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Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero
20 months ago via Flixster

Another great film put out by the Toho Company. This film has so many different names that its easy to purchase duplicate DVD's thinking you have a new film. This is another Godzilla film, this time Godzilla and Mothra are fighting the Monster Zero who is really Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster. I really think that out of all the film titles none really describe the movie, should have been The Return of Ghidrah. I remember as a child after watching the first film of Ghidrah, I watched the sky for days thinking he just might do a fly over of Long Island. In this movie people from the planet X use Ghidrah and Godzilla and Mothra in an attempt to take over earth. The Japanese Version with subtitles is 3 minutes longer then US Version. Funny to see Nick Adams who I remember from Walt Disney Films playing a lead role. This film is from the Toho Master Collection, which is an awesome collection for anyone to own. 3 1/2 stars

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (San daikaijû: Chikyû saidai no kessen)
3 years ago via Flixster

This is from the Godzilla series. These movies are always fun, I remember that after seeing this movie I became very afraid of lightning storms as a child thought for sure Ghidorah would show up at any moment. These movies from the 1964 time frame were outstanding for special effects and I wonder to this day just how they got Godzilla's eyes to move the way they did to show expression. The fight scenes were funny as they reminded me of the early days of wrestling. 4 Stars no less.

The Return
The Return (2004)
5 years ago via Flixster

The Return aka: ??????????? . This is a Russian Film sold by Kino International (Check there website). It fits in the category of World Cinema. It is in Russian with English Subtitles. The director Andrei Zvyagintsev has put out 3 other films, all I am told are very good. Each and every Kino International Film that I have watch has been very good. I am sure there are some who would disagree with me, and I am sure there are most wouldn't even pickup a Kino Film. But this one is worth 5 stars, its about 2 boys who come home one day to find their father who has been out of there life?s for 12 years, no explanation as to where he has been, sailor, prisoner, or gangster, we do not know or are we told. The father takes the boys on a trip, one boy shows his father respect and is kind, the other hates the man and makes his life miserable. many twist throughout. Its a must see, acting is beyond, above the bar, nothing but great. 5 stars nothing less, put away Spiderman and pick up a different film, once you see one of this type you might not go back to the common stuff. Its in my collection.

The Devil's Hand (Where the Devil Hides)
7 years ago via Flixster

For a black and white movie this is a pretty good flick. Wouldn't good as far as to call it a B-Movie. The copy I had was excellent quality and was part of the Drive-In Cult Classics Vol 2, which is a set of 8 movies. This one even had a Drive-In Intermission Film that I remember from back in the day. Robert Alda is our main man, working undercover to expose a cult. We have two beautiful ladies in this one, and while working undercover Robert seems to be falling for the Devil witch. Have to say I enjoyed it. For time frame it was filmed in, must have drew a crowd. Its worth the buy. 4 Stars

After the Sunset
7 years ago via Flixster

A movie with the great Pierce Brosnan can't go wrong really, everything he does, he makes look effortlessly cool.
The story about the diamond heist though, seems secondary to the beautiful locations, and Brett Ratner's obcession with filming Miss Hayek's chest from all conceivable angles (not necessarily a bad thing). Although Hayek is SO botoxed that she can barely move her facial muscles to express any kind of emotion.
Woody Harrelson and Brosnan make a really funny team, and if they make a sequel, I hope it concentrates on their two characters, because they have a great screen chemistry. 5 Stars 5-2-14