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Eyes Without a Face
11 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I wanted to give this movie a good rating because the parts of it that were good were AMAZING, but so few parts were good. The character of Christine was a charming and believable one, the scenes of greusome horror were still frightening, but the VAST BULK of this movie is dead space, waiting for the plot to happen. There are so many different directions this movie could have taken, but it took the most cliched one: police crime story/horror. There were moments when it touched on melodrama, romance, and psychological thriller. Those were the moments when it shined. Sadly, those moments were few.

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Oh, am I thankful I saw the TV show first. I doubt this movie can stand alone, nor would I want it to. However, it does a brilliant job of answeing some questions from the TV show, while raising new ones. Moreover, I absolutely love Lynch's storytelling style, and I was not disappointed by this movie. Don't expect to walk away knowing everything: expect to walk away thinking deeply.

Merrily We Go to Hell
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I definitely cared for my main characters, and I definitely wanted things to work out for them. I do wish I'd gotten to see a bit more of their marriage before they moved to New York, and I do wish I'd gotten to see Joan's interactions with more men before she married, but the movie was engaging and entertaining. I'll probably watch it again some day.

Paranormal Activity
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

This was a body genre movie, pure and simple. I was scared, often by absolutely nothing. This movie is a testament to how frightening the unknown can be. By the end of the movie, I was curled up in my chair bracing for impact. A solid, scary movie. Don't overthink it; you'll ruin the joy of being scared.

Ready? OK!
Ready? OK! (2008)
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I honestly expected to hate this film, but I was intrigued by it the whole time. The story was filled with highly flawed charaters trying their best to not make major mistakes. The child actor had the absolute perfect balance of childish naivete and out-and-out annoyingness--his character wouldn't have worked if the child wasn't somewhat annoying. I was also delighted to see Kali Rocha, as I absolutely love her. A decent movie.