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Southland Tales
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

An absolutely nonsensical mess. Bankrupt philosophy-lite for emo types who saw Darko as the second coming; this is a journey into Richard Kelly's mind via his ass. It's Kelly's HEAVEN'S GATE - except Cimino's HG was good. To it's credit though, it has some (unintentional) laughs.

10,000 B.C.
10,000 B.C. (2008)
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Maybe the single stupidest movie I've seen. The 'cavemen' haven't discovered any kind of farming tool, yet they've all got well groomed mid-90s black guy boy band facial hair and nice teeth. I guess being a caveman metrosexual is more important than progress. Not to mention all the other dumb stuff (people and dinosaurs, Atlanteans, etc) - that on the making of they take seriously as a 'alternate' interpretation of history. Emmerich also calls this film a work of art. It isn't. Not by a long long long long long shot.