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Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

the first 20 minutes are the hardest I've laughed at a movie.
the rest? very hit-or-miss.

It's a Wonderful Life

The Great American Movie never gets old.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Dull plot, bad dialogue, and overused gags. The worst of a so-so trilogy.

October Baby
October Baby(2012)

pretty well acted, especially by Jasmine Guy. A tad too long, but allows it's focus to be forgiveness, rather than anti-abortion.

The Dark Knight Rises

Pretty good. A few horrible lines, though, and I wish the last scene would have been Alfred looking up, nodding, and then black - they didn't have to show Bruce Wayne; you would have known.


wow. a funny movie that's clean. I love James Caan.

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius

Rather disappointing. It's interesting when a kids' movie is rated much lower by viewers than critics.

Absence Of Malice

Wilford Brimley's long cameo is hands down the best thing about this rather slow movie.

The Scout
The Scout(1994)

well, Fraser's character seems like a talented fun-loving ball player - until he has a breakdown in the 2nd half.

Clear and Present Danger

my favorite of the Jack Ryan movies.

The Next Three Days

I felt like this could have been better, considering the premise.


yes, I saw it in the theatres. And I like Kate Winslet. But it's still hard to believe this movie won Best Picture.

The Adventures of Tintin

It's like a young Indiana Jones - rousing entertainment with wonderful animation. A bit of a dull ending that serves only to set up a sequel.

Troll 2
Troll 2(1990)

Aw, they eat the kid's mom?

Frustratingly awful.

Air Bud 4 - Seventh Inning Fetch

By now, the novelty has worn off. Ever think about throwing this dog a curve? Nope, LET'S PITCH IT RIGHT DOWN CENTRAL! And the kids are excited that a freaking canine is their best player! AAAAHHHH!

Alvin and the Chipmunks

not that bad. My 4-year son loved it.


Really enjoyed it. There's not a lot of action, but the dialogue and performances are very good. Does a great job of explaining Beane's philosophy without bogging it down with stats that would leave most viewers lost and uninterested. And the actor who plays David Justice has one of the sweetest swings I've ever seen in baseball movie.

Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

C'mon, 0.5 star? Yes, it's that bad.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Not as good as the original and sets up for an unnecessary 3rd installment.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Fast-paced and action packed. Worth seeing in IMAX.


a quaint, enjoyable movie. Football is merely the backdrop, and not the focus of the movie.

The Nativity Story

solid, very accurate re-telling of Christ's birth. The wisemen visiting the manger, is the only Biblical inaccuracy. Mary and Joseph are potrayed as normal, but God-fearing people.


My favorite. Awesome soundtrack (inexplicably not even Oscar-nominated), great writing, Oscar-winning cinematography and great performances by all, even Broderick. Every scene is interesting and memorable. Whatever happened to Jupiter Sharps?

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

"Richard, do you wanna get shot?"- a very quotable movie. Love the score by James Newton Howard.


David Cross is becoming an animated supporting role superstar.


This movie is pretty brilliant.

The King of Comedy

"It is frustrating to watch, unpleasant to remember, and, in its own way, quite effective." - Roger Ebert.

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

the animation is still amazing - the backgrounds look VERY real. But the story wasn't much. And if Mater's going to be the main character, he'd better be funny, which he wasn't most of the time.

Space Buddies

lazy and predictable.

And why isn't there a hole in their spacesuit for their tail? wouldn't that be cuter?


very good, not great. The animation keeps improving, for sure. A nice story that doesn't have a ton of laughs, but I didn't find anything special about it.

The King's Speech

very enjoyable. Great performances, not sure if it's a great movie.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

has an old-fashioned feel and deliberate pace. Enjoyable performances all around, especially Steinfeld.

Born to Be Bad

rather dull. at least it was short (61 min).

My Blue Heaven


Vinnie's Christmas anecdote is funny, at least.

Bill Irwin's dancing is brilliant, but there's not enough of it.

Could've been worse. Ah-nold was supposed to be Vinnie.

His Girl Friday

very enjoyable screwball comedy, and considering the serious backdrop, somewhat of a dark comedy.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

man, the first one was a least decent. This was brutal.

Rocky IV
Rocky IV(1985)

USA vs. USSR (CCCP). You cannot resist.

