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Throw Down Your Heart
11 years ago via Flixster

This documentary is full of emotion, adventure, and wonderful music. The brave and virtuosic Béla Fleck takes the banjo in the only direction left untraveled by him, directly into its African roots. With a humble spirit and collaborative skills honed over a lifetime of performing and recording, Béla and his fellow travelers and hosts create an enchanting narrative that leaps from one African culture to another, each with its own deep traditions, players, and instrumentation. With a hypnotic energy, the music will lift your heart and make you feel like dancing. Celebrate life, music, and the banjo and enjoy this film!

Son of Rambow
Son of Rambow (2007)
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I was surprised by this one. The actors were excellent and the story was well-paced. The surrealism of the protagonist's imagination brought to life added a nice depth to the movie as did the subplot of the failure of a rigid religion to stifle the freedom and joy of childhood. Plus the social dynamic between the kids was hilarious!

Alice in Wonderland
12 years ago via Movies on iPhone

A little Disney around the edges, but overall a fun film. The design was intense and so highly stylized - I was drooling! Pretty much every frame is an amazing still that would be poster-worthy. 3D is not necessary. Glad at least one director figured out how to edit a film under 2+hrs!

Fantastic Mr. Fox
12 years ago via Flixster

You'd think with tons of banjo in the score I'd be in love with this movie! But, alas, in spite of a killer cast of Wes Anderson regulars and even a fun story, it fell short of my expectations. I'd say it was moderately enjoyable.