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Justice League
4 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Despite tbe issues that the movie has with story change, directors and cgi, this was a fun superhero movie. 2nd step in the right direction.

A Family Man
A Family Man (2017)
5 years ago via Movies on Android phone

There is no reason to dislike this movie. This was a very good and well acted movie. The story showed the characters being vulnerable and truly affected by their circumstances and desires. This movie actual makes you feel and relate to what's going on. I really recommend this

Spider-Man: Homecoming
5 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Definitely a different version of Spider-Man. It's the most different version we've ever seen in fact. I hate it that we have had 3 versions of the Spider-man in such a short time and that it took sooo long for him to finally play with the Avengers, although in some ways it was worth the wait. This version was not an origin story which is the best thing we could have hoped for for Spider-Man. We didn't need that. Instead this continued what we saw in Civil War and showed him as the kid he really is just trying to figure this new thing out, especially in this new suit. This shows him in the most vulnerable and the most realistic way we have ever seen him. We see him do things that some of us have jokingly asked questions about such as, "If there are no buildings or tall trees how does he get around?". They actually show him doing what is logical and actual run and struggle to get there on time. He really does his best the whole movie to figure out how to be Spider-Man as a 15 yr. old and still balance Peter Parker's life. Some things have to fall by the wayside and screw ups are bound to happen. Now I appreciate and enjoyed all of the previous Spider-Man versions and sequels in their entirety minus the Spider-Man 3, which I only enjoyed certain parts of it. However, this one I enjoyed a little diffrently because of the vulnerability of the hero and villain. Michael Keaton does an excellent job and you understand why he did what he did. You understand why he has become this new persona and who he is doing it for. You understand his disposition and know that he's just a regular guy that got shafted by "The Man". Now for some of you who don't know, The Vulture in the original comic book story and even in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon was a scientist who was trying to figure out the fountain of youth. He used his technology to suck out the life of others in order to add to his vitality. In this iteration The Vulture works as a scavenger for parts which plays right into the characters persona and profession. Very well done. Tom Holland is The Spider-Man We have been wanting, hands down. He has the awkwardness, the humor, the age and the look to hold this spot for a long time. Yes Tony Stark and Iron Man played a major factor in this to push Peter along to become more in tuned with the hero he has to learn to be however,  he was not a show stealer nor needed to promote the movie like some may think. This is a Spider-Man movie. It's a shame it took this long for Sony and Marvel Studios to play nice with one another, though like I said before it was worth the wait. They did take some questionable and outright weird liberties with some of the characters. They introduced some that we have been waiting to see but decided to add some interesting ethnic choices. All the actors by the way did very well. Though you can't help but wonder why they chose a very opposite look for Flash Thompson by casting Tony Revolori and Zendaya who played an absolute opposite version of MJ. This is a must see and places more hope for the future of Spider-Man in the MCU and his own solo movies. There are two end credit scenes. Like I said before, if you are still after all we've seen asking if there is anything at the end of Marvel movies then you just deserve to miss out.