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Atomic Blonde

Liked it.. It actually only could have ended in either of two ways, but you couldn't be sure until the end.. worth seeing, maybe not as suspense a second time but..

Hidden Figures

Intresting and rather distastful how people were treated.. and also a good story about the space race.

A Wrinkle in Time

There are few movies over the the years ghat have put me to sleep, but dear gods what a drag this was.. definitly nothing that gets watched again..

Hotel Transylvania 2

Totally ok sequal, they are a funny gang..

The Huntsman: Winter's War

Far better than the first one.. this actually makes sense, both as a story and a movie. I got a little "Willow" feeling from it, not that the are alike at all, but it's cousy at times..

The Dirt
The Dirt(2019)

Loved it, loved it, loved it.. missed parts of the book, and parts of history, but that's always the problem with making movies.. But this one could have been 3h longer!!

John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.

Snake is a true bad ass.. Sure they kind of recycled the first one, but that doesn't make it bad, just not as exciting..

The Happytime Murders

Muppets gone bad, not as bad as meeting the Febles but more adult then the fluffy Muppets.. Has it's glory moments but not so many thst it's a keeper..

Bird Box
Bird Box(2018)

Ok, not something that I'll probably will watch again, but surely worth seeing the first time. Sure it has it's holes, and major misscalculations, but it still manage to fulfill it's greatest purpose.. to entertain for the duration of it's time so...


Ok, probably not a go back to movie, but absolutley worth watching a first time..

Independence Day: Resurgence

Like a bad version of the first one.. Didn't we already watch this movie before?

The Mummy
The Mummy(2017)

It started out really good but quickly went south.. and when Russel Crowe anounced himself as Jeckyl and Hyde, then there was no turning back..

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Ok, more deaph and meaning then I expected, but still not a keeper..

Life of the Party

Not her best film, but far from bad. It actually had multiple times when I was laughing out loud.. worth watching.

Escape from New York

Can't believe I've missed this one all my life.. A new classic defenitely to be seen again.

Wish Upon
Wish Upon(2017)

Not the highest rated movie of the year I presume..one would think peopme would learn but... thtere is better for you if you like horror..

Captain Marvel

This movie was actually better than I thought it would be.. I'm really not a fan of Superman and those kind of unstoppable heros.. It doesn't make it that exciting when they 're unstoppable..but they really made the charachter believable in this one.

Alita: Battle Angel

Loved it. After the two hours had gone bye I still wanted more, couldn't believe the time was up.. can't wait to see it again!


Long, so long without happenings.. I expected much more..

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Way below the first one, I can't believe how they could drop the ball so much... Felt long, wierd, unispirational and without that magic...

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

They sadly don't get better.. but still entertaining..


This is how they should have been done from the beginning.. simple, elegant and not (Michael) Bayisch.. The G1 era of Transformers never needed small parts spinning in every joint, they were build robust, simple and ready for battle, not just show and tell..

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Has it's ups and downs.. but I expected more so I'm a little dissapointed..


Oh such horror, and with that I mean it's horrible bad.. at first it looks ok, but nothing happens for to long so you loose interrest, then they bring back the tension with the accident, and you actually feel horrifyed.. but afer the first wave it just dies, and the rest of the movie is such a drag that I didn't even manage to stay awake for the whole thing.. terrible..


Rather stupid if you make your beginning from the short that runs on christmas.. doesn't fit at all..

The Santa Clause

This wasn't as terrible as I remembered.. Not the greatest either but.. ok..

Revenge of the Ninja

Omg that's so cheesy.. even for an eighties film this was just.. it never captered me, or that eighties classic feeling..


The graphic effects must have been stunning nearly 40 years ago.. although I'm wondering if the story was??


Well, you never know, and you wouldn't either.. Scary idea, and the movie raises alot of questions, thought doesn't answer all of them.. by purpose or?? Neglect?


It's a nice story, and Arnorld oäis actually really good as the loving father.. but my god how little happens in this movie, it drags out its 90 min, making them feel lika 398...

Enemies Closer

Van Damme makes a good villian in this otherwise wierd composion.. fight scenes and logical thinking of the good kind is rather scarse..

Deep Blue Sea 2 - Double Feature

Part 2: To be a movie that clocks in at under 1.30, it feels so much longer. They also missed out on the part were you should feel some fear and/or suspense when there's a shark in the water..

Jurassic Predator

It is as terrible that one might think.. the plot itself didn't even get a chance to be in the movie.. the acting is only as bad as the producing..

Jaws of Satan

Corny, cheesy and well.. some laughs though not that they were intended.. and the laws of moviemaking were not obayed.. entertaining at least

Game Night
Game Night(2018)

It keeps you on your thoes through out the whole movie. You never know what's real or not..

The Snowman
The Snowman(2017)

An excellent example of a movie that never gets to where it's going.. It never really got my attention..

The Crown and the Dragon

A quite dreadful movie.. the plot is one thing, but why add the dragon to it?? Makes no sense.. and when it's so easily defeated, it automaticly vanishes if you connect the horn.. that's just stupid..

The Nun
The Nun(2018)

It was ok.. but i don't relly get the cronology.. and why did the evil disapeare for so many years?? Until it surfaces in "The Conjuring 2"..??


This film came out nowhere, I didn't even know they where making it.. Cool story, maybe a little to much, but then again if you dedicate yourself to training for five years.. then you might just get that edge..


The movie itself wasn't that good, but I can't say the same about McAvoy, his performance is really good, not easy to change character that frequently..

Boyka: Undisputed (Boyka: Undisputed IV)

Love the character, funny script writing though how he always finds himself in a tournament.. but it's well filmed, keeping the camera in a bit of a distance so you can see the moves, otherwise what's the point?!!

Bad Ass 3: Bad Asses on the Bayou

Cheesy as the come, but then that's the charm with them. You know what you will.get before you've seen it..

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

If they were not able to get the full cast to come back, why even bother if you don't even have a good script.. sure there are some laughs but, it doesn't carry itself..

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It was long, good but long.. but it makes you wonder, how many times the world could end and it's always the same guy that saves in litteraly the last second.. but I shouldn't complain, if he keeps this standard he sure can make another one and I will watch it..

Open Water
Open Water(2004)

This is really not a situation that I would like to find myself in.. Terrafying to sat the least..

Bad Moms
Bad Moms(2016)

This movie was good the first time, haven't really felt the need to see it again so therefor I can't realky grade it higher.. but if you haven't seen it, do.. If you're a parent you will recognise alot..


A quite boring movie were the songs a suppose to do all the work, but musical need to be extra good to be good..

Home Again
Home Again(2017)

So not what I was expecting, and a dissaster as far as a Witherspoon movie.. sure she wants to do something different but, doesn't really cut it for me..

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Actually, this installment is more like the first one, (a espionage film) then all of it's predececcors. Not at all as much big explosions as the other ones, and that's how it should be..

The Boss
The Boss(2016)

A rather "vanilla" installation for a McCarthy movie.. Still it's woth checking out.. but maybe not something that's worth owning..

Alien: Covenant

I don't really know what to say.. hated the first part, liked the almost return of the real ectomorph.. but can't reaaly wrap my head around the ending.. there actually is a bigger need now for another film to tigh things together with the original, then after "Prometheus".... or??..


They missed out on doing this like a new "Alien", the character has everything that could make him a as scary as the first apperance of the ectomorph.. but no.. we need another actionmovie.. ok then, but how about they would have used the first "Spiderman" trilogy (Tobey Mcguires) as the prolog to this one, instead of totally fucking up the origin story!!??? When Venom/Eddie Brock dissapears in the implosion, he could have reapeared in San Fransisco.. Just a thought...

Despicable Me 3

The wurst in the bunch.. with that said, it's not bad, just not as good. Still worth a look.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Didn't reach as high as the first one.. but it still is funny, entertaining and exciting. And in my opinion the both will last (hold their worth through time).

We Bought a Zoo

I though it was really cute, a little corny but, that's have they should be..

Man of Tai Chi

The fighting scenes are actually quite good.. Keanu as a big bad guy didn't really go all the way.. eventhough it's better then the alternative...

Grudge Match
Grudge Match(2013)

Could have been more charming.. maybe played on the characters the played before..? I don't know..

Why Him?
Why Him?(2016)

An average movie.. Had some moments but to little love to be good..


Talk about having that old cosy 80's feeling to it.. love it..

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Not as god as the first one. But then again, it was big shoes to fill..

Underworld: Blood Wars

Nothing new nothing really exciting, except Kate in spandex.. what can go wrong there??

Lady Bloodfight

I was hoping for a new version of Kickboxer, but it was not.. and as most new fighscenes they are to fast and shot to close so you never see anything...

Pitch Perfect 3

Neither of these films are great, but they're all harmless and quite entertaining to watch..

The Commuter
The Commuter(2018)

Another Neeson thriller, by this time you know what to expect.. not his best movie, but then that is hardly Liam's fault.. he can hold his own..

Hard Target 2

Not what I had hoped on.. it's a terrible sequal, with wierd "superman" stances, poor dialogue and dumb decissions.. Adkins gets to deliever some cool moves, but not enough to salvage this movie.. It reminds of former glory but doesn't find that magic from the 80's and early 90's..

Return to Sender

Why did I watch this..made no sense and was really boring from time to time..


Think I have to watch this again to give it a fair grade..

Passion Play
Passion Play(2011)

Talk about falling flat on it's back.. the idea is nice but the result is nowhere near..

Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas

Lot's of odd characters in this..starts of kinda grand but then loses it's momentum..

Hard Target
Hard Target(1993)

One of his more silly movies I have to say.. to much shooting and to little kicking, and when he kicks, it's after he shot the guy...??

Absolutely Anything

It could have been funnier, came across at somewhat pale.. worth watching just for Kate's sake if nothing else..??

The Shallows
The Shallows(2016)

Thrilling, suspense, and a little stupid.. why would a shark hunt something when it doesn't have to?? They would go for the easy target.. but logic asside, it was worth watching..

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne(2016)

Don't really see the meaning of this movie, didn't it feel complete after the third one.. And now they killed Nickie (Julia Stiles) so what's the point.. And even Heather (Alicia Vikander) turned out be an ass.. oh well ,entertained for the moment, maybe you shouldn't ask for more..

Arthur and the Invisibles 3: Arthur and the War of Two Worlds

Thus ended the story, and maybe it was just as good. The sequals never reached up to the first one. Though there are verse films to watch multiple times with the kids..

Arthur and the Invisibles 2: Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard

Not as god as the first one. But still worth watching..

Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur and the Minimoys)

Rather liked it. Maybe a little much for a kid to handle but..

Secrets of Emily Blair

Could have been cool if they didn't destroy it with bad cgi and makeup..

Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods (Astérix: Le domaine des dieux)

Not as genuine feeling as the old handdrawn ones.. but great that the made one again.

Asterix and the Vikings

Not the best one, lacks that feeling, a little soul..

The Believer
The Believer(2002)

A lesser American history X about a boy with an identity crisis..

Suicide Kings

Christoffer Walken really is the King. Not very much else to are..

The Watcher
The Watcher(2016)

the twist in the end is the only thing that makes this worth watching.

Before I Wake

Not really scary at all, like most scary movies these days..Kinda cool idea but pushed to far as most times. Not something I'll watch again..

Justice League

I think it was way better then everyone said. But maybe that's because I didn't have so high expectations.. the only thing that bothered me was the amount of lightning Flash produced all the time.. It was all you saw..

Black Panther

The most bland of the marvel movies so far..

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Haven't we already seen this movie? Like two, maybe three times before..? They are all the same.. And why does it always have to be created a new species??!! Aren't the "real ones" scary enough?? Stupid..

10 Cloverfield Lane

A really good movie.. the suspense and wonder is there the whole time.. to bad it wasn't 10 min shorter.. then it would have been great..


