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The Counselor

Even The Fassbender couldn't save this turkey.

If Beale Street Could Talk

There were some great lines; funny and shocking but overall I found this film a little dull with a disappointing ending.

Ladies in Black

Reminded me of going to The Store with my Nan. We dressed up in our best and everything was so posh! Delightful movie, really enjoyed it

Boy Erased
Boy Erased(2018)

Let's hope a movie about conversation therapy converts the ignorant. You can't pray away the gay! Joel Edgerton, you're a superstar; Nicole and Russell makes me proud to be an Aussie

A Simple Favor

That was a fun flick! So many twists and turns, bit of "Gone Girl" meets "Mean Girl". Loved it.

Green Book
Green Book(2018)

That was a surprise, I wasn't expecting much from Green Book but I loved it! Great story of friendship in a time of such discrimination. Should get an Oscar nod and maybe back to back Best Actor for Mahershala Ali

A Star Is Born

Speechless. Do not miss this movie

A Ghost Story

Well, that was weird. Very arty but for some reason I couldn't stop watching. I think most people would hate it.


If yawning for 2 hours before naked, headless people put a Christmas bon-bon paper crown on your head is your idea of scary, then you'll love this "horror".

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad(2018)

Worst movie I've seen in ages.Worst movie I've seen in ages.

The Strangers

She should have said "yes".

A Quiet Place

Brilliant. I have never seen a movie like it, I was scared to breathe. Theatre go-ers rustling their popcorn, slurping their drinks, at first I was irritated because they were louder than the movie but then it added to the experience. That's what this movie is, "an experience", don't miss it. AMAZING.


I was engrossed at the beginning of the film, then it just lost direction. Full of metaphors, I found myself analysing every idea throughout the movie. A great cast, I did enjoy Christoph Waltz's character but found myself not caring about Matt Damon's whiney character.

The Greatest Showman

Spectacular, Spectacular! Amazing songs, fantastic screen play and brilliant performances. The critics have a bee in their bonet about it not being true to the story of Barnum, well, it was 1810 and I think the writers did a brilliant job with creative license. My 14yr daughter saw it twice in theatres and our screening demographic ranged from 5 to 85 with everyone clapping at the end. Fantastic film.

Wonder Wheel
Wonder Wheel(2017)

I know it's not politically correct but I love Woody Allen movies and have been looking forward to Wonder Wheel since I heard it was being made. Filmed in Woody's overstylised way, I loved it! Great performance by Kate Winslet. I loved all the characters even when the story got a little predictable. The critics were way too harsh and I assume this is because of the current sexual assault allegations in the entertainment industry.


I don't know what that hot mess was but I didn't care for it.

Lady Bird
Lady Bird(2017)

I love a good "coming of age" movie.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The film to beat this award season. Sharp, witty, dark with a brilliant performance by Frances McDormand and dare I say, Woody Harrelson, whom I am generally not a fan of. Not to be missed

I, Tonya
I, Tonya(2018)

Loved it. I remember went the events happened and it was huge news all over the world and told in this film with humour and brilliant acting. Don't miss it.

Alien: Covenant

I didn't think Ridley could make a worse movie than Prometheus until this. Awful.

I Am Heath Ledger

An amazingly talented actor. Such a loss. Brilliant documentary

The Edge of Seventeen

I love "coming of age" movies and Edge of Seventeen is brilliant. Smart writing, great acting, a must see.


Give Nicole the Oscar! She's amazing. Being familiar with the story after watching the 60 minutes special, I was looking forward to seeing Lion and it was beautifully done.


It had potential but I found myself getting a little bored. As far as Sci Fi goes this award season, Arrival is far superior.

Manchester by the Sea

Such a let down. Two stars for one incredible scene from Michelle Williams, she's such an amazing actor and so underutilised in this boring film.

Hidden Figures

What a great story! Amazing, smart women that had to put up with disgusting displays of daily racism. A great cast including the delicious Mahershala Ali who also appeared in another nominated film, Moonlight. Thoroughly enjoyed this "feel good" film.

Hacksaw Ridge

A masterpiece! One of the best war movies ever made. Gripping from start to finish. The film is full of Aussie actors and the performances are superb. The only thing that will probably stop Hacksaw Ridge from sweeping the Oscars is it Director, Mel "tosser" Gibson.


Not your typical Sci-Fi tale. Time travel, aliens and very clever dialogue. I really enjoyed Arrival, a smart film and one I would watch again.


Bullying, poverty, drug abuse. Moonlight is split into 3 short stories of a boy, teenager and a man as he struggles through each aspect of his life as a gay person in a gangland environment. Very romantic and moving, will be certain to win many awards this season.

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

A visual feast! I am a big fan of Whiplash and once I realised La La Land had the same director I've been excited to see this movie. Of course Ryan is beautiful and looks stunning on the screen. I laughed out loud throughout but would have liked more singing, you can never have too much singing. I gave it 4 stars as it's no Moulin Rouge but a beautiful movie with a bittersweet ending that all ages will enjoy.


The last 20 minutes of the film changed everything I felt in the first 2 hours. Fences is a successful play with Denzil and the beautiful Viola winning Tony awards for their performances. However, every interview of Denzel I've seen, he has been an arrogant arse and I felt I was watching him in real life. I don't like him. This is the first "Oscar-Bait" movie I've seen this season but I think there was a reason this screener was released early as I doubt anyone would sit through it at the cinema.

Nocturnal Animals

Clever and unique, I was gripped from start to finish. The parallel stories were edited brilliantly and will surely be nominated for numerous awards this season.

Southside With You

Great casting, accents and mannerisms were on point but the movie was boring as batshit

The Accountant

Intelligent film with an A+ cast. Great story with a few predictable but clever twists.


Aussie Joel Edgerton playing a Southern country boy, can he pull it off? Bloody oath he can. I just loved this movie. About two people that changed the world to be together. Both actors were amazing, their body language and little looks of love spoke volumes. Beautiful.

Café Society

The cast is incredible, Steve Carrell, Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively and I swear Judy Davis but she seems to be uncredited, however, Kristen Stewart stole the show. She was excellent in this role. Woody Allen is one of my favourite Directors but his films of late have let me down. Cafe Society is better than Magic in the Moonlight but it's no Vicky Cristina, Midnight in Paris or the amazing Blue Valentine. The jazz, the clothes...did I mention the Jazz? makes up for whats lacking in the script.

Pete's Dragon

I had a 33 rpm sing a long album of Pete's Dragon as a kid and I loved it. I was waiting for an endearing rendition of It's Not Easy between Helen Readings character and Pete but there was no hint of Nora, a lighthouse or a big arsed storm. Despite the lack of singing, the 2016 version was fantastic! Great story, all the "feels " which made up for the change of story, characters but lost one star for the lack of singing.

Pieces of April

Found this little gem of a movie streaming on Stan. Katie Holmes (pre-Tom) is just wonderful in this movie. Reminiscent of the series The Big C with Oliver Platt, I wonder if it was inspiration for it? It's now 13 years old and this film really deserves to be seen.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hilarious. Heartwarming. Just brilliant.

The Shallows
The Shallows(2016)

It's "Jaws" with boobs.

Florence Foster Jenkins

It's hard to believe this is a true story and this woman sang like a wounded animal at Carnegie Hall! Super stellar cast and will no doubt see Meryl, Hugh or Simon nominated come award season. Quirky and enjoyable.


Edge of your seat stuff. Exciting from start to finish

Bridget Jones's Baby

Hysterical and worth the wait. Bridget is still her endearing self. Brilliant writing, great script

The Conjuring 2

Not scary, too long and ever so boring

Bad Moms
Bad Moms(2016)

Knee-slapping hilarity, maybe it helps to be a bad mum and a member of the schools P&C. Haven't laughed so hard in years. Make sure you stay until after the credits have rolled and grab a tissue.

Hello, My Name is Doris

A stellar cast and a brilliant performance by Sally Field. Absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious and heartwarming. Loved every second of this film.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Started off as one movie, ended as another. Weird but I liked it.

The Nice Guys

I love movies set in the 70's, the fashion, the music, the decor and it's all here in The Nice Guys. Gosling steals the movie, he has great comic timing. I couldn't get past Russell's gut, hypercritical of me as our guts are probably the same size and I wasn't sure what accent he trying to do. Kim Bassinger looks amazing. Great script, very funny and one I would watch again.

Irrational Man

It's Woody Allen at his quirky best. A fantastic dark comedy, just loved Joaquin in the leading role. I was worried after the snooze-fest Magic in the Moonlight that Woody didn't have another great film in him but at 80 years old he has produced another corker. Fans of his warped humour should love it.

Me Before You

Mother of Dragons and Finnigan, what's not to love? They are both so cute but Emilia Clarkes expressive face is just a joy to watch. Laughed out loud and cried out loud (well nearly, I am cold hearted but many others sniffled without shame)


Those 4 stars are all for Gyllenhaal. Every role he puts his all into.

The Rewrite
The Rewrite(2015)

Typical Hugh Grant romantic-comedy. A great cast, clever writing, thoroughly enjoyable.

Love, Rosie
Love, Rosie(2015)

Romantic chick flick, funny with a great soundtrack. Lily Collins is radiant.

The Imposter
The Imposter(2012)

I find it unbelievable that there are people this stupid in the world.

The Big Short

It started off well, bonds, stocks, money...all so exciting, then it got confusing. Some great performances from a stellar cast.


Brilliant performance by Cate of an exceptional woman. What an excellent cast with not only Redford and Quaid but Aussies everywhere. Fascinating story and I believe every word of it.

It Follows
It Follows(2015)

I would give this less that half a star I could. 90 minutes of pure midi file hell. 2 million dollar budget, it shows. Awful, upon awful.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Quirky, over stylised, modern. The first hour is a little boring the last 45 minutes held my attention. I wouldn't rush out to see it.

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

In case you don't know what a revenant is, I Googled it. Maybe I'm the only one? "A revenant is a visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living." This is Oscar bait and while we all want Leo to win an Oscar (he should have on at least 5 occasions) I would be surprised if this is it. The cinematography is stunning and will surely win something this award season. It's 2hrs 36mins but I thought the length was necessary to convey the story. A very graphic bear mauling and lots of fabulously gorey survival antics. It's good.

The Danish Girl

I thought I was watching a lovely period piece set in the fabulous "art deco" era about an artist. Once Eddie Redmayne donned a frock and the screen filled with a full frontal tuck and tape did I cotton on that this was not the case. Beautifully told story about the first person to have gender reassignment surgery. I love Alicia Vikander, she looks like Brittany Murphy, so beautiful. The Danish Girl probably isn't for everyone but I really enjoyed it


It's okay, I laughed a little. Full of drunks and dick jokes, what's not to like? Tina Fey looks fierce.

The Walk
The Walk(2015)

Very artistic. Phillipe Pettit was an A-grade nut job.


WTF, Rotten Tomatoes, 28%??? I loved it! The food is the star of this movie, so pretty and every plate looked delectable Executive Producer Gordon Ramsay taught them how to swear and throw plates. Lost a star for Sienna Miller and Bradley Coopers "onscreen" chemistry, which was zero. Loved the Maitre D which ensured a few many laugh out loud moments.


Super slow start but the last hour had me wanting to buy a mop. Over-hyped.


A little over-hyped and nothing really new. 1950's opression of women. Cate Blanchett's weirdly deep "lesbian voice" got on my nerves by the end of the film. I loved the hair and makeup but it's no Brokeback Mountain.


An outstanding cast including my boyfriend Mark Ruffalo. A tragic story that was fascinating to watch.

Bridge of Spies

Fascinating and suspenseful. 2hr 15min flew by, I didn't want it to end. An excellent film.


Give Brie Larson an Oscar! She is amazing in everything she's in from the United States of Tara to Short Term 12 and her performance in Room is incredible. I'd read the book about Elisabeth Fritzl but didn't realise Room was based on her harrowing story until after seeing the film. The boy who plays her son is a superstar, I loved how he partly narrated. A must see, it will break your heart, make you laugh and make you cry.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs(2015)

I have been highly anticipating this film starring my favourite actress Kate Winslet and the huge talent, Fassbender. A shocker! I loved Ashton Kutcher's portrayal as Jobs in a film a couple of years ago and I may have even given it 5 stars. Big cast, terrible disjointed script.


A beautiful movie. Roller coaster of emotions. Saoirse Ronan is of course memorising, such a wonderful actor.

The Hateful Eight

I really don't know how to rate this. I am a huge Tarantino fan but The Hateful Eight is 3 hours and 2 minutes of chit-chat. So much dialogue, not enough violence. No Tarantino shocks and actually quite boring. Very disappointed after such anticipation. The cinematography is beautiful, wide sweeping shots of bright snow mountains and piercing blue skies, that's the only positive I can come up with.


