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i did not think this was bad at all, in fact i kind of liked it. up until the end, of course. it was rather anti-climactic. but i jumped a few times for sure.


haha; i really wanted to suffer through it but i just couldn't. didn't finish it. the acting is terrible.

Night School
Night School(2018)

meh; it's mostly dumb & not in a funny way, but still watchable. a few parts were cute.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

i liked this a lot more than i thought i was going to. i put off seeing it for the longest time because of that, but it was actually fantastic. i'd definitely recommend it.

The Upside
The Upside(2019)

i thought this was super cute; a few parts got me real good. i'd recommend it.


ahhhh i'm so torn. i don't really remember much of Unbreakable; i should probably rewatch it at some point. but i LOVED Split & McAvoy does such a fantastic job in this film as well... he really is the star. i don't know why Bruce was in this film & i find Jackson's character annoying -- which is why i feel like Unbreakable was so forgettable. i won't lie, i didn't particularly like this movie, but i did love the parts that McAvoy was in.

Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary(2019)

as far as a scary movie goes, i did enjoy it. as far as a remake to the first Pet Sematary, i did not. they changed too much & the ending was stupid. what are they gonna do? live happily ever after in their dead zombie house?

The Curse of La Llorona

jump scares 10/10 - she was coming from the left, then the right, then straight on... my reflexes didn't stand a chance. but story-wise i was less than impressed... nothing really happens & i didn't feel connected to any of the characters; the priest guy might as well not even be in it for how much dialog/facial expressions he exuded. i thought the ghosts makeup when you could actually see her face was dumb, too. almost cartoony, not scary.

Death House
Death House(2018)

i very much enjoyed the overall concept of this movie... & a few of the scenes were pretty phenomenal. but i wish the execution was done a little better... felt like B movie acting/dialog; it was hard to really get into it fully.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

this was fine; i'm not sure why people were getting worked up about this film "romanticizing him" or whatever all that was about, because i didn't think it did that at all... he was in prison pretty much the whole movie for goodness sake. besides that, i didn't think this was all that great either. Zac did great, of course, but the film itself is just kind of boring & they don't show him doing any of the crimes and/or really talk about them much; it's more about his relationship with Liz. overall it was just fine.


.after sitting on this for a few days, i've decided that i very much like this movie. it's really quite ingenious. however, i didn't catch a lot of the underlying messages/easter eggs until after the fact, & i was expecting to be scared after watching a horror movie so when i wasn't i was a little disappointed. but like i said; top notch.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

my first reaction was "why are they making another one" but this was honestly so cute... & a really good way to end the series. i loved it. 10/10 would watch again.

Shivers (They Came from Within) (The Parasite Murders)

okay... first of all, the minute that slug popped out that tub drain, that water would've started swirling & she should've been like "that's weird. i'm the only one in this bathtub. what's going on." & then would've seen it & jumped out. secondly -- if you've got a slug slithering up your vag you'd probably try to grab it/stop it instead of just throwing your hands in the air & barely scream. LOL. i love old movies. absolute nonsense. this probably was an ok film back in the day but it's pretty awful now, lol.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

it's been years since i've watched a star wars movie & although i do enjoy the movies i wouldn't label myself a fan. i didn't even watch the first 2/3 of this movie, but the last third was pretty good.

The True Memoirs of an International Assassin

i kind of can't believe people hate this so much. it's nothing ground breaking, sure, but it's kind of cute. i liked it.


interesting. i'm so torn - i love it's weird, psychedelic, 80's feel. but i hate Nicolas Cage. if anyone else besides Nick Cage played the main character, i do think i would give this a 4 star. But since he's awful, i'm only going to give this a 3.


huh; yeah -- i agree with the ratings. this was kinda boring. i don't recommend.

The Grinch
The Grinch(2018)

i wish they would stop remaking The Grinch... you can only tell the same story so many different ways. & i LOVE the cumberbunch, but i didn't love his voice for this character. not to mention the soundtrack was awful; seriously one of the worsts i think i've ever noticed. i wanted to hate this one, but that dumb ending pulled on the heart strings pretty good, so i'll give it 2 stars for that. also the reindeer is cute.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

i don't think these films are nearly as good as they're supposed to be. Eddie Redmayne's character is cute, but he's too quiet. nothing really happens. & the magical fantastic happenings that do happen seem sort of out of place & over far too quickly... feels like they didn't even happen. the story doesn't really captivate you either. don't get me wrong, i don't mind these movies one bit... but i wouldn't pay to see it.


umm... wtf. i'm a big fan of weird & a big fan of David Lynch, which is why this film intrigued me. i'm also a fan of David Firth for some unknown reason; i watched the whole thing -- but i did not get this one. there was just too much gross imagery to get past whatever message they were trying to get across. however, i did some Google searching to see what other people were saying about it & didn't really find much. an interview from Flying Lotus himself didn't even have much to say about any hidden meanings, etc. so i'm thinking this was just made to be gross. & i'm not interested enough to dig any further.


i fricken LOVE movies where 1 guy is just utterly unstoppable; this was so good. i liked the story & the twist at the end. the action was phenomenal.

Isn't It Romantic

very cute; quite funny too. Liam's character is by far the best. would watch again.

Alita: Battle Angel

this was really great; i wasn't interested in seeing this movie, but went with my family - i'm so glad we did. the action scenes were fantastic & the story was good too. 10/10 would recommend.

The Edge of Seventeen

this was fine. i enjoyed Woody's character a lot.

Swiss Army Man

bahahahaha; wt actual f. this is one of thee most ridiculous movies i think i've ever watched. LOL. what a dumb movie; it's so fricken funny. i have no idea what actually happened.

