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Night Skies
Night Skies (2007)
2 years ago via Movies on Facebook

So-so Alien Invasion movie that bases itself off of the very strange and unexplained light formation that shined over Nevada about 10 years ago. As the lights were shining, an RV full of terrible and annoying actors are driving through the woods and crash into a broken down vehicle, nearly killing the driver (depressed, suicidal Jason Connery who is the ONLY likable character in this film). Anyways, soon, they are all getting picked off one by one by some pissed off little visitors. It's all pretty boring until the last 15 minutes which are pretty enjoyable if you like mass amounts of gore, torture, and transportational abortions! That was fun and just about worth sitting through 80 minutes of boredom.

Godzilla vs. Gigan
3 years ago via Movies on Facebook

One of my all-time favorite Godzilla foes, Gigan, is introduced, and along with King Ghidorah, they set out from space to Tokyo to destroy Earth, it's people, and it's monsters, specifically Godzilla and Angilas. The film still has that uncomfortable kid-friendly tone to it, not to mention whoever decided it was time for godzilla to talk was a REAL FUCK-UP!!! Still, Gigan is awesome and he even runs a buzzsaw through Godzilla and makes him shed some blood for a little bit. Mindless fun!

Who Can Kill a Child? (Quin puede matar a un nio?)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

This film makes Children of the Corn look very weak. A very creepy and tense-filled spanish spooker with very scary children doing very bad things. Why does it happen? Who know? Very interesting correlation with Hitchcock's The Birds.

The Nail Gun Massacre
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

LOFUCKINGL!!! This film was fucking ridiculous. The acting was so fucking awful that my head nearly exploded, but somehow, someway, this film was entertaining, ONLY for the fact that someone is viciously murdered nearly ever 5 minutes. Seriously, the body count was huge. Also, there was one really nice pair of tits in this retarded film. Needless to say, someone goes around shooting nails into people. That's it. Also, the ending is pretty ridiculous and, honestly, quite confusing. Still, fucking hilarious.

One Dark Night
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

One Dark Night is the creepy 80's classic about sorority pledge Meg Tilly whose determined to join a popular group that is ran by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who is considerably jealous and mean-spirited as her and her group put her through the ultimate hell by having her stay the night at the creepy mausoleum. Unbeknownst to them, an evil man who is capable of moving objects and drawing energy from victims has just been buried there, but he is far from dead as he uses his powers from beyond the grave to make the evening especially traumatic for his latest set of victims. A side story involving the madman's estranged daughter learning of his powers as well as her own, which include visions of the girls being haunted in the mausoleum. Adam West shows up as her husband in a somewhat wasted, but still slightly comical role. I'm ashamed I've only now seen this movie as it was very enjoyable. Considering the sometimes risque subject matter, not to mention the sheer creepiness throughout some of the movie, and the usage of grotesque dead body effects, it's a wonder that this film is only rated PG. This certifies my thoughts on the MPAA being a corrupt system of people with right-wing agendas who would have instantly rated this movie R nowadays. Back then PG films had balls, as this little underrated gem does. Good effects, good characters, decently thrilling and chilling. Great directorial debut from Tom McLoughlin, who would go on to direct other great horror fare like Friday the 13th 6: Jason Lives and Sometimes They Come Back. Granted, it spends an hour building and building, but when all hell breaks loose, it totally becomes worth it. Fun film!