A fantastic addition to the Rocky series. I loved MIchael B Jordan in Fruitvale Station, wonderful actor and seriously easy on the eye. I don't think Rocky fans will be disappointed.


Cross between Jumanji and Spiderwick Chronicles, funny, exciting, surprising! A must see.

Man Up
Man Up(2015)

Thoroughly entertaining, funny British rom-com. Loved the soundtrack, Duran Duran and Whitesnake, what's not to like?

The Age of Adaline

Magical and beautiful.

Miss You Already

Total tear jerker with some fabulous laugh out loud moments. Loved it.


I would like to think that Isla acted like this on purpose to fit the "B-grade genre". Fun thriller that was more predictable to some that others.

Ricki And The Flash

Very odd. Meryl must be doing someone a favour doing this film.


So fun! What a dumb title, I was expecting the worst. I love Paul Rudd in most everything he does and Ant-Man did not disappoint. So many laugh out loud moments and I can't wait until the sequel.

Straight Outta Compton

Fascinating. The 2.5hrs flew by.

San Andreas
San Andreas(2015)

Yawn. Same old, same old.

The Visit
The Visit(2015)

I liked it! It was not what I was expecting, however, had enough "laugh-out-loud" moments to warrant a second viewing.

Terminator Genisys

What a nice surprise! This is the true third film and great casting with Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, not only is she the Mother of Dragons but the Mother of Robots.


Exceeded all expectations. Our theatre was laughing out loud through the whole movie. I hate a remake of a classic as much as the next person, this is not a remake and I'm sure the low critic score is from those thinking it is. Slap your knee, roll down the isles, gut busting funny.

The Wolfpack
The Wolfpack(2015)

Not a well made documentary. The footage is way too weird to hold my attention.


You would have to be a fan of the series, the movie doesn't stand alone. Was great to see the boys back and especially Ari back to his stressed-out self, "Turtle, you look like Karen Carpenter".


"Suspense, Horror" ??? Not even close. I had such high hopes as a social media junkie but this is the worst movie I've seen this year.

Far From the Madding Crowd

A beautiful adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel which I liked better than the book. Sweeping scenery, well casted, I loved both lead actors in these roles. A wonderful two hours swooning at Mr Oak.

Ted 2
Ted 2(2015)

It's Ted, it's stupid and crass which was exactly what I was in the mood for. It caught me on a good day.

Jurassic World

It was good however the kids thought it was a great but you can't go past the original. I know it's not "technically" a remake but an unnecessary addition to the trilogy. What I did enjoy was the throwback to old school monster flicks with the damsel in distress with a twist. Kick arse chick in a knee length skirt with taupe heels, and Richie Cunningham's daughter to boot.


Much better than I anticipated, I was expecting another "Tammy" which was terrible. Lots of laughs, good cast and script although about half an hour too long for a comedy.

Insidious: Chapter 3

I am a big fan of the previous two Insidious flicks and Chapter 3 didn't disappoint as a prequel.

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

Unique and beautiful, a must see. The prequel short animation is very special, you will "lava, laaav-it!"

Furious 7
Furious 7(2015)

Snore-fest and full of actors that all look the same.

The Cobbler
The Cobbler(2015)

Critics were harsh, I wonder if they even watched The Cobbler? I loved it, great story, a few laugh out loud moments but mostly heartwarming.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Lots of action but a pretty weak storyline and it's quite weird. I did enjoy playing, "spot the Aussie" especially liked seeing Quentin Kenihan in his debut acting role. It's two hours of car crashes and explosions, the only difference is they go west for the first hour and east for the second. I'm actually not sure whether I liked it or not but my 11yr daughter thought it was "awesome!"


Beautiful. The special effects were so well done and made for some hilarious moments from her critter friends. Cinderella's transformation scene was breathtaking, what a beautiful dress! And the slippers, just stunning. A visual feast. I took half a star off for no singing. And for a super treat, there was an entree of a brand new Frozen Short film.

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

Very thought provoking Australian movie that presents grief and depression as a scary monster, Mister Babadook. Suspenseful and well acted.


Intense! What a brilliant surprise. I read a review that says it all, "If Facebook's Marc Zuckerberg took jazz drumming lessons from Dr Hannibal Lecter, the result might look like this." JK Simmons plays a scary son of a bitch, brilliant role. The Jazz! Oh, the jazz, just loved every second of Whiplash. A movie I instantly wanted to see again as soon as it finished. My favourite of this award season.


The slightly gay undertones should have been further explored in Foxcatcher, that would have been far more interesting. 2 stars because Mark Ruffalo is a big spunk.

The Best Of Me

5 star chick flick. Nicholas Sparks really is a sadistic bastard. (she says as she sobs uncontrollably into her glass of wine and stinky cheese)

The Equalizer

Typical Denzil and his God complex. It was entertaining enough but we've all seen it before.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Watched this with low expectations but found it to be delightfully entertaining. Kids and husband enjoyed it too, it's a lot of fun. And way to go little Aussie legend Ed Oxenbould, with this and Paper Planes out at the moment he's getting a lot of fantastic exposure. Can't wait to see what he'll do next.


An amazing cast with a couple of A-list surprises which were fun, however the movie tried to be far more intellectual than it was. At nearly 3 hours it held my interest for the duration but it wasn't the 8.3 on IMBD that I was expecting.

The Skeleton Twins

A black comedy with some tear inducing 'laugh-out-loud" moments. Depressing at times as we glimpse into the twin's past and their dysfunctional family. What a performance by Bill Hader, the man can play funny, heartbreak, suicidal, depressed all with conviction. Skeleton Twins is unique and very funny/sad. I highly recommend it.

Paper Planes
Paper Planes(2015)

Brilliant Aussie cast, heartwarming story with laugh out loud moments and a couple of close feel-good-tears. Go see it and support Australian Film. Recommended for every age from 2yrs to 100yrs.

The Theory of Everything

There was so much left out of Stephen and Jane's marriage in the movie making story was a little confusing. Once I looked into the timeline of all the marriages, divorces, affairs it made more sense but the movie only scratched the surface. A wonderful performance by Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones is just lovely, would like to see what roles she chooses in the future. The movie was okay but I wouldn't rave about it.


Once I got past the first scene (it's a toenail incident...ewww) I found Wild touching, inspiring and courageous. Not as good as "Into the Wild" but a great story of self discovery.

American Sniper

Compelling, had me on the edge of my seat until the end. I had to Google Chris Kyle to understand the ending, how it could happen and how terribly tragic it was. A very different role for Bradley Cooper, he is bulky and bearded and unrecognisable. A fantastic movie.

The Judge
The Judge(2014)

Tear-filled, emotional courtroom drama between the two Robert's; Downey Jr (spunkbubble) and Duvall make amazing onscreen chemistry.


Jennifer Aniston can act! An outstanding performance.

Into the Woods

It's a musical and theoretically I should have loved it... I didn't. During the first 30 minutes I was enjoying every over-sung note but by the 2 hour mark I was in musical misery. Disappointed.

The Imitation Game

Oscar worthy brilliance.


I thought from reading the critic reviews that Unbroken would be a turkey so I watched with low expectations. It thoroughly surprised me! I thought it was great, although I'm skeptical that this poor man endured all this. Either he was Superman or told some tall tales, still an exciting movie and worth the 2hrs 17min of your time.

Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen is one of my favourite directors so I was anticipating this film and was left very disappointed.


Gruesome at times however a fascinating story.


Just wonderful! The script was modern and fresh, the music fun and catchy, my whole family loved it. I wonder if the critics actually watched the film. I laughed out loud, sang out loud and shed a quiet tear. Loved every minute of Annie

Dumb and Dumber To

As if it wasn't bad enough to end the title of the movie with an incorrectly spelt preposition, the movie sucked.

To Write Love on Her Arms (Renee)

I think you would either love or hate this film, it's an intense personal account of a young woman's spiral into drug addiction and self harm; how it affects her friends and family. It's rather "arty" and really well acted, Kat Dennings is way more than a "broke girl". Originally released under a number of names, "Day One" and "Renee" so you may have trouble finding it.

The Interview

Worth watching for the Eminem interview, that scene was hilarious. There were some big laugh out loud moments and some really stupid moments but overall a silly, entertaining movie.

White Bird in a Blizzard

That was a surprise, I don't know why the critics were so harsh. A mysterious, indie flick, loved it!

The Good Lie
The Good Lie(2014)

A brilliant, moving film telling the story of a group of Sudanese refugees. I got very emotional throughout the movie, tears and laughter; an extraordinary story.

Before I Go to Sleep

That was a cool twist but its no Fifty First Dates

Still Alice
Still Alice(2015)

Heartbreaking. Julianne Moore just has to win "Best Actress" for the role of Alice. My only gripe would be that it wasn't long enough, I didn't want it to end.

Horrible Bosses 2

Toilet humour hilarity. Great cast with lots of laughs.


This is the performance of Jake Gyllenhaals career. Playing a total sociopath, Nightcrawler is gripping from start to finish. A must see masterpiece.

If I Stay
If I Stay(2014)

Pass me a tissue, sad and romantic.

Guardians of the Galaxy

What am I missing? Half a star for the fab music and it did start okay but then it was confusing and boring. I couldn't make it to the end, is it worth trying to watch it again?

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Food and a dash of Bollywood, what more could you want? Cute and enjoyable.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent(2014)

Do yourself a favour and not miss this very special film. I was laughing out loud one minute and bawling my eyes out the next. Bill Murray is brilliant, give the man the Oscar.

This Is Where I Leave You

The few laughs were in the trailers, a forgettable film with a forgettable name.

Dracula Untold

I can't get over the bad reviews of this movie, I thought it was fantastic! Great effects, very likeable characters. I hope they make a sequel, I loved it!

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Slow and quite boring. Neeson playing his signature "washed up law enforcement" role. The couple of good parts were in the trailer. Snore.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Spot on casting and better than the book. I smell an Oscar or two.

Sex Tape
Sex Tape(2014)

Got a couple of laughs from me. The Apple advertisement was a bit over the top though.

The Maze Runner

Great movie! Very exciting with lots of twists and turns.

What If
What If(2014)

Quirky and cute

Fatal Honeymoon

The husband is guilty as sin! A great Lifetime Movie, lots of Aussie actors sprinkled throughout. Just a tragic story.

Moms' Night Out

Unfunny, churchy and sexist


Fascinating. Filmed over 12 years we watch this gorgeous 5 year old grow into an 18 year old man. It's a long movie, nearly 3 hours but I could have kept watching for hours more. What an achievement! One of my favourite movies is Before Sunrise (part of a trilogy filmed over 20 years), Richard is obviously a very patient man. Not to be missed, unique and enthralling. My only criticism would be a "Coldplay" soundtrack, gag, can't stand their music.

Begin Again
Begin Again(2014)

I can't wipe the smile off my face. I came into this movie biased as Mark Ruffalo is my favourite "supporting actor" (he's amazing in everything he does), Adam Levine is one of my favourite singers (Sunday Morning, I never want to leave) and Keira Knightley, wow... I just love her to bits; the cast would have had to be hard pressed to disappoint me. Begin Again is about music/songwriters/love/musicians.
This film is perfect and I want to to watch it again and again.

Grace Of Monaco

A wasted opportunity.

The Two Faces of January

I was really looking forward to this movie but it was disappointing and quite dull.

Get On Up
Get On Up(2014)

Love the music, the man is questionable and the biotic mediocre.


Visually spectacular! Angelina is stunning in this role; a great family movie.

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Filmed twenty years after the first instalment, thank goodness for the Alford Plea no matter how stupid it is. Let's hope there's a 4th instalment that shows the real killer's trial.

Paradise Lost 2 - Revelations

What a witch hunt, don't get arrested in the South. Fascinating.

Paradise Lost: Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

What an amazing situation for HBO to be able to film every part of these people's lives immediately after the boys went missing. Just remarkable.

Still Life
Still Life(2015)

A very unusual film. 15 minutes before the end I thought it was a bit slow until, pow! I didn't see that coming. Very moving.

Devil's Knot
Devil's Knot(2014)

I have no idea why they bothered to make this movie. Paradise Lost parts 1, 2 & 3 are intensive documentaries recording all the horrific details of the murder of these little boys. Devil's Knot bought nothing new. Why they didn't make a movie about the release of the convicted killers in 2011 or the balls-up by the investigating police is beyond me. Colin Firth is totally wasted, they could have gotten an extra to play his role, he had nothing to do in the film. Waste of time. Watch the Paradise Lost documentaries if you want a real life account of what happened after the murders, during the trial, the 18years imprisonment and eventual release of the "killers".


Mystery, suspense and action to have you gripped from start to finish.