"I will break you."

Soul of the Game

just ok. Somewhat interesting, but not terribly. Ballplaying quality is average to fair.

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

nothing special, but has some pretty funny lines.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

character-wise, it doesn't really add anything; pretty basic re-telling. The animation is very, very good.


original and entertaining. The quality of the animation is getting ridiculous.

How to Train Your Dragon

extremely enjoyable on all levels.

White Christmas

solid movie with some good humor.


wow. watched it to ridicule, and was not disappointed. an unfunny comic strip turned into a horrible movie. Bad Bad BAD.

A Muppet Family Christmas

uninspired. Kinda lazy, too. Hey, they got all the Muppets in one place to sing Christmas songs!

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

a cartoon (sorry, animated movie) made me cry. That's a good movie, folks.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

not enough Don Cheadle.


Visually amazing. The CGI is truly awesome. Pretty good action toward the end, nothing that hasn't been done. Story is pretty formulaic, though. Stephen Lang gets to deliver the most cliched lines, but has a lot a fun doing it. This movie is definitely worth seeing.

What Would Jesus Buy?

somewhat entertaining and made me think a little. Not really informative, though, and that hurts it's message. The bus accident didn't make sense and added nothing to the "story".

The Time Traveler's Wife

took an interesting premise and turned into a completely boring movie.

Sherlock Holmes

excellent. very entertaining.

Kung Fu Panda

Excellent, Dreamworks finally nails one. The storyline is actually interesting, and it's funny. Love the opening sequence.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Very clever and well-paced. very enjoyable.


would really like to see this again.


just turn your brain off and you'll be fine.

Dial M for Murder

Very good. And it doesn't hurt that Grace Kelly is in it.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Good (and rare) clean fun. As good as the first. And no one does "jerk" like Ed Harris.

Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers

These movies would be masterpieces for the animation alone, but the script is very witty and the action is very clever. Very, very well done. Everybody needs to see these.


Tries to be a very grandiose epic. Too long, but fun to watch. The (real) settings are gorgeous.

Monsters vs. Aliens

solid, some laugh out lines; but doesn't hold a candle to Kung Fu Panda, which is now the standard for Dreamworks.

We Are Marshall

just ok. the plot didn't have a flow to it; just scenes pasted together. A great real-life story that could have been handled better.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

I'm interested in the sequel. Very well done. Doesn't take itself too seriously.

The Odd Couple

funny stuff. The banter of the poker guys and the meatloaf dialoge are great.

The Blind Side

solid movie. good performances by all.

The age of the boy kept bugging me: He was in a middle school play? what?

also, Oher knew how to play football when he arrived at the school, not raw as is shown in the movie. Apparently, he wasn't too happy about that; I wouldn't be either.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

No.1 romantic comedy of 2009 - No. 1.

Stupid, formulaic. Didn't really see a transformation of Bullock's character because she wasn't jerk but for the first 15 min or so.

Thought, maybe, let's have Ryan Reynolds realize that the love of his life is college sweetheart Malin Akerman, but no, eventually, it has to be, inexplicably, Bullock!!! What??!!

I love Oscar on the Office, but his character was brutal.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

my 2 kids loved this and that all that matters to them.
This plot is so bad and cliched, that it's not worth talking about. The CGI is getting very, very good; I'll say that.

The Tale of Despereaux

a sweet story of redemption and forgiveness; pleasantly surprised.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

excellent. No special effects (ok, besides the rain), just great acting.

Ernest Saves Christmas

oh....jingle bells, checkbook swells, big deals on the way...

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

you how you watch the deleted scenes on a DVD and you realize why they weren't in the movie? This movie feels like a bunch of deleted scenes pasted together. It looks like the cast had a lot of fun, but this film doesn't have much plot or direction.

Sleepless in Seattle

Love the "man" scene talking about the Dirty Dozen.

Miracle on 34th Street

solid. Didn't realize Gwenn got an Oscar for this.

Lorenzo's Oil

I'd like to see this again.


My 5 year's old favorite movie. And I like it, too.

Hoop Dreams
Hoop Dreams(1994)

Must-see. A riveting portrait of real-life. The Criteron Collection has seperate commentaries from the filmakers and Arthur and William. Absolutely facinating.

