reality hits her ... she kills him (zzzzzz..... loses the charm after the first 'khoon' ...)

Wild Target
Wild Target(2010)

Nighy suits the role of the solitary hit-man and Blunt looks ravishing at the con-artist ... not sure about them as a couple though ... !
Story-wise very Bollywoodish ... but still good fun British comedy ... witty one-liners and situations make it totally worth the watch ...

The Resident
The Resident(2012)

Extremely weak 'obsessed-stalker' flick ...!
Was really disappointed due to the star cast of the flick ... with names like Swank, Christopher Lee and even Dean-Morgan ... one would expect a stronger script and story than this predictable, conventional, cliched thiller ...
Zero for originality ... the stars are for the time-pass quotient!!


With each passing movie ... my love for Bradley Cooper grows (and thus half-a-star here is for the love) !!!
To be fair the movie is an interesting and fun watch .... (please dont think too much when watching it, coz then the questions/loopholes start popping out) !
It is a fast-paced thriller with some action, enjoyable, well-made and fun .... perfect cinema viewing


Another one of many 'evil child' movies .... ending is pretty fast paced and thus gripping ... !
Not a horror as they make it out to be ... more on the thriller genre to be honest ...

American Wedding

Just another flick revolving around the grossiest stuff in the world .... !
You've gotta have appreciation for just cinema or entertainment ... you will dig this flick .. !

The Shawshank Redemption

I think the statement "a simple story, well told and exceptionally well acted' summarizes the spirit of this movie and the reason why it is loved by everyone who has seen it ... !!!

Little Fockers

Same old rivalry of Jack and Greg (from Meet the Parent) ... repackaged 8 years later ... with Alba and Wilson prolly thrown in to add to the star power (for glamour quotient) for the third chapter of the trilogy and two bratty kids (to justify the title prolly)!
Sincerity of the first flick was seriously missing here ... but fans for the series would surly come back happy ... ! Otherwise also its just an average timepass ... !

Fair Game
Fair Game(2010)

Another extremely well made movie - which goes to show you in a brutally honest manner the dirty games they play in the US politics and the global impact of these actions... !
With powerhouse actors like Watts and Penn behind the venture it was a well unravelled true story of CIA operative and her family .... ! Lots of real TV footage has been well-built into the story telling ... and you cannot help but be (once again) disgusted by the political mafia !!!


Belongs to same school of stories as Queen Latifa-Katie Holmes' starrer Mad Money and even 'Desperate Housewives' - but less gripping, funny and interesting! You could not feel the plight of the women ... who just came across crazy killers ... and the story left a lot to be desired !
Nothing is missed if haven't seen this one ... !!!


Crap has a new name ... !!
Such a horrible movie ... no story, retarded action, and poor poor acting ... !! Even the animations are so poor ...!!!


A chapter from the adventures of Mr. Bean on big screen .... as stupid and mindless an entertainment as the TV show ... ! Perfect escape .... !!!

The Client List

Pretty Bollywoodish a story ... !
Forced to prostitution, then begins to enjoy it ... falls really bad (jail, family drama, etc) till the heronie actually becomes the good girl again ... and makes up with husband, mother and the angry world !!!

It's Kind of a Funny Story

The movie (and the characters) grew on me ... because we all have this crazy, paranoid, insecure side to ourselves, which is ready to go of the kill (aka suicide) in a snap !!
More drama, than comedy, we end the movie and walk away with the thought if we are indeed taking everything in our lives so seriously that we forget to live it ... !!
Totally worth a watch ... !!!

A Perfect Getaway

An average mystery-thriller that does keep you second guessing about the 'culprits' till fairly the end ... ! However the first hour of the movie is pretty lackluster (read: boring)
Strong performances from the leads and the scenic view also make it a passable watch ... !

Walk In My Shoes

Modern day fairy tale - with a fairy god mother, a damsel in distress (who is a widow mother of two kids) and the princess who needs a lesson on the hardships of life (rather a mother and teacher who is too self obsessed with her own life) ...!
Nice, sweet and cute made for TV flick ... which touches just the right heart strings and emotions to connect with the audience ... !

Lafangey Parindey

This was actually a fair decent story and an equally well-made movie - but also understand the reason why it bombed on the box office!!
- for starters, the makers had wrongly promoted it as an action flick belonging to RGV genre of movies! WRONG: it is simply put a love story!
- then, both Mukesh and Padukone do not fit the roles and have been casted wrongly. They should've have given these roles to stars who could pull off the 'poor' look and language!
- thirdly, given that the backdrop of the movie was a dance competition, the music was very very blah - the flick needed patakha, memorable music to give it the boost !!

Goal! The Dream Begins (Goal!: The Impossible Dream)

As far sports movies go ... this one is comprised of all the regular cliches and pace as most ... however their is a certain sincerity to the story telling and the acting by the leads that you just cannot help appreciate and feel connected to ... !!

Inside Job
Inside Job(2010)

A truly well-made and eye-opening documentary highlighting the casues of the 2008 global financial crisis ... ! While it is a polished film ... it does not pull the interesting punches we see in a Moore documentary ... !
To sum the movie up "Wall Street owns Washington" .... and that's just how the ball rolls all over the world ...


This movie is a whole different level of authentic cinema ... and Gibson deserves full marks for an excellent job done ... !
The realism in story-telling, great casting and performances, and making true to life sequences just make it a hard-hitting and classic flick .... !

How Do You Know

Personally, I found it a delightful and engaging rom-com to watch ... !!
Rudd rocks the show - as the confused, struggling exec in trouble.
Wilson suits the role of a stereotypical jock - and you love being irate with him!
Witherspoon looks good - and her usual self ... ! So is Nicholson and Hahn (as Rudd preggo and neurotic secretary) ... !!
Some sequences ... and scenes are really sweet and loveable ... !!

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Great ensemble cast brings to you a story of a dysfunctional family, unhappy with their relationships and situations in life ... the outlets (or escape) they seek from the current life .... as shown by the turn of events in the movie are also not-so-perfect as they appear!! Every day, set in London, but honestly can be true for anyone and anywhere ... !!
Neither high on drama, nor romance or comedy ... thus a bit of a downer on the whole ... !

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

I am sure watching this movie on 3D must've been a great experience. But unfortunately, like all 3D flims - the makers are so heavily focused on the action and visual impact for the flick, the forget to REALLY put a story to back up all that action .... !!
Saving grace - the action is better that most non-cartoon 3D movies i've seen so far ...

Love and Other Drugs

Dear Anna Hathaway, dont settle for just watching the nude scene on the internet ... watch this movie, coz she really steals the show!
Having said that ... Gyllenhaal is equally cute and yummy ...
Story wise - it is just another boy-meets-right-girl, they hook up, have a great time, then SOMETHING happens to drive them away (Parkinson's in this case) till they the one of them realizes they cannot live without the other and they live happily ever after !!! (did i mention lots of sex scenes during the 'hook up' period... ?)

Jackass 3
Jackass 3(2010)

Crazy, insane, disgusting ... and just not my cuppa tea ... !!!


I had massive expectations from the flick - with names like Eastwood, Damon and Speilberg involved with the project... however what I saw was a talk-heavy, depressingly made, confused stories of three individuals ... ! Insomnia issues ... ??
Put on Hereafter .... sleep guaranteed!!

Middle Men
Middle Men(2010)

A completely unknown ... surprisingly good movie!
Story of a businessman who see big money in e-commerce at the dawn of the internet age ... and gets stuck with some not so clean people.
Well made, and equally well acted - especially Ribisi and Wilson, who give a sterling performance.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

A feel good true story about the man finding success in the real life with a dysfunctional family pulling him back!
More than the story of the movie (which has been done many times before) what makes it a good watch is the acting from entire cast - Wahlberg, Bale, Adams, Leo ... they are all picture perfect throughout the movie ...

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

One of the best movies of 2010 ... entertaining, emotional, cute, funny, heart-warming and so much more. It is really well told and moving saga in story of Woody, Buzz and the gang - who are stuggling to move on as Andy moves on to a new life ... !

Tannu Weds Mannu

Overall an entertaining watch .... !
Pluses: smart direction, some mega entertaining sequences, perfect casting and smart dialogues
Minuses: Kangana 'irritating' Ranaut - whole dress, pronounces and looks painful, the slow second half and a mega patsy character of the male lead !!

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

Just no my cuppa tea .... !
Though i appreciate Norton's role, and Hopkins & Fiennes faces as the crazy nutcases ...

Harry Brown
Harry Brown(2010)

Strong revenge-vigilante movie, well-acted by Caine and depicts the plague of violence across the globe .... !
Be warned it is extremely British and violent !!

Yamla Pagla Deewana

Ok - atleast I can understand what the buzz is all about! The film is a decent watch ...
Pluses: Deols have a great onscreen presence and rock in some scenes for sure, the Punjab factor, film has a bit of everything (comedy, action, romance, family, etc) oh and it has been wonderfully shot ...!
Minuses: The movie is too long, some of the jokes are just plain lame, songs (except the title song) are pretty weak, and its pretty mindless at points too ...

The Romantics

Great ensemble cast and movie idea .... in a pretty weak, confused and flat flick!
Problem primarily being that th story just lacked to connect with the audience.... !

The Next Three Days

It started off as an emotional family drama but eventually the last 30 minutes pulled off being a strong smart caper/thriller!
The movie is out-n-out Crowe flick with Neeson there in one scene and rest of the cast barely there as well ...
A (long but) good watch !!

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey

Another period film from Gowariker .... this time focusing on the revolution.
Pluses: well casted and acted by the entire ensemble. Story and presentation wise as well it is a job well done
Minuses: the movie is too damn long (along 3 hours), the songs are complete hurdle (and blah too).

Rakta Charitra 2

After having watched part 1 ... part 2 watch was a predictable RGV fare after the initial reels, where Surya's character is introduced.
Bottom line from the two flicks: revenge makes us a different person and what goes around does eventually come around too!!

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

The flick would be categorized as a predictable romantic thriller, where the story has nothing really to offer to you as a audience ... except:
- Jolie & Depp looking their amazing selves ...
- Style & fashion being shown at it best .... and
- Most scenic sights of Italy & France you get to feast your eyes on!

The Man in the Iron Mask

It would be fair to call this flick a hodge-podge of Louise XIV's story and the Three Musketeers. DiCaprio (who if feel is one of the finest Hollywood actors today) was completely misfit in the role .... !


Thank god i was watching it on TV!
Even as far as Superhero Comic flicks go ... this is so not my cuppa tea ... !

The Perfect Storm

For me it was just another diaster movie ... with not such a great outcome! Had actually just watched it for the two hot men in the lead ... but was still not worth it ... !

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Story - this movie doesnt' have one. Just two guys on the cross country roadtrip due to unusual circumstance with the deadline of a baby's delivery.
Performances - pretty strong. Downey has a sauve one and Galifianakis and the uncouth, obnoxious, annoying, stupid person!
Overall - ok timepass with a few funny scenes on the whole ... ! You can actually wait for it to be on TV!!!

Jhootha Hi Sahi

Honestly it is not that bad a flick (as i expected maybe)
Some scenes are really LOL funny and the group of quirky friends actually make it a worthwhile watch!
Has similarities with Tyrewala's previous flick Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na as well as Notting Hill ...!
Songs: forgettable or forwardable
Story: very little
Overall - decent timepass flick ... bollywood has done worse


Stone is a really difficult movie to like ..... or understand! The movie revolves around the psychological games people play to get what they want ... parole in the case of Norton here!
Jovovich looks feminine and all the 3 leads have acted really well .... wish the movie was a little more likeable instead of being slow, dull and tad bit boring!

The Green Hornet

Other than few scenes that awe you or make you laugh (a little) this flick is a pretty loud, boring and action-packed dud!
Not worth the 3D premium price ... unless you are an out and out action lover ...

Patiala House

Was pleasently surprised by this movie ... !
Emotionally charged, with the right dozes and moments of humor, romance and joy, makes you fell Advani has finally come back to solid ground on which he has stood when he was making Kal Ho Na Ho!
Performance wise Ashkay, Anushka and Risha Kapoor stand out ... along with the loads of loveable clan living at the Patiala House ...
Don't give this one a miss ... watch it !!!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Now this is a true off-beat movie ... !
Kind of like a watching a video game unfold on screen without you having to play it ... ! Funny, quirky and ingenious ...


Conviction is a movie of a man who is wrongly jailed for murder...
Conviction is a movie about a sister's strong faith in her brother's innocence....
While the movie boasts strongs performances from everyone ... the storytelling follows a predictable (and at time boring path) which is its primary downfall ... !


A pretty boring and weak heist caper with Caine and Moore behind it ... ! Especially the ending was a disappointing ....

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Simple murder mystery ... but with amazing performances from a mammoth ensemble and even wonderful multi-layered plot which will haunt you for days ...


It has a few moments which are entertaining ... but on the whole pretty predictable and usual. I am sure the 3D experience would've made a lot of difference here ... but since we watch on DVD ... I for one was disappointed with the movie ...

Band Baaja Baaraat

Really refreshing, cute, funny and colorful Bollywood flick ...!
Great acting from both Sharma & debuting Singh ...
Perfect wedding music which we will hear in many weddings to come ...
The story, direction and treatment is top-notch ... from their meetings, to starting the wedding planning business to the eventual turn in the relationship ... though i feel meldrama quotient in the second half could have been controlled!
Watch it if you haven't seen it yet .... !

Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars

As interesting and fun as a high-school movie for tween could be ... !!!
Has all the elements to be titled movie-version of a Sweet Valley High novel ...

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

disgusting, crude and politically inappropriate for starters ...!
then the story is soooo Bollywoodish !!!
Finally the whole Sandler gang of buddies on screen once again have just become annoying!!


A hard-core action flick with a bit of thriller element to it!
Wahlberg is fairly average as the angry man .... decent flick ... !

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

As a thriller it has its moments ... exciting, sassy, riveting ... and then it loses it after a while and becomes really mediocre and falls all over the place ... !
A decent bank robbery flick with a strong premise nonetheless.

Major League II

Tepidly funny ... or interesting ...
Zero on the inspirational sports flick quotient ...


Bhansali is the master craftsman when it comes to creating magic on screen and this movie is no different - every scene and shot has been done to perfection and looks surreal and amazing!
Hrithik is back in full form and acts superbly in all the scenes!
Having said that ... the movie does not do justice to the subject it had taken up (Euthanasia) mainly because it did not keep the focus to Ethan and his plight and kept jumping around to non-issues (Sofia's love, Omar's desire to learn, his past, etc). Overall ... an average flick !