Deadly Switch

mmm... this was okay. just maybe not the best acting/dialog is all.


yeah nope; wasn't great. the "plot twist" was actually an okay one... but the movie is just not good. don't recommend.

He's Out There

this was fine. i don't really understand the motives of the killer & have no idea what he's been spending the rest of his life doing, but other than that it wasn't terrible.

Velvet Buzzsaw

it took a few days for me to formulate my feelings for this one; it wasn't what i was expecting it to be AT ALL. but also everything i wanted it to be? it's weird. i feel weird about it. i don't know if i liked it or loved it. i was expecting it to be a fantastic murder horror story, but it really wasn't. instead it was this fantasticly weird story about the corruption inside the art world with underlying notes of life lessons. that sentence sounded weird but i'm gonna stick with it. it's a solid movie if you're into weird artsy films (artsy as a verb, not the subject matter).

All Light Will End

this was interesting... i can't decide if i liked it or not. i didn't see the plot twist coming; so that was nice. but it's kind of your typical "kids go to a cabin & all die" type of movie. also i wasn't following that ending... i'm not sure why he said the room was "all clear" when clearly it was not. i meant to look it up later, but then i forgot.

Only Mine
Only Mine(2019)

mmm; this was fine. predictable & nothing special, but i enjoyed the interview/mockumentary parts that were sprinkled in along with the "plot twist".

I don't feel at home in this world anymore.

i DIED when i figured out Tony was Elijah Wood! LOL! i thought this was quite funny... what a weird fricken movie. i loved it.

Incredibles 2

meh. i was never a fan of the first Incredibles so naturally i didn't think this one was anything special either.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

WOW. this is SO incredibly interesting & also very very sad. makes me feel even more awful about humans than i already felt. but SO incredibly interesting. i've heard of this study before & i actually own The Lucifer Effect i just haven't read it yet... i picked it up from a garage sale a while ago & because i don't normally read synopses i didn't realize that it was based on this experiment. will definitely be reading that ASAP.

Await Further Instructions

hmm. i had high hopes because of the critic's ratings, but like the audience, i wasn't really feeling this one. i liked the concept, but the wires at the end were weird & you could tell they didn't have much of a budget. it was fine for a one-time watch though.

Don't Knock Twice

i feel like i've seen this before; it's fine. it's not that great but i did jump a couple times. it wasn't bad - i've definitely seen worse.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot(2000)

totally teared up. i didn't really watch the middle of the film 100%, but i don't feel like i missed much... seems to be a pretty predictable story. but the end got me, regardless. when the dad started crying, i turned into a puddle. very nice movie.

Bohemian Rhapsody

very well done. i was worried about Malek because he always seems like he's a little drunk or a little high to me for some reason... but shortly into the movie i kind of forgot it was him. i didn't know anything about Freddy Mercury but i do love Queen so even if the story line wasn't that entertaining, the music was great.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad(2018)

i hate Nic Cage & this movie is no exception. didn't help that this movie was also bad. did they even explain what was happening or why it started? if they did i missed it.


i actually didn't think this was that bad; i jumped quite a few times


interesting concept, for sure. i do agree with some of the other reviews i've seen & i think my interest in it decreased after the wife bailed. Matt Damon's character was just kind of pathetic & nothing super great happened after he became small, so i don't think i'd watch this again on purpose.


this movie did a good job of making you think she's crazy at first, so kudos there. but since it all just takes place inside an institution there's not a whole lot that happens. it is kind of boring.

The Blackcoat's Daughter (February)

i hate to google how the 2 girls were related... i did not pick up that they were the same girl. docking points for that. however the story was good & i liked the back & forth.

The Strangers: Prey At Night

doesn't hold a candle to the first one, obviously. these characters made me angry though -- there was SO many opportunities to save themselves first i have no idea why they didn't kill them before they got killed.


well this didn't exactly grab my attention like i thought it would. i found it to be quite boring, actually. i really only liked a few scenes, but it wasn't awful.

Escape Room
Escape Room(2019)

i liked it! i love escape rooms & i love the old Cube movies, which is what this essentially is, really. i didn't see the ending coming & i liked how they left it wide open for another one. i'd watch it again.

Ready Player One

not bad! i didn't really hear any particularly great things about this film when it came out so i guess i never had the urge to watch it before now, but it wasn't bad at all! i rather liked it, actually.

The Theory of Everything

like the popular consensus, i think Eddie Redmayne did a fantastic job. eventually you forgot it was him & believed you were watching Stephen Hawking. as far as entertainment goes, i don't really care to watch it again, but it was well done & i'm not mad i watched it once.

Hellraiser: Judgment

well... compared to the other Hellraisers i've seen, this wasn't even in the same league. it ended & i think i literally said out loud to myself "that's it?" i thought the whole entire movie was just the build up intro for the actual movie, so then when the title appeared before the credits started to roll i was like "oh pause it so i can pee & then we'll start it" -- & then the credits started to roll. i was so confused, lol. anyways. i don't recommend it.

Second Act
Second Act(2018)

cute; it's exactly what you'd expect from a J.Lo movie. she looks great for being almost 50 yrs old & she definitely knows it for how much she likes to flaunt it, but i chuckled quite a few times during this. some parts were weird, but overall i'd recommend it.

Rachel Hollis Presents: Made For More

i've never read any of her books, but i went to this with friends who do -- it was quite inspirational. i left the theater ready to make goals & take the steps to achieve them. her & her family seem genuine & are super cute. but apparently the conference that this doc is capturing costs anywhere from $300-$1800 per ticket to attend & the movie itself was $15 (instead of the normal $8) which seems a little steep for a motivational talk. kinda took away from some of the words she said about caring more about women being the best they can be & not about the fans/followers, etc. anyways. it was good & i'm glad i went; the actual conference does seem like it would be pretty life altering & was probably spectacular to attend, but i'm good with books & internet vids for free.