Rich and ful characters absolutely a film I can watch more then once

The Angry Birds Movie

This is a shiny example of luck.. how an adaptation from a none story game can become a fully flavored movie..


Super scary and intressting story, but the movie itself doesn't really portray that.. it doesn't reach all the way.

The Girl on the Train

To bad it felt so long.. it's actually a tragic story, but they didn't have to drag it out..


This was actually a success. Had everything a Disney movie should have..

The Great Wall

Over the top, to much not believable action.. Cool idea but felt like they tried to much..

Pete's Dragon

I really liked it.. A sweet adaptation of the old one.. But as always, man, is always destroying everything beautiful and innocent..


Cute but stupid, easy story to follow even for our 4 year old.. but really not any new thinking..

The Lego Batman Movie

Got to love that batman.. thought he can't carry the film alone.. and it doesn't reach as high as the Lego movie.. But totally worth seeing..

The Boss Baby

Felt like just another one in the bunch.. nothing new and nothing extraordinary.

47 Meters Down

It was intense, makes you think what you would do in that situation. I know I would shit my pants so.. Not so much disturbing bad cgi either.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Not as complete as the first one.. but still funny and character strong.

Ghost in the Shell

Not bad, but not splendid either.. not a must see but you shouldn't be dissapointed either.

Kong: Skull Island

I liked it more then the last one with Jack Black..

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This is sadly a poor ending for both Luke and Leia.. Cool as h*ll how powerful Luke is in the force but.. But the story feels full of holes and concentrated on things that isn't that important. I would have loved to more training footage the Island for starters..

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Way better then I expected, not as good as the old one, but then that's a classic.


If possible it's even worse then it's predecessor, doesn't contain any creeping scare at all, just some jump scares witch isn't really scary at all..

American Assassin

Totally ok as an action movie, if you start digging you might find it a little dumb and unnecessary at times.. but just to kill some time it's not bad.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

A movie that probably wouldn't have worked with any other actors. There's a good chemistry between Ryan and Samuel, and they are both funny people so.. worth seeing..

Red Sparrow
Red Sparrow(2018)

It was ok but I was expecting more... It fell short in almost everything, but you still wanted to see how it would end.

The Week Of
The Week Of(2018)

This really must be one of the worst Sandler movies ever. It felt long, uninspired at least of all funny..

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Haven't we already seen this movie..? and why didn't they stay in maze according to the title?? I mean.. just shoot him already if he is such a problem..

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The series didn't hold up till the end, first of all they should have stayed in the maze for even the titles to make sense.. and it's just to stupid.. why would this teen make it (always) where everyone else have failed? And the parts that he isn't a part of, they could have manages long ago..

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider(2018)

Totally worth seeing.. It is a origin story so there is a lack of pussels, both mind and body (jumping). But as said, it's an origin story, hopefully they make another and fill it with moves from the games..

A Quiet Place

A really good scary movie, with todays standards.. Major thing that bothered me though, you don't give birth to a baby that easily/quietly.. you just don't..

Deadpool 2
Deadpool 2(2018)

Marvelous character, but the movie wasn't as well planned as the first one.. the plot seemed a little thin comparing..

Avengers: Infinity War

It was epic as I thought, but still it makes you wonder... If this is the one way Dr Strange saw that they could defeat Thanos, with so many heroes dying.. If they then use the time stone to "correct" all wrongs.. will not these to movies be unmade in some way??

Thor: Ragnarok

Liked it a lot better than the last one, Would have liked it even more if they didn't stray to far from the mythology of Valhalla..


I liked the story.. however sad it was.. The end of an era..

X-Men: Apocalypse

A superb franchise and great movies until now.. Why did they destroy it now??!?!?!? They did a great job changing cast with "Days of future past" it neither felt wrong nor fuck up the lore behind it. But now... I mean... That's not Storms origin... That's not Nightcrawler origin... Especially since the already met him for the first time... in the future.. then they can't meet him for the first time in the past.. WTF.. And that's just the major ones.... to bad..

Zero Tolerance

Not the kind of Adkins movie I was hoping for.. And double missguiding when he is in the front of the poster...

Still Alice
Still Alice(2015)

Julianne was brilliant as ever.. and the story is good.. captures the desperation one can feel around the disease..

Rob Roy
Rob Roy(1995)

A good story, good actors, but still not a movie a will watch over and over.. I don't know why.. It lacks that sertain something

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

I don't even know why I see these movies still.. It's not like they're doing something new.. like ever..

Sausage Party

My god that's brilliant.. it was really good right up until the end.. then it just went overboard, to much... but the rest.. thumbs up

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster

He lived an interesting life to say the least... Intriguing to see were how it's going to end..

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

F*ing brilliant.. Another Sandler movie like all the others... but you can't help loving it.. it's so stupid

The Accountant

Better than I had thought.. A little cheesy maybe but.. ok..

Beauty and the Beast

Not much diffrent from the cartoon so...

Prince Valiant

To long since I saw it.. don't really remember it.. that usually means it wasn't that god but... for miss Heigl I could give it another try..

American Sniper

Hard man... but maybe not the best movie.. but then again I don't like war movies in general..

Skin Trade
Skin Trade(2015)

Nice to see an oldschool fighting movie again.. And the underline story is also a thing to think abaout.. what a sick world we actually live in..


Cool movie.. They went a little overbord with the cgi but.. loved all the cameos from the original cast, very nice touch..

Savage Dog
Savage Dog(2017)

A Adkins movie that's like it's suppose to be.. He is a good fighter with some very nice moves, when he gets to show it.. And it has that 80's feel to it..

Knock Knock
Knock Knock(2015)

Very disturbing.. Reminded me alot of "Wild Things" with Neve Cambell..
Not a see again movie but still I think it was time well spent..


I don't get why people don't like it.. It was entertaining, looked great, and had a genuin feel to it.. then again I haven't played WoW.. but then again, the movie isn't based on that game so...

Child 44
Child 44(2015)

Oh my... How long was this movie?? Nothing I will watch again...


A OK Rocky movie... they are back on track with this one..

The Hateful Eight

He is somewhat of a genious... Great charachters like always... And a great cast..

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

A bad Godzilla wannabe.. Unrealistic and wierd.. Most of the film outside the Jaegers I can accept.. But physics doesn't work like that.. they would be crushed by the own weight alone...

Barney Thomson (The Legend of Barney Thomson)

Robert Carlyle is great i n the role as Barney.. And Emma Thompson as his mother.. It felt like a dumb story but then again.. many are..

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

I'm so sorry that they could keep up with the first one, that by the way is magnificient... See that again instead

Blood Father
Blood Father(2016)

I feel like he has done this movie before.. but I still found it entertainng.. Hpw far would you go for your daughter??

Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti)

Disturbing story to say the least.. the lack of happy endings also make it fall flat..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Oh my.. how they don't get it to look good. Why overmake everything that doesn't need it. Krang looks like a.. I don't know.. And they could try to make jumps from rooftops and sliding a drain seem somewhat believeable..


An OK Pan story, makes you wonder want went wrong.. Loved Tigerlilly.. nice fighting scenes..

Annabelle: Creation

Mostly jumpscares, but it had some creepy feeling to it aswell.. totaly ok scary movie..

Jack and Jill

Yet again.. nobody likes them but still everyone's watching them.. same same..

The Do-Over
The Do-Over(2016)

Another "Sandler" movie.. you know what you'll get even before watching it..

The Ridiculous 6

And yet again they have made a movie that is so bad that it's good.. stupidly good..

Appetite for Love

One more dozen love film.. but hey.. they always end happily, so that you can feel happy for a while..


Stupid and not very thought through.. Big holes in the story, and not creating the neediness to find out the answer to those questions..

How To Be Single

Rebel Wilson is a fantastic character player.. the fact that every character she does have very much alike doesn't really bother me..

Safe Haven
Safe Haven(2013)

I liked it, it even took a mystery turn in the end..=)

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Even though it is the third time they film the "first spiderman" in 15 years.. I must say they once again have done a good job. Sure, there things I'm not to proud about but still... Like creating a whole new spiderman just to keep up with the other films ( like ironman and avengers).. don't like that the suit came from Stark either... Spiderman doesn't really need a high tech suit.. we already have spiderman 2099 for that...

Transformers: The Last Knight

My god man... who the hell is financing this guy (Bay) hasn't he destroyed enough of our childhood heroes... wtf

It Comes At Night

OMG such a pile of crap.... the agony of living through this in the theathre..

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

The longest and worst one in the series... seriously makes me think about not seeing the end

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Yet another.. can't say that they're bad, but they aren't that good still either.. feels like it's time to call it quits.. or really make one as good as the first..


A rather stupid story ads up to a quite cute and fussy movie in the end. But then again you can't help but love Goldie..

Into The Grizzly Maze

I had higher hopes on this one.. it wasn't bad just... not as good as I had hoped.


Not pleasant at all.. based on true events.. worth watching atleast once..

Justice League: War

Not at all bad, I enjoyed it.. Maybe not a instant classic but..

Ip Man
Ip Man(2010)

Nothing to extravagant, just plain martial arts. And not to much running on treetops or flying 50 yards when they get hit.

Escape From Alcatraz

Cool film, especially since I have visited "the rock" myself, and then it is sort of a dokumentary of how the three prisoners in fact did escape from alcatraz.

The Usual Suspects

Not sure I have seen this one before, or maybe I have, becouse I figured out the "brains" rather quick without having any doubts later.. So, if I have seen it before and then completely forgotten about it.. I can't give it that high raiting after all..

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I liked it, alot! When the man in black (You know) apears in the end a almost shat my pants... The story was somewhat already told and you knew how it would end, but still if the keep making them with this much love, they can make a hundred more... I will watch them all.

Assassin's Creed

Superb!! When I feel myself jumping, running and fighting along from the theatrechair with the charactrers moves, it is a great movie. The sense that he learned a little to much to fast is a fact that almost doesn't matter.. I rather liked the fact that it didn't follow they game storyline all the way, made it a little new after all..

Pitch Perfect

Not a full worthy excessor to "Sister Act" but well on the way. Fat Amy is the is the glue that holds it together..


See the old one instead.. It has it all.. and it doesn't think a drone is the coolest thing ever..

Fantastic Four

The earlier ones was sufficiant


Rather brilliant actually...

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

If Tris just been through war then why has she already forgotten it, Why leave David alive when she steals his ship to go to Chigago?? Stupid much??

The Conjuring 2

Once again a sequal that didn't really make it as long a way as the first.. Good but missing that extra.. but still the best scary movie since the first..

Insidious: Chapter 3

Not at all an equal to the first two.. Had some scary moments but maybe this should be the last chapter??


Not his best film, atleast not in retrospect..


Mostly stupid, cute, but stupid. Maybe the weakest Dreamworks animation they released


I'm sorry to say it wasn't as good as I had hoped it waould be.. I had some funny moments (gingerbreadmen) but for the most past the humor was lacking. and the horror to...

Laws of Attraction

Cute but stupid... not a re-watcher

The Rewrite
The Rewrite(2015)

Thougth I would find another feel good love story, and it had all the components to be one, not just that love part.. Donät get me wrong, he movie was rather good but the way he "got the girl" in the end actually just flew past me.. felt like something was missing..


Thought it would be a power girl movie, but instead it felt mostly stupid. Had it any resemblence to the truth she would be so dead.. dead, dead, dead...

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I loved it, I found it generally intriging and exiting.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

It's great to be back in Potterland.. I liked all of the characters aswell apart from Tina. Could not really wrap my head around her, to much pride and a fast turn when you where suppose to start liking her.. otherwise a great movie.

Doctor Strange

I liked it, as a stand alone film it was really good. However I don't really see how they're going to interact it with the rest of the Marvel universe... Just like Superman, Dr Strange seems somewhat overpowered next to someone like Red Skull for example.. oh well the future will tell..