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

Based on a true story this is a pretty well-made and hard-hitting movie with superb acting by Franco ! The emotional roller-coaster Ralston goes through during those 127hours have been very well captured by Boyle ...!
However, be warned, it is a very difficult to stomach movie (esp in some parts!!!)

Gulliver's Travels

A pathetic movie - which neither 3D nor the (un)funny jokes in the promos can save!
Old, rehashed jokes, lame situations, corny characters and situations and one major headache after the 1 hour 30 minutes sums it all up!!
Watch it ONLY if you an Emily Blunt fan (coz she looks cute throughout) otherwise save urself the misery ...

Rakhta Charitra

After having watched part 1 ... part 2 watch was a predictable RGV fare after the initial reels, where Surya's character is introduced.
Bottom line from the two flicks: revenge makes us a different person and what goes around does eventually come around too!!


This is one disturbing movie .... !
Gambling with human lives is the basic premise of the movie ... and ofcourse there are no real survivors at the end of this road ... Intense and deep ... makes us think about both the real value of human life and how sick we (the humans) can be ...

Mumbai Diaries

Let me begin by review by saying this is not a movie for the masses. It falls in the category of Indie or art-house cinema .... where the story is a message that lies in the undercurrent of the entire movie ...!
Pluses: extraordinary acting from everyone in the movie, and you see the city of Mumbai in its many shades with through excellent cinematography! Both elements make the movie memorable!
Minuses (generally): No obvious story, thus most of the audience will leave the cinema wondering what they just saw ...! No Bollywoodism (actions, comedy or songs) we have all grown used to ...!
In the end I still salute Aamir Khan & Rao for taking up the subject and presenting it with such elan ..! I am still a fan ...

Shrek Forever After

The story from Far Far Away, got far-far-fetched in this forth installment ... where it was a little too much imagination for comfort! With a few funny lines from the donkey ... this 'what if' version was just not a close match to the previous ones ...!


Takers is a fun heist movie that seems similars to others in the past! Some good sequences, decent acting and fun story telling makes it enjoyable edge-of-the-seat cinema ....

The Kids Are All Right

A strongly performed flick on the modern family - lesbian couple with their two sperm donated kids - till the donor-dad is located and hell breaks loose in the family lives ... ! Decent family drama and a different take on relationships ...

The Social Network

A well told story of the small world we call co-exist in - FACEBOOK - or rather it's founder. While the story of world's youngest billionaire in making is awesome to watch in itself ... the movie is very gripping from the first scene, well acted and engaging!
Well worth the hype and the hoopla ... this one will be taking home some awards too ...

Dinner for Schmucks

Wanted to watch it primarily because of the cast ... but WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! For us South Asian's this is a complete remake of Bollywood B-grade flick "Bheja Fry" .... and even that was a boring dud with only had Pathak's performance going for him !

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

On the logic front, the economics of the movie was spot-on - perfect picture of the world of money-making! But it is soooo slow, to the point of being boring, and verbose, to the point of being unexciting!
Bottom-line - they should've just let a great character like Gekko alone ...

How to Train Your Dragon

An animated flick that grows on you as you watch it, as you cannot help but be transported into the world for Vikings & Dragons! Cute, funny, adorable, action-packed, and adventurous, all the while being formulic ...! Wish I watching it in 3D ...

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

A masala summer blockbuster - with loads of myth and magic, romance, goofiness, action and 'save-the-world' situation !!! Cage is ok for once ... Baruchel is nerdy-goofy self and Molina wasted as the villian in the flick were just not strong enough ...

No One Killed Jessica

Power packed fact-based work of fiction which boasts (and delivers) top-notch performances from two powerhouse bollywood actresses - Mukherjee & Balan. The movie looks real ... is well paced and touches the heartstrings .... !!
Great stuff from Bollywood after a long time ... dont miss it ... !!!


This is one of the few good movies Bollywood has churned out in the year of duds (i.e 2010). With the subject of 'honor killing' as the backdrop - the movie is strong, hard-hitted, well made and acted, and with an extremely watchable pace ... ! The only problem is that the action is a bit Dabangg like (OTT) so be ready for that!!

Action Replayy

Back to the Future made in Bollywood Ishtyle .. !
lots of pointless scenes, totally mindless plot ... lots of gaana, romance and some action! Add to this:
- Mrs. Bachchan looking her plastic self
- Akshay with a horrible make up
- Jokes which are beyond unfunny

Why would any one make a movie like this ... let alone Vipul Shah who has actually made some classic movies ... ?

Eat Pray Love

After the first 100 pages I hadnt liked the book ... almost same is the case with the movie! I think my biggest issue is the fact that THIS is a story of a woman who does have a a lot going for her in her life (except maybe relationships...) and all she does it complain and diss it ... for no obvious reason ...!
PS - Bali looks amazing thou ...

The American
The American(2010)

For starters, the movie is painfully slow ... !
Then the story is wafer-thin .... and at times nothing is happening ....
At best it can be considered an arty drama thriller - European style - with a lot of nudity! Honestly not my cuppa tea ...

Bad Company
Bad Company(2002)

A really funny Chris Rock, talented Hopkins with a few dabbled in a full of cliches movie .... ! Pass time watch is all this is ...

The Expendables

Now this is what I would describe as a mindless, storyless and totally pointless gun-fight/stunt-fest with a whole bunch of action has-beens .... under the direction of botoxed Stallone!
Ugh ... park this with all the Bollywood flicks of 2010 as it is a perfect fit with them ..

The Life of David Gale

Intense and preachy (on death penalty as the core subject).
The finale, which to some might have been the clincher for this one, was something predictable given the flow of the movie ... which nonetheless is a good watch !

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Witty, charming and a really cute high-school flick! Loved the whole linking of Scarlet Letter story with the 21st century school life ...
Stone owned the movie from the moment go ... but still the most enjoyable to watch were Tucci & Clarkson in the role of the parents!!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

This movie has been better made than the previous two, in terms of the story development, action and the attention given to the other characters instead of the Edward, Bella and Jacob trio!
Having read the books, the story itself holds no surprises ... good fun nonetheless ...

Tees Maar Khan

Cheap, brainless and ridiculous have reached a new low courtesy this Farah Khan flick!!! Tees Maar Khan - is a 2-hour torture - where Kaif comes out looking great (Sheila or otherwise!) and rest is just poor, painful dialogues, Akshay screaming and stupidity galore ... !

Hide & Seek
Hide & Seek(2010)

crappy, sleazy, third grade Bollywood thriller - which takes inspiration from every Hollywood horror possible - SAW, I know what you did last summer, etc

The Town
The Town(2010)

The Town is a strong movie - script, casting, direction and performances are all top notch! Most notable are:
- Affleck's strong direction
- Renner's edgy acting and
- the cat-n-mouse game between the FBI and the robbers from the very start of the flick ... !

Christmas With the Kranks

another flick that has been made to show the Christmas spirit ... !! Pretty routine stuff ... with some funny scenes thrown in... !!

Going the Distance

Surprisingly entertaining - funny, raunchy & romantic - look at long distance relationships, which actually works out because the leads decide to take the compromise route ... !!!

Brooklyn's Finest

so boring that had to leave it after the first 30 minutes (coz the other option was sleeping with the moview on!!!)

She's the Man

Cute and funny!
Shakespeare adapted for the 21st century teen pretty decently ... and Bynes actually works really well in such roles, which is an added plus!!

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

a pretty confused and nutso flick .... neither romantic nor funny! In the end, just leaves you wondering if there was a point !!

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

A wonderful fairy tale - which make you believe that there WILL be a happy ending to everything ... !

Life as We Know It

There is atleast one extra star in this rating coz i think Duhamel is just really cute and hawt!!!
As far as the movie itself is concerned ... it is based on all the timeless cliches of a rom-com - funny, cute, heart warming, romantic and of course the leads have a great on screen chemistry !!


Overall, a fun, funny family film (but what else can one expect from Disney)! 3D experience adds to the entertainment quotient in the age old story of Rapunzel and her magic hair ... !

Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante

Many movies have been made around the world on the subject of money-grabbing doctors and the plight of an person/individuals related to a dying patient! This one is same stroy done with a thriller twist ... and works for a B-grade bollywood flick mainly because of the strong performances from Irfan, Konkona and Sandhya ... !

It's a Mismatch (Perfect Mismatch)

Fairly average bollywood fare (in English) about a Gujrati & Punjabi couple who want to get married and their fathers are not willing to adjust ... till the couple decides to part ways and (yaaaawn) the dads bring them back together to live happily ever after ... !

Rakta Charitra

Strong performances and style are the highlight of RGV revenge drama!
Blood and gore can be a little too much at times .. but on the whole leaves you desiring for the sequel?

Independence Day

Another end-of-the-world movie!
In this one the enemy are the aliens ... protectors ofcourse the h US Govt!
Pretty mudane and ordinary fare (even when it came out in the 90's !!)

No Problem
No Problem(2010)

Bollywood's latest solution is apparently making mindless multi-starrers - with everything (songs, fights, skin, sleaze, joke and romance) all dumped in one! This one is no different than most ...
Plusses: Paresh Rawal, some really LOL sequences and the entertainment quotient !
Minuses: Lack of a story, Kangana (and her horribly fugly dressing!!!) and poor finale/close of the movie !!


Funny, smart, action-packed, and overall very impressive ensemble of oldies playing the cat-n-mouse game to perfection... ! Wish I was watching it in the cinema as that would have been more fun ...

The Other Guys

Amusing (not funny) movie based on two mismatched cops (nerd with jock) trying to make it big through a fraud case ... ! Has its moments ... but the problem is that the pace of the film is very uneven ... swinging up and down from boring/blah to interesting and fun!

Fools Rush In

not everyone finds love the 'right' way .... and sometimes being foolish and rushin' into stuff is O.K. !!

The Tooth Fairy

A pretty painful experience .... give this one a miss if you can !!! Watching "The Rock" in a tu tu is not funny at all !!!

Break Ke Baad

It is a rom-com tell the story of two childhood lovers who go through a phase in their life where the girl needs some 'space' and the guy wants to get married and thinks their lives are perfect! Thus the BREAK and beyond ...
Pluses: cute leads, some real funny sequences and even strong performances from the leads
Minuses: Very weak and forgettable music and average storyline!


You will certainly enjoy this movie if you are a fan of diaster/accident movies ... but otherwise it is a pretty average movie! It certainly lacked the punch movies' like Speed had !!

Golmaal 3
Golmaal 3(2010)

This movie is an out-and-out, gag-a-minute, entertainer ... with some really adorable performances - especially namely Mithun, Kareena and Johnny Lever. On the flip side, the music is fairly average and do not expect a story or any of the ongoings on the screen to make any sense! Enjoy !

Lakeview Terrace

Predicatable plot-line which still manages to leave a disturbing after-taste and impression ... as anyone can have such a psycho for their neighbour and make their life a nightmare ... !

Behind Enemy Lines

just another stuck-in-a-war movie ... !!!
you've seen one ... you've seen most ...

Disney's A Christmas Carol

In a movie like this one, where the story holds no surprises, it is all about the presentation and that is nice and warm! Since it is meant for 3D viewing and I was watching it at home - will give it a benefit of doubt and say full experience might have been better ... ! Whatever otherwise ...

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

A Nolan classic from the earlier days ... !
Engrossing, interesting and the game of one up manship between Bale & Jackman keeps you guessing right till the final sequence !

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

It is a cute and sweet follow up to the first movie !!!
More fun, more characters, more action and a joyride of a watch!!!


OTT from the moment go ... whether its the action, the love story or the movie's premise!! What it had going for it was the entertainment value ... which REALLY works for the the Indian masses and thus equals Box Office success!!!

Letters to Juliet

Watch this movie firstly to enjoy the amazing sights and scenic beauty of Italy (where the movie has been shot) and then watch it to enjoy a well-meaning, sweet and cute rom-com! Btw - Sophie and Charlie's story is predictable from the moment it began!!!!


One long gruesome rampage - with a lot of sax, humor and action!! You can either love it or simply tolerate it - but have to give it credit for having a consistent trashy, B-grade (of bollywood) feel to the movie!!

Lean on Me
Lean on Me(1989)

We would be living in a totally different world if all teachers become like Clarke ...! An extremely well-made and emotional movie ... with a young Freeman kicking-ass!

The Experiment

An intensely made movie with strong performances from both Whitaker and Brody ... ! Since I havent seen the original German version cannot compare but found the unfolding story disturbing and thought-provoking at the same time ... !!!

Witless Protection

There were some REALLY funny moments in this overall pointless, low brow and lame movie ... but remember you CANNOT watch it with your brains on and plus except a lot of cheap and sick jokes that come in the package ... !!!


This was like watching one of the Sweet Dreams books we read in our tweens in a movie ... clean, wholesome and perfect boy-meets-girl romance .... ! Cheesy as hell ... but leaves you feel good about everything in the world !!


A very tried and tested formula action movie ... again one the started off well and Willis in full style and form ... but then turns into an emotional melodrama, with psycho kids and mafia being successfully tackled by a one-man army !!!


What started off had presented a lot of promise for the movie to be a good mystery thriller - but in the end it was just another OTT and lame movie ...

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

Gross and sick gags, usual rated jokes and boy-meets-girl moment in the end ... watta cliched formula flicks these are ... !

Hot Tub Time Machine

Kinna funny in places (esp the 80's jokes) ... rest was actually just normal plotline ... !
In places, however, it tends to be cheezy, preachy and even mushy !!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I do not like these kind of movies ... and suffice to say having to suffer this one (which was fairly pointlessly made move) was NOT fun !!!

The Ninth Gate

For me this suspense thriller started off really well - but in the last 20-25 minutes it started bordering on the absurd and the pointless ... !
Depp obviously ran the show pretty much throughout which is always a pleasure ...


This movie is memorable for the rock-solid performances from the Bachchans and Vidya Balan .... !
What could been a tear-jerker has been made in a very light and enjoyable manner ... and that makes it a great wholesome entertainer to watch ... !


Dabangg is so ridiculous and OTT either you love it or hate it for being that way!
Overacting, absurb action sequences, cheesy and cheap dialogues and no storyline put together is this movie .... and the reason people love it is because the masses can relate to it, the music is great, there are some funny moments AND Salman Khan FITS the lead role to perfection!
Gotta appreciate the Khans' brilliance for making this entertainer ... !

Santa Baby 2
Santa Baby 2(2009)

Christmas cheesiness at the next level - where jealous elves reside !!!


