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The Story of the Kelly Gang

This is the only surviving 16 minutes of the once 70 minute Australian silent feature that is arguably the worlds first feature.

We are very fortunate that out of that 16 minutes the final show down with Kelly is still visible.

That pieces that are available are interesting & quite technically advanced for 1906. For historical importance it's a must see Australian Vintage.

Wonder Wheel
Wonder Wheel(2017)

Bring a fan of Woody Allen I can't help but look forward to his annual release but this time I couldn't help agreeing with the critics it's a bit of lemon.

Kate Winslet does well with a weak & messy script but it's just doesn't really go anyway in particular.

Great costumes & immaculate Cinematography & at times good dialogue but overall doesn't compel. Very cynical...been keen to see his next film with Selena Gomez in 2018.

The World of Apu

The final installment of the Apu Trilogy comes full circle with now Apu in his adult years. Recently graduated from college & a burning passion to write a novel.

However he finds himself lonely & longing for company & unintentionally finds himself married when his friend flees on his wife wedding day. Although not in love at first the couple fall in love quite quickly.

Sadly a tragedy strikes & Apu is truly unable to move on due to all the previous loss & grief & loses his mind. Arguably in this state he truly finds himself. A beautiful, sad & tender end to a trilogy of a human life.


The mid way 2nd installment in the Apu Trilogy that captures Apu's school years & his struggle to want to learn & prosper & the reality of his impoverished life.

The film captures his teen years & his first major experiences of heartbreak & loss with death in his family.

Although he is growing so too is he view on he world & the more he learns the more he wants to visit & see. Beautifully acted & such authentically true...a truly memorable mid way film.

Pather Panchali

The first of the Apu Trilogy that have been labeled some of the most incredible films of all time. Director Satyajit Ray went away from the escapism of Bollywood & captured the raw struggle & simplicity of Rural life in a Bengal Village.

The story is simple... the world through the eyes of the young boy Apu as he comes to grip with his reality & his family's lot in life & his beautiful & innocent naiveness.

Beautifully made & performances are exceptional since there aren't many professional actors. This film is just as much stirring as it is stunning to watch, a beautiful beginning to a powerful trilogy.

Only the Brave

Quite uncanny the release of this film & the horror of the fires in California at the moment, but nonetheless a terrific film of the dedication of Firefighters.

The did a poll of most respected & trusted professions in Australia & Paramedics & Firefighters where in the top 5! This film demonstrates why.

The story of local fire fighters who get the opportunity to be Hotshots & to tackle the big fires. However none of them are prepared for what's ahead. A powerful drama, well acted & based on a true story.

The Disaster Artist

A sensational new film from James Franco that has buzz around him being nominated for an Oscar for his immortal performance of one of Hollywood's most infamous Worst Actor Tommy Wiseau.

This film captures the funny but true story about The Room 2003 considered by many as the Citizen Kane of Bad Movies.

Performances are top notch & critics are raving. A terrific film that shows people can create work that bad it is bound to be a success.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

An equally interesting & confusing film that had my attention but gosh it wasn't easy watching...A very uneasy & uncomfortable film.

The story of a surgeon who develops a friendship with one of his failed patients Son which takes a strange turn.

Had a few holes but quite gripping & highly unusual. Quite graphic & intense in parts, will appeal to fans of the Greek Director but I doubt mainstream audiences...approach with caution, it's out there!

Take the Money and Run

Considered by many as Woody Allen's first true film although he had made two mediocre features prior to this.

The clever mockumentary style of a Virgil an incredible unlucky but likable criminal that keeps trying despite his lack of success.

Despite its amateur camerawork Woody's quirk & wit bounced off the screen. Bring a Woody fan this is a must.


As much as this film has a few laughs it's utterly ridiculous...plot barely makes sense.

A great showcase for Eddie Murphy's versatility as an actor.

Rather stupid & pointless will appeal to fans of White Chicks no doubt.

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

A clever & interesting British kids film based loosely on a series of kids books from the U.K. About an unusual Governess.

Emma Thompson is completely transformed as the hideous Nanny McPhee & is accompanied by terrific child cast.

Quite silly in my parts but overall comes together, another showcase of Kelly McDonald who is quite an underrated actress.

Tarzan the Ape Man

A true milestone for the Tarzan Film series not only the first All Sound Version of Tarzan but the first of Olympic Swimmer Johnny Weissmuller who won 5 Gold Medals ?? in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Not many actors in Hollywood today boast a history of Olympic Success but Johnny was no actor but didn't to be, it was his figure & locations that drew the crowds.

This film is fun, fluffy & pure escapism, although dated it's an interesting film. Supposedly the sequel to this is the best of 10-12 Tarzan film Johnny W made.

Michael Jordan to the Max

A frustratingly simple somewhat superficial film that probably runs a little too short to really examine Michael in depth.

Visually effective but lacks narrative depth & relies on more action shots.

He seemed like quite a humble man despite his incredible level of fame. An interesting film that could have had much more.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

The beautiful & poignant new film that captures the story behind one of the century's greatest stories for children Winnie the Pooh.

The film follows the story of AA Milne's return from WW1 & desperate attempt at creating a novel that captures that experience. However distracted by his son playing with his stuffed bear, tiger, pig & donkey a new type of story is born.

However Winnie the Pooh came at a price & that was the real Christopher Robin's childhood, he was exploited & his whole life was affected. A sad but beautiful film that lingers with you long after the credits


I couldn't resist to not open with this review without the following ...the new film Wonder is truly wonderful!!

A beautiful, sincere & heartfelt film about a young boy (Augie) who has a serious facial disfigurement who enrolls in middle school despite the fear of how he will be bullied.

Terrific performances by all especially the young actress who plays Via the sister August. It's simple, beautiful told & completely irresistible, a terrific family film for all.


It was a genuine treat to revisit this Disney Classic that will soon come to stage in Brisbane & is a fast & fun tale set in the Arabian Nights mythology.

Filled with action, terrific animation & music this film moves fast & throws you into it's world affectively.

The film is completely stolen by genie's performance by Robin Williams. Great songs & genuinely enjoyable Disney Classic.

Heartbreak Ridge

Clint Eastwood films are either en pointe or they just don't work & in my opinion this was a film that just failed to grip.

The story of disgruntled Marine Instructor back teaching recruits but largely out of date with modern soldiers & the way of life in the Marines Today.

Has some good scenes here or there but fails to grab you overall, I found myself regularly distracted & Un

Daddy's Home 2

The only word the immediately comes to mind with this film is doozy!! Such a disappointing follow up to the original in 2015.

Will Farrell by far is the standout in this rehashing of the gags of the first one.

No where near as funny & appealing & has a tacky ending that is just a chore to sit through. Go on Cheap Tuesday, if it's raining & you simply have nothing else better to do.

Winnie the Pooh

A beautiful modern re-telling of the Winnie the Pooh that don't fall under the spell of senseless gags & cheap tricks.

Although digitally animated it effortlessly captures the beauty of artistry of the original Pooh World. All the characters are true on screen.

Unlike The Many Adventures of Pooh 1977 this time round it's one narrative & charmingly put together with much love.

Jalsaghar (The Music Room)

A sensational Indian film from master Satyajit Ray depicting the life of rich land owner who wealth is crumbling away alongside his family & status.

His dearest possession is his Music Room which hosts the most important guests & music.

As he frantically tries to keep his life together like sand it falls through his fingers. Although not a laugh a minute this is a stunning film & incredible study of the fall of a man from grace.

Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home(2015)

A far cry from a timeless comedy but despite its many flaws I did find myself chuckling from time to time.

Will Farrell is perfectly cast as an overbearing dad & there some quite funny gags especially the motor bike one ??.

Loses its way at times but is a genuine Crowd pleaser & you got to watch it for what it is popcorn entertainment.

Escape from Galaxy 3

An atrociously bad Italian Sci-fi /Softcore blunder that has to be seen to be believed. I was fortunate enough to see this colossal mess with two comedians doing commentary.

The plot doesn't really make sense & sexuality is forced down the throat of this film.

Horrible acting but somewhat fun since it is quite laughable. Watch with an audience since it's hard to make lemonade from this lemon.

Murder On The Orient Express

A visually sumptuous & slick remake of the Agatha Christie hit mystery Murder on the Orient Express.

Definitely more accessible to modern audience as apposed to the 1974 Sidney Lumet version.

I feel the climax & ending of the mystery quite unsatisfying but you be the judge. Lively & stunning to look it but ultimately leaves you wanting more.

Berlin Alexanderplatz

This film is truly a juggernaut with a screen time of 15+ hours..I attempted this beast over three days at our local Cinematheque.

The story of prisoner Franz who is released from prison in the late 1920's vowing to stay clean & on the right track.

The underworld slowly brings him down & his mind & body begins to break down. Long & exhausting but interesting & gripping all in one....make sure you have comfy couch it's a long one...


I must firstly get this off my chest, Hand Held Camera Work is fine for certain sequences that require it but the whole film doesn't not need it.

The story of a group of black males caught in a hotel during a Detroit Hotel that lead to drastic & disastrous results.

Was an interesting film but not the caliber that Kathryn Bigelow could bring to the table. A little bit pedestrian nothing extraordinary.

I'm Not Ashamed

A film that made on shoestring had great elements but could have been something much more impacting.

A powerful story of a young Christian girl & her dedication to her faith & her struggle with her school culture & strong feeling of terror coming to her world.

I personally have a real heart for this story & it could have been quite extraordinary. Many elements of her life where skimmed over & the back story of the tormented killers Eric & Dylan was non existent.

Angst Essen Seele auf (Ali: Fear Eats the Soul)

A moving & ground breaking German Film directed by German Wild Child Rainer Weiner Fassbinder who worked hard & partied harder.

The story of a middle aged German Woman who falls in love with a Moroccan Migrant Worker despite intense social disapproval & gossip.

Beautifully made & heart achingly true, filled with performances & such an sincerity. A must see of Fassbinder's films.

Smokey and the Bandit

An unashamedly popcorn film that was made fun & laughs. The story of a two jobless blokes who decide to pick up illegal liquor from the other side of America under a crazy tight time schedule that forces them to speed.

One drives the truck the other a sports car & quite quickly gain police attention & runaway bride (Sally Field).

Fun, fast & made for laughs, this is easy watching & really brought the world's attention to Burt Reynolds & Sally Field.

Thor: Ragnarok

Now I am aware these movies are made for entertainment but they are so, so overrated. This got the same rating from critics as Forest Gump & Schindler's List & to any Film Loved that's alarming.

Take away the humor (If you call it that) & CGU you truly have a shell of a film...no density what so ever.

It's a shame Hollywood throws so much money at this junk...go if you liked all the others :)


Thankfully been released on Home Video recently this largely unseen Gloria Swanson vehicle was showy & fun.

Gloria Swanson was truly electric on screen & this film clearly demonstrated why she was the star she was.

Also staring HB Warner it's a romantic melodrama that's an interesting watch especially for Silent Film enthusiasts.

Footlight Parade

One of the last Busby Berkeley Musicals he did for Warner Brothers & was in many regards well made but dragged quite a bit.

The story of entertainer nearly kicked out of Show business due to talking pictures so he forms a new trade.

Occasionally humorous largely pedestrian except the final pool number which was that elaborate & overwhelming it made up for the film's shortcomings throughout.


People beware this isn't really a comedy it's a jet black drama with humorous elements & I'll warn you from the start it's quite dark!

I went into this with low expectations & was surprised how gripping the story was despite its unusual nature.

George Clooney is a terrific filmmaker & sadly I think this film has been largely misunderstood all round. Quirky, dark & engaging...if you want to try something different experience this film!!

Phenomena (Creepers)

One of the early leading roles of Jennifer Connelly who went on to become one of Hollywood em Kay talented & beautiful actress.

A strange & unusual story of a young girl attending a Swiss Boarding School that has a unique ability to communicate intimately with insects.

Take away bad acting & strangely not needed random metal songs & it had some interesting qualities.

Directed by Dario Argentino it's a interesting film but has a lot of holes. Approach with caution...

House (Hausu)

This is a film that has to be seen to be believed!! One of the most bizarre, fascinating & flatout wacky films I have ever seen!!

The story of a group of Japanese Teens that stay at one of their aunties home that is not what it seems.

Quickly they identify their Aunty is what she seems & the house haunted. The imagery & imagination of this film is hard to put in words. Released in Japan in 1977 but not in the USA/Europe till DVD in 2009 & now become a cult hit!!

After Porn Ends

A first a clever premise but sadly this documentary went no where fast.

Largely interviews with Ex Stars & their pursuit of normalcy despite the industry & all its vices.

Many of the interviews just simply meandered off & it all felt a little pointless. Could have been much more but wasn't!

The Fall of the House of Usher

A visual tour de force that literally transports you to this strange & bizarre effortlessly.

The story of a stranger castle owner who's sick wife seems to get sicker & sicker as he paints a haunting portrait of her.

Filled with mystery & unusual visuals this was considered one of a kind film in its day & really showcased the tremendous talent of director Jean Epstein.

The Conjuring

The much talked about Supernatural Horror film directed by James Wan who introduced the world to Saw.

Although the subject matter is quite disturbing this is a sensationally well made horror that is genuinely terrifying. Don't watch alone with the lights off ??

The story of a loving family who move into an unsettling house & begin to know they are not alone. They seek support from Demonologist Couple & that when things start to get out of hand.

Dial M for Murder

An often overlooked & underrated thriller from the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. The simple but effective story of a man planning perfectly how to kill his wife but a few things arise not to plan.

Released also in 3D in its day was a big sensation especially for fans of Grace Kelly.

Hitchcock just takes this world largely set in a living room to such a dimension. It's gripping & hair raising film...a must see classic...recently released on 3D Blu Ray.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

One of the last major productions of MGM that although has quite the reputation is quite a bit of a blunder.

The story of Dr. Phibes obsessed with the negligence of doctors regarding his wife's death so he decides to avenge her but murdering them all.

A very confusing & convoluted film it's hard to really get in to. Great costumes & set decoration to its merit.

Army of Darkness

Straight out of a comic book & on to the screen is the feel you get with this film...fun, corny but strangely likable.

The story of a Joe Blow who is accidentally transported to England in 1300 & upsets the order & the awakens the undead.

Wildly over the top but at all times fun, quite interesting to see Elizabeth Davitz (Miss Honey from Matilda 1996) a phenomenal actress play this role anyone could do. Loud & proud you just need to go with it!!


An unusually dark film that although Spielberg didn't specifically direct had a huge input in.

The story of a typical Californian family that are taken back by some strange occurrences firstly identified by their youngest daughter.

She then mysteriously is transported to another world & the family frantically try to find out what happened. Builds to quite a unsettling third act...not typical Spielberg quite interesting.

The Slumber Party Massacre

With a title such as this you can't expect much classy filmmaking but it is fun, entertaining & trashy none the less.

A serial killer happens to hear the plan of teens having a slumber party which he plans to gatecrash with murder on his mind.

Ridiculous acting & situations you just got to go with it & have fun, encouraging to see the film was directed by a female. Often horror is a man's game but not this time.


The final masterpiece of French Screen Comedian Jacques Tati, easily his largest film building a whole city community in a rural part out of Paris.

Jacques Tati comedy is unlike any others subtle, simple & a complete satire on everyday life.

Sadly this film minimal box office bankrupt Tati & it's a shame since this is such an invent & innovative film.

Soylent Green

A later Charlton Heston Sci Fi that captures life & struggle for humanity in the 2020's set in NYC with a population of 60,000,000.

Heston & Edward G. Robinson in his last film role are terrific & this film has a strong message on over population & how relevant that is today.

Famed for a terrific twist ending this is an innovative thriller with sensational concepts.

The Foreigner

A terrific return to cinema from director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale 2006) & the master Jackie Chan.

A terrific & fast moving film about a man determined to find who was behind a London terroist attack that took his only daughters life.

Jackie Chan is no giggles in this one, this is a tense & strong film that is genuinely engaging. One of the better action films of the year crafted around a terrific & emotional story.

Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands (Fassbinder: at elske uden at kræve)

Fassbinder truly is a name in cinema weather you like his body of work or not...a really driving force in the New German Cinema.

The film focuses on key productions & his rapid fire approach to production both on stage & in the film format.

This film presents how daring & audacious he was & has propelled me to look deeper into his works..a must see for those wanting to delve into his cinematic world.

Blood Hook
Blood Hook(1987)

A horrendously bad but curious no name horror that has found its way to Troma DVD despite its clear VHS State.

The story of a group of 'hip' teens attending a town having an annual fishing contest. Strangely people begin to start disappearing & near water.

You find out quickly people are being murdered with a fish hook. The acting is as bad as the premise of the film...truly outrageous..great for a laugh.

C.H.U.D. (Chud)

A well talked about horror/cult classic that featured both Daniel Stern & John Heard from the Home Alone series.

A ridiculous story of C.H.U.D (Cannibalastic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) that begin to terrorize NYC.

A lot of tension is built by what you don't see, made on a minimal budget the film is still effective, sadly the ending is very anti climatic.

Deadly Prey
Deadly Prey(1987)

The first entry in our Bad Movie Marathon last Saturday that is delightfully entertaining & Bad at the same time.

A ridiculous story of a millionaire recruiting mercenaries & they kidnap a local who was one of Vietnam's greatest soldier.

Filled with some god awful acting & cheesy one liners despite its flaws it's very fun. Watch with a crowd it'll add to the atmosphere.

The Snowman
The Snowman(2017)

Despite the critics slaughter of the film I tried to go in as opened minded as possible but it truly is a mess.

The story of a serial killer that has strange pattern of leaving a Snowman after his evil deed.

The failure of the film lies in its messy script & confusing pace. The film has too many holes, a mishap thriller...approach with caution.

The Dark Crystal

I would be willing to bet big money that this film came from Jim Henson's & Frank Oz's desire to do a more darker, less regimented work with puppetry & break away from Sesame St/Muppets scene.

A very odd & creepy fantasy film about a fantasy world in chaos since the Dark Crystal is a held by a vicious & vile race & the most unlikely heroes rise to the challenge to obtain the crystal.

Some of the creepiest puppets ever put to the screen & be surprising if kids got into it, I assume the Dungeons & Dragons crew would get right into this. Quite an unusual film indeed.

The Mountain Between Us

Boasting a terrific cast with the likes of the Kate Winslet & Idris Elba I thought this should be sensational. I'm learning with Hollywood at the moment they may have mastered previews but the films themselves are a different thing.

This film is entertaining but rather uneven & their romance to be honest is awkward. Very unsure if it's an action/adventure or romance...quite an uncertain film.

The final third is very different & im not entirely convincing. I'm not too sure of this film something was missing.

The Amphibian Man (Chelovek-Amfibiya)

An unusually high spirited Russian Film that is a unique blend of a Romantic Fairytale & Science Fiction.

The story of an amphibian creature that is the obsession of local fisherman who is equally obsessed with the village beauty.

As this unique story progresses we find the creature is quite human. A fascinating & unusual film that stays with you...

Dirkie (Lost in the Desert) (Adventure in the Red Desert)

To all my South African friends this is a fascinating & underrated classic made in both Afrikaans & English.

A simple but stirring story about a young boy & his uncle flying over SA's driest desert & unexpectedly crash leaving just the boy & his dog to survive the arduous terrain.

Surprisingly gripping & heartfelt..I have no doubt with a larger budget, tighter acting this is a remake that could big Box Office potential. A true gem & a must see SA Film.

Blade Runner 2049

The sequel that was truly decades in the making, Blade Runner 2049 set exactly 30 years in the future from the original.

Shot beautifully with one of the most terrific & memorable scores in years. Quite slow but has quite a few terrific scenes especially the memory maker & the sinking vehicle.

Ryan Gosling is terrific & although a tad long this is a cinematic experience. Failed to impact me like the original but worth a watch for sure.

Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

It was had to resist re-visiting this film upon the release of the sequel this week. A groundbreaking film from 1982 & although slow an engaging story about a Blade Runner chasing down the last few androids on earth.

Set in Los Angeles in 2019 the visual style & atmosphere is second to none, it's truly an absorbing world.

Things get get much more complicated when detective Deckerd (Harrison Ford) falls for stunning android Rachel. A unique film that makes you really think about what your watching & what it actually means.

The Lego Ninjago Movie

I know this is predominately for children, but even still it was completely nauseating & sad to think it had a budget of like 25-50 million & to think of the great films that got skipped over to make this.

Not really funny, trivial plot & ultimately a complete waste of time.

Good animation if you like Lego...such a far cry from the fun & originality of the Lego Movie from 2014. If you go with ur kids bring an E-Book!


A must see for Horror Fans an electric & absorbing Horror about a young girl who is the understudy of an opera who finds herself in the lead.

After her first performance she is tied up after the show and forced (he eyes forced open with metal spikes attached to her brows) to witness a murder.

The killer continues his spree but only does it when the young girl is present. Gory & wild this film isn't for the faint hearted. Quite a rare film with only a few copies available worldwide.

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

A fair film critic should be open to all type of cinema & willing to give a movie a go despite how bad it looks...this is one of those films.

A lubricous plot of two black FBI agents who pose as White Chicks to bust a criminal scheme in the rich & elite in the Hamptons Beach.

Terry Crews steals the show as the zealous lover of one of the White Chicks. Low Brow & completely silly, this film was that bad you couldn't stop watching.

Battle of the Sexes

A slick & stylish comedy/drama that captured the tension & popularity of Female Tennis Champion Billie Jean King & Ex Male Champ Bobby Riggs famous Battle of the Sexes tennis match.

With great style & costuming this film effortlessly takes you back to the 1970's. The film highlights not only Billie's expectation to win but the sexist climate she is up against.

Also heavy handily comments on Same Sex Relationships as well as Gender. Emma Stone was great giving a restrained performance. Looked great & thoroughly engaging film.

Zombie (Zombi 2)

The completely unrelated sequel to Night of the Living Dead that features much bad acting & more gore & Zombies.

Frankly a ridiculous story of an unmanned boat that appears in the harbor of NYC & note is left in the boat explaining of a terrible curse on a nearby island overseas.

Filled with some funny & somewhat clever kills but it's the final showdown with the zombies you hold out for...fun, gory & sadly the 35mm is extremely red & faded I would advise the Home Video versions.


A wild ride Italian Horror that I was fortunate enough to see on the Big Screen with the original progressive rock band from Italy playing the score live!

The story of a young girl from NYC joining a prestigious European Ballet School where she quickly identifies nothing is as it seems.

The best way to describe this film is like a candied nightmare with some amazing visuals & striking murders. Not for the faint hearted but this film is wild experience, a must see for horror fans!!

Victoria & Abdul

A film that was meet with divided opinions & the general consensus was the film was quite ordinary, however I went in opened minded & quite impressed.

The story of unlikely & controversial friendship between Queen Victoria & Indian Clerk Abdul Kahim.

The strength of the film is Judi Dench's Stella performance & their friendship was very pure. It also highlighted the politics of the Royal Advisors & ultimately is a surprisingly nice & engaging film.


The new re-imaging of Stephen King's IT that in my opinion improves dramatically as compared to the 1990 Miniseries with Tim Curry as Pennywise.

The film is quite tense & thrilling but owes a lot to Netflix's Stranger Things in regards to style & dialogue.

Bill Skaasgard is utterly sensational as the twisted clown Pennywise. This film is genuinely scaring & entertaining at the same time..very keen to see chapter 2 in the next few years.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

One of the most visually arresting animated films from Studio Ghibli that is based on one of Japan's oldest folklores.

The story begins with a young princess that is born miraculously through a bamboo tree & grows up naturally with other children, adventure, fun & nature.

When she becomes of age she then is forced into royalty & organized marriage. This is a beautiful & lyrical portrayal of strong young woman & I highly recommend for 12-13 girls & parents alike.

Kill, Baby, Kill (Operazione paura) (Curse of the Living Dead) (Don't Walk in the Park)

A chilling & atmospheric horror that focuses on two professionals who travel to a remote town that seriously has an unusual presence.

One they starting digging they find there was a brutal death of a young girl & they believe her ghost returns to the kill those in the village.

Quite patchy in parts & the English Dubbing may affect the original experience. Definitely creepy but could have been told better.

Blood and Black Lace (Sei donne per l'assassino)

Another entry in the infamous Giallo Horror films that follows the strange murders of a famous Italian Fashion Designer Models.

The police baffled try to identify the killer as quickly as possible but I feel the film gives away way to many clues to early in the piece.

Has some graphic & entertaining murders, especially one model who is memorably murdered by her face pressed on a flaming iron bell.

The Secret World of Arrietty

A beautiful, soft & soulful film that is a based on the story of the Borrowers by Mary Shelley.

This time it's country side Japan & a terrific story of a young man struggling with his health.

Not a major eventful film the strength of it relies in its simplicity & gentle approach. A nice film that captures the interesting story of this little people.

My Neighbors the Yamadas

A clever & contemporary animated film that highlights a typical Japanese family doing Day to Day to life that was based on a comic strip.

Quite clever & insightful but coins easily be achieved in 60-70 minute duration as apposed to 105 mins.

This film has great characterizations & unique hand drawn animated look. Would have been much better at a shorter length

Gedo senki (Tales from Earthsea)

A mythical film set in ancient land from Goro Miyazaki son of Hayao. A little bit weaker than his father's work but as individual is ok.

The story of a wizard befriending a young warrior who is drawn to this mysterious girl with unique ability.

A little bit uneven & patchy in parts but terrifically animated. This is a fantastic sequence at the end with a dragon that's quite memorable.


A simple & unique re-telling of the famous Little Mermaid Story with some of the most breath taking animation of water.

The story of a courageous tadpole/fish that takes the risk heads to the shore & develops an unlikely friendship with a young boy who lives on the cliff by the sea.

The is a beautiful message wrapped around the ocean & the innocence & dreamscapes of children. A wonderful film & beautifully made.

Deep Red (Profondo rosso)

A tense & edgy thriller from Italian Horror Master Dario Argento & a typical in the Giallo Horror Style. Giallo (Yellow in Italian) are horrors based on Trashy Novels in Italian Chemists & Newsagents with yellow book spines.

The story of a musician who witnessed a famous physic/medium murdered one night while walking home in Rome.

The murder takes control of his thoughts since he vaguely sees the killer. He then teams up with sassy journalist who unravel the sinister story of the killer. Very stylish, violent & intriguing.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

To say this film is interesting is truly an understatement, a wild, chaotic & drug induced dream of a film.

The story of a small All girl band that venture to Los Angeles to make it big but find Sex, Drugs & the occasional Rock n Roll.

Filled to the brim with nudity & drugs it truly is a vehicle of its era. Ending is quite intense but has all retained a Cult Status.

Castle in the Sky

An earlier entry from master animator Hayao Miyazaki that captures the wonder & adventure of two children in search for a castle & civilization in the sky..

No human has ever been able to reach Laputa (Castle in the Sky) but the girl carries an item & heritage that can get them there.

Filled with mystery & terrific animation, it truly is an exceptional film. An engrossing picture that is a delight for children & adults alike.


An easy watching family drama about a man on the fridges of society with a genius daughter who isn't fitting in her public school classes.

The acting is solid especially the young girl but the film does fail to go anywhere noteworthy.

I found it a little bland & all to familiar, may appeal more to those who like family films.

My Neighbor Totoro

A truly magical & whimsical film focused on children but no doubt with catch the wonder of adults alike.

The story of two girls who move with their father to outside Tokyo in rural Japan & quickly spark a friendship with Totoro (A mythical creature that I believe was the inspiration for the Pokémon Snorlax) in a nearby forest.

This film is just wonderful, the animation, the playful mood & just the fun & excitement of being a kid. A truly beautiful & memorable film & must see of Studio Ghibli.

Ocean Waves (Umi ga kikoeru)

A nice & simple high school/college drama about a two young friends who's lives are turned around after a new girl comes to High School & challenges their friendship.

The interest for me lied in the cultural aspects of the film & how the Japanese style of dating & relationships as apposed to the Western Style.

A very contemporary film for Studio Ghibli & I believe one of the only films made for TV Audiences. Nice, subtle but a little bit to slight to be remembered for years to come.

Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

A stirring & moving mythical story of a young soldier determined to bring the forest & manhood into peace & unity.

Filled with more graphic images than usual for a Hayao Miyazaki film this film has some incredible images especially the sprites.

Has a strong ecological method as relevant in 1997 as it is as today. A great film with a strong story...a true animated classic.

The Monster from Green Hell

A disastrously bad 1950's B Grade Movie about gigantic wasps that have taken over the Green Hell Forest in Africa.

The film starts well but really trails off fast, with much use of stock African Landscape Footage.

Acting is ridiculous & so is the plot, however the giant wasps are a great laugh. I warn you it's bad this one!

The Cat Returns

A charming quaint animated piece that will whisk Cat Lovers away in quite a simple but effective story.

The story of young disconnected teen who saves a cat from being run over by a truck & later that evening is told her reward is that she can marry the Cat Prince.

The animation is second to none & it's a nice simple story. One of the better Non-Hayao Miyazaki film from Studio Ghibli.

Only Yesterday

A slow but nonetheless tender drama that is arguably one of the most mature & sophisticated Studio Ghibli films to date.

The story of woman heading to the country & reflecting on her life thus far. This is achieved via flashbacks & memories.

Lovely subtle animation this film just failed to grip me overall. I think I struggled so much since it is heavily stepped in traditional Japanese culture. May appeal more so to Eastern Audiences.

Pom Poko (Heisei tanuki gassen pompoko)

One of the first non Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli I have seen on the big screen & unfortunately I was a little disappointed.

The story of Shape Shifting raccoons that are desperate to stop the major Urban Developing just out of Tokyo.

The film struggles with its overlong duration & quite wacky humor. No surprise it was quite a hit on Japanese shores but I found it very hard to get into...clever animation though.

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

A fascinating look into the life of Jane Jacobs a New York woman who was brave & committed enough to take on the Building Moguls & Planners of NYC.

Her argument was simple but effective cities should be made for people not productivity. She fought so hard in clearly a man's era.

She halted the production of developments that if went ahead would destroy the DNA of NYC. Truly a testament that one can make a difference, a stirring & sensational documentary.

The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg(Old Heidelberg)(The Student Prince)

A wonderful & whimsical romance about a young prince who goes to study in Heidelberg & falls in love with a care free Barmaid.

As you can imagine this causes a stir & his royal duties truly get in the way. This is a very charming romance & both leads work so well together. It helped that the lead actress was dating the head of the studio.

The final act of the film is somewhat surprising & not your typical Hollywood ending. A nice classic romance...

In This Corner of the World (Kono sekai no katasumi ni)

A soft & delicate drama about a young woman coming of age in the darkest hours of Japan during World War II.

Beautifully made this film does struggle in my opinion with pace...quite slow.

May be appeal more to Arthouse audiences I found the film a little long & slow.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Definitely an uneven film rushing to famous literary stories in a brief 60 mins. Focuses on two classic Ichabod Crane & the Wind in the Willows.

Animation is good for late 1940's but the whole project suffers from its rushed feel.

Part of the largely unknown period of Walt Disney between Bambi 1942 & Cinderella 1950. He made a few films but most go unrecognized.

The Lost City of Z

Sadly someone made a decision that this isn't a film QLD isn't interested in & they pulled distribution. It's a shame since it's quite an interesting & engaging film.

The story of Percy Fawcett an Ex-British Military man who was given a task to survey the amazon. Whilst there he begins to see signs of a hidden city.

The film is well acted, very interesting & such a shame cinemas didn't go for it. Ending is a little anti climatic but that adds to the mystery. A terrific film & story of Modern History.

The Rescuers
The Rescuers(1977)

The lesser known & celebrated Disney Animated classic from the mid 70's...the story of two dedicated mice & their passion for adventure.

Two mice from the rescue society pursue a mad women who is bent on a diamond only a little orphan girl knows.

One of the last Disney films in the more traditional style of animation... not as impacting as early films but entertaining none the less.

American Made

The type of story you could only expect from America...the somewhat true story of Barry Seal (TWA Pilot turned drug smuggler & FBI Informant).

Undeniably entertaining & doesn't let truth get in the way of a great yarn. Tom Cruise is solid as Barry Seal & it's unbelievable how far he lasted without getting killed.

Directed by Doug Liaman who directed Edge of Tomorrow 2014 with Cruise & Emily Blunt. This is nothing extraordinary but simply put 'a lot of fun'

The Bellboy
The Bellboy(1960)

In commemoration of Jerry Lewis' sad loss this year I thought it fitting to re-visit the film he mad as a director.

Definitely not the typical Lewis' film in which played himself & a Bellboy. More a vehicle for his humor & sight gags.

He really was the early 'Jim Carey' with an incredible ability to be such a physical comedian. Shame he has left us but we still have a legacy of his films.

The Square
The Square(2017)

The winner of the 2017 coveted Palm' Dor at Cannes & this film is truly an unique & bizarre cinematic journey about an artistic curator following the days up to his latest exhibit The Square.

The film admittedly confusing at time covers more of Christian's (Curator's) life behind the scenes & the strange comedy of errors occurring around him.

More of a vehicle for comments on contemporary issues like media, artistic vision & homelessness in Europe. Strikingly made & no doubt the wild animal at dinner scene will etch into your memory. A unusual Swedish masterpiece!

Death Race 2000

No doubt when initially proposed to Roger Corman on paper this seemed like a terrific concept, but when put to film not so much.

Set in the near future the world watches on for Deathrace an interstate race that encourages you to kill as many as possible.

Started well & showed promise but really got lost half way through & struggled to make sense. It's hard to believe Stallone went from this corny role to Rocky in a space of twelve months.

Loving Vincent

For anyone who is an artist or an inspiring artist this is a must see film. Put together by 100 individual artists who hand painted (In Van Gogh Fashion) every sequence in the film.

The story of a young journalist obsessed with finding what really happened to Van Gogh...Murder or Suicide?

The film doesn't move a mile a minute but boasts some of the most awe inspiring animation I have ever seen. Van Gogh was a troubled genius but this film focuses on those around him & his influence & legacy.

Logan Lucky
Logan Lucky(2017)

A fun & quirky action comedy from Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11 2001) the story of likable Redneck Brothers who plan an elaborate heist of NASCAR Championship.

All the characters have a charm & wit about them & although I find it difficult to believe this could be true it's wildly entertaining to see them pull it off.