American Experience

Fascinating look at the Peoples Temple and Jim Jones. The video of the members dancing and singing the night before they were essentially exterminated is incredibly eerie. This is what can happen when you follow a man instead of God.

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

ok, I saw this. Not outright bad, but just incredibly generic and boring. No life to this one at all.

The Dark Knight

An intense 2 1/2 hours. Never lets up.

The In-Laws
The In-Laws(2003)

barely remember this one.

From Here to Eternity

very good performances, but, man, is it depressing.

The Great Escape

A little long, but an excellent movie. Every scene has a purpose. Charles Bronson shows off his hugeness, McQueen his coolness.

The Pistol - The Birth of a Legend

interesting story that only focuses on Maravich's childhood.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

saw it for the second time, and want to see it again. A fascinating movie to look at.

Over the Hedge

just saw this one. Very good. the backgrounds are amazing.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

as good as the first one. The main characters aren't funny (at all), but the supporting cast (lemurs, penguins) is hilarious. A fair kid's movie.


man, they spent a lot of money on this movie, and while the sets are great, it's just ok.


Excellent. The acting is good enough not to be distracting to the story. Is serious (and humorous) without being melodramatic or cliched. Makes it very clear on what makes marriage (and life) work - a relationship with Jesus Christ.


I had a feeling that I was probably going to be horribly disappointed by this, and I was. Some funny parts, but Fletch's snide comments mostly seem meant to raise a chuckle, and nothing more. He merely changes his appearance and name, rather than his personality, which doesn't showcase much of Chase's talent. And Fletch starts smoking an hour into the movie, presumably just so it makes sense that he has a lighter handy later on?

Seven Men From Now

solid western. Marvin is very entertaining.

The Magnificent Ambersons

Solid performances. Some interesting dialogue. But I don't see this as one of the greats.

All About Eve

She's as cold as ice..but she's not Bette Davis.


excellent performance by Brolin. A pretty fair and unbiased portrait. His faith was not sneered at by Stone and was portrayed respectfully.


some clever parts, not really funny.

Chicken Little

disappointed. Pretty weak plot. Just events and out-of date pop songs thrown together.


excellent. says a lot without much dialogue.


excellent. absolutely hilarious.

"Peter, this is the worst possible time you could have called. Go Away!"

Murder on the Orient Express

very slow in the beginning, but the wrap-up at the end is brilliant.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

wasn't expecting much, but it was actually very funny, and the story was kept very simple, which allowed the action to not overpower the comedy.


hidden baseball gem.

Welcome to Mooseport

to date, Gene Hackman's last movie.


Downey is excellent.


Solid. The opening half with Shia LeBouf was promising, but the action got very confusing and the dialouge worse. Effects are pretty amazing, though.

MVP: Most Valuable Primate

certainly entertaining from a bad movie standpoint.


solid. The only "old" Batman worth watching.

Back to the Future Part II

the time weaving is very clever. The future, of course, is just a tad hokey.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Most disappointing film I've seen this year.
The jungle sequence tanked this movie.
Didn't care about the characters, didn't care about the story. Some poor direction (gasp!) in parts: the ants squishing not once, but twice against the camera lens was one instance.
Two questions: What did Jones' friend add to the movie, and why was Mutt's motorcycle flown over on the plane, only to be taken away and never used in South America?

Raising Arizona

some funny parts, but too weird for me.

Be Kind Rewind

this trailer sure looked funny...but completely misrepresented the movie.
Boring, boring, boring.

The Natural
The Natural(1984)

the ending never gets old. The ball playing is authentic as it gets.

Music and Lyrics

I laughed out loud a few times, especially at Grant's off-hand remarks and the great music video at the beginning.


some clever dialouge, but much of it crass, and much of it annoying. The pregnancy was treated as just another event in Juno's life, and by the end, she's moved on from it.

Mr. Mom
Mr. Mom(1983)

micheal keaton and the chainsaw (
indoors) is pretty funny.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Dobby looks great. Very entertaining and the actors (save for Draco) are very good.

Dumb and Dumber

very funny. And one of the better soundtracks.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

downright scary performance by March, who had only done comedy before this movie. The fx are really good, considering the time period.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

great performance by Hoffman.