Clooney is so hot *sigh*
This is a decent movie - a bit of romcom and some sports dabbled together. Strong performances from the leads along with some interesting twists in the story.

The Siege
The Siege(1998)

This was a smart movie on the subject of terrorism with strong performances from Benning & Washington both - on the whole it foretells the story of the Bush era - but was forgetable in its time !!!

Proof of Life

A decent and intelligent thriller/drama - which is not mindblowing from any angle - but still an enjoyable and gripping watch ! Strong performances from Crown and Ryan make the difference ...

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Another one of those regularly done 'end-of-the-world' movies ... !
Though this one isn't AS bad as "War of the World" - it is still my cuppa tea - maybe coz it is made of watching in a cinema and not home !


Hollywood musicals give me a headache - and this one is no different!
The movie however DOES possess some extremely strong performances from some great leading ladies - namely Cruz and Hudson who were my favs !!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

As pointless as a video-game adaptation/summer blockbuster can be on the story front - watching the movie was extremely entertaining and enjoyable! It has been made to perfection (environment, sets, cinematography, stunts, etc) and Gyllenhaal fits the image i've had for THE Prince of Persia .... FUN

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

Finally saw it ... and gotta admit - its cute, sweet, funny and has heart and soul at the right place ... ! Can't wait to watch 2 & 3 !!!

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

Not the best, funniest or even the most action packed remakes - but still from the 2010 lot, it is one of the decent summer movies to watch! The four leads gel and act well - there is a semblance of a stroy too! Ofcourse the movie ended with the room for the sequel left with open ...

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

The movie does justice to the book - mainly because Wright-Penn got inside the soul of the aging housewife 'Pippa Lee' and presented her inner turmoils fully! The ensemble cast (Lively, Arkin, Reeves, Ryder and crew) are top notch support.

The Ghost Writer

Now this is one of the good ones to watch!
Well scripted and visually appealing - keeps the intrigue going from the first scene till the finale with excellent performances behind it!

Kill Bill: Volume 1

For those who love blood and gore movie (and revenge flicks) - this is the best out there - just not my cuppa ...

Hannah Montana: The Movie

wateva ....! The movie is a marketing gimmick made to help Miley Cyrus be seperated from the Hannah Montana label, without losing the fan-following - so story-wise it stands at zip!!!

The Whole Ten Yards

a hammed out and poor sequel to the part one ... ! It is flicks like this that make you wonder "why do the makers bother with stretching a good thing ...?"

Men in Black
Men in Black(1997)

A crazy summer blockbuster that was pretty stupid now that you look back at it!!

Kill Bill: Volume 2

It is a revenge & Tarantino classic (together with the first one!!!) but I just dig movies with THIS movie blood and gore!

Miss March
Miss March(2009)

wat a horribly made, mindless and sleazy movie - trying to pull off as a funny boyzzz movie !!! Plus the grossly over-done promotion for Playboy, their parties and Hugh Hefner was just toooo much !

Big Trouble in Little China

This is another movie that stands HUGE in the mind and memory!

The Mexican
The Mexican(2001)

Two of my all time favs - Pitt & Roberts - together and the result is such a pathetic and disappointing flick ...!


Tom Cruise is yummy ... and it is movies like this that gave him the heart-throb status!

Blast From the Past

Wat a horribly horribly bad movie from an interesting idea!!

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

Looking back - it is an ordinary movie - but in the 90s when it came out, it was a classic loads of us have grown up on ... !

Mona Lisa Smile

This is one, long, boring and talk-heavy story of women's lib ! Bah

The Aviator
The Aviator(2004)

DiCaprio is a power-house performer ... and this movie is from that long list of many which goes to show the un-measured level of talent he possesses ... ! HE made this biopic ..

Dante's Peak
Dante's Peak(1997)

Yet another disaster movie - you have seen one, you've seen'em all!!! ... only diffence this time its a volcano !!

The Silence of the Lambs

It is a cult classic ... with freaky scary moments and mind-blowing performances ... !


Average comic time-pass flick ... !
Wayans pulls his usual expressions and mannerisms well!


Life of a teenager is not simple from anywhere - and it is this coming-of-age cycle that this movie explores via the main leads, their goof ups and relationships .... !!

Santa Baby
Santa Baby(2006)

cheesy, sappy and everything else a christmas movie is meant to be ... !!!

Anjaana Anjaani

For starters, it is a typical bollywood chick-flick - please do go in expecting wonders!!! Now...
the pluses - great music, lead pair (Piggy Chops & Ranbhir!!) look HAWT & great together and there are some real funny scenes!
the minuses - it is long and predictable from GO! the emotional drama is over done and ofcourse no 'real' story or point was made!


The only saving grace of this extremely ordinary flick is Spencer Breslin's witty comebacks and one-liners, spoken with sarcastic perfection ... ! Rest it is a very ordinary story of everything working out for the geek (or rather the bald teenager in this one !!!)

The Birdcage
The Birdcage(1996)

Hilarious and colorful ... !
Azaria and Lane totally rock the show in every scene ... !

The Last Airbender

OMG - what a pointless and horrible movie ... ! I felt like I was watching a bollywood action flick made in English - maybe coz of the way too many desi faces there, C-grade action sequences and the no story part to the whole enterprise ... !


One of the most enjoyable legal drama's i've seen ... !
Plus the underlying message on the legal system and how abuse can ruin a kids' future is very strongly built here ... !

Office Killer

Interesting yet disturbing at same time!
Message of the movie remains unclear .... though the performance from the lead Carol Kane is extremely powerful !!!

The Babe
The Babe(1992)

Like most biopics - it has the dark moments! and
Like most success stories - their is a bit of failure seen here too ...
Overall interesting watch - and not just from the point of view that we were watching Babe Ruth's story!


Rom-com that could've been ... !
At least the lead pair looks good ... rest is all downhill ... from random killers all around unsuccessful in killing ONE person *eyes rolling*, to the not-needed married couple bickering, the pregnency, to the final disclosure of the murderer ... blah, weak, unfunny and not romantic ... !

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

Fairly average ... mainly because the storytelling was so lack-luster and bland ... ! There were good moments, but they were few and far in between a REALLY long movie ... !


Fairly ordinary click-flick !
Sonam neither looks good - nor can she pull off an Alicia Silverstone ... uff some of the makeup and hairdo are also pretty fugly! Abhay looks good ... rest is just fluff ... !

Play Dead
Play Dead(2009)

Pretty bad ... !
OTT, pointless and just a lot of murder and unfunny jokes for a period of 85 minutes ... !


A serious, (often brutish) well-made story of a man having to go through the judicial system, and live in prison, where no outside laws and rules apply ... and survive! Intense ...

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Looking at the ensemble of funny men on the screen the outcome was just a collection of very ordinary, every day humor ... and NOT laugh out loud comedy! The emotional, family quotient is also very weak .... park it as a timepass ... !


Classic cinema from the 70's - awesome family entertainment ...! Why cant anyone make movies like this one .... ?

We Are Family

Bollywood Stepmom ... with perfect casting, powehouse performances it was a great emotionally touching watch!! What is best is that from beginning to end one knows the story and the sequences upcoming but you can still connect well with the ongoings ... and that is kudos to the makers and actors!

Not Another Teen Movie

Spoof should not equal to sleaze and disgusting sequences in the name of humor ... and sorry of say this is what this flick was ... ! Yuck!

The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island (Die Drei ???)

Watching a movie from the school of our childhood classic literature like Hardy Boys, Famous Five, Nancy Drew, etc is an interesting experience ... ! Haven't read these books, but watching it was still fun ... !

Van Wilder: Freshman Year

Raunchy (and fairly gross) version of a chick flick! Prolly made to appearl the male segment ... but wateva ...

Swing Vote
Swing Vote(2008)

Since I really expected it to be a cheesy comedy poking fun at the political system ... I am giving this movie a better rating/review! It was actually a decent story of a dysfunctional (typical) American broken household, the media and policital mayhem ...with fun and sweet moments! Not bad for a TV watch ...


An ordinary revenge flick ... Lopez is kinna ok in the role!!
As a woman feel good about the movie's message ... not accepting abuse and actually taking charge and doing something about it !!

Mr. Natwarlal

An Amitabh classic ...with every-green music and OTT stories of Bachan - angry young man era ... !

Tere Bin Laden

Ali Zafar is the only one who will come out a winner from this venture - as he looks good carries himself well! Rest is just a walk downhill - and good spoof idea turned into a painful, unfunny flick ! Verdict: Don't bother please ...

Delhi 6
Delhi 6(2009)

It is long, full lots of pointless sequences, some annoying sub plots (namely the Bandar) and the main story is really weak to stand. Having said that, it does have some great performances, excellent music and asthetic feel to story-tellin' !!

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

This story has been told time and again in Bollywood - D, Company, et al. all present their own version of the rise of Mumbai's underworld!
So the verdict - this is a decent watch too with strong performances, some good songs and a nice 70's era feel to it.
The blood, sex, nudity, language and violence quotient on this once in comparasion to its predecessors is actually much less - so can be watched by a bigger audience ...!

The Karate Kid

A decent remake of the underdog against the bullies story with excellent performances from both the leads - Smith & Chan! However, when the story has to follow a predictable path to the end it just cannot be AS long as THIS one (and this is atleast 30-minutes toooo long)!!!


Horribly tacky, predictable and b-grade bollywood flick .... !
Overall and sleaze galore ... !
Jag Mundra has lost it !!!

Alice in Wonderland

Story-wise it had it moments - but that's it moments - rest followed a fairly predictable path!
What works for the movie is the animation, the acting by all the main cast and the fact that the essence of the original story/fairy tale is kept intact through-out - and it is still successfully taken ahead in time!

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

Cheesy, syrupy, and melodramatic - without connecting even for a second!
Sparks seriously needs to stop dealing with stories of death ... or makers need to stop making them into movies for christ's sake!


Predictable and weak love story!
Interesting cattle drive and mixed breed child's story!
1930's and war was strictly ok backdrop ...
If you havent seen it - you havent missed much!!!

Observe and Report

A pretty dark and disturbing movie - not a satire, comedy or even a movie with a properly built message to it!!

Peepli Live
Peepli Live(2010)

Peepli LIVE is for sure unlike any movie ever made in bollywood! A satire depicting the lives of the poorest or poor farms in India and the world surrounding us - media, goverment, etc - the movie outshines especially because of the excellent performances from everyone - mainly Natha, his brother, wife and ailing mother!! If you are looking to spend 2 quality hours ... this is the movie to watch!


Every star up here is for the fact that the movie's concept defines utopia for me ! This is how the world should've been - men giving birth to babies, et al.

Serious Moonlight

Meg Ryan should stop working in movies - she is loud, botoxed and fairly annoying!
Good concept - painfully loud and predictable outcome best decribes the movie ... !

Solitary Man
Solitary Man(2010)

Douglas once again plays role of a womanizing jerk who its trying to deal with aging and failure! Not sure what I had expected from the movie - but wasn't impressed with what it was in the end either - fairly pointless story of man!

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

Surprisingly it was one of the stereotypical movies to watch which was just a lot of fun because of the way everyone played their characters ... ! Normal dumb cops save the day movie - is actually a decent watch because Willis-Morgan duo work well together (and really make you laugh) plus the supporting cast is also really funny!

Crossing Over

Conceptually it belongs to the same school as Crash (multi-story of misfits - in this case people seeking the US nationality aka the American Dream) - but the actual result is much less connecting, emotional and touching! The ending to most of the stories especially leave a lot to be desired ..


Extremely intense home-from-war movie - instead of a love triangle between two brothers which the promos tried to portray it as! However, on the whole movie is full of cliches not offering anything unique or eye-opening ! This type of movies have now been to done to death ...

Everybody's Fine

What could have been a nice and emotionally touching movie (and maybe the original was!!!) - ended up being draggy, slow and very preachy! Belongs to the same genre as Amitabh's Baghban - old parent (in this case) + alienated kids = depression, disconnect and eventual rebonding!!!

The Last Song

It is a decent flick - probably because I haven't read the book, and did not know the stroy. Love the character played by Cyrus' brother and even the dynamics of a father-daughter/father-son relationship on the end of the road seems real and touching!
PS - Cyrus cannot really act and neither is she anything to look at!

Hera Pheri
Hera Pheri(2000)

The flick is landmark for two reasons - it marked the beginning of mindless comic movies being successful in Bollywood and second it was the movie that took off Akshay's career to the superstardom he enjoys today!! Overall - the movie is funny sometimes - but average overall!!

Run Fatboy Run

predicable - yes
funny - yes
charming - yes
Pegg somehow made it an enjoyable (and somewhat disgusting) watch!

Bedtime Stories

Surprisingly it is a decently family movie instead of the usual sick crap that Sandler has been doing recently. It is sweet and cute - with a ok (though typical) story too .... !

The Back-up Plan

Not surprises here - it is a rom-com - but the makers try to make it more adding dashes of other issues - commitment phobia, parenthood, etc - to maybe add spice to the movie - and that is the part that fails! Wish they would have stuck on a single plotline here - coz Lopez could have make it work ... she looks great !!!

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

OMG - I loooooove Robert Downey Jr. .... Tony Stark is quirky, crazy, mad and amazing once again ... and I wish I would have watched the blockbuster on a massive cinema screen instead of inflight ... but LOVE IT!!! Iron Man 2 - is explosive, large, fun and once again awesome ... and the best part ... this one too has a story !!

The Joneses
The Joneses(2010)

A very interesting look at today's consumerism centric world - and how the manuplation game is played! Really enjoyed it - till the makers went down the predictable ending road ... !


It is an engaging action-packed summer blockbuster with action, espionage and a lot of OTT sequences !!! Fun fast paced watch ... !
PS - Jolie looks old now ... !


Dreams just take a new meaning here ... Inception is stylish, cool, larger than life and touches the realm of surreal !!! Nolan has taken cinema to another level with his presentations like the Dark Knight and now Inception ... just spell-binding!

Despicable Me

Despicable Me is just sooooo adorable, cute and heartwarming that you cannot help falling in love with cranky Gru, the 3 kids, his cute minnnions and everyone else (plus the 3D impact adds value)!!!

The Bounty Hunter

Story is as formulac as they come (proving that not all ideas turn into funny movies!!!) but the lead couple looks hawt and yummmmm together!!!

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge

Predictability has a new name - Atithi Tum Kab Jao Gay!!! Only found some scene (and Rawal) to be funny ... rest just annoying, preachy and routine bollywood cinema !!!

Extraordinary Measures

A fairly decent movie on how one can actually make lemonade from the lemons life throw's our way ... lemons in this case being Fraser's terminally ill kids !!