Daniel Craig is electric as Joe-Bang & this film starts a little slow but once it finds it's gear it's terrific.

Running Wild
Running Wild(1927)

A clever & snappy Family Comedy staring WC Fields as a father that needs to stand up for himself at home & his work environment.

Accidentally stumbling into a Hypnotist Show he becomes hypnotized & believes he is a lion & starts standing up for himself & then some.

A fun easy going comedy from Paramount that is light achievement but quite entertaining & has a nice pace.


A nice but non impacting Rom Com staring Diane Keaton & Brendan Gleason about an unlikely relationship between Keaton & Glesson.

Although extremely easy to watch & breezy it just didn't have anything about it that was memorable.

May appeal to general mainstream audiences but it's bland nature is what I struggled with. Has some nice moments of comedy & nice English locations.


A beautiful & tender film about a shy/soft spoken woman struggling with her unique physical make up who becomes a housekeeper for a grumpy fisherman loner.

Despite the difficult environment she begins to paint & find beauty in her world. Eventually a few of her paintings are taken notice of & her life becomes much talked about.

The strength of the film lies in the heart of this extraordinary woman & her persistence to see beauty despite many things in her life contradicting that. A stunning film that is truly so moving & a must see...

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

A completely irresistible satire of all things Sci Fi especially Star Trek. The story of a hit tv Show Galaxy Quest that actually find themselves in space & peril.

Terrific performances all round specifically Alan Rickman as they frustrated underwhelming actor of a tacky series.

Sets up the story so well & takes some funny stabs at the Sci Fi world ... a fun & entertaining film.

Annabelle: Creation

The story of a typical family who looses their daughter in a freak accident & the parents fall into grief & summon their daughter back at a terrible price.

12 years on a girl's orphanage resides in the large home & the spirit resurfaces & attacks a vulnerable girl.

Supposedly linked to the Conjuring films but I'm not sure of the connection. The film sets itself up well but falls apart quickly...has quite a few holes.

Yankee Zulu
Yankee Zulu(1993)

To all my South African friends you may appreciate & understand this film...so please fill me in...the story of white & black South African boys who are divided by a significant event in their childhood.

20 years later they reconnect & unintentionally foil the plans of extreme racist group & go on the run.

Filled with odd & unusual humor...largely slapstick this may appeal to the nation than worldwide. Features some terrific sequences of South African Animals & landscapes.

The Cocoanuts

The first feature from the Marx Brothers that suffers drastically from weak direction & stagy numbers.

The plot of Florida Lamdowners is backseat to comics gags & overlong musical numbers.

Had a few cute moments but no means the quality of the later films. Rather weak & bland unfortunately.

They Live
They Live(1988)

To put your finger on this film is no easy task, a bizarre action/horror that is also a social comment.

The story of a drifter who obtains glasses that allow him to see alien forces.

Quite an interesting but strange film that has an odd charm about it. Definitely not a play it safe film for John Carpenter.

Wind River
Wind River(2017)

A masterful drama/thriller directed by Taylor Sheridan who wrote Sicario 2015 & was the sheriff in Sons of Anarchy.

The story of a young teenage girl who is found in the wilderness frozen & clearly a victim of rape.

The film follows the journey of rookie FBI Agent played by Elizabeth Olsen & local Hunter player by Jeremy Renner. Shot beautifully with genuine tension...the film leaves us with a startling reality: there is no official record of missing Native American women!

The Children's Hour

No doubt one of Audrey Hepburn's most underrated roles & showcased her incredible talent for drama.

The story of two women who run a girls school who are accused of being lesbian by one of the most troublesome students.

This naturally becomes a major issue & destroy their professional career & reputation. Incredible acting from Hepburn & Shirley MacLaine...a film simply ahead of its years.


A crazy, zany but entertaining film about the Thor major hit monster from Toho Studios after the success of Godzilla & Rodan.

Visual effects are poor at best but you can't help but laugh at the film. No doubt would be a hit for child audiences.

Fun & carefree it's amazing to think there is like 25 Godzilla films in existence. Approach with an open mind remember it is a giant moth!!!

The Big Sick
The Big Sick(2017)

One of the funniest & charming Rom Com's to come out of Hollywood in years, an upbeat but stirring film about a Pakistan Stand Up Comedian & his new New York Girlfriend.

The impact lies in the terrific blend of honest humor & genuine heartfelt emotion. Terrific performances this is a must see film.

Had me laughing many times & had me emotionally also...fresh, funny & relevant this film is terrific!!!

My Best Fiend (Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski)

An engaging documentary about cinema's most intriguing love & hate relationship the friendship & collaboration of Werner Herzog (Internationally acclaimed German Director & Documentarian) & Klaus Kinski (Powerhouse German Theatre & Screen Actor).

They made 6-7 films together but both made such an imprint on Arthouse & Commercial Cinema. Kinski famous for a 48 hour rant destroyed a whole bathroom was electrifying on screen.

Captures there cataclysmic fights & the end material which was extraordinary. A must see doco on the infamous pair.

Atomic Blonde

The new action vehicle for multi talented actress Charlize Thereon, the story of a double spy in the heart of Berlin during the deconstruction of the wall in the late 1980's.

Surrounded by an awesome soundtrack & great 80's influenced visuals. This is terridicky constructed.

Take away the above though & you don't have much more. Story wise all to familiar & holes where just filled with violence.

La Glace à trois faces (The Three-Sided Mirror)

Film Students struggling to achieve a story & impact in a short time need to see this film. The story of three very different women who fall for a charming French Businessman who lacks no wealth but integrity.

He abandons the women & decides to zoom around French Seasides in his new Sportscar & while driving he is attacked by a bird & crashes suddenly & dies on impact.

The follows the response of the three women & this film just achieves so much in 38-45 mins. Directed by the master of Early French Cinema Jean Epstein who created the Avant Garde Movement...a must see for cinema lovers.

A Monster Calls

Although considered by many as a kid's film this is a rich & complex study of young boy coming to grips with his mother's terminal illness & the dream world where a tree communicates his needs.

Visually unforgettable & put together with such craft & finesse this is an extraordinary film...truly beautiful.

The final act is incredibly moving & the dream world & real collide so marvelously, I was tremendously moved by the film & recommend for kids that are too old to be kids & too young to be adults.

The Trip
The Trip(2011)

A film that naturally developed from the hit BBC show that has appeal but seriously how many impersonations to these actors need to do?

I love the premise of the satire of High Life & the dialogue in many parts in glistening but it did get a bit to familiar to quickly.

Great chemistry between the leads & idilic scenery of the Northern English Country side but it didn't grip me, open to experience the sequels.

Where the Green Ants Dream (Wo die Grünen Ameisen Träumen)

This little film completely caught me off guard thinking it was a documentary but ultimately a low key drama filmed all in rural South Australia.

The story of a mining companies struggle to move forward with the indigenous community due to their fierce love of the land to be mined.

All through rather low key & acting excluding the indigenous was a bit so so. It's an interesting sleeper of a film & great to see if you are a fan of the infamous Werner Herzog.

Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

A warm & uplifting documentary of a group of men that hunt & spend their winters in some of the coldest locations man can tolerate & survive in -50-60 in Siberia.

The film in a carefree manner captures the genius & eccentricity of the men & how incredible their talent & practical skills are.

As the title suggests they are clearly Happy Individuals that live unique but rich lives in the harsh wilderness.

A Ghost Story

A very clever concept unfortunately not executed at its best. The story of young couple who move into a nice home to settle down & tragically the husband dies & becomes a ghost.

It's interesting to see this man watch the rest of his life pan out without him physically present.

Suffers from a severely slow pace & but has some terrific scenes & does make you ponder on death.

Shadow of a Doubt

Considered by Alfred Hitchcock himself as his most favorite film & upon revisiting this gem after a good decade it's undeniably terrific.

The story of a typical teenage girl Charlie who is bored with life & wants to connect with her Uncle Charlie who makes his way to her town.

At first Charlie is loving his company but slowly but surely his character begins to show & she unravels a horrific past identity. True in Hitchcock fashion visually stunning, a must see Early American Hitch.


Now before I share the elements I struggled with in this film I must stress it's quite an extraordinary that demands multiple screenings to grasp it.

My largest set back was thinking there is a large battle they are escaping from however this is purely about the escape not the battle so to speak.

Filled with genuine tension & the power of the pursuit of survival. It has terrific elements & scenes but is not a typical War Film, approach with caution it'll catch up you off guard.

The Geisha Boy

Jerry Lewis films are truly in a world of their on, one of few comedians like Jim Carey who can go to any lengths yet still have charm.

Many of the major Lewis films where directed by Frank Tashlin who launched his career from Looney Tunes Cartoons. He said he directed the cartoons like live action films but his live action movies like cartoons.

The story of a struggling musician trying to make it big in Japan but ends up impressing a lonely Japanese boy.

The Beguiled
The Beguiled(2017)

Sofia Coppola's remake of the Clint Eastwood classic that this time round has never looked better but strip the style & very little is new.

The story is effective & Sofia cast well but it failed to each anything new so therefore why deviate from the original?

Beautifully shot, gorgeous looking but nothing spectacular maybe be affective to modern audiences who wouldn't seek out the original.

Baby Driver
Baby Driver(2017)

I was a little uncertain about this one & seeing only 2/3rd's of the Cornetto Trilogy I wasn't too sure what to expect.

But what I got was an undeniably fun, entertaining Action/Romance with terrific performances & a stellar soundtrack.

The story of a young guy who is a getaway driver for a master criminal. However when he meets a great chick (Debora) he decides he wants to get out. The strength of the film is in its style & sound...very entertaining & worth a watch.

The Beguiled
The Beguiled(1971)

A gothic masterpiece from Don Siegel who had a magical director/actor partnership with Clint Eastwood.

The story of a wounded civil war soldier who ends up in All Girls Covenant and begins to seduce & manipulate each girl with disastrous results.

Teeming with tension & suspense this film is quite effective & keeps you engaged. Clint is terrific in a much darker than usual role, a clear turn away from his Ant-Hero ...interested by weary of the remake by Sofia Coppola.

Into the Inferno

A compelling look not just into significant volcanoes on earth but the relationships locals have to them & often spiritual connection to them also.

One story of significance was a volcano that went off in Peru in 1902 & 32,000 died except one man a criminal in solitary confinement who went on to the circus.

Features some extraordinary visuals of active larva & magma the power of a volcano is simply extraordinary. Also features incredible footage of a French Couple who chased larva & how close they got was terrifying.

The Patriot
The Patriot(2000)

Many could argue this film is the defining point where Roland Emmerich's filmmaking career starts its downward spiral...but who could have imagined ID4 2 could be that bad?

The story of Benjamin Martin (Gibson) who is reluctantly summoned into fighting the British & his relationship with his family.

At just shy of three hours this film really does loose momentum & its way & you loose the grip unlike films like Braveheart & Hacksaw Ridge etc. Its not a bad film but doesn't have the pulling power you assume it would.

The Winning of Barbara Worth

An undeniably charming & made by the numbers Western that stared the young Gary Cooper & Vilma Banky famous for the damsel in distress in Rudolph Valentino's Son of the Sheik 1926.

A largely typical love triangle develops in the West with strong production values & solid direction from Henry King.

The highlight of the film hands down in the somewhat Biblical Proportions Flood that hits the town. (If you can see past the model work it's great) it's an interesting curiosity.

Behind The Door

An electrifying Revenge Tale made at the end of 1919 that is honestly is as shocking today as it must have been in 1919.

The story of a Taxidermist who is an American-German who starts to feel racial pressure when the USA declares war with Germany. He enlists in the NAVY & secretly his wife joins him, then come across a German U-Boat who captures his wife & brutally rapes & murders her.

The last chapter of the film has to be seen to be believed. It's an incredibly directed film that was painstakingly preserved largely from a Russian Film Print. An unforgettable War Drama.


A film that truly has to been seen to be believed one man's obsession to bring opera into the heart of the Amazonian Jungle.

In order to receive the funds to do this he must haul a couple of thousand tonne Steamship over an Amazon Mountain into an area in nearby jungle of near infinite rubber.

The struggle of this task is so real since they did it on film & real life also. Klaus K is a sensation & this is truly a cinematic experience...completely overwhelming.

Hachikô monogatari (Hachi-ko)

This terrific & heartbreaking tale will largely be know to western audiences as Hachi 2009 staring Richard Gere. However this film is the original from Japan from 1987.

A simple but emotionally satisfying story of a Japanese Professor who develops a deep bond with a Japanese Husky who begins to wait every afternoon for the professor to return from college.

One day he dies from heart failure & the dog is unaware & just loyally waits for his master. In real life he was known in his community to wait years for his master & there is a statue in the Japanese Town commemorating this extraordinary dog & his loyalty.

Cars 3
Cars 3(2017)

The new chapter in the phenomenally successful series that has the heart of nearly every young boy in the western world Cars!

I found the first Cars innovative & fresh but was severely disappointed with Cars 2 & was hopeful this would be a better film.

The story of Lightning McQueen struggling to maintain his title but stumbling across something ever better a new protege. Has a few nice moments here & there but doesn't bounce off the screen like the original in 2006.

All Eyez on Me

The long overdue Hollywood re-telling of Rap's greatest personality Tupac Shakur. One of the main concerns I had with a film on 2pac was it would cover more the scene of his world than his heart for the community & desire to truly make a difference.

Sadly the focus on this wasn't the depth of 2pac, the lead actor did terrific job despite the ordinary script but the film lacked much.

Despite its flaws it was still enjoyable since 2pac was such an extraordinary figure in music in general let alone Rap. May appeal to teens today but may not sit right with genuine fans of 2pac, approach with caution.

Rewind This!
Rewind This!(2013)

A snappy passion project capturing the love & success of the VHS revolution & what it opened up for Film Lovers.

Focusing on the infamous titles only released on VHS & some incredible collectors this makes a simple but terrific documentary.

Filled to the brim with odd but fascinating interviews with those still heavily involved with VHS both collecting & screening it. An insightful documentary that clearly shows VHS ain't dead!!

The Lost World

Being a big fan of the original silent version I had high hopes of this version being made in color with somewhat advanced special effects. I couldn't have been more wrong.

This film fell plague to bad acting, terrible direction & very poor visual effects. Due to its constructed feel it was very hard to connect with anything since little of the film felt organic.

Has a few fun scenes but the film is very poor...I highly recommend the 1925 silent version which was the first film ever shown on a plane.

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle)(Every Man for Himself and God Against All)

Werner Herzog is often more notorious as a personality than his pictures & although this was a critical success is was difficult to engage with with its strange pace.

The story of held captive in a cave for 15-20 years & then released in a rural German town with no further information.

The film largely follows his difficulties connecting with others & general intelligence but as he gathers momentum so does his intelligence. Interesting but a little dull.

Ella Cinders
Ella Cinders(1926)

One of the Many majors success' of silent comedian Colleen Moore who was delight to watch on the Silver Screen.

Although Cinderella was well used by filmmakers in the 1920's in Hollywood there where a few who could restructure & apply to modern audiences...this is a perfect example.

Filled with great gags especially the cross eye trick of Ella that wins her beauty competition. A fun light hearted film that captured every American girls dreams to be a star.

My Cousin Rachel

Upon the remake I thought it vital to revisit the original with Richard Burton & Olivia DeHavilland which to be truthful has more impact than the remake.

The visual sense is terrific & Rachel Weiz delivers an extraordinary performance but it feels so similar to the original with nothing new added.

It's shot beautifully & acted well but no new ground is broken therefore felt a little flat. The author of the film Daphnie wrote some incredible material like Rebecca & The Birds.

Thor: The Dark World

The follow up to the highly successful Thor film that launched Chris' Hemsworth to the world & Natalie Portman has never been more stunning.

Filled to the brim with state of the art CGI & little weak on plot, it didn't have the simple playfulness of the first film.

Still was enjoyable & had good scenes but after a while it is all too familiar. Had a good twist in the end & interesting to see Thor 3: Ragnarok in Oct 2017.


Quite a low key drama that captures the days into the infamous D-Day that was a key manoveur in WW2.

The film is somewhat pedestrian & Brian Cox tries hard but the film falls short of the legend of Winston Churchill.

It's was an extraordinary time of Leaders & warfare, shame the film just failed to impact. Meant well but a rather flat film.

Heaven Can Wait

A film I have heard about for many years but finally got around to that in my opinion tries to pull off to much & doesn't deliver in the end.

This film has too many elements; sport, romance, drama, supernatural etc. Warren Beatty director & star in my opinion has talent but not as
Much as he is often credited for.

I found the film a little hard to follow & had good elements but fails to come together. More of a film of it's time.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2017)

No doubt Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) will appeal to everyone man with a heartbeat but thankfully this is likable film that is genuinely entertaining & engaging.

The story of a young girl with extraordinary power that has a burning desire to help those struggling in the world.

A terrific blend of fantasy in collision with the battle of WWII in the 1940's focusing on chemical warfare that was being planned by the Germans. Although full of action it has a story & charm, Gadot is simply gorgeous l!


With great reluctance I went to see this film at our local cinematheque that was doing a Marvel exhibition & I had never seen a Thor film.

Despite my low expectations I did draw positive out of the film despite its reliance on CGI & action. Similar to Keanu Reeves Chris Hemsworth's dry approach for Thor works well.

Had a plot & I relatively interested to see the sequel, but I'm so over the overflow of other marvel films enough is enough I say bring back great storytelling!!!

Mabo: Life of an Island Man

A terrific made for television film directed by Rachel Perkins who went on to direct the Aussie Hit The Sapphires.

The story of iconic pioneering indigenous man Mabo who against all odds introducing governmental recognition of indigenous & their lands.

The film effectively captures the pressure at home for Mabo & his family & that defining verdict came just 5 months after his death that shaped future for the indigenous.

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes)

To say that Werner Herzog plays it safe is a terrific understatement he has remained quite daring throughout his career.

The story of Spaniards in search of the lost city of gold El Dorado in the Amazon.

The film focuses on the 2nd in Charge commander who descents into madness & obsession & affects the whole group. Low Key film that is an interesting watch despite its unpredictable plot.

20th Century Women

Has a terrific premise & is well acted but there is something uneven about this film it often meanders off.

The story of a Santa Barbara mum bringing her son up with guests in her home & their trails & tribulations making sense of their world in 1979 & all the changes of society.

It's a good film but it fails to achieve greatness & there is just something missing. Has some great moments though...

The Shack
The Shack(2017)

Although largely this will only appeal to Christian Audiences it's quite a powerful film with tough themes & revelations.

The story of everyday dad who takes his kids camping & one is abducted & murdered in the forest. As expected he is overcome by grief & then encounters god in a unique way in the very Shack his daughter was murdered in.

Incredibly tough themes but I was so compelled by the film & the man's journey but I am aware I may be bias being a Christian myself. The film itself wasn't spectacularly made but attempted to tackle things other films wouldn't dare.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I tried to enter this film as open minded as possible but this franchise must come to an end & hopefully it has.

Filled with many of the same gags & plot devices it just feels like your watching a big budget copy of other Pirates Films.

I feel it was a step up for Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides 2011 but just. No doubt will make a fortune at Box Office but wasn't to impressive as a stand alone film.

Don't Tell
Don't Tell(2017)

It's quite a shame this Australian film has limited release in cinemas & most likely will be missed by many Australians but it is an important & terrific drama.

The story of Lynda an 11 year old girl who is sexually assaulted by her teacher at her Toowoomba Prep School & everything is ignored & swept under the rug.

The film follows her trial & struggle for justice & recognition for what happened to her. Although a low key film performances where good & the film was genuinely engaging throughout. Hopefully more Aussie's will get behind this film.

Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

An incredibly in depth documentary on cultural icon & enigma Kurt Cobain the frontman of Grunge Band Nirvana.

With the use of home video footage, fascinating animation & key interviews from parents & Courtney Love this is a deeply personal & dark portrait of a tormented genius.

Despite his struggles he was a phenomenal artist & pioneered a musical genre & defied everything of music at the time. Not a fun watch but compelling film of the legend...I agree with a review of this 'There is no where to go from the film'...

Annie Hall
Annie Hall(1977)

No doubt one of the most prolific of Woody Allen's earlier films & such an accessible capsule of his style & quirk.

The story of neurotic Comedian Alvy Singer & his carefree girlfriend Annie Hall & their nervous & complicated relationship with NYC as their backdrop to their story.

Filled with clever & terrific sequences that where quite unusual in their day now duplicated today. A great Woody classic that doesn't date.

Pork Pie
Pork Pie(2017)

The greatest example of how great a remake can be when it is constructed for the right reasons & captures the charm of the original but adds much dimension.

The story of down on his luck Author who innocents catches a ride with delinquent who has pinched a yellow Mini Cooper from Wellington NZ.

It's the carefree nature of the film that's so charming & all the characters are genuinely so likable, a must see NZ treasure!

Goodbye Pork Pie

There is no doubt this NZ Film features very little great acting or a complicated plot but it goes to show when your film is based on downright fun it can still work.

The story of petty criminal who hires a mini illegally in Wellington then goes on a Rip Roaring trip through NZ with middle aged John who recently got dumped by his girlfriend.

Fun, dodgy & imperfect film but a great adventure buddy road movie that simply works & I'm not sure why.

Get Out
Get Out(2017)

A strange & genuinely unnerving thriller that is combination of a racial & horror fueled film.

The overall outcome truly has to been seen to believed & I'm not 100% it made full sense.

The film kept you guessing that's for sure, genuine tension but completing. Will appeal to teen audiences but I'm not sure who else, an uneven film that received slot of critical acclaim.

John Wick: Chapter 2

If you enjoyed the first film you will no doubt get a kick out of Chapter 2...non stop action is on the menu yet again!

The story picks up from where the first film ended & to be honest aside from terrific action it's hard to really invest in this film.

Looks good, action is fluid but film overall is bland & you just begin to look at your watch & start counting down the minutes.

Get Your Man
Get Your Man(1927)

Sadly on 4 of the original 6 reels on this film survive but the plot is still easy to understand.

A bit of a flakey story of man planned to be engaged but meets a dynamic young woman (Clara Bow) in Paris while running errands.

The second half of the film focuses on her endeavors to get her man. A little stagy & pretentious but in scenes quite fun & playful. Any Bow film is worth a view.

Antarctica (Nankyoku Monogatari)

Many would identify Eight Below than this film but this Japanese Box Office Hit was the origin of the species.

The story of two scientists that where forced to abort the mission in Antarctica & left their team of 15 huskies to fend for themselves.

A very simply but poignant film film that not only films the dogs journey so well but the men's guilt for leaving them, a subtle masterpiece & a terrific film that really get's your eyes welling...beautiful stuff.

Pickup on South Street

A sizzling noir that is moody, edgy & quite violent for its time. The story of a pickpocket who steals more than he bargains for but doesn't back down when the communists start tracking him down.

Tense atmosphere & clever dialogue this film flows like magic & brings you into this underworld with ease.

Well acted & photographed Samuel Fuller is clearly a defining Filmmaker. This is a terrific noir that blows to a sensational finale.

The Cure
The Cure(1995)

A truly underrated gem of film about a beautiful & honest friendship between two boys. Erik (13) befriends Dexter (11) who has AIDS.

They develop a deep & sincere friendship that gives so much hope & joy to Dexter. Both boys spend a lot of their time trying to find a cure.

The both eventually flee to New Orleans in hope of cure the further they journey they realize that their friendship is the cure. The acting of the boys is terrific & it's a shame this film is not more well known, a terrific low-key drama.


An incredible opus of classical music & some of the most graphic & unforgettable images of violence. An brain shattering story of a man who is imprisoned unexplainably for 15 years then to be released.

The film begins to unravel the past of the prisoner & the man who held him there. But this film is not for the faint hearted.

A complex & rich plot that demands your attention but is a film that will leave you panting such a energy bomb.

My Dinner with André

No doubt a unique vision by any standards but proved to be an Arthouse Hit that showed a film of simply two men eating dinner discussing the world could grab you for two hours.

Acted wonderfully by Wallace Shawn & Andre Gregory who discussed so many interesting stories & philosophies of the world.

No doubt not a film for everyone but an interesting look at world & what matters. Beautifully acted & a must see for cinema enthauists.

In a Lonely Place

This time round Bogey ain't no hero, in this film you simply have no idea of what he is capable of...a gripping Film Noir that is wonderfully directed by Nicholas Ray.

Dixon Steele (Bogart) is a Hollywood Writer that has a girl come read a story to him in his home & then on her way home is murdered.

Naturally Dix is initially blamed but after a female interest & neighbor vouches for him all is good...until she get's to know him & starts second guessing.

Anders als die Andern (Different from the Others)

Very probably one of the first openly Homosexual Lead Performance played by Conrad Veight who was the SS General in Casablanca in 1943.

The story of a famed violinist who develops a crush on his younger student is caught and blackmailed by a conniving citizen.

Much of the film is lost but with missing fragments, inter-titles & still photographs a short 50 minute version survives that does tell a story. A very significant & important film.

Romance of the Western Chamber

Any Silent Film that has survived from China is a rare treat & although this isn't the most amazing film it does have something to offer.

The story of young Chinese man who while studying at the royal temple is thrown into the middle of war between two Chinese tribes, but his goal is to have the Princess' Hand.

The film is interesting for the large amount of close up's & focus on actors facial expressions. A fast paced film that packs a lot in 46 minutes.

Orchids and Ermine

Coleen Moore was an undisputed star of the silver screen in the mid 1920's & this was also one of Mickey Rooney's first bit parts.

The story of a young switchboard operator desperate to meet a rich man & live a comfortable life.

However the hotel she works at is hosting a millionaire but she isn't sure who it is. Quite one dimensional in plot but the charm of Moore does suffice. Has a few cute moments but is no masterpiece.

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

Quite an unsettling & dark drama about a young girl who kills her baroness & holds her brother to a secret that doesn't unravel to years later.

Filled with atmosphere & intrigue this is quite a Dark noir. Barbara Stanwyck is sensational as Martha Ivers & truly leaves you with a chill down your spine.

Kirk Douglas is young in this picture but holds his own well. A strange film that slowly draws you into this world of secrets & nothing is as it seems.

Ace in the Hole (The Big Carnival)

An edgy & thrilling drama about a washed Newspaper Man desperate to make it back in the A League but has no character & substance in getting there.

Stumbles across a man stuck in a mine & knows he can exploit it for a 'Big Story'. He then creates a media frenzy to build publicity & his advancements.

A very scathing & honest look at the selfish American Dream. Kirk Douglas is a revelation in his role & Director Billy Wilder creates this world with ease, a sensational & must see film!

The Zookeeper's Wife

I'm not sure what it was about this film but it lacked the impact of other Nazi Stories, or maybe we have been bombarded by so many it's dampened the impact.

The story of a Polish Zookeeper's Wife desperate to save Jews that where persecuted in the ghetto in Warshaw Poland during WWII.

The film was good & engaging but just failed to have the impact other films have had. Well acted by Jessica Chastain but wasn't sensational.

Scarlet Street

A gripping noir that starts softly but builds terrific tension, the story of a cashier celebrating his 25th year with the company on the way comes across a young woman struggling from her violent boyfriend.

He quickly falls in love & begins to paint (his hobby) but the girl assumes he is a rich painter & wants to exploit him.

Once he finds out the film takes another direction entirely & keeps you guessing. A very stylish film from German Master Fritz Lang!


A strange intense film about Copper Smith a bullied & disconnected military student who comes across the ability to summon Satan from his school computer.

Cooper Smith is actually played by Ron Howard's brother but this is no Happy Days.

Goes a little wacky & intense in the final act but has one of the coolest VHS Cover ever.

Tales From The Quadead Zone

To say this film is bad is truly an understatement that bad it's more or less unwatchable.

The story of a mother reading her sons ghost three tales from the undead Zone that largely don't make any sense.

It's incredible this disasterpiece on VHS can go for around $600-700 USD on eBay. Approach with caution it is truly an awful film.

Troll 2
Troll 2(1990)

This truly is one of the greatest examples of a truly charming film that is terribly bad. Some of the most worst acting I have ever seen.

The ridiculous story of a family going to Nilbog (Goblin spelt backwards) & the town is infested by goblins.

Such a terrifically bad film that is just so fun to watch & reached such a cult status there is now a documentary focusing on its pathetic charm.


A truly beautiful & emotionally charged drama based on the Hollywood Classic Broken Lullaby 1932, a beautiful story of Frantz who is killed by a French soldier, the French Soldier then goes to Frantz's hometown to meet his family & seek forgiveness.

The acting in this film is truly impeccable & the stark B&W cinematography just adds further magic.

Quite a tragic drama/romance that truly draws you in & leaves your eyes quite heavy, a beautiful film that sits with you long after the film ends.

Rules Don't Apply

I had hopes for this film & quite intriguing since the Aviator 2004 focused on the glory days this Warren Beatty film followed his darker & later years.

But this truly a bland offering & although Hughes was such a extraordinary figure this film was far from extraordinary. The story of a young actress contracted by Hughes.

Quite flat & lacked appeal, quite a shame cause this could have been a terrific film.


A crisp & stunning B&W noir about a stunning young woman Laura (performed by the unforgettably beautiful Gene Tierney) & her affect on two particular men.

Seemingly missing Laura's friend requests a private detective that gets to the bottom of these men's obsession for Laura.

A film filled with uncertainty & unpredictability the film leaves you guessing. A terrific final act that is quite gripping, a well made film noir from master director Otto Preminger.

The Breaker
The Breaker(1974)

Despite minimal production values the story of Breaker Morant is an incredible tale despite many embellishments over the years.

The Australian legend that was cruelly gunned down by a South African Army during the Boer War during 1902.

Although the documentary was dated he was still a compelling individual, if you haven't seen Breaker Morant 1980 you must, it's a terrific Australian Motion Picture.

Point Blank
Point Blank(1967)

Im not sure if this a film that went simply over my head or it was just so hard to engage with it. A bit confusing & disjointed.

The story of a crook ripped off by his partner & girlfriend & bent on revenge.

Had some great & iconic moments but quite unusual over all.


Due to the dedication of Film Historian Kevin Brownlow & the BFI we now today have a 5.5 hour version of the original 6 version available for Home Video.

The scope & visual strength of this film has to be seen to be believed. The in-depth story of Napoleon Bonaparte starting with his school days, his days in the island of Corsica, fight against the English, French Revolution & the epic battle with Italy.

The energy & excitement of this film for 1927 is unparalleled. The invention & craft in this film is extraordinary & true tour de force film, a must see for film lovers.


An important & engrossing film about the leading Holocaust Denier suing Deborah Lipstiche a professor & leading author on building awareness for the atrocity of the Holocaust.

Her struggle against a cunning & well spoken Author is unbelievable & her incredible legal team that represented her.

The film terrifically captures her emotional journey throughout this case & what she had to go through. It's a moving & important film that focuses on the fact not entertainment.

Multiple Maniacs

One of those film you truly got to see to believe & although not as likable as Pink Flamingo's but for his age John Waters did something pretty crazy & edgy for 1970.

Story is largely centered on Divine who after an issue with her boyfriend becomes a somewhat bloodthirsty criminal.

Filled with many shocking scenes but none as random & hilarious as the scene where Divine is raped by a giant lobster (yes you read that correctly) not for the faint hearted but will appeal to Waters Fan & Bad Movie Enthauists.


A very unusual Indy Film staring Anne Hathaway that I believe may have looked terrific on paper but ultimately falls over.

Strange film about a monster that appears in South Korea that's movement mirrors that of Anne Hathaway's character in New Jersey.

The story tries to explain the craziness of this concept but I find it's not successful in doing this. Clever & has good moments but no surprise didn't find a big release in a mainstream market.

Bonnie and Clyde

I remember seeing the film for the first Around a decade ago as a teen & thought to myself there is something missing & I found it bizarre how I felt that exact feeling upon revisiting it early this week.

No doubt an interesting story of lawless & somewhat ruthless couple who meet in Texas in the depression & begin a tour across mid west robbing banks.

I found the structure & dialogue rather uneven & somewhat amateurish. May have had the impact it had due to the violence & intensity of the film. Interesting film but I found it inferior to other films of the genre. Fascinating to read that Warner Bros had so little faith in the film they allowed Warren Beatty to get 40% of Box Office...the film made over $60,000,000 in 1967!!

The Hitch-hiker

A tense & taunt thriller that clearly demonstrates two things 1) How great female filmmakers are & 2) what a great script can do to a film.

The story of two mates driving rural US & unintentionally pick up the serial killer Mathers who is posing as a Hitch-Hiker.

A hard & masculine piece that just keeps you gripped & invested in. Ida Lupino was a solid actress but a sensational filmmaker, a great lesser known 1950's classic.

The Sea Lion
The Sea Lion(1921)

A no-nonsense straight to the point feature film that in 45 minutes tells a surprising well crafted story.

The story of hardened Sea Captain nicknamed Sea Lion portrayed terrifically by underrated Silent Actor Hobart Bosworth. He adds drama to the film & undeniably has an intensity on screen.

The story moves quick but you keep got to keep up, an enjoyable drama on the High Seas, very worthwhile for Silent Enthusiast.

A Silent Voice (Koe no katachi)

Despite its overlong length exceeding 2 hours this film is a terrific statement on bullying in schools & has a targeted message.

As usual with anime animation is en point & a world is created with ease. The story of a Young Mute woman who is bullied terribly by a boy in the 6th grade.

The re-connect in high school & he has clearly changed a new leaf. A little awkward & patchy in parts but it ultimately come together, not the best anime I have seen but worthwhile.

Port of Shadows (Le quai des brumes)

A striking & slick French Classic that follows the journey of deserted soldier played perfectly by Jean Gabin, who finds himself at a bar at the end of the pier at Le Havre.

Filled with atmosphere & much fog this film had terrific characters that filled this unusual isolated world.

Things really heat up when the soldier meets the dame, a terrific romance that is not conventional & no doubt a major inspiration & influence for Casablanca in 1943.

Hadashi no Gen (Barefoot Gen)

A heart wrenching glimpse of a loving & strong Japanese family based in Hiroshima during that unforgettable day in 1945 where horrific history was made.

The sequence of the atomic blast was so memorable & devastating one could argue you could only portray it via animation.

The major crux of the story is about Gen a young boy desperately trying to keep his mother & new born sister alive. A beautiful & tragic film that shows the atrocity of the atomic attack.