Mile 22
Mile 22(2018)

well i didn't think this was horrible like apparently everyone else did... it's not anything ground breaking, but it is entertaining & i like Mark Wahlberg.

The Miracle Season

it's just as sad/feel-good as you'd think.


i'm glad this didn't get better ratings than the original; because it's definitely not better than the original. however it is charming in it's own way & i didn't hate it as much as i thought i would.

American Animals

interesting. this was not what i was expecting it to be. & i can't decide if i liked it or not. instead of pulling off an extremely satisfying mastermind heist, it's more of just this one day these kids decide to rob a library but they have no idea what they're doing. terribly unsatisfying. but it was interesting... i didn't dislike it.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

i liked this quite a bit, actually! i didn't realize it was a bunch of short stories & i wasn't fully paying attention when the first story ended & the second story began, so that was confusing, but when i figured out what was happening i really enjoyed each of the stories. westerns can be a real hit or a miss for me, but in general all of these were hits.

Ocean's 8
Ocean's 8(2018)

very good. people don't like it because it's not "original" but it's very satisfying to watch heists go right. right along with the twists at the end. loved it. it was well done & i loved the cast/tie in with the original Ocean's movies.


not bad! i didn't really have an interest in this movie when it came out, but i had nothing to do today & i'm glad i watched it! it's pretty tense & i'm ashamed to say i didn't see the ending coming. well done.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

this was fantastic; kind of eye opening, actually - i remember watching Mr Rogers Neighborhood on PBS growing up, but it stopped airing when i was 10 & i'm sure i stopped watching it a few years before then... this doc almost brought me to tears. what a great man.

Christopher Robin

i cannot deny it; this was super cute. i boycotted it when it came out because i find the stuffed animals to be kinda of scary looking more so than cute. but they did a really great job with it. & i love Ewan; he did great too. i'd watch it again.

Blumhouse's Truth or Dare

i didn't think this was that bad of a film... of course the concept has really been done before; it reminded me of the "Would You Rather" movie that came out a while back. same thing just different. but i did find the ending interesting; especially since her character's moral compass wouldn't hesitate to save billions of strangers in the very beginning because "it's the only right answer". nice jab.

The Fundamentals of Caring

not bad! pretty predictable, but a good feel-good movie with a few good chuckles thrown in too. i'd watch it again.

I Feel Pretty

of course it's dumb; typically Amy Schumer movie. but i didn't hate it. i got a few really genuine chuckles out of it.

Bird Box
Bird Box(2018)

i thought it was great; of course it felt very "A Quiet Place" meets "The Happening", but it worked really well. i loved it. 10/10 would recommend.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

finally saw this film after 29 years of existing & watching christmas movies. it's not bad, even by 2018 standards. Bruce Willis looks weird with hair & Alan Rickman seemed like an odd choice for the villain, but he played it well. probably not going to watch it again, but it feels good to be a part of the club.


the best DC movie i've seen; it was incredibly aesthetically pleasing (in both categories: scenery & actor), but i really just love sea-life so i think my opinion's also a bit biased. i could watch those sharks attack giant crabs all day long.


of course this was good; i enjoyed every minute of it. however it's probably by far the worst transformers movie made, simply because the action sequences aren't great. what's 1 tiny robot with amnesia going to do to 2 bigger, badder robots? the story was good & like i said, i did enjoy it. but i'm probably not going to watch this one again on purpose.

Mary Poppins Returns

i really think Emily Blunt did a fantastic job portraying Mary Poppins; i had no issue with her or the Mary Poppins character. i really disliked the overall story though. it was exactly the first movie, but different - instead of chimney sweeps, it was lamp lighters. instead of uncle albert on the ceiling it was topsy turvy upside down. instead of jumping into the chalk art, they jumped into a vase. ... i don't see the point in making a sequel if it's just going to mimic the first one the entire time. & when all the best parts are a continuous joke started in the first film, i don't think that says a whole lot for the sequel's own plot line much at all. also i disliked the actor they chose for Michael. & even though EB sings wonderfully, the songs were not great. very forgettable. that is all.

The Christmas Chronicles

super cute! great family film. i had full intentions of not paying attention while this movie was on for background noise, but it grabbed me fairly quickly. i watched & paid attention to the whole darned thing. super cute; definitely recommend for the holiday season. Kurt Russell did a great job.


very cute; quite funny in fact. worth a watch.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

it was visually pleasing & quite clever at times, but it's nothing like the nutcracker we all know & love. thank goodness they had versions of the nutcracker music as background music, otherwise i would rate it lower. things happened very fast & the overall story wasn't fabulous. but i did enjoy it.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

super cute. not nearly as good as the first -- the "needy ralph" is exhausting. but it was clever & funny; i enjoyed it.

Crazy Rich Asians

i didn't really have an urge to see this one, but it was good - much better than i was expecting it to be. there were quite a few funny parts that got me good.

Instant Family

i thought this was super cute & quite funny. i'd watch it again.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

there was a couple really great parts that had me dying. overall cute. i kind of really love the Mila & Kate duo.

Hell Fest
Hell Fest(2018)

i liked it, but it's not original by any means. it's all been done before & it's fairly predictable all the way through. the ending was interesting, though; however it left me wanting to know more about the killer than what was offered so that was a little unsatisfying. but it's not bad!

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

i thought this was super cute; not sure why the audience didn't like it. it's totally a family friendly film with a good spooky story & a few jokes thrown in to keep it light. plus who doesn't love Jack Black & Cate Blanchett? Cate Blanchett did a really great job; although she always does. gave me 80's "goosebumps" vibes.