Working Girl
Working Girl(1988)

John Cusack's one-line debut.


a must-see. Very mis-leading cover, though.

Shadow of a Doubt

Hitchcock's personal favorite...but not really good. Kinda slow, with a creepy performance by Cotton, you're hoping for a great, tense climax that doesn't really happen. Best parts of the movie are Hume Cronyn and Henry Travers' discussions about the perfect murder.

The China Syndrome

excellent "cover-up" film. I've never seen Wilford Brimley act badly. Lemmon is excellent.

Manos: The Hands of Fate

makes no sense. kinda freaky too.

Bruce Almighty

"The Power" by Snap! is the best thing about this movie.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

Excellent. Lots of twists and turns. And top-notch acting from Bale, Jackman and Caine.

The Illusionist

very good. Paul Giamatti is excellent. The plot turns aren't as unexpected as that other magican movie (The Prestige), but it's still very enjoyable.

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

quite possibly, the worst movie I have ever seen. Still fun to watch, though.
Oh yeah, those 4 babies on the cover? Not in the movie.

Batman Begins

awesome. Christian Bale is always good.

Rescue Dawn
Rescue Dawn(2007)

excellent performances by Davies, Bale and Zahn.

Becoming Jane

nice movie, just not terribly interesting.

Sunset Boulevard

pretty good. And its relevance hasn't changed a bit. Interestingly enough, Swanson's and Stroheim's careers parallel their characters.

The Bourne Ultimatum

excellent. just as good as the first. I enjoyed the chronology of the story and the scene where he ends up in Stratharin's office. Shaky cam wasn't any worse than the other two.

The Bourne Supremacy

solid, just not as good as the first. The car chase is cool, but ridiculous.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Not as bad as I thought it would be. Wow, 26 of my friends have rated this. 26!

Happily N'ever After

intriguing premise and cast doomed by unfunny dialouge.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

groundbreaking. One the few sequels that's better than the original.


Great performance by Rush

Chariots of Fire

Get past the deliberate pace and British dialouge and enjoy the best sports movie that isn't about sports. As silly as Eric Liddell looks running, you can't help but be inspired by a man who stood by his convictions, no matter what. Harold Abrahams matures from prima-donna to champion.

Amazing Grace

Solid movie and a great story.
Benedict Cumberbatch did a good job and is English based solely on his name.

U.S. Marshals

"I was set up!"

Why was this made?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The effects in this one are so much better than the first. Very dark, but Daniel Radcliffe has matured as a person (of course) and as an actor.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Very good story that keeps you interested.

A Christmas Carol

Very good performance by Sim.


Very good. Excellent animation. Different type of story for Pixar. Jeneane Garofalo? wow, good job on the accent.


pretty violent. I probably will never watch it again. But good storytelling. Patrick McGoohan is pure evil.

The Lion King

does this movie have any weaknesses? Great redemptive story with good values, amazing (as usual)animal animation, and a GREAT score and soundtrack. And it's got James Earl Jones as Mufasa!


Pretty good. but not great.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

solid. Not the best, but pretty good Disney flick.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

very good, with different and humorous dialouge. Who is and what happened to Tim Holt? Robert Blake was the kid? Really?

Everyone's Hero

some historical inaccuracies about Ruth drove me crazy (the kid states that the Babe hit 50 HR for the first time "3 years ago", which according to the Cubs series, would be 1930). Pretty good, and my 3-yr old son loved it.

The Hustler
The Hustler(1961)

much like Rocky, this is a pool movie that doesn't have a ton of pool playing in it. Slow and depressing, but very good performances by all. Ultimately Fast Eddie finally gets it.

Bottle Rocket

charming little movie. The one Anderson film I can stand.

Jonah - A VeggieTales Movie

excellent and accurate re-telling. The audio commentary is hilarious.


not absolutely horrible. Just a really boring movie. I didn't care about any of the characters, and there wasn't any rhythm to the story. The only bright spot was the Cat Stevens song. I'm sorry, I don't get it.


kinda long and not real interesting.

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

very good. The last 15 min are truly suspenseful.

Ernest Goes to Camp

solid entry in the Ernest Trilogy (the first 3).

Kate & Leopold

neat movie. Hugh Jackman is very good.