A significant picture for two reasons, 1. The first all talking picture of Josef Von Sternberg & 2. An unofficial follow up to Underworld 1927.

The story of Mob Boss played by George Bancroft who is mad about his girl, but his girl is a getting friendly with cute young Bank Teller.

Bancroft is charged for murder & sentenced to death row but is adamant on getting revenge on the Bank Teller & frames him for a murder so they are both on death row.

Due to being made on the cusp of sound the dialogue & performances are a little squeaky but this film has a terrific concept & could be remade today no doubt.


An electrifying gangster picture focusing on a rivalry between to major gangsters in Chicago Bull Weed & Meaghan. Bull Weed's right hand man is a smart guy & beginning to fall in love with Weed's girl.

Shot immaculately by Josef Von Sternberg this film has such a distinct visual flair with the aid of mood lighting and smoke.

Moves fast & packs a punch this film is quite entertaining. Clive Brook (Rolls Royce [Weed's 2IC]) really pushes the story along. An interesting Silent Gangster Film.

The Cow (Gaav)

An interesting & slight film that really put Iran on the map cinematically & the film did good business.

The story of an Iranian Peasant who owns a Cow that he loves dearer than his wife. One day he heads to the city & his Cow is killed by local bandits. Townspeople terrified claim the cow ran away.

The man returns & quickly falls into despair & descents slowly into madness & believes he is the Cow. A simple story but filled with cultural references & terrific performances.

The Lego Batman Movie

Very rarely lightning strikes twice & unfortunately for Lego Films this is no exception, much more disappointing than the Lego Movie 2014.

That was a terrific satire of life but this film just truly has no grounding or structure at all. It just wasn't as funny & completely random.

Will appeal to younger audiences but really comes off inferior to the 2014 film. Script could have been a lot better, take it or leave it to be honest.

Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector

A fun & unusual look into the odd but fascinating world of Horror VHS Collecting & the personalities that fill that world.

Focuses on key collectors but also those who still distribute VHS & created the online craze their is today.

The film also focuses on the holy grail of VHS Tales from Quad Dead Zone 1987 that go for nearly $700 USD on eBay, that many collectors are chasing, a quirky but fun documentary.

Midnight Special

A wonderfully simple but compelling thriller about a young boy with unusual powers that is being chased by both the FBI & a strange cult.

A stirring film inspired by director Jeff Nichols recent becoming of a father & what it meant to him. Great performances by both Michael Shannon & Joel Edgerton.

Builds up to an extraordinary finale, this is a terrific film & needs more attention. A great film from a great Indy American filmmaker.


A tense & taunt thriller about a group of astronauts who stumble across living matter from Mars that turns deadly very quickly.

It's quick spreads & begins to dominate the space vessel & the fear arises as the vessel gets closer to earth.

The tension mounts to incredible heights & the ends with a memorable sequence. This is nothing extraordinary but I did find it engaging.

Beauty and the Beast

This film no doubt will do wonders at the box office & will continue the trend of remaking Disney Classic in Live Action.

Very similar to the 1991 Animated Film in story & structure but didn't have the tightness of it's predecessor.

Emma Watson gave a terrific performance & I enjoyed the film but didn't feel I got anything out of it more than the animated one, however opinions vary just ask my wife who barely blinked she loves it so much.

Hallelujah, I'm a Bum

A unique & creaky early sound depression era musical that was somewhat of a comeback for Al Johnson star of the Jazz Singer 1927.

The story of happy go lucky bum that has no issues with Skid Row since he is making the best of it. Everything changes when he unintentionally falls for bosses gal.

Filled with many technical breakthroughs & despite its stage based dialogue it's an interesting film since few films focused on the depression whilst the nation was in it.


A wonderful simple & effective coming of age drama about two boys who befriended a mysterious vagabond called Mud. The film is a terrific re-telling of the famous Mark Twain adventure story Huckleberry Finn.

Complimented with terrific natural performances from all cast especially the young actors. Mathew McConaghy is terrific as Mud.

The film just grows on you & you find yourself really enjoying the characters & their story. The film builds up to climatic outcome, a real treasure in American Independent Cinema & the credit goes to director Jeff Nichols.

Fanny & Alexander

A soaring Epic that follows the lives of two Swedish Children who grow up in a Wealthy Theatrical family that perfectly catches the fun & excitement of the household.

The story changes dramatically when the children's father passes & their mother remarries a harsh Lutheran Minister.

The look of this film is exquisite & the costumes are sensational. It's a dramatic & quite tragic story that just simply drags you into its world. A must see if you appreciate Ingmar Bergman.

A Cure For Wellness

A dark & confusing at times New Horror from Gore Verbinski who gave us the original (and best) version of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The story of a promising young executive who is sent to Switzerland to collect an CEO that's been there for quite a while.

Far to long & rather intense & some very unpleasant incest scenes. May appeal to horror buffs but I found it had to many holes as a film & sink.


It's such a shame this film will only get limited cinema release through QLD due to fact it has only limited star power, Australian Audiences we aren't that superficial are we?

The poignant story of Richard (White) & Mildred (African-American) Loving who marry interstate & upon their arrival back to Virginia they are charged.

The film has some sensational performances notably Ruth Negga who was Oscar nominated for her performance of Mildred. This is an important & wonderful motion picture that captures the simplicity & power of this couple, a must see film!

The Salesman (Forushande)

An undoubtedly well made film with fine acting that was a good film but failed to capture my attention through out.

I'm not sure if it comes down to culture differences or the social themes simply went over my head. There where some great scenes but overall fell flat.

It's great to see nation's like Iran making films for the world stage & I'm sure may appeal to more national audiences basically not my cup of tea.


A bleak & blistering look into the near future, the original book by George Orwell written in 1949 was set in April 1984 & this film was filmed in that exact time period.

The story of a bureaucrat who's sole purpose is to edit the news that fits the regime of the society he lives in. Develops a intense & private relationship with a Free Thinking woman that doesn't end well.

If you have doubts with government this film will truly validate your cynicism. The Big Brother truly parallels with modern government activity today, not a fun film but an important one.

The Cheat
The Cheat(1915)

One of the first major works of Cecile B. DeMille who went on to direct the Ten Commandments in 1956. An electrifying story of a young socialite (Fannie Ward) who gambles $10,000 from the Red Cross & loses it & strikes a deal with an Ivory Merchant.

For 1915 this films pulls all the punches & would have been a controversial film in its day. Most famous is the scene where Fannie Ware unable to pay back the Ivory Merchant he brands her with a Hot Spoke.

Made the career of Sessue Hayawaka largely known as the Japanese General from Bridge on the River Kwai. This film was a sensation in its Day & although 102 years old this year still is quite intriguing.

David Stratton: A Cinematic Life

Not the most immaculate documentary put together but in my opinion a nice tribute to one of our greatest critics & his love affair for Australian Cinema.

The film details two areas Stratton's Life & the films he believes that shaped our Nation. I found the film very fascinating but then again I am truly bias being an Aussie.

A terrific visual essay of some of our greatest films & gives insight to all David Stratton had done for cinema culture Australia Wide.

The Silence
The Silence(1963)

A film that I must revisit in a few years since I know there was much I missed but upon my initial viewing I struggled intensely with it.

Featuring some of the more extraordinary lighting & camera work I have ever seen, but I found it quite difficult to connect with the characters at all.

Quite frank in nature & featured some terrific scenes but I found it a difficult watch, approach with caution & if you are Bergman Enthauist.

Pride and Prejudice

Boasting a stellar cast Kiera Knightly, Rosamund Pike, Carey Mulligan, Donald Sutherland etc you can't go to wrong with that.

The story of head strong Elizabeth who has little interest on marriage & enjoys arguing with Mr. Darcy who doesn't seem that focused on marriage also.

Shot beautifully & complimented with terrific score that just takes the film to a deeper level. No doubt this film will largely appeal to female audiences but I still find it interesting & enjoyable.

Nattvardsgästerna (Winter Light)

A haunting & mesmerizing film of a Country Priest who struggles deeply with his faith & identity. The film opens with his sermon which clearly demonstrates his pain & struggle.

The film then delves into his past life & why he is the broken/fragmented minister he is today. Shot in the harshness of a Swedish Winter which truly looks blisteringly cold.

Upon the completion of his film Director Ingmar Bergman asked his wife her thoughts & she replied, Yes Ingmar it's a masterpiece but a dreary masterpiece..don't think there is a better way to sum up this deep & thought provoking film.

Såsom i en Spegel (Through A Glass Darkly)

A deep & psychological journey of a young woman that has recently been discharged from a mental hospital that struggles with Multiple Personalities & is trying to settle in with her emotionally disconnected family.

Shot on the Faro Island where Ingmar Bergman himself lived & shot in stunning B&W with some unforgettable lighting & performances.

Some sequences are a little confusing but I guess that demonstrates her state of mind. A rather bleak film but an interesting one.

Kong: Skull Island

Although this film has so many things that could be improved for the better, it's genuinely entertaining & fun. A popcorn film that simply is just a bit of fun.

The story of two scientists who gain support with a military escort to finally get to the infamous Skull Island which inhabits a great beast.

This has all you would expect: action, romance & visual spectacle. Unusually John C. Reilly steals the show. Easy watching & no doubt will do great Box Office.

White Heat
White Heat(1949)

An electrifying film that is perfect blend of a gangster picture & a film noir. Cagney is sensational as the main boss who is strangely connected to his mother & has crippling mental issues.

The largely on an undercover detective who befriends Cagney in jail & plans to assist his major heist of chemical plant in Los Angeles.

A rich & vibrant film that captures the craziness & chaos of Cagney's character & life. An engrossing film that couldn't have a more terrific & purposeful ending ...Look Ma!!! ...I'm on top of the world!!! Brilliant Stuff this film.

Les vieux de la vieille

On paper this was no doubt a sure fire hit but after the delivery on screen I feel something was missing & didn't gel with me at all.

The story of three elderly men who are loud, opinionated and drive every one in their village a little crazy & when they decide to go to a rest home the village begins to celebrate.

Somewhat of an unconventional road trip movie but hard to follow cause of the rapid dialogue. Has a few charming moments but failed to pull it off, interesting French Classic though.


Shoes 1916 was recently discovered by the Eye Film Institute in the Netherlands in 2008 & was recently restored....a beautiful treasure that is now 101 years old.

A moving drama about a young woman Eve who works & provides for her whole family & dreams of a better life & a pair shoes since her's falling apart.

The beauty of this film lies in its simplicity & tenderness the shoes are like a symbol for her poverty. Directed by one of the first major female filmmakers Lois Weber. This is a beautiful & emotionally charged film.


Anyone knows me well Superhero Movies are not high on my radar & I usually avoid them like the plague. But I went to this film with an open mind.

I must admit the first half of the film was quite well told & engaging but the second half went down the typical direction of action over plot.

High Jackman is good as the broken Wolverine but the script can only do so much to an overdone franchise. Will no doubt will make millions in the box office & will unfortunately giving the green light to more of these Superhero Visual Effects Pieces.

Miss Sloane
Miss Sloane(2016)

There is a very good reason Jessica Chasten in many ways is our Modern Day Katherine Hepburn that just consumes the frame & film.

The story of ruthless lobbyist Miss Elizabeth Sloane who is as cunning as the snake in the Garden of Eden.

This film highlights the corrupt & dishonesty that thrives in Capitol Hill in Washington DC & is an electric role from Jessica Chastain. I found the film very interesting & had a terrific final twist.

Summer With Monika (Sommaren med Monika)

One of the earlier breakthrough films of Ingmar Bergman that launched his career to international market.

This is a sensationally realistic coming of age tale about a young couple just before their tweens who take a summer holiday and sparks truly fly. Including a tame by today's standards but shocking in its day nude scene.

The final act of the film is not as light hearted. I found the film quite immersing & interesting. Really showcases the talent of Bergman & the incredible young actress who plays Monika.

The Phantom Carriage

A film that has images that will firmly imprint in your mind & considering it was made in 1921 is truly unbelievable. A powerful portrait of life & death.

The story centers around the fable of the person who dies on the stroke of midnight becomes a Grim Reaper & harvests souls for a year. The story focuses on David Holm a man of low character & clearly wasted his gift of life.

The plot of the film is so rich & complex & emotionally captivating an incredible masterpiece directed & staring Victor Seastrom. This film was the main inspiration to Ingmar Bergman one of Sweden's Finest Filmmaker.

T2 Trainspotting

I guess it's hard to measure up in comparison to the original 1996 cult hit, but this just simply didn't grab me at all.

Obviously the tone & pitch will be naturally different 20 years on but it was hard to stay connected with this one.

Caryle is the standout in this one ...ok but nothing spectacular.

Alone in Berlin

A tender story of a man & wife dedicated to spread the word of hope & exposure of the lies of the Nazi Party by placing cards around the city of Berlin.

Naturally this garners attention of the SS but they are unable to identify the culprit. Sadly both Brendan Gleason & Emma Thompson lack chemistry & the film is interesting but not enthralling.

I feel the Nazi stories are becoming a tad cumbersome & this may have felt that sting. May have worked better as a documentary, sadly not that memorable.

Jasper Jones
Jasper Jones(2016)

I guess it's unfair to compare live productions to film adaption but I can't emphasize enough how moving & engaging the play was but upon viewing the film I did not have the same experience.

It's well cast & production values are good but it just didn't expand on characters as much as the live production.

I was genuinely engaged in the film & it's a terrific story & mystery. May appeal to those who are foreign to the subject matter.

Two Days, One Night

An unusually simple but incredibly effective light film staring a career turning performance by French Beauty Marion Coulitard.

The story of a woman at the end of her nervous breakdown finding out that her job has offered staff two options to fire her or have a bonus.

The film follows her as she connects with all staff over the weekend to encourage them to let her stay despite loosing their bonus. Your heart as a viewer really goes to her & thanks to Marion's sensational performance you just want her to succeed.

Trespassing Bergman

Trespassing Bergman is a somewhat intimate portrayal of the myth of the man & his incredibly influential influence on major filmmakers of today world of cinema.

Largely filmed on his home property which is located on the island of Faro 80 miles from the coast of Sweden & grants you access to his private world.

It's amazing to look in detail of his body of work & hear from those who have been shaped by it. Quite interesting & insightful...a must for those who want to soak in Bergman's greatness.

West Side Story

A immaculately choreographed modern re-telling of Romeo & Juliet set in the gang world of the west side of NYC in the early 1960's.

Although a musical it touches on many great themes & issues of the day e.g. racial intolerance, gang mentality & urban lower demographic living.

Splashed with color & iconic musical numbers this is also a breakthrough film for Natalie Wood. Although dated in aspects this film has tremendous pull & I'm sure would be an unforgettable experience on stage on Broadway.


An intense but thrilling portrayal of local scot Renton (Ewan McGregor) & his desperate attempt to get off Heroin. He seems to be able to shake it for a season but his friends keep roping him in.

Filled with many unforgettable scenes & such clever & realistic dialogue. But it is truly Robert Carlyle who steals the show as Renton's most violent & potent friend who doesn't touch the needle since the drug of violence is enough for him.

This is a heavy watch but it's wildly entertaining & is a real journey on screen, not for the faint hearted but an incredible film.

Hidden Figures

A charming & no better example of audience pleasing but worth the while film about an extraordinary trio of Incredibly intelligent African-American that work for NASA.

The story focuses on the three & their struggle against racial prejudice & threatened individuals at NASA.

Despite their immense struggle they continually exceed the expectations branded on them. A straight forward film but an appealing one with terrific performance from the ladies.

Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare)

An important & relevant documentary about not only the immigrant issue on the shores of Italy but the impact on the communities also.

A beautiful blend of the locals perspective & those who are desperate of a new life in Europe. Their conditions of travel from Africa/Middle East is shocking to say the least.

Challenging content but incredible relevant with the current situation in the US & Europe. Terrific interviews with locals also who truly add that needed dimension to this documentary.


A challenging & non linear film about an aboriginal youngster growing up homeless on the Sydney Streets & coming into connection with his old traditional ways & being in a modern world.

Filled largely with striking visuals & interpretive dance this was very much an Arthouse Film that will appeal to highly creative or indigenous types.

Hard to follow but necessary for some audiences, approach with caution.

The Champ
The Champ(1931)

The original classic that inspired the remake with Jon Voight in the late 1970's. This is a great compact film that does what it needs to do very effectively.

The story of a broken down washed up boxer & his enormously loyal son Dink played by Child Sensation Jackie Cooper.

Filled with many tender & touching scenes compliments of the screenplay written by Frances Marion. Wallace Berry did a great job with his role & this film was a delightful surprise.

The Docks of New York

A visually sumptuous film about a depressed dock worker in New York who accidentally stumbles across a young woman trying to commit suicide.

They quickly bond in their loneliness & their worlds are filling with bizarre & exotic people. The atmosphere & presence in the film is top notch & just draws you into this smokey, wharf world.

Despite their good intentions their relationship is doomed & you just watch in unravel. A fantastic film score with unforgettable visuals.

Seven Sinners

This film was truly a delight, now I must admit I'm a little bias since I found the film in 2014 & got the attention of the Oscars in 2015.

The feature film debut of Academy Award Winning Director Lewis Milestone who went on to direct All Quiet on the Western Front 1930 & Of Mice & Men 1939.

Presented the first time in 92 years at GoMa Brisbane QLD Australia. The story of two burglars Clive Brook & Marie Prevost who get tied up in a crime in Long Island & ultimately fall in love. A very charming & likable comedy that looks glorious after its restoration.

Ocean's 11
Ocean's 11(1960)

One of those rare Hollywood originals that truly is inferior to the 2001 remake with Clooney, Pitt & Roberts etc.

Staring the infamous Rat Pack you'd think this would be magic & just work but it truly doesn't.

Naturally the film builds up for a terrific climax but that truly falls short. Has a few good moments but fails to draw you in. Classic ending though at the funeral scene in the films last few minutes.


It's such a shame that this film is shaping up to be a lesser known Martin Scorsese film since it's such a masterpiece. The story of two priests who go to research what happened to their mentor & minister Father Farrer.

Directed with such finesse & craft & exquisitely shot this is slow moving but seldom dull film that shows the dedication of faith needed to even set a foot on the shores of Japan in the 17th century.

Acting was sensational from Adam Driver & Andrew Garfield who truly took the audience on a spiritual journey. This is a deep thought provoking film that's worth it's near 3 hour duration, a master film from a master filmmaker.

The Our Gang Story

Despite the low quality footage & lack of interviews the background & history of Hal Roach's Timeless Our Gang: the Little Rascals is quite interesting.

The children featured in Our Gang & these two reelers dating as far back as 1922 & launched the careers of many young actors.

This particular documentary suffers from lack of quality footage but does get the information across. It's amazing how iconic this comedy series was.

A Free Soul
A Free Soul(1931)

An early Sound venture boasting a terrific cast especially newcomer Clark Gable who truly became a star.

The story of an alcoholic lawyer (Lionel Barrymore) & his headstrong but charming daughter (Norma Shearer) & all goes askew when she falls for the gangster (Gable) who is being represented by Barrymore.

Very much a vehicle of the era & Norma Shearer truly does a great job keeping the film moving. Definitely one of the better productions of that early sound era of Hollywood.

The Edge of Seventeen

A fresh & crispy Teen Comedy about a charming but misfit teen coming to grips with High School life & struggling with the pressures of Teenhood.

The strength of the film is the wonderfully truthful dialogue that makes believing the characters all the more easy.

Better than your average teen film & great performances from all actors both Teen & Adult. A likable film that was fun to watch.


A sincere & truthful depiction of a struggling yet prideful father trying to navigate through life with his family.

Clearly biased with hang up's from his youth & projecting that on his son this doesn't make for light watching.

Denzel did a great job considering he was lead actor & director of this film heavily based on the play Fences. The beautiful & tender ending makes up the challenging & intense dialogue.


A simple straightforward drama about Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) a longtime Gold Prospector that coordinates his interests to Indonesia to strike gold in the rural mountains.

He partners with Michael Costa an infamous Geologist as crazy as Kenny. After a long season of failure they strike Gold in a big way.

Goes largely down a morale journey of the consequences of greed. This is a solid easy watching film but simply doesn't have the pull of a great film & I believe will just come & go.


Although a little heavy handed & dialogue isn't too impressive this film has a charm to it & despite its flaws quite entertaining & a glimpse into a forgotten American of child life.

The story of Skippy played to perfection by Jackie Cooper who prefers to spend his days at Shanty Town which infuriates his father.

It's a great look into what children did in the depression & how they made their own fun. I believe Jackie Cooper was the young actor to be nominated for an Oscar (he actually fell asleep at the Oscars) & Norman Taurog the director was the youngest at 32 to win Best Director.

Manchester by the Sea

A beautiful & heart wrenching film that no doubt will secure Casey Affleck with a much deserved Oscar for his once in a lifetime performance.

The story of an isolated & frustrated Boston maintenance worker Leigh Chandler (Affleck) who is summoned back to his home in Manchester since his brother had died & is now appointed guardian of his nephew.

Unbeknownst to the viewer is the tragedy that happened to Leigh in his home town only a few short years earlier & when that is revealed your hairs on your neck with be completely vertical. This is perfect written, superbly acted drama that just completely blew me away. Truly one of the greatest films of 2016!!!

The Tree of Life

Although considered only an 'Art' film this film has tremendous depth & visual scope. On the surface it's the story of a Mid West American family & their struggles & joys but there is so much more to this than initially seems.

The film in my opinion focuses on creation in general with the juxtaposition of the creation of the earth & a child itself.

This is by no means entertainment but very deep & thought provoking. Sensational performance by Jessica Chastain who is a shinning star. Also terrific performances by the young boys..Terrence Malik has directed a beautiful film.

Patriots Day
Patriots Day(2017)

A film that inevitably had to be made the story of the Impact of the Boston Marathon Bombing & the pursuit of those responsible for this attack.

Although way to heavy on Handheld Camerawork I did find the general information on this attack quite interesting & in elements felt like documentary style & a Hollywood Action film.

Mark Wahlberg does well with the script & the identification of the bombers was quite incredible when you think about it. A good solid film but nothing extraordinary with this one.

The Divorcée

No doubt would have had more impact in 1930 but today poor audio, predictable plot I think it will fail to stand the test of time.

Norma Shearer is great in her Academy Award winning role & truly did have a presence on screen & had great connections being the love interest of Irving Thalberg (Boy Genius of MGM).

Has some good moments & interesting to see the early Sound Films that where impacting. Nothing amazing but an interesting curiosity.


A mesmerizing Sci Fi Drama about a site in Russia called the Zone which is the product of a meteorite hit years earlier. The only one skilled enough to navigate through the Zone is the Stalker who leads people to a Room that grants the deepest desires you have.

The strength of the film isn't the look & feel of the Zone but it's the psychological journey the guests & Stalker go on.

Filled with terrific visuals this truly is a unique vision & incredibly thought provoking. There is a lot in this film & it requires multiple viewings.


No doubt a current art house hit & winner of the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Picture but not your typical film.

This film has great themes & performances but it's hard to truly connect with this film & I often found myself disconnected to it.

The story of a young African American boy struggling to find himself & sexuality in Miami. Slow pace doesn't help the film either, may appeal only to Art House Audiences & I don't see it being strong in the mainstream.

Live By Night

It's hard not to agree with critics in the sense the film looks the part but fails to pull off the goods.

Terrific look, style & feel & although a good strong first half the film struggles in the final. Affleck is good but by no means great.

There are a lot of Gangster Films out there but few hang around like The Godfather, Goodfellas etc. Sadly a rather forgettable film, a shame considering the usual flair of Ben Affleck.

Who Killed Vincent Chin?

An essential documentary that follows the unbelievable miscarriage of justice of the murder of Vincent Chin. The story of two white men beating the life of Vincent Chin an Asian-American with a Baseball Bat.

The outcry lead by Mrs. Chin (Vincent's Mother) pushed for the case to fall under a Civil Rights claim. Although made on a tight budget the Doco lacks technical flair.

As one would imagine the outcome wasn't favorable for the Chin Family. A 1987 Oscar Nominated Documentary that still holds impact.


The follow up to follow M Night Shyamalan's unexpected success from The Visit in 2015. That he reemerged as a Horror Icon.

The story of a man with 23 confessed personalities all holding back one vicious personality yet to be identified.

James McIvory makes good use of the role but I feel the film fails to keep you gripped throughout. May appeal more to Teen Audiences than adult.

Gold and Glory

A poor acted, cheesy Australian Sports Drama that despite its flaws I found it more or less entertaining. The story of a tyrant father & his two sons preparing for the arduous Coolangatta Gold at 40km+ Endurance Race.

The tension between brothers & their father is the heartbeat of the film & it features some terrific footage of the Gold Coast Queensland an hour north of Australia's 3rd biggest city Brisbane.

May only appeal to Australian Audiences since it has many amateur elements & love interest with little chemistry. Dated but enjoyable...

Three Outlaw Samurai

A tightly woven Action/Drama that just simply jumps off the screen. The story of peasants holding their land owners daughter hostage to receive fairer conditions...their mission seemingly hopeless till a Ronin comes their way.

Set up wonderfully & genuinely gripping throughout the brief 90 mins it runs for. This film has been cited as a major inspiration for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

An incredible film for a debut filmmaker that just brings you into its world with ease. A perfect blend of action, drama & suspense.


Thankfully I walked into this film knowing zero of its story or origin but what a sensational film it was. I was enthralled & engrossed from the beginning.

The story of a charming little Indian Boy who accidentally fell asleep in an abandoned train & when he woke it was hundreds of miles from his home. He then found himself in Delhi 1800 miles away & became an orphan & eventually adopted by an Australia Couple from Hobart.

The first half of the film chronicles his child life then his young adult life & by the time the film near to its conclusion you are so invested you can feel every hair on the back of neck raising. This is a remarkable story & film & I was truly emotionally pulverized by its outcome!! A must see film of 2016!!!!

Born to Dance

What can be said about Born to Dance but that it's fun & it's a musical. One of the very few musicals of Jimmy Stewart & also staring the terrific Elenor Powell who had a big but brief career in Hollywood Musicals.

The story truly takes a backseat to great songs & terrific numbers, the final sequence with Elenor on the Navy Battleship will truly be in the anvils of cinema for years to come.

Has some terrific character actors but does fail as a clever narrative but I have no doubt Audiences of 1936 didn't loose much sleep over it.

Shotgun Stories

The feature breakthrough from a very promising young filmmaker Jeff Nichols about the impact of family revenge in a small no name town in America's South.

Michael Shannon who continues to collaborate with Nichols is sensational as the lead brother of a broken family at war with his step brothers.

Continuing feuding leads to too much blood then he decides to do the unheard of 'turn the cheek'. A slow but intriguing film that launched to world the importance of Jeff Nichols as Independent American Filmmaker.

The Message
The Message(1976)

To my knowledge this is one of the first mainstream releases targeted at Western Audiences about the origin of Islam & the prophet Mohammed.

Clearly lacking the production values & dialogue of Hollywood Films but it's interesting to see how this religion formed.

The directors decision not to show Mohammed makes it hard as a viewer to connect with the film. May appeal to Muslims but I found as a film it was hard to invest in.

Look Who's Back (Er Ist Wieder Da)

A truly gutsy, clever & though provoking film based on a unique concept what if Adolf Hitler came back today & yet again tried to make Germany great.

At first the film seems quite comical & natural Hitler is not taken very serious but as the film progresses it takes a unique political standpoint.

Very quirky & smart & truly makes you think, an interesting Netflix film that seems to be building more momentum.

Chasing Ice
Chasing Ice(2012)

An essential & important documentary about one man's obsession/passion to create a visual representation of climate control by visually measuring the shrinking of the Ice Caps in Greenland.

The struggle it took to captures those images due to weather & locations etc is astounding but the images that where captured are arresting.

An incredible documentary that really does & should cause concern about what we are doing to our planet day in & our.


Clearly another career turning performance of Natalie Portman who brings such electricity to the film playing one of the most famous First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy.

This film focuses on the day after JFK's assassination leading up to his public funeral. Natalie juggles all elements of the role with ease, the pressure, stress, fear & public strain she went through.

Directed with an unusual amount of close up's creating an intimacy in the film, also scored with a sensational score this film delivers a impacting film...hopefully Portman gets an Oscar for her magnificent performance.

Once Were Warriors

If one where to ever doubt film is just mindless entertainment or only Hollywood Actors can pull of great performances one needs to sit down & view this film.

The raw intensity of this film has hardly been matched the brutal depiction of Maori Life in South Auckland New Zealand.

The story of Jak the Musc & his family coping with the terror & destruction he causes when drunk. This is an important film but truly a sledgehammer to the senses. The is an essential film that needs to encourage people away from the life and or mentality , powerful stuff!!!

The Uninvited

A film that seemed to have everything going for it, great critical acclaim, stellar cast but upon viewing I found it a little underwhelming & tricky to follow.

The story of a young couple purchasing a stunning & undoubtedly eerie seaside home for a steal price & as they begin to settle in it they see why it was so affordable.

The story is patchy & little confusion,great effects & atmosphere throughout the film though. May appeal to some...

Dersu Uzala
Dersu Uzala(1975)

Truly an unusual treasure directed by the immortal Akira Kurosawa after a failed suicide attempt & temporary migration to Russia.

The story is of a quirky Mongolian Man who befriends & assists a Russian General & his soldiers through one of the harshest areas of Siberia during the winter.

All though laughed at first due to his unusual form he saves the lives of the soldiers a few times & develops a deep bond with the General. The strength of this film truly lies in its simplicity & heart of the old man. Not a fast paced film but a beautiful & engaging one.

The Sea of Trees

A confusing & somewhat disjointed film about an American Professor who wants out of this life & heads to base forest of the famous Mount Fuji in Japan largely known as Suicide Forrest.

Once in the forest the American connects with a confused & lost Japanese man that develop an unlikely bond.

It's hard to explain what's exactly missing from the film but there is something. It has a few terrific scenes but leaves you with many questions.

Charlie's Country

A beautiful & important film not only about the physical plight of the indigenous but bringing a lot of emotional struggle to the screen also.

The story of Charlie an indigenous man who once had the honor to Dance to the Queen of England out the front of Sydney Opera House on its opening. Now living rurally out of Darwin just simply wants his land & peace from local police.

A very necessary & vital film from Australia that really demonstrates the indigenous struggle. A timeless performance from David Gullipili whom is truly one of our greatest.

Ryan's Daughter

A grossly underrated Epic set on the Coast of Ireland during the late 1910's. Filled with terrific scope & some of the most stunning cinematography capturing shots that stay in your mind long after the film.

The story of Rosie Ryan a beautiful & headstrong Irish Girl who falls in love with straight & somewhat dull school teacher played by the unlikely Robert Mitchum. However a mysterious British Soldier appear & sparks fly & begins an illicit affair.

Although running around 3 hours & 20 mins the film tells the story so simply & effectively you loose track of its length. It was sad to hear the critics rubbished the film but that thankfully didn't effect Box Office.

Koyaanisqatsi - Life Out of Balance

A film that truly is an important visual essay of man's domination of landscape & the world we have created.

Starting with only images & then the haunting & memorable music of Phillip Glass this film starts with the rawest natural landscape of the USA & capturing the beauty of what is still left.

Then with much speed & progression we move to the concrete jungles of LA & NYC & then we truly are taken to another with speed up footage & a dramatic score. This film is a terrific experience...

Full Metal Jacket

It's probably more accurate to describe Full Metal Jacket as an experience as supposed to a film. The opening 40 mins of the film showcasing the marines getting drilled are scenes you are not likely to forget.

Largely a film on the conditioning of these men in the army & then the exploitation of them by the media whilst in Vietnam.

In true Kubrick Fashion the visual sense of the film is sensational but there are so deep themes & a brilliant expose of the silliness & irrelevance of Vietnam, a must see War Film!

Portrait of Jennie

For the first of 2017 I was so grateful to see this somewhat mesmerizing film about a struggling artist desperate for both work & inspiration in NYC.

He coincidently bumps into a school girl called Jennie who he becomes fascinated with that seems to have a past that doesn't entirely connect with present day.

As the artist progress to delve into Jennie's past he finds that she is in fact a ghost that meet a terrible end that he mysteriously connects with. An unusual fantasy film that is completely engrossing.


A unquestionably simple but joyous little film about Paterson a bus driver in Paterson New Jersey who happens to be a fantastic poet also.

The film just takes you into his world & inspirations & the passions of his wife Laura. It's hard to put your finger on what exactly makes this film so great it's the simplicity & tenderness I believe.

It's more of a character study than a typical Hollywood Story. Will appeal to those who are looking for something different in cinema & are tired of the same old thing.

Don Jon
Don Jon(2013)

A rather unique & unusually relevant film from terrific actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt that goes for the throat of Pornography.

The story of Don a guy who loves his car, family, church & above all his Porn. A hard bitting example of the destructive effects of the porn.

Everything culminates when he starts dating Scarlet Johansson's character who is obsessed with old fashioned views of relationships & the struggles they have. An important film for the Internet generation to take notice of.


A beautiful film that arises from the ashes, a simple but effective story of a young boy from a mining town that develops an unlikely relationship with a Kestrel Bird in a nearby farm.

The young boy isn't the most academic or promising young man but his Bird truly brings the best out in him & others around him.

A simple & tender film that makes much out of very little. Very truthful & full of heart, a film that really has a lot of impact if you have the patience with it.

Your Name. (Kimi No Na Wa.)

A thought provoking anime film that is surrounded in mystery, stunning animation & unusual connection between a Tokyo Teen & a teen from rural Japan.

The strangely communicate through their dream life & as they connect they learn they both linked to a tragedy with disastrous effect.

Completely atmospheric & genuinely moving a film that transcends simple animation & etches in your mind. A film filled with mystery & questions...

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

So many people are going to go into this movie expecting one thing & receiving another..just so my readers know this is a musical...beware lol.

But what people need to know is it's a wonderful musical that is set in contemporary Los Angeles but put together like a 1950's musical from the Hollywood Studios.

The chemistry between Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone is genuine & charming & the film is a great comment on the many trying to strike it big in Hollywood Today. Fantastic numbers & music this is gem for those who love cinema & open to something new.


I can't help but agree with many of the critical reviews of this film, it's a good watch but no Casablanca. The story of a two spies that meet in Africa & fall in love then move to London to start a new life but complications arise.