This movie is most excellent! I'm sure religious people wanting a Sunday School depiction will be disappointed but I thought the creative license the writer/director took was really special. The cast was outstanding, Russell, Jen Connelly, Anthony Hopkins but Emma Watson took it away, she is a great actress. I'm disappointed in the audiences response to this movie that caused it to "bomb" at the box office. Do yourself a favour and schedule a rainy afternoon for this 2hr20min epic and keep an open mind.

Masterpiece Classic

A wonderful remake. The fabulous Elle Kendrick plays Anne who is also Meera in Game of Thrones and Tamsin Greig from Episodes. There are some really lovely moments in amidst the horror of the holocaust.

Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys(2014)

Loved it. I don't know whether it helps being a big Frankie Valli fan but then who isn't? Great story, great acting, I loved the direction; characters talking to the camera. It felt like a stage play and the ending is just superb! My theatre audience had noone under 70 in it and everyone was singing and clapping. Top movie, I would seeing it again and again.

Country Strong

I really enjoyed it! I think Gwyneth has a great voice, some great music to accompany a sad story.

The Railway Man

Just superb. The acting was stunning, the story even more so.

House of Versace

You would not think for a second that House of Versace was a Lifetime movie. What great casting! I looked up Gina Gershon, who played Donatella and can't believe it's the same woman. What an amazing performance, I would have thought I watching THE Donatella Versace. Enrico Colantoni from Just Shoot Me was indistinguishable from the real Gianni. From the senseless murder of Gianni, the funeral footage with Elton John and Princess Diana to the family spiralling out of control in a haze of drug abuse I enjoyed the ride back up to the gorgeous Versace clothes we see on the red carpets today.

Short Term 12

A brilliant indie flick set in a foster care facility. Brie Larson is such a fabulous actress, I loved her in the United States of Tara and she is amazing in this. Heartbreaking.

The Fault In Our Stars

The book was beautiful and so terribly sad I was worried it wouldn't transcend to the screen but they did a great job. The casting was perfect and every character was just how I imagined them to be. You'll laugh, you'll cry.

Endless Love
Endless Love(2014)

I hate a remake as much as the next person but this version of Endless Love is much better than the original. It deviates from the original and the book for a much happier outcome. Feel-good, lovey-dovey fluff which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Lucky Them
Lucky Them(2014)

What a little gem of an Indie movie. Superb acting, Toni Collette made me laugh and cry. A lovely surprise cameo at the end. A super cool flick, loved it.

Burton And Taylor

Just superb. Amazing actors playing amazing actors.


I felt like I was watching two movies, the first hour was lame and I did a couple of try-hard laughs but I really enjoyed the second hour. Speaking of "hours", two hours is way to long for a comedy. The African scenery, hotel and animals saved it...barely. It's certainly no "Wedding Singer".

Petals on the Wind

Kids and I have been itching for the sequel after watching the remake of Flowers in the Attic a couple of months ago and Petals didn't disappoint. A nice balance of incest and crazy but still recommend they read the books. My daughter thought the Grandmother was awesome in the movie, in the books she scared me half to death.

Don Jon
Don Jon(2013)

Was a bit raunchy. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a big spunk.

Walk Of Shame

I just love Elizabeth Banks and I thought this was a fun little comedy. Critics were harsh!

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

Jaden Smith running out of oxygen inhalers was a highlight but alas, he found some more.


Not as bad as they say, kids liked it. Good special effects with a predictable storyline (and I don't mean the Volcano erupting killing everyone). Nice to see John Snow from Game of Thrones scantily clad...he's a bit hot!

The Machine
The Machine(2014)

The Machine had such potential for the first 30 minutes and then it just became lame.


Loved it! I'm such a fan of the original and thoroughly enjoyed this update. I don't think it should be rated R, I think this would be an awesome movie to combat bullying, I'd rate it an M. The prom scene could have been much more brutal, all the killings were pretty tame but I did enjoy the special effects. Poor Carrie and let this be a lesson to teenage girls, be kind as you never know who has totally cool powers and will come and get you.

That Awkward Moment

It's entertaining enough, Zac scantily clad is incentive enough to watch the movie. However, it is immature and full of 'dick' humour.

Hateship Loveship

I liked it. Although I don't think the amazing cast was utilised as much as it could have been. Nick Nolte playing a kindly Grandfather? Celebrity rehab must have worked, he was lovely. Guy Pearce is looking fine and he's such a wonderful actor. Certainly not a feel-good movie, or a feel-bad movie, it's just a story which was nice to watch on a lazy afternoon.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Three hours well spent. I felt I was reading a novel with French accompaniment and I do hope this beautiful movie is never dubbed with English. There are a number of explicit sex scenes but I think they are necessary to convey the depths of Adele and Emma's relationship, they were certainly into each other. I did find it hard to concentrate when Adele was eating, she eats with her mouth open (just like my 10 yr old daughter) and it's gross, however, is this on purpose to show that she is much younger than Emma? I think this would be a great movie to study and I loved the Literature class scenes, reminded me of my TAFE Literature class. A "coming-of-age" movie from another angle.

Wolf Creek 2
Wolf Creek 2(2014)

Unnecessary and disappointing. What a shame this movie was even made, it's tarnished the whole character for me.

In a World...

An inside joke that I didn't get.

Flowers in the Attic

Doesn't hold a candle to the books but better than the original movie of 1989. The incest was cut out of the original movie so this version was closer to the book but I found the sibling relationship much easier to read about than to see on screen (yucky). The actors weren't as attractive as depicted in the book and I found Heather Graham wooden and quite miscast as the Mother. Grandmother (Ellen Burstyn) was the saving grace. Evil with empathy. My children are eager for the sequel, I handed them the book as the story just gets better with each scandalous novel. 3 stars and surprisingly good.

Labor Day
Labor Day(2014)

Critics hated it, I loved it! Although watched with visitors, phone calls and numerous interruptions, I had a heavy heart for Kate Winslet's character and bawled my eyes out in the end. It may help that she is one of my favourite actresses but this woman is amazing. She can make you laugh/cry and look damn sexy at the same time. 4 stars from me, tension, romance, thrilling.

We Are What We Are

After a slow start, the movie became curiouser and curiouser. I don't think I'll ever eat slow cooked shanks again.


I loved this movie. I was initially keen to see it because the young Naomi was in my son's year at school and we were all very excited when she got the role. I'm surprised at the critics, it's a very thought provoking, sexy film. Well acted and set in beautiful Seal Rocks. Five Stars, brilliant.


Suspenseful and exciting, a really good final film from Paul Walker.

Delivery Man
Delivery Man(2013)

I enjoyed it. A few laugh out loud moments, it was sweet and entertaining.

The Good Mother

The Mother is a total nut-job. Lifetime movie entertainment.


The last of the 2014 Best Picture Nominees that I had to watch and whilst I did like it, I thought other movies (The Butler, Rush) were more worthy of the spot. I like how it was shot in Black & White which brought attention to the characters and not the scenery, as I'm sure the landscape was beautiful. The trailer showed a lot of "laugh out loud" moments from June Squibb but when watching the movie I thought her crass remarks were forced and she a bit of a skank. A sweet ending.


This movie covers all the bases, heartwarming, moving, hilarious and sad. You need to see this, an excellent film.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

Very enjoyable, kids loved it as well. Great story, I didn't know where it was headed but loved where it went.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

I cannot believe the critics review of this wonderful movie. It's a feast for the eyes, whimsical and endearing. I loved every beautiful second of it and so did my family.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Loved the music. Folk, one of my favourite genres and includes one of my favourite songs, "Five Hundred Miles" by Peter Paul & Mary. Far from uplifting, it left me feeling quite sad. Oscar Isaac is excellent, I could listen to him sing all day (yay for soundtracks!)

The Book Thief

Exquisite cinematology but the heartbreak doesn't transcend from the book to the screen. Saying that, wonderful performances, Emily Watson a standout for me. A beautiful film.


Artistic and sadistic. And the end credits roll backwards.

August: Osage County

An All-Star cast provide some amazing performances. It's hard to watch this dysfunctional family at times, they are just so cruel to each other but I was fascinated as the story unravelled and was left wanting more.


I understand what it's like to fall in love with an operating system, I have a Mac. This movie poses many interesting questions and I wish I didn't watch it by myself so I had someone to discuss it with. Joaquin Phoenix is extraordinary, he aways picks multilevel roles and I think he's pretty fabulous. "Her" is a beautiful movie.

The Spectacular Now

Either it was spectacularly bad or spectacularly amazing, I'm actually not sure. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't watch it again....I think.

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine(2013)

It's a Woody Allen film, it's quirky and completely fabulous. Cate Blanchett as Jasmine leaves "Stella" for dead (no pun intended). Hand her the Oscar.

12 Years a Slave

A confronting movie, quite horrifying how people were enslaved and tortured, however, I found the movie slow and the long lingering looks unnecessary and a little frustrating.

Dallas Buyers Club

Wow, talk about suffering for your art. An amazing transformation by Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto was brilliant as a drug affected transvestite. Set in the 80s at the height of the Aids epidemic, the prejudice against these poor souls was heartbreaking. This will be sure to win a few awards this season.

20 Feet From Stardom

A must if you love singing. These fabulous singers were robbed!

Enough Said
Enough Said(2013)

Enjoyable but not memorable.

About Time
About Time(2013)

I would give this 10 stars if I could. Hilarious and endearing. As soon as it was over I wanted to watch it again straight away. I always speak about casting in reviewing movies but this casting was the ultimate. Bill Nighy is brilliant. Domhnall Gleeson is my new pin-up boy. Comic timing genius. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

American Hustle

Super clever, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Cast is out of this world. Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence, I couldn't pick between them, just fabulous actors. Brilliant.

Thanks For Sharing

A great cast but not a great movie. I found all the characters perverted and pathetic. As far as 'sex addiction' movies go, "Shame" is the one to watch.


Rush is a great movie! I'm anything but a F1 fan but found the small amount of racing exciting and the story fascinating. Great casting for the Hunt and Lauda, looked and sounded exactly like them.

Captain Phillips

Tense and suspenseful, edge of my seat for the first hour and then I got a little bored. It was a little too long but surely ended with a bang!

Saving Mr. Banks

Funny, sweet and moving. Emma Thompson is a superstar, I could watch her all day. A special note of praise to Colin Farrell, a magnificent performance. Even thought it's rated PG-13, I don't think the kids would enjoy it. Quick witted and dry, I really enjoyed Saving Mr Banks.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

Outstanding and fascinating. I loved all the celebrity cameos, what a cast! Oprah and Forest were superb and it has Oscar written all over it.


It was okay. It made Diana out to be a bit of a sad-sack and I think they took a lot of 'creative license' with her relationship with the Dr. Very disappointing.

Insidious: Chapter 2

Pure gold. Great cast and what a script! I only watched the original movie a week or so ago and thank goodness I didn't have to wait 3 years. Super scary goodness, loved it.


Fantastic! Can't wait to see the sequel

The Wicked
The Wicked(2013)

B grade horror goodness.


A great Sci Fi flick but I could get past Jodie Foster's ridiculous accent. Was she trying to be South African? It was just bizarre. Good story though and an exciting movie.

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

A little slow in the beginning but a great cast delivers a great script. Lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.


Even though I picked the culprit in the first 20 minutes, the movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Brilliant performances by an all star cast, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, Voila Davis...all brilliant. 2.5hrs flew by and I wouldn't be surprised to see a number of Oscar nominations from the movie. Loved it.

Moulin Rouge!

The best movie ever made.

White House Down

Cheesy wise cracks coupled wiith great graphics and a good (although familiar) story. Over 2 hours but didn't notice the length on a Sat arvo, really enjoyed it and so did the family.


This movie is enough to make you want to disconnect. Very similar vein to "Crash" with 3 main stories interconnecting at the end. A movie about all the nasties of the internet, Identity theft, online bullying, chat room fakes, online pedophile ring. Terrific actors and a fantastic movie, everyone that uses the net should watch and be reminded that everyone is not what they seem behind a computer screen.

The Way Way Back

The best movie I've seen in ages and the funniest. Hilarious, heartwarming, a little sad. I didn't want it to end.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

A big budget pile of shitballs

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired

I'm a little obsessed with Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate and found this documentary fascinating. Whilst he did a disgusting thing, the media and the courts did little to protect the victim/s.

Stories We Tell

A must-see for Sarah Polley fans. Such a clever documentary, glued from start to finish, fascinating.

What Maisie Knew

An excellent adaptation of the Henry James' novel, modernised with an ending much more to my liking. What a cast! Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgard (which I can no longer just call "Eric" after this performance and that in Melancholia) and the beautiful girl that played Maisie. Maisie's parents loved the idea of her but she was a hindrance for them, a trophy they took off the shelf to play with when it suited them. This is a thought provoking movie for me. What did you think?