The Legend of Tarzan

Probably not a returning tiltle in my dvd... I liked Margot Robbie as Jane, and sure Alexander wasn't bad as Tarzan either, but I still would have liked to see a Tarzan from the beginning, instead of what could just as easily be a sequal..

Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

it was ok, not what I was expecting when it's considered a sequal, but.. Finding Nemo was better..

Captain America: Civil War

Entertaining as always, yet a little wierd that it's a Captain America title and not a Avengers.. when still all of them are acounted for.. Oh well.. I liked this one to..

The Jungle Book

Pretty much the same as watching the old cartoon, apart from th epoor cgi in this one.. Sure it's a beautiful scenery but that doesn't make everything ok.

Now You See Me 2

Not at all close to the first one, this gave the sense of a rushed story, not at all as well planned, or whitty. I'm pretty sure I know why Amy chosed to not participate in this one... and I think it was the right choice...

Suicide Squad

I reallly liked it, it was fun, smart and new.. Loved Margot Robbies take on Harley Quinn. I'm just a little dissapointed in the Joker, that may be becouse Heath Ledgers version was more than brilliant. So there are big shoes to fill, and a don't think Mr Letho manages just that.Overall a super movie..

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

Not at al as bad as I thought.. It was actually rather thrilling at times.. Not the best in the genre but Not the worst either.


Had some really awsome one-liners but other than that the movie falls kinda flat..

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

It was ok.. to many holes in the story, and if there weren't he would seriously not have prevailed in this film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It wasn't all bad, actually I'm kinda impressed of Afflecks Batman interpetation. But again how thrilling can a Superman movie be? He's just to powerful..

American Streetfighter 2: The Full Impact

Maybe have to see it again to really be fare..


A rather wierd tale about a man who isn't who he seams to be..

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

A rather terrible tale about our feelings and memory. Killing of our childhood friends with no second thoughts. However, a moving and well told story as well. Just not sure if I want to watch it again..

The Good Dinosaur

It had it's moments, but not really new, nor groundbreaking characthers.. One in the lot..

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

It would have been better if they've only done the first one.. this final act just felt rather stupid and unthought...


Superb! Loved it! Funny, fast, and a serious story.. The question is, does it hold upp for a second, third and fourth watching??

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Impressive how they can entagle characters life..

Enemy Mine
Enemy Mine(1985)

Many illthought things (like why they need helmets inside their ships but how lucky the uninhabited planet they happen to crasch on have oxygen), bad or lack of back story and a draging story makes this a long movie. The effects and background was good, nothing to complain about there.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

One of the best in the franshice, I felt like when I was young and I saw A New Hope for the first time.. Loved Daisy Ridley as Rey. Defenitly a film I'm gonna watch again and again. Can't wait for the next one...

Batman Vs. Robin

Really god. God story, dark and intressting. Maybe should have made Damien a little buffer to make the fighting a little more believeable. Even if you're well trained as hell, you still need muscle to have said training have effect on a guy like Batman or Talon.

The Sitter
The Sitter(2011)

How "unprobable" can a story get? It has some semi-funny moments but most of the jokes just feel dull. The world wouldn't really care if this movie was never made..


Felt like it should be somebodys story.. but I don't know it is.. that would however pack some more punch to the movie.


Disturbing how kids can become like that, but still they are just that kids. They are inferior in strenght so it wouldn't be hard to just bet the crap out of them. can't see the horror becouse of it..

Dying of the Light

Not his best movie, but still a solid performance from Mr Cage

Sword Of Vengeance

Not in the same class as "Hammer of the gods." To much circles around one man, one man that really isn't that good a fighter, the charachter doesn't fit the story.

Dragon Blade (Tian jiang xiong shi)

Not the best of stories.. couldn't really hold the interest up till the end.


Cute, but not as cute as "Wedding Singer" or "50 First dates" but still worth seeing.

Assassination Games

With these to in the lead I was hoping for more fighting, a little dissapointing that they didn't go that way..


Entertaining. Parqour looks good on the screen, and that is really what the movie is about, just storywise it wouldn't hold up.


It was ok, you're intertained for the moment. Not really believeable that a kid can do everything he does but..

Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse

Stupid, stupid story.. and so unfinished.. Oh well, there are dragons in the movie.. and actually not the worst cgi i've seen.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

There's just one major problem with these MI movies. The first one sticks out as a real spy movie, as for the rest of them, they get to "actionified" and the stories melt together. After a week you can't really remember it anymore. I can't for my life recap and tell wich one is wich..

The Awakening

Nothing special about this one, just another in the shelf.


A stupid, braindead dozen-comedy that has little or nothing to contibute to the movie world. Watch it the day after a big party, when your brain doesn't want to work. Not even Helen Mirren can make this movie interesting..

Dark Tide
Dark Tide(2012)

Expected more sharks and more scary attacks, it wasn't until the end things started to happen.


Just saw it for the girls (Mara and Wilde) but actually found it had more depth than I thought..

The Bourne Legacy

Much better then i thought it would be. I was excpecting a half-ass movie just to cash in on a already existing franchise, but I'm happily surpriced.


I liked it, always good to see a girl that can take care of herself.

Pay the Ghost

I really think this movie is worth more attention then it has received. Maybe not a nailbiting, spine shivering masterpiece but then again, be honest, how many of those in the genre have you seen lately? Worth watching.

Into the Woods

The story was ok, some songs were ok but not all. Can't say I liked all the characters either, and shouldn't it have a happy ending for all "goodies"??


Good performance by Gyllenhall, but absolutley not my type of movie, slow and unthrilling, and I just get angry that these kind of people get to manipulate as much as they do. So I guess that is should be a good grade, that it stirs up those kind of emotions.. but I don't see it like that, that just makes me not want to see the movie again, and a movie that you don't want to see again is no good in my book.


It was quite exciting at times, the actually managed to convey the feeling of "draft" when you look down from a high place, at least in the theatre. Other times it feelt like a documentary. And I think it's hard to relate to the exhaustion until you actually have tried to climb a really high mountain.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Thinking of who directed it and the cast, I expected much more.. Disapointing..

Mythica: the Darkspore

Fell short on it's acting, story and as almost always the cgi. And where's the rest of the movie??


Not the worst movie in the genre, but felt like it was missing all that flare, coolness that would have made it something. Probably not a film I'll see again..


An ok movie. Worth watching atleast once.. just sorry that Ben Kingley didn't get a bigger role.


Didn't feel "real" at all.. How could a bookworm fysically stop the most wanted assassin in the world?!! Can't for the world wrap my head around that.


Expected a new "Heat" and I guess that is why I'm a bit dissapointed. But still I just love Melissa..

Ted 2
Ted 2(2015)

Not at al as thought through as the first one.. Some funny parts but in a way just a repeat from the latest and not nearly as planed..

Seventh Son
Seventh Son(2015)

Not the best fanstasy movie, but far from the worst. Some holes in the storyline, like how the first apprentice was so bad with ten years of training, and the new one gets super after just five days... but eventhough, great cast and a good dialogue. And you just have to love Julianne..

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It was ok, even though i was a very long movie that not only is a rerun of the first one but also just a bridge to the next one.

Jurassic World

Not bad for a Jurassic movie, but not really new developing ideas either. Didn't they already create species in the last one?? And how can they be so ignorant that they actually believe that everything is going to be ok this time? Haven't they learned anything in 20 years?? Oh well.. at least it was entertaining for two hours and that is what a movie should be..

Mad Max: Fury Road

Really not my kind of movie. And really it felt kind of stupid and uneccerary, If they had not gone on their drive and just killed Joe in his home instead, the film would have ended the same and they would have saved millions of dollars making it.. so.. I don't know..

Under the Skin

Litteraly could not see this movie through to the end.. totally not my kind of movie, dull and just stupid..


You got to love Melissa, she is a great actress and does these kinda characters superbly. Not the greatest movie but still.. hat's of.


A "female" version of The Hangover in real time instead of backtracking your steps. Has some funny moments but not enough to be good.

Jupiter Ascending

Interesting concept and characters, but still a "blaha" film that you don't want to see again.

The DUFF(2015)

A teen movie we all can relate to in one way or another.. Interesting though you totally could foretell the ending as in most movies like this.

Black Sea
Black Sea(2015)

It was a really suspenceful movie, it really makes you feel lucky that you are at home in your couch instead of there with them. Probably not a movie for repeated watchings but sure worth seeing once.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

One of the stupidest "zombie" movie I have ever seen.. It doesn't make much sense at all, and becouse of it most of the jokes falls flat.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Really good. Funny, action packed and with a depth that I didn't foresee.. Have to say thought that I'm Not a big fan of the -extream closup frames in the middle of a fight that just makes you miss the scene becouse if all becomes a blurr- kinda filming that is so popular now a days.. LESS OF THAT!

Curse of Chucky

Not the best Chucky movie, entertaining but a bit frustrating.. how can it be so hard to kick that dolls ass? I just can't understand people..

Horrible Bosses 2

More stupid than tha first one, but not nearly as many laughs..


Scary at times but yet again poor cgi destroyes the creepynes. And when your done, you wonder how stupid it really was. The thing happenig in the end, why didn't that happen a few years ago??? Stupid!

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

Liam Neeson in another great performance. It was good, not in class with the first one.. but definitely worth watching..

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

Creepy! Really gave you a chill at times. I recomend it, maybe not to watch over an over but.. See it!

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

A happy surprice I most say.. not at all what I expected. Quite entertaining..

The Green Hornet

Really mostry just stupid.. but then again, Seth Rogen isn't the sharpest tool in the box.. I just don't get him..

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

A totally ok dokumentary of Ozzy's life, a little tame compared to the book but.. worth seeing... especially if you haven't read the book.

The Next Three Days

Thrilling. A little long but I can't find were to cut it either to not mess with the story to much.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

I think they tryed to hard, tryed to put too man element in the movie, that got to little time som it only felt hacked up in the end.


Seriously not worth the mone to see in theater. It al has been done before and better. Kind of enteraining at the moment but not troughout the hole movie.


Yet again a disapointment when your expecting that high octane Statham action.. has he gone soft in later years...?

The Maze Runner

Sometimes thrilling, sometimes a little dumb .. but I can't see how they are going to continue the maze running in the next chapter.


Not your average Statham movie, and that really is to bad.. instead of getting that action you wanted you get a mediocre "anybody" movie..


A thoughtful story, but not the best.

John Wick
John Wick(2014)

It was ok, and it felt a little dumb that when he had gotten his revenge, he had to begin all over again. A dubble ending but still you were saticfied at the first one.

The Device
The Device(2014)

Seriously.. where's the horror? And the end was really.. really lame...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Why does Mr Bay feel the need to destroy all of my childhood heroes and toys?! Is he just mean or....? I actually like the turtles look, but is it that hard to keep to the story and make feel a little real..?


You really have to pay attention every second otherwise you may not get all info and then you don't get the plot. Foung it a bit unclear from times. But it's a cool story about a strong women.

Prince of Darkness

A smart script, with the creepy tension horror rather than gore or bad cgi monsters running around.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Atleast in swedish it has some remarkable dialog comments. I Haven't seen it english spoken so i don't know if it is as funny.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

A good well played mystery film. Overall I liked it, except the ending.. can't say i support the choice made..

The Boxtrolls

Cute, funny and a little stupid. Couldn't really wrap my head around the plot, it just felt somewhat silly.

Schindler's List

It was better than the last time I saw it, but still it doesn't make my top 50 even. It's so long and you can't say it's a happening kind of movie.

The Equalizer

Keeps you guessing in the beginning but that quickly changes into a one in a pile of action movies that doesn't make it hard to guess how it's going to end.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Very entertaining. Somewhat sad to see the end of this epose. And I have to say I'm a bit confused as to how easy Smaug meets his end, considering no one has dared get close to the mountain in all these years..