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

i don't get it. this is the second time i've watched this movie & my first opinion still stands. thought i'd give it another chance since everyone seems to love it -- why??? the kid gives me a headache, the mom just makes me mad, & in what world do you keep the monster as a pet in your basement?! it's not scary, the dialog isn't good, the acting is worse; i'm not on the babadook train.

The Lodgers
The Lodgers(2018)

i didn't think this was terrible. i liked the story fine enough.

Ghost House
Ghost House(2017)

this was okay; i didn't hate it.

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie

this was fine. i watched the whole thing, but i probably wouldn't care if i didn't.

Fun Mom Dinner

mmm it was fine. i didn't love it. or care to finish watching it.


i thought it was a pretty good flick, actually. although, to be honest, i thought is was way older than 2017.


i liked the idea of it more than i actually liked it. wouldn't mind seeing a bigger budget movie steal the concept.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

i don't know; i'm torn. because it is cute, however it is actually creepy & the ending never should've played out the way it did.

The Nun
The Nun(2018)

i agree; it's nothing new. but it deserves more than a 26% rating. i enjoyed it. it's mostly jump scares & stupid decisions -- so like i said; nothing new -- but i jumped. it was tense at times. i love the Farmiga sisters. i love James Wan. i love the Conjuring universe. i LOVED how they connected this film to the rest of the films. very well done.

Wish I Was Here

i thought it was cute enough; i like Zach Braff.

The Predator
The Predator(2018)

ohmygosh; why are people such harsh critics?? it's a freaking alien creature with buildings -- & people -- getting torn in half! i was entertained... i also thought it was quite funny. when i saw Keegan was in it, i was a little worried; but he was actually a great addition. the turrets guy had me rolling.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

cute! makes me want to read the book. also - Martin Freeman, Sam Rockwell, Zooey Deschanel & Bill Nighy??? great cast.

Year One
Year One(2009)

couldn't finish it; this was awful.


yeah; creepy clown. gross kill scenes. stupid story line.


like everyone else, i did enjoy this one. it was long, but it was pretty action packed & the story was nice as well.


no surprise; there was a few funny parts,but it's mostly stupid. also Goldie Hawn must've had some work done... she looks awful.

Mr. Mom
Mr. Mom(1983)

it's a cute 80's movie; nothing i'd go out of my way to watch, but i enjoyed watching it when it came on.

A Friend to Die For (Death of a Cheerleader)

mmm this was fine. i didn't dislike it but it's not really that likable either.

The Voices
The Voices(2015)

call me crazy but i did NOT know that this film was about a killer Ryan Reynolds! i heard about this film through a compilation video of Ryan Reynolds singing... and the movie is called "voices" so it totally fit -- i thought it was going to be a musical of some sort. never paid attention to the cover & didn't read a synopsis before i watched it. BOY WAS I SURPRISED. haha, in a good way though. i kind of loved it. i wonder if i would've loved it as much if i'd had known what it was... it was just so unexpected, LOL.

When We First Met

i love movies like this; super cute & quirky. i do love Adam Devine even though a lot of his stuff is generally offputting in my opinion; this i liked though. good little rom-com.

The Package
The Package(2018)

this was bad. don't watch it.

Game Over, Man!

i've seen worse, but i prefer Workaholics to this.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

i thought this was super cute - i enjoyed it way more than i thought i would.

Slender Man
Slender Man(2018)

this story is so stupid, i don't understand why it's so popular. i wish they would've kept the slender man more of a mystery, because that's when he was the scariest -- the scariest parts of the film were all jump scares, which is a cheap trick, yes; but they are scary whether you like them or not. i'll give the movie credit for having a few really great ones; i jumped more than once.

The Meg
The Meg(2018)

so. haha. this is not a good movie. that being said... i did enjoy it. it's super unrealistic & a lot of things happen/stop happening abruptly that never get explained, but there's a few genuinely funny jokes & Jason Statham being buds with an 8 year old girl almost made my heart melt right outta me. the meg doesn't look awful, either -- it's more poor story telling than anything. but i don't regret seeing it in theaters, lol.

Yoga Hosers
Yoga Hosers(2016)

ohmygosh this was terrible, lol. i still watched the whole thing, mind you, but this was not good. it took me a while to figure out what those things even were & then when you find out they're Nazi bratwursts that like to climb up people's butt holes, i could hardly believe it. who even thinks of stuff this weird?! after watching Tusk i wanted to continue the trilogy because i like weird movies; but i think this one was just a little too weird.


what a weird little movie! i think i kind of loved it; i couldn't stop thinking about it after it was over... it's stupid, but at the same time disturbing enough to stick with me apparetly. the grand reveal turned out to be weirder than i was expecting; & why on earth did they keep him like that?! made the ending more tragic i guess.

Man Vs.
Man Vs.(2015)

wasn't bad; once he finds out what the "thing" is, that part & the rest of the ending is kinda stupid, but i enjoyed it for the most part.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

i mean; i love Paul Rudd. i think he's super funny & i laughed quite a bit during this film. the story wasn't exactly what i thought it was going to be, but it wasn't bad. overall i liked it.

A Christmas Prince

i love cheesy christmas movies; this one was more focused on the price aspect instead of the christmas one, but it was still cute. it was cute seeing Rose in something other than iZombie too!


i didn't mind this at all. it's not the best acting i've ever seen, but i think the story is intriguing enough. i enjoyed it.

The First Purge

i definitely think this one is better than the last 2 they came out with, but the first film is still the best in my opinion, just because the concept was new & intriguing. the story did take a different turn than i was expecting in this film, which i actually quite enjoyed. i also enjoyed those 2 ladies with the carts full of stuffed animals -- LOL. i don't think it's a bad watch.