I really enjoyed Oblivion, I wasn't expecting much seeing that Tom Cruise is a tosser but the rest of the cast was terrific. I great story, reminded me of Independence Day that had me on the edge of my seat. I recommend! Kids would like it too.


Well that was a pleasant surprise and reminds me not to listen to critics. Kutcher had Jobs downpat, especially the walk. I was in nerd heaven, giggling at 128mb RAM, I'm sure there are a few sticks floating around in the shed. What an innovative, exciting person! Also, he can be a complete arsehole but it's hard to make friends when changing the world. Although I would never get an iPhone, I write this review on my beautiful MacBook Pro.

This Is the End

WTF was that? And how much did they pay the critics for these reviews? The only thing that slightly redeems it was The Backstreet Boys. Just terrible.


I felt it was a little rushed, I would have liked to see more about her work against the porn industry rather than half an hour on a polygraph machine. I'm fascinated by Linda and feel sorry for her sad life and tragic death. I'm reading the book and interested in any differences from the movie. Amanda Seyfried is exceptional as per usual, she can't set a foot wrong and it was nice to see Sharon Stone on the screen again, she delivered a believable performance also.


I could see only certain people liking this film and probably a lot hating it. I thought it was joyous, upbeat and simply quite fabulous. The singing was stunning. Loved it.

We're The Millers

I thought it was hilarious except for one scene with the 'fake son" and the "homosexual border policeman" which really ruined the movie for a good 30 minutes afterwards. Just an off "joke". Apart from that it was hysterical with some very clever writing and the bloopers were gold!

Behind the Candelabra

Rob Lowe as the plastic surgeon just steals the show, I'm still laughing out loud, just a terrific performance. A star studded cast, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, Debbie Reynolds, all provide outstanding performances. A fascinating story about a fascinating man. It's as gay and flamboyant as you could possibly get, full of bling, glitz, glamour and stunning 70's haircuts. Loved it.


What a bloody gem of a movie. Olympia Dukakis is 82 years old and what an awesome foul-mouthed dyke she plays in this movie. She's marvellous. There are some hilarious one-liners. Cloudburst is romantic, heartwrenching, hilarious; you'll laugh, you'll cry. Don't miss it!

The Conjuring

Not scary in the slightest. A good story but doesn't live up to the hype.

The Big Wedding

Great cast, okay movie, made the pile ironing fly by.


Snarknado is in a category on it's own. So ridiculous, so cheesy, so funny! The best ending ever. Don't miss it.

The Letter Writer

Once I got passed the hymns and the interesting half-mullet hairstyle on the lead actress (which actually looked really cool) it was a lovely, sappy, tear jerker. A little like "Pay It Forward" but not as good. Worthy of an ironing movie status.

The Lone Ranger

Only 25% of critics like it? Crazy. What a fun, action packed movie. I thought it was great and so did the kids.

Listen To Your Heart

So much for a lazy fluffy movie, that was heart wrenching. *sniff* pass me a tissue.

The Tall Man
The Tall Man(2012)

Now that was a twist!

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Turned it off, I don't think I've ever turned off a movie. Terrible. Terrible acting, terrible effects, simply awful.

The Great Gatsby

A masterpiece! Baz Luhrmann is a genius and I'm not just saying that because I may be his biggest fan. Visually extraordinary, engrossing story and directed just way only Baz can. Quick, fast paced scenes, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. The cast was perfect and the scattering of great Aussie actors was so exciting to see. The critics are obviously bitter old cynics, you would have to have some kind of defect to not like this film. I would walk straight back into the theatre and watch it again. AMAZING!


A great start, suspenseful and freaky but as the story of Mama unfolded, it turned the anticipation of a super cool horror movie into a Sunday afternoon family flick.

I Give It a Year

I'm surprised it got so many good reviews, I must be humourless. Anna Faris is the only good thing going for it.


Just delightful, I smiled the whole way through.

Safe Haven
Safe Haven(2013)

Predictable but highly entertaining, however, where's the Nicholas Sparks Sob Fest Flicks that I love? Had my tissues ready but didn't even come close. Still, hot cast, lots of love and a little action, reminded me of the last one...Oh, I think it was called The Last, The Lucky One, close.

Parental Guidance

Good ironing movie, really enjoyable. I love anything with Bette Midler and her singing, "Book of Love" just made the movie for me. Reminded me of so many people, some related, some not. Funny if you have kids.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

Zombie fun! Comedy, romance, action...what more could you want? Great leading couple, great storyline, lots of laugh out loud moments.

Not Suitable for Children

What an awesome movie! I expected it to be mediocre because of it's limited release but it's great! Funny, sad, sweet, romantic and it has Ryan Kwanten naked...a lot! Great Aussie actors throughout, top flick.

Beautiful Creatures

Great special effects (I particularly love the font of the opening titles...that's not weird to say, is it?) Unpredictable and interesting story. Emma Thompson is fabulous....just fabulous! One for the Tweens/Teenagers. Looking forward to reading the book!

Fun Size
Fun Size(2012)

Terrible! Can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Les Misérables

Les Misérables is grand...spectacular...emotional and a treat for the eyes and ears. All characters were cast perfectly. Hugh's character is as noble and kind as he seems in person, Russell should have been acknowledged with a nomination, Anne breaks my heart. Sacha and Helena were hilarious and grotesque at the same time. The standout for me was and actress who I'm not familiar with, Samantha Barks with her exquisite voice and her portrayal of Éponine was so moving....someone hand me another tissue.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

What a lovely movie! Romantic and feel-good. Oh and there's salmon...yum!


Great story, amazing singing, highly entertaining. Loved it. A beautiful swan song for Whitney.

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina is like watching a is a very stylised production. I found Anna silly and frustrating, she had a wonderful, kind, handsome husband who certainly put up with a lot from her. I felt her lover was mis-cast, he was too feminine and was nothing like the strong, dashing Count Vronsky portrayed in Tolstoy's novel. Cool ending but not a movie I would watch a 2nd time.


A fascinating story that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end.

Silver Linings Playbook

I love a dysfunctional comedy and Silver Linings Playbook didn't let me down. Fabulous cast including 'our' Jacki Weaver and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing as usual. You'll feel totally sane after watching these crazy characters.


Such a great Australian cast (ignore the weird-arsed accents) and shot in beautiful Coolangatta but the characters were so boring, I could wait for them to get eaten! B-Grade shark fun.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

A visual masterpiece. Unique story telling that appeals to the kids as well as their parents.

Dream House
Dream House(2011)

Great story, critics have been way too harsh, I thought Dream House was a great thriller.

Django Unchained

Wow, Django Unchained is bloody awesome! It's nearly 3 hours long and felt like 1 hour. I had a huge smile the whole way through, it's funny, violent and terribly clever. It's typical Tarantino style and it's definitely one of his best films yet. Fantastic!

The Sessions
The Sessions(2012)

I am writing this review with the tears still streaming down my cheeks, not for sadness but for sheer joy of this amazing man and his gift of words to document this special part of his life. I saw the trailer for this movie a few months ago and thought it sounded interesting but I had no idea it would be this special. Oscar's for everyone! Helen Hunt...this actress is my husband's "free pass" and now I see why, what a body, a beautiful chiselled (unbotoxed) face, she's stunning on the outside but in this role she was beautiful in every way. *sniff* (told you I was still crying). William H. Macy....some may see him as a voyeuristic priest but I think more people would respect the Catholic church if they received such sensible guidance. Please see this movie, it's a "life changer" and one that will stay with me for years to come.

The Impossible

Naomi Watts is a superstar, every wave crushing groan, scream, yell made me tear up...I still feel short of breath after the movie finished. Suspenseful, heartbreaking and totally enthralling. Gorgeous kids too and upon looking up the young actor who played the oldest see this was one of his first acting roles...just outstanding, Tom Holland, a name to watch.


Predictable but still creepy. Being a Mother, I've built up a resistance to demonic children but I still found a few scares in this fun horror.

The Possession

Possessionary goodness! Nice effects, very cool looking Demon, especially on an MRI. Fun and enjoyable.

This Is 40
This Is 40(2012)

A 2hr 13min comedy? I was skeptical they could make be laugh for that long but they did! Hilarious. (Well, at least this 40 year old thought so)


An amazing cast, Daniel Day-Lewis has Oscar written all over him, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who is on his way to being the next big mega-star, in my opinion) Tommy Lee Jones has the only 2 light hearted scenes and was wonderful but it was James Spader that kept my interest up through this 2.5 hour drudge. He's exactly the same character as he was on Boston Legal and I loved seeing him on the screen again. Lincoln is boring. The first hour was a killer but my only knowledge of American History is from my many viewings of Gone With The Wind and a couple of Simpson episodes but the slow pace certainly got me up to speed with his politics. Lincoln seemed like a remarkable man, before his time with a passion for people all walks of life. Daniel Day-Lewis had many awesome monologues throughout the movie and his voice was memorising but the film was not entertaining in the slightest.

The Words
The Words(2012)

I was totally engrossed in "The Words" (and so was my husband)'s just so intriguing and beautiful. I can't understand the bad reviews at all, it's outstanding! Jeremy Irons as "the old man" stole the movie, his narration and reminiscing of his past was so emotional and I feel teary just thinking about it. All the cast did their characters justice. The Words is a story, within a story, within a story and not to be missed! Loved it.

Alex Cross
Alex Cross(2012)

Felt like an episode of CSI rather than a movie. Matthew Fox has done an outstanding job on his physique but his character was peculiar and unbelievable. He's too much of a sweetie-pie to play a serial killer. They tried to fit too much into 90minutes... syringes, shootings and what was with the cage fighting? Too many angles that didn't go anywhere.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

I loved the first one but this sucked. Predictable and pretty stupid, I couldn't wait for it to end.


I suppose it's best to first address 'the elephant in the room" and that being the incredibly gorgeous and talented Michael Fassbender and what an enormous "talent" he has. However, this is not a sexy movie, it's terribly sad to see how this man spends every waking minute trying to hide the pain of his childhood with a debilitating, self depreciating addiction. Carey Mulligan is outstanding, as usual, playing Brandon's sister Sissy. Difficult subject matter which resulted in brilliant performances from the both Fassbender and Mulligan. Not a movie I would see with your Nanna, it's pretty graphic.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

A great cast and really enjoyed seeing Ezra Miller play someone different than a murdering psycho, he's a great actor and he was my favourite character in Perks. A sweet coming-of-age movie that's been done a thousand times but still really enjoyable.

My Life Without Me

That's more like it, nice and depressing.

Now Is Good
Now Is Good(2012)

This should be my type of movie but Tessa is a really unlikeable character so I didn't feel much sympathy for her.

Pitch Perfect

Fabulously funny. The singing is amazing, the jokes hysterical the songs fantastic. Loved every second from the opening to the closing credits. This is a movie I could watch over and over again.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

What a twist! I don't think I took a breath for the last half an hour. Wow!!!!!!

To Rome with Love

It's a Woody Allen movie, of course it's quirky, funny and charming but it's not up to the standard of Vicki Cristina Barcelona or Midnight in Paris. A spectacular cast.


There were some laughs but overall it was pretty silly. Loved the ending.

The Cabin in the Woods

A little horror/comedy gem! Loved it. Full of surprises and something for everyone. I can't really write what this movie is a cross between or it will wreck the surprise and there's many of those. A great cast with a very special cameo by Sigourney (okay, I'll wreck one surprise).

Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks(2012)

The first hour and a half was so delightfully cute, sweet and utterly fun but there's a scene near the end that just made me so angry at Calvin. The supporting cast is wonderful, Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas were wonderful, cooky parents and Elliott Gould should have been a shrink if he wasn't such a great actor. Fun, fantastical flick, reminds me of a cross between Xanadu (there's no music or roller skates, Ruby just reminds me of the Muse) and Midnight in Paris (but not as good). Fun! I recommend.


5 stars. Intelligent, gripping and unpredictable. I loved every second of it. I can't wait to watch it again. Best movie I've seen in ages..


I love Kristen Dunst and of course our Aussie Isla and Rebel but this movie is pretty tasteless. Saying that, I'm not opposed to tasteless...I really like the storyline with a druggy Lizzie Caplan and her high school sweetheart but the rest of the movie was pretty cringeworthy.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I found this movie quite moving. It's a dark comedy with some wonderful dialogue, I really enjoyed it.

Paranormal Activity 4

Xbox Kinnect creepy! Full of jumps and screams.

Snow White and the Huntsman

A feast for the eyes. Amazing effects. Charlize Theron carried the whole movie, she's the Queen! (although I don't think we were meant to be on her side). Loved it and so did my 8 year daughter.