Dead Man
Dead Man(1995)

strange, but not too strange. Decent.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

I've grown to understand that this is probably the best movie of THE trilogy. The characters are studied more in-depth and secrets are revealed. Nobody really wins, and it's hard to watch this movie on its own.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

The first movie I ever saw in a theater. Great fun. The speederbike chase is one the best scenes of the trilogy.

The Abyss
The Abyss(1989)

amazing water special effects.


excellent. Robin Williams is very good as a shy doctor. De Niro: you know about him.


a little long, but a good story about life in Christ's time. Amazing Chariot scene a must-see.


not the bio of Astros slugger Richard Hidalgo.

Pete's Dragon

wow, I thought this movie was from the 60s.

Lord of the Flies

Pretty good movie with all amateur actors.

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

A sad movie about a father reacting tragically to his daughter's death.


Saw this a long, long time ago.


Ben Stiller is great in this.

Antwone Fisher

Denzel's always worth watching. Luke is very good.

Memphis Belle

very enjoyable flick with a ton of "oh yeah, it's that one guy" actors

Hollywood Homicide

haven't watched Ford flick since.

Paper Moon
Paper Moon(1973)

O' Neal really is good in this. B/W.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

fun stuff. the bicycle part is a little dated.


wow. one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Belushi (playing it straight!) in his last movie.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

i saw this a long, long time ago. And I don't remember much, let alone Clooney.

Mr. Magoo
Mr. Magoo(1997)

don't forget Jennifer Garner!

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

OJ's wheelchair part is the funniest of the movie.

Almost Heroes

Farely's last film. that's it.


could have been better, but Keaton still does a good job.

One Hour Photo

gets real weird at the end.

The Client
The Client(1994)

Brad Renfro had so much promise...

Driving Miss Daisy

"keep drivin' Hoak!" Great movie.

Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee's character is really a jerk in this.


kinda weird and a tad confusing.

The Great Muppet Caper

very good, but not as good as I remember.

The Cider House Rules

Turn of the century Pro-choice film.

Toy Soldiers
Toy Soldiers(1991)

saw this with Nathan Jones!! Go Vipers!!


gimmie back my son!!

The Man Who Knew Too Little

hoping for so much, and got too little.

Wallace & Gromit: The First Three Adventures

Awesome. So awesome that the animation seems natural. And the stories are great too.

Cool Hand Luke

need to see this again.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

good, but not great. Guess you had to see this when it came out.

Curious George

wow. very cute and engaging.

The Breakfast Club

"Don't You Forget About Me" -Maybe the best soundtrack song of all-time.

The Usual Suspects

Stephen Baldwin's finest moment. By far.

"He'll flip ya, flip ya f'real."

Mission: Impossible

awesome story, great lines. Jon Voight not hamming it up (for once). And Henry Czerny as his usual smarmy self.

- "Don't Jim?"

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(1973)

Underrated Disney classic. Love the songs. Sir Hiss and Prince John are maybe the funniest Disney villians of all.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

excellent moviemaking. And the acting is very good.

The Producers

some funny moments, but it was just ok. Definitely weird.

High Noon
High Noon(1952)

I don't really like westerns. Of course, this is not an ordinary Western. That and it has Grace Kelly. And I actually like the song "Do not forsake me, oh, my darlin'..."

The Mexican
The Mexican(2001)

so, Juila Roberts, Brad Pitt, yeah, better keep 'em separated most of the movie....


this is Keanu's defining moment.

"Pop quiz, Jack, whatcha gonna do?"

The Rock
The Rock(1996)

completely unbelievable, inconceivable, incompreh....oh, look, there's Sean Connery. Uh, Jonathan, look at my rating, fool!

An American Tail

Because there are no cats in America, and the streets are filled with cheese.


This movie is not just about boxing. The scene where Rocky is still standing, urging Apollo to continue, and Bill Conti's great score swells and Rocky left-hooks Apollo twice right at the end of the match? That part gives me chills every time.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

Everyone does a very good job, but the story just isn't very interesting.

It Happened One Night

Very good. Subtle comedy and witty dialouge.


early Hitchcock classic.Joan Fontaine looks amazing.


not too bad. but could have been better. Murray's rambling speech at the end just makes it worse.


"I've heard about you."

- "What have you heard, Shane?"