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Two funny actors do not maketh a funny flick ... and Date Night is the proof! Bland as hell ... the movie tries to show OTT side of finding adventure in a middle aged married couple's routine date night!!! Blah ...
Wonder what Wahlberg was thinking about when he agreed to be in this movie btw ... (just an after thought!!)

Blind Dating
Blind Dating(2007)

interesting idea ... gone completely haywire with too many stories ... blind guy seeking eye-sight, indian girl-friend, ... a hodge-podge !!!

Karthik Calling Karthik (K.C.K.)

An decent flick with a very mediocre ending!
Akthar acts really well - and even the lead pairing works!!

Our Family Wedding

Story-wise the movie had nothing new to offer ... kids from different cultures getting married and dad's having a tough time accepting it!!
Here the characters (and performances) of Ferrara's dad and sister stood out as witty - rest strictly ok!!


On the whole - it is a far superior than many movies made in Bollywood! Performance, story, production quality all are at par with an drama/thiller that comes out from Hollywood! Sure it has it loopholes, and the whole Muslim terriorist angle is annoying to watch ... but it is still a decent movie!

I Hate Luv Storys

Kinna spoofy - with a lot of kjo and yashraj flicks meshed up!
Great music ... and good lead pairing!
Khan steals the show (looking hawt and acting well!!!)... but wish the emotional drama quotient was much less ...!
This is one of the few good movies coming out of bollywood this year - so might as well watch it!!!

Wall Street
Wall Street(1987)

Watched it on TV the other night - without realizing that this is Douglas' Oscar winning flick or that its sequel is out this year with LaBouf in it!!! Now really excited about the new one ... coz this was a great watch!!!

Milenge Milenge

Stale and a poor pooooor copy of Serendipity!
Dunno why they released (or even made!!!) this flick ... its old, full of over-acting, and with no story !!!

She's Out of My League

A fairly average dick-flick - with really funny moments few and far in between!

Edge of Darkness

An angry dad ... investigating and avenging the death of his daughter! The plot has been seen and done to death ... so no surprises anywhere ...

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

One hell of a dumb movie ... !!!
Cruise and Diaz look old, the story is very shoddy and weak and it is overall pretty lame effort both as an action flick or a rom-com (not sure how to label it even!!!) ...! Only saving grace are some of comic sequences

The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting

Torture ... one good person vs. one evil person ... and in the process of this stupid game thousands of people pointlessly die! Cops ofcourse dont know shit till the end ... bah !!!

Shutter Island

Did not love Shutter Island - but still have to appreciate the work of two masters - DiCaprio and Scorsese - who got together to show us the world of delusions, paranoia and madness with style !!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

The joys of true and real friendship ... as enjoyable as the first one!
Take homes done well from the flick being not all female relationships or lives are about finding a guy ... and second, life is what you make of it!!!

Bhoot (Ghost House)

This movie marks the pinnacle of Urmila's acting career - where she totally rocked role as the possessed housewife !! Additionally it was one of the last good RGV flicks ... as since then it has been a downhill road for him too !!!

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

Human lives connected with (and relationships reacting to) tragedies is what the essential premise of Remember Me - and it has been done well, since you can connect to it on an emotional level!!! The subliminal romance is well-done as well ... and surprise of the movie is the Pattinson might just have a career beyond being the Vampire (he just needs to cut down on the lipstick and the gloom act at times!!!)

When in Rome
When in Rome(2010)

Ridiculous and retarded does basically seem like two appropriate words to describe this flick! It is not even capable of being a fun pop-corn flick...


one of the usual blood and gore psycho thrillers ... where the damsel in distress is able to overcome all odds and save herself from the madman ... ! Bah !!

Along Came a Spider

a great time-killer ... that is was this flick is ...

The Invention of Lying

A funny concept ... but a not so fun (or remotely funny) movie!!!

Tum Milo Toh Sahi

Actually really enjoyed the movie - off-beat, feel-good and kinna sappy!
Nana rocked and was really laugh out loud funny; Dimple was really adorable as an aging Parsi aunty; the married couple (Shetty and wife) forgetable ... but the young couple was good too!!!


Just goes to show how much the US system has gotten psychologically f'd with the entire Muslim world ... ! Otherwise the movie has no statements to make !!!

Leap Year
Leap Year(2010)

Goode and Adams combo actually made - an ordinary, predictable rom-com - a decent, enjoyable and feel-good movie! Watch it without any expectations ... you just might end up having a good time - like I did!!!

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Torture ... even for kids (i am sure!!!) ...
Just coz there is no story ... all the 6 chipmunks (yap 3 femme-chips join the troop in this flick...) are equally annoying !!!

Pyaar Impossible

What a full of crap and cliches movie !!!
Priyanka in skimpy clothes ... Uday looking like a monster with makeup ... and noooooooooo story!!
This movie is a sure shot proof that good locales, yash raj banner and a hawt lead dont maketh a good (or successful) movie!!


Plain average movie with a mammoth star cast, great performances (Nana, Arjun, Manoj, Ranbhir!!!), massive production value and very interesting plot line (which even takes off well in the begining). However the Bollywoodization of the movie - along with the mobster ending just made it another flick!

Love Happens
Love Happens(2009)

As a rom-com the movie is a total disappointment!
However, there are moments in the movie where they touch upon healing post the death of a loved one (through Eckhart's character) which are very nicely done - and heartwarming !!


a cult classic !!

Valentine's Day

Predictable, cutesy, sappy ... and strictly for the romantics!
While it is on the same line and Love Actually ... the older version is still a better watch!

Case 39
Case 39(2010)

The only thing worthwhile in the movie was the acting of the girl who played Lily (coz she can be scary!!) ... otherwise just another horrer/thiller movie ...

Old Dogs
Old Dogs(2009)

ordinary story ....
some funny sequences - made hilarious by these two power house actors!
overall ... decent watch !


Off-beat, fun, quirky ... and a classic - one of the best flicks of 2010 for sure!!
All three leads ...Balan, Shah and Warsi ... steal the show in every scene! Great music... 'Dil to bachcha hai' and 'Ibn e batuta' rock!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Seen it a million and one times ... know a thousand things not realistic in the story ... and still love it !! Aaaaaaahhhh Kajol rocks here!!

The International

A typical Clive Owen against the world movie ... you've seen one ... you've seen most of them !!

The Informant!

Quirky .... bizzare and confused!
Whitacre character is while very human ... he is not very relateable or likeable! Damon rocks in the role though ...

Temple Grandin

What an amazing, feel-good and touching made-for-TV flick... !!!
Claire Danes TOTALLY rocks playing an autistic woman in the title role !!! Mind-blowing performance and a MUST WATCH movie !!!


While it is another formula flick ... what makes Taken a good watch is the pace in which the story unfolds and some really well done sequences with Neeson in Paris !!!


A classic and touching story and awesome performance by Amitabh!!
Just goes to show how far the love of a parent can go ... !

Clash of the Titans

Good fun timepass ... with lots of myths thrown in one flick !!
i probably liked it ... just coz i expected nothing but bad stuff from the movie ...


What an inspirational and heartwarming movie ... showing us exciting and moving true story of Mandela's changing South Africa !!
Not a sports flick or a political drama ... but just shows us how through the power of a game nations and people can forget their differences and unite for a single goal ... !! Awesome ...

Badmaash Company

Plus points: Shahid Kapoor looks H.O.T.... nice story, good acting, excellent quality of production and did I mention Shahid Kapoor looks hoooootttttt !!!
Minuses: No strong female lead (acting or look wise), strictly ok music ... the story dips in places!!
Verdict: Worth a watch at least!!!


it was a good timepass movie to on TV ... !!!
nothing exciting ...

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

a wateva reunion - with the most blah killers !!!


Not my kind (or choice) of movie .. but its still ok for a timepass flick in the scary/horror genre ... !

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

It a complete full-blown action packed timepass entertainer ... at the time when Cage was known for them!

House Full
House Full(2010)

works if you are looking for a timepass entertainer - while the funny sequences are really good - the emotional ones and the ending are really which make it an ordinary bollywood masala movie!
Music: Fast Forward
Acting: Very good job from everyone ...
Story: Nothing to write home about ...

The Hurt Locker

Intense and dramtic from beginning to end ... !
It is the story of today's war-crazy world ... and explains why some choose to be on the crazy field than 'safe at home' !!!

The Lovely Bones

B.O.R.I.N.G! Great book turned into a snooze-fest - especially because the makers were so busy focusing on Susie's heaven and experimenting on story-telling - the other characters and the story itself was presented in the most half-baked manner without any impact!!!

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

The only saving grace of the flick is Huge Grant ... who is perfect!
Parker is annoying ... Story plain average .... with just a few funny moments ... ! Rest pretty predicatable from begining to end ...


its a classic look on relationships ...
Funny and cute ...


This is just one of the MANY sports movies that have been made in hollywood - over coming the odd (age in this case) and making it! Average at the best !!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

For some odd reason I am glad I haven't read the books - because I am sure I would've HATED the movie then. However, still found the movie just mediocre - and slightly better than Twilight (maybe coz there was less of annoying Edward in this one!!!)

New York, I Love You

The movie is too abstract and arty to be able to actually connect emotianally - did enjoy the aging couple and the Manny bit the most personally!

Sherlock Holmes

Found is a thoroughly enjoy ride (and wished that I was watching it in IMAX instead of home at every second scene)
Downey is a star - and his combo with Law (as Watson) was just the most adorable, funny and perfect pairing.
Oh ya - the movie didnt have much of a story .. but that was forgiveable !!!

While You Were Sleeping

Cute, sweet, funny ... and gives you those romantic goosebumps ... ! sigh ...

Race to Witch Mountain

A bollywood phillam (with love, action, drama, etc) dress as a hollywood sci-fi ... ugh !!!


This is a movie that is considered IT for poker lovers ... but I honestly thought it lacked spark and excitment to be a great watch ..!!! Norton was annoying doing a waaaay tooo predictable a role again !!!

Couples Retreat

A rom-com flick that could've been good fun ... but really was just draggy and preachy in the end with a dribble of funny moments here and there ... !!! Good cast and story potential wasted totally!!

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Fairly crude and crass on the humor element ... this is a movie about family values in the end! Timepass watch ...

Shallow Hal
Shallow Hal(2001)

cutesy .... and predictable!
Paltrow in a fat suit looks horrible!!

Against the Ropes

The concept - of a woman 'making' her place in a man's world (sports management in this case!) - was pretty interesting... wish they didnt pull the entire story down by the emotional melodrama between Jackie, Luther, et al. .... which KILLED IT!!

Wedding Daze
Wedding Daze(2006)

Fairly crappy ... and crass (with some very sick moments!!) ... the story itself was also nothing exciting - predictable from the moment Fisher met Biggs and said yes to marrying him !!!

My Name Is Khan

Honestly, it is neither an 'amazing' movie ... but it is not a bad one either! Strictly speaking MNIK is just another movie about 9/11 aftermath - showing the plight of the Muslims and the automatic labeling from the Western society we have to suffer from!!! The movie is as filmy as the next one (with Mama Jenny, the storm, rescue, the sudden discovery of Sam's murderers and all's well ending for Khan!)
Granted it is not a usual song and dance routine K Jo is known for ... and neither is it 'Pro-India' from anywhere - but all said it was still an OK watch!!

The Village
The Village(2004)

Found it to be fairly dumb - especially the 'twists' in the story which werent surprises from anywhere!!!


Oh gawd ... i had forgotten how baaaad this movie was ... !
The only saving grace were some decent balleds - rest is all a combination of overacting, blase scene, OTT dialogues and situations and such a unreal portrayal of Pakistan !!!

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Oh wat a crappy movie ... ! No story AT ALL !!!

500 Days of Summer

Found it strictly wateva .... ! Its abstract presentation is prolly what go it the reviews and praise .. !
Exploring a broken relationship from a man's perspective (Gordon-Levitt) - going back and forth between time ... ! Its a rom-com ... without following the cliche'd path !!

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

Surprisingly a funny movie to watch ... with some good acting from Pegg! If you choose to see, there are life lessons in the flick too .. otherwise just watch it for the craziness and rom-com moments!!!


WAY Over-rated and substance-less cinematic experience!
Avatar could be a visual 'treat' or gimmicky at most - esp in 3D - but it is definitely NOT the most original story, most amazing movie, or even remotely good acting effort!! Disappointing and Forgettable ...

Up in the Air

Simplistic, cool, fun and a movie with a subtle message about the human disconnect we live in ... or rather choose to live in due to burden of relationships!!! Great performances, awesome characterizations, and (the sheer joy of) business travelling at its best!

The Time Traveler's Wife

While the book rocked - the movie is just plain average and inconsistent! For those who haven't read the book, the plot will be a pretty confusing (even irritating) to watch, with the back and forth. Lastly Bana doesn't fit the role - and his look is too confusing and does not follow a timeline ...

It's Complicated

As a rom-com it is strictly ok ... with a fairly perdictable plot line!
However, watching Streep is as usual a joy ... ! Found Baldwin annoying; Martin soppy however Krasinki was fun in a few scene he got to act!!!

The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement

Likeable and fun ... but ofcourse the first one was way better!

The Firm
The Firm(1993)

a decent adaptation of an awesome book ... don't really like the changes made between the book n the movie ... but good performances though ...

Three Idiots
Three Idiots(2009)

I bow to Aamir & Hirani after this movie ... YOU ROCK!
Words like awesome, perfect, etc dont even begin to describe the aura and essence of Three Idiots - which is a simple story told in the simplest manner! It is a story comparable to no other told before and makes you not only laugh (out loud), smile, cry, and feel a whole lot of other emotions ... but think that the system is not always right and one should just follow your heart!!

All About Steve

First off all - this is not a romantic comedy, so no boy-meets-girl ending
Now the movie is just ok (funny in bits and pieces), with Bullock playing a 'clueless nerdy geek' who finds her life path in the end! Parts of it a boring and irritating too ...


Pretty crappy and gross on the whole!
Over-rated buzz surrounds it !
Not my style of movie in the first place - and then it didnt even have anything going for it other than maybe a few funny scenes ... blah !

The Blind Side

Once in a blue moon (esp. these days) you come across a movie which actually makes you laugh and CRY because of how the story touches you - The Blind Side is one of them!
This is probably one of the best performances by Sandra Bullock ever ... and the story of Oher and his white family is just too heartwarming not to be watched!!!
Love it ... & you will too ...

