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Danny Roane: First Time Director
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

An Andy Dick'ified Christopher Guest-like film. I loved it... but then again, I think Andy Dick craps gold!

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
10 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Dead Alive meets Death Warrant! Don't watch this for the storyline. Watch it because you love blood and old English-dubbed foreign films!

The Substitute
10 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Great dialogue between the teacher and her students. Some pretty scary moments. An interesting progression from beginning to end. I enjoyed the focus on human "empathy" and the part it plays on our prosperity... although romanticized, is not entirely (in my opinion) what makes us a success.

Renegade (2004)
11 years ago via Movies on Facebook

One of the trippiest Westerns I have ever seen! I liked that a lot of the actors were not native speaking Americans and it was fun to watch them try to use the Western accent. It reminded me of Sukiyaki Western Django.

Bunny and the Bull
11 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Imagery reminiscent of Michel Gondry, great cameos, intriguingly dark mood, and an EXCELLENT opening credits! This is certainly a movie outside of The Mighty Boosh universe but still uses the same level of creativity! Noel's character could have been a little bit better but Richard Ayoade's was most definitely my favorite! Some of the scene transitions were just MIND BLOWING! I hope to see Paul King pump out some more movies like this!