The film looks great & acted with fine craft especially Marion Cotillard who is stunning & lights up the screen.

I found the film engaging & enjoyable but was just missing a little something. It's a solid film but not timeless, better than a lot of the junk out at the moment in cinemas.


Yet again Disney have an uncanny ability to tell a story with visual finesse & depth of story & character development.

This time round we are focusing on legends & myths from the Polynesian World that captures the glorious culture & wraps it around a wonderful story.

Great side characters & voice acting it's so obvious that Disney is truly ahead of the rest. Keen an eye out for the short before the film that's truly sensational.

Santa Claus
Santa Claus(1959)

This truly an awful film that is a combination of horrible filmmaking & strange elements that truly don't make sense.

More or less the story of Santa Claus battling the Devil for children's minds.

Strange costumes, sets & acting this is truly an acquired taste. May have been a hit with audiences in Mexico not sure if it'll be as well received in English Speaking Audiences.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Despite how you feel about the quality of the film you can't deny it was made to connect with audiences between Episode 7 & 8 & not loose audience momentum. Basically the story of the Death Star & events occurring between Ep 3 & 3 on the Star Wars Saga.

I was so disappointed with this film, it was dull & poorly written. I couldn't connect with the characters & had none of the Magic of Star Wars.

No doubt will be a serious money maker but was missing so much. It had a few interesting scenes but I found it hard to care & was beginning to follow my watch more than the film.

Queen of Katwe

A straight down the line inspirational film about a young girl from the slums who develops an incredible ability to play chess.

Very well made & well acted but it is does feel a little paint by the numbers & although lovely felt all to familiar.

The final moments of the film are great to see the actors standing near the one's who they played in real life. A good film for those a near & around teenage age.

I, Daniel Blake

A heart wrenchingly truthful & raw film about a carpenter who had a recent heart attack & unable to work & has to go on welfare.

The film focuses on his journey & unlikely friendship with a struggling single mum & two kids.

This film juggles genuine humor & beautifully tender & sad moments with ease. It shows you the real struggle of those trying to get ahead while juggling no money.

This is not a light film but a rather important one, I was so in love with the characters & so emotionally involved with this story. This is a low key masterpiece that's very relevant & real.

Runaway Train

One of the better Cannon Films in their immersive & infamous catalogue about two prisoners breaking out & stealing a train that becomes an uncontrollable Runaway Train.

Quiet violent & edgy for its time & despite its many scripting flaws it's genuinely engaging & fast paced throughout.

Staring Jon Voight, Eric Roberts & Rebecca DeMorney in solid roles. This could have been directed better but perfect for a Friday Night movie on TV.

The Tenant
The Tenant(1976)

A genuinely chilling & spooky film about Bureaucrat rent a nice apartment in Paris that has some incredibly strange neighbors & in house activity.

This film really captures the paranoia of the claustrophobia of Apartment Dwelling.

As the strangeness mounts you loose the line of what's real & paranoia & truly taken on a trip, a very tense but thrilling film by master Roman Polanski.

American Dream

A hard bitting & honest to the core documentary following the seemingly doomed Union Uprising against the Hormel Packed Meats corporation in the US in the mid 1980's.

Follows both the workers & union activists in this journey & the dedication of the workers some oh strike as long as 60 weeks.

Unfortunately there is no happy ending in the film keeping the story truthful & realistically quite tragic. A terrific documentary that captures the every day American working man struggle.

A Mom for Christmas

I really feel I am being to generous giving this film 2 stars since it really was one dimensional with not much going for it.

The story of young girl longing for a mum & the gorgeous mannequin (Olivia Newton John) comes alive & touches all the families heart.

Very corny & sentimental this Hallmark TV Movie I'm sure will appeal to some. I found it rather flat & forgettable.


An exciting thriller about a doctor & his wife landing in Paris & checking in at their hotel & then the wife strangely disappears.

Filled with genuine suspense & truly keeps you guessing. Harrison Ford was terrific as the lead & truly was such a capable actor.

Filled with terrific side characters that populate this strange universe. Can't explain to much without wrecking the twists but it's a strong thriller from master filmmaker Roman Polanski who is arguably larger than his films.

Nijushi no Hitomi (Twenty-Four Eyes)

Recently this film has taken its place as the greatest Japanese film, a big call when you think of Seven Samurai, Ohayo (Good Morning) etc.

The story of a new & modern teacher that takes the job of a remote Japanese Island which only has 12 pupils (hence the title 24 Eyes) & her impact on their life & their impact on hers.

A very tender & poignant film that captures the most turbulent times in Japanese History & transitions between each students journey. A beautiful film that is a must see piece of Japanese Cinema.

Varieté (Variety) (Jealousy)

A beautifully restored German Classic about a mysterious prisoner reflecting on his life as an acrobat & his struggles with life & the young woman he has an affair with that is distracted by the other acrobat.

Visually decades ahead of contemporaries & shots that stay with you long after the scene has moved on. Emil Jannings was truly a consummate actor that engulfed the film.

From early in the piece you know the film is going in a tragic direction but it is none the less gripping. A stunning circus drama that must be seen for film lovers.

The Founder
The Founder(2017)

An irresistible premise for a film that I'm surprised hasn't been on the Hollywood radar years before it was produced.

The incredible story of Ray Croc who basically found McDonald's as cafe on the outskirts of California that he couldn't resist & push for a franchise opportunity that could cost him everything.

Michael Keaton was phenomenal as Ray Croc & I have no doubt glossed the story of the infamously 'hard' man himself Ray Croc. Wonderfully made & genuinely engaging throughout, a must see.

Storm Boy
Storm Boy(1976)

A simple but enduring kid's film about a young boy & his unlikely friendship between an Indigenous Young Adult & pelican.

By no means a great film or a vehicle for great acting but it has its own charm & some stunning shots of Murray River.

A likable film that grows on you scene by scene & is a gem despite being a low key production.

Valley of the Dolls

I guess to many this is considered as a must see, but I truly state that I have seen it & have no real ambition to re-connect.

Really a vehicle for heaps of sexual innuendo's & unesscery amounts of prescription drugs.

Filled with unusual dialogue & many politically incorrect statements. Great fashions & style but I found it hard to really get into.

Late Spring
Late Spring(1949)

A beautiful & tender film about a genuine & lovely relationship between a widow & his loving & loyal daughter that is more focused on serving her father than being married.

The film juggles perfectly the balance of doing what feels right & what must be done. The characters are so genuine & heartfelt you truly feel for their cause.

As the father gets more concerned about his daughter & pretends to be in a relationship to marry her off. However the ending is quite beautiful & poignant.

Triangle: Remembering The Fire

A solid documentary that captures the horror devastation of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Factory Fire on Saturday 25th of March 1911.

The fire started simply by a discarded cigarette that connected with discarded materials on the 8th floor & many girls could escape in time. However the operator wasted key minutes on connecting with the fire brigade instead of warning the 9th floor who only found out when it was too late.

The reports of what happened to some of these women was atrocious & hard to hear but this event did happened & pushed a new change in industry standards. Tragically 147 died in this fire & 71 women seriously injured, a truly heart wrenching story

In Cold Blood

A somewhat documentary feel B&W film that captures the brutal & motiveless murder of the Klutter Family on a Kansas Farm.

The film tries as best as possible to get into the heads of the two killers & that's truly to the credit of Truman Capote's genius writing.

Perry is by far the most emotionally complicated of the killers that you know there is humanity somewhere under that evil. A incredibly complicated portrayal of these men & challenges the audience, no doubt an important film.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This film will no doubt appeal to Harry Potter enthusiasts but take away the CGI & Big Actors there isn't an awful lot left.

The story is ok but not as strong or imaginative as Harry Potter by miles. Great costume design & art direction but lacked impact.

Will do well naturally due to the fan base but hardly a film that will be remembered about its Box Office run. In my opinion very underwhelming.


An immersive & thought provoking new Sci Fi that focuses much more on language & connection than action & CGI.

The story of Amy Adams a key linguist who is used to identify the language of the Aliens who have parked their ships in key locations around the world.

A deep film that has much back story & a slightly confusing time travel sequence. The score of the film is out of this world & this is truly an intriguing film that really requires a second viewing.

The Crucible
The Crucible(1996)

Hardly an entertaining or so called 'fun' film but truly an intense & gripping film that captured the hysteria of the Witch Hunt era of Salem in Puritan Boston.

It's extraordinary the paranoia of witches & how quickly it traveled throughout the township. The key story focuses on Winona Ryder's character who desires Daniel Day Lewis & with her cunning creates a hysteria that young town woman follow.

Based on a 1950's play that was a terrific social comment of the Macarthy Era. A great warning of false religion & hysteria & how destructive it can truly be.

A Room With a View

A visually scrumptious film that captures the innocence & fun of a young girl coming of age in Venice & her first true love affair that blossoms.

A retrospective feature at British Film Festival that easily whisks you away into this world of wealth & privilege & was the first film of Helen Bonham Carter who went on to do much more.

Visually stunning & completely engaging it's a well defined romance that was impeccably made. A must see for film enthusiasts.

The Disorderly Orderly

It's hard to explain why certain Jerry Lewis film have charm & appeal but they simply do.

Truly the story of a Disorderly Orderly & despite his enemies from his clumsiness he has influential friends.

Dripping in 1960's style this is fun film that has a little world of its own quality. A genuinely amusing film from the Comedy Master.

Nocturnal Animals

An edgy, gritty thriller that juxtapositions between an aspiring LA Artist with insomnia trying to move up in art until she receives a novel from her Ex-Husband that she believes is a dark threat wrapped around a novel.

Slow moving but throughly engaging film that continually keeps you guessing. Sensational performances from both Amy Adams & Jake Gylanhall.

The ending does require a bit of explaining but the atmosphere of the film is thick & keeps you hooked for the duration of the film.

The Accountant

A fast paced & undeniably entertaining film that had the feel of the classic 1980's action film where plot takes the backseat but it's so fun to watch.

The story of an accountant who had autism from a young age & although he seems like a typical accountant he actually oversees some of the most dangerous criminals accounts all through the globe.

A fun, intense paced film that gives you little time to think. One of the better action films of 2016.

Their Finest
Their Finest(2017)

A charming new British Film that not only boasts some of England's greatest acting talent & terrific WW2 Story.

Gemma Atherton is terrific as the young lady who becomes the script editor of a organization making a film to boost the morale of the English during invasion in WW2.

A perfect blend of comedy & drama & one scene in particular with shock & move you. A light but beautiful film that I hope will do good Box Office in Australia.

Pokémon 4Ever

The fourth film in the ever popular Pokemon series that clearly keeps re-inventing itself. This time round this film contains a rather 'green' message also.

The film centers on the mystical forest Pokemon called Celebi who seems to have also have a time traveling ability.

Largely focused on fans of the game & would be surprised if new audiences formed. Not a strong story & many Pokemon appearances pushing the new game released months earlier. Will appeal only to fans.

Hacksaw Ridge

A sensational & tremendously moving story of Desmond Doss who was the greatest war hero that never ever used a gun.

It was really refreshing to see Mel Gibson not stray away from Doss' faith but to celebrate it. It is violent & intense but incredibly moving & what he did in the war was nothing short of extraordinary.

Andrew Garfield brings much sincerity & emotional impact delivering the best performance I have seen from him so far. His faith in Christ is an incredible story & his dedication to save 75 lives is a story worth telling. A phenomenal film that is so much more than a simple war film.

The Light Between Oceans

A visually striking & unforgettable film that in my opinion is one of the best films of 2016. A beautiful film that was so much more special that I thought it to be. A film with so much beauty & depth it's truly a must see.

The story of quiet man (Michael Fassbender) gaining employment after WW1 on a lighthouse quiet remote to the mainland of Western Australia.

There he falls in love with Isabel (Alicia Vikander) and they try desperately to have a child with no success. One day a random row boat arrives with an infant child that sets a chain of events that are truly shocking.

Peg o' My Heart

A charming early Sound Marion Davies film about a simple Irish Girl called Peg & her one in a million offer to go live with her aunt & be an heir of an estate over $2,000,000.

Marion Davies truly was a shinning star that brought much to the screen & this film was a great showcase for talent indeed.

Romantic & sentimental at its core you just have to go with it. Supposively a large hit in its day & still has appeal.

Friday the 13th Part 2

The follow up sequel to Friday series that picks up immediately where the first ended. The opening starts with the only surviving girl from the first & he quick ending by the hands of Jason.

Quite similar in plot to the first but production values are higher with a clearly larger budget this time around.

Jason doesn't adopt the hockey mask just yet but stills keeps the killing spree high. Considered by many the last good quality film in the series of 12.

Friday the 13th

The original that started it all in 1980, the original Friday the 13th that introduced the world of Jason Moores.

The simple story of a young boy who drowns at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957 & the year after 2 counsellors are murdered by a mysterious killer.

Jump to 1980 & the camp is starting up again & even seems fine until the killer returns but is it actually Jason? Quite inventive & an early film for Kevin Bacon.

High Anxiety
High Anxiety(1977)

A terrific spoof from Rip-Off Master Mel Brooke's. This time around Alfred Hitchcock is the target & all things suspense.

Brooke's plays a psychiatrist who takes over a Mental Health Day Spa & quickly identifies the staff are more insane than the patients.

Filled with non stop gags this is a great satire on Hitch & suspense. His films are infectious but terrifically low brow.

And Then There Were None

A clever but uneven murder mystery set on a remote island just off England. Where 10 people are summoned for no reason but are responsible for some heinous crimes that went unpunished.

Unfortunately the film gives little clues which does make it difficult to engage as the film progresses. The film boasts some terrific talent such as Barry Fitzgerald & Walter Huston to name a few.

It's well made but has a few holes here & there, the ending was a genuine twist but a little unsatisfying for my liking.


Intense is just one word that comes to mind when I think of this film. Brian DePalma's Cult Hit Carrie 1976 based on Stephen King's first novel.

The story of a girl bullied at High School & comes from an over religious home that slowly realizes she has telekinetic powers. Despite being bullied things take a turn for good & she is invited to the prom by the cutest guy at school.

However things take a dramatic turn at the prom & you truly have it to see it to believe it. Incredibly intense but powerful filmmaking that really showed the world the skill & craft of DePalma. Not for the faint hearted this a sledgehammer of a film.

Basket Case
Basket Case(1982)

An atrociously bad Cult Horror film about a young man who moves to NYC with a basket that obtains his deformed Siamese Brother.

Filled with God Awful acting & bad special effects I think it's only positive in the unintentional humor throughout.

Amazingly spawned two sequels & does take its place in horror history, an unusual & unsettling horror flick.

The Blob
The Blob(1988)

A frustratingly dull & lifeless remake of the Late 1950's Cult Classic. It's a dismal film & a waste of time.

Weak acting & and slow story makes this for difficult watching. More gory than its original but no way near as appealing.

Interesting to see a very Kevin Dilion who went on to become Johnny Drama from Hit TV Shop Entourage from HBO.

Hakuchi (The Idiot)

A beautiful but fragmented classic from Japanese Cinema Powerhouse Akira Kurosawa based on the famous Russian Novel The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

It's a shame the film was cut down so severely & it is evident in the film. The story of a man affected heavily by the after affects of war & labeled by many in his society an 'Idiot'.

It's so beautiful & lyrical how he interacts & touches people lives with his genuine love & simplicity & often is misunderstood & attacked. A film with tremendous depth & film that stays with you, be great to one day see the 4 hour version instead of 2.75 hour version that only survives today.

An American Werewolf in London

A creepy but entertaining Horror Film about two young American Backpackers traveling through Scotland who have an intense moment with a Werewolf on the Scottish Mores.

One backpacker dies but the other is sent to a London Hospital near dead but develops a relationship with a very accommodating Nurse.

Filled with great scares & laughs this film is wildly entertaining. Quite gory but overall an enjoyable film that has become a Modern Classic.

Hell or High Water

A new Southern Texas Tale about two brothers on the wrong side of the law that bank rob small scale but have a bigger plan in motion.

Hot on their trail is County Sheriff (Jeff Bridges) who is obsessed to identifying their final agenda.

An interesting film that in my opinion is a little overrated. One of the few films I have enjoyed Chris Pine in. Dirty, gritty & relatively engaging but not timeless.

Café Society

The new film from master filmmaker Woody Allen I found was a little pedestrian & dull, but stunningly to watch.

By no means a train wreck but I found missed the wonderful dialogue & cinematic tension that is so iconic in his films.

The story of NYC man heading to Hollywood and falls in love with a powerful Hollywood Agents secretary. A breezy & light romance that is short on depth & originality, not one of his best.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

A clever & innovative Woody Allen film that links two stories the first around a crime & second a misdemeanor.

Filled with terrific scenes that are staged impeccably, Woody Allen's dialogue scenes are truly something else.

Filled with an all star cast this film captures a lot of depth of morality & what happens when you abandon it. A clever comedy/drama that goes a little deeper than his usual work.

Sausage Party

You can't imagine how little interest I had in this film but I thought what the hell be open minded.

This is incredibly crude & not for kids but is quite clever in its depiction of fears & anxieties of society. Despite the rudeness intelligence pops out every now & again.

I found the film enjoyable but there is a sequence near the end rather offensive & really off. Not a complete waste of time but you need to be open with this one.

Life, Animated

A charming & quite moving documentary about a young man with autism & his journey to communicate which ended up being Walt Disney films.

The style of film is unique in the sense of the contemporary interviews where live action & his past & his mind was stunningly animated.

This film chronicles the parents struggle & ultimately his victory as being independent. It's moving, humorous & incredible how much we can learn from people who are different.

The Good Fairy

A charming film about a young woman (Margaret Sullivan) who gets an opportunity to leave the orphanage to become an usherette at the Cinema in Budapest Hungary.

When advanced on by a Millionaire (Frank Morgan: the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz) she decides to pretend to be married so Morgan will finance her hubby. Catch is she picked a random poor man to finance to do her good deed.

As you imagine this film has much confusion between the characters & a little innocence can you get you into trouble in the big wide world. Slow in parts but great performances & charm.

Jesse James
Jesse James(1939)

The infamous story of Rebel & Outlaw Jesse James in the late 1880's. The film opens with the injustices on the James Family & how Jesse & his brother became embittered by the US Railroad.

The began firstly by just attacking the Railroad but quite quickly Jesse James became a little out of control. Staring Tyrone Power as Jesse & his brother played by Henry Fonda.

A classic Technicolor film that captured that glorious era of the west, the story of James which is no doubt exaggerated is still an interesting one. A nice straightforward classic.

The Hunter
The Hunter(2012)

An incredible film focusing on the exploits of a mercenary from a Bio Medical Company obsessed with obtaining DNA of the elusive Tasmanian Tiger which was last seen in Hobart Zoo in 1936 & labeled extinct.

The cinematography was second to none in this sumptuously shot film capturing the harshness of the Tasmanian Landscape.

William DeFoe brought much to the role & the relationship he formed with the family living in remote Tasmania was genuine & heartfelt. The mystery of the Tiger is truly infectious & this is film that will impact & surprise you, a very underrated film indeed.

Hillsong - Let Hope Rise

The new documentary highlighting the much talked about Sydney Based Mega Church Hillsong & their phenomenally successful Young Adult Band Hillsong United.

Being a Christian I understand people having reservations with Hillsong (especially the topic of paying Tax) & also how unfair they can be represented in the media also. But this documentary seems unbiased & relatively fair.

Mega Churches may not be for everyone but this church is clearly doing amazing things all around the world. There music is clearly as good as anything else in the world ATM...I enjoyed it & it's a shame very few saw it.

Primary Colors

A clever & targeted film about the campaign of Jack Stanton played by John Travolta but it takes about three seconds to know it's really about the Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign.

I can't believe any one individual would back such a dishonest & sleazy leader despite whether it's Clinton or not but this film goes to show that many, many do.

Gives insight into the true circus which is know in America as the Presidential Primaries. It was an intriguing study of the behind the scenes of this world & the personalities.

Deepwater Horizon

One of the very Mark Wahlberg films of late I have actually enjoyed, the story of the traumatic Accident & Fire on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig in 2009 claiming many lives.

Wahlberg plays real life survivor who lead others to live also. The incompetence & pressure of BP to drill to early clearly hard its consequences.

Filled with much tension & energy this film doesn't give you much time to breathe but it's action packed. Character Development isn't strong but it's tension makes up for it.

I Capture the Castle

A simple but effective film about a family moving to gorgeous castle in remote English Countryside, and the father of the family is trying to write a follow up book to his first & only hit novel.

The film focuses largely on the girls of the family especially Cassandra played to perfection by the stunning Romola Garai. It's focuses on the hard times, loves gained & lost.

Cassandra's unconditional love for most is the strength of the film. The film has a soft look & terrific costumes, a great romantic film that will no doubt appeal to female audiences.

The Girl on the Train

A new thriller staring one of my favorite contemporary actress' of all time Emily Blunt who does wonders with a so-so script.

The story of a woman plagued by her past & everyday on the train to New York she sees her old home & her ex husband creating a new life.

There are many twists & turns in this film but there are many plot holes also. It's genuinely engaging but a little hard to follow in parts. It's quite violent is sequences also, not as good as I hoped it to be unfortunately.

The Magnificent Seven

An instant classic that was a direct remake of the Japanese Masterpiece Seven Samurai 1954. The film is truly brought alive by the performances of both Yul Brenner & Newcomer Steve McQueen.

The story of a poor village requesting 7 gunmen to fight the terror & devastation of nearby Bandits they pillage the township.

The strength in the film lies int the personalities of the seven men & the presence they have on screen. A true western in style & an entertaining film that doesn't sacrifice story for action.

The Thing from Another World

The early thriller from master producer Howard Hawks that launched 2 sequels including the early 1980's film The Thing staring Kurt Russell.

The film starts with scientists in Alaska that are concerned about a recent meteor hit. Quickly they identify an alien presence but have no idea of its power.

The film isn't the best made or acted but is rich in concept & you can see why many sequels followed. A great UFO Era classic, that's sums up the era very well.

The Red Turtle (La tortue rouge)

A beautiful & poetic film that was a beautiful co-production between the immortal Japanese Studio Ghibli & Danish Animation House.

Basically a dialogue free film about a man stranded on a isolated island with no one to contact with but a Red Turtle. It seemingly dies but is replaced by a beautiful native woman who gives him great comfort & a son.

Filmed with unforgettable visuals & the use of the sounds of life this film is somewhat hypnotic, the final scene of the film is so memorable when the man eventually dies & that woman he loved so dearly was in fact that turtle which was the canvas for his dreams.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

A new macabre film from the master of unusual Tim Burton, this is the story of a young boy who seems to have a crazy grandad with bizarre tales which he slowly begins to unravel they are very true.

The story of a hidden orphanage for children with strange & peculiar ways & under threat by a menacing force that only the young boy can see.

Quite original & inventive its nice to see a new kids film that has depth & good story telling. It's not Burton's best but it's an interesting film.

Girl Asleep
Girl Asleep(2016)

A Napoleon Dynamite inspired coming of age Quirky Teen film made in our native land in the beautiful South Australia.

The story of a complex 14 year old turning 15 starting at a new school with an unusual parents & a new best friend who is rather femine but truly steals the show.

Very quirky & unusual looses the plot in the third act & goes way off tangent. Has some great moments but struggles to truly shine. Will be appreciated more if you have a soft spot for Indy Cinema.

Three Good Friends (Die Drei von der Tankstelle)

A charming & delightful very early sound German musical about three penniless friends who trade their only car for gas station. All is well till a lady comes on the scene & when they all full in love with her trouble ensures.

Directed with technical craft & European finesse this has a unique brand unlike many Hollywood Musicals on the Early Sound Era.

Sadly this film was banned by the Nazi Party in 1937 since the filmmaker was Jewish & the film had many Jewish References. A fun light hearted affair that was well worth the time.

I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

A beautiful & touching documentary about the man behind the puppet of the eternal Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Carol Spinny was a beautiful blend of a physical genius & truly a child at heart. His heart for the role & children & dedication to the character is truly inspiring. His personal life was rather tragic & there is incredible footage of Big Bird coming to grips with his friend dying is so relevant to his own struggles.

I was surprisingly quite moved by this film & you truly take for granted the man behind Big Bird. Filled with great footage of Sesame Street & Carol's personal life.

The Single Standard

To my knowledge this was the last Silent Film Garbo made with MGM since the executives where concerned her thick Swedish Accent wouldn't gel well with audiences.

This is quite a daring story of a woman sick & tired of Men's Hypocrisy & decides I'm going to play the field regardless of the consequences.

An interesting social comment on male & female behavior of the day & Garbo was so radiant on screen. Somewhat of a tragic film at heart but features some gorgeous photography especially when Garbo goes to sea.


Considered by many critics as the film that birthed the famous New Wave of Cinema regardless of that its an entertaining film dripping of style & unique cinematic invention.

The story of a petty criminal who murders a police officer in a moment of rage & finds himself on the run. Inspired by Bogart's Hard-Edge Character he tries to woo a naive Young American Woman.

Filled with new camera techniques & clever flowing natural dialogue this was so far away from the Hollywood Formula. A breakthrough film of Jean Luc-Godard & fantastic French Film.


The new Oliver Stone film that simply put falls short of the impact his films usually have. Although it's unfair to compare this film to the Academy Award Winning Documentary Citizenfour which was catching Snowden's moves live but the impact of corruption & attack of privacy but this film felt weak.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a good job with the role but once the secret was put worldwide the film is building up to a conclusion you already know.

Shot with a strong visual sense & flowed well but I found it a little 'play it safe' for the likes of Oliver Stone. A good film but nothing extraordinary at all......

Who's Minding the Store?

A fun light hearted film staring Jerry Lewis about a guy desperate to impress his girl that happens to be the daughter of a Department Store he works at.

As with a Jerry Lewis comedy the comedy isn't to intricate but this film was fun & directed by Frank Tashlin who made his career from Looney Tunes cartoons & was said to direct his live action films like cartoons.

It's great to see the 1960's style shine out through the film & this is considered one of his better films he made.

Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood often takes pride in the fact that many of his significant films are completely CGI Free & purely focused on Story-Telling.

This film is a beautiful & soulful film that many think will be just be a 'Girl Rocky' but goes in an unexpected & powerful direction.

A moving film of a Father & Daughter story that has a powerhouse performance by Hillary Swank & probably one of the best supporting actor performances on screen by Morgan Freeman. A wonderful that is just as satisfying years after than I originally saw it.

The Mysterious Lady

A visually sumptuous film that is brought alive by screen icon Greta Garbo. The story of Russian Spy (Garbo) seducing an man of influence in the Austrian Army for strategic plans...the flip side is she falls in love with him.

Despite the obvious cliche nature of the plot it's the beaming presence that Garbo has on screen the is truly electrifying.

The film has terrific craft & clearly made with such finesse, the look of the film was impeccable. A must see for Garbo fans & in general is a very entertaining romance melodrama.

Hoop Dreams
Hoop Dreams(1994)

A long but in depth documentary focusing on two African-American boys growing up in the slums of Chicago that are bent on making the NBA.

It focuses not on their home life but the pressure in high school & university basketball & the pressure put on them to perform.

This film captures the spontaneity of the boys & their heart & passion to play basketball. Rather stirring & inspiring but could have been a good 30-40 mins shorter.

Snow White
Snow White(1916)

A beautifully restored tinted print of this film survives which gives us great insight to how the immortal 1937 version was conceived.

I believe Walt Disney saw this film when he was 17-18 & it had a last impression on him. Well Shot & Well Made for its time & was largely based on the hit Broadway Play Snow White & the Seven Dwarves.

There was a fun/light feel to this adaption & is great to see Margaret Clarke who played Snow White bring a lot of charm to the role.

The Eastwood Factor

Simple & straightforward film about the incredible success Clint Eastwood has had & the staggering amount of defining films he has made since his directional debut in 1971.

I must admit the film focuses on his typical films & goes over a lot of the gems he made that are lesser known to the public.

In my opinion the end of documentary which focuses on Clint's life at home & showed a real human side to the 'Dirty Harry'. Enjoyable for fans of Eastwood.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

A superb documentary directed by legendary filmmaker Ron Howard that tackles the most intense touring years of The Beatles especially the insane US Tour in 1964 & 1965.

Filling with sincerity & nostalgic fever of an unprecedented Musical Revolution that captures the fever & mania perfectly. Footage of The Beatles in Adelaide Australia is extraordinary 250,000 attended their arrival in Adelaide Airport.

Ron Howard directed with class & finesse & I'm so keen for him to possibly tackle the psychedelic years of the The Beatles next....

Don't Breathe

A new horror with a terrific concept of a young group of teens who rob a home of a blind ex war veteran who has a few tricks up his sleeve.

The film's piles tension after tension & keeps you guessing. Acting isn't top notch but enough suspense to keep you sidetracked.

This is by no means a masterpiece but us well made & I'm sure will ace the Teen Market.

Captain Fantastic

An offbeat Comedy-Drama about a father who lives with his children remotely in the forests of the North-West regions of the USA.

Teaching & training them physically under an intense routine that he truly believes will help his children in the long run.

Filled with raw energy & honesty this is a very unique family film that truly makes you think. A breath of fresh in Indy Cinema.

Reflections in a Golden Eye

A rather unusual against the grain drama about a struggling couple in an army base in the southern most parts of USA.

Basically Marlon Brando is closeted Homosexual & Elizabeth Taylor is his cheating wife. Marlon begins to get fascinated in a young soldier who seems to have his strange desires on Taylor.

Very taboo & ahead of its time for 1967 & touches on many fears & insecurities of the day. Many memorable especially where Taylor whips Brando with a horse whip after she finds out her assaulted her horse. Very challenging & confronting film.

Hawk the Slayer

An atrociously bad 'bad' film that in my opinion basically makes very little sense at all.

Jack Palance is the evil lord & his only rival is a disgraceful adult playing the Hawk the Slayer.

Tragic dialogue & sub standard editing, this film is truly a train wreck.

Viva Las Vegas

A not entirely well made but like able Elvis film where you saw a rarity ...Elvis completely upstaged by Ann Magaret.

The plot is unbelievably one dimensional basically a race car driver (Elvis) trying to woo Ann Magaret with occasional unesscery musical numbers.

A perfect example of a typical Hollywood Crowd Pleaser that I'm sure will appeal to Elvis Fans. It's fun fast & cheeky.

The Secret Life of Pets

A fun light hearted affair based on the premise of what Pets think & get up to when humans aren't around.

Conceptually this is great idea & many of the humorous scenes are quite funny, my favorite is the posh owner of a poodle who leaves his dog with classical music in the background & once he leaves it's changed to Heavy Metal & the poodle starts head banging!

The plot isn't the foundation in the film & to be honest is only so so, but the humor is clever & I have no doubt will appeal to young & old.

The Black Cat

A renowned early horror that boasts an unmissable cast both Horror Icons Bela Lugosi (Original Hollywood Dracula) & Boris Karloff (Original Hollywood Frankenstein).

The story of two American Honeymooners that get abducted in a taxi accident & awaken in a modern mansion on the outskirts of Budapest Hungary.

Filled with much atmosphere & genius my dark scenes considering the film was made in 1934. This film is major inspiration for Metallica's Lead Guitarist Kirk Hammet who has expressed his interest towards it many times.


A clear passion project for director Clint Eastwood on his jazz hero Charlie 'Bird' Parker focusing on his phenomenal talent but self destructing addictive nature.

Forest Whitaker was stellar cast as Bird & brought much life to the character. The jazz scene back then was a passion filled environment but rather dingy & disconnected to popular music circles.

Although not a wildly entertaining & fast moving film it was interesting & engaging piece of cinema. Well worth a watch if your Eastwood Enthusiast.


A thoroughly engaging & wonderful film about Captain Sully who amazingly saved a plane by water landing in the Hudson River.

The film follows intensely the days after the accident & the investigation that follows that in many ways accuses Sully of being negligent.

A great film of one man & his commitment to integrity, the film features flashback footage of the incident that will have you on the edge of your seat. A terrific new film from Clint Eastwood who clearly still has it behind the camera.

The Cross and the Switchblade

An undeniably corny yet affective film about the evangelism of Christ to NYC Gang Leader Nicky Cruz in the 1970's.

Acting isn't as impacting as the subject matter but the story is quite amazing all the same. Give you much insight to the horrors of life in the rough areas of NYC in the 70's.

A strong film in the Christian Circles of its day & seen as a curiosity today. I found the film effective & moving.

A Farewell To Arms

One of the earliest adaptations of Ernest Hemingway that was to be a sure fire success at the Box Office with Rock Hudson.

The film definitely too long hand many great qualities & due to the Author experiencing much of this the story had real authenticity.

The stories gets going half way & has many twists many tragic. Critics seemed to strongly dislike the film but I haven't seen the original 1930's version though.

Heavenly Creatures

A disturbing & gripping film from director Peter Jackson before he set his eyes on JRR Tolkien. A haunting tale of two girls one from NZ & one from England that develop a strange new friendship.

The intensity of their friendship gets worse & worse & their fictional world becomes more real. Kate Winslet was launched to the world in this film & she was truly a shinning talent.

The obsessive relationship concerns both parents & as the threat of separation become obvious there thoughts get even darker & they perform an unforgivable murder. A dark film I don't recommend since its not an easy watch.

Kubo and the Two Strings

A thoughtful & sensitive new animated film that is a breath of fresh air & targeted at children with a genuine attention span.

The story of a young boy who finds himself on adventures like those he tells the village for coins.

A rather eastern story & ideals which is often unusual to see in Western Orientated Animated Films, filmed with nuance & care this is an above average animated film....


Electrifying is the only needed to describe this musical of a darker nature but still wildly entertaining nonetheless. I believe it was the only full musical to win the Oscar for best film since Oliver! In 1968...

The story of Roxie Hart good girl gone bad & when shooting her affair it lands her in death row until slick lawyer (Richard Gere) comes to her aid.

Incredibly memorable music numbers especially 'He Had it Coming!' This lurid subject matter is drowned out by mesmerizing numbers. An energetic & powerful musical!

The Neverending Story

An undeniably strange but terrific Fantasy Film by director Wolfgang Peterson from his native country Germany but made specifically for English Speaking Audiences.

A story of a young warrior Atreyu who is entrusted on a quest to save Fantasia from the Nothing (A dark force which destroys all in its path.