"I've heard you're a lowdown Yankee liar."

Ocean's Thirteen

Saw it without seeing "12", but this was pretty good. Pacino is just okay, and I wish Eddie Izzard played more of a role, but the Oprah scene is maybe the best of the whole movie.

Jesus (The Jesus Film)

Considering its use by Campus Crusade for Christ, quite possibly the most influential movie of all time.

The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (TV SHOW)

for the time, the effects are pretty good. Solid re-telling of the book.


Kevin James is a funny guy.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Capshaw is brutal. The movie is too uneven and boring. Ke Huy Quan is the star of the show.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

one of the few Christmas specials that's actually about Christmas.


The end of David Duchovny's career.

Mission: Impossible III

Philip Seymour Hoffman is really evil, but there's not enough of him.

wait, that's not Keri it?

The Bourne Identity

wow. The pacing is super fast, Damon is really good, and so is Franka Potente. Julia Stiles in a bit part is almost distracting. Clive Owen is very good in a small role.

Top Gun
Top Gun(1986)

can't help being 80's, but it's still enjoyable. Val Kilmer is ultimate cool as "Iceman".

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I remember some people laughing at the rooftop scene, but make no mistake, it's awesome. A martial arts movie with a soul.

Super Size Me

a bit over-dramatic (the barfing, the "his life is in danger" part), but definitely effective. Of course, did anyone not know that eating fast food EVERY SINGLE MEAL could kill them?

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(1996)

I got top-bunk.....

Kill Whitey!

The Great Mouse Detective

an over-looked gem from the Disney dark ages.

Varsity Blues

Jon Voight is so over-the-top and the movie itself is just a tad unbelievable. An excuse to show sex, drugs and rock-n-roll from a teen enviroment.

City Slickers

Was Jack Palance really that good? Oscar-good?


a little hokey? Maybe, but it's so much fun to watch. Reeves, Hackman and Beatty are great.


what happened to Billy Baldwin?

The 6th Day
The 6th Day(2000)

Great concept, but badly handled.

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Lots of hits, lots of misses, but worth seeing.


I thought it was interesting that there is no hint of romance between Arnold and Vanessa in this movie.

Encino Man
Encino Man(1992)

Pauly Shore's finest moment (and that's a good thing). Notice how Sean Astin isn't even on the cover.

That Thing You Do!

solid music flick. And the song is good enough that it doesn't get too irritating. Loaded with early roles and character actors.

Say Anything...

In your eyes, the light, the heat, your eyes, I am complete...

Ocean's Eleven

witty dialouge, twisting plot, great cast.

School of Rock

Very enjoyable. The kids aren't great actors, but they are great musicians.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

must be a girl thing, because I don't get the draw of this.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Solid film, solid story. And the children can act! CGI has almost spoiled us. It's very good in this movie, but we're used to it now.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

very solid. too long, but worth seeing. The bug part was very creepy.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The battle sequences are maybe the best ever.


solid Disney sports flick.


the best thing about this movie is the debut of the music of Evanescence.


Not as good as I hoped. Too many jokes and not enough hits.

The X-Files - Fight the Future

I didn't really watch the show before this, and I like it as a movie. I don't know how it fit with the episodes preceeding it.


Great performance about an empty man.

Walk the Line

I don't really like Johnny Cash's music, but this movie and Phoenix's performance let me know who he was.

The Straight Story

very touching film. When he's recalling the war story about that sniper, it's about the saddest moment I've ever seen on film.

The Philadelphia Story

hard to find a cast better than this one.

The Sting
The Sting(1973)

fast paced, funny, clever, great attention to detail.

Some Like It Hot

didn't think it was as funny as advertised.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

the action is pretty good (but the dialouge is brutal and they try too hard to be cool). Where's Krang?

The Black Cauldron

saw it when it came out, and I don't remember it being very good. Right in the middle of Disney's "Dark Ages" of the 80s.

Apocalypse Now

a very strange movie about a very strange man.

The Trouble with Harry

interesting, but not really funny.

A Christmas Carol

Some of the older ones are good, but this is the definitive version in my mind. One of the best TV movies ever.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

y' know, when you get down to it, there's a ton of Christmas movies out there, but not a lot of decent ones. This is definitely decent. Michael Caine with Muppets? Yes, it works.

