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7 Up
7 Up (1964)
3 years ago via Movies on iPad

What started the whole franchise. While I don't particularly care for how it was not well organized/confusing to remember whose who and the obvious over emphasis of typecasting of innocent little kids, it is still a thrill to watch. The children are so funny and candid and clearly not very knowledgable. What is noteworthy in later films is how u can see each characters personality is already pretty set at a young age although their circumstances and experiences may change. This one in the series seems to be more focused on a sociology experiment, but obviously I think the series proved itself wrong in some turn outs and actually shows we are all more alike than we think no matter where we come from. It also turned into more of a psychological experiment over time about how ppl change thru different ages and experiences in life. I really don't think the producers of this documentary really thought the series was going to be so profound and not in the way they expected, remarkably touching!

The Great Ziegfeld
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Movie was def too long and didn't age particularly well. I found a lot of what happened to Ziegfeld to be phony like the womanizing part of himself being downplayed. That being said, the genius of Ziegfeld both in convincing others of his dreams when bankrupt and his dreams of stage and stars themselves was truly incredible. Film started off rather slow, but got going eventually. I really did love a lot of the visuals in this movie, and again one film I wish had been in color at certain parts. This film evokes a lot of the old Hollywood glamour feel. I loved the lavish over-the-top costumes, the set designs, choreography and some of the talent being shown off like the ballerina, music was rather dull tho. The backstory was not quite as believable/interesting as it should've been, but it did paint a decent picture of him.

Father of the Bride
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Was it a cute film? yes. did it show the opposite side of the coin that's not talked about how dads can feel empty nested as well? yes. however, the remake of this film was so much better! The movie just wasn't that funny or interesting or relatable nowadays. it was so tamed down and predictable with the gags. Also black and white didn't really do this film justice, this is a movie that needs to be in color. I thought it was endearing but that's the most the film has going for it. I didn't like how cookie cutter everything was and so surface. Parents having double beds for instance, or the mom always saying "isn't that right Stanley dear?" etc.. etc..very dated. Sometimes remakes stink (ie Star is Born or many Disney remakes), not in this case. Watch the Steve Martin one, its a lot better.

Elmer Gantry
Elmer Gantry (1960)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An interesting warning starts the film seeming to disavow revivalism, but the more the film goes on it seems to celebrate it or at least be indifferent but curious like the journalist. If I had to guess, I think filmmakers took the later position. It seemed the film was trying to be realistic vs. trying to really have a biased opinion or message. I thought Gantry was a very interesting n charismatic character, as was Sharon. You never really knew where the film was headed with either character. I really enjoyed a lot of the food for thought discussions on sin and religion. A thinking film for sure. Film sometime was outdated/hard to follow with things like language/ref of time. However, the discussions on religion and being saved are still very much relevant to today as in regards to evangelism. At the end, I was curious what does happen to Gantry and was kinda sad about Sharon. Gantry seemed to become the best version of himself by end, even if that meant just being a normal family guy. Meanwhile Sharon couldn't seem to face reality and decided to become a martyr and with her death who knows what does become of Gantry (good/bad). I just like the message IMO that even the worst of sinners can be saved (even if temporarily) and to have faith. Movie is a bit too long n too confusing at times to give it more stars.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Movie was extremely dramatic n u can tell it was a play adapted to a film. My main problem is mostly the ending how everything ties up all clean n neat in 5 minutes. The acting was superb n the dramatic layers about family, heroes, adulthood, and money all wove together so nicely. I loved the setting of an antebellum south mansion and storm n I loved the dark characters who everyone knows in their family I feel like. Anyways it was a very good movie about family n how money doesn't buy the real stuff that matters in this life n u cant run away from ur life/truth forever unless u want to kill urself ( of course I'm simplifying the message). Elizabeth n Paul are so good-looking it hurts. Really loved the interactions btw Brick n big daddy. Not a huge fan of plays into film but this one gets my stamp of approval.