Tum Mile
Tum Mile(2009)

OMG ... why do Indians even bother making these movies?
Too darn predictable, ripped off from a gazzlion Hollywood flicks (including some scenes straight from Titanic) with a fugly lead!
Wateva rating I am bothering with is just for the songs ... coz they are atleast nice in this one ...

Pink Panther 2

Not funny ... Made for the brain of 5-year olds or retards ... Over the top ... Plain Horrible!
Martin has lost at art of being funny!!!
Ash had no role (despite being the villan) and had a plastic performace when she was there!!!
Molina, Garcia, Cleese, etc were all wasted as blubbering idiots supporting a bigger one ... Steve Martin !!!

The Women
The Women(2008)

A much shoddier and weaker version of "Sex and the City" - The Women is a story of two women-friends in a group of four women-friends! A lot of story is OTT; so are the relationships shown ... wish more effort was put in as the plot certainly had the potental and they had a pretty big star cast to utilize ... from whom the only one who is extremely memorable and funny is Ryan's housekeeper Maggie (Cloris Leachman)!!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

The worst part of this movie was ... its ending... wish that had been better done! I dunno when (and if) Cage will make another decent movie; Mendez is there for name/glam only ... !! Wateva ...


Cheesy, corny ... but still fun in bits and pieces, it INDEED is a twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood!!!
Also gotta give credit to Witherspoon ... she steals the show, and she was just starting off 13 years ago when this flick came out!!

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

For a courtroom thriller it was pretty decent watch ... especially the twist in the end. Was especially surprised with the story, because had never heard of the flick ... and the unknown was a good movie

The Accidental Husband

Actually a rather cute and entertaining chick flick ... with a nice sprinkle of the Indian/Desi flavor as masala on top!!!
Morgan is the overall show stealer here ... and I look forward to seeing more of him!!!


If you haven't seen it ... you haven't missed much!!!
Firstly, i dont like this kind of movies ...
Secondly, this one is pretty pointless anyways, since it doesn't really have a point to make ... !

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

OMG ... Kats & Ranbir are H.A.W.T!!
Entertaining, mindless, stereo-typical, funny and even a little exhausting ... with REALLY awesome music, some LOL moments, and really good performances as Prem, Jenny and Prem's dad especially!!!!

The House Bunny

Stupid and predictable ... but still a happy and fun movie to watch, where Faris actually shows some acting potential ... !!!

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

Considering that I am totally NOT a Trekkie ... I actually had a lot of fun watching it! Tells you the story of how it all began for USS Enterprise and its team ... and makes you want more ...

Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year

Is this as good as Amin's previous work (Chak de India/Ab Tak Chappan)? No - those are classics!
Is this as good as Ranbir's previous work? Nope ... cause the HAWT Ranbir Kapoor is nowhere in this flick !!!
However, on its own Rocket Singh is a simple, clean, enjoyable movie to watch - with excellent performances (not just from Ranbir, but his 'partners-in-crime'!!) and basically no story!


Is this movie believeable? Hell NO! Not even for a second!
Is it worth a watch? Yes - if you know that mindless entertainment is what you are paying for ... ! Otherwise, dont bother !!!!

Four Christmases

As a romantic movie - there is nothing in this movie .... but as a comedy - there are some really funny moments, and some cute ones too ... so basically the credit goes to the supporting cast more than Reese & Vaugh for making it a decent watch!!!!

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

In a nutshell ... Funny People is a not a very funny, in fact boring and really, really long, movie about people who are supposedly funny by profession - i.e. stand up comedians ! Blah blah ... and blah
PS - Adam Sandler looks REALLY fat!!!

London Dreams

Poor casting, crap story, over acting, and bad bad songs (especially since the music-themed plot-line!!)

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

More of a courtroom drama than a super-natural thriller ...! The movie has lame possession sequences ... but Linney as a ass-kicking lawyer made it a good watch !


Pixar does it ones again ... !
Awesome family entertainment!
I laughed, I smiled (a lot) and some moments were really touching! With the simplest moments put together ... Up shows its audience how to cherish (and live) life !!!

Law Abiding Citizen

Started off as a powerful cat-n-mouse thriller ...and till the judge's murder it remained that ... after that the movie was just lots more killing, till the murderer is 'caught' and he gets poetic justice !!!
Can be watched for the kicks and the powerful performances by the Butler-Foxx duo!!!

50 First Dates

nice ... cutesy ... fun! Dribbled with routine Sandler faces ...
Makes u kinna believe that for the right woman a man CAN and DOES go a long way ...!

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Finally saw it .... interesting to see comic book come to life like this ...! Blood and gore ofcourse not my thing ...

No Reservations

With zero expection - this movie actually had a lot going for it ... starting from an interesting pairing, emotional and touching sequences (with some cute and funny ones too!!), an absolutely adorable Breslin and yummy dallops of food! Must watch for chick flick lovers ....


Style without substance fully defines this movie ... !
The story has loopholes bigger than mines ... the elusive treasure was found by our 'heros' in minutes after diving in (wonder why no one else could in last 50 years), the Akshay-Katrina 'twist' was as obvious as the nose on our face ... add this to blah music, crappy dialogues and a whole lotta mindless underwater scene and you have BLUE! Ugh ...thank god for the forward button !!!

Inglourious Basterds

Another Tanrantino Classic !!!!
Milder on gore and violence than the previous flicks (which was awesome for me personally) and just plain great as a story, cinematographic masterpiece, casting coup, and in wit and drama ... !!!


Given the fact it was an unknown flick ... it was a surprisingly decent movie made on the life (and eventual transformation) of a Womanizer/Gigilo/Toy Boy! In honesty ... the ending of this over-sexed movie made it much better than expected ....

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

I thought i was watching another chick flick and was pleasently surprised with this movie ... wilson and aniston were pretty good and it had a simple story which slowly grew emotional and warm ... just like Marley!

Public Enemies

Enjoyable only for hardcore Depp fans ... as otherwise the movie lacks soul, the power to keep you hooked on for almost 2 and half hours and the inconsistency in the plot to make it an interesting or memorable watch!

Julie & Julia

Meryl was an absolute treat to watch!
The story has its moments .... but then made from true life stories of two women (Julia Child and Julie Powell) there is only so much of drama the makers could present.

The Maiden Heist

Actually has its funny and forwardable moments ... but given the fact the it is a relatively unknown flick ... it can be categorized as decent timepass ... !! The talent pool of Walken, Harden. Freemn and Macy are a pleasure to watch ... !!!

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

Interesting storyline, well-shot, excellent casting and performances!
The problems lies in how the movie ends ... which given Scott's history (Deja Vu) is probably his weak area !!!


A movie which tells all the weird, flaky losers that it is ok to stalk any decent looking woman ... coz after some 'stalking' you just might get her *eyes rolling*!!!
Not Romantic! Not Funny! Not worth your time at all actually!!!

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

Not bad - not great either!
Kind of a reverse of "13 going 30" from a male perspective !!! (Duh for those who hadn't figured this out)
Strictly speaking - a mindless timepass is what this movie was ... with some mildly entertaining moments!!!

My Sister's Keeper

Another classic case of chopped-liver from a great book!
I can understand the need for slight story changes (the ending is completely different from the book) but in this case the entire focus of the book (Anna) has been shifted (to Kate) - thus killing the crux of the story!
The movie is just another sob story - which doesnt event make sense at points - and clearly does not communicate any messages or bring about one to question the ethics, which in the book Picoult had aptly done !!

The Ugly Truth

Extremely predictable from the moment go! The love story (though expected) did not make sense! Gerald Butler is the only saving grace in the whole flick ... he is hot, cute, funny and extremely charming to watch on screen !!!

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Strictly okaaaaaay!!!
Bullock looks old ... many OTT scenes and situations ... typical and predictable storyline and ending!!! Not funny from anywhere ... Cute? Maybe !!!


After watching this movie, I can understand why it has become cult classic for recent times!!
- it romanticizes the unknown (vampires') world
- everything where loves conqueres all ... works!!!
- the leads are "H.O.T!!!"
- the ending leaves with a thirst for more ... and thus the buzz continues ...!!!

My Life in Ruins

It is a predictable and very basic story ... but i absolutely loved this flick for two main reasons ... breath-taking Greek locales (which the movie made me crave for) and adorable collection of characters !!! There were many minor movies why i love it too ... from Vardalos, to the yummy driver, to the fact that I had a smile throughout I was watching it !!!

State of Play

Close to life plot - excellent collection of actors who ofcourse give a superb performance. But what catches your attention and impresss is the never ending barrage of twists in the flick ... which make it an excellent watch !!!

Wake Up Sid
Wake Up Sid(2009)

Excellent performances, perfect presentation and story and totally out of real life and still unique film ... the is a flick you watch for its superb and heartwarming moments performed to perfection.... !!!

Dil Bole Hadippa! (My Heart Goes Hooray!)

"She's the Man" comes to Bollywood ... where soccer changes to cricket and an inter-school match becomes an India-Pakistan match!!! What could have actually been a fantastic watch, ends up being a totally average, (at times cheap and tacky) masala flick ...!!
One thing that really works for the movie is Rani as the Sardar ... everytime she comes on screen as Veer, she is an adorable scene stealer! What disappoints is Rani as Veera, looking dark and old, unimpressive dressing, OTT sermons and blaaaah romancing!!!

District 9
District 9(2009)

Had no expectations from this flick ... and was actually surprised...!
Original is one word that comes to the mind after being done with it !! Shot and made like a documentary, this is a good Humans vs. Aliens movie that shows imagination and creativity!!! ... (ps - it is all little on the gross side for people like me!!!)

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

Really intense ... !
Excellent performances by the best in Hollywood
Scott shows us the hidden world of the Middle East shown ... with CIA, local intels, Al-Qaeda and many other elements depicted for what it really is ... no truth, no trust, no value for human life ... just mad crazy world in which we all survive every day!!

Labor Pains
Labor Pains(2009)

A passable watch ... with a sugary sweet, happy ending!
Some moments were really well-done, like:
- how Lohan desperate to save her job feigns to be preggers or
- how she is so keen to keep her new life that she forgets that she she not really expecting the baby

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

after the first 10 minutes even the dumbest person will know EXACTLY how the movie with flow and end!!! Not funny, not romantic and nothing unique story-wise !!!

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

Crazy, mindless movie ... with scenes stolen from mutiple Hollywood flicks (Anger Management, etc etc) ... Akshay stole the show hands down ...


Nice, well made thriller by Abbas-Mustan, with some great tracks...!!
However on the whole it is Priyanka - with her chilling performance - who has made the movie a memorable one!!!

Love Story 2050

OMG - torture with a capital T !!!


as far as the movie went - it was just a typical indian masala flick - wat make it stand out was two things:
- it had two Beauty Pagent winners (Ms. World and Ms. Universe) both cast in the lead roles
- it brought Priyanka Chopra to the world ... !!


Especially coz i had no expectations from this movie - I enjoyed it! This movie depicts the world the Unilevers & P&Gs/Pepsis and Cokes of the real world live everyday ...
Slick and brainy mix of a corporate espionage/caper/thriller- but what made it work for me was the ending ... ! Roberts, however, looks old!

It's a Boy Girl Thing

a fairly cute (read: romantic) version of "Freaky Friday" - but instead of mother-daughter, the body inter-change is between a jock and a nerd!!! Nothing original, but still a surprisingly decent watch ...

Ek Ajnabee
Ek Ajnabee(2005)

This is Denzel Washington's Man on Fire copied scene by scene - except for the slight change in the ending!!!

I Love You, Man

Not in love with this movie ... but still found its funny (mostly), gross (in parts) and cute at other times!!
Rudd actually does at fair job being a total idiot at male bonding and friendship ... Decent stuff !!!

Blue State
Blue State(2007)

Pleasant and surprisingly a good watch - with a story, good performances by the two leads and light moments ... !!

The Savages
The Savages(2007)

In a lot of places, watching this movie was like watching my own life unfold on television, and moments that were meant to be serious ... I found really funny!!!
Several good things going for this flick, including the Linney-Hoffman chemistry, extremely real storyline and its treatment by the director!!!

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Actually a good and enjoyable watch after a long time !!!

Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye

Bollywood spoof!!
Preachy and mindless ... but still not a bad watch !!!

Superhero Movie

Spiderman spoofed ... painful and not-really funny!!!
Please dont bother with it watch, unless you have a brain of a 10-year old!!

Sister Act
Sister Act(1992)

divine classic ..
just saw it again ... and enjoyed it as much !!


An interesting and impactful watch, with some good messages built into the story (about politics, media, globalization and even the plight of the poor!!)
Surprising to find J Lo actually acting in this flick ...

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (A Couple Made by God) (A Match Made in Heaven)

Finally watched this movie... and was plesently surprised!
Extremely cute and sweet underdog is what it turned out to be ...
SRK was really good (for a change)!
Excellent catchy music and extremely well shot flick!!
OK so there were cliched moments - but we've never known bollywood for its originiality anyways ... so why complain now ... ! Recommended for those who still havent seen it ...

Transporter 3

Blah and boring !
Insipid (or no story) ... mindless flghts, *romance* and a pretty type-casted Statham ! You havent missed much by not seeing this flick ...

Made in Pakistan

This movie has not been made for people who live in Pakistan - it is a great watch for the Paki expats - who in 56 minutes see 4 different sides to the country from four different individuals ... but for us living here the lawyer, the politician, the journalist/mother and the party-planner/PR lady are all people we come across on day to day basis (in one form or another!!!) and find nothing eye-opening or exciting about !!!
No offence to the team - but i am not surprised if it got negative reviews in Pakistan - for us it says absolutely nothing new !!!

30 Days Until I'm Famous

This is a B-grade timepass flick ...!
Interesting concept of the producer giving a no-body a break and transforming her into a star ... but then it was just a cliched boy-meets-girl, the fall in luwe after some hurdles and liv happily every after ... !! Watever ...


Devdas enters 21st century... where he does drugs and drinks like a fish, sex is ALL everyone talks about and Chandarmukhi (aka Chanda) is a call-girl at night and goes to college in the day !!! Interesting concept, but a few problems:
- the movie drags before getting to a point !!!
- it is not for everyone, and
- like all Kashyap flicks, it is extremely abstract in presentation!
Great music though!!!

Love Aaj Kal
Love Aaj Kal(2009)

Was smiling throughout the movie ...
Good performances from everyone ...
Catchy music ...
Interesting story .... parellel between now and the past esp.!
This not a cult classic like Jab We Met or Socha Na Tha (Ali's previous flicks!!!) but nonetheless ... it is still a decent, fun watch!!! Better than a lot of crap out this summer ...