The Muppet Movie

good, wholesome fun. and it's a great movie.

For Love of the Game

the baseball scenes cannot save the drawn-out, womanizing, lackluster love life of Costner. Look at the running time. Look. 2 HOURS PLUS?


it does make you think...

The Blues Brothers

It's got everything. Music, comedy, car crashes, choreography...and Carrie Fisher?

Can't Hardly Wait

yes, I seen this more than once.
more than twice.


one of the worst movies I have ever seen. watch the TV show.


Was he a nut? Yes. But he got the job done. It had to be the performance of a lifetime, and Scott comes through.

Bringing Up Baby

yeah, Hepburn's character is really annoying, but that means she's doing her job. This really is a funny movie.


I gotta admit, this movie has its moments.

"Don't nobody go in there for about, 25, 30 minutes!"

Good Will Hunting

Neat story hampered by excessive cursing.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

ok, I only got 45 minutes into this one. And that was 30 min after I thought about turning it off.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

ok, ok, if you watch this movie and don't get it, I understand. But try not to laugh at one of the jokes, which range from the juvenile to the head-scratchingly trivial.
Only one better than this is "Mitchell".

Rocky III
Rocky III(1982)

2 and 3 kinda run together...Mr.T having too much fun with his role. "Eye of the Tiger" - cheesy, yet maybe the greatest workout song ever.

The Mask
The Mask(1994)

Jim gets a tad psycho at times.

The Royal Tenenbaums

blaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. Quirky for quirkinesses' sake.

The Fast and the Furious

oh my goodness, I expected a lot more racing, and that's all I was banking on...

Superman Returns

very disappointing and very long.

Steel Magnolias

I REALLY like this movie, and it's just ladies carryin' on and such.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

a very good sequel is rare these days...

Remember the Titans

I love Denzel, but the cheesiness is revealed the more times I see it.

Napoleon Dynamite

i completely understand why some people hate this movie. The humor is not ordinary.


knew it was going to be brutal, but watched it anyway....

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita  bella)

very touching film. The end is heart-breaking.

Full Metal Jacket

Depressing, which I guess is the movie. The first half with D'Onofrio and Ermey is MUCH better than the second half with Modine.

Final Destination

interesting premise, but I'm not a big horror guy.


Wheeee! What a predicament!

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

I don't know a girl who doesn't like this movie.


that fake camera thing that Kirsten Durst does? Gag.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

man, Connery really makes this movie.

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

yes yes it's undeniably over-the-top Velvetta, but it's fun.

"Isn't that your car?"

Cheaper by the Dozen

There's an outtake with Ashton Kutcher. That's the funniest thing about this movie.


pretty brutal, but DeNiro and Pesci? Fugettaboutit!


wow, I just saw this a few years ago. Not THAT funny.

Big Daddy
Big Daddy(1999)

i really have seen too many Sandler movies.


Paul Reiser - action hero!

Men in Black II

disappointing. It does have Biz Markie in it.

Independence Day

good fun. off the charts unintentional comedy.

Beauty and the Beast

The ballroom scene is still breathtaking.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

the dialouge between Padime and Anakin is unbearable.

Lawrence of Arabia

very, very long. But as with most epics from this time periods, the cinemetography is excellent.


wow, this movie has it all.

Gone With the Wind

ultimately, this a chick flick. But it's the chick flick of chick flicks.

Ernest Goes to Jail

my favorite of the trilogy. Anything after this one doesn't count.

Jingle All the Way

Oh Arnold! Look at his expression on the cover! Priceless! Sums up the entire movie, which wastes a perfectly good Phil Hartman.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

I should get tired of this movie, but I don't. It's very clever and Pesci and Stern make it work. Plus, Mac was actually pretty good, considering he was carrying the movie.

Adventures in Babysitting

it's got Elizabeth Shue, that's about all I remember.

Pretty in Pink

"If You Leave" is the only highlight of this film


looked so good in the trailer....

The Manchurian Candidate

ahead of its time. Lansbury is positively chilling.


Lots of fun to watch!

A Beautiful Mind

Crowe's acting...well, he's very talented.

