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Father (Father: Diary of One Week)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A boring, black-and-white foreign film about a young man who comes of age in postwar Hungary after the death of his father, who he idealizes and makes up stories about. It was a clock-watching drag of a film that, at 96 minutes, was about 76 minutes too long. Kept hoping Mike Myers would suddenly appear as Dieter and say "This film reaches down my pants and taunts me."

The Goddess
The Goddess (1958)
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Overdone performance by Kim Stanley detracts from an otherwise excellently crafted 50s-noir about a love-starved and self-destructive Hollywood starlet. The film was written by Paddy Chayefsky, and some of the monologues in the film are top-notch. Nice, albeit all-too-brief performances by Patty Duke (in her first big-screen appearance) and Steven Hill as Stanley's first husband.

Stone (2010)
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

The film has a lot to recommend it: solid characters, fine acting, good story. It is dragged down by direction: no sense of pacing and an unvarying grim and dark mood which combined to make viewing this film a sad and unpleasant experience. The sense of oppression and symbolism that pervades the film might have been excessive for my tastes, but there is also something very real about it. Whatever you take away from this film will depend upon what you bring to it both in terms of life experience and emotion. Some will love it, others hate it. That probably means it is generally a solid film, even though I wouldn't willingly sit through it a second time.

Inside Moves
Inside Moves (1982)
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Just okay. This little melodrama reminded me of "Good Will Hunting," but wasn't nearly as good of a film. It's one of only three films featuring Oscar-winner Harold Russell though, and that made it interesting to watch. William Wyler told Russell there weren't many parts in Hollywood for actors with no hands, but Russell definitely had talent, screen presence and charisma, even if he did lack hands. We should have been able to see more of him.

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang
12 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A wonderful drama that demonstrates why harsh justice and the "good old days" weren't all that good.