Conan the Barbarian

An old classic that never gets old.


Still worth watching.

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice(1983)

I expected more from this movie.. The hero felt a little short thought the whole movie.

Kull the Conqueror

The story wasn't that bad, but some actors and dialog is just horrible.


Not the best story I've seen. Poor acting and horrible dialog. Not even the naked ladies can save this one..

It Could Happen to You

Another feelgood chick flick.. gotta love'em..


From what I remember it is rather funny at times..


It's a sad movie.. Both Chloe and Julianne is brilliant.

Dracula Untold

Has it's cool moments but generally it skipped the history to much to be interesting.

Metallica Through the Never

As viewed from a movie point of view.. it was f* horrible.. what a complete waist of time to even make.. One star for the music but that's it..


Ofcourse... that is what really happened.. Ofcourse man had everything to do with the evil in this tale also.. I really liked it.

Asterix and Cleopatra (Astérix et Cléopâtre)

One of the worst actually, but it still has value.. but not as funny and complete as later storys.

Begin Again
Begin Again(2014)

So boring.. Felt like it was over 4 hours long...

Deliver Us from Evil

I liked how the built suspence, and it wasn't like other possesion movies of late. The made this with a new angle.. Maybe not something you watch over and over but..

Dumb and Dumber To

Had it's moment, but I had higher hopes with a movie who's predecessor made my stomage ake from laughter.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

The best in the series so far.. thrilling and a little sad.

Astérix le Gaulois (Asterix the Gaul)

Funny. But not the best of them. They only get better.

We're The Millers

It had moments with big laughs, and other with big heart, and other just plain stupid.. Worth the watch..

The November Man

An ordinary action movie.. It's not bad it's just that I've seen the lot of them..

The Legend of Hercules

The acting was questionable, the story a little off topic, and the cgi again under all critic.. hmm..


A very slow "I Robot". Not what I expected at all..


Brilliant cast, beautiful film but something really is missing.. didn't care much for it, hard to pin what why.

The Longest Week

One and a half hour I'm never getting back.. Not even Olivias eyes could save this movie.. just tragic..


A thoughtwurthy film.. not the most uptempo film of the year but, one could ask for better dialogue with that cast available, since the action part is already taken care of by both "Terminator" and "The Matrix".


It wasn't boring, but it wasn't that good either.. so much trouble training all those men that they were supersoldiers and yet so easily picked apart by five men in the end..

3 Days To Kill

I thought it was a really clever movie with wibes from both "Leon" and "Nikita." The fact that it's not just shooting and explosions but actually a dialog and feelings involved makes it more than most.

Two Night Stand

Nothing new, nothing funny.. really kind of pale.. didn't find Miles Teller so sympatic either.

Stonehearst Asylum

Really good. Probably not equally good a second time as long as you remember it.


Reeally good action, thrilling keeps you wondering. Maybe not as good a second time but, definitely worth that one.

The Expendables 3

Felt like he was trying to make a new "commando" but did not succed. Not at all as funny as the second part either.. A step back again for the franchise..

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

I sat through the later half just waiting for the twist that would make us all gasp for air.. but it never happened. Quite dissapointing.

The Giver
The Giver(2014)

Haven't read the book with from what I understand was a good thing. Still can't shake the feeling we've seen this before.. oh, wait, that's right doesn't Equilibrium (Cubic) handle this scenario??

The Captive
The Captive(2014)

Felt like a cheaper version of last years "Prisoner" with Hugh Jackman. Sure it's horrible but the didn't manage to convey that ---- well, feeling.


Much better than the last one but still not as good as the first one. He has to many lines, silent but deadly..

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

Interesting consept, having a night a year when everything is legal. One night a year of total anarchy. The movie in it self was kinda meciocre but the idea becomes so much more..

Third Person
Third Person(2014)

Not at all as good as I expected. I will surely not watch this one again, even with that cast..

Beautiful Creatures

A Twilight wannabe but I got the feeling that it was directed to a even younger crowd.. if that's possible.. Entertained for the moment but nothing more..

47 Ronin
47 Ronin(2013)

It was totally ok, I think it tells the tale in an interesting way. In this movie Keanus one face expression works.. Not one I will see over and over but I could consider buying it for a second watch.


A poor try to combine "Gladiator" with "2012". It doesn't reall work all the way. Ok fighting scenes but that is just about it.. Let's just say you don't have to use your brain when watching this movie.

Winter's Tale

It was ok. But as a love story I have to say it sucked. It felt like the tryed to hard to squeese al different genres into one movie, it became a blur of everything..


Two hours becomes a little long for th estoryline, the confessions of people start to loose it's punch after a while. But still it was entertaining, maybe just not something you watch over and over..

In the Blood
In the Blood(2014)

A female "Taken", not at all what I was expecting, it was actually way better, just got a little drag in the end..

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Not as good as the first one but still entertaining.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

Not at all what I expected. Smart and thrilling story that keeps you guessing 'til the end. Apart from some car chases it was really clever.

Free Birds
Free Birds(2013)

Starts out great but can't really hold the line all the way through to the end.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Another "Twilight" wannabe. The story was ok but sometimes I just felt like smashing my head against the wall.. I mean, you can't make a mark to ward againt evil (the pentagram) and then have demons fly out it.. That's just f*ing stupid!! But stupidness aside I was entertained during two hours so..

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

An extra twist to "Alive". Exciting and thrilling.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

If that f*ing guy could just learn making movies. this is the fourth one he's destroyd. Sad inpot of the dinobots, it's just.. heartbreaking really. hmm.. good action though but even that gets a little out of hand though it's one of the few good part of the film.


Not realy what I expected. It became a little messy in the end, I got the feeling that it wasn't thought through all the way.

Sleeping Beauty

Oh my dear... If you want your family to be in a movie and then get some benefits from it, you have to make a better movie!! The story was ok, but the acting.. my o my.. and the directing... see something else


Not bad, keeps you guessing but then in the end Bill just seems to good to be true.

A Good Day To Die Hard

By far the worst in the franchise. Lacked both story and that special thing that makes it a Die Hard movie. Better to see the earlier ones again instead.

Sex Tape
Sex Tape(2014)

It had it's moments but wasn't really all that fun that I thought. It got cought in the middle between stupid and normal.. hmm.. hard to describe.. see it, make up your own mind.

Bullet to the Head

A step back to the '80s action scene. Not a bad movie but still nothing go crazy about. But I recomend you see one of Stallones actual '80s flicks..

Walk Of Shame

It could have been funny, but instead it just felt like it was to much all the time.. But still, it's not the worst movie I've seen.

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

Must be the worst one in the franchise. Jean-Claude and Dolph must have taken part in it by nothing more than love for there legendary characters name (since there was not much more that remained). Scott has some great moves but to wait more than half of a already shity movie to see them doesn't make things better.

The Grandmaster

Interesting story but but a little blurry and from time to time the choices felt a little stupid. Fighting was ok but not spectacular.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Funny and a little stupid. But then again I'm not familiar with the characters or the comic.. but see it if you like space battles

Underworld: Awakening

Maybe not as good as the early ones in the franchise but I still found it entertaining. Kate in tight leather batteling werewolfs.. how can it fail?

Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl(2011)

Not really what I expected but, it was ok. A troubled girl on a quest to find her father. Good musik though.

Your Sister's Sister

An ok movie with a twist ending and somewhat of a decent story. Nothing you see over and over but I liked both Blunt and Dewitt's performances. Mr Duplass, not so much..

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Ok If your just looking to kill some time. Not the best storyline and accuracy to the greek mythology but..

A Little Bit Of Heaven

First of all.. a movie should leave you with a good feeling. not the other way around.. Nothing I'll watch again.

Jianyu (Reign of Assassins)

Kind of plain, not bad but nothing extra ordinary either. Not really a fan of the "flying" martial arts..

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

A new "Ice Age" or "The land before time" take a pick.. Not a new story, but still you can't help but love the characters..

Dragon Crusaders

Comment unnessesary.. or maybe I should quote some reports from the cover:
"Highly watchable and entertaining" 7,5/10 Dan's Movie Report.
"Dragon Crusaders is so good" 3/4 Movie Mavericks.
I think not...Terrible dialog and as always not the greatest cgi. But mostly just stupidness, like hiding on a slope, becouse apperantly no dragon can circle around to attack from the other direction..

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It was better than the first one I think. A a good and solid story for the most part.. although the "Falcon" felt like a cheap-Iron-Man ripoff, why not just call the real one?? And if they had the potencial to make the wintersoldiers arm, but still no one can replicate the Iron Man suit?? And Stark Industries that are the biggest and foremost developer of guns and whatnot, are not at all aware of three gigant ships with that kind of arsenal..?? both hard- and software..?? ..but it makes me wonder how they will follow up on this one.

Thor: The Dark World

Yet another proof that just becouse it's bigger it isn't better. My god what they built Asgard since the last movie.. from a lonely palace with a bridge (to the "Bifrost" gate) in the middle of space, to a grand city with land and lakes surroundings, and according to the timeline, in only two years.. and why?? So that it could be blown up!? Becouse of the timeline the movie just felt a little stupid.

Silver Linings Playbook

It missed "that" to be a great cute-feel-good movie. It was ok, and worth seeing a saturday night.. but doubtfully twice..

The Other Woman

Had some funny moments but could have had more.. Felt a little stupid at times, would people really react like that? hmm..


It was good, had more than one twist in it, not one to watch over and over becouse of just that but. worth checking out..

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Charming movie with lots of beautiful scenery.


Well preserved the feeling from the original, yet very well brought into the 21th century.. I enjoyed it.

13 Sins
13 Sins(2014)

Scary becouse of the possibility that it could very well be true in some way.. otherwise not so much. Time better spent otherwise..

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Great movie to tighten the sack with all the X-men films. Just a little sad that you don't get to see all you want with all charachters you want to..

Bro's Before Ho's

I don't know if it was becouse I was so tired or what, but I rather enjoyed this film. It even had me laughing out loud several times.. it didn't even bother me that they spoke dutch in the entire movie.


I found it mostly boring and in waiting for something to happen, and when it finally did the movie was over.. didn't do it for me, although the acting was good from Gyllenhaal.

The Last Stand

Who said Arnold was a thing of the past..? He said he would be back, and here he is. In a calmer role than before maybe but still swinging it high. Good movie, just want to complain about the car-chase scene in the end.. felt a little unnecessary..

Escape Plan
Escape Plan(2013)

I am happily supriced, I thought it would be cool to see these two giants together, but it was even better than I had hoped. Found myself glued to the screen from time to time.Even got a little "Prison Break" feeling from it.. =)

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Not really what I had hoped this movie would be.. but then again I haven't played "Halo 4" yet so, maybe the answers will come..

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2(2013)

A real dissapointment.. with that cast and the first one in the bag this should have been a no brainer.. but then again, maybe that was exactly what it was..

The Babymakers

For being a comedy.. it isn't very funny..

Friday the 13th Part 2

A little funny that he didn't make an apperance in the first one considering the rest of them.. I like this one when he actually is chasing his victims, not just that robotic walk he gets later (and still he is ahead of them).. see it, if you want to see him..

Europa Report

Kinda reminded me about "Apollo 18." Maybe it faded a little next to "Gravity" but still it was well made and i found somewhat more "true" in the space-walks and such, then "Gravity."


Have to say.. much better than I thought. Intense, thrilling and some times a little to much, but I didn't obsess about then and there, the story pulled me along anyway. Maybe not a movie to watch more then once but.. we'll see..


Good dokumentary.. and not actually not at all surpricing that yet another american institute is "all about the money"

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

Not all bad, but still the worst M. Night Shyamalan I've seen. And Jaden really needs some acting lessons..