Chernobyl Diaries

It had potential and I did enjoy it but found myself taking the 'piss' out of it a bit too often. I didn't feel the suspense (but that could have been too many scotches as my fellow viewers thought it was suspenseful. Anything Chernobyl fascinates me and was hoping for something cool and creepy like The Descent but it fell short. And WFT was that ending?


A funny, quirky little movie. Most enjoyable. Great cast, Jennifer Garner has "stepford wife" down pat. Sometimes rude, crude and sexy at the same time being sweet and hokey. Oh and there's butter.


Why did Ridley Scott make this? Is it a prequel? It's not scary, doesn't make a lot of sense, a lot of 'effects' looked fake. Disappointing.

In the Land of Women

Glued to this movie from start to finish. Great acting, mature writing and fascinating story. Loved it.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Macrame, Karen Carpenter and a cool soundtrack, loved it. Lots of fun, Depp is magnificent.

Darling Companion

A brilliant cast wasted, Kevin Kline, Diane Keaton, Dianne West, a story about a woman's love for her dog but too much boring dialogue and not enough dog action.

The Five-Year Engagement

Wildly funny for the first half an hour and then it got rather dramatic. Great ending and an all round enjoyable movie. Go Jacki Weaver! Great to see her getting some great roles after her Oscar nod.

Somewhere in Time

Another of my favourite movies of all times. After watching for the umpteenth time, I still bawled, so romantic...two astonishing good looking people. Sigh, so beautiful.

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

I remember watching this as a kid and watched it tonight 30 years later with my daughter and we both loved it. It's no "Somewhere In Time" (which I would give 20 stars if Flixster allowed it) but a beautiful, romantic, suspenseful movie all the same and a smashing frock.

The Sapphires

I want to walk straight back into the theatre and watch it again! Just fantastic. Wow, can Jessica Mauboy sing!!! Great story, I love that Chris O'Dowd was cast in this movie, he just makes me smile. A real feel-good Aussie movie. Go see it, it's tops!

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Laughed Out Loud and feel really guilty about it. Sasha Baron Cohen is inappropriately hilarious.

Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise(2012)

The cast is so incredibly talented, the singing is out of this world! Enjoyable, feel good flick.


This could be a masterpiece. It's very mature and thought provoking. Anna Paquin can certainly act.

Katy Perry: Part of Me

Fantastic! The concert scenes in 3D were amazing, Katy and her crew put so much into her show and it's out of this world! I laughed out loud, bawled my eyes out and felt immensely proud of her accomplishments (imagine what her family feels!). What a wonderfully talented woman, she's deserves every accolade. This is not a movie just for fans. 3D is a must!

Take This Waltz

I could watch Michelle Williams over and over, she always picks fantastic roles. Take This Waltz is funny, happy, sad, tragic...I love arty movies and this doesn't fail to impress. Loved it.

The Rose
The Rose(1979)

I have not seen The Rose for at least 20 years and re-watched it today after being reminded of the soundtrack when hearing Karise Eden's rendition of Stay With Me on The Voice. Bette's the bomb. An emotional movie with Rose's character loosely based on Janis Joplin (very loosely, ie. journey Janis did for her high school reunion inspired the final concert in The Rose) however her character encompasses the many rock stars that spiral into drugs and premature death. Although made 30 years before Amy Winehouse's death, The Rose could easier be interpreted as being about her. The film has not dated at all and still feels new and current.

21 Jump Street

Hilarious! Look out for some 80's cameos. Top movie, highly entertaining.

Perfect Sense

I'm not quite sure how to critique Perfect Sense. I feel claustrophobic and quite horrified but saying that, it was a beautiful movie... almost like watching a poem.

Never Let Me Go

Disturbingly fantastic. Slow building, intriguing and devastating. An amazing movie.

Before Sunset

Thank goodness I watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset back to back! To wait 9 years between the two may have killed me. An hour and half ago, watching Sunrise I was a sobbing mess...I'm still a sobbing mess but I have the sweet romantic stylings of Nina Simone playing thought the credits. This movie felt like it was 10 minutes long, I was glued, hanging on every word. What amazing writing and beautifully spoken by Jesse and Celine. Love, love, loved it.

Before Sunrise

I know I'm 17 years late to see this masterpiece but it was so worth the wait. What an intelligent, profound script and oh, the romance. My heart just broke into a thousand pieces.


Great movie! So much fun, suspense and quite emotional at times. Highly entertaining.


Heaps of fun, the whole family loved it. I don't get the hate at all, great action, top movie!

Marvel's The Avengers

Super hero fun! Great effects, things blowing up at every turn. The Hulk was hilarious, so many "laugh out loud" moments. I didn't think the 3D was necessary, it wasn't utilised which makes for a good BlueRay purchase when it's released. Kids 8 and 11 loved it as well as husband. A great film to see with the family.

The Descendants

"Goodbye, my love, my friend, my pain, my happiness. Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye." *sniff* Give George the Oscar just for his delivery of that line. I really enjoyed this movie. There are so many issues going on, teenage dramas, bullying tweens, infidelity, absent Father, Alzheimers, money, greed and death. I loved the narration by Clooney, his voice is soothing and kind which helped get through the sad parts and laugh at the many funny parts. The Hawaiian scenery and music is alone is enough reason to see this movie.

The Woman in Black

An old school thriller. Positively creepy. Finally a movie to keep you on your toes with no blood and guts. Daniel Radcliffe has grown up so cute and looks very dapper in this movie. Loved it.


This movie is essentially a play. Set in one room with 4 characters. I could really relate to this story. The dreaded 'other' parents confronting you over something your kid did. The parents fall out with each other because "OUR" children are always the victims...aren't they? And while the parents exchange dirty looks and never speak to each other again, the kids are besties the very next day. A good movie to remind us to stay out of it.

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

I started out enjoying watching this dizzy young love affair unfold before it became frustrating and tedious with an unsatisfying ending.

New Year's Eve

It was okay, entertaining enough. Lots of stars.

One Day
One Day(2011)

Tragically romantic.

The Hunger Games

I was skeptical that the Hunger Games would not fill my Twilight void but I shouldn't have been, what a great movie! At times it was utterly heartbreaking and the concept of the Games is truly repulsive but I was gripped to the edge of my seat for the full 2.5hrs. Jennifer Lawrence is kick-arse fabulous, I have been a fan since I saw her in the Winters Bone. She was very well cast, athletic and appealing, I love her character. Can't wait until the next chapter in the trilogy.

A Few Best Men

Highly entertaining. Crass, a bit silly and downright funny. A laugh a minute.

Friends With Kids

Fantastic cast and an interesting script. I wouldn't call it a comedy it's actually a bit depressing.

Personal Effects

What an underrated movie! I was gripped from start to finish and what a great finish. The story of 2 families grief after their loved-ones where murdered. I have no idea why the MPAA rated this "R" and therefore it can only be viewed in limited theatres, as with Blue Valentine, the MPAA's prudish ratings destroy great movies like this one from being seen. See it if you can, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathy Bates and dare I say, Ashton Kutcher did a great job with a fantastic script.

My Week with Marilyn

What an interesting story. Michelle Williams is just amazingly fabulous - wonderful. I love everything she does, such a great actor. A charming movie.

The Iron Lady

I kept seeing Julia Childs (which was a far superior movie). Meryl is amazing, she'll probably win the Oscar (although I hope Rooney Mara does). It was an enjoyable film, however, the movie makers were given the opportunity to delve into some serious hard arse politics but instead portrayed MT as a dottery old lady that spoke to ghosts. However, I liked the movie, it entertained me but it could have been so much more.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

This is the final movie up for the Best Picture category for the 2012 Academy Awards that I had to see. It was last on my list because I got sucked into the bad reviews. This is a lovely movie, it's a heartwarming story about a boy with Aspergers whose father dies in 9/11. Having a child with ASD, I connected more with Sandra Bullocks character and the extraordinary measures she takes looking after and loving her child from a distance. As an Australian, although very affected by the terrorist attacks, I can see how American's would be protective of their grief being portrayed in a movie which is unfortunate as I think the critics missed it's point. This is not a movie about 9/11 but about a special boy finding his way after the only person that understood him was ripped away from his life. I did find the film had a lull at the 30 minute mark but picked up with gusto in the final 45 minutes. It's a worthy inclusion as a nominee for Best Picture. Max von Sydow's nomination for "best supporting actor' is a little strange as his role was so minimal but upon looking at the other nominees, I do hope he wins to bring attention to this wonderful film.


Hugo must be seen in 3D, pure magic.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

I'm very familiar with beating yourself up as a Mother, it really is a most confusing and self depreciating position to be in. We Really Need To Talk about Tilda, she's the bomb! She's so androgynous that her coupling with John C Reilly can be understood as I thought he was a peculiar casting choice. "You don't understand the context? I AM the context." This is a quality movie, quite unique and definitely Oscar worthy. It's a heavy load raising tomorrow's adults, be kind to those that bugger it up.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

A feast for the eyes, beautiful cinematography. War Horse is set at a slow 'trot' which was required for you to fall in love with the magnificent Joey. My 8 year old was bored, 11 year old said it was "okay". It's a lovely film, nothing more, nothing less.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara is kick-arse amazing in this movie. She played a perfect Lisbeth. It took me a while to work out who was a sibling, cousin, uncle but once I had that straight I was on the edge of my seat until the end. Computer hacking, serial killers, scandal and secrets...fabulous!


Interesting and entertaining but not Oscar worthy.

The Tree of Life

Tree of Life is poop. I would have hated to have been trapped with it in a theatre. Most of the movie is like watching the 'visualisation pop-up' when you play a song in Media Player. The director had too much money to play with and the result was a self indulgent heap of pretentious poo. I got it, God, dinosaurs, death, regrets. I gave it 1.5 stars in appreciation for the director's theatrical release being "only" 2.5hrs long, apparently the complete film is 6 hours. 6 hours of Media Player and whisperings of ,"my son, my son." Nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor??? Just goes to show that Hollywood has the Academy firmly in their pocket.


I want to watch it again. So thought provoking; shot in two parts, the normalcy of a wedding show ones sister spiral into mental illness however, in part 2 the roles are reversed. Kieffer Sutherland's character...oh, don't get me started, insert expletives "here". Melancholia is fascinating, a little strange, beautifully shot and quite special. Kirsten Dunst's performance is exceptional, she's making some really fabulous role choices, I loved her in All Good Things too. Melancholia is worth 2hr15min of your time, I can't stop thinking about it.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

Rocky meets Bicentennial Man. We watched this as a family and I couldn't stop smiling, neither could my husband 11yr son and 8yr old daughter. A "Real" feel good movie for those that like a bit of action without any graphic scenes. Should definitely done better at the box office...I thought it was fantastic!

What's Your Number?

Whats with the bad reviews? I thought it was laugh out loud, cross your legs hilarious! Especially the scene with the British accent. I had tears from laughing, I thought it was great!

Lars and the Real Girl

I nearly missed this gem of a movie. Featuring my boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, he blows another performance out of the water, is there nothing this man cannot do?! A gorgeous quirky flick, what a beautiful community full of understanding and compassion, we should all be so lucky to be surrounded with such love. A special movie that will warm the cockles of your heart.

All Good Things

I know this story from Serial Killer Sunday and was positively delighted in Ryan Gosling playing this role. Kirsten Dunst has certainly gotten herself together and has had some outstanding performances in the last 2 years. Suspenseful and exciting, put it on your playlist.

The Hangover Part II

Loved the first one, this was was utter shite

In Time
In Time(2011)

Am loving Justin Timberlake act, he's endearing. Good flick, thoroughly entertaining.

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

An inspirational story but the religious scenes were a bit nauseating. A shark bit her arm off, she should be at least a little cranky about that.

The Snowtown Murders

Very well done, although I preferred the CI Serial Killer Sunday version better.


I didn't think it was bad at all. It went along at a nice pace and I was entertained.


I love an infectious disease story and it's rare to see one that doesn't involve turning into a zombie. Gwenneth, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon (I'm liking him a little more portly, cute) , Jude Law, Lawrence Fishburne, an outstanding cast. This role just shows what a great actress Gwenneth is, boy can she convulse!


Very original; a funny and very moving film. Deserves an Oscar nomination.

I Don't Know How She Does It

"Because trying to be a man is a waste of a woman."

The Soloist
The Soloist(2009)

I'll give it half a star for helping me fall asleep. Yawn-fest

Cowboys & Aliens

Well that was bizarre. My 11 year old loved it as did my husband, me, not so much.

Final Destination 5

The acting was so woeful, I couldn't wait for them all to die. I'm a FD franchise fan but this sucked.

