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Avengers: Infinity War
4 years ago via Flixster

The film hits the ground running by picking up the Marvel Cinematic Universe story about 20 minutes after Thor Ragnarok's post credits scene happened. It was pretty much a series of third act action set pieces one right after the other the entire film. Lots of weight, lots of emotion. If you've read the comics you might have a guess as to what is coming (in some sense) as there are plenty of things that they took directly from the 1991 Infinity Gauntlet series and also the more recent Hickman "Infinity" story but tweaked a bit to fit the characters from the MCU. For example, there is almost a direct cell by cell depiction of the beginning of the Infinity Gauntlet comic in the film but instead of Silver Surfer, it's Bruce Banner. The film was very well done and while there are sure to be some gripes from some folks that there wasn't enough screen time for some of the newly beloved characters (Black Panther, etc) but really this was a culmination of the entire MCU which started with Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America so it is only fitting that they get the most screen time.... As far as the newest characters go, the most involved with the story are probably Dr Strange and Spider-Man. This is not at all an issue with the film. The interactions these characters have are incredible and Peter Parker and Stephen Strange are impeccably written by Marcus & McFeeley. In total, actually, if you broke it down, the most screen time belongs to Thanos with Thor coming in 2nd. Thanos is brilliant and the Russos did a superb job in trying to create this generation's Darth Vader in terms of his singular focus and ruthless methods. Like Vader though (wanting to simply bring order to the galaxy), Thanos has a very believable motivation and one that he does not waver from no matter the personal cost to him (which is made clear in the film). Overall great. I really didn't think there would be anything in the MCU that was not only as action packed and entertaining but also a truly immaculate story as there was with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but Infinity War is it and goes above and beyond.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There were some things that were great about this film but just much more that were bad.
The direction they took Luke as an old mopey hermit that milked space cows on a daily basis. The humor they tried to inject missed so many times (opening scene). The completely useless storylines for Finn, Rose, and Poe. I can certainly understand not wanting to rehash Empire Strikes Back as there were complaints that Force Awakens was a rehash of A New Hope, but this was a miss. It seems as if once Disney got a hold of the property they intended on flushing all the old characters quickly and hastily so they could make way for "their" characters. I was incredibly excited to see this one as I was with Force Awakens. I love Star Wars but to be perfectly honest, I don't know if I'll see Episode 9 in theaters.

Justice League
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yet again studio meddling waters down a DC movie from having a much better score than it can have. While I still gave it a 4, it could have had more if the film was allowed to go over 2 hours and fleshed out a few of the heroes more as well as explained a little more of the motivation behind the villain.
Joss Whedon's edits (which were numerous and obvious) took away from the interaction between the characters and at times slid Wonder Woman into almost a romantic interest/T&A role for Bruce Wayne (something not there before the reshoots). Will be hopeful and excited for another ultimate edition release on bluray

Ghost in the Shell
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This film was very loyal to the source material. The visuals were amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if the effects and make up were nominated for some awards. The acting was decent. Scarlett Johnasson's performance was pretty mediocre. The movie and story really lacked any larger consequences and it really didn't suck me in at all. The movie (just as my score would indicate) was about as mediocre as you can get.

Logan (2017)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I don't give out 5 star ratings very often but when I do, it is for a reason. As far as comic book movies are concerned, I would put this film right up there with The Dark Knight as the two best comic book movies of all time. While the Marvel movies are excellent in their own right, they are amazing for flashy comic book movies. The Dark Knight (and now Logan) are not only great comic book movies but they are also just great films. Logan comes off as a violent family western road trip action chase film. That may seem like a lot, but that's what it is. The action is great, the acting from Jackman & Stewart is superb. Dafne Keen steals nearly every scene that she is in. The script is also packed full with emotion and effective plot beats.
Just as I would say with The Dark Knight, you don't have to be a comic book fan to enjoy Logan. I would recommend it to everyone.