If one ends up watching this flick with ABSOLUTELY no expectations ... you might actually get hooked on to the suspense ... !!!
Nothing extra ordinary ... from the school of Booth and Ring ... it is a decent thriller!! Just the way it was ended was disappointing !!!

He's Just Not That Into You

What a waste of an all-star cast ... !!
Multiple story-lines, presenting how ppl mess-up relationships, follow cliched paths ... blah blah and ZZZzzzzzzzzz ...... DUMB!

New York
New York(2009)

The movie starts off well (despite the loop-holes) and builds up from there till John (aka Sam's) story unfolds ... ! From there is just goes from ridiculous to absurd to WTF !!!
Wish such a sensitive story could have been properly thought thru by the makers ... still nice shots, hot actors, good songs ... !

Angels & Demons

While the movie does maintain the fast pace of the book (at places!!) and has a larger than life look to it, on the whole it falls short to the original:
the background (illuminati) was not built upon ...
gripping sections from the book were missed out ... and
ofcourse the ending was not REALLY improved over the book!!

Kambakkht Ishq (Incredible Love)

Recommended watch for those who want to feel tortured!!!
Vulgar presentation and absolutely NO story
Over-acting by the second
Hollywood has beens had no role in the movie ...
Pathetic music and songs
Only thing good was Kareena's dresses and shoes ... !!!
Lame waste of time and money .... !!!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

For me this was just ok ... !
Some nice moments, some funny ones ... overall average and goofed up in lots of places ...
I am actually pretty disappointed with their Geography (locales in Egypt and the Petra were just MESSED up)!!! and
Megan Fox's heels and clean white pants in all THAT sand!!! *eyes rolling*

Monsters vs. Aliens

a little boring on the start up ... the flick eventually picks pace and ends up as a decent watch ...
Funny, cute, likeable and chilled out Sunday watch !!!

Six Days, Seven Nights

Found this to be a blah flick !
Totally predictable ... hate-turn-love rom-com ... where they fall in love while stuck on a deserted island *eyes rolling*
No wonder i hadn't seen it till now ... !!!

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

Fun, chill chick flick !!!
Nothing mind blowingly exciting about the story or the performances ... but does have a few funny and cute scenes ... the emotional bit is just blah and routine !!

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

Feel this movie could have been so much shorter and/or meatier !!
Too talk heavy in most places ... (and that too meaningless babble)
But still nice ending/closure !!

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

Loves animation flicks !!
This is another good one ... funny, meaningful, cute and touching !
The message of giving respect to others and our place in the much picture in this entire universe is well presented !!!

Socha Na Tha
Socha Na Tha(2005)

Absolutely love this movie !!!
Seen it a million times ... and it always makes me smile!
Abhay Deol is a revelation (and I became a fan from this flick!!!) and Takia is at her cutest !!
Great songs, realistic humor, and cute, fun moments ...

Crimson Tide
Crimson Tide(1995)

Found the movie to be more about ego clash and difference of opinion between old school (Hackman) and youth (Washington) - then war, navy, weapons or submarine !!!
Powerful performances made it an interesting watch ...

Last Chance Harvey

Loser male ... meets loser female, spend great time together and fall for each other ... after a little confusion all's well and its happily ever after!
Only in this case the losers are middle aged and more than whirlwind romance ... it is a story of moments, emotions and 2nd chance at love !! Cute !!!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Extremely disappointing !
While the books are a classic ... the movie neither does justice to the story or builds the characters properly ... !
Becky comes off as a bumbling idiot in some scenes ... and extremely smart in others ... ! Luke is neither sauve or tycoonish as he is made in the book ... and Smeathe is just made as a bad person .... which he wasnt!!! Bad show overall !!

Fast & Furious

The movie is as mindless as one expected a cars/racing movie to be !!
Bigger n riskier stunts ... and skin show ...
There is actually a story ... unlike the last two ... though nothing unique ... and overall it is to watch it on a big screen ... !!!


Since I am not a big fan of musicals per say ... this was just an ok, cutesy watch for me ... ! Kinna grossed out with Travola in drag though... !

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

Found it to be cute, funny, upbeat and a really light watch !
The message about personal tranformation and taking risks in life is spot on ... and Carrey does suit the role !!!


There is just no other way to describe this movie ... !!!
Pointless, boring ... talk-heavy and blah !!!
I wish we had negative ratings ... coz thats where Watchmen must be rated !!!


An extremely simple story told PERFECTLY !!!
Direction: Very Priyadarshan ... Very Enjoyably made
Dialogues: Witty one liners through-out
Songs: Really great music .... foot-tapping, fun and appropriate
Performances: Irfan is brilliant, Lara and Shahrukh were good ... and the kids, principal, Om Puri, Yadav just ROCK the show !!!
The movie has a soul and that what makes it a great fun, light-hearted, emotional flick ... both money and time well-spent ... !!!

Luck by Chance

Age old 'behind-the-scene' saga of bollywood retold with a DASH of super-stars here and there!
Story: lacks the punch and point
Music: very average
Direction: some of the scenes are great, but not on the whole !!!
Acting: Well doubt everyone cast here can ACT!!!!
Had high expectations ... and was disappointed ... !!! No wonder the file bombed at the box office ... it just does NOT connect ... !!


Extremely ordinary animated flick... !
Good prevails over all evil in the end (as usual!!!) ... but the narration is just tooooo blah to connect!!!

Slumdog Millionaire

It is a gripping fairy-tale watch .. also need to commend the makers for taking out the essence of the book - especially in the beginning portions ... !!!
That said the books still wins ... and there are a lot of dissimilarities for the book-version as well ... which I feel are primarily to glamorize the movie version, instead of giving it the ironic closure like the book ... !!!

Guess Who
Guess Who(2005)

Decent fun timepass movie !!!
Mac & Kutcher suit their roles ... and its a happy go lucky watch where all's well that ends well ...!!!


Ghajini was below expectations for me ...
Performances: Aamir and Asim TOTALLY rock ... !
Music: Barring two songs... just ordinary and unsuited for this story ...
Story: Very ordinary ... regular masala flick with a comedy, romance, villians and action!!!
Scripting: Makes it a worthwhile one time watch, with some very nice scenes, but it drags after a point (esp the OTT fights!!!)
Overall, the movie lacked the most strong element ... and villian everyone would love to hate ... !!!

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

Gervais was really funny ... and suited the character in all phases ... loner, lost and in love !!!!
Overall a decent flick ... with an interesting premise of dead with unfinished business!!!!


It had the potential to be really good !!!
The problems lie:
- in the music which is ordinary and not needed
- in the inconsistent story - it is neither totally for kids nor families !!
- promotion and packaging as it made the movie blah and unappealing ...!!!

Slacker Uprising

More of Moore bashing Bush ... !!!!
But somehow this one didn't work ... maybe because it was just glorification of his own work during 2004 elections than communicating something structured, as in the past !!!

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

I just love Abhay Deol ... and seriously he is the only good thing about this flick !!!
After Khosla ka Ghosla - Dibakar Banarjee has made a pretty disappointing and pointless movie ...
Granted some scenes, espeically in the first part are pretty funny ... overall it is ordinary !!!

The Great Debaters

Surprisingly a very engrossing watch !!!
Excellent performances and DEBATES !!!
Teaches us something, in addition to the historical element, on how each individual can actually do something to change the current situation without killing and violence !!!


Another Spielberg saga 'outlining' the Jew story ... however the movie is too long and after a point the plot looses direction !!!
Bana put through a strong performance though...

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

Cute, sweet and 'surprisingly' an enjoyable watch!!
Tugs the heart at the right places, and
you end it with a smile on ur face ... !!!

The Devil Wears Prada

Watch it from Streep who rocks as Miranda !!!
Unlike the movie the movie is made at a very inconsistent pace and plotting!
Andy is not characterised properly at all !!!
The world of glamor and style does not have the oomph of Sex and the City!!!

Made of Honor

Pretty woman meets all chick flicks (with the obvious gender switch)!!!
Humor element pretty blah ... except the necklace worn by the gramma ...
The love story part just didn't 'click' for me prolly because the makers had worked really hard on establishing a good friendship!!!

A Time to Kill

A decent attempt for book adaptation ...!
However the book is still too awesome ... and not done full justice here
Good and touching watch still ... !!!

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

hmmmmm .... blah !
Story: Not gripping and inconsistent overall
Songs: Okay
Performance: Too much skin show from Saif and Amisha. Rani looks fat and the kids are just ok
Yash Raj and Kohli 'magic touch' definitely missing ... !!!

The Rock
The Rock(1996)

just saw it again ... and have to say ... A CULT CLASSIC !!!

The Sentinel
The Sentinel(2006)

Nothing mind-blowing .. but still a decent timepass watch ... especially for those who like the crime-thriller genre ...


Dont know why people attempt to remake classics !?!?!
The change of story from the original is just weird ... ! Especially the man with a musical hand ... *eyes rolling*
Himesh cannot act - but one has to give 10 out of 10 for his confidence and guts ...! Personally I feel he should just stick to music and (maybe) singing!!!


A movie that falls neither here nor there ...
Drona could have at least done better if it was promoted right
The super-hero (Drona) has nothing extraordinarily exciting to offer!
Action is extremely basic and laughable
Love story is thoosoo'ed
Song are blah
Acting to leaves a lot to be desired ...!!!
Poor Show


Extremely touching and well made.
Each story, their inter-connection and the ironic closures are PERFECT!
Simple and everyday portrayal of racism and individual biases predominant in the world couldnt have been better done ...
I still cannot get over the goosebumps ...!

Quantum of Solace

Overall a disappointment ... !
Craig is no sauve Bond ... missed Brosnan !!
Also missed the cool Bond gadgets, classy cars and the womanizing which has always been a part of Bond flicks!!
The story-line also left a lot to be desired .. !


An extremely well made movie about friendship ... looking at the relations of two men, two men and a female and male-female romance!
Story: well-written and REALLY funny !!!
Songs: Awesome and well-placed with the story
Presentation: Extremely classy ... !!!
John and Priyanka look oh soooooo HOT !!!
Abhishek is at his funniest !!!
Everything is perfect on Dostana .. the relationships, the gay-angle and the finale ... !!! LOVE IT !!!

Chris Rock: Never Scared

Mad as hell ... !!!
The outlook to marriage is the funniest !!!

Righteous Kill

Extremely predictable from the moment go !
De Niro and Pacino are vetrans ... true to form !!


A very realistic view of the business ... !
Priyanka is in top form
Kangana needs to REALLY work on her English pronunciation !!!
Culimination of the story drags bit ... ! But over all well made and worth a watch !!

Darna Zaroori Hai

An average flock ... with only one or two stories having some potential to engross you ... !!
Rest very average ... and BLAH !!!

Sex and the City

Funny, emotional and yet naughty !!!
Three cheers for the girl-friends ...!!!
Against all odds ... they are there for u!!!
Loved how the flick took the next step from the tv show ...
with the relationships,
the troubles and

Sarkar Raj
Sarkar Raj(2008)

This is a cult classic .... !!!
But not as good as the first one ... !!!


Was actually very pleasently surprised with this flick !
Excellent plotline/concept
Nice and touching stories ...
Brings out the patriot in you ... and I am not even an Indian ... !!!!
For once no Paki-bashing ...
Some moments really touch your soul ... good watch after the first 15 minutes ...

Golmaal Returns

Story: Non-existent, unoriginal and over-the-top for sure!
Performances: Tusshar & Sheryas stand out
Humor: Has some really LOL moments
Songs: okaaaaaaaaaay
Overall serves the purpose of a mindless timepass .... thats it !!! Expected it to be worse ...

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Crisis ridden life of a 14-year old ... !
Who is ready to grow up but cannot handle burden well !
Confusions, mayhem, boys, changing friendship and much more ...
A fun chick-flick ... !

Mere Baap Pahle Aap

A very confused movie
Neither a romance nor a comedy or a family drama ... !
... and that's its downfall ...

Max Payne
Max Payne(2008)

The last 30 minutes killed the movie ...
Started off pretty well ... nice styling ... gripping storyline ...
The ending a disappointment and OTT finale ... !!! ugh

Tropic Thunder

Somewhat funny and spoofy ... !
Excellent makeup ... (esp Robert Downey and Tom Cruise !!!)

Bangkok Dangerous

An utter load of crap ... !!!
Cage's career is gone ... and this movie is total proof !!
Hard-core assasin, falls for a Thai two-timer (and trains him !!!!) and for a deaf and dumb (ugly) Thai chick ... only to kill himself in the end after 3 REALLY OTT killings in Thailand ...
What Rubbish !!!

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

Loads of fun to watch ... esp on a big screen
Interesting plot-line with a good ending
very slick ... !!!

My Best Friend's Girl

Absolutely loved watching this movie ...
funny, rough, and still really cute ... !
Dane Cook was awesome and Kate Hudson perfect for the part ... !

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

Ok time-pass in-flight entertainment!
Started off well, but then just fell into the rut of extremely ordinary plotline with disappointments leading to happy endings!!!

Dil Jo Bhi Kahey...

Old wine in new package
Boy meets girl, old in this case its indian boy meeting a gori
Boy-Girl fall in love
Boy-Girl wants to marry - family doesnt ! Racial difference here !!!
Boy gives up girl for family
Other woman gets them together even when she loves the boy ... and goes back home alone !!
The Gori is hot and the locales are super fab .. !! Nothing worth wasting time over ... !

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

cant hold light to the first one ... !
a very predictable and typical sequal !!!


Another typical Statham movie ..!
Action, fast pace and mayhem combined!!!

A Wednesday
A Wednesday(2008)

Well-made from the begining to the last scene
Shah, Kher and Amir Bashir steal the show
Crisp and well shot movie
Excellent story
Perfect casting
Absolutely brilliant !!!

Scary Movie 4

one psycho film ... !!!


RGV has totally lost it !
The story had potential but then it just became totally OTT!
Living undercover the protagonist is making calls to the cop like anything!
The love story angle *eyes rolling* !
Just toooooo unbelieveable to swallow !!!

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

light-hearted, fun and crazy ...!!!
easiliy associatable for the food cravers ...

Welcome to Sajjanpur

Light-hearted simple movie !
Basic stories presented in a sweet manner
Excellent casting and characterization...
However, the story was more like a documentary of rural life ... or something more suited for a stage play ...!


Extremely average flick !
Story: full of loopholes
Songs: Below average
Performances: Imran Khan totally stole the show
Overall, the thriller lacks the thrill and excitement expected from it !