Red Dog
Red Dog(2011)

Outstanding Aussie flick. Lots of laughs and lots of tears. Husband and kids loved it too, an instant classic that can stand proud with Muriel, Priscilla, Crackerjack etc. Gee, we Aussies can sure make movies.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(2011)

The best adaptation to Jane Eyre to date. One of my favourite books and I think Mia Wasikowska did a fabulous job at portraying Jane. Mr Rochester, moody, brooding, scruffy and sexy, Mr Fassbender (hehe, great surname) did the character justice.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Perfect. The dress, the wedding, the baby, the honeymoon...all perfect.

Our Idiot Brother

A very sweet movie...enjoyable!


I've given this movie much thought and am at a loss on how I would critique it but I'll give it a go! Ryan Gosling provides the most amazing performance, of course, he's one of the finest actors of the past decade. The opening sequence was exciting and suspenseful but this is not an action flick. Despite the gore and horrific splashes of violence, I felt it was more of a drama. The pauses were ridiculously long and the music quite horrendous which was used to over the ridiculously long pauses. Drive attempts to be 'art house' and I'm really not sure whether it succeeded. The acting was great, the story was great...I'm just on the fence about the direction, cinematography and editing. I think I liked the movie...I think.

Midnight in Paris

Absolutely charming... delightful! Set to the wonderful songs of Cole Porter, I couldnt help but get excited along with Gil meeting Hemmingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, TS Elliot, Picasso, Dali and if you love art and literature you will surely get a kick out of meeting these characters as well. Im not an Owen Wilson fan, I find his voice annoying however, I cannot think of another actor that would have played this role as well, he was very well cast as were all the actors. Even the minor roles played by Kathy Bates and Adrien Brody were memorable. Woody Allen is a genius, I didnt think he could rival Vicky Cristina Barcelona but Midnight in Paris is just as magical. Whimsical, romantic and unique, I loved every second of it.

Paranormal Activity 3

I can never put my fan on oscillating ever again. Great prequel, scared me just enough.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Fab movie. Gripping! Kids loved it too.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

Gripping, a very cool movie indeed.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

An emotional roller coaster, you will laugh, cry, pity and applaud these characters. So well cast, so well acted...Ryan Gosling (oooo-la-la) proves what an outstanding actor he is. I love everything he's ever been in but the abs, wow, they deserve their own credit. Steve Carell is fabulous as usual, he can play funny to serious with ease. Julianne Moore is consistently wonderful in no matter what role she plays. Marisa Tomei, he he, she's hilarious. Emma Stone will be a superstar, she's made some fantastic films of late, look out Meryl Streep! Great movie, make sure you see it!

The Help
The Help(2011)

I must have cried about 10 times throughout the movie and I heard many sniffles from those in the theatre. So well acted, every character was believable from the wonderful Viola Davis, amazing Emma Stone to the little girl that, "I is kind, I is smart, I is important."...just makes me sob again just thinking about that little chubby sweet girl. So many special moments, the 2hrs 26minutes flies by, I wanted it to go longer. Outstanding, I hear Oscar!!

Captain America: The First Avenger

Very well done, great back story, an excellent flick for the whole family

The Ugly Truth

Laugh-out-loud-funny. Gerard Butler has the most gorgeous arms although I wish he talked in his normal accent, maybe that may have been too sexy to bare. Izzy plays a great part, she looks smoking in this flick. Highly recommend it for a great laugh and a little romance.

The Beaver
The Beaver(2011)

A truly unique insight into mental illness. A great reminder that Mel Gibson is a brilliant actor on top of being a wanker. Jodie Foster is just incandescent, brilliant, timeless. This is a special movie, great acting, great writing, a story that will stay with you.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Bad Teacher is so politically incorrect, I just loved it. Timberlake is an adorably sexy nerd and Diaz is hilarious in this role. Fun film with lots of laughs.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Underwhelming, and I'm a big Wes Craven fan...However top points for Neve, love her and great to her on the screen again.


Fantastic! Suspenseful, fresh...a fun, fabulous, flick. Loved it!

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

I was a little bored. Looked great in 3D and loved the school holiday offer at Event Cinemas but didn't hold a patch on Popper's Penguins for me. Kids loved it, 7 year daughter said it, 'was the best movie of my life." (She doesn't get out much) Oh, the Toy Story short film before the movie was fantastic! 5 stars.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Absolutely delightful! I was expecting a typical Jim Carrey (I can only act if I look like a wanker) movie but there were none of his signature facial expressions which was refreshing. The penguins are hilarious, cute and quite amazing. It's laugh out loud, cry out loud with a beautiful believable ending. I thought it was just great! And so did my kids and their friends.


I thought this was supposed to be "cutting edge, unique, never been done". It's your typical trained assassin movie...didn't Bridet Fonda do it first? I adore Saoirse Ronan and of course sexy Eric Banna, it has a wonderful cast with Cate Blanchett playing evil mole to a tee. It's a good movie, lots of kick arse action but it's nothing new.

Red Riding Hood

I really liked this movie, I thought the cinematography looked stunning. A fun spin on a fairy tail, I don't understand all the hate. I thought it was suspenseful and entertaining.

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

Very sweet. One for 'us' nerds, loved the insurance jokes. All star daggy cast.


Is cross-your-legs-laugh-out-loud funny.

Pay It Forward

What a tear jerker! Just what I needed while in my sick bed. Really soppy..beautiful.

Temple Grandin

Claire Danes is brilliant as Temple. An amazing Autistic woman who really had to defy the odds, prejudice and bullying. An inspiring story, make sure you watch this and it wouldn't hurt for your kids to either. What the world does not need is another generation of bigoted bullies.

Water for Elephants

A magnificant movie. I loved the 1930's setting. The animal cruelty was a little hard to watch but the animals...if fact the whole cast looked stunning. Beautiful, I loved it.

Something Borrowed

Enjoyable, a fun chick flick to spend with your bestie on cheap Tuesday. Colin Eddlesfield is seriously too much like Tom Cruise, mannerisms, walk, talk, it was a little distracting! Kate played a great role and Ginnifer is cute as a button. Some really heartfelt scenes and laugh out loud moments.

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

Not one of the Farrelly Bros best but thoroughly enjoyable just he same. I laughed out loud and threw my hand over my month in shock at various points during the movie. Entertaining.


This movie is special. Moving, gripping, heartbreaking. Watched it with my husband and he loved it too. This is the type of movie that will stay with you forever, it's beautiful

The Green Hornet

Lots of fun, watched it this rainy afternoon with the kids. Lots of 'laugh out loud" moments, special effects and a kick arse cast.


Funny! I wasn't expecting to enjoy this but it was very cute and very funny. I loved The Hoff in it, especially the line, "You don't seem to be surprised that I'm a talking rabbit" and Hoff says, "Well, I have a talking car." All the adults laughed. Maybe I enjoyed it more because of a sweet little girl behind us, giggling with delight. Better than the critics say.

Mildred Pierce

Fantastic mini series. Kate Winslet is outstanding in the role of Mildred Pierce. Oh that daughter of hers, I loved when Evan Rachel Wood took over the older Veda...she took spoilt mole to a whole new level. Great cast, great story, I'm sad it's over.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

The Biester is a superstar and his rise to fame makes for a very interesting documentary. One for the fans or for those that appreciate talent without necessarily being a fan. Deliver's a great message to the Tweens, hard work will have it's rewards.


Fun, musical, colourful and romantic, great family movie. Everyone enjoyed it, the cinema was laughing out loud and clapping, enchanting.


Why call it Unstoppable if the train was stopped? Annoying, I wanted a big disaster with explosions and catastrophic scenes of horror.

Just Go with It

Laugh out loud funny, great chemistry between Jennifer and Nicole (was nice to see Nic in a comedy).. typical Adam Sandler movie, loved it!

You Again
You Again(2010)

Fun flick! Lots of great actors, thoroughly enjoyable

How Do You Know

How can a movie with Reese, Jack, Owen and Paul be crap? Maybe crap is too harsh, it's just not very good.

Accidents Happen

I was expecting a happy comedy but this is dark. If you think your life sucks, watch this. Great performance by Geena and a wonderful array of Aussie actors. A fascinating flick.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

This is quite a suspenseful, not too gory, horror. I loved every minute of it! Is great to see Aussie Radha Mitchell in a leading role. It's reminiscent of a zombie movie and looks open to a sequel, hope so!


Lots of fun! I love musicals (Moulin Rouge is my favourite movie of all time) and Burlesque has taken elements from Moulin and Chicago so it felt very familiar to me. I could watch Cher cry for a whole 2 hour movie, she's an amazing actress and I love everything she's ever done. Christina, wow, that bitch can sing! It didn't have much of a story line (but then, I love Britney Spears in Crossroads, so what do I know?) the singing, dancing, costumes were fabulous. It's perfect for a girls night in with lots of champagne and nibbles.

Love and Other Drugs

This could have been a great movie. It's very disjointed, it's comedy, drama, tragedy, romance but none of it flows. Nevertheless, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are outstanding and their sexiness and love story saved the movie from being dragged down by the other ridiculous sub plots.

Dinner for Schmucks

I was reluctant to watch this because of the terrible reviews but I loved it! Laugh out loud moments from start to finish. It was a delight to see Chirs O'Dowd from the IT Crowd, he just has to speak and I burst into laughter. The mice, Steve Carell's hair, Zach Galifianakis' mind control, the crazy artist with the goats, the's just hilarious!

Winter's Bone

Good grief, what you can do with a meth head and a chainsaw, those crazy mountain folk. I was hesitant to watch this after reading reviews titled, "Winter's Bore". This is the 9th film out of the 10 I've watched nominated for Best Picture, maybe if I watched it first and if it didn't kick Blue Valentine out of the Oscar running, it may have gotten a higher rating from me.

Shutter Island

Just give Leo an Oscar already. He's brilliant. Awesome movie.


How utterly horrific! I loved it, fantastic, unexpected ending.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

I haven't seen the original so can't compare but this version is entertaining. I can't think of another character based horror, it had me cheering for the bad guy till the very bloody end.

Little Fockers

Fun! Not as bad as the critics have said.

Blue Valentine

This movie is excellent. The way it's shot with the start of their romance running simultaneously with it's end. Brilliant. I'm just going to curl up in a ball now and have a cry.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

This is one batshit crazy ballerina! Scared the bejesus out of me. It's left me feeling quite disturbed. Natalie Portman's acting is outstanding; an Oscar winning performance. This is a seriously creepy's fantastic!

The King's Speech

What a delightful movie. Fascinating story and wooo, what a cast! All brilliant performances. A real feel-good and uplifting movie.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

Holy snapping duck shit. What a hero! This guy is hardcore. I was glued to my husband's face for most of the amputation scene and his grimaces were enough for me to know it was pretty gruesome. The camera work was quite unique, Franco did a superb acting job and the scenery is spectacular. I thought it was a great movie telling an amazing, true story.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

Brilliant, will definitely be nominated for multiple Oscars. So well cast, Mark Wahlberg is outstanding, Christian Bale plays utterly junked up to a tee and Amy Adams, oh my god, she is bad arse. Tough as nails, she steals the movie for me, what an actress. This movie is a cross between Rocky and Candy, it's just so thrilling and exciting, frustrating and uplifting. 5 stars and deserves Best Picture at the next Academy Awards.

Life as We Know It

Great romantic comedy. Thoroughly enjoyed it, I cried a little and laughed a lot! Josh Duhamel is ridiculously hot.

Gulliver's Travels

I liked it! Went with hub and the kids and saw it in 3D at the posh new TX cinema. I had some laugh out loud moments, enjoyable!

The Last Exorcism

Not enough head spinning for my liking

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole(2010)

I was moved. Nicole nailed this role.

Animal Kingdom

Brilliant Australian movie. What a cast. Aussie's sure know how to make a flick! If you like Underbelly, you'll love this. Jacki Weaver for the Golden Globe! She was positively creepy in this. Ben Mendelsohn is a superstar. Damn proud that this movie is Australian, acted by Australians and acclaimed by the rest of the world.


I was on the edge of my seat! Really enjoyed this movie.

The Kids Are All Right

Now that's acting. Julianne Moore's monologue on marriage is worth it alone. "You stop seeing the person and you start seeing projections that you put out there of them." Brilliant writing.


It's got Bruce and he's hot.

The Town
The Town(2010)

Ben Affleck is mighty talented. He acted, co wrote and directed this movie. I enjoyed it, although it seemed familiar to me. The Boston accents were really hard to understand sometimes but gave it more authenticity. Good flick, lots of bullets, lots of fascinating dialect. See it!

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Fabulously funny. The banter between Olive and her parents is priceless. A fresh and unique teenage comedy, loved it.