Filled with strange & wonderful creatures & sets this is such a memorable modern classic, that's behind the scenes information is hard to come by.

The Iron Giant

An underrated & beautifully made animated film helmed by Brad Bird a big name in the Simpsons Television Show.

A simple story of a dreamy young boy finding a massive robot in the nearby forest that he befriends despite his gigantic size.

The story takes a surprise & deeper turn in the third act & really touches your heart. A film that sadly came & went but was a real standout Animated Feature.

Hitori musuko (The Only Son)

A beautiful & poignant film about a mother who gives her all to make sure her son has a decent education & attempt at a successful future.

Years go by & she decides to visit her son who is living on the out skirts of Tokyo & not as successful as her presented.

The film is full of many beautiful scenes especially the scene between the mother & son seated by the long grass & industry in the background discussing the hopes dashed in their lives. This is a truthful film brought alive by Japanese director Yashiro Ozu that stays with you.

White Dog
White Dog(1982)

An intense & powerful drama about an aspiring actress who finds s stray white dog that is not just a term for its colour but a term for a Dog trained to maul & kill black people by a white extremist owner.

A seasoned black trainer decides to rehabilitate the dog despite its vicious nature & obsession to attack any black in sight.

A very thought provoking film where the dog is the lead actors & the other actors support its story, a terrific drama from master director Samuel Fuller.

War Dogs
War Dogs(2016)

One of those wildly entertaining who cares if it's true films about 2 twenty year olds making it big running guns for the Iraq War.

I question the accuracy of the information but the film is so fun you begin to not care. Great performances by Jonah Hill & Myles Teller & a sneaky performance by Bradley Cooper.

Made to entertain & it surely does, goes to show what goes behind some of these wars. A great action comedy!

The First Olympics: Athens 1896

On the 90th anniversary of the Modern Olympics this mammoth mini series covers the construction & execution of the first Summer Olympic Games in Athens Greece in April 1896.

The incredible achievement of a French Man unifying many countries to compete for Olympic Glory which was quite a new concept.

The film is far to focused on the US Team but they did have the most trouble arriving to Athens due to mix up of dates. Acting is so so but the history is rich & entertaining I found it quite enthralling despite its 4 hour length.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One of the well know of the many adaptions of the infamous Dr. Jekyll & Hyde that is so rich in concept, the evil in every man & how it comes to be.

Spencer Tracey did a wonderful work wit the material but he struggled to pull of the terror that was needed.

The ladies in the film Lana Turner & Ingrid Bergman in many way moved the film forward. The strength of the film lies in the concept & the transformation of Jekyll to Hyde.

Embrace Of The Serpent (El Abrazo De La Serpiente)

A confusing yet visually stunning start B&W film that I believe is the first Columbian Film to be nominated as Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards.

The story of 2 scientists over 40 years desperately trying to locate a rare healing plant in the Amazon Jungle.

Filled with many strange sequences & by & large the film made very little sense. Beautiful cinematography & use of sound effects, this film left me with my questions than answers. A strange film....

Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt

A moving portrait of a documentary that focuses on 5 individual stories from the heartbreaking quilt that gives tribute to the tens of thousands who died in the US due to AIDS in front of Washington DC.

Not all 5 stories focused on Homosexuals there was story of a child & man who took a drug needle etc. it's so heart-wrenching to hear all these mass stories of loss.

Narrated by Dustin Hoffman it shows the human story to the battle of AIDS. A moving documentary that is an important film in documentary history.

Jason and the Argonauts

A perfect vehicle for Visual Effects master Ray Harryhausen hot off his success from the 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

The story of Greek Myths & Fantasy Creatures the plot is surprisingly solid but the film lags in the mid section.

Some extraordinary visual concepts most notable is the dead skeletons coming to life. An entertaining Mythic Epic with some great effects.

The Last Days

A master documentary about the darkest of subjects in Modern History, the Last Days of the Holocaust & the Nazi's obsession to murder all Jews despite loosing the war.

The film focuses on 5 Hungarian Jew survivors from the Holocaust mainly Aushwitz Camp in Poland & their chilling stories but also their gratefulness to be alive.

As one could imagine this is not a fun film to watch but an important one. The images that appear in this film are not easy to view but it did happen. A very powerful documentary that needs to tool to assure this will never happen in history again.

Eyes Without a Face

A chilling & suspenseful film about a genius doctor who is obsessed with finding the right face for a transplant for his disfigured daughter's face.

The atmosphere of the film is so tense & the performance of the young girl disfigured is sensational since she is mainly masked but her acting just beams out of her.

Quite sordid & dark for its day due to the controversial face transplant sequence, but it's the story & performances that make this film so engaging. A French classic Horror....

Going in Style

A charming & charismatic comedy about three seniors that plan to rob a bank due to lack of excitement in their own lives.

Although the film has some great scenes that are quite funny it's the tender moments of the film that are the most memorable.

It's interesting as the spend all the money you begin to see what's important to them, a fantastic blend of Comedy & Drama. A great little film....

I'm No Angel
I'm No Angel(1933)

Mae West's follow up film that caused shockwaves through the nation, one of the first openly verbally explicit actress' in Hollywood.

This time round she plays Tira a Lion Tamer who is better at taking men with only one motive in mind.

Things change when she falls hard for Cary Grant. Full of great one liners with heaps of sexual innuendo. A fun classic that easily identifies why she was so popular in the early 1930's.

The Bear
The Bear(1989)

A charming French Film that was seemingly intended for English Speaking audiences. The story of a orphaned Bear Cub that befriends a Wild Adult Grizzly.

The characterization the director gets out of the Bears is extraordinary & the beauty of the landscapes sets up this engrossing film.

Filled with drama, action, beauty, scope & haluncnagitics this is a beautiful film, a must see if you liked Milo & Otis.

Maggie's Plan

A sort of flat & good but not great Chatty Comedy staring one of my Favourites Greta Gerwig who can just make a film happen.

An uneven film about a struggling New York single who rushes into a relationship with self absorbed Ethan Hawke.

A few scenes form a chuckle but didn't have the impact I'd assume it to have. A bit to flat for my liking unfortunately.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

An irresistibly charming B Grade Gem that features some of the most extraordinary effects for its day from Master Ray Harryhausen.

The story is second to the stunning visual effects & action, adventurer Sinbad must return to Mt Collosus in order to save his bride to normal size after being shrunk by an evil wizard.

The film is tongue & cheek but ultimately lots of fun. In many cases the creatures in the film have better acting abilities than the human parts. A terrific visual effects milestone & a fun adventure film.

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady(1964)

The musical of musicals celebrates its 50th birthday & truly has never looked better. A charming film that truly gets better with age.

The story of Eliza Dolittle (Audrey Hepburn) a street urchin with a sharp tongue but painful sounding words that falls under the tutelage of Dr Higgins played by Rex Harrison.

The strength of the film is three things, one: sensational performances from Hepburn & Harrison, two: some of the most stunning costumes has ever put together in Hollywood, three: songs that just move the story forward with ease. A timeless classic that will loved for generations to come.

Johnny Guitar

A fantastic classic featuring a terrific & electric performance by Joan Crawford playing Saloon Owner Vienna who doesn't take the rubbish from the local town.

Things really heat up when stranger Johnny Guitar rides into to town with a clear past with Vienna. Filled with great dialogue & genuine tension.

A western with a twist & this time the lady has something to settle. A unique take on the Western & really engaging film, with great characters.

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne(2016)

A frustratingly pedestrian new Bourne film that not only doesn't break any new ground but is filled to the rim with the irritating Handheld (Shaky) Camera Technique.

If you strip away all the action in this film you are truly left with very little indeed.

Features some great locations & pulsating action but originality & story are definitely a second. I've never been sold on the Bourne series & this film has solidified that.


I couldn't have entered this movie with more skepticism & I was right it's not a good film but in a strange way it had appeal & was genuinely funny in segments.

The real strength of this film is the girl performers who make magic out of a lousy script.

It's really predictable & has none of the impact of the original but it's entertaining enough. I expected much, much worse, but don't get me wrong it's nothing great either.

Love & Friendship

A witty & sharp tongued new period drama from the filmmaker that brought us Metropolitan in the early 1990's.

The craft & dialogue of the film is terrific but I found the film a little stake in story & originality.

The look & costumes are fantastic & great to see Kate Beckinsale spreading her wings as an actress but I found the film a little pointless over all.


Repulsion is the story of a Carol a strange, uneasy Belgian young woman staying with her sister in a Kensington Flat & beginning to see strange things.

The mind of Carol seems to be getting worse & worse and you as viewer get confused what's real & what isn't.

Filled with some genuine suspense, director Roman Polanksi created some unnerving visuals. A tense, memorable film that is both shocking & captivating, a must see classic.

Sling Blade
Sling Blade(1996)

A confronting & powerful film about a gentle & simple man recently released from a Mental Institution for a murder he committed when he was a boy.

The film was acted too perfection by Billy Bob Thorton who directed & wrote the film also, although it's not fast paced it's gripping & genuinely engaging southern gothic fable.

The film just mounts & mounts for a chilling conclusion, it's a masterclass film & well worth watching.


One of the recent directional efforts from master filmmaker Roman Polanski that is based a hit play. The story is simple two parents meet over a fight between their sons & one son is seriously injured & their true prejudices & insecurities quickly arise.

The performances & dialogue in this film is sensational & it's also really funny & has such a honesty to the characters.

It's a short feature & set basically in a lounge room but the performances are so rich it's keeps you enthralled. A unique divergence from Polanksi but a welcomed one.


A charming little sports picture about a young man determined to play for the Notre Dame University Football Team no matter the cost & despite his stature.

Sam Austin is terrific as Rudy with that baby face & sensitivity needed for the role.

I found it a little flat & uninspiring but I could see that how it would appeal to most audiences. Rather sentimental but overall entertaining.

G.I. Jane
G.I. Jane(1997)

One of the better films of Demi Moore in the mid 1990's, the story of a woman determined to complete the new intense Navy Seal program that even men are struggling to complete.

Demi Moore is great & dynamic in her role & tackles the masculinity of the role with ease but never sacrificing her feminine beauty.

It's a pretty straight forward film but is easy to watch & enjoyable to see watch a strong female lead. A entertaining action film also.

Knife in the Water

The directional debut of Roman Polanski who's life excluding directing is extraordinary alone. A simple but effective Polish Film that was actually the first Polish Film to be nominated as Best Foreign at the Oscars.

The story of a couple going boating & nearly hit a hitchhiker on the road on the way to the marina. He cunningly convinces them to take him on the sailing trip then the dynamic of the couple changes.

The knife of the hitch hiker plays a key part in the narrative & it's a lot of what's not said that makes the film so appealing. Incredible craft directed by Polanski & is a stellar debut film.

The Legend of Tarzan

I have no struggle understanding why this film will appeal to female audiences, Tarzan without a shirt is truly a sight to see.

That aside I found this film predictable & dull, it had solid visuals but it just all felt familiar with nothing new to engage with.

Waltz was playing his typecast self & all in all I found the film unsatisfying. The cinematography at times was really well executed, it was hard to keep interested in this messy film.


A stirring film about a young woman's opportunity of living on oil stricken land & utilizing the situation to stand up against the other Oil Moguls.

The most interesting part of the film actually was the subtle environmental aspect through the lives of the American Indians who lived off the land.

Fun exiting & full of action it's what you would expect from the movies of that era. It's considered B Grade in its day but I found the Action/Drama quite interesting.

A Man Called Peter

A inspiring & tender film about a young man obsessed with the sea & hopeless in direction until he has a genuine connection with God & becomes a minister.

The film focuses on Peter Marshall's time in the US & his rare & honest approach to ministry & the lives he touched along the way.

He greatest loves where God & his wife & it's a shame the story will take such a tragic end but it's a nice wholesome film.

Dressed to Kill

An unrelenting sensual thriller that focus the death of a married woman by a razor & the only witness a High End Escort girl who caught a glimpse of the seemingly female murderer.

Filled with stunning camerawork (the camera is always moving) and many tense scenes & some terrific twists & turns.

Although dialogue & acting is a little tongue in cheek the suspense is pounding. A genuinely gripping thriller staring Michael Caine...throughly enjoyed this 80's Cult Classic.

Sing Street
Sing Street(2016)

An irresistible new comedy from the directer that brought us Once (2007) & Begin Again (2014). This is killer Indy film about a group of Irish Teems making their own band with admirable talent but huge hearts and a video camera.

A near perfect soundtrack including Duran Duran & A-Ha the film caught me by surprise & I was in love at first sight.

Genuinely funny, appealing & all around great film with a really believable romance with lead of band and wanna be Irish Model. It's a shame this film won't be a box office smash since it's a real gem.

The Great Beauty

A visual tour de force film that recently won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The story of Jep Gambellrado a one hit wonder author that's been riding the wave of success for as long as he can.

Filled with unforgettable cinematography & some of the most gorgeous & lush photography of the city of Rome itself.

Jep's honesty & reflective look at his self & his current state of emptiness is intriguing. The people that populate his journey are fascinating, and you really see how empty a life of chasing status can be.


A charming Typical Classic Hollywood Musical in the stunning era of CinemaScope & Color. The story of two American Hunters from New York in Scotland accidentally stumble across a village called Brigadoon which is not on the map.

Filled with terrific & engaging musical numbers & no doubt has a charm to it. The plot thickens when it takes a turn to fantasy when you find the town is under a witches spell.

Very much a vehicle of its day & features much of the many things audiences craved in the 1950's. I found it fun & enjoyable...will appeal to all who appreciate musicals.

Central Intelligence

As you begin watching Central Intelligence you quickly identify this is a film with very little intelligence (wonder how many reviews have started like this).

The story of a once bullied kid who know buffed up & joined the CIA & coming back for his high school reunion & connecting with Golden Jet Calvin Harris.

Take away all the gags & black jokes you really have a weak film, will appeal to teens no doubt but I found nothing really appealing. It's fast paced which helps but is a pretty ordinary comedy.

The BFG(2016)

The BFG is the new Spielberg movie that will appeal to adults & children alike. The story of a young orphan girl Sophie befriending a BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

Despite bring a children's story Roald Dahl so effortlessly adds depth & dimension to his stories & Spielberg does a wonderful job to make it come alive on screen.

Filled with terrific CGI Work & in many moments is heartfelt & sincere. Sometimes Spielberg is looked at too critically this is a gorgeously made Children's Film.

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream (Hollywood: An Empire of Their Own)

An interesting documentary on the incredible impact of the Jews to the motion picture industry & how the so called American Dream was born.

It's rather ironic that America Dream aka White Picket Fence & Girl Next Door is ultimately the brain child of Hungarian Jews.

It presents all the original movie moguls who where all Jewish & visionary. It's amazing how cinema shaped American Culture and ultimately the world. Showcases some incredible footage & wonderful interviews.


This film is a fine line between a well made TV Movie & Documentary Dramatization. Although the acting is nothing special it does give a terrific visual insight to infamous Manson Murders in the summer of 1969.

The film follows Linda who entered the farm a week or two before the infamous Tate & LaBlanca murders back to back.

The severity of these crimes is immeasurable especially that Tate Murders where Actress Sharon Tate (Wife of Roman Polanksi) was brutally stabbed 35+ times & her unborn child dying in the process. Although not a fun film it is intense document on sheer evil.


The Oscar nominated Documentary of Charles Manson & his Family at the Californian Ranch, although not high in quality it contains a lot of actual footage from the Ranch & produced not long after Manson was charged & sentenced.

Has some compelling interviews of members of the ranch who still worship & believe Manson will be freed.

It's incredible how brainwashed they truly were & how in only four weeks they performed an unforgettably horrific murder. Basically a Sex Cult that turned sadistic in a short time, poorly made but still intriguing to view.

Unknown Chaplin

An interesting documentary that focuses largely on the unknown films & out takes of silent comedian master Charlie Chaplin.

Despite his flaws he clearly was a master filmmaker & this film demonstrates his mastery/obsession. It was interesting to see how he directed & constructed his scenes.

Although a little slow in parts & some out takes just went on forever it did give insight & is a must for Chaplin enthusiasts. Brownlow is truly one of the great Film Historians.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Growing up as a kid and seeing ID4 (1996) at cinemas was such an amazing experience jump ahead 20 years and seeing the sequel was not.

The story & characters are paper thin & although the original wasn't perfect but it had much more charm than the current one.

Saturated with Computer Generated Imagery & just nothing else to it, it's a real shame the quality of Roland Emmerich's have dropped significantly. Overall a very disappointing sequel.

White Mane
White Mane(1952)

A stunning short film from the master who brought us the Red Balloon.

The is beautiful film about a French peasant boy who tames the infamous White Mane.

Photographed to near perfection & the gorgeous use of the Southern France Landscapes. It's a joy to watch with a beautiful endearing story.

Female Trouble

The next trash piece John Waters serves us after his unusual success of Pink Flamingo's in 1972. Divine this time round is her usual vile self.

This time round she joins a salon to become a model while commuting crimes (supposedly that is sexier...go figure). The plot is back seat to the graphic humor & sick dialogue.

No doubt will appeal to fans of John Waters & is definitely trashy. Has a few funny lines but really is bad taste.


The new Australian Film that premiered in the Sydney Film Festival & is an outback Tour de Force. The story of traveling detective & the local cop at Goldstone that immediately clash over what's going on in town.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in Goldstone & this film just unravels terrifically with such suspense.

There are exceptional performances throughout & some stunning cinematography. Although it may not be a successful commercial film it's a stirring drama/thriller that was engaging throughout.

Man of a Thousand Faces

A superb hit in its day Man of a Thousand Faces is the extraordinary story of Lon Chaney Snr one of the greatest early actors of the Silent Era that could effortlessly transform into any character.

James Cagney does a great job with the role but in my opinion doesn't overly look like Lon Chaney did. However his story from stage to film is an interesting one.

Lon Chaney made some extraordinary films & became so many characters. He was so good at his roles that if he attended a Hollywood party no one knew him since his characters where so convincing.


It's quite incredible the number of great films Hitchcock made in the 1930's in London & how frequently he produced them.

This is a sensational thriller about a couple that run a cinema in London & although she is unaware her husband is plotting to Sabotage London & create terror in the streets with a criminal mastermind.

The film unravels so well & you as viewer journey with the wife to identify her husbands evil motives. The visuals & tension are second to none. It's engaging & perfectly directed, a must see early Hitch .

Down and Out in America

An Academy Award winning documentary about the the appalling homeless situation in the USA. The film focuses on three areas 1) American Farmlands 2) Homelessness in LA 3) Homelessness in NYC.

Although this film was produced in 1986 it's really tragic to see how little has actually changed. The story of the homeless society in LA that was actually supporting one another & was just simply bulldozed & everything they set up was gone.

The story of the struggling family in NYC is by far the most tragic & impacting. They lost their Brooklyn apartment due to a fire & forced into homeless accommodation that is appalling. When they pour out the hopelessness of their situation it's truly heartbreaking, this is an important documentary.


A fantastic portrayal & expose of Marjoe Gortimer, a household name in North American South as a Child Preacher & was ordained as a minister at 4 years old & married a couple at 4 and half.

This film follows Marjoe's return to the preaching circuit & his phenomenal success with the Christian Tent Revivals.

Although clearly corrupted by money he had an electrifying charisma & ability to communicate & hook the masses. He seemed to have some dignity at the end but fooled many, an interesting documentary on a clever conman.


A new award winning Turkish Film that is a Coming of Age Drama about four girls on the peak of puberty under a strictly religious & hypocritical upbringing of their Grandma & Uncle.

A very fresh & contemporary film for Turkey that is a genuinely explosive film that has many memorable scenes.

A terrific blend of humor & drama and gives you interesting insight to there dated form of upbringing. A great edgy foreign film....

God's Pocket
God's Pocket(2014)

The last complete Philip Seymour Hoffman before he was taken way to early from us. It's a simple story of young teen of an average family who is hit on the head on a construction site & everything was covered up.

This family comes from God's Pocket in NYC (one of the roughest suburbs in NYC) and the wife of the deceased boy insisting that she gets to the bottom of it all.

Hoffman is sensational as the broken Step-Father who is trying to navigate through this drama & also needing to raise the money for the funeral. Edgy, violent & engaging, this also a directional debut from John Slattery from TV's Mad Men.

Le Week-End
Le Week-End(2014)

A truthful & hard bitingly honest depiction of a struggling British Couple having a Long Weekend in Paris & re-connecting with an old friend.

I find this film may be to hard hitting for Rom Com followers but had some terrific scenes that where truthful. Jim Broadbent was sensational in his role & added much depth.

The location of Paris is used superbly & is an important for struggling marriages. A clever film that is worth a viewing.

Everybody Wants Some!!

A film you sit through hoping there will be more too it but 'it' never comes. A frustratingly pointless new film from Richard Linklater about a young freshman entering college with his Baseball Team.

I understand the film was going for naturalism but it just wanders & never really goes anywhere at all.

The critics may embrace this film with open arms but I'm sure the public will be more skeptical. I found it rather dull & pointless.

Me Before You

An all new Tearjerker about a quirky young woman taking the job of a carer for a disabled man & their bonding.

The lead is Kahlese from the phenomenally successful Game of Thrones TV Series who delivers a great performance with much charm.

The film is by no means timeless but effective & seems to conquer female audiences. It's enjoyable & fun but I'll warn you bring some tissues.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

A sure box office hit that in my strongest opinion is well worth the ticket price. A continuation on from Finding Nemo that features stunning animation, great story & a lot of fun.

This focuses largely on Dory's journey to find her parents & remember her childhood. The story is simple with terrific messages.

Not doubt will appeal to both adults & children alike with quite a few jokes that are very clever. Pixar are seemingly unstoppable with sensational animations & stories.

The Bridge
The Bridge(2006)

One of the most raw & confronting documentaries I have seen that stays long with you after the credits role. An ambitious film in which the director placed cameras on the shore just away from Golden Gate Bridge visually documenting all 24 Suicides that year.

The director then goes to interview all the loved ones about the impact of these suicides. The first story that shocked me was a young man who jumped but changed his mind & landed properly but miraculously survived.

The final story which is by far the most tragic & affected me profoundly, the story of Gene a charismatic black rocker who had so much going for him (even a call back from a Video Game Shop offering him a management job on the day of the suicide) and the final moments of the film capturing his tragic leap to freedom.

From The Sky Down

A simple but forthright documentary on the struggle U2 went on recording their defining album Achtung Baby (1991) a few years after Joshua Tree.

It's a honest expose on where the band was & where there have come & how far they wanted to get away from their current fame.

A must see for fans of the band & the album & gives insight why they are a band that has survived so many decades despite their unpopularity currently.

There's Always Tomorrow

A clever & important film from the mid 1950's directed by the master of Social Comment & Melodrama Douglas Sirk.

The story of a Toy Manufacturer disenchanted by Married & Family Life & old pal comes to town & quickly ignites a new romance.

Both Barbara Stanwyck & Fred McMurray are sensational & really have a screen chemistry. This is a courageous film exposing martial issues long before it was commonplace in cinema.

The Meddler
The Meddler(2016)

I love film experiences like this, stepping into a film with very little expectation & being surprised by the films charm & appeal. Such a wonderful performance of Susan Sarandon as the overbearing mother with a bigger heart.

Although intrusive she has an incredible ability with people & truly helps all those she comes across. The film just leaves you grinning & loving the characters.

When Sarandon volunteers at the hospital she has a wonderful connection with a patient, I think this is a wonderful film for mothers & daughters. I loved this film a wonderful treat & surprise.

Desert Nights

An unashamedly fun adventure film that was the last Silent Performance of John Gilbert before he was railroaded in the tallies by Big Studio Heads.

The story is so simple, a seemingly father & daughter ask for a tour of a key African Diamond Mine but have an ulterior motive to hijack the director & travel to the mine itself by foot & steal the diamonds.

Although it's a little tacky it's fun & moves fast & once the daughter & director of the mine fall in love the tension really mounts. It's predictable but no less entertaining, a fun & adventurous silent.

Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life

A simply but produced documentary on arguable one of the greatest writers of the 20th century that despite his literary achievements had many personal issues.

Ernest Hemingway lived an interesting life & was sure to always tell with embellishments. It's fascinating to see how many of his personal experiences where the heartbeat of his stories.

He tragically struggled near the end but even is his senior years he made some of his best work. There are many classics films based on his works. An interesting portrait of a flawed person but perfect writer.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Unfortunately a rather bland second story of Miss Alice that fails to achieve much at all. I found it astonishing that the first Alice in Wonderland film made over $1,000,000,000 at the box office & I have no doubt this film will come & go.

This time round the CGI is absolutely used excessively, the story has no real arc & the acting is only so-so.

This may appeal to kids (although I barely heard a kid laugh in the cinema where I saw it) it's rather dull & heavily disappointing.

Grey Gardens
Grey Gardens(1975)

A bizarre film journey of Elsie & Edith Beale relatives to Jacqueline Bouvier one of America's most famous First Ladies. They live alone & reclusive in a decaying mansion in East Hamptons.

The unusually behavior is often humorous & their obsession with singing is quite unique. It's amazing how they where comfortable living in the conditions they did.

The film I feel doesn't make fun of them but portrays their oddity & incessant arguing which is just so funny, a unique documentary indeed.

Olive Thomas: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

A insightful look into arguably the greatest rival to Mary Pickford in the silent era & her name was Olive Thomas.

Rose up from lower class in Pittsburg & got a job in a department store in NYC & the one day she pulled a sickie she won a modeling competition & her career was set.

Her tragic death in Paris by drinking poison truly shocked the world & was such a tragic loss to the cinema world. Her last film Everybody's Sweetheart 1920 was released a few months after her funeral.

Brute Force
Brute Force(1947)

An engaging yet intense film about 4 men who meet in the same cell in prison & all them plan to escape. The film flashbacks to how they all got to prison & all characters have committed crimes linked to their girlfriends.

The planning is often hindered by Power-Mad Captain Munsey. The film is directed so well & the tension just mounts & mounts.

The film in my opinion is a real comment on violence in society & how it never resolves anything. This is a terrific prison film that's a must see.


An unmissable documentary for film lovers & Hitchcock's lovers, a film reflecting the eternal impact of Trauffat's game changing interview with Alfred Hitchcock in 1963.

It's truly astonishing how many directors have been impacted by Hitch & how many of his films truly reached greatness.

Although this will largely appeal to Filmmakers it's still incredible the impact of his films & technique. A fascinating tribute to two incredible men in cinema history.

Money Monster

A rather one dimensional directional effort from Jodie Foster who has acted & directed some wonderful films in the past.

The story of a embittered young man who lost big after following advice from Lee Gates (Clooney) host of the Money Monster show.

The story starts strong but as the film progresses it's hard to identify exactly what the film is going for. It's easy watching but nothing important.

Into The Arms Of Strangers: Stories Of The Kindertransport

An unforgettable documentary that documents the incredible project to transport Jewish Children from Germany/Austria before the Nazi Party had complete control. This endeavor was called Kindertransport & saved over 100,000 children but sadly 1,500,000 perished as a result of the Holocaust.

The film's presents testimonies of the children still alive today & the incredible hardships they experienced having to leave their family.

Many of these children never got back to their families since many of the parents where killed in Aushwitz Concentration Camp. This is humane story that is impacting & powerful, a must see film.

I Am Steve McQueen

A compelling portrait of arguable the most successful & influential actor of the 1960's & 70's Steve McQueen aka King of Cool.

The film starts with his tough childhood but mainly focuses on the amazing films he added such dimension to.

He was a guy with personal problems but immense talent & was in many ways able to stay on top until his tragic passing only at 50. A cool dude & brilliant actor this is a terrific tribute with many interviews from his children & grandchildren.

Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon(1980)

A gloriously tacky but fun Sci-Fi Action film based on the incredibly successful Flash Gordon a theatrical serial from 1936.

The story of all American Jock kidnapped by a mad scientist to become a savior of earth. The film is just fun & has pretty good visual effects for 1979/80.

The costumes are crazy & the look of the film is bizarre but it has an awesome soundtrack donated by Queen. It's camp but no doubt will appeal to many which it did & has become a cult hit in its own right these days.

The Nice Guys

A new edgy take on the Buddy Movie with two likable but disaster prone detectives hot on the case of a missing girl supposedly linked to porn film hiding a government misappropriation & scandal.

Both Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe have a terrific chemistry & the 1970's feel & setting is terrific. It's the flaws of our two characters that make the film so great.

There are some good twists & turns but it's the clever & down to earth comedy that makes the film a little special. Fun & engaging throughout, a top film of 2016.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

From the opening scene to the last this film will leave you with a grin on your face, a charming new comedy drama from NZ Shores.

The story of Ricky Baker a trouble teen sent to a foster family in Rural NZ. The story is heightened by over protective somewhat possible Welfare Worker Paula.

The relationship between Heck (Sam Neill) & Ricky Baker is sensational & it has some tender moments but mostly it's just a great laugh, a terrific Indy film that's worth every minute.

Blithe Spirit

A charming British Colour Film that was based on Noel Coward's hit play on West End called Blithe Spirit.

The story is a clever premise a country side British couple invite a physic for dinner & she accidentally summons the ghost of the husbands ex wife.

The couple spend most of their time trying to remove the ghost & in the process his current wife dies & he is stuck with 2 ghosts. A charming comedy filmed in beautiful technicolor.

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

A curious look into a strange but like able group of Rednecks that believe they have witnessed Bigfoot alive & active in their local forest. Despite the humor the production values of this film aren't stunning.

Although not a mockumentary it truly dances on the line largely to do with the mannerisms & quirky personality of Del & Wayne self proclaimed Big Foot Researches.

The film by no means convinces me of Bigfoot but introduces you to some unique people on the lifetime hunt to find one.

Cameraman: The Life And Work Of Jack Cardiff

A fitting tribute to a cameraman that not only kept current during 8 decades but was sort after by some of the most legendary directors.

Jack Cardiff was the cutting edge cinematographer of early technicolor & worked on many films where color became a character.

He photographed many stunning actress' & worked on some of Hollywood's biggest films. An English man at heart & master of the camera, a terrific documentary.

Samurai Cop
Samurai Cop(1989)

An irresistibly bad 80's action flick about a San Diego cop transferred to LA due to his Samurai Ability. Although the this film I guess has somewhat of a plot it's the awful dialogue & ridiculous action sequences that make the film.

It's such a vehicle of its day, overlong sex scenes, unusually flippant racial jokes & macho males throughout.

It's a perfect film to watch with a rowdy audience & have a good belly laugh. Hilarious & awful at the same time. A must see for Bad Movie Enthausits.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

An unusually toned comedy/drama about a low key reporter volunteering to cover the situation in Afghanistan in the mid 2000's.

This film has a weird way about it & you don't know if it's a comedy, drama, war or action film. It has great moments of humor & is based on a true story which adds strength to the film.

Tina Fey is better than her usually strictly comic self & leads the film well, Martin Freeman is terrific as the crude reporter. Nothing timeless this film but an interesting watch.

The Armstrong Lie

A confronting & hard biting portrayal of dislikable but undeniably talented man Lance Armstrong winner of 7 Tour de France's in a row. Lance was the greatest cycler & liar in arguably sports history.

I love how filmmaker Alex Gibney openly states he started the Doco as a portrait of Lance Armstrong & was so jaded by the scandal he was forced to do an exposure instead.

In my opinion Lance doesn't seem very regretful for his actions & the film shows that. It's sad to see how many also where cheating & the culture of the sport. A brutally honest film that's a must see Documentary.

Gold Diggers of 1937

A clear improvement from the stale 1935 version but failed to bring anything fresh to the table. You can see how the studios began to peddle these musicals despite their minimal plot.

This time round the focus is back on the Gold Diggers & The Broadway Scene itself. Dick Powell plays a Life Insurance salesman who lands the deal of a lifetime with a theatre mogul.

Like all of these Hollywood Studio Products the push is always the final number. Features so extraordinary choreography & music, a great musical of its time.

Gold Diggers of 1935

Not as strong, original or inventive as the original 1933 version. The plot is rather pedestrian & uneventful.

The story of a flash hotel and their struggle for tips in hard times & the build up to musical performance in the final quarter.

Wonderful dance sequences & terrific music but as an individual film it's rather flat.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Irresistibly hilarious & charming story of the infamous Florence Foster Jenkins who had a lot of money & musical friends but very little talent.

The greatness of the film I feel really lies in the performances beside Meryl Street such as McMoon (her composer) & her husband played by Hugh Grant, they just make the film that much more hilarious.

She builds a strong gathering with her concerts despite he woefully bad singing voice & things really get heated when she is publicly going to perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC. A fun light film that is just a unique slice of musical history.

I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary

A compelling & important documentary for any schools in the US & abroad. The filmmakers stayed at this school for a whole year & recorded the lives of students & teachers in one of the roughest areas in America.

The struggle the principal & staff had teaching these children is incredible & despite the set backs seem quite focused.

Many of the students parents are either dead or crack addicts & there stories are truly humbling. Many of the students despite their behavior where highly intelligent & fascinating to see how life unraveled in this school.

Julius Caesar

A strikingly visual & impacting drama that captures all the necessary elements of one of Shakespeare's most well known story of plotting & revenge from an inner circle.

The film is the story of betrayal from within Julius Caesar's most inner Circle mainly orchestrated by his closest friend Brutus played by James Mason.

Once Marc Anthony (brought alive electrically by Marlon Brando) becomes aware of Brutus deeds the film becomes quite engaging. Visually sublime & filled with tension, it's a fantastic drama & interpretation of Shakespeare's timeless tale.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

A delightful & effective film about a phenomenal mathematician who come from the slums of India to Cambridge University in England.

The film really demonstrates his phenomenal ability with numbers which is seemingly linked to his faith. The struggle he goes through is immense not just against racial prejudices but his restrictions on he must present his math.

The film focuses on his major struggle with partitions (basically he is calculating numbers well above trillions) & his success in this despite all the odds. It's a touching & simple film.

Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte

A tense & physiological journey of a incredibly damaged woman in her youth in a fit of rage cut off her husbands hand & has been ostracized by her local community.

The film follows her later years where you question weather she is completely insane or just suffering post traumatic stress.

Her family enters the plot with a sinister plot to get rid of her and inherit her home & fortune. A dark but gripping tale that challenges you as a viewer ...who's the monster her or her family.

