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Gangster Squad
8 years ago via Flixster

Kind of enjoyable, with a good cast, but utterly unoriginal. It's no L.A. Confidential, and in many ways seems to be a straight retread of The Untouchables. It's predictable, even to the extent that I knew immediately which characters wouldn't survive until the end of the move. Plenty of other movies have tackled this era more successfully, but it still looks good, and is quite fun.

The Woman in Black
9 years ago via Flixster

A decent enough ghost story with good performances and the odd chill, but its narrative is a bit pedestrian. The 1989 version handled the story better, with a running time that allowed it to breathe. It was, however, nice to see some proper Hammer villagers!

Cast Away
Cast Away (2000)
9 years ago via Flixster

The stuff on the island is great. The stuff off the island isn't.

The Keep
The Keep (1983)
9 years ago via Flixster

I think there's a great film in The Keep trying to get out. It's biggest problem is it's lack of coherence. Characters do things with little motivation. The romance between Scott Glenn and Alberta Watson, for example, happens absurdly quickly. We never really do find out who Glenn's character is, or what the creature is. The guardians of the keep seem to disappear almost immediately. Byrne's SS officer is cartoonish. It's a silly, disjointed film. It rarely makes any sense. But, there are many positives which allowed me to overlook its many limitations. The Romanian villagers seem to come straight from a 1960s Hammer movies, which is obviously fantastic! The premise is interesting, as is the notion that the greater evil might be outside the keep. Prochnow gives a decent performance as the 'good German', while McKellen hams it up wonderfully. Most importantly, it's suitably atmospheric for large parts of the film. So, despite its many many flaws, I can't help but like it for the film it could have been.

R-Point (2005)
9 years ago via Flixster

Solid South Korean horror film about a group of South Korean soldiers searching for a missing patrol in Vietnam in 1972. It's quite enjoyable, with some creepy moments - mysterious soldiers disappear into the grass, the men are plagued by eerie radio messages. As a war film, however, it borrows a little too heavily from others in the genre. There are moments clearly echoing Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan. The disparity between the serious leads and the comic performances of the supporting characters also gave the film a slightly uneven tone. Nevertheless, a decent addition to the genre.