The Dark Knight

Totally loved the movie ... !
Intense, gripping and made with a lot of realism for a comic-turned-movie!
Awesome performances from everyone
A complete cinematic experience ... !

Rock On!!
Rock On!!(2008)

Well-made urban story ... !!
Excellent performances
Styled perfectly
But it is not Dil Chahta Hai or Jhankaar Beats ... !!! It is in its own league - being more serious and the music more off-beat than the other two ...


Over-rated and pretty tacky !
Story-line is extremely predictable
Seems more like RGV's attempt of Hindu advocacy (God, Black-magic, etc) than anything else... !

Bachna Ae Haseeno

Had a fab-time watching this movie!
Story: Interesting enuff
Presentation: Awesome
Songs: Brilliant
Casting and performances: Spot on
Overall, loads of fun, 21st century, flick from the house of Yash Raj!

Ugly Aur Pagli

No story ... but some funny moments !
Both leads do a great job in the acting dept.
A few great, peppy songs ... !
Overall a strictly average timepass only ....!!

Definitely, Maybe

A chick-flick that started off well ... but then lost it somewhere half-way ...
It dragged to the point ... where you stopped FEELING for the characters ...!!!

Ghulam (1998)

This movie is Amir Khan's turnaround to what he is today ... a reclusive, brilliant superstar ... !!!

Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!

A regular young love triangle in a small town ... with the third angle being the celebrity 'tad hamilton' ... decent timepass watch !!

War, Inc.
War, Inc.(2008)

Nice concept ... but the movie falls after a point !
Overall it is a sarcastic, over the top, look at the Iraq/Afghanistan situation ... linking the war to the corporate world ... which could have worked with a better script and story ... !

Woodstock Villa

Disappointment from the house of Sanjay Gupta!!!
The story is Ajnabee minus the masala ...!
Other than the last few minutes' game of one-up-manship nothing worth wasting time over ... !!!


Tacky 80's flick ...!
Re-surrecting Amitabh as the 'angry young man' after a long gap ... and succeeding due to mass appeal ...

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Was never a fan of the series in the first place!
Found this one to be cut from the same cloth ... except for the Chinese story-line and missing Rachel Weiss !!!

Singh Is Kinng

Complete bollywood entertainer ...!
Akshay rocks and steals the show ..
Katrina looks hots as required!!!
Story - hardly there !
Songs - some great .. some not so great !
Overall - an absolutely great timepass which is REALLY funny at times !!!

Ramchand Pakistani

Must watch for everyone in Pakistan. If for nothing than to celebrate the effort made !!!
Well made film - on the whole
Performances wise Maria Wasti and both the boys playing Ramchand stole the show ...

Kung Fu Panda

Cute and funny for sure ... !!!
Kids would just LOVE it !!!
Jack Black suited Po the Panda perfectly !!!

Must Love Dogs

A fairly ordinary movie ... !
The story of a 40-something women trying find someone could have been SOOO much better presented ... but wasnt ... neither funny nor emotionally appealing !!!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Another click lit turned into a chick flick !!
A decent time pass movie ... about the bonds for friendship, life and relationships !!


There is NOT a moment in this movie that you dont love ... !!!
Wall-E and Eve rock !!!
Kudos to Pixar for this original creation ... bringing animation, silent movies and real cinema into one with such brilliance ... !!!


Interesting story of a 'hated' super hero .. !
The Theron twist was a surprise ...!
Ending was balanced too ... but you can watch it for how HOT Charlize Theron looks

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

I love this movie !!!
Story: Extremely ordinary
Presentation & Dialogues: Brilliant
Acting: A plus
Songs: Beyond awesome ....
A must watch for many reasons ... !!!

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

Keeping the feel for the original in tact ... this is a great fun summer movie which keeps up with today's times!!

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

It has it cutesy moments ... !!!
However, the songs gets a tad bit too much near the end ... !!!


Such a terrible waste of time ... !!!
No story ... ordinary geek turn super hero ... good guy cheated and goes for revenge flick ... with over the top moments galore ... !!!

Kismat Konnection (Lucky Charm)

Cute Indianized version of "Just My Luck"
Shahid looks awesome ...
and the music kickass ...
Rest fairly decent timepass ... !!!

The Incredible Hulk

Not amazing ... but does not suck either ... !!!
Decent timepass ... which is sure to lead into something bigger in the next one ...


The world of blackjack and how one can 'outsmart' it ...!!!
Interesting concept
Story-telling is slow paced and average !

The Bank Job
The Bank Job(2008)

This movie, more than the bank robbery, is about the reasons leading to and the after effects of a heist!
The extremely old-school British presentation was fun to watch ...


After a really long time I saw a good movie!
Well penned and equally well made
Rajeev Khandelwal can actually act and make you feel WITH him !
The movie opens your eyes to the world of terrorism around us and how it both their network works and how it can impact any one of us !!!

Street Kings
Street Kings(2008)

A very average good cop-bad cop movie !
Hollywood has churned out better in the same genre ....

10 Things I Hate About You

Some of scenes in this movie are absolutely great ... and still awesome fun to watch almost 10 years after its release !!!

What Happens in Vegas

A very nice/cute 'chick flick'
Diaz-Kutcher pair looks really good together ...
and the funny part are actually fun to watch ... and the drama quotient is not THAT big to spoil the fun !!!!
Verdict: Worth a watch ...

Vantage Point

Starts off with a bang ...
Stylish, engrossing and unique !!!
However, the last 15 minutes turned it into a COMPLETELY average movie ...

Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker

The jokes and one-liners are so well crafted and presented cannot help but have an awesome time !!!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It was Indiana Jones ... being himself ...!!!
One cannot evaluate them, justify them or expect them to make sense ...!!!
For me, previous 3 Indy movies have been strictly ok timepass movies.... and so was this one !!!

My Mom's New Boyfriend

Nice concept ...
Great start ... and then it goes haywire !!!
Direction and editing were poor ...
Story went from funny and real to absurd (and predictable) in a matter of minutes ...
Verdict: Timepass if u've nothing to do !!!

Lage Raho Munna Bhai

As awesome as the first one !!!
Arshad Warsi, as Cirkit, simply rocks !!!!
Cannot wait for more Munna Bhai & Cirkit adventures !!!

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (Munnabhai M.B.B.S.)

The most awesome movie ever ... you love it ever time you see it ... from whichever point its on ...!!!!


Very disappointed with this movie!!!
Take a very lame love story
Average actors
Dump some exciting masala about cricket, match fixing, betting and Woolmer's death !!! &
voila .. YOU HAVE JANNAT !!!!
Even the music is ordinary ... and the one good song Judaai (male version) is missing from the movie ...!!!


Verdict: Waste of time
Kind of like Metro ... Sirf also presents 4 inter-twined stories of 4 couples ... !
The problem lies in the fact that none of the stories are strong enough to touch you, their presentation is ghastly (the females actually look scary at times !!!), and ending utterly disappointing (why did the little girl need to die ?!!?)... !!!

Lions for Lambs

Another movie that actually gets down to the reality of how for personal/individual gains the 'war on terror' needs to go on .... at the cost of innocent lives ...!!

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Verdict: Highly recommended!!!!!
Great performances
Well-written story and dialogs
Downey is a show-stealer as the Ironman/Tony Stark ...
Overall awesome, especially for a superhero movie !

P.S. I Love You

Had loved the book!
A the movie version was a close second !
Very bittersweet and cute look at love and marriage - in this world and after one partner dies !!

Kal Ho Naa Ho

funny, cute, emotional and overall brilliant ... !!!
Just love this movie ...

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag - Journey of a Woman

Had no expectations from this movie ... but actually found it to be extremely well-presented, with excellent performances all over!!
Rani was brilliant as usual ... and i am surprised that the Indians did not recognize her work with at least some nominations....


Tashan = Torture !!!
Story - none
Songs - very average
Presentation - ridiculous
All THAT hype ... THIS star cast ... and outcome is utter rubbish !!!


Presenting the impact of cyber voyeurism, the movie is a pretty predictable on the whole !

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

A nice, pleasant watch ...
the book version was somehow more touching for me ...

Krazzy 4
Krazzy 4(2008)

Verdict: waste of time!
Borders preachy, boring and over-the-top at the same time !!! Definitely NOT funny or fun from anywhere ...!


The concept had u curious enuff to watch it ... but u leave wondering the point of it all ...
extremely predictable and ordinary movie
no extraordinary moments ...
and the no closure to the story (because they needed to leave room for the sequel!!!)


If one watched in the realm of un-realistic cinema one would have a lot of fun ...
Locales and cinematography - excellent
Music - foot-tapping
Story - has enough mystery (and twists) to keep you glued
Acting - belongs to Akshay only - rest were good support
Looks - Saif looks the yummiest EVER !!! Bips & Kats look sexy all the way ...
Overall - Time well spent !!!

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

Cute, funny ... extremely predictable ... nonetheless a great feel-good time pass watch !!!


Pretty average story ...
Arshad Wari & Irfan Khan and their banter made it worth a watch ... otherwise one could easily have shut it off !!!


Presentation and style - Excellent
Story - decent, had its moments
Performances - average

Overall - a decent timepass, if u r not looking for too much from it!!!

Mad Money
Mad Money(2008)

Had no expectations from this movie ... but was really entertained! Decent (kinna off-beat) story, well-presented, prefect casting and funny one-liners ... overall time well spent !!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

i have watched this movie a million times ... and i am still in absolute love with it !!! A movie where Shahrukh Khan is just a perfect 10 as Raj ...


This is a classic ... loved it !!


stylishly made ... but it lacked the soul of the original ...!

Mithya (VK Ki Kahani)

not ur usual bollywood film ... over-the-top in the realm of reality ... ! I just expected better from the team ...

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Unrealistic for sure ... but still watching Cage and team decipher the clues/codes and finding the treasure is loads of fun !!!

Traffic Signal

more than a movie (coz the story angle aint THAT strong !!!) ... this is a great docu-drama on the lives in the street and the workings behind it !!


interesting story, performances and presentation of the movie !
It was fun to watch the mind-games and the dark one-liners between Law and Caine ...

Jodhaa Akbar
Jodhaa Akbar(2008)

Set and costumes - beautiful
Story - average and too long
Ash - looks good and believable in the role
Hrithik - looks great but cannot swallow him as the great Akbar

To me the grandeur and emotions an epic like this required are missing ... especially don't like the Hollywood ripped off war/fight sequences ...

Friends With Money

mediocre at its best ... worse being that the film has no conclusive ending and the story and title having no co-relation ...! Expected it to be a funny chick flick, which it sooooo wasn't !!!!!

The Nanny Diaries

Fairly decent, kinna funny chick flick. Good insight on the confused and plastic lives of rich ...

You Kill Me
You Kill Me(2007)

The subtle humor and one-liners are what makes this movie worth a watch ...! Enjoyable ...

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

I am a fan of animated comedies ... and this sure as hell is a good one i've seen after a long time ... !!! Keeps me smiling all the way ... :-)

Alvin and the Chipmunks

With 3 adorable chipmucks and some cute moments, the movie was overall a pretty routine watch !

The Illusionist

Found the twists in the plot pretty intriguing ... and thoroughly enjoyable !!!

Lucky You
Lucky You(2007)

This movie is only enjoyable if you watch it for the poker angle (which is some-what fun!!!!) ... the love story, the comedy, the father-son relationship hardly got any attention !!!


The bond of two women, from two different backgrounds, has been very well knit in this movie ... !!! Different story - presented in a very nice style ...!

Happily N'ever After

nice concept ... started off well-enough ... but then it just got to be boring !!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

better than the second one ... but to me the first was an all time classic ..!! Dont know why they had to put in so many sick and gross looking characters ... ugh

The Brave One

predictable, slow ... a typical Jodie Foster "me fighting against the world" flick ...

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

Put super-heroes in a high-school .. and rest is all typical kiddy/chick flick ... with romance, arch-enemies, etc etc ...

Monsoon Wedding

A master-piece of cross-over cinema ... love the blend of an extremely serious subject with the light, fun moments ...! Shava Shava all the way ... !!


An extremely pleasant surprise ... the little girl in me loved the 'happily ever after fairy tale' .. and grown up throughly enjoyed the creative story-telling, humor and unique treatment!!!

In the Valley of Elah

A bit slow-paced on the unveiling of the 'mystery' part... this movie opens your eyes to the fact how crazy the situation has become with the youth of US, by being sent off to pointless wars like Iraq ... ! Recommended

We Own the Night

The only thing that came into my mind once i finished this movie was ... "IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER!!!" ... It has all the necessary elements - great concept, brillant star cast, .. just the overall outcome was really predictable, seen and average ...!

Mr. Woodcock
Mr. Woodcock(2007)

Pretty average and predictable fare overall ... the banter between Thornton and Scott was a saving grace !!!

No Country for Old Men

This started off really well ... and the build-up, cat n mouse chase, etc was well done ... however i wish the story would have had a closure, because now i am just left wondering the point of ALL that killing and mayhem !!!

Delhii Heights

Just another flick evaluating marriage ... love a few songs and some of the scenes ... but otherwise predictable and average !!

There Will Be Blood

Except for Daniel Day-Lewis' performance this was a pretty ordinary and pointless film ...

The Hunting Party

A little over the top with these two journalists and a sidekick achieving in 2-3 days which the world couldnt in years (catch scary war criminals!!!) ... but thats the point the movie was making anyways so cant complain ... !!!


Realistic and well-made, the movie opens ur eyes to the fact that all's NOT well in ur life just coz u have a Green Card or u are an American ... the terrorist-freaked US govt. could still 'get' to u ...!!!

Aaja Nachle
Aaja Nachle(2007)

An extremely pleasant and 'entertaining' surprise! Madhuri looks awesome and its a great feel good movie ... The "Laila-Majnu" show was REALLY well done !!!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Prolly the best of the 3, with the least over the top moments (like Indy getting drenched but the thin paper remaining untattered!!!) ... Sean Connery rocks as the dad !!!

Michael Clayton

Expected a 'stronger' movie ... ! This was just ok ... story-wise its a typical tale of bad-good guy turning to a new leaf after something significant happens ... here unfortunately except for the final scene nothing packs a solid enough punch ..! Could've been better ...

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

These are fun to watch as a kid ... as a grown up u find a lot of (cool !?!?) scenes very over the top ... ! But again it IS a classic ..


Unusual and upbeat story-telling ... for not such a simple story of teenage pregnancy! ... with great one-liners and awesome characterization from Juno to the parents ...