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

A film that perfectly encapsulates the UFO Epidemic in the 1950's in the USA, it's also the butt of all jokes in the 1997 spoof Mars Attacks!.

The story focuses on one scientist who has a direct encounter with a UFO & predicts their plans to dominate the earth.

The film is undeniably cheesy but quite interesting since that nation at the time was engulfed by this hysteria. It's fun, dated & has some great dodgy visual effects & stock footage of supposedly real UFO Sightings.

Diabolique (Les Diaboliques)

The French film that the director was fortunate enough to beat Alfred Hitchcock by a few hours to the rights to the incredible novel The Devils.

The story of a cruel principal and his wife & mistresses plotting his murder and once their successful to dump the body in the abandoned dirty school pool.

Everything goes to plan until the pool is drained and the body is missing & the film really gets into gear. One of the most engaging & well written twists of all time in cinema. A tense, stunningly photographed & realized film that is truly a cinematic experience.

The Guns of Navarone

A stirring action film set in the key days of WW12 & the British Attempt to destroy & disable the Germans Unstoppable Guns on Navarone Island in Greece.

The strength of the film lies in the unusual team that take on this seemingly impossible mission & how they get out of each predicament they find themselves in.

Both Gregory Peck & Anthony Quinn steal the show in their roles & this film works in its fast pace & genuinely entertaining story against the odds. Although a fictional film it feels like it could have happened & the film has such a sense of realism.

A Town Like Alice (Rape of Malaya)

An incredibly moving portrait of a lesser known story of WW2 the story of English women & children who are POW's forced to track hundreds of miles through Malaysia by Japanese Soldiers

The film focused on one women in particular & her being the glue of the group overall, she also has a romantic encounter with an Australian Soldier.

The endurance of these women would even rival Leo from the Revenant. It's a moving film & genuine romance that has a very fulfilling ending. A terrific English Classic ...

After Tomorrow

A largely unknown romance drama about a naive but like able couple saving for their wedding in the Great Depression but struggling due to their mothers 1) Smothering & 2) Controlling & Manipulative.

The film is like a time machine giving a unique on the early 1930's & some of their struggles, it's astonishing how much has changed in our society today.

Filled with terrific performances it's a surprise this film isn't better known. A real/honest relationship of the era. A tender & truthful film.

Old Yeller
Old Yeller(1957)

A charming family film about a farming family who lives are changed by a lovable Labrador that connects more so with the eldest son

The dog clearly changes the dynamic of the family & becomes a major help on the farm against the animals that where destroying the crops.

However the film takes a turn when poor Old Yeller gets bitten by a wild wolf. It's an endearing film that's full of heart.

Eddie The Eagle

An irresistible crowd pleaser that really is a terrific & satisfying comedy/drama. The story of a somewhat simple but driven young man dedicated to participate in the Olympics.

Despite his lack of talent he is gifted with the biggest heart & dedication. Consumed on becoming a Jump Skier and although not very skilled his enthauism draws ex Olympian Hugh Jackman.

Although this is a typical story that's been done many times this time round it is done well & you find yourself smiling & enjoying the film. It's an inspirational & charming film that's a must see & it's a true story.

La Boulangère de Monceau (The Baker of Monceau)(The Girl at the Monceau Bakery)

An clever & effective short film that truly made on the cuff on the streets of Paris.

The story of a young man intoxicated by a stunning middle aged woman that he stumbles across infrequently on his walks.

After a time of not seeing her at all he begins to flirt with the Bakery Girl & arranges a date, he then bumps into Middle Aged Woman & drops the Bakery Girl. On the date the woman shares her observation on the man's character while she was in her apartment watching him conduct himself.


The final entry in the Marseilles Trilogy that attempts to tie up all the loose ends.

The story of Fanny's son who is now 18 & desperate to know his real father Marius. The film is garnered with great characters & glistening dialogue.

These films where so popular with Alice Waters (Lady who pioneered Californian Cuisine) she named her restaurant after one of the main characters. A timeless love story set in an unforgettable era of French Life.


The second installment in the Marseilles Trilogy that takes you further into the ever complicated relationship between Marius & Fanny. Marius went with his desire for the sea & left Fanny alone & pregnant.

The film chronicles her struggle & her immediate family & Marius'. Yet again the dialogue just glistens in this film & the characters (even side ones) are genuinely like able.

You really sympathize for Fanny in this film & her struggle to do what is right, this film has terrific twist in the final chapter.


Lately since delving into some rich & absorbing French Cinema I have stumbled across an amazing trilogy centered around a difficult relationship set on a port in Marseilles.

I think it's one of the most truthful & realistic romantic relationships I have seen put to celluloid. The story is so simple Bar Keep's son (Marius) torn between life on the sea & life with his first love Fanny a local girl.

The first film focuses on their love & struggles & showcases such truth & realism...you just believe in the characters. I was so surprised how quickly I was whisked away into this Marseilles world, a terrific & wonderful film.

Hard Rain
Hard Rain(1997)

A simple straightforward thriller about 2 amour guard 's that are held up in an incredibly wet season & the local town plagued by rain. One guard runs off with the cash & the hunt is on.

The raining does not stop the whole film it would have been a wet movie to act in. Being entirely truthful it's not the most original film but has a lot of action & the film keeps moving.

Features a strong cast its surprise this film just came & went at the movies. It's a fast paced action film that's easy watching.


A devilish black comedy about mother trying to come to grips with her whole family falling apart. She finds out her husband is an Adult Filmmaker & incredibly unfaithful, her daughter is very wayward & pregnant & her son has an extreme foot fetish.

Undoubtedly the film is quite bizarre but it's awfully funny & you find yourself cracking up with the most unlikely scenes.

The film features at first Odorama which audiences are given a card with 10 numbers on them & when the number appears on screen you must scratch & sniff it accordingly. It creates a lot of fun with the audience & adds to the film dramatically.

Pokémon - The Movie 2000

As much as I adored playing Pokemon on Gameboy in the late 90's the film doesn't have the same impact at all.

Basically the story of Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum saving the world from an evil collector. The story is incredibly one dimensional & very weak in character development.

It will appeal to Die Hard fans of Pokemon but as a stand alone film it's quite average indeed. Every the animation is disappointing.

Pink Flamingos

This film is truly in a league of its own, proudly labeled as the 'Filthiest Film Ever Made' & it truly lives up to its expectation.

A delightfully trashy comedy about a Degenerate Couple trying to take the title of Filthiest Person Away from Babs an over weight woman living with her strange family in a caravan park.

The saving grace of this film is its humor it's genuinely funny but there are some gross scenes to match...not for the faint hearted but a truly unique cinema experience.


The original music classic classic set in the heart of Maryland Baltimore. It's amazing how much of the 2007 version borrowed heavily from the original.

The story is fun & carefree of a plump teen going big time on a teen dance talent show. I personally liked the John Waters quirky touch in this film & found myself chuckling at the oddity of it.

Not as slick & colorful as the new film but I found it rather enjoyable the story has terrific race tolerance message as well.

The Witch
The Witch(2016)

An intoxicating new horror film that is set in 1630 AD & the story of a family banished from their plantation due to speculation of Witchcraft.

The film has a nearly unbearable tension through it & your compelled by the terror you don't see but feel. The breakdown of the family is quite shocking.

This story is heavily based upon stories & actual journal entries from the era. It's a dark film that was wonderfully directed & staged. It's beautifully shot & genuinely terrifying.

A Night to Remember

One of they key & important film translations of the ocean disaster that is permanently etched into our minds. This film was ahead of the game in the late 1950's presenting a truthful & less sensationalized account than the 97' version.

It's interesting to see how much James Cameron was directly inspired by this film technically & the narrative elements also.

This film does fall short in the way of visual impact but provides more interaction between the crew of the titanic before the sinking. For its time it's exceptional & a must see if the story of Titanic is one that appeals to you...

Russian Ark
Russian Ark(2002)

A staggering journey through Russian Art & Literature & is known by many as the film that was filmed in one shot.

Although not for everyone this is a unique cinematic achievement & deserves praise. The viewer follows this quirky French Aristocrat as he journeys through the stunning Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg in Russia.

Features some of the most exquisite art & costumes I have seen in a film for years. The time & enthusiasm that would have went into this film would be innumerable.

The Jungle Book

Indisputably a well made Live Action imagining of the Walt Disney Classic the Jungle Book (1967). I just read today Walt Disney died just a few months before the original & he was hell bent on buying this massive swamp land in Florida....I wonder why?

The actors are all fantastic in their roles & I thought it was a terrific choice to cast Scarlet Johansson as the snake.

The film is engaging, well made & will no doubt appeal to adults & children, it's a classic story told very well Jon Faverau is an underrated director.

Where to Invade Next

A confronting & relevant new documentary by Michael Moore that presents that every country seems to be living the American Dream but America....

Presents many countries (many not first world countries) that are heads & shoulders ahead of the US. It's confronting also to see how many countries are ahead of Australia in basic civil liberties.

Although Michael Moore is undeniably arrogant & bias you can't help but see the unsubtle point he is making. It's a film every climitized American should see....

The Cranes are Flying (Letyat zhuravli)

A beautiful & completely immersive romance/drama set at wartime in the city of Moscow in Russia. The story of a young couple who fall madly (somewhat blindly) in love with each other at a difficult time in Russian History.

Their love is divided by war & while the man is away his brother takes certain liberties while he is away & forces her into marriage when they heard he died on the battlefield.

You make think you know the ending of this already but it isn't what it seems. Shows the beauty of Russia & it's people like I have never seen. A stunning film that's incredibly emotive.


An irresistibly bad but charming Action/Fantasy from the Mid 1980's, combined with bad acting, nonsense plot & a killer soundtrack from Queen this film is a true gem.

The story of a Scotsman (Played by a French Man) being guided by a Spaniard (Played by a Scot) fighting an American Villain (play by a Swiss) who gains superpowers & immortality. The joy of the film is the sheer fun it is with bad dialogue & acting.

It's fun to look back on & one of the better films from the Cannon Studios & with an audience is a lot of fun to watch.

Letter Never Sent (Neotpravlennoye pismo)

A mesmerizing visual Tour De Force about four geologists who are in search of a diamond mine in Siberia, they are fortunate enough to find the location but land themselves in a fierce forest fire.

I was fascinated to read that this particular film is major inspiration for Star Wars Episode 8. The film is visually out of the world with so much care & craft gone into every shot.

Also their personal story of loves within the group & out & their adamant mission to get the whereabouts of the Diamond Mine to Scientists. A stellar film that was truly something exceptional...an important Russian Film.

The Earthling

Very much an Australian Film that just came and went in the cinemas which is shame since it was an exceptional film.

The story of a US man wanted to hike the Blue Mountains NSW for the last days of his life & stumbles across this young boy who tragically lost both his parents to accident hours before being found.

The beauty of the film is the relationship they develop the old man teaches all he can to the boy & the boy encourages him & gives him hope. It's a tender & touching film that boasts some stunning shots of NSW Bushland also.

Eye In The Sky

A terrific underrated thriller about the new war in the skies & drone warfare & the perils of the precision. A story of people not warfare.

The story focuses on the key people involved with a live action attack on a house with known Jihad Terrorists preparing for a suicide bombing but a young innocent sets up her bread stall just near the attack location.

All the performances & tension are at top form & this film is guide my gripping. It was a film that you could easily invest in & also become aware how difficult it is to fight terror in a modern way.

The King of Kings

One of the early great Biblical Epics that is not only a major production of the 1920's but this film's premier was the grand opening of Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

The story is entirely original just scenes directly sourced out of the bible, the significance lies in the visual spectacle that Cecile B DeMille often delivered. Thankfully due to DVD audiences can now access the 155 minute which is includes an opening & closing scene that is shot on early two tone technicolor.

It's entertaining & melodramatic but definitely a little static in comparison to productions yet to come ie Passion of the Christ 2004 etc. An interesting film to watch & eye to the glory days of Biblical Epics on screen.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

As much as I went in skeptical to the first film I must admit I truly did enjoy it but this time round expectant of another enjoyable film we got a stale follow up.

The real issue here is the story of the film is very weak & lacks purpose. It pushed old jokes & had no steady flow.

Had a few (very few) clever moments but overall quite disappointing...stick with the original.

Miracles from Heaven

I think one of the better mainstream Christian film release in quite a long time.

The simply story of a young girl with a serious health condition & her family struggle to help her regain her health.

The story of faith is an interesting one but it's the lovely support characters of this film that make it what it is. It's a heartfelt story that doesn't just bible bash, I went it very skeptical but throughly enjoyed the film.


A breath of fresh air for the Disney 3D Animation Group with a genuinely clever and well made film about a young bunny becoming a police officer for Zootopia.

The story is clever & the message is clear but the best aspect of the film is it's clear & precise satire on Human Life in Big Cities.

Although child orientated this film has a lot of clever gags that will be appeal to adults. A particular scene of humor & relevance is the sloths at the DMV. It's funny clever & one of the better animated films in quite a while.

The Wages of Fear

This film re-defines the expression 'edge of your seat' filmmaking a simple but effective story of four men in need of cash taking a seemingly suicide mission by transporting 2 old trucks of nitroglycerin over a dangerous South American terrain.

The four men all have a unique past & they all unravel their personalities on screen, but the strength of the film centers on its tension.

The suspense this film builds is simply extraordinary it just keeps mounting & mounting this film in my opinion can exceed the suspense of a Hitchcock Film ...this is a sensational film.

Taxi to the Dark Side

A concerning look into torture & methods of the US Military towards POW's during the Afghanistan Tour after September 11 2001.

It's incredible not only what happened to POW's but also the orders of tactics to treat prisoners from the White House itself & Colin Powell.

I personally remembered the horrible photos that where coming out on the press during 2001-2002 & wondered why it happened so this documentary gives closure.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

A powerhouse documentary that is an open door exposure of the Enron Corporation & the incredible length of greed & fraud.

It's amazing how powerful & influential this company was but its downfall is even more compelling. The executive team of Enron where criminal's & what they got away before being exposed is extraordinary.

This is a powerful portrait of when greed & fraud is in the culture in the business it will fall. Alex Gibney directed an important film....a must see documentary.

10 Cloverfield Lane

An undeniably tense & unpredictable thriller that catches you off guard & when it gets going will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story of a young woman driving home and then finds herself in a bunker & the captor states he saved her from a nuclear holocaust.

I won't divulge to much about this film since it has some terrific twists & turns. It's jumpy, gripping & genuinely entertaining, definitely not for the faint hearted.

The Dead Zone

A clever film about a man who after a serious car accident falls into a coma for 5 years & when he awakes inherits a very unusual power.

After he regains consciousness he finds this strange ability when he Grans someone's hand he can directly see a past of future memory that has or will potentially harm their life.

The tension starts to mount where he assists police in a murder & accidentally shakes the hand of a politician with a sinister plan for a nuclear attack. A thought provoking thriller staring Christopher Walken.

Le tempestaire

A largely unknown French Short film made by French Cinema Pioneer Jean Epstein. The story of young woman concerned for her partner heading off to sea with the concern of a storm looming.

As the storm approaches she sorts after a local mystic who is known to be able to calm the wind & water.

Although extremely beautiful this film is quite haunting & truly has some of the most incredible shots of the wind & waves at work & the shows the ocean in such a menacing light. It's an artistic piece but quite compelling.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

I feel I'm not embellishing when I say The Matrix is the one of the groundbreaking films of the last few decades.

The epic visual sense but depth & parallel to life is exceptional, there is so much more to this film than just action & visuals.

This in many ways a mirror to society & truly a social comment. Keanu Reeves is perfect as the monotone Neo & all the supporting case are sensational. Upon revisiting this film I realized how timeless & effective this film is.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Despite its gross exaggeration of Greek People it's an undeniably cheerful romance that easy watching & just a bit of harmless fun.

The story of single 30 year old Greek woman who meets an American man & falls madly in love. The comedy lies in the crossing of culture & traditional differences.

Growing up with many Greeks I appreciated many of the culture jokes but they where often exaggerated. All in all a fun easy watching romance comedy with a sequel only weeks away.

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

By no means a conventional documentary but gives you an interesting insight to Japanese Animation Master Hayao Miyasaki the gentleman behind Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro & Wind Rises.

The approach of this film is the no doubt fly on the wall approach which can be a little tiresome for lengthy documentary.

His skill & the talent of Studio Ghibli is undeniable & it's a very unique creative environment, will appeal more to animators & anime enthusiasts.

The Lady In The Van

By far probably the least viewed film that opened this week at the cinemas which is a shame since this film is a real treasure.

Although centered by Maggie Smith's extraordinary performance it is also well directed & put together. You get glimpses & snippets of this unique homeless woman's past & in combination with her humor it makes a wonderful character.

It's funny yes but it's also quite a tender film & many moments are genuinely touching. It's a film that not a lot goes on but your smiling the whole way through cause all the characters are so satisfying....a really like able film.

Eureka Stockade

The classic Australian Story of the Eureka Stockade brought to the screen ironically by an English Director & Crew.

I'm quite confident this film has quite a few embellishments here & there but it is interesting all the types of people from all over the world came in search for gold!

Majority of the battle is between the men searching for gold and the authority of the time, Australia wasn't even a federation yet since the events in the film took place in the 1850's. It's a simple film that to be truthful a little dated but still accessible.

The French Connection

A edgy/hard nosed detective drama directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist 1973) who was & I think still is the youngest director to get the Oscar for Best Director.

The story of intense cop (Gene Hackman) on the trail of an international drug exchange based on little evidence just some strong hunches & street knowledge.

The strength of the film lies in its rawness & somewhat documentary real life style. It's fast, kinetic & impacting. It's a film that commands your attention & well worth a watch, a unique but worthy Best Picture winner of 1971.

Souls for Sale

This early film from 1923 was made for one purpose to improve the immortal reputation of Hollywood in the early-mid 1920's.

The story of a young woman fleeing her to be husband she doesn't love on her wedding night & and finding her deserted in the wilderness but actually stumbles upon a Hollywood Set.

A very unsubtle attempt to clean up the view of Hollywood & the most interesting parts of the film is when she visits real films being made at the time by Charlie Chaplin & Eric Von Stronheim. It's fun & easy watching & amazing how sincere & genuine they portrayed Hollywood... why don't I believe it ;).

Hail, Caesar!

A rather dry & unfunny new film from the Coen Brothers that was a little bit of a disappointment & I thought it would be much more.

The story of a communist party kidnapping key star of the era played by George Clooney.

I'll be surprised if this film is as popular as other Coen works since it is a little flat. Boasts an all star cast though.

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

A tense remote horror set in Antartica that was one of the major inspirations for Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight.

The story of a group of Researchers/Scientist that discover an unusual alien force that transforms into people & you don't know friend from enemy.

It's a tense horror that is directed well by John Carpenter & a terrific role by Kurt Russell. Quite freaky & an edge of your seat film.


The Hollywood Epic I have had forever on my To-Watch List & finally sat through it. It's an epic in every sense & despite exceeding 3 hours it's quite engaging.

The story of a Slave basically taking on Rome & the Roman Empire. The behind the scenes stories are just as epic as the film itself the notorious tension between Stanley Kubrick (Director) & Kirk Douglas is a legend in cinema.

The true success of the film lies in the spectacle & visuals such large images on the screen. It's an enduring classic & must see.


A fascinating chronicle of the infamous 'Blacklisted' Dalton Trumpo the pen behind many incredible screenplays in Hollywood.

Focuses on his struggle to write after being labeled a Communist Supporter & his continual hits despite going under another name.

It's unbelievable how many films he wrote & the quality of the talent he drew to them. Also the later years of his life boasted some of his greatest. Trumpo was an intriguing figure & this film is genuinely interesting.


A career defining performance from Al Pacino that although Godfather made him known it was Serpico that cemented him as a star.

Pacino plays Frank Serpico an unusual honest cop in a sea of corruption in the NYPD. It chronicles his intense battle against despite the rising tension from other police officers.

Pacino was truly electrifying & owned the screen & truly one of our greatest screen actors. This film is gritty, truthful & honest....a fantastic real life crime thriller, Sidney Lumet directed a wonderful film.


A typical example of film with an interesting subject matter but ultimately falls a little short.

The story of a Pittsburgh Coroner who identifies the dramatic & detrimental results of hard impact in NFL to the brain.

Will Smith adds large dimension to his role but something is missing in the film. It's amazing the battle he went through before the NFL actually honored his research.


A very confronting & unsettling about film as we follow the lives of a few teens during a typical High School but two students have a very sinister plan at hand.

Unmistakably a closer look at the horrific Columbine High School shooting on April 20th 1999 four years before the film.

The film has such an authentic feel to it which makes the horror all the more real. A chilling film that is incredibly crafted...a true social comment.


A pleasant film that was a real flashback to the Golden Age of Romantic Film that featured wonderful performances & heartfelt romance.

The story of a young Irish girl immigrating to NYC & her struggle & romance & then her further complications when returning to Ireland.

It's nice to see a romance film you can invest into the characters & has real heart. I found it a charming film & must see for couples.

Zoolander 2
Zoolander 2(2016)

A great film you can literally walk in & switch your brain off & has some mindless fun. The plot is ridiculous & completely pointless.

There is nothing new or inventive about this sequel but it's funny in a stupid & appealing way. I especially enjoy the awkward relationship between Mugatu (Will Ferrell) & his feminine assistant Todd.

I feel it will appeal to fans of the original film but fails to have the same freshness the ordinal had which was a fantastic satire of the vanity world of Modeling. It's a cheap laugh & great movie to go to if you do t like concentrating.

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films

A new Australian Documentary directed by Mark Hartley who brought us Not Quite Hollywood (2008) and clearly has a distinct style & focus on unique cinema.

This film chronicles the turbulent up & down times of Cannon Films during the late 1970's to Late 1980's. It focuses on the Israeli leaders behind the organization and their madness & business sense.

Despite their quality (or lack of) and abundant lack of taste you can't help appreciate what they achieved despite their budget restrictions. A compelling documentary for B Movie Lovers & Cinema Buffs.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs(2015)

The more truthful & relentlessly impacting new film on dislikable hero Steve Jobs that's genuinely gripping & enthralling.

The film is an effective three act structure covering the key innovations of Jobs & the consequences of his failed attempts.

Although he was groundbreaking in his design his ability with people & business success leaved a lot to be desired for. To the films credit it didn't hold back & Fassbender was sensational.

The Poor Little Rich Girl

One of the assured flops for Mary Pickford's Career according to the Studio Executives but to their surprise (and Mary's) this film was a smash hit & earned Mary the largest box office success in her career till then.

The story of a young rich girl who has everything but the love of her wealthy & distracted parents. I believe Mary Pickford was in her mid 20's when she made this film playing an 11 year old with ease.

Although extremely sentimental this film has some very odd Fantasy Sequences & really demonstrates how electric Mary was on screen. Thankfully a beautiful tinted print is on DVD now & looks great considering it will be 100 years old next year.


I feel this film is a little overshadowed by the extraordinary Mea Maxima Culpa documentary made in 2012 on the same subject matter. It's a good film no doubt but I was more blown away by the Doco.

It's the story of the tireless effort of Reporters from the Boston Globe of their exposure of indecent Priests in the Boston Area and their achievements should be praised significantly.

A section of the film that personally impacted me was the Catholic Churches ability to remove records from court...truly confronting. It's a good film but the Documentary gives you a whole experience.

Uncivilised (Uncivilized)

A very stagy & poor acted Australian Adventure film from Australian Cinema Pioneer Charles Chauvel that was definitely one of his lesser works.

I feel the idea was solid but performances where not & to be truthful the most realistic aspects of the film where the Aboriginal Tribal Dances.

It's interesting to analyze film production in Australia in the 1930's & how it was clearly inferior to the USA (not in all cases though). If you are an enthusiast of Chauvel it's worth a watch but I warn you it's a dry film indeed.


The second film of innovative Director Wes Anderson who even from the word go had such a distinct style & quirk.

The story of Max Fisher a very ambitious but poor performing student at Rushmore (Top School in the Area) and all his antics & unexplainable ability to rope people into his plans.

The film's strengths lies in the quirky dialogue & unusually charming performances from the likes of Bill Murray & Jason Schwatrzman. I found it funny in its own way & it's always enjoyable to watch a film that your not sure in what direction it's going.

The Intruder
The Intruder(1962)

An intriguing social drama from Roger Corman (who was usually known for B Grade Gems) who really stepped up his game.

The story of a new charming gentleman entering a small town with one purpose to incite the public & to control the mob.

He pushes Hatred & Confusion in the Town by pushing locals to resist the new law of letting Black Students study at the Local High School. A newspaper is hot on his tail & witnesses his motives. A tense, low budget & socially significant film.

Dad and Dave: On Our Selection

A charming re-telling of the classic Australian Story Dad & Dave aka On Our Selection. This time round they have captured the spirit of the story but told with modern equipment.

As tacky as the story it's interesting home timeless the On Our Selection is touching touching on themes that are relevant today, tough times & dishonest politicians.

You could see in its day why it was such a success & I believe the original On Our Selection was the most successful Australian film of the 1930's & spawned an incredibly successful radio show.

The Danish Girl

A master performance by Eddie Redmayne yet again about a man not comfortable in his skin & desperate to transform into a woman.

As you could imagine in the 1920's it was difficult to be accepted but in my opinion the real star of the film is Eddie's wife who played the AI in Ex-Machina earlier in the year & is undeniably a new talent.

A rather tragic & heartfelt story that really showed the struggle & battle knowing his identity. A moving drama that may not be for everyone.

The Hateful Eight

The 8th film by Master Director Quentin Tarantino that I must admit starts rather slow but once it gets going it really gets going.

A gritty, aggressive & relentlessly violent western that has so many twists & turns. The dialogue as usual is terrific but the pacing & editing is very different in comparison to earlier works.

It's a long film but really pays of in the last half acting is top notch & the chemistry between actors is apparent. So far Tarantino continues to deliver exciting & exhilarating cinematic experiences and said that both Reservoir Dogs (1992) & the Thing (1982) where his main inspirations.

Reservoir Dogs

What an entrance to Filmmaking....Quentin was a new voice & he wasn't afraid of letting the world know. Arguably one of the most impressive Debut Films in decades.

The story of a Jewelry Robbery gone terribly wrong & the criminal's meet at a nearby warehouse. The violence & dialogue in the film is so groundbreaking & just grabbed the world's attention.

This film showed the world what you can achieve on a shoestring budget & the impact cinema can have on audiences. A must see early Tarantino film, it's an experience not just a movie.


A genuinely moving & touching drama about a young mum & daughter that are basically kidnapped & held by force by their captor in a small room. The daughter Jack is 5 and her life has been confined in the room.

The most engaging scenes in my opinion is when Jack exits the room & comes to grip with life & the world out there.

It's an intense film & very simply put together but an effective drama. Performances are terrific especially Jack. It's a unique film that emotes much & draws you into their world.

The Haunted Mansion

This film has to be first, this film was based on the back story of a successful Ride at Disneyland Haunted Mansion, & the design of the film was based on the ride also.

Although a little silly & predictable it's a relatively interesting film that juggles comedy & scary quite well especially for a Disney Film.

As the film progresses there are quite a few spooky scenes but it's goes hard for the Happily Ever After in the final quarter. The visual effects are quite good for a film in 2003.


When you let your wife pick a movie this can happen, a very contrived & frustrating kids film that is really devoid of any serious plot.

To its credit it has some nice musical numbers but fails to serve a purpose than a one dimensional fairytale romance.

Animation is so so & this film just clearly falls short of the quality of the Disney/Pixar especially in regard to story telling...unless you grew up with this don't bother.

L'Auberge rouge

One of the first feature films from the pioneer French Filmmaker of Avant Garde Jean Epstein. This is wonderful film about two doctors who lodge in the Red Inn & a diamond merchant appears and shares with lodging with the Doctor but wakes us dead with no Diamonds.

Filled with wonderful camerawork & groundbreaking editing it's a film well ahead of its years. It does so much with very little.

All the acting in the film is terrific & it's a shame this film has not had a public release. A groundbreaking early silent film that has a lot to offer film enthusiasts.


A new gorgeous & lush new drama staring Cate Blanchette & Rooney Mara about two women falling in love in a very difficult time.

Although the art direction of the film was terrific but the Camerawork could have done without all that Handheld Work it's so frustrating.

I feel a major let down in the film was the focus on the forbidden nature of the relationship than their emotional connection. I hope Rooney Mara walks away with Best Supporting Actress since she was truly sensational.

The Big Short

A contemporary & current film that basically goes for the throat of greed in the US Banking world. With an all star cast this film soars with fantastic dialogue.

Focuses on a group of individuals who saw the major hole in the Housing Market in the US & began trading against it.

It's fun, fast paced & brutally honest & cements your distrust in World Economics. I never the extent of the crash in 2008 & then how ruthless the bank was in covering it up & putting the blame elsewhere. A gripping & important film...a must see for 2015.

The Informer
The Informer(1935)

A tense & taut drama by cinema master John Ford. The story of everyday Irishman tempted & ultimately giving in to informing on his friend.

Although a little confusing in parts but the mood & atmosphere is undeniably well done.

A study of a man consumed by guilt & his desperate attempt to move on. A clever thinking man's film with some gorgeous cinematography.

The Prisoner of Shark Island

An exciting well told story of Dr. Samuel Mudd a man wrongfully accused for aiding John Wilkes Booth just after her assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

He is sent to a prison in the Gulf of Mexico called Shark Island. The story is an interesting one & despite the injustice he goes through he remains a moral man.

Mudd was played Warner Baxter who did a wonderful job with his role. John Ford truly was an incredible director & this is a great film of perseverance & struggle & victory.


An inescapably strange drama about incredibly charismatic & likable rebel who casually turns serial killer.

The uniqueness of the film lies in his happy go lucky personality despite his chaotic/murderous behavior through inland USA.

Sissy Spacek is the easily influenced teen that sort of falls for him & goes on the ride. No doubt a shocking film for early 70's but very interesting & unique film.

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

A truly brutal/savage film yet unmistakably beautiful & poignant film also. The incredible story of Survival of Hunter Hugh Glass (Leo) in unbelievable circumstances & trails.

Early in the piece he is attacked by a bear & left for dead by his fellow soldiers & driven by an internal force he pushes on & on.

I don't want to Jinx it but I do hope Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Oscar for this role it's such a dedicated & relentless performance. It's also has haunting score & unforgettable visuals, it's a modern masterpiece & a must see.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

The Sherlock BBC Special where our well known Detectives go back in time to the Arthur Conan Doyle Era of the Sherlock circa 1880-90's.

At first it feels a little tacked on but as the plot develops it quickly shifts to a somewhat gothic fable with some genuine twists & turns.

It's easy to see why this series is so well received its original & immaculately written. I enjoyed how they aged the film in vintage fashion. A well made special that will be launching the fourth season in 2016.

The Peanuts Movie

A rather disappointing new kids film that is based on the famous Cartoon Charlie Brown & the Peanut Gang.

Cute animation & likable scenes but the film simply goes no where, ultimately a flat kids film in the wake of some great children's film this year.

May appeal to enthusiasts of the original cartoon strip & has a good message for children of younger ages.

Murder on the Orient Express

The classic Agatha Christie vehicle a mysterious murder during the night while passengers are traveling on the Orient Express.

There are way too many characters & it can get a little confusing but it's worth the time cause the twist is terrific.

Filled to the rim with an all star cast of both old & new of Hollywood Actors it's just enjoyable enough to watch the actors. A little slow & confusing but overall entertaining.


The new Jennifer Lawrence that boasts the same cast & director from the Silver Linings Playbook film from 2012.

The story of everyday woman Joy coming up with the idea of the Wonder Mop & her struggle to get it in the attention of TV Shopping World.

Although a little uneven & a strange tempo the film simply works & your sucked in Joy's world effortlessly. A good new drama that's worth the watch.


A stirring yet bleak film about women's struggle for rights in London 1912. It monitors their trials & there pursuit for equality in a man's world.

Rather downbeat but at all times honest this film is not fun or entertaining but relevant & powerful in its own way.

Acted marvelously by Carrey Mulligan who is at the top of her game, it's a historically significant film & an interesting one. Not a laugh a minute but well worth a viewing.

The Good Dinosaur

A simple & effective new film about a small dinosaur that is anxious to matter. Filled with clever characters this is a likable but lesser Pixar Film.

The adventure begins when he & his father are caught in a storm & sadly his father dies & he continues on his adventure.

The Film is strong on morals & themes and honestly a good film for children however it's not as high quality as previous Pixar Films.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

How to review this film without spoiling it is a tricky tightrope to cross, firstly the little use of CGI truly must be commended since its so nice to have a no plastic strong sense of realism on screen.

The big questions true Star Wars fans are asking is it as bad as Episode 1-3? No it's not it's great, exciting & genuinely brilliant. All the new characters are sensational & it's been a long time but it's great to feel the spirit of the first three alive in this film.

I was drawn in instantly & curious to see where they will go with Episode 8 & 9, I loved the film & despite the plot being extremely similar to Ep 4 but honestly that's it's only flaw. An exciting & gripping first entry in a seemingly defining new chapter of Star Wars.

Star Wars: Empire of Dreams

An immersive, well crafted documentary that captures the trials & success of the original Episode 4-6 of the Star Wars Trilogy.

All though very fascinating the does spend too much time on A New Hope & misses the info on Episode 5 & 6.

It really shows the heart & love that went into making Star Wars & it's really amazing how influential these films truly are, very informative & interesting film.

Star Wars: Holiday Special

Upon the release of Episode VII I wanted to revisit some more less known avenues of Star Wars & for diehards this film is a pain you must go through.

The infamously rare holiday special that was made the next Christmas after the release of a New Hope in 1977 & in response to the viral success of the film.

As interesting as it seems it's woefully bad & tacky but all major actors make an appearance & you get to see Chewbacca's home planet & the best part is the animated section with C-3PO & R2-D2. A must see for Star Wars Nuts...

The Night Before

It's not hard to see this film isn't going to be an Academy Award Winning film but in my opinion it's a waste of screen time.

The first quarter of the film is a bit of a laugh but then it just got simply boring. Will appeal to teens but is a pointless & unfunny journey.

If you crude words, toilet humor & drug use this will be your film. I'm no prude but this film is ridiculous & a sad reality if this is box office draw these days.

The Gathering

A shamelessly sentimental Christmas Film about a less than pleasant father wanting to connect with his family since it may be his last Christmas.