I'm Still Here

Now this is being dedicated to your art! This project was very clever, it's amazing that you can feed the media such rubbish ie. retiring to be a hip hop star, coke snorting, unwashed, foul mouth homeless weirdo...and they (and we) ate it up for close to two years. If Borat could do it, why couldn't Joaquin? I hope his friends and fans forgive him and see this movie for the amazing piece of performance art it is. It's good see him back to normal though

Charlie St. Cloud

Totally lame and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Social Network

I hear Oscar! This movie is outstanding, the script is fast-paced and it's very well acted. I think Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant. I don't think he's diagnosed with Aspergers but he certainly displays a lot of symptoms which I'm familiar with and found hilarious. The opening scene is a classic, I can't wait to see The Social Network again....and again, and again!

The Expendables

It's an 80's action hero frenzy! Stallone, Lundgren, Willis, Stratham, Li, Swarzenegger, Rourke. Stallone can sure write a good yarn. Lots of action, cool special effects. I was sometimes distracted by the battle of the plastic surgery but overall a very cool movie.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Why? I don't know why they made this movie? I'm a huge fan of the original series and this 'remake' doesn't come close. It's not scary, Freddy looks ugly and there's not enough blood. This movie is unnecessary.

The Other Guys

I thought this movie was hilarious! Some may find it stupid but I thought it was well written, lots of laugh out loud moments and wow, what a cast! Normally movies with an all star cast suck but this is a corker. The scenes with Samuel L and The Rock are magic, hehehe, I'm giggling just thinking about it. If you see it, let me know what you think!

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Am so proud this is an Aussie born and bred book and movie. I'm only halfway through the book and the movie was a close adaptation to it so far. Fascinating, edge of your seat, story, very exciting, great Aussie cast and beautiful scenery. Who knew The Terrace could look so beautiful! Go see it, it's outstanding!

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

Enjoyable, cute kid... but Batemans mishap with the sperm really grossed me out and set the tone for me for the rest of the movie. It was great to see sexy Jeff Goldblum, I haven't seen him for a while. Good ironing movie.

Two Lovers
Two Lovers(2008)

I really hope that Joaquin goes back to acting, this is his last film before he went on hiatus and what a great movie it is! I had no idea where it was going, suicide, depression, drugs, sex, it has it all.

Our Family Wedding

So many stars for such a crappy movie. Oh, the wedding cake scene, who has a food fight in a cake shop? Feral. Forest Whitaker is skinny, that was shock, he looks great. Didn't like it, not funny, the racist jokes, viagra and rooting goats was all a bit too much.

Being Julia
Being Julia(2004)

Delightful! Annette Bening is simply exquisite. What an actress!

Mother and Child

Oscar worthy. I loved every second of this highly emotive film. I laughed, cried, gasped and can't stop thinking about it. As soon as it finished I wanted to watch it again. Every actor played their character so well that I couldn't pick the best performance. Naomi Watts, Annette Benning Jimmy Smiths, Samuel L Jackson...what a cast! And what a truly brilliant, beautiful, heartbreaking movie. Flawless.

Letters to Juliet

Sweet, cute and romantic.


Truly amazing. A spectacle that must be seen to be believed. I would even go as far as saying one of the best movies ever made. Gone With The Wind, Titanic, Ben Hur, Star Wars - an epic movie of gargantuan proportions that doesn't fail to live up to the hype. The story is beautiful and the messages are clear and current. Go see it, you will not be disappointed


What a fascinating 2.5hours spent watching this film. So clever, so complete and positively entertaining. Leo is magnificent. I think he's one of the greatest actors of our time. Flawless performance. Go see it, tell me what you think, it's quite the conversationalist piece.


Angelina Jolie is the quintessential kick arse chick. So many twists and turns, highly entertaining, fast paced and surprising! Loved it.

Evil Angels (A Cry in the Dark)

I've been wanting to see this movie for years and only just watched it today. Meryl is outstanding as Lindy Chamberlain and equally so Sam Neill as Michael. I remember arguing with Mr Lee from Heaton Public School about the case, even at 11 years old I believed the Chamberlains to be innocent. What those poor people have been through over the last 30 years, it makes me cry. A gripping, well made movie about one of the biggest events in Australia's history. A media frenzy divided the country and judged these people without evidence to prove they were involved in the baby's disappearance. I was engrossed in this film.

Reign Over Me

This is an amazing movie exploring intense grief and post traumatic stress. Adam Sandler really does this dramatic role justice. It's a very sad movie.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

The two funny scenes are in the trailer. There are some really cringe worthy lines and some that are plain confusing, especially from Chris Rock, he seemed to be channelling Tourettes Syndrome, very strange indeed. Why is it that movies with many high profile stars fall flat? I felt the whole movie was an inside joked that I wasn't privy too.

Message in a Bottle

OMG! I shouldn't have watched this. What kind of morbid creature is Nicolas Sparks? I love a tearjerker but I think I need therapy after this one.

The Last Song

I love Daddy/Daughter movies and this ones a doozey. Teenage angst, young love, tears, tantrums and a piano. And she's just being Miley.


Awesome movie. Very strong acting and a powerful story. Jake Gyllenhaal is fanastic, what a great actor he is and his relationship with Tobey Maguire is very believable. Go see it, it's great.


Lots of fun, I really enjoyed it!

A Serious Man

I wanted to like it more than I did. I really don't like Dark Comedy. I found the main character ball-less and frustrating. It was all a little too painful for me.

House of Sand and Fog

I watched this movie as I was in the mood for a tear jerker but this is just sooooo sad and quite depressing. Talk about a life off course. This movie takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and I feel positively drained. Ben Kingsley is amazing. That man can play any character, so strong, loving and hideous all at the same time. If you feel like a cry, watch The House of Sand and Fog.

"I have taken us so far off our course, but now it is time to return. It is time for us to go home to our destiny."

Sex and the City 2

I loved the 1st hour, I wish I was at that wedding! The second hour got a little weird but still enjoyable. I watched the first movie again yesterday and it was certainly better, more fashion, more shoes, more heartbreak, more love that SATC2. Fans of the series (like me) will love it.

Things We Lost in the Fire

I was captivated by this movie, I loved the arse-about script but I think it was trying too hard for an Oscar. The ending was confusing and left me a bit cold. Benicio Del Toro is amazing as usual, he's very believable as a drug addict but why was the neighbour so into him? To piss his wife off maybe? I have more questions than answers but I still loved the movie. If you see it, come discuss it with me and explain a few things.

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

The fashion, the angst, the drugs, the music! Great movie and one of the best casted movies I've seen. Kirsten is Joan Jett incarnate and Dakota did a great job as per usual, she made a great Cherie. You'd enjoy this movie even if you aren't a fan of the band.


Kids liked it, worth watching for the dancing dogs at the end.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Best one yet! I love the camera work on this movie, everything was filmed really close-up and you had to dart your eyes around the screen to see all the action, it was very effective. There was a lot of humour and some laugh out loud moments. It was very true to the book and I loved every second of it. Am simply busting for Breaking Dawn.

Away We Go
Away We Go(2009)

This is a really good movie. It's very quirky and a little confronting. I think a lot of people in this day and age feel like this couple, in their 30's with no direction or sense of belonging. It's LOL funny at times and I was positively engaged. It made me smile and may make you too.

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

I sobbed from start to finish. Exceptional acting and an amazing story. I think I need therapy to get over this, a very emotional movie.


Very suspenseful, Amanda Seyfried plays an excellent Bunny Boiler and Julianne Moore is ageless. Worth seeing the movie to see Julianne's house alone, it's fabulous!

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Fantastic movie. Watched it as a family and we all loved it. Great effects, terrific story, a must see.

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

Total, soppy chick flick, I loved it.

Margot at the Wedding

I think Margot is a nutcase. Maybe that's why I liked her character? I have a thing for crazy people. Nicole Kidman plays a great nutcase. This is an exhausting movie, one I should have watched with someone else to discuss. There is a lot of symbolism in this film and I think I have missed a lot of what the director is trying to say...I'm not sure whether I understood the movie but it left me feeling quite depressed. The dropping of the bracelet, the purse, the jacket, I think Margot was running after her son and her husband so she could continue to manipulate them as everyone else could see through her bullshit. Mmmmm, a thought provoking movie which I think a lot of people would hate. It's not a movie you can watch on face value it's hard work but I think worth the effort.


I needed an ironing movie as only Ready Steady Cook was on. I'll give it one star for Uma's dancing, she looks hot when she dances. I found the 911 references offensive and I'm an Australian, I cringed and think a New Yorker would be horrified. The scene where the family is looking out the window with those half bars on as protection from a plummeting death? I couldn't concentrate on what they were saying as I was scared the little girl was going to fall. Don't bother with this one, I think Ready Steady Cook is marginally more entertaining.


I would give this move zero if it wasn't for the ending... half a star because of the ending, it's a corker! How totally twisted was that? Loved the ending. The rest of the movie is utter shite and I would normally give shit at least a star and a half but this is bad...really bad.

An Education
An Education(2009)

A movie about the 'coming of age, 16" of a beautiful intelligent, fabulous, witty girl. I felt a little uncomfortable about the relationship between Jenny and David, it may be my own demons that made me feel that way or it may be the depiction of the 1960's mentality that women are only as good as the man they marry. Superbly acted, Carey Mulligan is one to watch out for. If you love British drama then you will love this.

The Road
The Road(2009)

I was gripped by this movie. It's very grey, dark and depressing and I enjoyed every grudging step. Father and son take you on their seemingly hopeless journey, post apocalyptic America, to find civilisation in a world gone mad. This is what I imagine a destroyed world to look like and I hope when the bomb falls it's directly on me as I would not want to travel this road.

Everybody's Fine

What a sad movie. I don't think it was meant to be this sad. Makes me want to call my Dad.

The Descent 2

I loved The Descent, one of my favourite girl-kicks-monster-arse movies out there. The Descent Part 2 is simply that, part 2, a continuation of the American version of the story. Why they make different endings for the Yanks is a mystery, I don't know why UK film makers have to molly-coddle them, the almighty buck before the art I suppose. I'm a little annoyed that I spent so much time analysing the ending on the first movie just to be proven wrong in Part 2. If you're a fan of the first, you'll love Part 2. It's gorier, still as claustrophobic and it's great to see the original characters back. There are few "WTF?" moments when I found myself yelling at the TV but none bigger than the ending. What the hell was that all about? I suppose we find out in Part 3 and I can hardly wait!

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

It entertained me. Sarah JP and Hugh Grant had no chemistry but I had some with Sam Elliot. He gets sexier the older he gets. If you're in the mood for a bit of mindless fluff whilst ironing, then this is the movie for you.

The Fourth Kind

I enjoyed it. Although, I think Hollywood should stop trying to convince us that their fake footage is real. Blair Witch was the first and it was an outstanding idea but it's over, done with, we're not idiots. Anyway, apart from the fake footage, it was a very suspenseful, creepy movie. It was great to see Mila Jovovich, I haven't seen her in a movie since the 5th Element and she's still looking gorgeous.

Case 39
Case 39(2010)

Well that was unexpected. I thought it was a nice little chick flick about kids not Children of Corn incarnate! Very cool, scared me just the right amount. If you like The Grudge, Exorcist etc, you'll like this.

Beautiful Kate

A triumph for Rachel Ward's directorial debut. The story may shock some but I found it enthralling and wonder how common this situation is in remote areas. We Aussie's sure know how to make great movies and Beautiful Kate is a gem. The outback landscape is stunning and Ben Mendelsohn's performance is outstanding. Don't miss this film, I bet it will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

The Hurt Locker

The first hour was excellent, very suspenseful and exciting but the 2nd hour lost momentum. It's a little long at 2hrs10min but I liked the ending, contrary to what most IMDB posters thought. A really good movie for an indy flick.

District 9
District 9(2009)

Totally weird. I thought I accidently took LSD. This is up for an Oscar? Seriously?

Couples Retreat

Had a few laughs, it was okay.

Whip It
Whip It(2009)

All hail Drew Barrymore. A fun movie for her directorial debut but I didn't find the content that interesting...maybe I was just in a bad mood. Fan's of Roller Derby would love it. Expect big things from Ellen Page, she's a great actress and it's nice to see Juliette Lewis back on the screen, she's such a rockstar.

Grey Gardens
Grey Gardens(2009)

What a couple of delightful nutters! Not being familiar with the documentary from the 70's, I was curious to see what all the Golden Globe fuss was about and now it all makes sense. From snippets of the original documentary, Drew Barrymore nailed little Edie, the two are indistinguishable! What an actress, Drew deserved that Golden question. "My chest is full of glitter and helium" and I just can't stop smiling after watching this movie. I love these two incredible, eccentric, crazy, mad women so much so, I wanted to watch it again immediately after it ended. This is a truly special film.