A Lonely Place to Die

An ok movie. Nothing I will watch again, and can't even say I recommend it, it just was..

Funny Face
Funny Face(1957)

Just because you have to of the greatest actors of your time, it doesn't mean you can forget all about a plot. It had nice colors..

The Frozen Ground

Isn't it lovely that people like that exists.. interesting story but the suspence part is left out. Cage grilling Cusack is the best thing about it..


OK! Maybe you shouldn't analyse it so much and wonder about the "plausability," maybe you should just see it and enjoy the moment. See it, maybe just not over and over =P.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

It's not good when you can see half and then wait a couple of months before you finish the movie. When nothing drags you back to it.. The best part is when Gretel gets saved by the troll Edward, otherwise not so much to gloryfy..


Nothing that makes you scares, and not that good looking creatures either. Not worth another look..


It was entertaining in the beginning, then it switched and began to feel a dumb.. and it looked like a ps3 game.. not good.

Bad Asses
Bad Asses(2015)

Maybe a little funnier than the first one, but not as thought through. It felt somewhat unrealistic in a sense that the first didn't.


Not as good as I had hoped but still i found it to be entertaining and a slightly scary take on all heroes/villians with superpowers. How would you react?

Beyond Sherwood Forest

A could-be-cool little twist to the Robin Hood story.. to bad it doesn't really pay of. Nice to see Julian Sands and Katharine Isabelle again though.

300: Rise of an Empire

Missed the massive testosteron outlet from the first one.. some this one felt like it had more depth. Oh well.. not historically correct either but..

Ninja Cheerleaders

Oh well.. it produces some smiles but really not so much more.. really bad fighting coreography.

Secret of the Wings

My first Tinker Bell movie, and I thought it was ok, very child friendly to say the least..

Man on a Ledge

Nothing that makes your pant fall of but.. If you like Inside Man or Phonebooth you will like this movie.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

An ok movie, nothing really out of the ordinary but still worth watching.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Really entertaining.. A little corny yes but something in it really spoke to me.. Totally recomended!

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

OK.. but not nearly as good as the first one.. but if you liked that one.. see this to.


Makes you really think about what you would do in this situation. Strongly acted by Jackman and I really felt with Maria Bello..


Not really sure where they was heading with this movie, but I'm pretty sure they didn't make it.. I understand why it costed me under 1 euro still wrapped..

Oz the Great and Powerful

A different take on the story.. but I found it amusing,

Dazed and Confused

Teens will be teens.. Saw it when I was younger just forgotten the name of it.. It still holds it's own.

Grizzly Man
Grizzly Man(2005)

Really amazing how the human mind works.. or maybe this guy just had some problems.. either way, the film itself was very entertaining..

Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion(1989)

It was better when I was little.. It hasn't held up that image. I found it really long for an action flic with so little action..

Conversations With Other Women

Really tragic that it's named a comedy, the story was complex but short and it was told in split screen, it works great in some scenes but mostly it's just annoying..

The Thompsons

Not your "accurate" vampire tale, but I still kind of liked it. Not going to see it over and over but, I haven't seen the first one (The Hamiltons) yet, but I'm going to..

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

As always beautyful and well played. Not as much fast action as in the first one, and that is a good thing.

Lone Survivor

Well filmed and well played.. intense and thrilling.. and I don't usually like "war-movies."

Bad Ass
Bad Ass(2012)

A "simplier" version of Machete..

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

Creepy and uncomfortable, not one to watch over and over but.. absolutely worth it once..

The Lifeguard

A not so happening movie about a girl that gets a 30-year crisis. I usually like Kristen, but not even she can help this movie to a reach greatness..

Insidious: Chapter 2

Good, but not as good as the first one.. Didn't feel as thought through and not at all as creepy.

Veronica Mars

Really good, but then I liked the series so..

Alpha Alert
Alpha Alert(2014)

By all means, it could easy be a true story.. A little scary to consider that but..


The same story as before, and as always, the cgi doesn't get much budget. It was ok if it would have been made in the 80's but now we expect more.


Want to remember that I liked when i was a child, but can't really remember it now.. needs to be seen again in other words.

Monster in the Closet

Actually would have to see it again to be really fare, but two stars for the times when I was a child.


Think more than half of the budget went to hire the to biggest names, then there wasn't enough left to make a decent film. These types of movies would in general be much better if they spent a little more on the cgi and creature development..

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Oh dear, oh dear.. can't believe i had it on my "want to see." I'm guessing it is a beatuful and wonderful film, and I am just to unsofisticated to get it. But hey, who else must I listen to??! Only reason it gets one star is becouse of Quvenzhane, she does a great job.

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

In some ways this was better then the first one.. nice moves and fighting coardination.


A spectacular story about two sisters in a magical kingdom..^^ surprice.. well it still works. Nice dialog and nice songs.

The Book Thief

Another One-Timer.. not a bad story, but it felt long and dull from time to time.. not my genre, but still, you should see it..

Captain Phillips

Good acting, thrilling story but still not a "boxoffice-hit." Totally worth checking out, but not one I will circle back to.. A one timer.

Red 2
Red 2(2013)

Really funny from time to time, but as often the first one is better. See it.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

A beautiful film, saw it at home in 3d, realy nice, but the actual plot wasn't that great. Maybe not one you watch over and over.


The idea and story was not bad, but the execution leaves something for the waiting. With a different cutting and some changes in some dialouges it would climb some pinholes.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Absolutely the worst one, I don't really get where they were going with this one, maybe it all will be explained in the fourth one.. but even so i find it wierd to use a whole movie as a bridge to the next one, instead of making a movie on its own.. And why build so many suits if he is so worried about losing one to the goverment.. raised to many guestions without any answers..


Felt a little like a new "Firm", worth watching but nothing you haven't seen before.

Machete Kills

Worth your time! Had some wonderful lines in it.. but in whole, not as great as the first one..

The Cabin in the Woods

An unusual version of the otherwise classic horror story.. Not really that scary, but exciting non the less.


Really liked the zombies. Well made and funny.

Identity Thief

Melissa is still funny in this movie. But then she can't carry the whole thing on her own.. Worth wathching, really makes you giggle from time to time.

A Clockwork Orange

I'm speechless.. what can I possibly say.. You have to see it to believe it...

Wrath of the Titans

Some cool names and characters came up but nothing like the first one.. See that instead.

The Lords of Salem

Wierd and slow but quite disturbing at times.. Maybe not one I will watch again.


A good story but poorly executed cgi and the feeling of rusched storytelling takes it down a few pegs.

According To Greta

A little darker story than I expected. Hilary does a believeable impression of a "damaged" girl. A good movie, but maybe not a movie that gets watched over and over..

The Three Musketeers

Not good, the only thing decent in this film are the swordfighting, otherwise not even worth watching. See the one from '93 instead..

Now You See Me

This was really cool, had not seen anything about it before so I had no expectations. Kept you wondering until the end..

Lips of Blood (Lèvres de sang)

The best vampire movie ever my a**.. three seetings to watch this movie front to end. But now I've seen it, but I think it's safe to say that it won't happen again in the nearest future..

The Wicked
The Wicked(2013)

It wasn't that bad.. actually felt some creepyness at times. Worth watching atleast..

The Conjuring

The most frightening and creepy movie since the grudge.. And it contained possession aswell... I'm thrilled.


A great tale, but something was missing for it to be truly epic..

The Heat
The Heat(2013)

Really funny at times.. Absolutley worth watching.


It was better when I was younger.. but then again they usually are. Great 80's feel to it.

Treasure Island

An ok movie.. I like the story and I believe I will see more versions of it in the future.

Puss in Boots

Not as awesome that I had thought, but it has it's moments.. And the fact I saw it in swedish might not have made it better..


It just feels like have seen this movie before.. and wait.. wasn't it Tom Cruise in the leading roll there aswell? Has he got stuck in the same pattern? Well this one to was the same..

The Possession

The best possession movie I've seen in a while. Really creepy from time to time. Worth seeing atleast once.

Broken City
Broken City(2013)

An ok movie, intriguing and entertaining but nothing that makes you go wow.


Fairly like "Interview with a vampire" but with a different kind of vampires. I liked the story, and both Gemma and Saoirse does great work.

The Promotion

One of the worst comedys ever.. not a funny peace in it.


Actually really good, makes you jump in your seat a few times.

Casting Couch

Oh my.. you would be better of not watching this movie.. not even the underline plot (the beautiful girls) makes this movie worth while...

The Host
The Host(2013)

I liked Saoirse as always. But for story in it self.. well... haven't we had enough of the constat pain of being a teenager yet?? Two hours better spent watching something else I think.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

I can't really say I remembered the first one that good, but it must have been better than this one. Well if you like overpowered action movies of today you might like this to. Me, I just find it getting a little to much from time to time..


Not at al as funny as I had hoped, still I can't say it was terrible. But do not expect a goofy comedy becouse then you will be dissapointed.


A little less actiony for being a Statham movie. But still in the same genre. I liked Jennifers charachter..


A pretty ordinary Statham movie, he just keeps racking them up.. but sometimes that's just what you need ;)

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

A most ambitious, long, but uninspiring movie. Makes you think after you seen it, but doesn't make you want to watch it again..

Hammer Of The Gods

Way way way better than the last Viking-movie "Valhalla Rising." This one had hart and a good story behind it.

Olympus Has Fallen

Oh.. that movie again.. nothing that we haven't seen before.. and yes, we all know that america is the center of the world.. or? It felt long and unispired..


Sweet, funny, but a little short maybe..

Dark Skies
Dark Skies(2013)

Was a long time since I really jumped in the sofa.. And actually had that creep up my back.. I can recommend it.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

A good adventure.. Some really funny lines too

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

It's an impressive story, however there's something missing for or maybe it's that it's to much.. I like how the RottenTomatoes consensus put it: "There's an amazing true story at the heart of Soul Surfer -- and unfortunately, it's drowned by waves of Hollywood cheese."

Scary Movie 5

Why oh why did they bring this back? The opening scene with Charlie and Lindsay is the only thing worth seeing..

The Numbers Station

Mediocre movie, nothing new and not that hard to guess what will happen next..

Mirror Mirror

So much better than that shit with Kristin Stewart!!

In Time
In Time(2011)

Nothing new came out of this movie, except the currency, and that was kind of a cool idea I think. Still, how they would make i possible at all is a different question..


Not more than an average movie. The story was ok but I find it hard to believe that a washed-up former trigger klicking/body burner can take out the hole gangstergang in one sitting, after having partyed for 25 years.

One for the Money

Kind of liked it, even though it's not a great movie. Apperantly you can get away with anything if you're cute enough.. maybe not the best message to send out but..


Not the best in the franchise but. A step back to the older films, a little more spy and not just explosions and car chasing as we have gotten use to in the last 15 years..

The Watch
The Watch(2012)

Not really something I would recommend. Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn play the same character they always do..

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

I really liked the plot. Even though I'm not a big fan of the fast-zombies (mainly becouse the fuck up the animaton so it looks like crap, kinda like the ghost-mushroom-fog in "Return of the King") this movie was thrilling at times.

The Lone Ranger

It had its moments, but could have been... well.. I don't know.. It just feels like it was to much. I liked it but then again.. hmm. It was OK, atleast you got to flee reality for a couple of hours. and that's what it's all about.

Despicable Me 2

Who didn't want a minion after the first movie? But who does now? Really disappointing that they didn't bother to write a story, but instead just fill it with various clips with minions. Hey, there is actually other characters in this franchise aswell...?!!!

Despicable Me

This movie was brilliant! Really funny from time to time. Who doesn't want a minion of their own?

The Wolverine

Sorry to say, it was not as good as I had hoped. I like the inner journey Logan takes in this movie, but some of the action scenes are just to much. And what the f... is that giant tin can man droid thingie??! Didn't like that..

