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Just 4 Kicks
Just 4 Kicks (2003)
3 years ago via Movies on Facebook

God there are so many parts in this movie that are so bizarre and do not make much sense. It is so funny because of the ridiculousness of it. Some include the porn star type aunt, The Mother who never knows where her kids are, Tom Arnold is somehow connected with the international Police in Italy. If he knew that the Soccer player was 4 doors down why would he not come home sooner because who knew that guy was going to attract attention. Speaking of Rudy or the Famous Scottish Soccer player delivers one of the weirdest performances I did not know whether to like him or think he was just a weirdo. Film is so weird I swear and to top it all of the weirdest part came at the end when the one with the glasses hits the ball with his head and shatters the glasses. This causes him to bleed but instead of his parents coming over to make sure he was ok they let him bleed for much longer. Its so bizarre and I don't even know how to describe some of the actions. Overall, if you like bad movies this one should be on your list.

Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

The beginnings of a trilogy about a Samurai named Musashi Miyamoto played by Toshiro Mifune. Takezo is his name before he changed it and was known as the wild one or lawless. As I watched the movie I could tell that there was a reason why there were several installments. The beginnings are shown in this one and am I going to watch the second installment right away. The film is a great Samurai picture and a classic because of its cinematography and great culture appeal. As always Toshiro Mifune is great.

Shadow Warriors
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

At first I was sure if this film was taking itself seriously. But the ending portion especially got me rather surprised. It is so funny and ridiculous. Its almost as if they had something but didnt know what it was. Terry O'Quinn must have filmed all his scenes in a day. I love when it is really that obvious. Evan Lurie is hilarious with a flame thrower and the cop who isnt a cyborg pulls off some ridiculous moves.

A Force of One
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

interesting movie though Wanted more violence Chuck Norris shows off his martial arts skill

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek (2000)
10 years ago via Movies on Facebook

pretty bad I wasn't expecting much but Jennifer Tilly was pretty annoying