The Descent 2

not as good as the first, but it's not terrible. however it did seem pointless to have that whole crew go if she was just gonna run away from them anyways. only 1 survived & it wasn't any of the people they were trying to save.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

i was destined to love this movie whether or not it was actually good purely just because there's dinosaurs in it, so of course, i loved it. i'll agree that it was a bit more unbelievable than the first & i'm not sure how the heck they're gonna deal with the mess they made this time, but this was entertaining as all getout... i'm kinda sad that Owen didn't get to finish his cabin yet, though.

Boys in the Trees

hmm; this was fine -- i did like it -- but there were parts that just seemed awkward & un-natural. i don't have the urge to watch it again.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

i kinda liked it! it's not great, haha, but it was the kind of weird that i enjoy -- & quite a few big-name cast members in it, actually.

To the Bone
To the Bone(2017)

super intriguing; & well done from my perspective. i liked it.

Vaastu Shastra

it's nothing new & it's poorly executed, but i did learn what a vaastu shastra was so that's cool i guess.


what?! people are crazy. this movie was good. it BROKE my heart when Cactus realized Duck was taking his little girl & he couldn't do anything about it... & then Leo's actions at the end really got me good too. this time in a happy way. i didn't think it was a bad movie at all.


i thought this was SO good! it's funny & light hearted with a really heart-warming ending. Jeremy Renner is naturally attractive for me, but it was kind of amazing how much more attractive he became for being good at playing tag, haha. i really loved all the cast in this film, though. i thought it was great. would watch again.

The Ridiculous 6

for as many big names as there is in this movie, you'd think it'd be pretty good -- but i lost interest pretty quick. i know the whole movie played because i did eventually catch the ending, but i have no idea what happened in the middle.


i LOVED this movie... until the end. THAT ENDING. what even was that?! the scariest moment in the whole entire film was negated in the span of about 30 seconds when it turned almost comical! it felt weird & out of place; took away from the creepiness big time. they should've ended it when he jumped out the window. i feel like they could've told that same story in a different manner which would've kept it realistic/creepy.

Thor: Ragnarok

i thought this was really funny, actually. very good. probably the most i've enjoyable Thor movie (that i can remember).

Pitch Perfect 3

i love the music, but this movie was terrible.

Breaking In
Breaking In(2018)

i didn't think this was as bad as the reviews say it is! it was pretty good! it's a typical/predictable home invasion type movie, but it wasn't bad... i thought some parts were really suspenseful, actually. also Sheriff Swan plays a much better bad guy.


obviously this was made for children, haha. but i didn't think it was bad though. silly, yes. but i feel like if i were 9 yrs old i would've enjoyed it very much.

Night of the Living Deb

meh; it's cute, if not a little over the top.

Dig Two Graves

i remember seeing this one before & not super liking it, but i didn't mind it the 2nd time through.

Love, Simon
Love, Simon(2018)

yeah this was cute; a feel-good ending for sure.


i thought this was super funny. i fricken love John Cena.

Avengers: Infinity War

i was pleasantly surprised with Spider Man's involvement. i was super disappointing in The Hulk's though; he might has well not even been in the movie. what a stupid part he played in this film.

Book Club
Book Club(2018)

i thought this was cute! of course i was surrounded my old ladies in the theater, but this had some super funny moments!

Little Evil
Little Evil(2017)

haha; i thought this was kinda cute. sort of stupid, but kinda cute. worth a watch IMO.


really good; made me tear up a little. TOTALLY reminded me of a book i read once -- i think it was called "Raft" -- which was also a pretty good, quick read. if you're into survival type films, it's worth a watch.

The Ritual
The Ritual(2017)

yeah; this was fine. i swear i saw an older movie that was called The Ritual as well that was sort of similar but not nearly as good, but it's not relevant to this review so i don't know why i brought it up. the creature in this one was pretty fricken cool, but i didn't love the ending. i wish it had ended more tragically as weird as that sounds.

Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti)

woah. this movie was so fricken weird. i loved every minute of it.

The Open House

well i certainly agree that these people could've been smarter... however i don't think it's as bad as everyone else thinks it is either. sure the story isn't great, but the acting is fine & i thought the suspense was really great. the jump scares got me & i didn't want to shut it off at any point so i think it's worth a watch.

México Bárbaro

like any anthology film, there are probably more bad ones than good, but i enjoy them none-the-less. this is probably one of the more weird ones i've seen for sure, though.

Eyes Wide Shut

this was so incredibly boring; i kept it playing while i left the room to make dinner & then when i came back it this weird masked sex ritual was happening so i was like "whaaaat?!" & this awful dinging music in the background kept playing; realized it wasn't even half over -- what a long weird boring movie. maybe i would've liked it better if i hadn't left the room that first time.


i think i like the soundtrack more than i like the actually film, but it's cute.

Beyond the Gates

it's not bad, but it's kind of silly. it ended & i was like "that's it?" haha. think 80's horror jumanji via VCR.

Short Term 12

this was fine; i get why it has such good reviews, but i didn't particularly enjoy watching it.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

very sad; makes you lose faith in a lot of things.

The Survivalist

this was fine. sort of hard to watch at times.


this was weird & not that good, haha.


i wanted to boycott this film ever since i heard they were making it because the short is SO great; they could never make a movie to give it justice. but i like Martin Freeman so i watched it. & i was right. this movie doesn't touch the short film; i suppose they had to throw in more antagonists to make the movie more dimensional since it's more than 7 minutes long, but i thought it was stupid. this movie is probably actually just fine, but i SO love the short film that i kind of thought this movie was awful.


it's like all the other revenge films; same thing happens - she gets raped & almost dies, but doesn't & somehow manages to kill the men responsible. it's well done, no doubt, but it's nothing new.