The Lovely Bones

What a unique and captivating concept for a story. Great acting but I think the movie could have been done better especially for a director of the caliber of Peter Jackson. I did enjoy the movie however it wasn't the heart wrenching tissue filled afternoon I was expecting. Saying that, I am looking forward to reading the book as the concept is fascinating.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

This is one heavy movie. I was glued to the screen with tears streaming down my face. The treatment of Precious by her Mother is the most revolting thing I've ever seen. Gabourey Sidibe is so talented, her interviews show her as a sunny, effervescent girl...what an amazing job she did portraying Precious. This is a movie that will stay in your thoughts for weeks after seeing it. Not to be missed.

It's Complicated

Such a fun movie. Lots of "Laugh Out Loud" moments and it's Meryl! She's like a fine wine, more beautiful with each movie she makes.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Soooo romantic. The Time Traveler's Wife is like The Lake House/Notebook/ and joins the list of ultimate chick-flicks. Loved every second of it. Worthy of a look just to see Eric Bana in the buff every 10 minutes or so. Don't forget your tissues!

Inglourious Basterds

Typical Tarantino movie, the man is a genius. A superb piece of film making that doesn't disappoint. A fascinating story and Brad Pitts character was hilarious. There's enough gore to remind you it is a Tarantino flick but not enough to hide behind your hands. Great movie, if you like Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, you'll love this.

Julie & Julia

It's Meryl so of course it's fantastic! Great story, loved reading Julie's blog after the movie.

The Lake House

Beautiful! I didn't want it to end. I'm still wiping away the tears, so romantic...just beautiful.

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

Isn't funny, it's depressing, too long and a bit weird. I didn't get it.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

When Edward first appeared in the movie, sashaying across the car park towards Bella, I almost passed out from holding my breath. What a divine creature he is. My hand just trembled a little while typing it. Very true to the book, so well cast and the wolves were magnificent! Awesome effects, they are exactly how I'd imagined them to be. Jacobs abs should have their own separate credit listing...most amazing things I've ever seen. The new director has done a far superior job than Catherine Hardwicke did in Twilight. I don't think you get the full story from watching the film that you do from the book, especially understanding all the powers of the Volturi, the cast that made up the Volturi was fantastic and if you have read Eclipse, New Moon sets us up perfectly for a dramatic rendezvous. The ending is *sigh* so perfect.

Paranormal Activity

What a fantastic movie! So creepy and suspenseful, was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. Similar concept to the Blair Witch Project, which I thought was scarier but equally suspenseful. I love it when a $15000 dollar budget brings in 100 Million at the box office, I hope the actors negotiated a cut of the profits as they were great...perfectly cast couple. This movie will have you transfixed to the screen, go see it.

My Sister's Keeper

I'm glad they changed the ending of the movie as the books ending would have been horrific. The movie was beautifully made, I loved the flashbacks and didn't find it disjointed like some critics. It was confronting but was a movie more than just about cancer. I thought the sisters relationship was just lovely, actually all Kate's relationships were beautiful to watch, she played the role so well. Don't forget your tissues but I didn't find it hyperventilatingly tearful, just a trickle or two and well worth a look. Now, where are my children so I can hug them?

The Young Victoria

How romantic! I really enjoyed this movie, what an interesting lady Victoria was and such a beautiful love story. Rupert, mmm, isn't he quite stunning? Must look into more of his films. Emily Blunt played this strong, courageous Queen with such style and grace.


Absolutely brilliant. The best "kids' movie I've ever seen. Beautiful animation, great story. Something for everyone. I laughed, I cried, my figgity 5yr daughter was glued to the screen. Simply outstanding!

500 Days of Summer

So quirky and what a great format! Loved it. Funny, sad, heartbreaking, sweet and you switch from one emotion to the other and then back round again. Love it, love it. Zooey is a total spunk and Joseph has a little "Heath Ledger" about him, looking forward to seeing more of him. Go see it, it's a fun movie.


Great movie. Fascinating story and well acted with Tom Cruise convincing in the role. Suspenseful the whole way through, see it, I think you'll like it.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Hysterical! Laugh, gasp, cringe, gag. Funniest movie I've seen in years! Shockingly fabulous!


They could have done so much better, Stephanie Myers must be disappointed. It's a nice compliment to the book but doesn't have a patch on the real thing. Read the book, their love is so intense and it's not captured well in the movie. Robert is bloody nice eye candy though, sexy as hell and very well cast, would love to see him in a grown up movie.


This movie is so cool! The subway scene is outstanding, bodies flying everywhere, fantastic! Great plot, had be on the edge of my seat the whole movie. Nicolas Cage is divine, he has that sweet, dopey demeanor down to a fine art. The little boy is a great little actor too. Go see it, it's fab!

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Really lives up to the hype! I loved it! So funny, I laughed and laughed and laughed. Even shed a tear. Sandra is looking hot and Ryan's stomach, have mercy! Great flick, go see it as I think you'll like it.

Revolutionary Road

Very confronting. Certainly makes you have a look at your own life. Leo and Kate should always act together, the fights were so passionate and both actors deserved all the accolades they received for this film. Give Leo an Oscar for god's sake. He is outstanding in every movie he's ever made, I think he stole the show in this film: his crying scene, wow...makes me well up just thinking about it. Talk about a plethora of marvelous movies this year. I can't wait to read the book to learn more about these complex characters.

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

My head is spinning. I didn't want this movie to end, wow...incredible. No wonder Kate Winslet won so many awards this movie season. And how gorgeous is her body? Beautiful sex scenes and oh, what a story! The boy that played Michael was so innocent and sweet.

Fancy falling in love with Hannah Schmitz... a statutory rapist; holocaust murdering; cold bitch but my heart broke for her. Not to be missed, a very special, unique movie.


Meryl is a superstar. Wow, she had me captivated. All the roles were really well-cast. I loved it, such clever writing and an intriging way to tell a familiar story.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

I laughed and laughed and laughed. Loved every second of it. The leading lady was a cutie, such great chemistry. The scene where Jim's singing to the jumper, og my god, that was hysterical! Go see it, lots of fun!

Last Chance Harvey

Short, sweet and ever so cute. Great acting, just heartwarming...a real feel-good flick.

Pineapple Express

"Smells as good as God's vagina." Need I say more.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Amazing. Unique and beautiful. The music alone is reason enough to see the movie but the storyline is magical.


Gorgeous shots of Newcastle and I loved being reminded of my teenage years; surfers, drinking and sleeping on the beach. I thought they could have gone further with the gay plot...maybe a kiss would have been nice? Lots of white buffed bums and some really good acting. Enjoyable!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Fun! Cute! Entertaining! Isla is so cute and quirky. Great cast and an adorable story

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

Very depressing. I liked it and thought Will Smith was superb; I loved the love affair with Emily...oh and death by jellyfish is fantastic! It was good but not outstanding...wait for the dvd.


Another example of the genius that is Baz Luhrman. Gripping, beautiful, suspenseful. The 2.45hr length flew by, I didn't want it to end. Spectacular!

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Fresh, sexy and surprising! Loved every second. So romantic.

The Secret Life of Bees

Heart warming. Dakota is growing up to be quite the beauty. Great acting by all the ladies, really enjoyable

Nights in Rodanthe

I wasn't expecting that ending. I'm positively traumatised

Slumdog Millionaire

Cannot say enough good things about this movie. Very compelling, I was transfixed to the screen. Very well made and quite unique. Highly recommend it.

Hotel for Dogs

This is such a good movie. Our movie crowd laughed out loud, cried out loud and "ooooo'ed and aaahhhhh'ed". Heartwarming and fabulously funny. Kids loved it and so did their parents! Best kids movie I've seen for a while.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Such a clever movie. The effects of Brad and Cate are amazing. A sweet, romantic movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's very long but it needed to be to develop the characters. Brad looks simply divine, he gets better with age (no pun intended)


Had me on the edge of my seat the whole movie. I cried, was shocked, angry and appalled. Christine is some woman and Angelina's portrayal of her was outstanding. What a great actress! Go see it, it's so moving.

21 Grams
21 Grams(2003)

Sean Penn was so disturbing in this film...creepy. Naomi Watts, her character makes my heart ache. Such loss, chokes me just thinking about it. Brilliant movie, edge of my seat, amazingly acted. See it.

Into the Wild

I admire Chris for renouncing the material world. His life was one well-spent and I'm sure all whose paths he crossed are richer for knowing him. Devastatingly sad as Chris seemed to have found peace with the world and his position in it by the end and realised that only love and happiness can survive when shared. Chris is wise, naive, vulnerable, stubborn, self-serving, so complex but so immature at the same time. A masterpiece! I can't wait to read the book.

The Painted Veil

Stunning. A beautiful love story. I can't believe I nearly missed seeing this, never heard of it before a friend recommended it 2yrs after it was released. Beautiful scenery, reminiscent of Memoirs of a Geisha. Tragic, yet I was so proud of Kitty at the end. Wonderful film.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

*sniff* bawled during the movie, loved it. Raced out and got the book from library but haven't finished it yet. Beautiful story, can't wait to finish the book.

The Black Balloon

Very confronting. An amazing portrayal of autism.I loved the era it was set in, brought back great memories; a dragster, spokie-dokies, homemade birthday cakes, Super Nintendo! Beautiful movie with outstanding acting, highly recommend it.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Outstanding! I wasn't expecting to like this movie as I didn't enjoy Elizabeth but this was fantastic! Very interesting and quite captivating

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

Got us all up to speed, it was like a refresher course. Loved this series of movies and V didn't fail to please. Not as gruesome as 3 and 4 (thank God) although there was one or two dry-retch moments.

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

This is a great movie with heaps of "laugh out loud" moments. Lots of fun and highly entertaining...a great cast too, Sigourney was fabulous.


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I thought Val Kilmar was fantastic. A truly horrifying story that had me on the edge of my seat. Highly recommend it.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

I like most movies and am easily please but this sucked. I don't think I laughed once. I love Anne Hathaway, she looked gorgeous and am a Steve Carell fan...but it was humourless and quite boring. Disappointing


Such an exciting, sexy, thrilling movie. Loved every second of it. No brainer, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Great story, great effects, Angelina is smokin' and McAvoy was so scrumpious...loved watching him blossom. Great twist at the end too, 5 movie I've seen in a long time!


I'm easily pleased but this didn't hold a candle to The Grudge or The Ring. Nice to Joshua Jackson again though, looking delicious too boot. I did like the ending though but could have been better. I haven't seen the Japanese original, might give it a whirl.


The original Mean Girls. So politically incorrect...pure teenage evilness, I love it! Kim Walker had the classic line, "Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?" and she died at 32 from a brain tumor...freaky.

The Bank Job
The Bank Job(2008)

Really great movie, the characters were endearing and a fascinating story, really enjoyed it.

Vantage Point

Such a star studded cast and what an exciting movie! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, thrilling and well-made. Loved it!

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Fantastic! I loved every second of it. Robert Downey Jr is delious, can't wait for the sequel. My kids loved it too.

Kung Fu Panda

Really poor movie. My 7yr old son loved it, 4yr old daughter was bored. Doesn't live up to the hype and I'm easily pleased when it comes to movies

Sex and the City

Loved it, funny, shocking...great for fans of the series


Unique! I really loved it, very clever movie. Cross between Blair Witch and Independence Day. Bit of a slow start but very exciting after the first half an hour until the end. Great ending too

The Spiderwick Chronicles

A cross between Jumanji and The Neverending Story, suspensefull and exciting. loved every minute of it and so did my nearly 5yr old and my nearly 8yr old.


Sooo good! I liked it even better than Enchanted. Absolutely a fabulous story. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Population 436

Really bad. I'm not prejudice against B grade movies but this sucked, really sucked.

Brokeback Mountain

Beautiful cinema. The scenery was stunning. "Jack Naaaasty", just loved Michelle Williams in this flick. Maybe if it was made 10 years ago when the script was written, it may have been the ground-breaking film some believe it is. I thought Doug Savant's pash on Melrose Place in the 90's was sexier. This is just a beautiful, tragic love story between two people, thoroughly enjoyable, beautiful film.


Leaves you gasping for air. I watched this before it was nominated for the Oscar and was thrilled it won. A unique movie with a fabulous cast.

The Air I Breathe

wow, wow, wow. What a fantastic movie! It's like Pulp Fiction meets the Godfather. Amazing flick, loved cleverly made. Why didn't this do well in theatres?

Fried Green Tomatoes

One of my favourites. I love Jessica Tandy.


Too cute for words and Dr McDreamy's hair was exceptional. Amy whatsherface is cute as a button.


Really enjoyable, very beautiful and sad. I loved Meryl Streep curling up on the bed wtih Vanessa Redgrave...friends to the end. Lovely

No Country for Old Men

Amazing movie. I had to read a synopsis on IMDB to get the ending but it really makes total sense in hindsight. Watch it more than once, it's truly a masterpiece. A very clever movie and should win Best Picture this year.


So quirky, I loved this movie, very originial


Simply beautiful...and devastating