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No Country for Old Men

Definitely my favorite Coen Brother's film to date. Javier Bardem gives Anthony Hopkins Hannible Lector a run for his money. Beautifully directed and filmed, this movie should be seen as soon as possible.


Not, the original... but for a generation that is do dead set on remakes, this is one of the best you'll find to date.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

It's as close to perfect as movies come now a days.


Kevin Bacon is the greatest actor of our time... too bad he only showed it in this movie...I'd bet he could still make a sequal.


Usually I'll write a long drawn out review for movies I like... but this movie was so well done, it hurt my feelings.

The Simpsons Movie

Funny at times but Homer was right, there's no reason to pay 10 bucks to see something you can watch on TV for free.


Great movie, I know the guy who made it, so I'm mildy bias tho.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

First off 2 of the 3 stars are there for Johnny Depp and his portrayal of the now legendary character, Captain Jack Sparrow. The plot wasn't horrible but it definitely didn't do much for me. The other star is credited to the excellent ending but it couldn't save an otherwise dull story and a film with excessive/over the top CGI and special effects. (*make sure you stick around after the credits)

Dot the I
Dot the I(2003)

"The camera never lies, even when it deceives." Dot the I was one of the sleeper films of 2005. The film brings up many questions about society's take on reality and takes a look at the thin line between the reel world and the real world. Where the ending of the film can be argued as "over the top," most of the twists and turns make for a very entertaining film with and excellent cast.

Night Watch
Night Watch(2006)

Excellent film with a great ending. The film is a mixture of Star Wars story concepts and the Matrix visual concepts. It's a foreign film so if you have a problem with subtitles, try and get over it. The film also involves some very fantastic concepts, even though I personally dislike fantasy movies, this film did a good job of adding a real aspect to a story that's far out there.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

There is nothing to dislike about this picture. Robert Downey Jr. is absolutely superb. Val Kilmer is with out a doubt at his best. And Michelle Monaghan, well she's smokin. Great Action. Great color schemes. Fantastic cinematography. The best story and dialogue of 2005. This film is a true homage to great Film Noir. Shane Black completely out did himself and due to a poor commercialization budget the film is now becoming a cult classic. Don't rent this film, buy it, you'll want to show it off to everyone!

The Celebration (Festen)

This dogme film is superb. Great plot twists and excellent acting. The film is completely filmed on hand held, so be warned if you easily get motion sickness. This film is truly a masterpiece and the less you know about the story the better it will be.

The Big Chill

This movie is fantastic. It is no visual or cinematic masterpiece but the story and the acting makes up for everything! The movie does move fairly slow but music featuring The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and others keeps you back in the movie. The film touches on some very tough issues, and it's one of the first films to discuss the realities of suicide. The Big Chill is the kind of movie that will mean something different every time you watch it. The movie has messages that are constantly evolving much and the characters are easy to relate to.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The film is perfect; it's the definition of cinematic brilliance. George, Steven, and Harrison at their best. If you haven't seen this film, cancel your plans for the rest of the day and find whatever friend has the biggest and loudest TV. It is a favorite among big time filmmakers and will stand the test of time as the greatest adventure film ever made.