Monsters University

Funny, charming but not as brilliant as the first one. But still I think the story is nicely written and doesn't leave any loose ends..

The Woman in Black

Not really scary at al. And I really have a hard time not seeing Harry Potter running around in it. And with so few actors hired you would think the effects would be more pricey..


I'm a little disappointed, I had to high hopes. It was OK, but "the corpse bride" has so much more going on.

6 Souls
6 Souls(2013)

Absolutly worth watching, thrilling, attentive and great performances by both Julianne and Jonathan. But with risk to spoil it for someone.. I'm not thrilled with the "you shall have no other gods before me" part..

Rise of the Guardians

Best cartoon/anime this year.. well thoughtout story and some wonderful lines. Absolutely going to watch this one again.

This Is 40
This Is 40(2012)

Family is a bitch... seriously.. I would like to see this as a how not to do.. Guess I'll be able to relate to this movie when I hit 40, but until then..

Clash of the Empires

OMG.. I don't even know where to begin. The acting talant found for this movie is beyond anything I've ever seen.. I think.. It couldn't have taken longer than 3 days to shoot it either.. But it actually is so bad from time to time that it makes you laugh, that's why it gets a full star.

The Five-Year Engagement

Had some funny moments, but I really expected more from this movie so.. I'm a little dissapionted, but still, it doesn't suck, you can watch it


Excellent. The most perfect monster ever created!

The Expendables

I kinda expected more.. with that cast it had potensial to be a great actionfeature.. but they missed something along the way.. Not saying that it was bad, not at all.. but still, it could have been better..

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

An ok movie. Gave some flashbacks from the tv-series but still didn't to hold up all the way. I must say that there was a lack of explosions for being a 21st century action, and that's a good thing.. A little more brains to it.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

A really warm and fuzzy feeling movie.. Great to bring out that holly-jolly-ness in christmas time =)

Letters to Santa: A Muppets Christmas

Not as good as their: A Christmas Carol..

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Really not the best I've seen with Robert Downey.. Roller coaster between hopping he's gonna make it and that he will slug the guy.


Really funny from time to time.. Love Melissa McCarthy's role as Megan..

The Bucket List

A nice movie about two people at the ending of their time here on earth.. Both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman does a great job in this film..


A film on it's own I think.. Absolutly love Brad Pitt in this movie, and I'm surely going to watch it again.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

OK, a little short in the story I think, but a time well spent none the less.. But I still thought it would be better than it was.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

A simple and easygoing moive, some really funny lines and scenes. It wasn't hard to relate to the characters, we all have friends from the past so.. Worth watching atleast once.

The Back-up Plan

Kinda cute, but obvious.. and as most, missing that little extra..

The Ward
The Ward(2011)

This was a horror movie? Not really scary at all. I liked the twist in the story at the end, but then they had to ruin even that with the closing shoot..

This Must Be The Place

Oh my.. what a bucket of .... I'm not noing to watch this one again!!

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

I actually thougth it rocked! Action from the get-go and it never stopped.. Fun to see Kate in this kind of role.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Seriously a disturbed movie.. disturbing character.. Varla is not a girl that I would like to have around. Really think this is one of those "have to see" ones..

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It started of great. Wonderful scenery and great music.. then, something happened, and the rest of the movie felt like now stop action. not even a breather was allowed.. and frankly that was to much for my taste. But still, a great movie!

Django Unchained

Wunderbar. Great movie, a little long but I don't know if it could have been shortened.. Great effects.


Ok, but I have to say that the old one, with it's flawse, still is a better movie, a better storyline. This one has more of an "episode" feel to it, as if it was a tv series.

Hotel Transylvania

Fell a little short.. but still more then worth watching.. The ending felt kinda rushed.

Wreck-it Ralph

Wonderful! This movie has it all. I totally recommend it!!

The Man With the Iron Fists

A nice try to a Tarantino movie, but didn't make it all the way.. And hey, maybe get some distance to yourself RZA..

Drillbit Taylor

So so.. If you don't have anything better to do, se it.. or don't.. doesn't make you any wiser..

Breaking Wind

OMG... it's amazing how bad this movie was.. Hats of to Danny Trejo but that's all..


Cool angle.. Really not what I expected, and Liam does a grand performance as always. But probably not as good a second time..

Ronal Barbaren (Ronal the Barbarian)

Wunderful! So many laughs! Worth seeing again!

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Just one in the line.. some funny moments yes, but nothing major..

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

Ok, not as good as I had hoped. Thought it would be a new "Hot tub timemachine" but no.. Great music though.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Something went missing in this one.. Didn't have that genuine feeling to it.. and the story was way thin.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Actually think I got more spooked then before at the thought of having kids by this movie.. And I guess that wasn't the plan.. Not one that I will save in my bookcase..


Good movie with many twist. Not a "Die Hard" but still good.

The Expendables 2

F***ing Brilliant!! A 21th century Commando/Rambo/Die Hard.. So worth.. and the lines... Oh my... Better then the first one too..

Undisputed III: Redemption

Nice moves man.. wasn't a bad story either, especially considering it was a pt 3.


An ok movie.. Not so much "acton" that as was hoping for but..


From time to time: Hilariously funny! The thundersong.. omg! But it could have been even funnier, atleast that was what I was hopping for. Really worth watching.

The Rules of Attraction

The worst thing about it is that it was so bad and non saying that I saw it again without knowing it.. Geeeh.. Some nice camerashots and angles but really thats it..

Cowboys & Aliens

O my.. What peace of ... Thought it would have potential but.. It started of ok but pretty soon became something a wholelot different..


Maybe not the best movie.. and sertainly not the most beautiful.. but hey, it's still a 80's fantasy movie with dragons in it.. =D

The Ten
The Ten(2007)

Really sick. Had some funny moments, but overall was just silly in a wierd way.. Guess I didn't understand it. =/

Out of Time
Out of Time(2003)

Rather thrilling actually. Worth watching a first time.

The Beastmaster

Really great actually!!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Finally it's over.. I really liked the last 40 minutes minus the last 10-15. Couldn't it just have ended with all that juicy death?! But NO.. Oh well.. I can say it again.. Finally it's over..

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

This really is the worst one in the series.. Can't see why they couln't just make one movie on this last book...

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Talk about political incorrectness.. Really funny..

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

I really liked it. Some of Barnabas coments are just to die for.. And I will surely see it again.

Laa-thaa-phii (Ghost Game)

Not scary at all.. And that's not the only thing "forgotten" in this film. But still not the worst movie I've seen =P


Little bit disappointing, had its moments, but the rest is easy forgotten.. Paul Rudd's funny as usual when he gets to improv..

Young Adult
Young Adult(2011)

Not a film that I will watch a second time.. Charlize does a great performance but that isn't enough for this movie..

The Dark Knight Rises

Good! But I still hold the first two higher.


It had it's moments, but I still found it a little boring from time to time. Didn't get you to the edge of the seat.


Great.. maybe a little thin storywise but still.. Great movie.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Oh my... Got to be one of the boring and non-saying movies made this year.. The only god thing about this movie is Jason Segel.


It's ok but missing that lite something extra. Worth watching but I'm going to watch Colombiana or Nikita again instead..

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil

Not even close to the first one! Really!


It could have been better, I felt like something was missing to complete the story, but overall it was a good movie.

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

A little redicules from time to time, and some more or less questionable traits he gets when landing on Mars.. Well, it gets you out of your own world for almost two hours so.. and there are worse films out there..


It was ok.. Nothing over the top but very watchable. Might even see it again.. =P

The Hunger Games

It was ok.. a little bit boring, it isn't really new, I found it more like a rip-of from Battle Royale and The Condemned.. But still watchable. Atleast you got to get out of your own world for 2 hours..

This Means War

Quite enjoyable, not really anything new but.. If you got some time to kill.. you could do it in worse ways..


I though it was rather thrilling actually.. found myself sitting on needles some times..

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Oh My F*****g God!! What were the thinking?! And Cage who I usually think is a good actor.. this most be his worst job ever.. I don't even know what to say.. Watch it for yourselfs and you'll see.. Not gonna watch it again that's for sure!

Love and Other Drugs

I thought it was really good, maybe not a movie to be watched over and oaver again but.. In the long run I could really relate to Jamie..


OK, but far from the best anime ever...

Mother's Day
Mother's Day(2012)

Rebecca is brilliant in this..

BloodRayne 3

See: Bloodrayne the third reich

The Devil's Own

Both Harrison and Brad does a great job in this movie..

Muppet Treasure Island

Really funny, the first Muppets movie I've seen... but there will be more.. =)

Peggy Sue Got Married

OK.. sweet, but maybe not one I'll watch again..

Snow White and the Huntsman

Beautiful movie and a marvelous set. But the story... Oh my.. what were they thinking, especally with the time frame..

The Amazing Spider-Man

I liked the old ones better. Sure it has some it moments but... the story seems kinda drag, and I don't like the fact that they "changed" the original "creation story."

American Reunion

Ok. Better then all the "presents" ones, and actually a nice way to round it all up..

Marvel's The Avengers

Really good. Missing some key people from their "own" movies but still.. Worth watching again.. and again.


Really good. Raised alot of questions that was answered when I watched the original Alien again. (wich I had to do because it had been too long ago anyway) You can see it as a stand-alone movie aswell, but I actually think he did a great job tighing the two together.


What can I say.. Making a movie created on that game?? Well, it wasn't bad, worth seeing once, but not someting I will see twice.

How Do You Know

Must say I'm a little dissapointed, with that cast it could have been a great movie. Not the feeliest movie in the genre, but it had it's moments.. I personaly could't relate to a couple of situations and charachter trades.

Apollo 18
Apollo 18(2011)

Much noise for nothing, If it would have been liked they said "What you are about to see is the actual footage which the astronauts captured on that mission. While NASA denies its authenticity, others say it's the real reason we've never gone back to the moon" it would have been cool. But now it wasn't.. Watch Alien again instead.

Take Me Home Tonight

Some funny moments, some embarrassing moments, but overall, really not worth the time.

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

Terrible remake.. some of the worst specialeffects ever.. If you have plans to see it, don't, see the one from '82 instead..

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey really is quite entertaining.. and a great actor.

What's Your Number?

Not the best movie in this genre, but absolutely watchable. Actually really liked Anna Faris in this role, felt a little more genuine then her usual overacting everything. Chris Evans really fits his role too.

The Change-Up

A placebo for "Freaky Friday." So, not really ground breaking but really funny from time to time.. Ryan is exceptional in his role, and Olivia... geeh, want can you say...

Just Go with It

Really liked it.. Sweet, funny and true in a way. Love Jennifer in these kind of rolls, she is cut for them. And Baliee Madison is just so cute in her roll as Maggie. Se it or don't, your choice..

Norma Jean and Marilyn

Had a little trouble following the story from time to time, fellt like some parts of the movie went missing. Otherwise it was ok.. she really didn't have a glorious life all the time..

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Actually worth watching. Still filled with your normal swedish cuts that doesn't make any sense but the story was well written and executed.


A good drama, got a little boring in the middle but came out strong. A story of two brothers from different backgrounds both after the same prize..

I Am Number Four

I really enjoyed it. It even contained a few moments when you jumped. Hopefully they don't wait to long before making the sequal.

Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

When Rayne finally gets to kill nazis it's totally out of context.. If Mr Boll could get something right sometime.. But still, it's Rayne, it's Natassia.. so it was worth watching.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Not really the end I was expecting but, it was really exciting, and good to finally get a conclussion to the story. Really worth watching the series if you would like to flee reality for a while..


Really, really, good. Luc Besson has managed to create a new Nikita. Love the story, and Zoe is a pearl in this role. And when the guitar to the final song starts it just, melted together in a symbios of perfection. Watch it. Really.