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

...and i thought the Himesh Reshammiya bollywood flick was bad!!! 90 minutes of mindless killing ... which only one man, one prostitute and one newly-born baby survive ... everyone else dies !!! Wowee .... brilliant and original ...

Khosla Ka Ghosla

really cute, simple story .. backed by great performances, music and dialogue !! Chak de phatte ...

Bride and Prejudice

Love the book, havent liked a single movie adaptation ... and this bollywoodization of the Austen classic was more painful. The two stars is just was Chadha's imagination ... !!!!

No Entry
No Entry(2005)

Stupid, pointless and senseless ... but laugh-out-loud, hold-your-stomach funny !!!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Very filmy ... but it is still an all-time classic !!!

Halla Bol
Halla Bol(2008)

Interesting take on "good fighting evil and winning against all odds" !!! Good performances and some great scenes ... but the story takes forever in getting to the point !!!

American Gangster

Very gripping saga of two men on different sides ... honest to their profession and as people ...! Denzel Washington, however, stole the show !!!

Columbo: Any Old Port in a Storm (TV SHOW)

A bit slower and lengthier than the usual episode ... what was interesting to watch how the killer got caught because of his own expertise in wines ...


Interesting psychological thriller ... off-beat style and story for bollywood ...

Daddy Day Camp

A major, predictable snooze-fest ... yaaawwnnnnn .....

Columbo: Lovely But Lethal (TV SHOW)

It was fun to watch the 'young' Martin Sheen ... and the cutthroat cosmetics business! Funny how the kill was after a 'miracle' anti-aging cream formula ... something we dont even thing about 30 years after this episode ...

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

Typical 'happy ending' chick flick ... enjoyed the modernization of Snow White and the Seven "Dorks" though ...

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

Other than the locales the movie is pretty ordinary ... dont understand the reason for the soppy love story ...

The Game Plan

The kid in this movie steals the show .. ! It is as regular Hollywood masala flick with ups and downs and predictable emotional moment ... but was a fun timepass ...


Decent film .. with ok twists ... just coz didnt have any expectations from it !!!

Columbo: Double Shock

Interesting season finale ... where the chase leads to double culprits ... not as tight and mind-blowing as usual ... but still pretty good !!

A Mighty Heart

This movie has been made more like a documentary so the emotional connection with any of the characters cannot be made at any point ... for me it was fun to watch Karachi in a movie though!

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

A pretty ordinary horror/sci-fi flick ... with nothing but Will Smith in it ...

Columbo: The Most Dangerous Match

The murder resulting from simple competitiveness of Clayton ... and the sheer genius of both the killer for covering all his tracks and Columbo (for catching him just coz he is deaf !!!) Brilliant story-writing


Nice story ... more display of emotions both from Columbo and the killer ... and an exciting plot built around doctors ...

Charlie Wilson's War

Love the irony summed up at the movie's end ...!!! It is on such a serious subject, of bringing down the USSR with the Afghan War, but the story has been packaged in a very light-hearted manner ... a delight to watch just for the candidness, Tom Hanks and Hoffman!!

The Bucket List

kinna funny, heart-warming, feel-good movie with top-notch performances ... nice approach towards death !!!

Page 3
Page 3(2005)

Bhandarkar's style of story telling and his choice of subjects are simply brilliant ... ! In Page 3, he has gotten perfectly to the pulse of the A-list world...

Like Stars on Earth

A PERFECT MOVIE ... It makes u laugh, cry and hurt ... all through the eyes of an 8-year old ... and boy does it succeed ... :-D ... awesome !! couldnt be anything else since Aamir Khan was behind it all the way (producing, directing and acting)!!!

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Except of the Mexican Pengiun bunch (who were the saving grace) the movie bordered ordinary and preachy ...

Columbo: Requiem for a Falling Star

Nice work by Columbo catching the movie star for two-in-one murder ... watching the Hollywood sets and studios was interesting !


the story is interesting enough ... i just wish the director/writers had worked on putting a drama/suspense/action element in the movie ...


No story, bad songs, wasn't even funny in a mindless way!
A really poor show keeping in view that the expectations from this movie were really high after watching the promos and based on the star-cast ...

Columbo: Dagger of the Mind

It was interesting to watch Columbo in London (sight-seeing). On the solving the murder bit the story and the approach was a little haywire than other episodes ....

Gone Baby Gone

Excellent direction debut by Ben Affleck!
The movie is sensitive, emotional and intriguing ... and Casey gives an awesome performance ...

Dus Kahaniyaan

Overall: Must watch just for the concept, style and presentation
Performance-wise: Shabana Azmi and Nana Patekar were the best!!
Story-wise: Matrimony, Strangers in the night and Zahir were the shockers ... although the rest were well-done too ...
100% marks to White Feathers for the concept and a brilliant final outcome ..

The Kingdom
The Kingdom(2007)

The climax killed this movie ... the start was good, storytelling very real, Saudis their actual self ... but after a point the movie just became filmy with all possible cinematic liberities ... O yea and the guy who played the Saudi was really good!!!!

Columbo: The Most Crucial Game

Now this is what a Columbo classic is all about ... !!! Catching the killer in his own game of wit and brains ... !!!

Columbo: The Greenhouse Jungle

didnt enjoy it as much as others in the past ... found the protege bit pretty annoying and villian a little blad too ...

Columbo: Étude in Black

Another very nice chapter in the Columbo saga ...

Eastern Promises

An interesting, realistic take on the mafia world ...

Columbo: Blueprint for Murder

Columbo really cornered the killer in this one ... and it was well put together as a story ...

Columbo: Short Fuse

Unique murderer ... nice style of 'confession' !!!

Evan Almighty

pretty pointless ... and kiddy ...!!!

Columbo: Lady in Waiting

finally a Columbo where i was able to guess how the killer gets caught !!!

Suitable for Framing

now this 'solving' of the mystery REALLY took me by surprise ... good job as usual Lt. Columbo ...

Columbo: Dead Weight

loads of fun ... kept me wondering Columbo will 'get' this guy keeping in view that he had wooed his REAL witness away ....

Good Advice
Good Advice(2001)

its a good fun movie to watch ... and i have enjoyed it every time i've seen it !!!

Columbo: Death Lends a Hand

ohhhhhh ... i love this episode of Columbo ! Have seen it many times before but just love how the killer is 'caught' here ....

Columbo: Murder by the Book

very nice ... not the best ... but u cannot help but love Columbo for being his annoying self :-D

Ransom for a Dead Man

As a die-hard Columbo fan ... i just love it ...

Columbo: Prescription Murder

The begining of Columbo ... who is always at his best !!!

Meet the Robinsons

i just love these animations ... both for their visual brilliance and proof of how far creative limits are pushed by the people who have conceived it !!! ...

Dhan Dhana Dhan... Goal

Got to give credit for an non-bollywood concept ... however the movie was still pretty 'filmy' in the end ...!!! Arshad Warsi acted well, rest were just show pieces ....


This movie is an exact opposite to the realistic cinema ... taking you in a fantasy world and making you wish you were there too !!! The story is very simple and sweet, sets and lighting brilliant and awesome use of music ... Even the performances are really nice ... Dont write it off because some people dont understand it ...

Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om(2007)

Perfect case of hype leading to box office success when the movie has no substance!! Only good watch was the song with 31 stars which you REALLY enjoy ...

The Bourne Ultimatum

Just mindblowing awesome ... love the pace ... it ROCKS BIG TIME!!!!

Manorama Six Feet Under

this movie is slooooooooooow !!! and the director has really dragged us to getting to the point!!!

License to Wed

Not bad time-pass ....! Is funny at times and kinna cute too !!!

Ocean's Thirteen

Awesome ... love these amazing con/theft capers ....!!!!

Good Luck Chuck

Funny and enjoyable ... not ur typical romantic comedy ...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

these movies have always been okaaaaaay for me ... !!!


Pathbreaking for Indian cinema ... very nicely done !!!

Jab We Met
Jab We Met(2007)

A really cute movie ... plus Shahid and Kareena look great together!!!

The Bourne Supremacy

Find the Bourne movies much superior than the Bond series ... very believable ... keep them coming ...

Thank You for Smoking

Not for everyone!!!I thought it would all be about smoking was pleasently surprized it was about my profession PR ... great presentation of the profession and kudos to the team ...

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Granted that its a good movie, with good songs, funny moments and great acting (Vidya Balan and Akshay) ... i personally dont love this genre (ghost sagas) and i felt the ending dragged a taaaad toooooooo much for me .... we knew the culprit 40 minutues before the movie actually ended ... thats dragging for me!!!!

Chak de! India

This is brilliant for indian cinema ... you can easily compare it to any Hollywood sports flick like Coach Carter or Remember the Titans ... !!! But kudos to the team ... and Shahrukh is awesome !!!

Johnny Gaddaar

Pretty unique a movie coming out of Bollywood ... the pace is good till the second half when it slows a bit .. well-shot, nice concept, presented and packaged nicely .. over-all a good movie ... worth a watch !!!

Surviving Christmas

An average movie ... pretty predictable ... however did have some seriously funny moments which saved it ...!!


OMG ... this was a painful experience ... barring a few jokes this was a completely predictable and blah movie ...

Ishq Vishk
Ishq Vishk(2003)

cute college love-story ... which gave us the youth icons Shahid Kappor and Amrita Rao ...!!!


Another of those Jodie Foster against the world movies ... where all ends well !!!


Story of a genius ... who is the daughter of a genius ... difficulties in following footsteps and people accepting it!!! Keeps you hooked on ... but the problem is nothing really happens to give the story a proper closure ... !!!

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

This is so fricking funny .... I died laughing .... A MUST WATCH !!!!

Heyy Babyy
Heyy Babyy(2007)

Complete Hindi Masala flick ... funny, some good songs, good performances ... and Vidya Balan looks great ...!! Much better than a lot of Indian crap i've recently seen ...


really really nice movie ... kept the interest going throughout ... found 'something' missing in the way it end though ...

The Bourne Identity

hated the book ... was really impressed with the movie .... am glad i finally watched it ..!!!

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

nice combination of humor and emotions ..!!! Situations shown from both male and female perspective ... Recommended!

Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks(2007)

As creepy as this sounds (coz the good does not really WIN at the end of this movie) i actually enjoyed watching it ... Time-well spent!!!

Pyaar Ke Side Effects

surprizingly nice off-beat movie about 21st century relationships ... and where you realize Mallika can actually carry a role !

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (We Are Travellers on the Path of Love)

Awwwwwwwwwww ... the awesome Amir-Juhi pair, cute kids, great songs ... perfect timepass to date!!

Maine Pyar Kiya (I Fell In Love) (When Love Calls)

This is the movie where i fell in looove with Salman Khan !! A classic

Hum Tum
Hum Tum(2004)

Indianized version of When Harry Met Sally ... but still sweet, with great performances and songs!! The Hum Tum cartoons are really cute...

Hum Aapke Hain Koun...! (What Am I to You...!)

this movie is a classic! Nothing landmark in the storyline ... still you cannot help loving it ...!!

Dil Se..
Dil Se..(1998)

This movie is awesome ... the music is classic ... and it just touches you in totality ...

Dil Chahta Hai

This movie marks the turnaround of indian cinema... love it !!!

Straight From the Heart (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam)

one of the VERY few movies i liked Ashwarya in ...!!


a complete masala flick ...!


Great fun to watch ...! Especially loved the humor blended with the action ...


slick but silly ... i don't even know why ppl in hindi cinema try to make flicks on the line of Italian Job and Ocean's series ... when they cannot pull it off ... this movie is a classic case of "Bollywood failing to be Hollywood" ... Verdict: waste of time

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

another useless sci-fi movie ...


really nice cute movie ... love the animations ... actually there are moments when i forget it is an animation ...

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Pretty good watch ... loads of fun ... time well spent !!

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

Was expecting another brat goes right movie ... turns out its out!! .. But it wasn't funny or dramatic ... just draggy ...

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

Cute and fairly funny ... decent time-pass

I Think I Love My Wife

its a movie for married men ... who would either feel "oh my god, I have been there" ... or ... "i wish this was me..."

The Simpsons Movie

oh boy ... there was nothing exciting about this movie ... i found it painful, but then i am not a simpsons fan ... who might love it ...


good film .. but another one of those cases where i found the book to be better ...

Cheeni Kum
Cheeni Kum(2007)

keeps u smiling and is really cute movie ... drags a bit near the end (the Paresh Rawal section, which could have been VERY funny) ...!!!

Khuda Ke Liye

awesome ... kickass ... MUST WATCH! Turning point of Pakistani movie industry ...
Go buy your ticket rite now and watch it!! Its 3-hours well spent ...

Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly(2000)

decent timepass ... girls get the 'soppy romance' .. guys get 'hot chicks dancing on bars' ... something for everyone ...

Code Name: The Cleaner

pretty blaah ... guys might find watching (read: ogling) the women interesting ... thats it!!!!

Mr. Bean's Holiday

Recommended only for those who enjoy his humor ... i found it blaaaah ...


its okaaaay... direction let it down! nice concept and could've ended better ... Recommendation: Watch it if you nothing better to do.


a very nice court/crime drama, great performances, well-made ... Recommended!


another nice look at the mythical "American dream"


such a 'blah' thriller ...


the movie takes forever in actually getting to the point ... and then also is just ordinary ...

Live Free or Die Hard

love the one liners through-out the movie ...

Super Size Me

A movie which can change lives ... or our perspective towards fast-food dining!!!


a complete leave ur brain aside timepass movie !!! should only be watched for Govinda-Salman Khan chemistry ...


good fun watch ... esp coz i got to see a Indian movie at a cinema in Karachi!!! :-p

Aap Ka Surroor

OMG!!!!!! its is like the height of cinematic / creative liberty!!!! ... and i am being generous with the rating ...

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

creepy and disturbing ... but worth a watch!

Casino Royale

Pretty surprised to realize this Bond movie actually had a story ... !


great idea ... gone haywire in execution ...!!!

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

just a timepass ... with a few nice moments ..!!! not recommended unless one wants to watch it for the good music and Abhishek's acting ...

Shrek the Third

funny ... but i prefer the first two ANY DAY!

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

like the 'mean' peter parker act ... decent time-pass !!!

Life in a... Metro

very nicely interpreted view of today's Mumbai ... situation & characters we can associate with ...

Bheja Fry
Bheja Fry(2007)

it has some moments ... but over all its over-rated!

Shootout at Lokhandwala

pretty good ... didnt think i'd be able to swallow it ... but i cud :-p

Bad Boys II
Bad Boys II(2003)

funny ... love Will Smith !