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500 Days of Summer
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I adored every minute of this movie, even the ones that made me cry, even the couple over-stylized ones.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt owns this movie, you feel his emotions every step of the way through this real relationship, and as the opening says not a love story.
I've said it before & I'll say it again here, a great movie is one that can take you from hilarious laughter to the depths of that characters despair and this movie does that. You want to love Summer how Tom does, but you also hate her for everything you see that he ignores.
Yes, while I think maybe the director had a few too many ideas going of what would make it an 'artistic' film, it wasn't nearly as over-wrought as say the screenplay for Juno.
I loved the disjointed story-telling, I love how it really reflects on the way people remember their past.
Superb film, def want to go see again soon and will be in my fav dvd collection.