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Highlander (1986)
10 years ago via Flixster

Ok, if you were a guy and had your childhood/youth in the 1980s there's a big chance you have a soft spot for the Highlander-movies, but let's face it, all the sequels suck cheese balls, and the only one in the series worth your time is this one.

It is however not without its flaws. Russell Mulcahy's direction is at times choppy (the same goes for the editing) and for a universe where swords are the preferred weapon the fight-scenes doesn't really blow you away (for fantastic sword-fighting watch an old Errol Flynn-movie or if you want to stay in the 1980s, try "The Princess Bride").

In other words, no masterpiece but it IS a cult classic in its own right. Mainly thanks to wonderful support from Sean Connery as Juan Ramirez, a scene-stealing Clancy Brown as the hilarious villain Kurgan and some memorable scenes, including what has to be the funniest duel ever put on film (with a dead drunk Christopher Lambert). The whole shebang is fittingly accompanied by a soundtrack dominated by Queen-music, so how more 1980s can you get!?

Quirky, harmless entertainment that is hard to hate - easy to love.