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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

So when I heard Sony was doing an animated Spider-Man, good lord this is about a million miles from where I thought they would be. By that I mean good, like, really good. Like, maybe the best Spider-Man movie ever good? Is that even possible? It's weird because it even does things that were terrible mistakes in other movies and does them here in a way that works out with artistic brilliance. For example, when Ang Lee did stylized comic panels in Hulk, it was confusing and weird. When this movie does it, it adds to the energy and atmosphere of the film without ever interrupting the flow of the action. How? How did they do that? Maybe because this whole movie is basically a comic book. The characters look more like comic books than ever, and even the different Spider-Men have different art styles to them, and did I mention the "bing" and "pow" and "bagel" text sound effects and even thought bubbles that will appear over their heads? This movie just oozes so much style. And we get so many cool Spider-Men, and so many cool villains, and somehow it never feels crowded like it did in Spider-Man 3 or X3. Again, mistakes in the past but here it works. What the hell! And it does all of this without missing it's emotional core. Actually my favorite moment in the movie isn't a big action sequence, it's a small moment of all the Spider-Men sharing their experiences of loss, and experience they can all only share with each other. It's surprisingly powerful considering one of the characters involved is a talking pig. Really if I had a critique, it would be wanting a few more moments like this. Also probably more of other Spider-Men, because really this story is Miles, Peter, and Gwen's story and the other three are more or less background. I would have liked it to be more even, but that might have pushed the magic formula. Honestly I shouldn't be complaining because that this works at all is amazing That it's this damn good is a godamn miracle.

The Princess Bride
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A movie I grew up with, watching it years later it really is just a fantastic well-rounded adventure film. The funny thing is noticing as an adult there are some elements that could be questionable, namely that the directing and music can be a bit basic and pedestrian, and there is an overall feeling of camp to a lot of it. I also never noticed before that the actual plot of the villain is a bit convoluted. But the thing is, none of that matters. In fact, it's almost part of the charm. The comedy works, the adventure works, the sense of fun just works. The camp is part of the charm, and all you need to know about the story is beat the bad guy and true love conquers all. It's a great introduction to adventure stories for kids with just a bit of edginess, and watching it years later it's just a damn entertaining movie.

The Nun
The Nun (2018)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Objectively speaking, this not a good movie. Even so, I have to admit I kind of liked it. Look, the story is as bare bones as it gets, basically just being a corny little haunted house story with some super forced and contrived backstories to either give a false sense of depth or provide fodder for scares. But if a movie's atmosphere and look is strong enough, I can kind of get past a lot of that, and The Nun just nailed a lot of the atmosphere of stuff I like. I like religious horror (except the overused exorcism trope), I like people walking around old castles, I like foggy graveyards, and the idea of a haunted abbey with a creepy nun just really appeals to a particular sense in me. As far as creepy Hammer Horror atmosphere, The Nun has it in spades, and it totally grabbed the part of me that wanted to see a priest running through an overly foggy graveyard. However, I know that is a particular appeal, and as far as plot and scares go The Nun doesn't really work. It's got creepy atmosphere that's actually pretty effective, but as far as actual scares it's just cheap jump scares. The characters are all surprisingly good and well played, but they don't have much story to work with. So I guess it's more of a guilty pleasure than a quality movie.

Mid90s (2018)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The interesting thing with this movie is that it's up to you to get something out of it. It doesn't really preach any lessons, it just is. Yeah there are some moments where the boys have some very real conversations, but these feel genuine to them. At it's core it's just a blunt and raw look at a people and a time, that being young skaters in the mid-90s, and honestly it kind of nails it. It's not always pleasant, in fact it's often painfully uncomfortable, but that's genuine to the experience. I guess it's a coming of age story, but I'm not even really sure if the character really comes of age by the end. Landmark moments that would have been romanticized in other films are shown unfiltered here. These people existed, and to a degree these people still do exist. It's not always pleasant, but it's raw and kind of beautiful.

Captain Marvel
3 years ago via Flixster

There's been a lot of hate thrown at this movie. Ignoring the sexist trolls who are going to hate it regardless, there are some legit critics who are genuinely calling this the worst in the MCU. Come on guys, really? No, not at all. It's not the best, it's more like a mid-level entry, but with 21 films ranking somewhere in the middle isn't that bad. Think of it like a Phase One movie, but one of the better Phase One movies. There are some pacing issues, it could be funnier, but it's got an identity with solid action and a good amount of fun. I think of it almost like two movies, one is sort of a 70s style sci-fi movies, and the other is a buddy cop movie with Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. They're two different movies, but I was into both of them, and they don't feel as disconnected as you'd think. I like how much Nick Fury we got in this one, and I liked seeing a younger Fury first exposed to all the weirdness in the MCU. I also liked Captain Marvel, a lot's been said about Brie Larson's performance. Could she be more expressive? Sure, but I liked what we got, and she was pretty badass and had a fun cheeky sense of humor. A scene stealer from me was the Skrulls, and Ben Mendelsohn in particular as head Skrull Talos. There is an odd sense of humor to him, and an intriguing sort of character development I didn't expect. Overall Captain Marvel is an uneven, but still enjoyable entry to the MCU. It's got some issues, but hardly enough to warrant any form of hate it's getting. I liked it, I didn't love it, but I liked it.