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

Yes, it's (just about) only Tom on an island. But it's riveting.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Maybe the most overrated movie of the 90s. Like it less everytime I see it. Hanks is great, but the there one?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

ah, the psychadelic tunnel sequence....

She's All That

what happened to Rachael Leigh Cook?

The Patriot
The Patriot(2000)

kinda like Remember the Titans.
The more I see it, the less I like it. Gratuitous hacking scene in front his kids is just about enough.

Happy Gilmore

"They wouldn't let me into the country club."

"Oh, because you were black?"

"No, because I didn't have no dang hand!"

Billy Madison

like all Sandler's movies, it has it's moments. The best is Chris Farley's cameo.

Patch Adams
Patch Adams(1998)

Initially, I liked this movie, but it must have been just Monica Potter. Patch is an idiot.

Finding Neverland

why hasn't Kate Winslet won an Oscar yet?

The Goonies
The Goonies(1985)

Cyndi Lauper video on the TV! How can you go wrong?

The Godfather, Part III

compared to the others, it's nothing. On it's own, it's a solid movie. Sofia Coppola is....awful.

The Godfather, Part II

Yep, one of the best sequels ever. Michael evolves in a monster.

The Godfather

wow. it's good. See it at least once.

Eight Men Out

solid acting and playing. One of the better baseball movies.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The battle sequences are maybe the best ever.

The Passion of the Christ

The closest a movie has gotten to recreating Christ's agony. Of course, the ultimate agony was seperation from His Father, which cannot be recreated.

The Italian Job

let your brain go and just have fun with this one.

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

Great in its own right.

A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life(1998)

Love this one. So many funny characters, with PT Flea being my favorite.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

The gold standard of Pixar films. May never be topped.

Monsters, Inc.

Billy Crystal and John Goodman's chemistry make this movie.

Mystery Men
Mystery Men(1999)

Funny! One of the best parts involves Dane Cook as Waffle Man! "I am the Waffler, golden crispy, bad guys are his'try!"

The Best Years of Our Lives

Very solid and touching film. I need to see it again.


ok, this is based on the MST3K episode, the greatest of all-time. So many great lines, but I leave you with one: "It's a very special Jon Don Baker Christmas."

The Karate Kid

yes, the music is cheesy. But the story is classic. Is there another character in movie history quite like Mr. Miyagi? Great lines like, "Get him a body bag, Yeaaaahhh!' And the Elizabeth Shue factor doesn't hurt, either.

The Sandlot
The Sandlot(1993)

a classic. a great baseball movie. And these kids can play.

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy(1995)

"I'm burning alive! I can't feel my legs!"

"I killed my sale!"

The Devil Wears Prada

interesting concept. blah story. so what?

To Kill A Mockingbird

Great book, great acting, great movie.

Field of Dreams

If you love baseball, you'll love this movie. There's not much action, but it's not about that. It's the connection of dads and sons and playing catch. And for me, that means a lot.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

All other Sci-Fi movies are judged against this one. But what makes it great is that you don't have to like Sci-Fi to enjoy it. You appreciate the complexities and the amazing (yes, they're still amazing) effects which cost only a million to make!

Back to the Future

THE movie of the 80s. And yet it's really about the 50s.

Arsenic and Old Lace

brilliant! I don't find many old movies funny, but is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

The Freshman
The Freshman(1990)

Not a bad little movie. Comedy is very subtle, but some the lines are hilarious. Look for the Godfather touches. Brando is very good.


Dennis Weaver does a very good job, as he is the only major character. Early indication of Spielberg's talent.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Jaden Smith is wonderful. I would have gone nuts keeping up Chris Gardner's schedule.

King Kong
King Kong(1933)

when you consider this came out in '33, wow. Very good, and surprisingly violent.

Jurassic Park

a must see. A movie that will stand the test of time, regardless of CGI advances. Only movie I regret not seeing on the big screen.


this movie is not funny.

Groundhog Day

Just a fun, "what-if" movie. If you already don't like Sonny and Cher, you hate them by the end.

Schindler's List

Very good and has strong impact. I've only seen it once, and I don't really want to see it again.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Great movie. Harrison Ford is well, entertaining. Watching it now, probably the most violent "PG" movie ever.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I just don't get it. Worth seeing once.

The Truman Show

Jim Carrey's finest moment.
Great music, great story.