The Hollow Child

pretty stupid; but it was fine.

Labor Day
Labor Day(2014)

hmm; i didn't think this was that bad -- it was cute enough. i was confused to how i should feel about him which made things weird, but i ended up liking it in the end.


i agree with the general audience. it's not terrible, per say; but it's not good. i don't recommend it.


i eventually stopped watching it after a while. i love this story -- i think Stephen King's Rose Red is based on this true story too, correct? -- but this movie is not done well. it's quite boring & not scary.

Fifty Shades Freed

i knew this was going to be stupid; but i had to watch it.

Pacific Rim Uprising

it's entertaining; seemed stupid because it was more robots fighting other robots than robots fighting monsters -- i never saw the first one so i don't have that to compare it to, but i didn't think it was bad.


i enjoyed this a lot; it's exactly what you think it is - giant mutated, rage-induced CGI animals fighting each other & destroying a city while Dwayne Johnson plays a zookeeper who apparently knows how to fly a helicopter & shoot a multitude of guns with excellent martial arts skills. i mean, realistically it's completely unbelievable, but you know that going into it. i played the game on 64 growing up & i was entertained. i'd recommend.

A Quiet Place

loved it; i was very pleased. so glad i saw it in theaters. it really stands out quite a bit due to the lack of dialog -- & even just lack of background sounds/music in general. you really rely on the actors bodies & facial expressions to tell the story. & they did a phenomenal job. both John & Emily were fantastic & those kids really were quite good too.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

i liked it! i liked the story & i like the creatures; not sure why everyone else didn't.

Bad Blood: The Movie

well i've definitely seen worse... but honestly. the boobs on that thing were completely unnecessary.

Thanks For Sharing

this was boring; i kept waiting for it to get better but it really didn't.

The Night Watchmen

this was not a bad comedic horror flick... the movie knew it was bad & embraced it, which made it kinda good. i WAS a bit confused because first there clowns & then there was not. ...but they came back.


didn't finish watching it

The Evil Within

ya know, i think i kind of liked this one... the beginning was weird - & i liked it. the middle was fine; nothing special, if maybe even a little boring. but then the end was super weird - & i really liked it.


this wasn't bad; i even got kinda teary-eyed at the end, there. i still think it's weird seeing Daniel Radcliffe in non-Harry Potter films, even though he's actually been in quite a few & i don't mind any of them, but as far as a survivalist movie, i've seen worse.

Love Birds
Love Birds(2011)

this was cute. Rhys Darby was sort of attractive in this film, as was Sally Hawkins. not a bad movie at all.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

this was incredibly boring & quite depressing. didn't finish watching it.

Cute Little Buggers

haha; this was SO stupid. but i watched the whole thing.

A Wrinkle in Time

this was fine; i never read the book so i don't have anything to compare it to, but it seemed like a very nice kid-friendly/family movie. the story's weird - i'm sure the book is much better. the cast surprised me, though; lots of big names. when Reese's character kicks the girl i laughed real hard, haha.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

this was funny; Kevin Hart's character is quite comical. his snarky comments got me good a few times. & Jack Black does such a great job at being stupid, too. i really liked it. i'd definitely watch it again.


meh; this was fine. i didn't super love it.

I Can Only Imagine

this was good; the beginning makes me sad & the end made me happy.

Death Wish
Death Wish(2018)

it's been a while since i've seen a movie with dialog this bad. it's AWFUL. also -- for Bruce Willis to play a character that doesn't know how to shoot a gun is kind of ridiculous. it wasn't a bad story - though a bit unbelievable - but it wasn't good.

The Greatest Showman

i actually didn't love the story so much; it was fine... but seemed like things just happened too fast. i didn't really care about the characters. however, that being said -- the singing & dancing were FANTASTIC. i didn't hate ANY of the songs. they're all SO good! i've been listening to the soundtrack for the last 3 weeks straight. LOVE it.

Game Night
Game Night(2018)

i thought this was CRAZY funny. it's been a long time since i've enjoyed a movie this much. everyone should go see it.

Daddy's Home 2

i don't know; this really wasn't great but i got more than quite a few laughs out of it so i'd definitely rate it higher than others have. it's stupid. but it's funny.

The Mountain Between Us

this is a fine story, but it was so long & boring. i thought the love story was pretty unbelievable as well; it was like all of a sudden they were in love after not really caring about the other person up until that point. weird.

Logan Lucky
Logan Lucky(2017)

yeah this was good; i didn't love it, but it was well written & well acted. a lot more big name actors in this than i was expecting.


ugh; the previews for this film didn't interest me one bit so i've never really had the urge to watch it. but watch it, i did, today -- and of course i loved it. the heartstrings were pulled & tears were shed. i don't love it as much as i've loved other Pixar films, so i probably won't watch it again, but it was well worth the only watch.


huh; i thought it was better than the ratings/reviews led on, but it's really nothing nobody has seen before. & it is kinda boring. but it's not terrible.

Home Again
Home Again(2017)

this was fine; everyone seemed pretty stiff though. i didn't love it.


ah; this was good. sad. & good.

Den of Thieves

butler's character is kind of an asshole, which is not attractive, but i did really like the movie. also 50 cent looks like a gorilla; he's so big & boxy -- also he's pretty soft spoken & doesn't pronounce his consonants all the time so i didn't really understand half the words that came out of his mouth. but i was entertained the whole time!

The Shape of Water

hmm; i really like Michael Shannon -- he's such a good bad-guy. this movie was weird though! i think i thought it was supposed to be kinda scary/suspensful, but it is not. it is not at all. it's a fricken love story. & a super weird one at that. i'm not sure i'm on board. the imagery was lovely & the story was fine, but i don't think i liked it. i didn't hate it. but i didn't like it.

