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Casper (1995)
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

This movie has aged better than I ever thought it would. I put it on last night having seen it a hundred times before and I still couldn't turn it off even though I was about to go to bed. The effects still look perfect: not good, not great ... honest to god, perfect. Christina Ricci is, to the second, the perfect age for her character: maybe it's 'cos I had a schoolboy crush on her at the time that has stuck with me, but seriously, I'm so in love with her in this movie it kills me in places. So I relate to Casper a lot you could say. But I relate to her too, having lost a parent (amongst other things and people). There's so much loss in the movie, and so much longing: something we'd see a lot from director Brad Silberling in his subsequent films, he having lost someone too soon too. Am I still talking about a kids movie? But it's true: it's still a roller coaster ride, don't get me wrong. It's just, the emotional side hits me more each time. The breakfast scene when they pass their hands through each other: "Can you hurt me? Can I hurt you?" So profound. Casper asking Kat, "Can I keep you?" ⦠so intensely, but his kiss on her cheek mistaken by her for a breeze so she responds, "Close the window, it's cold." Call me a basket case but this movie has such an important place in my heart no amount of words could do it justice. If you've ever lost anybody and you haven't seen it by now, make the time.

The Hurt Locker
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I'd almost forgotten how good war movies could be. This reminded me of Three Kings and Black Hawk Down but never feels unnecessary in light of all the gems this genre has to offer. For anybody who knows my more recent attitude to war and the military then all I need to say to recommend this is that it made me respect those who fight a *lot*. If Kathryn Bigelow isn't nominated for Best Director next February I may consider boycotting the Oscars. I expect to see a lot of technical nods for this flick too.

Star Trek
Star Trek (2009)
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

It comes in too much good spirit to even try critiquing, so I'll focus on the good. I'm not the hugest Trekkie but I've followed the big screen outings well and usually enjoyed them. My worry with this one was that the cast didn't quite seem to fit their roles, particularly Pine and Quinto. For the most part, however, I quickly got used to the new crew. Quinto still doesn't look right to me but the Spock stuff is brilliantly enough written to compensate for that. The emotional content here amazed me, and though I can't say if it will be good enough for hardcore fans of the show, I for one found the way it hooks up with all that's come before - sequel-wise, prequel-wise - almost ingenius. SO much more than a "reboot" (and for me who hates such revisionist activity, boy did it *need* to be).

Hannah Montana: The Movie
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Okay at least the average rating here is better than the IMDb's. Some people will just never give this franchise a chance, and as a fan I'm fully aware of the kinda massive problem at the show's heart and I hoped that the movie would address it. I'm shocked yet pleased to report that it kinda does. It's more about the wants of the masses vs the higher needs of the few, but it's there. It's everything I hoped for and more. Some of the more is questionable but it passes quick enough not to impact the larger experience. It's not saying much but it's the best movie I've seen yet this year (that's of 3: the other 2 were direct to video). Longer review at

JCVD (Van Dammage)
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

It goes without saying that it's Van Damme's best movie to date, though that's really not saying enough as to how impressive it really is (and I *loved* AWOL and Street Fighter, for the record). I wasn't as overly wowed by the surreal Brechtian monologue piece as others, but Van Damme is fantastic for the duration and the movie's originality is indisputable. It works on its own merits as a heist movie, a dash of Being John Malkovich, as tongue in cheek, biting and funny as it is genuinely gripping when the chaos in the post office reaches its peak.