Although it's predictable & see through it has a likable quality to it & despite the lack of quality being a TV Movie I feel it still holds up.

The father Ed Hasner was a staple in the Christmas Film genre for made for TV Films over the years. It's a nice story of redemption & better than some of those other Christmas TV Films.

Love the Coopers

A film as much as I tried to focus on it's flaws (which was many I assure you) it does have some strengths this like able but predictable holiday film.

Nothing is new here in this film but it's all fun & familiar watching. The story of estranged families members re-connecting at Christmas...been done a million times before.

There a quite nice & truthful moments but overall is unashamedly Sentimental. Will appeal to mainstream audiences & to be honest I enjoyed it despite its corny feel.

The Butterfly (Le papillon)

A tender & touching film of a young girl from a distracted mother & her unlikely friendship with elderly gentleman who is a Butterfly enthusiast who is searching for a rare butterfly.

He is cunningly convinced that the little has no family & he reluctantly takes her on his Outdoor Trip in search for the Butterfly.

Their relationship blossoms like the Butterfly itself & the beautiful lies in the French Scenery & their Tender Relationship. A light nice film that is a pleasure to watch.


A challenging documentary that no doubt will stir up any Seaworld Employees since you couldn't find a more anti-animal captivity film.

Focuses of Deaths at Seaworld as a result of captivity & Killer Whales being forced to do tricks in horrible circumstances.

Has in depth conversations with Ex Employees & shares there disgust at their ignorance & the lies of Seworld Florida. A stirring an important film for Animal Lovers.

In the Heart of the Sea

A new action packed version of the Mythic Tale of Moby Dick (which was originally written by a Banker who had done no Sea Time at all).

I feel the look of this film is sensational but lacks the depth & rivalry of Captain Mohab & the Great White Whale.

It's a rather a single dimension film really that failed to impact, take away the action scenes & you have a weak film. Rather disappointing since Ron Howard was directing & he usually brings much depth to screenplay's.

The Cheaters (The Castaways)

Probably one of the only Classic Christmas Hollywood Films I haven't seen & upon viewing I now know why it's not that well known.

A very uneven Christmas Story that is hard to follow & confusing to engage in. The story of a rich family that is taught a lesson or two by a drifter they take in to impress another Rich Family.

The film means well but fails to Fulfill its purpose, ultimately rather disappointing.

Zorba the Greek

A film that simply grows on you second by second until your caught under it's spell. A simple but significant story of a English Man who inherits land in Crete in Greece and along his way stumbles across Zorba the Greek.

You couldn't have to polar opposites on screen but the charm & chemistry of the two is undeniable. Zorba is owned by the performance of Anthony Quinn that is truly once in a lifetime.

It's a film filled with passion (especially the luscious look of the film made by the Cameraman) & the perils of life. It's refreshing & a great study of two people in the unforgettable backdrop of coastal Greece. A must see classic!

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

A commanding documentary that just stops you dead in your tracks the story of those affected & disconnected with the Scientology religion and what they went through to be removed from it.

The film focuses firstly on it's inventor Lee Hubbard (who ultimately gets consumed by his own lies) and then we he passed the new leader David Miscaige who ultimately is a tyrant.

The accounts of those involved where chilling & terrifying this is undeniably a cult & a destructive organization. It's an emotional & challenging documentary that really shows what goes on behind closed doors but the Scientology world.


The new entry into the immortal Rocky series that continues to pack a punch. This time round it's Rocky as the trainer & Apollo Creed's son as the protege.

Draw many aspects from the original series but this has its own strength & impact. Shows his struggle being Apollo's father & being his own self.

I didn't enjoy it as much as Rocky Balboa but I found it entertaining. It's has a lot going for it & seems to be popular with the critics.

By The Sea
By The Sea(2015)

A continually frustrating & lifeless Romantic Drama staring Hollywood Royalty Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie & the film also directed by Jolie herself.

Although picturesque & shot marvelously on Location in France this film completely fizzled. It's dull & very difficult to invest in characters.

May appeal to Artsy crowds but I really struggled to get into the film in any way. Don't recommend this film highly disappointing.


An average documentary on an extraordinary figure in literary history who basically wrote only one phenomenal Best Seller & chose never to write again.

JD Salinger undoubtedly a creative genius was the mind behind the book Catcher in the Rye which became a global phenomenon & due to a negative past experience with Hollywood he refused to let it be filmed.

The Documentary is not the best in layout & format but this man was so fascinating (especially his 299 days in battle during WWII) it's covers all the holes. If you literature this is a must see & Catcher in the Rye is a must read.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

The final installment in the unnecessary split Hunger Games Trilogy. It's a good film but not as impacting as the first two films in the series.

It's no surprise this film is gearing up for the final war between the Rebels & the Capitol and nothing is really surprising in this film it all feels to familiar.

The ending of the film didn't appeal to me at all & I thought it would in a stronger manner. I struggled with both parts of Mockinjay but others may love it.

Secret in Their Eyes

As many people are unaware but this is a US remake of the Spanish film of the same title made in 2009 & won the academy award for Best Foreign Film.

It's to me faster & more action packed than the foreign original but lacks the emotional depth.

The story of two detectives deeply affected by an incredibly personal case & the secrets that go down with them as they pursue justice of the murderer. Despite its Americanisms it's a gripping film that is a top thriller.

The Incredibles

A clever upbeat film from Pixar that is a unique take on superheroes trying to adjust to normal life despite their powers.

The story centers on them being dragged back to saving the world when a super villain takes over the world.

The real character in the film is dress fitter for the for heroes & is a real riot. The first part of the film I thought was clever then it became all to familiar.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

The final conclusion in the timeless trilogy that after reviewing recently was as exciting as when I saw it at 10 years old.

The final confrontation of Luke & Vader & all the plot ends are all tied up nicely. It's fast, exciting & all times gripping. It's an epic film that has so much going on.

I'm hoping the next trilogy Episode VII-IX can measure the skill & influence this trilogy had. Takes it rightful place among Return of the King as the greatest concluding film of the trilogy in cinema history.


Inescapably not as good as Skyfall but compared to the average action film out these days it's still heads & shoulders above the competition.

It's production is super slick & stunning to watch but the script lacks the impact that the other Daniel Craig films had.

The twist ending is good but somewhat predictable, regardless of its holes it's fantastic landscapes & just simply entertaining story was enough for me. Not the best Bond but wildly enjoyable.

Die Another Day

Inescapably the worst of Pierce Brosnan films & this I feel has to do largely with very unrealistic screenplay & early undeveloped CGI .

The story lacks much & a lot of the respect for the film goes out the window with an invisible car...it just stretches the imagination to much.

I really like Rosamund Pike but never been a fan of Halle Berry. This has a few good scenes especially the opening in North Korea but the film overall is quite forgettable.

Knight of Cups

An unusual but exotic film about a shallow LA Screenwriter & his life compared to a fascinating parable called the Cup of Knights.

The parable was of a prince who was going down a path of destruction & loss & was warned by many & ultimately lead himself to the devil who gave him a cup & he went in a deep sleep.

Some sensational photography of Los Angeles & although no entirely coherent there was method in the madness.

Days of Heaven

An earlier entry from visual director Terrence Mallik that has been observed by many as his more commercial film but I still found it quite enjoyable.

The story of two drifters (man & woman) in depression era who land a job sacking wheat for a rich man in vast country. The lady then captures the attention of the rich man but is still in love with her drifter friend.

The visual sense to this film is extraordinary the strength of nearly every frame of this film is so commendable. It's stunning but also rather slow but I found at most times engaging.


An irresistibly fun B Grade gem that has spawned a number of sequels & is just so stupid & implausible that it's mindless entertainment.

The CGI is so dodgy but that just adds to its charm & appeal. The dialogue is so cliche & uninventive.

Nothing can prepare you for one of the scenes near the end where our main hero is eaten by a massive flying shark & chainsaw's his way out...priceless.

High Noon
High Noon(1952)

A tight well made Western about a simple & effective story, a Marshall gets married & he is about to go on his Honeymoon then he is made aware a criminal he put away has sworn revenge & will duel him at dawn.

The beauty of the story more lies in the Marshall dealing with this fear & trying to encourage others to watch his back, especially his wife who is insisting him not to do it.

Beautifully filmed & wonderfully acted it's a genuine cut above the rest Western. The final moments of the film are so well put together & the look of the film is terrific.


A very bizarre & strange Sci-Fi stating Jane Fonda which is very risqué role even for her in that day.

Basically the story of woman on the search for evil scientist called Durann Durann & basically a vehicle for strange sexual innuendo.

Crazy sets & minimal costumes this definitely screams cult but I found it drags fierce in the middle but overall quite entertaining, very trippy.

The Dressmaker

An undoubtedly unusual film that truly comes together in the most unique way. It's has so many strange elements that somehow work & the film just grows on you scene by scene.

The story of a Paris Dressmaker coming back to her old home town & still be labeled a murderer from an event that happened when she was a girl.

The story is a little drastic at times but not at a single time I wasn't engaged or curious where the story would deviate next. This film caught me by surprise & it's an unusual Aussie Gem of Cinema.

Phantom of the Opera

By no means superior to the phenomenal 1925 Silent Version with Lon Chaney but nonetheless this film was very entertaining.

This film was more comic than I thought it would be & had a camp feel to it.

The story itself of a obsessive violinist who becomes deformed & plots his revenge from the Paris Sewers is a fantastic one. The sets in this film are extraordinary & many are still erect in the Universal Studios Tour today.

The Tales of Hoffmann

A visually unforgettable film that is set both back & on stage of the opera.

With visuals, backgrounds, make up & costumes that are truly timeless & completely stunning.

Difficult to appreciate without subtitles but the directing team of Emmerich & Pressburger is an unmissable event in cinema. A stunning rimless portrait of a film.

Dances With Wolves

The controversial Oscar Winner of Best Film of 1990 over the supposedly shoe-in Goodfellas but I see this as its own film & terrific in its own right.

The story of disillusioned Soldier choosing a remote post next door to two Indian Tribes one peaceful the other two not & the relationship he builds with them over time.

The beauty of this film lies in its subtly even though the theatrical release was 3 hours & Directors Cut 3 hrs 47 mins it doesn't feel slow & is a genuinely moving & gripping story. A wonderful film that is truly a modern classic.

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

A genuinely gripping Sci-Fi / Horror stating the immortal Vincent Price about a scientist creating a teleportation machine & gets mixed up with a fly.

Although you need to suspend a lot of scientific belief it's a rather entertaining film that was much better than I thought it would.

You can see why this film had the impact it had with a wonderful screenplay. A clever film from the mid 1950's.

The Last Man on Earth

A fantastic concept but a very frustrating film about the last man on earth who happens to be an advanced scientist (naturally).

He is desperate to survive & in flashbacks you see his history & backstory of the loss of his family. A few good scenes here & there but overall the film is rather uneven.

Was later remade into the Omega Man in the 70's & I Am Legend in 2007. Couldn't have been much more but failed to achieve a lot on screen.

Attack of the Crab Monsters

A wildly fun early 'Bad' film from B Grade Maverick Roger Corman. The concept is so out of this world it works.

A group of scientists go to a remote island that has an unusually high radiation levels & supposedly a large creature is a resident there.

That creature is a massive crab (wonderfully disastrous model) that reeks havoc on the scientists. Completely silly but it's funny & enjoyable as a B Grade treasure.

I Was a Teenage Werewolf

A dry & dated Teen Horror Flick of the mid 1950's that was somewhat of a Drive-Inn hit of its day but has definitely dated.

The story of hot blooded teen always getting in trouble this is unwillingly the Ginny Pig for mad scientist who give his this unusual serum that turns him into a vicious wolf.

I have no doubt this would have been a major inspiration for the Teen Wolf in the mid 1980's with Michael J Fox.

Born on the Fourth of July

Oliver Stone truly is one of greatest American Filmmakers around & this film shows his skill behind camera & the talent of Tom Cruise under terrific direction.

The story of idealistic all American boy who goes & joins the war effort & becomes paralyzed in combat & struggles to adjust back into society & becomes quickly disillusioned.

The story is told so well & the story has such impact. Very audacious & bold for it's day. A powerhouse of acting & directing, a sensational film.

Mistress America

A charming new comedy from the fantastic director & actor duo Noah Baumbach & Greta Gerwig that's a lovely take on the modern American Dream.

Seemingly perfect Brooke (Gerwig) has it all freedom, Great Life, popular & fun to be around that is till her life actually unravels.

A brilliant satire of what young people think they want in the American Dream. Filled with great scenes & glistening dialogue. I love this filmmaking duo & really enjoyed the film.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

The second installment in the Original Star Wars Trilogy & is the bridge between episode 4 & 5. A fantastic film with a perfect blend of action & story progression.

I like all the world's that are featured in this film are so great like the ice planet Hoth, swampy Degobah, Cloud City etc etc.

The final moments of the film must have been unforgettable for audiences in 1980 with Luke's father being Darth Vader. A master gem in the trilogy throughly entertaining.

The Great Ziegfeld

The life & times of Flo Ziegfeld one of the most audacious & unique figures in Broadway history. Although entertaining this is hardly factual.

Follow's his rise to fame with interesting business methods & his uncanny ability to 'woo' young female performers.

One of the stand out performances was Louise Reiner who's famous telephone scene supposedly secured her Oscar. Filled with fantastic musical numbers & charm. I really enjoyed this Oscar Winning Biopic.


An easy watching Chef Drama staring Bradley Cooper that is an enjoyable film but nothing great. The story of a washed up master chef making it back to the big time aiming to turn his friends restaurant into a 3 Michelin Star.

Filled with all the elements; tension, romance & some sumptuous food. The film is entertaining but it all feels to familiar.

Bradley Cooper is great actor & really choosing diverse roles & it shows. It's a straightforward film with no surprises.

Bridge of Spies

Spielberg back directing in top form with his new Cold War Drama that stars Tom Hanks & is a gripping new film.

The story of a insurance lawyer (Hanks) & his defense of Russian Spy (played perfectly by Mark Rylance) who stole the show. Basically the trade of a Russian Spy & one from the US.

A fascinating look at the human element of a spy & the political climate Russia & USA where in. A dramatic story directed wonderfully & is a terrific film, highly recommended.

Le Grand Blond avec Une Chaussure Noire (The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe)

A clever French Comical Farce about a clumsy Musician who is mistaken as a Super Spy & has half the French Secret Service following him.

Very clever & quirky comedy but the film was missing a little something & failed to keep up my enthusiasm throughout.

There are some delightful scenes & I read this film was remade by the USA with Tom Hanks in the lead. Clever concept that shows some great footage of Paris in the early 1970's.

Miss You Already

A new comedy/drama staring Toni Colette & Drew Barrymore about two women doing life together & having to deal with an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis for Toni Colette's character.

Although not a lot of new ground covered here this film will appeal to female audiences & does have an emotional pull near the end of film.

It's not very groundbreaking but a sure crowd pleaser & would really speak to someone who lost someone close to cancer. I enjoyed the film but wasn't blown away by it at all.

Day of the Dead

The final installment in the Zombie trilogy that made history back in 1968. This version in my opinion is better than number 2 & is shorter & snappier.

The story of a group of army soldiers & scientists in a bunker struggling to resist the zombie apocalypse & begin to fighting against one another.

Not shy on splatter & gore this film has a memorable third act & despite its horror it's quite funny & fast moving.


A brutally funny horror film that probably has one of the most original & bizarre plots for an 1980's Horror Film.

The story of a crazed young doctor from Sweden bent on recharging the brain once it is officially dead. As you can imagine you must suspend a bit of belief for this film. The young doctor eventually creates a re-animation syrup that has disastrous results.

Very gory but also wildly funny you can easily see why this became a cult classic. Filled with some classic scenes & is simply a lot of fun.


A truly tragic romance brought alive on screen by the undeniable charisma & talent of Greta Garbo.

The story of young love in an unforgettable time in Paris but despite financial set backs & family disapproval they continue to strive on.

The third act of the film is truly the most tragic & conveyed so truthfully on screen. A must see for Romance Lovers & Classic Film Enthusiasts. Garbo is a force to be reckoned with on screen.

Back In Time
Back In Time(2015)

A nice heartfelt Documentary that was released all around the world on Wednesday 21/10/15 the day Marty & Doc went into the future.

Although it doesn't cover many facts I didn't already know it gave a deeper insight to some the most dedicated fans who collected & to whose who gave so much to Michael J Fox's Parkinson's Charity.

It's amazing how truly popular this film is & was & the impact it had on people. This opened my eyes to the impact of cinema & the BTTF Trilogy. Features some great interviews also.

Dr. Jack
Dr. Jack(1922)

Another early entry from Master Comedian Harold Lloyd & this time round he is a country Doctor & always behind the 8 ball.

Filled with crowd pleaser gags & lots of fun it's hard to take this film seriously. Basically the story of rich exploited by a doctor in convincing the family the daughter is very ill.

Dr. Jack (Lloyd) quickly identifies she is fine & that's when things get complicated. Silly & harmless fun, even in his early works you can see Lloyd is going to be an incredible comedian.


An electronic film & performance by Tom Hardy who plays two characters with near perfection. Simply the story of the Two Kray Bros & their hold of the underworld in London in the 1960's.

Tom Hardy plays the suave & powerful smoother brother as well as he plays the deranged, homosexual bizarre twin.

It's a crazy story but a fascinating one, violent, stylized & very cool. An English take on goodfellas with a dash of schizophrenia, a terrific gangster film.

The Naked City

An unmistakably unusual but intriguing film noir about two detectives on what seems like a clear cut suicide turns about to be a clever murder.

Unlike many films this is also a homage to NYC in the stranger hours of the night & the unseen side of the famous city that never sleeps.

A genuinely intriguing story that truly centers NYC as the third character in the film. Very innovative & ahead of its time, a must see crime drama.

Grandma's Boy

The second feature film from the 3rd Genius of Slapstick Silent Film Comedy Harold Lloyd. The story is simple & idyllic & centering on a young timid young man who is pushed by his Grandmother to stand up for himself.

As you imagine the results & attempt to be brave are where the heart of the lies but I think one of the last scenes where he stands up for himself with the aid of a token that saved his granddad in the civil war...but ends up being the end piece of his grandma's umbrella.

Filled with innocent fun & many gags, will appeal to both adults & children alike. Interesting to see how clever Lloyd was even is his early years.

Rancho Notorious

A very entertaining somewhat tacky Western that is simply a lot of fun & as well as well plotted Revenge Film.

Picks up straight after a rape/murder of a woman in Wyoming & a cowboy desperate to find answers. All he seems to know is a mystery location & a woman of ill repute.

Marlene Dietrich gives a stellar performance as the Boss Lady. Filled with a wonderful corny theme song & genuine good storytelling. A charming western that's well worth the time.

The Walk
The Walk(2015)

A stunningly shot film that really visually snares you in & doesn't let go of it's grip. Basically the story of the French Crazed Artist who tightroped across the Twin Towers just before they where completed.

This follows his humble beginnings & his zealous & undeniably strange behavior leading up to the act.

The film's scenes on the wire are literally unforgettable you feel you are in fact on the wire also. An accessible & easy watching drama, a good film throughly enjoyable.

Crimson Peak
Crimson Peak(2015)

An unsettling new horror film from Spanish Film Master Del Turo who directed Pan's Labyrinth. This time round it's a ghost story with a dark past.

Really a visual tour de force with such a gothic feel but a fantastic plot that really grips you & keeps you guessing.

Jessica Chastain is yet again fantastic in her role & this film is so hypnotic & you find yourself caught in its a spell so effortlessly. I won't indulge to much of the plot but it's a great film that won't disappoint.

The Big Country

An epic western in every sense of the word, incredible vistas, lively characters & a gripping film.

The story of a city guy moving to a small town & trying to fit in but not sacrificing who he is but in that process being considered a coward by the locals.

Tensions mount when two families are feuding at each other & he is the balancer. A wonderful western with a lot in it & visually gratifying as well as the story....a must see western.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Revisiting this film with honestly nearly a decade break it was so unreal to watch it with fresh eyes & experience the magic of the first Star Wars.

It's a miracle of a film considering its conception, uneasy filming & uncertain release this film truly defied all odds.

A simple Saturday afternoon Space Story done like never before & captured so many people. A truly rimless film & the catalyst for one of cinema's greatest trilogy.

Black Mass
Black Mass(2015)

A interesting trip through a master criminal's mind Johnny 'Whitey' Bulger & his hold on the South Boston Area in the 1970's & 80's.

Johnny Depp was all consuming as the lead & brought an undeniable tension & presence to the role.

A little slow in parts but I found the film rather factual & less Hollywood than other Gangster Films. I found since the film was so grounded it held more weight as a viewer. An intense truthful film...

Once Upon a Time in the West

A undisputed smorgasbord for the senses this film, an epic western running a whopping 2.75 hours but visually breathtaking & completely enthralling.

The story of a beautiful woman who looses her new husband & his children due to the hands of the railroad wanting their land at any cost. A young cowboy comes in with an unknown past & the story gets interesting.

The craft of the director in this film is extraordinary you can see why Serge Leone was a major inspiration for Quentin Tarantino. The shots & look of the film is just a revelation, an amazing western.

Broadway Melody of 1938

An extremely fun & fluffy MGM Musical that was actually the first feature film of Judy Garland & we all know what happened to her career.

Wildly silly but charming to the tee the story of charismatic everyday people (2 guys & a girl) meeting a Broadway Producer & want to strike it big on stage.

Filled with great musical numbers & fun subplots the film is simply easy watching. The grand number at the end is fantastic. They made a few Broadway Melodies but many sight this film as the most endearing.


A pick & choose true story of infamous Gangster Bugsy Spiegel who supposedly created the Flamingo Casino which was the forefront for Las Vegas in the Nevada Desert.

Warren Beatty was good as Bugsy but had a habit of over acting at times, the real knockout was Annette Benning.

The story was interesting & Bugsy wasn't a person you would want to cross, the film overall was good but it did drag a lot in parts. If your a gangster film lover you'll appreciate it but maybe not for everyone.

The Intern
The Intern(2015)

Another new little gem from director Nancy Meyers who has successfully made a modern buddy film with the most unlikely of characters.

The story of 70 year old Ben Whitaker taking an opportunity as an intern to a clothing web company helmed by Anne Hathaway. Filled with great moments & characters & filled with a lot of truth.

Filled with some delightful moments & was so nice to see De Niro play the lovable character. It's a charming film that isn't hard to fall in love with quickly. In a sea of black films these days it's a rare treat to get a good old fashioned nice film.

Black Souls
Black Souls(2015)

A very frustrating dark drama about three brothers in a small time mafia group in Milan & how their lives are dramatically changed by one of the brothers actions.

Despite fantastic cinematography this film is just so dull, lacks engagement & music.

Italy have made some great films recently but this isn't one of them. Has a few good scenes but ultimately leaves you unsatisfied.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

A fantastic new Sci-Fi from Ridley Scott that was a 2.5 hour film but so genuinely entertaining & absorbing it didn't even feel like it.

This film is just great storytelling & Matt Damon is fantastic as the left behind astronaut. This is a human piece of one man's struggle to survive.

It felt like a flashback to 90's film for all the right reasons. I was gripped in the last quarter of the film & I have no doubt it will be a blockbuster & touch audiences.


A gritty, dirty & mean adaptation of Shakespeare's Classic Play Macbeth. Both Michael Fassbender & Marion Couiltard are literally electrifying as the King & Queen.

I have & will always probably struggle with the language of Shakespeare but his story telling is second to none.

Filmed with a dynamic visual sense this film could grip you regardless of the dialogue & the acting was top notch. Although an arthouse film it's a very worthy adaption of Shakespeare on Screen.

The Wild Bunch

A gritty edgy Western that has been labelled the last of the old great westerns that had all the elements of a great classic.

Great actors, simple story & fantastic action that doesn't hold back the splatter of blood. Genuinely interesting story that grows on you as the backstory of the wild bunch gives much more clarity.

It's an essential western that I would sum up as a knockout film. It's got a lot to offer & if you appreciate the Western Genre then this is a must see. Terrific Film!!!

The Shadow
The Shadow(1994)

I first garnered a bit of interest in this film due to hit Movie Serial called the Shadow made in 1994, but this really is just Hollywood Hogwash.

Based incredibly loosely on the serial, but more of a vehicle for early CGI & Special Effects.

It's fun to a degree & easy watching but to me didn't capture the essence of the serial. Penelope Ann Miller wasn't too bad as the dame. Will appeal more to children most probably.

Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon)

A masterpiece in Early Cinema considered by many as the first International Hit Film. It was directed by French Cinema Magician Georges Milies who made 500 short films from 1896 to 1912.

The film is so iconic for the rocket landed in the eye of the moon & in many ways that imagery is more famous than the film itself.

A groundbreaking visual marvel so ahead of it's time in many regards. In the early 1990's a hand colored version of the film appeared in Barcelona & took 11 years to preserve.

The Daughter of Dawn

A seemingly forever lost silent and an intriguing love triangle between a tribe of American Indians. Was lost for 85 years & found by a Private Detective who sold the film to Oklahoma Historical Society.

The larger part of the cast where actual American Indian People so the film has a distinct authenticity about it.

Although the plot was simple the photography of the land, costumes & tee-pees where fantastic. The American Indians where a fascinating people & this coveys it.


A tense but undoubtedly accurate story of the behind the scenes work of the FBI busting some of the major drug cartels on the US & Mexican Border.

You as the viewer are through the eyes of the Emily Blunt character who delivers a very naive but brilliant performance.

There are many great scenes in the film with some sensational camerawork but underrated DOP Roger Deakins. The scene at the dinner table at the end of the film is unforgettable.

The Visit
The Visit(2015)

I feel this film was just irresistible, despite its many many holes & mistakes in filmmaking it does two things perfectly well it makes you laugh & jump out of your skin.

The story of two teens visiting their grandparents they have never seen, and quickly identify how odd they are & that's just the beginning.

Filmed through the eyes of the kids as they make a documentary of their trip & it's a great vehicle for M. Night to get away with murder pun intended. I loved it, a true guilty pleasure & so great to see M. Night doing solid productions...I think it's entertaining as hell!!!

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

I honestly feel I'm being to generous giving this film three stars but it does have a few strong points. This is a perfectly example of over saturation of CGI in the sake of good story telling.

Really if you analyze this film carefully there is really only 20-30 minutes of actual plot, the rest is spectacle & action.

It ties up the ends well for the next film A New Hope (Episode IV). In my opinion the best film in the new trilogy is episode one. I feel it could have made much better with less dependence on visuals.

Witness for the Prosecution

A master stroke from Hollywood Maverick director Billy Wilder who brings to a life a fascinating murder trial in court involving an out of retirement lawyer & seemingly innocent man with a strange wife.

This film to me cements the power Marlene Dietrich had on screen, the camera adores her. The film leaves you guessing & nothing adds up.

The film is truly made in the final minutes with one of the best twist endings I have seen in a Court Room Film in years. Even during the ending credits there is a voice disclaimer encouraging you to not share the ending with your friends.

People Places Things

A very quirky & funny Indy film that sadly was released super minimally throughout Australia but it's a fantastic Comedy/Drama.

The story of a dad trying to come to grips with his breakup with his wife & still being a great dad. The Father was played perfectly by Flight of the Concords Lead.

The film's humor & dialogue is fantastic, it's so funny but it's also very truthful. I found myself glued to the film & throughly enjoyed every minute of it. A must see Indy Film.

The Addams Family

I could see how this may appeal to fans of the original TV Series but it failed to impact me at all. It wasn't very funny & rather labored.

The plot is paper thin & some of the gags are ok but nothing really stands out about this film at all.

I think the film is well cast & I hear quite regularly that the sequel is much better. I recommend this if you grew up watching the TV Show.

Oddball and the Penguins (Oddball)

A small low key Australian Film that has a lot of heart but not a film that will talked about for years to come.

The story of a troublesome dog that has an uncanny ability to protect fairy penguins that are under major threat for the foxes in the area.

Nothing groundbreaking in the way of filmmaking but has simple charm to it & the best example of easy watching. One of the better Aussie Kid Films out at the moment, great family film.


A well made true story of an adventure climbing group in 1996 who went through hell on there summit to Mount Everest.

Made with a strong sense of authenticity & craft & captured the harshness of the cold & weather so well.

This film was by no means perfect but it was entertaining & the last moments of the film where quite impacting. Re-affirmed Climbing Mount Everest isn't for me but a great cinematic experience.

Frances Ha
Frances Ha(2013)

A thoughtful & clever film about Young Adult Frances' (Played perfectly by Greta Gerwig) struggle to move forward with her life in NYC shot in beautiful black & white.

Most films of this nature are usually happy & everything goes great for them but not this film...incredible accurate & truthful story of a woman with much more heart than talent trying to make her way in life.

Natural dialogue, realistic situations & generally likable film. I heard Greta is working with the same director on another project that would definitely be worth a watch.

Charlotte's Web

A tender, simple & heart warming story of friendship between two of the unlikeliest characters a Pig Wilbur & a spider Charlotte.

Although rather sentimental the film has heart & has a great message that is timeless.

It's nice to revisit the old style of 2D animation that's sadly a dying art. The film ends on a teary note but it's a great film with a wonderful message of loyalty & friendship.

Hansel and Gretel

One of the darker Grimm's Fairytales in my opinion & this adaption although less darker than others would appeal to a more general audience.

The story is well known but I was fascinated to find out the forest scenes of the film where shot in Israel and even the set for the Candy House was impressive.

The standout by far was a Cloris Leachman as the witch who was genuinely freaky. Although made on a shoestring budget this adaption was well put together.

The Proposition

A gritty & poetic Outback Western written by Nick Cave with a depth & violence to it. Despite its intensity very enjoyable & absorbing drama.

The look of the film was stunning & the story itself although dark was mesmerizing. The film had a lot going on under the surface.

I found myself easily involved with the world & it's characters a superb Aussie Western a must see Australian film in general.

A Walk In The Woods

A typical play it safe film about two old guys going for a walk in the woods. There is a little more to it than that but not much more.

Very familiar territory & just failed to achieve much cinematically it was rather dull. A few nice scenes but nothing substantial.

Some wonderful american wilderness scenery but real character development. I think it will appeal to a seniors demographic but won't be a long laster.

The Evil Dead

A terrifying & visual horror from at the time largely unknown Sam Raimi who went on to do many box office friendly films.

The story of some 20 somethings staying at an abandoned cabin in the woods with a strange book of the dead. Slowly but surely the dead possesses the young Tweens.

Filled with a lot of gore & terror I did find the film very unsettling & creepy. I have no doubt why the film was such a hit. Very scary & jumpy a must for horror lovers.


A slow moving but engaging film about the friendship between James Dean & Life Photographer just before James Dean became a household name.

Both Actors especially Dane was sensational as Dean & captured a less glamorous & realistic episode of his life in NYC.

I found it so interesting that despite James Dean & cameraman didn't get along & where quite stressed out but still produced some of the best photos one could imagine.

God's Not Dead

It's hard for me to objective with Christian Films since I am believer & can't help but appreciate aspects of the film but I'll be as honest as possible.

The film itself is not tragic but does lack many things & sadly will most likely only connect with Christian audiences. It's a little hard hitting on the belief of God & I feel if a viewer doesn't believe it may not encourage them to with its hard hitting approach.

I hope one day Christian films could connect with all audiences but I doubt this film will, ham acting & lower production values never help either.

Carnival of Souls

A very strange unusual film about a young woman who is the only survivor of a disastrous car accident and begins to see strange figures around as she tries to adjust back into society.

She finds herself with the unusual ability to play organs & continually draws back to this abandoned carnival a few blocks from the church she plays organ at.

Relentlessly creepy & leaves you quizzing but is undeniably powerful. It's a film that has a strange feel to it. Very interesting but unsettling film.

Lady Terminator

A tragically bad re-telling of the Terminator Film Indonesian style & chuck in some Folklore.

Some films are great fun that are deemed so bad but I found this a little dull but starting the film at 1am wasn't a good choice for a start.

Ridiculous, bad acting & bizarre plot are just some of its treasures. I saw it but have no ambition to ever watch it again.

The Wolfpack
The Wolfpack(2015)

My true definition of a horror film this one despite it being a documentary. The story of 6 brothers who have spent their whole life tues up in an apartment on the lower east side of NYC. Save a few occasions have never left outside in years.

They battle their loneliness by escaping in film & enacting the films & building very clever props. Their behavior is naturally unusual but it's the forced parenting of the father that is the most concerning.

Eventually the oldest dares to escape & then the hold of the father begins to be less & less. A very unusual & uncomfortable film but an interesting Doco.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I must start by saying it's been years since I have been so surprised by film & truly is one of the most funniest & saddest films at the same time.

Filled with fantastic quirky deadpan humor & done it such a fresh way. The relationship between the three is so natural.

Despite its humor it's also a very real & tender film that really packs an emotional wallop. It's honestly one of the best films of the year a Indy masterpiece. A must see for 2015...

Women He's Undressed

A sensational documentary about three time Academy Award Winning Costume Designer Orry Kelly who was an Aussie from a small NSW Town.

It chronicles his rise to fame & his private relationship with Cary Grant before he became a household name.

A fascinating film & done in such a unique but compelling format. I was genuinely surprised how much I truly enjoyed this film. It was terrific, Orry Kelly made some incredible costumes.

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

A delightful bad Fantasy film made entirely in Argentina for US audiences. A combination of hideous acting, laughable story & just cheesy fun.

The story of a young wizard searching for a magic stone to destroy the evil wizard controlling his kingdom.

The film is atrocious but really funny for example the young wizard's main sidekick is a creature that honestly looks no different than a mattress protector. Will appeal greatly to bad film enthusiasts & Is a lot of fun. Great dodgy special affects also.

Straight Outta Compton

A very popular & undeniably interesting story of the most influential rappers coming out of Compton Los Angeles & developing the NWA in the late 1980's and becoming an overnight success.

The actors cast to produce the infamous Ezy E, Dr. Dre & Ice Cube where excellent & gave I feel realistic performances. Sadly Tupac Shakur was barely focused on.

I found the film quite tedious & long 3/4's in & it became a bit melodramatic. It's amazing where they came from & the success they had. I hear a sequel is already in the making following the later years of artists going solo.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Not many True Blue Star Wars fans hold this film very highly and there is a good reason: Hayden Christensen, Tacky Romance & complete over use of CGI.

