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Malpertuis (2001)
4 years ago via Flixster

A sailor is taken to Malpertuis, a strange estate ruled by a sickly Cassavius (Orson Welles) from his bed; when Cassavius dies, the odd provisions of his will prod the bizarre residents into conflict. A collection of sometimes brilliant scenes that appears to be building to some kind of mystical revelation, but always pulls back just when things start to get interesting, and ends with a frustrating "dream inside a dream" climax. It was a flop that cut Harry Kumel's promising directorial career short; he claims that the problem was editorial butchering by United Artists, but the 120 minute director's cut is unsatisfying on its own.

The Dungeon of Harrow
5 years ago via Flixster

After a shipwreck an aristocrat washes up on a deserted island where a paranoid madman rules from his castle, sentencing all who oppose him to the title dungeon. It's well-meaning attempt to create an original story in the style of Edgar Allen Poe, but it's a failure nonetheless. With double the budget, some script doctoring to clean up the sloppy dialogue, Vincent Price as the villain, and a cople pots of coffee to wake the rest of the cast from their stupor, it could have made for an average movie.

Twice Told Tales
6 years ago via Flixster

Vincent Price in three Nathaniel Hawthorne stories: a doctor discovers the secret of youth (and more); a student falls in love with a girl who literally kills anything she touches; a cursed man tempts fate by trying to take back an ancestral treasure from a ghost. Interesting tales, though the first two are a bit stagey and more science fiction than horror.

Night Train to Terror
6 years ago via Flixster

While riding a doomed train carrying a teenage band shooting a music video (!), God and Satan debate the eternal fate of three individuals, whose stories we then watch. Rather than anthology shorts shot specifically for this movie, however, these are full-length horror features that have been edited with a hacksaw to fit into twenty-five minute segments; needless to say, the results are incoherent. Jaw-dropping in its badness; a must-see for fans of crap cinema, and an "I dare you to watch this" movie for others.

Picnic at Hanging Rock
7 years ago via Flixster

The unexplained 1900 Valentine's Day disappearance of four schoolgirls and a teacher affects the residents and neighbors of an all-girl college in Australia. This gauzy meditation on sexual repression and loss can have a hypnotic effect on those susceptible to its mysterious moods, while others find it an inconclusive bore. Both sides have an argument, but in general the good here outweighs the bland.