Our Idiot Brother

Not as funny as I had hoped it would be.. but it's non the less a beautiful story about a family to occupied by each of their own lives to see whats reallly important..

Going the Distance

It was ok. Cute, funny and just plain dumb from time to time.. All that you'd expect from this kind of movies.. Missing that little extra but.. It's Drew, so I watched it ;)

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

Felt a little short, but otherwise really good.. And actually I would have liked to get to know them all a little better..

The Hangover Part II

A repeat.. And not even a good one. If you have to see one of them, see the first one, and actually skip this one. Sure it had some funny moments but not one that made me LoL..


Saoirse Ronan in another "hard to forget" roll. The first half of the movie seemed really long, but still I wanted to know more.. In the end I sat there wondering "What's next? Can't end now!" A little Nikita..


OK. After a slow start it really gets going. I found myself holding my breath and really feeling the tension from the characters. Not the best James Cameron has done, but..

The Other Woman

Natalie does a great performance as a new wife and stephmother with troubles after losing her child.

The Secret of Moonacre

Excellent "day-after" movie..


As a action movie I found it rather thrilling.. as a vampire movie it's actually worse than Blade.. It also was kind of funny the fact that he buried his priest brothers by fire. Isn't that a little heathen for a man of the cloth??

Your Highness

Walking the line between funny and just dumb, sometimes it tips to one side sometimes to the other.. If you haven't seen it, you should..

Life as We Know It

Really cute (Heigl that is) ;P and charming. Actually the best romantic comedy I've seen this year..

Green Lantern

Not my favorite superhero, but it still makes a decent movie. The special effects were well executed and really cool from time to time. I will definitely see a sequal on this film..

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Don't really get the fuzz about this movie, so she had a ruff background that's starting to surface in her current day life, witch isn't going by like a dance on roses either.. It's not bad, good performances from the whole cast (that's nearly all A-listed actors) but that doesn't cut it to being great..

Captain America: The First Avenger

Totally watchable, missed Wolverine in it but hey, you can't have it all.. Not really my kind of superhero with all that U.S. propaganda, but that aside it was a thrilling and well made movie.

Friends With Benefits

I liked it, even though it at first seems like the desk neighbor just copyed the story from "No strings attached," it really wasn't. The dialouge in this is much more clever and witty, this I might certainly watch again.. Loved Mila Kunis charachter Jamie.

No Strings Attached

Cute.. Portman and Kutcher has a great chemistry between eachother. But that little extra is missing to make it a keeper..

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

OK. Failed to capture that 80's feeling but still. Nice to see vampires doing their thing, instead of constantly whine about somehting trivial, as the the latest vampire movies.. (not mentioning any names....)

Red Riding Hood

Excellent. I really enjoyed this one.. Beutiful gothic fairytale version.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

If this would have made and seen in the 80's.. and not containing "that thing" it would have been great.

Conan the Barbarian

It was cool, love the character Conan. Found the scenes in the skull cave a little to much, but still.. Only had one problem with the movie.. it didn't feel like A movie, after seeing it I sat there waiting for ep 2.. and that is not great by my standards. Though.. I loved Rose McGowan in this role.. almost as good as in Planet Terror.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Ok, kinda cool I got to say.. Nicely puzzled together with the first one..

The Adventures of Tintin

Genious! Can't wait for the second..

The Core
The Core(2003)

Not the best disaster movie made, by far. See someone else instead, that's my suggestion..

About Last Night

Two stars for the right 80's feel.. but otherwise not much to cheer about.


Liam Neeson does a good roll as he mostly does, but Jodie Foster is Excellent!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pretty much what was expected.. Nothing that really stands out from before. Loved Astrid Bergés Frisbey as the mermaid Syrena.

Return to the Blue Lagoon

Kind of a dumb beginning, he's really not to leave that island.. And the rest is more or less just a rip from the original.. the only reason for the whole star is Milla, she does a nice job in this one to.

Zombie Strippers

Zombies and strippers... what can possible go wrong when you mix those two and put them in a movie? It's actually really funny from time to time, the plot could have been a little thicker but.. why complain? Just see it for what it is..


Got the feeling the rushed it even if it was almost two hours long.. The story on earth could have used a little more work, but overall it was a good movie.. despite the fuck up of a religion.. then again, that mistake was made when the comic appeared..

Two Girls and a Guy

Not really much of a scenery but.. Great performances from the actors.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

Almost as god as the swedish one, (Now there's a sentence I NEVER thought I would say...) just because you have a bigger budget you don't have to spend on lameass computer effects.. Just because she's a vampire doesn't make her limbless..

Tales of an Ancient Empire

Not that bad.. sure it's low budget, but I rather liked the story, would just like to see how it ends..

Bitch Slap
Bitch Slap(2010)

I absolutely liked it. Packed with "Boobs and Guns" as they so cautiously promoted it. It's filled with twists throughout so it never gets boring..


Absolutley brilliant! Lemmy is a living legend. A must see..

The Lovely Bones

Sad and emotional, and even a little frustrating..that it doesn't really get to that conclusion that you want it to.. Great acting overall..

The Last Exorcism

Absolutely one of the worst exorsism movies I've seen. Watching and waiting for it to get better but the only thing you get is an abrupt, cheesy ending.

Baby on Board

A typical Heather Graham movie, cute and corny.. You won't be dissapointed..

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

Not all bad, but all good either, got the feeling something was missing from the script, like it wasn't all finished, that it had more potential..


Really dull story, only reason it gets two stars is for great acting by the three leads..

18 Year Old Virgin

Bad American Pie wannabe.. Has some funny incidents but that's all.. If you're in the mood for a braindead teenflick and haven't yet seen it.. ..ok..


A phsyco thriller. Great acting, Julianne as always, Liam has done better but.. and I am actually surpriced about miss Seyfried in this one, I usually don't like her..

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Still enjoyable, not scary but entertaining. Newer thinking than in the last one, but still "Don't fuck with the original"

Stay Cool
Stay Cool(2011)

Not bad not great.. Ok to watch if youre in that state that you don't want to think.


I liked it, Very well played by all involved, maybe not a "goback" film but worth watching..

The Eagle
The Eagle(2011)

An ok movie, a little stiff from time to time and not one that I will watch again soon..

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

A very Statham movie.. nothing new nothing out of the ordinary.

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

Ok movie for beeing a sequal, but as most others, it didn't reach the first one. The 3D effects weren't anything to brag about either. But if you like the characters you absolutley should watch it.


Solid movie with alot of beautiful scenery. It didn't feel like three hours when you watched it but.. a little to dull to go through it again.

The Devil's Tomb

The story was flat, the effects not so much to talk about, really the only good part of this movie was Ron Perlman.. but even he can't drag the wagon himself.

Never Cry Werewolf

Might not be the scariest werewilf movie I've seen, but defenitley not the worst. The acting is somewhat questionable, but hey, that's not the most important all the time..

Secret Admirer

I loved this movie when I was little.. and frankly.. it still has that magic feeling. Besides, it's kinda funny how much trouble a letter can create..


Underworld ripoff. If not for the worst acting on the planet.. it would have been better.

Labor Pains
Labor Pains(2009)

Cute, not lol funny but really awkward from time to time.. Totally watchable.

City of Ember

Excellent adventure movie to watch the day after, missing that little extra to be a movie to watch over and over, but still..

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Idiotic and funny, in the perfect proportions..


One might wonder if it just wouldn't have been easer just to make the girl scream the first time.. Ali Larter does a great performance.


Not the best, mediocre story and dialog. Half-good effects at best. Feels like the money for this could have come to better use..

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary

Not the biggest budget movie, but I kinda liked the story eventhough it was a twisted version, Kate still makes a good even in a smaller movie..

Tamara Drewe
Tamara Drewe(2010)

How much drama can they fit in a small village? Gemma does a convincing roll as Tamara, but the "star" in the movie has to be Jessica Barden as Jody. Worth watching once, probably takes a while before doing it again, if even..

The Other Boleyn Girl

Great performances by the three leads, but I think the story was kind of a drag, have trouble wrapping my head around the thought of the people being the way they where portraited.. a little to much drama it seems.

The Killer Inside Me

Great performances, but not my genre.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

Really good, get's a little stiff from time to time but without becomming a drag. Get's you thinking both during and after..

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Actually some-what excellent.. Love how the have twisted the story around itself.. Absolutley a movie to see again.

High Tension (Switchblade Romance)

Seriously disturbed.. Maybe not a movie to watch over and over again, but almost a most to see once.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Probably would have made the world a better place if this movie wasn't made.. Not saying it didn't have it's moments, but overall, nothing exciting about it.

I Spit On Your Grave

"He's obsessed with her, I think he even feels sorry.." In short: to few people get's shot in the world!
That's my opinion. Love the second half of the movie though.. Can I marry that girl?

The Last Airbender

I really thought it was ok, sure, not as good as the series, but to be honest, are they ever?

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

Exciting, despite the fact that most part is filmed in one location..


Cute and charming


Best horrormovie this year so far. Both creepy and jumpy.


Really exciting, gets a little slow in the middle and your left wondering in the end, but still totally watchable..

The Adjustment Bureau

A good slumber movie, something was missing to climb the charts. I really liked Emily Blunts and Terence Stamps performances, but the can't carry the whole movie.

X-Men: First Class

Awesome! Cool effects and a good story. Just wondering if and how they are going to tie this to the first three...? Now we all want to know what happened with Beast, Emma Frost, Havok, Banchee, Azazel and the rest, why they don't appear in the following ones.. (As some of them do in the series)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

OK, the worst of the three, but still watchable if your in to Transformers. To much trying to be funny but didn't reach all the way. And if you thought Mikaela (Megan Fox) was dumb in the last one, there is no words for how Angel (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) appear in this one.. Just hoping the remakers does a G1 version when the time comes..

The Secret of My Success

Great '80s movie.. the demands were not as high back then but...

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

If he just wasn't such an ass.. I just got mad..

Season of the Witch

It was not really what I expected, not the kind of witch film the title indicates. But it still was ok, sometimes (although rarely) even great, during the first 3/4. Then story takes a major leap and poor cgi battles takes it's toll.

Age of the Dragons

Sometihng really went missing in this movie, I like the concept but, I for one wanted more dragons on screen..

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Not as funny as I thought it would be.. but ok to watch, nothing that will blow your mind though.

Something New

Missing that little extra for a movie in this genre to climb my charts but...

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

It was OK, not at all as bad as the "experts"/critics said.. A little to easy to fortell the ending but.. Worth the time.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Not the best of the three, but you still get to travel to a magical land and forget about your own world for two hours..

The Score
The Score(2001)

Exciting, intriguing.. definitely worth watching.. Edward Norton does a phenomenal "Brian."

My One and Only

Not the best I've seen but, takes you back to a time when living wasm't as easy as it is today. Renée does a great job as Ann.

Green Street Hooligans

Worth watching... see what it's like to really live for a team..

Girl's Best Friend

Ok to watch on a rainy day, ok acting but the story felt kind of hollow..

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Keeps getting darker and darker. But seriusly is just a springboard for part 2, probably need to see them together to give a proper review..


What a mess.. but still intriguing.. and the girls can sing, really, both of them.. It's a keeper, if you like these kind of movies.. way better then Moulin Rouge.

Little Fockers

Not the best in the franchise, is it really necessary to go through the same questions over and over again? Overall I still liked it, makes a good conclusion to the story, that meaning there is no point in doing another one..

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Sensed like something was missing throughout the movie, can't put my finger on it.. maybe a little long for such a short story, and a little more action scenes would not have hurt either.. but overall I liked it.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The number of stars is directly related to the lack of Edward, who (hopefully) we all have begun to question..