The only few scenes that where interesting was Obi Wan Kenobi's travel to the Kimino planet. It's just a frustrating film.

It's very uneven & just really looses the magic of what makes Star Wars so great. Often appeals to the female fans of Star Wars but I always find it a struggle to sit through.

Why Be Good?
Why Be Good?(2014)

A charming little romantic comedy that was made right on the precipice of Silent to Sound & starred the delightful Coleen Moore.

The story of wild good hearted girl falling for the charming young boss of the department store she works at.

The film is driven but the charisma of Moore & it's a fun comedy that's lighthearted. Great to see NYC in the late 20's & all the wonderful costumes. It's fun & easy watching & to my knowledge only recently discovered.


This film to me is like Wine it just gets better with age & stills holds its dramatic impact & regenerated the Big Epic in the early 2000's.

A simple/intimate story set in the height of the Roman Empire & truly made Russell Crowe a household name.

Filled with beautiful visuals & unmistakably well directed action this film will be cemented as a Modern Classic.

Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People

One of the last films in the Cult Japan program hosted by GoMa in Brisbane this winter & although noteworthy for bizarre make up this film lags heavy midway.

Directed by Japanese Movie Monster Mogul Ishiro Honda (Director of original Godzilla) this has great qualities & opens strong but fails to grab as it progresses.

Very atmospheric & I'm intrigued on what island off Japan they filmed this on. Bizarre & unusual will appeal to monster movie buffs.

The Gift
The Gift(2015)

A tense & gripping new thriller from Aussie Hollywood Star Joel Edgerton who also got into the director chair this time.

The film is based on a very simple premise, imagine and old school friend reconnecting & stalking you. All actors especially Joel Edgerton are all on point.

The film is undeniably creepy & really sucks the viewer right into its world. I found myself jumping regularly & the final moments in the film are so suspenseful. I highly recommend the film it's very thrilling & a hell of a movie.

Dawn of the Dead

The very successful follow up to the surprise hit Night of the Living Dead this time round more gore, more action & intensity.

The story of to SWAT Members & Two Media Representatives fleeing for the life from the Zombies & wind up in a Shopping Mall & Defend themselves.

The final conclusion with the Bikers is gory to say the least. Filled with lots of limbs & body pieces it's easy to see how this was such a gem for horror lovers. Much better production values than its predecessor but not as impacting.

The Fifth Element

A film miraculously I have never seen surprisingly since it was quite popular in its day & often talked about.

A very unusual but well thought of Sci Fi that stars Bruce Willis who unwillingly connects with earths perfect 6th element.

It's interesting to see the early days of CGI & fascinating to see how far it's come. It's large, extreme & action packed won't appeal to all but I found it more of a curiosity.

Holding The Man

A very sad but unrelentlessly truthful film about two High School Sweethearts John & Tim. Despite where you stand with gay marriage or not this is a film of two people & it's a well made film.

The performances are wonderful by the two leads & there is some fantastic Aussie Supporters like Guy Pearce & Geoffrey Rush.

It's undoubtedly a tear jerker & a doomed romance but really opened my heart to their struggle & heartache. A beautiful film...

Ricki And The Flash

A new dysfunctional family comedy/drama that despite Meryl's fantastic performance it's a very play it safe film & all too familiar.

Interesting to see Meryl Streep's Daughter give acting a go but she has big shoes to fill. I found the film entertaining but not gripping.

Jonathan Demme has seemed to lost his groove & the film lacks something but it's definitely not the soundtrack. Filled with some great tunes & a great role from Meryl may appeal to some.

Night of the Living Dead

Argued by many as one the defining horror film of the last 100 years & to be honest for a budget of $114,000 the filmmakers created something great.

The story of a group of people confined into an old farmhouse as the mounting attack of zombies grow more & more. Many could argue the horror in the film was the people trapped inside.

Very convincing & ultimately very frightening this was a miracle film that went on to be a global phenomenon. Avery well made horror that has truly stranded the test of time.

His People
His People(1925)

A heartfelt melodrama about a Jewish Family in the lower east side of New York and although simple in its design it's quite effective.

Directed by an largely unknown director today but at the time of the silent very well known Edward Sloman who was Jewish himself & from the same neighborhood.

His films in the silent area are so simple but have clear messages & appealed to audiences in the day. A lovely film to look back on.

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

With a strong start & hopeful plot it's a shame this film tanked in its second half. The story of Insurance Investigator (Woody Allen) cooping with a new female boss & a tough new case.

Unknowingly he is actually hypnotized by a master criminal & it is fact that he that is the jewel thief.

There is some great dialogue here & there but the mid way gets really uneven & looses momentum. It's overall an enjoyable film but lacks something.

Coeur fidèle (The Faithful Heart)

A early treasure from Master of Avant-Garde Cinema France's own Jean Epstein. The film's centre is a somewhat heart breaking but undeniably powerful but struggling love triangle.

Inspired by creating a melodrama with substance the director claimed he wrote the script in one evening. Filled with so many visually arresting scenes & Jean Epstein fascinating use of the ocean & the locales surrounding it.

In no regards a light film it has an emotional potency but is rather engaging. It's truthful raw & has many sequences that will stay with you.

Hava Nagila: The Movie

A surprisingly more interesting than to be expected documentary on the infamous Jewish Wedding Song Hava Nagila which routes & origin where largely unknown.

It's amazing how popular the song was & how often it's was translated to different nations & personalities & styles.

I personally have a keen interest in Jewish Routes in Hollywood Entertainment & find this film insightful. Also highlighted is the history of the song and how it originated in Ukraine hundreds of years before it was popular in the US.

Irrational Man

I must admit I approached this film with some caution Woody Allen is a self proclaimed Hit/Miss filmmaker & I truly was expecting a lemon.

However I found myself quite enjoying this the dialogue, the oddity of the plot all worked for me. Performances by both Phoenix & Stone where terrific.

The plot twists (especially the final one) are great & despite slow parts I found the film quite like able & engaging. In my opinion it's a great comedy that was charming & quirky.


A solid new boxing drama that is entertaining but ultimately unfulfilling in that it's all common ground & been done before.

The story of street savvy boxer loosing it all in a few unforeseen circumstances & his climb back to the top.

Jake Gylahal is great in his role but the film failed to truly grab me. I'm sure it will have an audience but I'd be curious to see if it endures.

The War of the Gargantuas (Furankenshutain no kaijû: Sanda tai Gaira)

Despite its infinite tackiness & over abundance of so so model work it's still quite an entertaining movie.

The story of a monster like Frankenstein that causes havoc all over Tokyo Bay & it's two scientists that believe they have an answer how to put an end to it.

Very much targeted at young boys & incredibly dated will appeal to Monster Movie Lovers especially Asian Specific.

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

Due to the release of his new feature film I couldn't resist revisiting a Woody Allen film I have yet to see & although it's no master stroke it was genuinely appealing.

The story of three couples & mis matched love & lust with funny results. Woody Allen was great as the crackpot inventor & I can help but love his dialogue.

It's the confusion of the characters that makes this film so charming. It's fluffy, intellectual & overall silly. Will appeal to Woody Enthusiasts.

Saving Private Ryan

Upon revisiting this film I realized how well it was not only put together but the relationship of all the men in the team & impact of their sacrifice for Private Ryan.

Spielberg truly mastered a wonderful film with many scenes that stay with you, the grace for the German POW & when Tom Hanks has his private outburst. I read that many critics shunned Spielberg's decision to cast Tom Hanks but I think he was truly perfect.

Although graphic in parts it's truly the relationship of the men that stands out. It's a thinking man's war film & a true classic & in my opinion it should have been the recipient of Best Picture of 1998.

Jailhouse Rock

Many label this film as the greatest of Elvis film & to me that's concerning since it really wasn't much of a film at all.

The Jail House Rock Sequence is fantastic & Elvis truly was an undisputed phenomenal singer & performer but he definitely wasn't the king of acting.

The story is linear & mainly a vehicle to push his music. The plot centers around hothead musician Elvis busting in to the music just after his time in prison.

The Day of the Triffids

A clever Sci-Fi concept but I don't think it was directed well & ultimately executed & despite the clever story many aspects where dull.

More or less the story of a strange flashing lights seen all through the world & then affecting any plant life turning them into murderous tress known as Triffids.

With better direction & acting I think there would be a much stronger film. It's a great concept & could be done superb today with new CGI technology.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

The first (and in my opinion best of the New Trilogy) that still captures some of the Star Wars spirit regardless of a over abundance of CGI.

The story of how Anakin is identified by the Jedi & the wonderful backstory that leads up to the Clone Wars.

I feel this is full of adventure & much more enjoyable than the following two installments. I'm biased since I'm a Star Wars fan but I find the film exciting, vibrant & still engaging.

The River
The River(2013)

A silent film from 1929 that to this day remains incomplete the first, last & sections of the middle feels are lost. But with amazing skill and finesse the archivists at UCLA (with the use of the original script & on set photos) where able to create an effective 54 minute version.

It's a wonderful tense drama about naive boatman Allen John being seduced by Local Gang Man's girl played by Mary Duncan.

There are many steamy & suggestive scenes for 1929 but sadly the climax is missing footage which is a real shame. A well made romance directed by the silent master Frank Borzage.


A very contemporary & modern romance where the roles are reversed & the girl is the typical bloke character.

Not as sexually saturated as other comedies of late this film does have some quite funny moments where I found myself chuckling.

Ultimately at its core it's unabashedly sentimental but I found the freshness of the acting & the humor was good. Not sure as I would as far as to recommend it but it's better than some.

Don't Look Now

A very tense & unusual film about a grieving couple after loosing their daughter to a water drowning accident.

The travel to Venice to move on & also design a local monastery & then they meet a physic who is able to communicate things very especially messages from their daughter.

A large part of the film is quite confusing but if you follow it, it unravels in time. The father begins following a young child in a red coast that leads to disastrous outcome.

State Fair
State Fair(1945)

An incredibly endearing like able musical about a typical American living on a farm in Iowa counting down to the State Fair.

Filled to the brim with cliches & well made musical numbers make this very predictable but really like able in the same way.

I read before this film Jeanne Crain (Lead Actress in the Film) couldn't sing & she lip synced & when he career skyrocketed she need to have her back up singer where she performed. Very popular in Australia was shown daily for over 3 months.

He Who Gets Slapped

A masterful thriller centering around a Professor who is betrayed by his closest friends and his major theories are stolen. He then approaches them publicly & he is slapped & humiliated.

Now redundant in his career he becomes a clown in the Paris Circus & plans revenge. As a relationship blossoms between the clown a circus girl so does an opportunity to have revenge.

Directed so well by Swedish Turned Hollywood Filmmaker Victor Seastrom for MGM in 1924. The themes explored in the film are fascinating & final moments in the film with a Lion are both tense & memorable.

The Wicked Lady

A charming little tale of an incredibly dislike able heroine Barbara played by the immortal British Screen Actor Margaret Lockwood.

Basically the epitome of sin one of the screen most wicked & deceitful characters a unique stray from the role's she usually played.

The acts of Barbara are interesting but it's you desire to see whats coming to her is the main draw. Supported wonderfully by James Mason who is as much of a devil as she is.

The Impossible Kid (The Impossible Kid of Kung Fu)

You either love or hate this Trashy Phillapeno Gem but I find these Weng Weng a delightfully bad cinematic journey.

Although a staggering 2'9 tall he still kick ass and this time round the producers have more money to work with & this is a much higher budget sequel to Weng Weng's breakthrough film.

Full of hilariously bad dialogue & ridiculously dangerous stunts you can't help but have a laugh. If you have taste avoid it but it's trashy fun.

White Hunter Black Heart

A uneven & largely unknown Clint Eastwood Film that he went into unknown territory & put on an accent & really became a unique character.

Although loosely based on John Huston director of African Queen (1951) it was pretty clear that's what they where going for.

Shot beautifully with perfect use of that visually arresting backdrop of Africa. But unfortunately the story itself lacked & although the characterization was strong the story wasn't. I read this was arguably the most unsuccessful Eastwood film ever made.

Last Cab To Darwin

A beautiful & poignant film about a cab driver from Broken Hill who has basically three months to live & decides he wants to do euthanasia to end it all.

Filled with some of the most honest & truthful performances especially Michael Caton who gives a performance of a lifetime.

The cinematography is second to none & the beauty & majesty of the outback is well presented. At its core it's a story of what's important & the end is very touching m. No other way to put it, it's a beautiful film.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

A ridiculously wild & entertaining film about three Go-Go who find trouble on their adventures & things just escalate & escalate.

I was delighted to here that Quentin Tarantino will be re-making this film after his new Hateful Eight (2016). I'm sure he will bring something great to it. The film is edgy, tough & wildly entertaining.

It's got some great dialogue & simply just dripping with style. Russ Meyer's films are definitely not for everyone but this film is an experience.

Four's a Crowd

A simple little romance quadrangle boasting some big names of the day Errol Flynn & Olivia deHavilland.

The story is basically Errol Flynn as a public relations man and all his conniving & how the effects the romance of the other three.

Mostly fun & light & little bit vague in parts but ultimately it's a linear Rom Com that lacks the impact of the like of Philadelphia Story.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

An effective mile a minute new action film from the ever successful Mission Impossible franchise I believe this is the fifth film in the series & they are still quite entertaining.

Nothing new here story wise but the film keeps up a great pace & good familiar plot.

Tom Cruise just can nail the role without trying now & there is nothing original about the film but it's the speed & fun of it all that keeps you seated.

The Last Command

The German actor Emil Jannings (Lead in this Film) I believe was the first actor to win the Best Actor award at the Oscars, but when returning to Germany in the 1930's became a Nazi Sympathizer & was never allowed back in Hollywood.

This is a tense drama about a Russian General who is betrayed by a Revolutionist & his wife & is humiliated & shamed, he then flees to California and begins work as an extra in Hollywood. He then begins a plan of revenge since the Revolutionary is now a Hollywood director.

This is wonderfully acted by Jannings & directed very well by Josef Von Stranberg who went on to do many great films in the sound era.

Death on the Nile

An incredibly well made & completely engrossing Murder Mystery set on the Nile Egypt. Filled with an all star cast this film is a real gem.

It introduces a very beautiful but highly disliked woman who is on her Honeymoon with guests on the streamer that could all want her dead in her own way.

The film builds mystery throughout but the scene with the Cobra is quite memorable. If you enjoy a mystery you'll enjoy this. A terrific film that was thoroughly enjoyable through out.


A very important & relevant documentary about the war over privacy & the abusive of power of ANS who basically can trace anyone via phone calls, email & texting etc.

The final centers on the key interview of Edward Snowden ex member of NAS going live to the works during the interview so therefore very tense.

It's scary what this film proposes & the directors are very brave to film during the heat putting their lives at risk to make the film.

Twisted Nerve

Not a well made film in any regards but a simple thriller that despite bad acting you still want to know what happens next.

The story of a young boy clearly disturbed that bumps into a girl at a toy shop & gets a little fanatic. The actor who plays the young man is so bad that it's hard to connect with him, he is just so unbelievable.

Halley Mills is great as the young girl being obsessed over & it's just a simple film that builds to a very tense climax.

Why Be Good? Sexuality and Censorship in Early Cinema

A simple but lacking of style documentary of basically the early exploits of sexuality on screen.

It's amazing what they got way with at the time & how they got around censorship so cleverly & deceptively.

Focuses mainly on the 1920's & 30's mainly but is a great research tool to how it was. Much scandal & naughty behavior was often included in film & all was ok if there was a moral ending.

Far From the Madding Crowd

A beautiful & whimsical love story about headstrong farmer Everdeen played to perfection by one of my personal favorites Carey Mulligan. This is an emotional love triangle that develops into some challenging decisions & ultimately consequences.

Acted with a sense of professionalism & shot immaculately this in many ways was a throw back to the older era of filmmaking i.e. true storytelling & the performance & charisma of its leads.

I found the film at all times intriguing & you felt & believed in the characters. It's a wonderful romance & a terrific film.

The Man You Loved to Hate

A not so well made Documentary on a incredible figure in Silent Cinema Erich Von Stroheim who was in many ways the first James Cameron an obsessive genius.

It chronicles his rise to fame with DW Griffith & his transformation to a director & the unbelievably ambitious projects he pursued.

Although labelled the man you love to hate his creative genius is unmistakeable & his imprint on cinema will be eternal. A great film for those interested in directing & cinema history.

Mr. Holmes
Mr. Holmes(2015)

A sensitive & thought provoking film about the later years of Sherlock Holmes with his battle against dementia & his last unsolved case.

Acted to perfection by Ian McKellen he added the nuance & emotion to the role. This film is very multi layered it has quite a lot going on under the surface.

I found the film throughly interesting & kept me engaged throughout. It had a lot of Mystery to it & was centered around a touching relationship between Holmes & the Housekeepers Son. A must see for Sherlock Holmes fans....

Village of the Damned

A film I first saw at 12-13 years old & remember being considerably scared & frightening but re-visiting this film at 28 years old was a different experience.

Basically a direct remake of the English 60's film with very little embellishments. This film has quite a few chilling scenes that stayed in my mind even 15 years a go.

The story of many women becoming pregnant after an unusual blackout & all give birth to these unsettling babies that grow into telepathic children. A little lame parts but I found the film genuinely entertaining more than scary.

In the Line of Fire

A straightforward Action Thriller staring Hollywood Legend Clint Eastwood as a key bodyguard for the President of the United States.

The film is basically the face off between criminal Genius played John Malcovich & Clint's character. It's predictable but throughly enjoyable also. Like catching up with an old friend.

The tension is thought out & the final climax is very interesting. No new ground is covered but Clint has such a presence on screen, it was directed by German turned Hollywood director Wolfgang Peterson who also made Neverending Story, Troy & others.

Paper Towns
Paper Towns(2015)

A charming coming of age Teen film about Real Teens no Jocks & Cheerleaders here. Just everyday people doing life.

The story has many holes but it's the natural & believable actors that make this film special. The story of a young guy fascinated by a mysterious teen who is seamlessly care fee but one day disappears.

The film then follow's the young guy & his friends heading to find. More A story of the journey than the location. It's ultimately story wise weak but it's a nice study of down to earth teens.


To my knowledge this was Alfred Hitchcock's second last film which echoed back to his first hit in the mid 1920's The Lodger.

The story of a serial rapist & murderer who likes to finish his victims with a neck tie. The London public & police target this low life Londoner & miss the clue the killer is someone more suave & polished.

Despite hitch's age nearly 80 he was master behind the camera & due to the change in censorship he stepped up the terror. A well made thriller & a great story.


A very likable film that despite its many many weak points is simply fun & entertaining. The story of a pet alligator being thrown down the sewer & with the consumption of chemicals becomes mega.

The film is silly but fun at the same time, the actors are clearing having a lot of fun in the film. The relationship between the main detective & Scientist is awkward but hilarious.

As soon as the Alligator attacks they laughs start rolling in. It's trashy it's 80's & it's a monster movie what's not too like.


A challenging film about a young man & woman who find information of their father they never knew & a brother they never thought they had.

The go on an In Depth journey of learning & discovery as they travel to the Middle East.

The ending is very gripping but I feel I missed a lot of the key aspects of the film & I'm keen to revisit it in a few years.

Miss Julie
Miss Julie(2014)

I truly have not been picking great choices of films to watch at the moment. I am huge fan of Jessica Chastain but this is honestly one of her worst films.

The performances of both Jessica & Colin Ferrel are superb but the story is painfully slow & frustrating & on top of it it's incredibly depressing.

The setting becomes all too familiar & it's just becomes a chore to watch.

Closed for Winter

An undeniably bad & uneven drama staring hit Aussie Singer Natalie Imbruglia who did the best she could with a lousy script.

Shot very well in the seaside town of Semaphore in Adelaide's North the story could have been excellent but with confusing flashbacks & very poorly written script this film just sank.

I think it was a good story on its own but the final delivery was slow & dull. Other than some nice photography there is little to praise of the film.

Petals on the Wind

The direct follow up to the infamous Flowers in the Attic story that truthful is not only unnecessary bit dull & full of unneeded sex scenes.

Bordering on a dirty movie than a complete narrative it lacked story progression & unrelatable behavior from bad actors playing confusing characters.

The story could have been much better but it went for Soap Opera & it became rather silly & all genuine tension was lost.

Flowers in the Attic

A more contemporary edgy version on the Hit Novel Flowers in the Attic that in my opinion improved many aspects of the mid 80's film.

Heather Graham leads this well made for TV Movie that has more depth & touches on much more back story than the original film.

The story itself is weak but this makes more sense & since more money was put in the production values where higher. It's basically a similar remake though.

Flowers in the Attic

A very low key poorly adapted thriller about a desperate mother re-connecting with her vicious, cruel & jealous grandmother.

The film is genuinely tense but moves so slow in the middle it's hard to keep interest.

The acting is appalling but the story does keep you guessing due to the strangeness of the characters. Quite creepy in many scenes but a good attempt but no Shinning.


A visually imaginative short that was originally a collaboration between Walt Disney & Salvatore Dali as far back as 1946 & was finalized till 2003 and released as a special feature on the Blu Ray version of Fantasia 2000.

Focuses on 5 major works of Dali & has that subtle Disney touch.

It's a beautiful short that is visually stunning & thought provoking.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

A charming family film that was purely made in Japan for international audiences. It actually took 4 years to make & there was over 40 hours of footage to cut down.

As an adult it's not very engaging but more interesting how much they achieved with just an all animal cast.

It was a massive hit in Japan & did strong internationally. It's cute & has a charm and will appeal to children with an attention span.

Corrina, Corrina

A charming little family drama about a husband (Ray Liotta) & daughter (Tina Majorino) losing their mother & trying to cope but also requiring to hire a nanny.

Although this is wildly predictable it's has a charm & nice pacing to it & it's a nice film with a great tempo to it.

Whoopi is great as the nanny and a lot of the film's power is what's not said. It's touching & like able & shame little Tina Majorino didn't have a strong adult acting career.

Flamingo Road

Joan Crawford is electric in the cult hit Flamingo Road about a wild girl gone good & trying to make a life or herself but the local sherif won't have it.

The sherif is masterfully acted by Sidney Greenstreet & the as the tension mounts so does the performance. It shows the underbelly of a lot people but it exposes it so honestly & heartfelt.

Even the side characters (Like Lucy the Nightclub Owner) have a part to play. It's deemed as a noir film which it is but always a showcase for the darker side of human nature.


A colorful, melodramatic love triangle set against the backdrop of a prestigious Paris Circus. Although rather predictable & very Hollywood in its nature the color is beautiful & striking.

The story basically revolves around the greatest trapeze artist not long after his near fatal blow trying to perform the coveted triple flip.

He takes on a young with much promise before the lady comes on the scene & tensions mount. Nothing original story wise but the backdrop of the circus is great. It's fun & exciting film.

Ju-on: The Grudge

I'm not ashamed to say this film truly was terrifying & genuinely scary. Simply the story of a woman & son who where murdered by their husband/dad & anyone who enters the home will be cursed & killed.

Filled with so much fear, terror & tension this film made me jump regularly. A few scenes in particular makes the viewer very uncomfortable.

This technique behind the film was to be commended also, the shots added to the terror & the director really did so much especially the final scenes of the vacant city of Tokyo.

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro)

The directional debut from Master Hayao Miyasaki who went on to make many classics such as Spirited Away.

At its core it's an adventure film with a defragmented romance. It's light & breezy and moves fast. It's lacks the depth of field & animation finesse he had in his other adventures.

It's interesting seeing how he started & his imprint on cinema & a must see if you are a fan of Hayao's work & if you like a fun thief on a wild adventure.

Kurutta ippêji (A Crazy Page)(A Page of Madness)

A mesmerizing early silent film from Japan that was the intriguing story of an ex sail man who volunteers to be the janitor of the mental asylum to be closer to his wife who was recently committed.

With some of the most striking visuals I have seen in film let alone a silent film. It was so in genius how many scenes where dream like but gave the viewer insight to what inmates where seeing...you where thrown into their mind.

Although rather intense & in parts difficult to understand the mystery of the man & his wife was completely compelling & you just wanted to know more. An early Japanese masterpiece.

Love & Mercy
Love & Mercy(2015)

If you are a fan of the light upbeat songs of the Beach Boys then this film may shock you since it far from upbeat & light.

A very intense, well made film about two key periods in Brian Wilson's life 1) his construction of master album Pet Shop Sounds (1967) & 2) The meeting of his wife currently.

An interesting film but quite a compelling one. Paul Giammatti is a force to be reckoned with. Young Brian is played by Paul Dano & John Cusack is perfect as his middle aged years. It's a complex but engrossing film.

The Nightingale (Ye Ying - Le promeneur d'oiseau)

A tender childlike film about a good hearted but selfish young Chinese girl who spends her school holidays with her grandfather who is traveling back to his childhood village.

The strength of the film lies in its beauty of landscape & simplicity of story. Both Grandfather & Daughter are wonderful in their roles and are a wonderful contrast of New & Old China.

Although it moves slowly the characters and land are fascinating. It's a poetic film that is a lovely watch a real treat.

Gun Crazy (Deadly Is the Female)

A rip roaring classic film about a young guy fascinated by guns & spends some time in Juvi but that doesn't hold him back. Once released he teams up with a Carnival Girl who shares the same obsession.

They quickly abuse their hobby & begin robbing places everywhere across the US.

The girl in the film is a real wild card & really pushes the limits. Alongside the great story this film is shot amazingly well & has such a strong visual sense. A lesser known but wonderful classic.

Ted 2
Ted 2(2015)

This is truly a film you can leave in the cinema foyer there is nothing important in this what so ever. It'll be great if you love family guy.

Nothing really new on the original but I found myself guilty laughing at a few scenes especially Liam Neeson & the kids cereal scene.

It's simply a vehicle for crude humor & pot jokes. It's what it is but nothing endurable, not for the faint hearted.


A wildly entertaining prequel to the ever popular Despicable Me series but more importantly Minions! Even the opening credits of the minnions singing the Universal Pictures is priceless.

Definitely the best parts of the film are in the trailer but there are so great comic elements with great use of minnions personality.

This is a perfect example of an Adult Minded Cartoon with sons much humor for adults. I found it really amusing with heaps of 1960's music jokes & references. A real hoot!

The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'

Arguably one of the first conceptual horrors made by Hollywood that takes a little to warm up but after Reel 2 it's happening.

The story of a young man forced to marry a girl he doesn't love by his uncle & decides in a moment of weakness murders him & hides him in the brick of the fireplace.

Then his conscience kicks in & so does the visual edge that for 1914 is quite impressive & innovative. It's technically ahead for 1914 but in many performance wise not overly convincing.


This is the fourth or fifth film I have seen of classic comedian W. Fields that I can honestly now say he is a dreadfully unfunny comedian.

This film's narrative is solid since it is based on a successful Broadway played also called Poppy. But the humor is very labored.

The plot is enjoyable enough and running at 73 minutes it's not too hard to sit through. Will be enjoyable if you appreciate the Hollywood Studio films from the 1930's.

Fear and Desire

An incredible achievement & debut film from Cinema Master Stanley Kubrick that was made on family's money & clearly shows his ability to shoot & tell a story.

Basically four men stranded in enemy territory (aka a park just out of LA in Pasadena) and the fear & desires they go through. The acting is ordinary but the visual sense is strong.

It has a few great moments especially the scene with the young lady tied to the tree. It will only appeal to Kubrick enthsuits but was enjoyable.

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

Disney Pixar continue to triumph with sensational writing & greatest of all heart. Inside Out is one of Pixar's most complex works.

The story of Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear & Anger inside the head of young girl Riley. The originality of this film is so significant it's amazing how it outworks the depth & complexities of the human mind.

This is a great film for adults & children a like & makes you think & warns your heart (especially the scene with Bing Bing in the depths of Sub Conscious) this is a marvel of a film & a must see for anyone.

The Railway Children

A slow moving but genuinely heartfelt film about a family forced to move into the country due to their father being falsely accused by the law.

This truly is a film of the children's eyes & their perspective growing up by the local railway line. The true standout is the oldest daughter played to perfection by Jenny Augutter.

This may not appeal to modern children audiences but it's truly engaging & endearing film. It's wholesome & great story of great people. A British classic.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Although this is actually the 2nd Sherlock Holmes film with dynamic duo Basil Rathborne & Nigel Bruce it was the one that launched the US audience.

Both actors went on to make I believe 14 films together as Holmes & Watson. This film is loosely based on William Gillette's (He played Holmes on Stage 1300 times before his screen debut in 1916) play but is ultimately made for the masses & to entertain.

The atmosphere of film is good and the mystery is a little predictable but it's an enjoyable film none the less. You can see why this film was so successful & from what I have seen it's an excellent hollywood take on the famous story.

Jurassic World

This is you typical Blockbuster: Costs a Fortune will make a Fortune but despite its entertainment value there is nothing new & exciting or anything improved from its originals Jurassic Park (1993) or Lost World (1997).

Bryce Dallas Howard does well with a role anyone could do & basically it's just a cat & mouse film.

It will appeal to kids no doubt since many scenes are fun & exciting but it lacks in the ways needed to amuse adult audiences. It's simple entertainment that really had been done before in the prequels.


I can see why this film has received the onslaught it has and to be honest it isn't a very good film at all but I still found it enjoyable enough.

I think this film would have read well on paper but failed to be pulled off on screen.

It's very uneven but has a few funny moments but to be honest I laughed harder in the preview for the minions before the film. A real sleeper this one.

Born Yesterday

I must start by commenting that although Judy Holliday gave a terrific performance it was a complete injustice to award her over Gloria Swanson for Sunset Boulevard (1950.

The film is entertaining a sort of my modern/contemporary My Fair Lady but had very little music & scenes where often word heavy.

It's interesting to see the sights of Washington DC back then but the film is only so so. It may have worked much better on stage possibly.

The Peacemaker

If you strip the film's many action scenes you don't have much at all its a very bland offering by Mimi Leder who went on to direct the uneven Deep Impact a year later.

Nicole Kidman was ordinary & George Clooney didn't have the charisma & presence he does today. I found it cliche & ultimately very boring.

Many films are very dated from the 90's & this is one. I don't held it high in regard at all.


Now despite being a major fan of the TV Show Entourage I need to be honest to say this is truly just a long extended episode but I was throughly entertained throughout.

Basically the story of actor Vinnie Chase moving into direction & the stress behind it. The film is made by Ari Gold he is utterly sensational.

As a film on its own it's nothing spectacular but it's fun & has heaps of cameos. I enjoyed it & it's the ultimate dude's modern fairy tale.


I still think critics are a little out of tune with this one ...yes a few chuckle moments but 95+ percent rate on Rotten Tomatoes?

Look it's entertainment & McCarthy is better than usual but it's all the same when it comes to this type of thing.

Probably will appeal to women, a lot of clever female focused jokes. Nothing memorable what so ever a lot of crudity & shock humor.

Ex Machina
Ex Machina(2015)

A very well made (for a shoestring budget) new Sci Fi that truly pushes the boundaries of technology & Artificial Intelligence.

A young programmer gets the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a week with master coder played by Oscar Issac & be a test for the AI to see how human it is.

The film really challenges you in the fact that this particular AI is undeniable real and acted perfectly by Alicia Vikander who hopefully will have a long career. Clever concepts & very very engaging....a top film for 2015.

The Innocents

A very dark & chilling thriller that boasts one of the greatest performances by Deborah Kerr & that claim wouldn't be far off the mark.

The story of a governess looking after 2 children in a country home that seem ok but there behavior becomes more & more unsettling as the story progresses.

Shot to near perfection with unforgettable lighting & atmosphere & an undeniable creepy story. Many scenes are very unsettling & when Deborah kisses the boy infant you really start to wonder. Very dark & strange film leaves you with more questions than answers.

Terror Island

A simple no brained action film which was the third entry of Magician Master Harry Houdini who was a much better magician that actor.

The story of this film is pretty straight forward treasure hunt, bandits & a dangerous unknown island. Most notable would be some of the real life escape stunts performed by Houdini.

Not a cinematic treasure but interesting to see the master at work & has some clever underwater filming & Camera Trick photography for the periscope scenes.

L.A. Story
L.A. Story(1991)

A charming little Rom Com that was actually written by Steve Martin himself in the early 90's. It's by no means a masterpiece but has some nice moments.

I find the film is funnier when it doesn't try to hard to be. It flows fast & you have to suspend your belief a few times.

Ultimately it's lighthearted & points out some funny aspects of LA & despite its exaggeration there is truth in it. It's one of his better earlier films.


Another exceptional documentary from Film Historian Kevin Brownlow focusing on unusual & reclusive Greta Garbo.

The Doco starts at her life & her major transition from Sweden to MGM in Hollywood in the mid 1920's & her rapid rise to fame and her pursuit of having a personal life despite being in the spotlight.

The film then focuses on her sound films in the 1930's then here separation with Hollywood then her later years alone for most of them NYC. A strange & fascinating actress & this is a great portrait.

Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke(1978)

Take away the countless stoner jokes and to be honest you don't have much of a film. There are few scenes that where quite funny but overall it lacked a lot.

A ridiculous plot about Cheech & Chong unknowingly driving a van completely made of pot from the U.S. To Mexico.

It had no real plot & just got lifeless really quickly probably more impacting in its era. I wasn't blown away ...pun intended.


The new Disney life action film that will hopefully recoup it's huge budget. It's a clever futuristic film with quite a few holes.

Basically the story of a Future World called Tomorrowland & there search for unique children with creativity & genius.

It's fast, visual & non stop product placement of apple & I don't think will be worldwide smash but quite entertaining nonetheless. The young lead actress was quite impressive & hopefully will continue to flourish in Hollywood.

Gamera tai uchu kaijû Bairasu (Destroy All Planets) (Gamera vs. Viras)

An undeniably cheesy & illogical fourth installment in the children friendly Japanese Monster Movie Series Gamera.

This time round Gamera is fighting an alien space ship that looks like a kids toy then dukes it out with a 40 stores Squid.

I remember watching this on the Foreign Movie Channel when I was 12 & it seemed cool...well it's not but its that bad it's fun. Made for mindless entertainment but it's no Godzilla.

San Andreas
San Andreas(2015)

Despite its many, many flaws this film was undeniably entertaining & has enough disaster f