A Bad Moms Christmas

definitely not as good as the first one, but still quite funny. i liked it.


i feel like i've seen this before & just didn't remember it; it's not that bad but it's not that great either. pretty predictable.

But I'm a Cheerleader

this was crazy funny; great use of satire.

I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker

i actually thought this was super funny; it's campy -- i liked it a lot.

The Dressmaker

i think i liked it; i really loved Kate & Liam, but the story was a little weird.


yeah i don't know; this movie was kind of just really depressing. not a fan.

Among Us
Among Us(2017)

yeah i wasn't impressed, haha. this was pretty bad.

Cottage Country

i actually thought this was kinda funny. it's not bad at all.

Falling for Christmas

cute cheesy cute cheesy cute cheesy cute


psh; this is a cute teen movie. don't listen to the haters.

The Word
The Word(2014)

mmm i couldn't finish watching it

The Last Word

this was cute! i wonder why critics disliked it so much...

Open Grave
Open Grave(2014)

i thought this was pretty good, actually! the story was really good! granted, the acting wasn't the greatest, but i didn't think it was bad!

Patient Seven

i sort of watched this; sort of didn't. probably won't try to rewatch it.

Freehold (Two Pigeons)

OHMYGOSH! i have an irrational fear that someone is living inside my walls -- BECAUSE THAT HAPPENS -- so this movie totally hit home! BAH!


ohmygosh; i couldn't finish it. the acting is horrific -- & not in a good way.


hmm; it's okay, but the acting/vamp scenes are quite cringy. it's like a bad version of "Let the Right One In" or whatever that film was called...

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

haha this was weird; i think i liked it? i went into it thinking it was a horror movie, & it's really not scary -- it's funny though! that kid -- super unrealistic, haha. whatevs.

Talon Falls
Talon Falls(2017)

i didn't think this one was that bad! i kinda liked it -- i mean, it wasn't greatly acted or anything, but the story/concept is pretty sick. not sorry i watched it.

From The Dark

not good; but i've seen worse.

The Babysitter

this was good, haha; good in a campy/overly-dramatic kind of way. i liked it a lot!


this movie was a FANTASTIC surprise! i found it in someone else's list of underrated movies & BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! i've never heard of this film -- looks like it's a netflix original -- it surprised the crap out of me. it's SO cute. & SO funny! & THEN IT RIPS OUT YOUR HEART. it's SO good. 10/10 would watch again.


oops; accidentally rated/reviewed the wrong veronica... i have not seen this

Veronica (Verónica)

this was alright. i didn't hate it at least, but i did have troubles giving it my full attention. which is a bad thing when i have to read subtitles. it's pretty predictable though i think.

Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver

huh; you can tell the budget for this movie was less than large, but honestly -- it was scary. not the kind of scary people are used to now days, but if you're any bit claustrophobic or afraid of the dark, this is not a bad film. not bad at all.


hmm; i didn't dislike it. mmmm just kidding. i think i did dislike it. i thought the trailer looked funny but it takes a pretty dark turn towards the end that i feel like i would normally like, but didn't in this case. overall i feel like it was just kinda stupid? idk. it was fine. i don't want to watch it again.

A Ghost Story

huh; it is thought provoking, but it's pretty boring. there's a lot of shots of basically nothing, which makes it artsy i guess. i didn't hate it though.

Better Watch Out

huh. well i didn't see that coming. not that it's really that original, but sort of -- it does the same thing a different way; totally took me by surprise. i thought it was very well done. i liked it a lot. the girl was smart... i believe her & that blond kid were both in The Visit so that was cool to see them do another movie together too.


yeah; agreed & agreed. i've said it before & i'll say it again -- Korean filmmakers do this job better than anyone else does. Albeit, cheesy at times & the dialog isn't always that great, but i'll chock most of that up to the translation/language barrier. The plots & twists are always better. always. i loved the twist -- i didn't see it coming; however, actually made more sense in the long run... because who just imprisons a person for 15 years for no reason then lets them go?

Deepwater Horizon

this was really great; well done. i totes cried.

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

i was avoiding this movie because i heard bad things, but i actually quite enjoyed it. it does start a little slow, though IMO. i also kind of appreciated that neither of them are great singers so it kept the "musicalness" down a notch -- which i actually don't prefer in musicals, but in this case i thought it was nice; gave more attention to the instrumental music in the film. those piano playing skillz *drool*


hmmm. i'm conflicted. after the first watch through i was like "wat." -- i could feel the symbolism being thrown at me so i knew everything that was happening wasn't literal, but it took a weird turn at the end that kind of surprised me. not gonna lie, it was kinda boring up until that point. but the more i read about it & think about it, the more i like it. it's actually really smart & super intriguing. just probs not something i want to watch again.

The Snowman
The Snowman(2017)

this was really slow & kind of stupid. another one i don't recommend.

The Circle
The Circle(2017)

this movie was incredibly awful for being made in 2017 with both Tom Hanks & Emma Watson in it... the script was bad & the acting wasn't that much better. the story is good, but it ended leaving a LOT up to the viewer; there was virtually no closure. i highly do not recommend.


sleep paralysis is a weird thing; & extremely intriguing. this movie was not. they tried, though.

The Devil's Candy

idk; i didn't love it. he's basically Issac from Heroes (if Isaac had a family & his daughter was on the kill list). so i don't agree with the reviews that think this concept is original. it's at least a 10 yr old idea.

Tales of Halloween

like any anthology, some shorts are better than others -- but overall it's not terrible.


um; this was really weird -- & gross -- but also really good. the ending was great.