The Resident
The Resident(2012)

Disturbing! Seriously... Great actors.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Actually an ok movie, not the best but far from the worst vampire-flick I've seen..


Really good, unexpected and thrilling. Gets a lowered grade becouse it probably won't be as good a second time.. But defenitely worth watching a first..


A modern day "American Ninja." Reminds a whole lot of the original '80s movie.. Not bad if you like this type of movie, not the best either, but worth checking..

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

I expected it to be funnier than it was, it actually came out rather dry. Defenitely not the movie of the month, the kind you watch it once and put on the back row of the shelf...

Gulliver's Travels

Doesn't really bring much new to the table.. excellent for the day after..

The Social Network

Not the most exciting movie I've seen. Don't really understand the hype about it, the acting wasn't that good nor the story.. is it just becouse it's Facebook? Might as well join Jehovas..

Paranormal Activity 2

Not even close to what the first one delivered. Alot of time it seemed like the movie was standing still. But ok, it's worth watching atleast once..

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

Great performance from everyone.


Lets just say it explains alot.. Absolutly worth 1,5h, maybe not the biggest budget this year but..

Van Wilder: Freshman Year

Definitely not as good as the original, ok to watch the day after, when it hurts to think..

The Uninvited

Totally ok.. not really scary but a good thriller..

2012: Doomsday

Don't get why they had to put God and Jesus in the mix.. Totally not cool.. But other than that it was an ok movie

Big Trouble in Little China

Excellent.. Actually forgot how much I liked this movie until I saw it again.. and that definitely is gonna happen again..

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Yes I did.. regretfully.. Oh well, now I've seen can't make that undone. Sure it had some funny moments, but lets be honest, so does most movies.. even those who aren't PR:d as a comedy.. The best thing in it.. Sam Elliott, the dude has a certain personality..

How to Train Your Dragon

Great movie.. good story and great animation. Definitely a film to watch again.. hey, it contains dragons...


A quite insignificant movie.. Not the worst i've seen but defenitely not the greatest either.. I probably had to high expectations.


Now that's just nasty.. sick, twisted, inexplicable..

Dead Snow (Død snø)

Not the highest budget movie made but, it was actually really funny. "Bad Generation" zombies that can run and think but... An ok movie.

Lost Boys: The Thirst

Great! Excellent followup. Liked it alot better then the last (The Tribe), actually did manage to capture a part of the magic from the original movie.. Great seeing the Frog brothers back in action.

30 Days Of Night: Dark Days

Didn't expect much, and didn't get it either. Worse than the first one, that atleast had an entertaining story. Don't like these kind of vampires, makes them look more like insects then what they are..

Sunshine Cleaning

Sweet movie, great performances. Not the most thrilling in the bunch but a great "everyday" story about a struggling family.

District 9
District 9(2009)

Didn't expect much at all from this movie.. But they combined alot of different genres into one movie with a pretty dicent outcome.. Not they kind of movie I'll watch a second time but...


Really cute action-comedy. A little cheesy but hey.. that's kind of the thing.. Great actors all throughout.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Not the best in the genre but definetly not the worst.. I kinda liked anyway, took me away from reality for a while..

College Road Trip

Cheesy, corny... do I need to continue..?

Love Happens
Love Happens(2009)

If you're expecting a romantic comedy.. look elsewhere. Not much excitiment in this movie, nothing happening over a long period of time.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Intense, pshycotic and wierd.. That girl really has some issues.. Not saying that it's bad, just don't want to deal with all that melodrama.. However, Natalie is wonderful in her role..


Not really my cup of tea..

I Love You Beth Cooper

Doesn't help much that Hayden is cute, this movie would actually be better if it hadn't been made.. The first half hour is just a drag, it gets better, but not much.. There are other's to choose from..

WarGames (War Games)

Totaly watchable 80's movie. A foretaste of Terminator and The Matrix.

Transporter 3

Didn't expect much but I gotta say I'm surprised, I really enjoyed it.. Absolutley worth watching again.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

A much better secual then the first one (Universal Soldier - The Return), should have done this instead. To bad Dolph didn't get the screentime he deserves, I would have made him fight and defeat NGU, and then have the ultimate showdown with Luc.. To relive the original movie a bit..

Vampires Suck

Disaster.. If you're going to make a parody you could atleast try to make it funny.. Thumbs up for Jenn Proske for her portrait of Kristen Stewart's Bella, not easy to tell who's who..

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Outstanding animated film.. works for all ages.

American Pie Presents: Book of Love

Not the best in the series.. ok to watch the day after a party, otherwhise...

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

One of the hardest one so far to grade.. I must say, I have never been more unsure to choose the path of the vampire as to have seen Edward in this film. Grow a set for f**k sake.. Brad Pitt as Louis had problems but I mean.. COME ON!!! Actually liked the film overall... been a while since last a movie stirred up this kind of emotion in me..

Shrek Forever After

Not at all as good as the first two, but better than the third..


Not really scary, but kinda creepy.. I liked it

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

An ok movie, nothing in it really that would make it great, but absolutley watchable, made for kids but even we older children can enjoy it.. perfect for that "day-after" when you don't want to think to much..


Entertaining, stuck to the basic vampire rules, not the best in the genre but absolutley worth watching..

Summer's Blood (Summer's Moon)

Good thriller, low budget but good capture.. there are apperantly alot of pshykos out there..

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

Actually an ok Indiana Jones rip off..

Two Brothers
Two Brothers(2004)

Heartbreaking and wonderful

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

OMG! How many times did I not see this while growing up?! Saw it again now and it is still as wonderful as ever. How cool wouldn't it be if they made a real feature-movie on this script.. I totally recommend it, for all ages..

The Transformers - The Movie

If only they did this version for real instead..

Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt(2001)

Completely retardedly outstanding.. I love Joes vision of life, it'll work itself out, everybody sees him as a loser but he just does his thing anyway.


Really funny, well made...

Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones(1993)

Not really my kind of movie, but you get sucked into it to watch the ending. You get a little insight and understanding about the sickness.

A Perfect Getaway

Really good, keeps you quessing the whole movie through.

The Women
The Women(2008)

An OK movie, maybe not one that you'll see over and over again, but Meg Ryan and Anette Benning does great rolls (as they often do) in this movie.

The Blind Side

I really liked it. Based on the life of Michael Oher, tells his story from the time he was homeless to him being adopted by the Tuohy family. Bullock does yet another great performance..

Feast of Love

The must have missed something when they made this movie.. I never felt "it"
See Love Actually again instead..

He's Just Not That Into You

It was ok, not as genius as Love Actually but way better then Valentine's Day or Feast of Love.. And that's really all there is to it.. If you like those kind of movies you'll like this one

Hole in One
Hole in One(2010)

A bad version of the American Pie concept.. had some laughs though

Crank 2: High Voltage

Ok, If you liked the first movie your gonna enjoy this one.. Not that much has changed. I just can't stop wundering what plot they gonna come up with for the next one..


Creepy and horrifying, in a "Pshyco" kinda way..


Quite thrilling, you can feel the walls are closing around you..Not really the kind of movie you watch twice but, absolutley worth a first peek.

Mega Piranha
Mega Piranha(2010)

Catastrophic.. really really bad, not even funny bad..


Asskicking heaven! Outstanding. Take the movie for what it is and you will not be dissapointed.


OK, based on a true story.

The Reef
The Reef(2010)

Really good actually, has you sitting on the edge of your seat.. Some parts are not as action filled as you would like but, totaly an ok movie if you like shark movies..

When in Rome
When in Rome(2010)

Nothing out of the ordinary.. actually very plain..

Leap Year
Leap Year(2010)

Not the greatest romantic comedy made, although it did have it's moments, bout cute and funny.. And you gotta love the irish..

High Kick Girl

1H16m long, felt like 3h, and I guess they could have managed with 30min if they haven't shown every fotage twice.. no, back to school

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

OK. Had some funny moments. Not a bad movie but not anything special about it either..

Bakjwi (Thirst)

Actually an ok film, not the kind I expected, kind of a drag from time to time, not the most action filled vampire movie ever. Somewhat of the same feeling to it as the swedish "Let the right one in," new age vampire movie. I just get so frustrated with the Sang-Hyuns of the genre.. why do they have to have such high horses..??!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Not the greatest vampire movie of all times, nor the best "teen" movie. A prehistoric Blade if you want.. Actuallly don't even think it could have been called great when it was new.. Stick to the TV series if you like the story, just a line like that makes you wonder..

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

Ok, it's never easy to make a movie out of a comic.. and keep the "essence" alive.. I found the movie entertaining, shot in a Sin City kind of way. Never read the comic behind it so don't have alot to compare with. If you liked the way Sin City was told you'll enjoy this film to, if you also like westerns, this is absolutly a feature for you...

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Had some funny moments. Not much else to say, not bad, not great.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I feel kinda sorry for the kids who have to growe up to this version of Freddy. They really are missing some of the best nightmares in their life..
I think they rusched through the introduction, you never got the same creepy understanding as to why they didn't want to sleep. And I don't think "New Freddy" looks as creepy as the old one does.
The film wasn't bad, but I prefer the original..


To bad, I had to high expectations for this movie.. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't groundbreaking either, felt to much like a remake of the first movie, without the "sitting on needles" feeling. I am though.. possitive that I will see it again in the future

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Low budget but totaly ok. A thriller about a woman who gets kidnapped by two men, that plan to use her for ransom. Gemma Amerton gives a positive performance..

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

Actually really ok. A big step up from the second one. It doesn't remind the least about the first movie, but it works great as a stand alone film.

The Butterfly Effect 2

Not as good as the first one, the story is not at all as thought through as it's prequal. This one was pretty boring in comparison. See the first one again instead..

He Was a Quiet Man

Christian Slater gave an ok performance.
The film just screams "Straight to Video"

The New Daughter

Kinda mediocre.. Could have been done much better..

Snabba cash (Easy Money)

Oh yeah.. it was great... Outstandng.. Swedish shit..

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

Twisted the story a little to much, I still think Prince of Theives has point.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Not ROFL funny, but it had some moments.. A film in the spirit of "Dude, Where's my Car", backtracking the night before..


A lesser version of the stardard veteran war hero that has come home, wants to live quetly but can't, because the "bad guys" won't let him. Then the clean up begins and so on and so forth.... I recommend you see Commando, Rambo or Shooter instead.. ..just mentioning a few..

Cry of the Owl

Mysterlous movie.. Not that good, but keeps you wondering through out. Let's just say, I'll not see it again, even though Julia is in it :P

Blood: The Last Vampire

Really cool, actually gave the background story for the anime aswell.. Now we all can understand it ;)

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

I thought it would be better.. but it was ok. Leonardo does yet another great performance..


This was not my movie.. Not a big fan of war movies at all, but this was seriuosly to doll..


Not as bad as everybody says.. no extraordinary fighting scenes but.. kind of a nice feeling about it.

Because I Said So

Another one in the bag.. has some really funny moments..


Not a new Seven. Could have done this way cooler, started of good but lost the tread after a while.

The Nines
The Nines(2007)

Don't really know how to grade this movie... It was exciting and boring at the same time.. answered alot of questions asked even more.. deep but still shallow.. Unsure if i will see it again, but defenitly watchable the first time... God in wow!!

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

It was ok, not that I will see it again but.. Some really strong characters

What Just Happened?

Not the gratest movie ever.. Actually really boring. De Niro does a good performance as always but it doesn't save the script.


Very similar to all the other's in this genre.. but it has its moments

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Another great chapter... Best 3D movie so far!!


Not at all as good as Gladiator, but totally worth the time it takes to watch it,,

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Really entartaining.. Love Gemma Arterton..


Really entertaining..

The Barbarians

For the amusement it infused me as a growing lad. Awesome.

Dirty Dancing

Great Movie!! Watch it everytime I'm home sick.


could have been so much better...