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Tim's Review of Beauty and the Beast

5 years ago via Movies on iPhone
Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast(2017)

Disney brings their classic 1991 animated movie to life with a reimagined live action version, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as the Beauty and the Beast respectfully.

Whilst the set pieces are visually very impressive, the 3 dimensional live action version felt strangely flat in comparison to the animated version and struggles somewhat to replicate its magic or charm.

Emma Watson is a little inconsistent. She seems a little wooden in places, but more charming in others. Many of the rest of the cast seem miscast also; although they all perform well.

It has its moments, and you've got to admire the scope of what they were aiming for, particularly in the musical numbers.

An enjoyable watch. But I'm struggling to find much that it offers that isn't already offered by the fantastic original film; which begs the question of why a life action version was needed in the first place.