Happy Death Day

i didn't think this was bad at all. i didn't have high hopes for it & it seemed like a rip off of ground-hog day, but they mention that inside the film & it's pretty light hearted, actually. if you're a Scream fan you might like it. however the ending was stupid; i think they could've came up with a better killer/story. but really it's not bad at all.


this was fine. i think it's the worst one made yet, though; i binged watched the first 7 before seeing this one & not that all predecessors are great either, but i thought everything from the games to the story on this one was pretty sub-par comparatively.

Berberian Sound Studio

interesting; kinda weird, but very interesting. i'm not sure if i like it or not...

Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight(2012)

this wasssss not what i thought it was going to be, haha. it's pretty slow moving, but fairly intriguing the whole time i guess. it's a different kind of horror -- not the horror that'll make you jump & lose sleep at night (unless you can relate), but the horror of purposefully inflicting pain on another person, through both physical & psychological means. so if that's what you want to watch; it's not terrible.

John Wick: Chapter 2

it's what you'd expect. if you liked the first one you'll like this one too.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

these have been getting worse as they've gone, but i didn't hate it. in fact i kinda like how it ended.

Wish Upon
Wish Upon(2017)

it was fine; the story confirms selfish human nature & i'd be lying if i said i didn't cringe at a couple of the death scenes, but it wasn't anything great.

Spider Forest

i had to turn it off; it was weird & slow. & not scary.

Stake Land
Stake Land(2011)

i have tried to watch this movie about 3 times & have shut it off pretty early on all 3 times, but it has such good reviews that i stuck it out the 4th time. & actually; not bad. i can see why people liked it, but that kid's voice -- i didn't think it was a great choice of narrator. also that ending... stupid. where did he go?

Gerald's Game

this was fantastic. i've never read the book nor did i ever have the urge to read it, but it's on my reading list now.

A Dark Song
A Dark Song(2017)

hmm; this one kind of lost my attention so i didn't actually see how it ended, but i might have to rewatch it sometime -- i didn't realize critics gave it such good reviews.

The Windmill (The Windmill Massacre)

tell you what... this movie is not spectacular, but the last kill of the movie makes the entire thing worth it. totally didn't see it coming. & it was pretty epic.


i love anthology films; & this one isn't bad. i really only liked the first story (the box), but the others weren't terrible.


this was SO SLOW. & i don't think i got what happened... what did that ending mean?! there's obviously something wrong with the kid, but i have no idea what. i'm unsatisfied.

American Made

pretty good, yeah; i wish there was a little more action & i wish Tom Cruise wasn't in it, but i liked it very much. i appreciated the comedic relief throughout the film.

Land of the Dead

yeah not bad! you can tell the budget wasn't great, haha, but it's not bad. i liked it.

Visiting Hours

this lost my attention pretty early in the game, but i kept it on the whole way through. it's not that good.

The Silenced (Gyeongseonghakyoo: Sarajin Sonyeodeul)

i've seen this before; i don't know why i didn't rate it then. i think i liked this one, though. from what i can remember it's more of a drama thriller than anything -- but the mystery & cinematography are quite captivating.

The Legend of Hell House

i mean, it's what you'd expect a horror movie from the 70's to be like. terrible, over-dramatic acting & nothing really happens, haha. but i'm kind of surprised the ratings are so low, actually -- i think this is a pretty typical representation of the genre for that decade; if it were the 70's now i'd probably rate it higher.


not a bad little thriller. changing her name to Kristy was stupid though.


hmm; couldn't finish it. it's so slow & so boring -- i waited until the first kill, but the wait wasn't worth it so i shut it off. generally speaking, i do like artsy films, but i couldn't get into this one.

Ava's Possessions

yeah this was alright; a much lighter twist on the whole demon possession genre -- & nothing really happens so it's definitely not scary in any way, shape or form. it's an interesting perspective though.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

loved it; i actually don't super love sam j, but him & ryan are pretty great on screen together. i love ryan's snarkyness SO much. the story was good, the action was good, the comedy was good. good movie.

Last Shift
Last Shift(2015)

i was impressed when i saw the 100% fresh rating, but it's pretty low budget, don't expect anything great. the concept isn't that original either.

Faces of Death

yeaaaah; i can see why this was banned for a while way back when just because it's a montage of people killing animals, basically, but treated like a documentary of sorts. it's not great. in fact, it's not good. i didn't finish watching it. it's just gross with no point really.

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

i found Nick's voice overs to be super dull & boring; by the end i was really quite annoyed by it, haha. but this was a pretty good doc. her story is fascinating & hearing what she had to say about it at the different points in her journey was interesting.

Hostage to the Devil

i found this to be super interesting; how do people not believe in this stuff?

Who Took Johnny

ooo hurts my heart; it's amazing how crappy the authorities were in cases like this during that time. those poor families. really puts things into perspective.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

this was awful; it was SO slow, haha. & was not even the least bit scary. it was terrible. don't watch it.

The Nightmare

not gonna lie, freaked me out a bit. i am a little disappointed that this wasn't an actual documentary; it's more just people sharing their personal experiences by telling stories. there's no real learning about it, really, besides what the people said they googled in 1995. overall, though, pretty scary stuff.

Welcome To Leith

gosh; it just BLOWS my mind that there are people out there that truly do think they're better than another person, another race, another whathaveyou. it's 2017. why is this a thing?

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox(2016)

wow; it's really quite an unbelievable story -- the film didn't make her seem all that innocent, but she didn't seem that guilty either; i'm not sure what she was, but either way, apparently the law enforcement in Italy is not that great.


i thought this was very well done; loved it. i think it was super smart to split the movies up into when they're children & when they're adults. the clown was pretty scary the whole time, though; i wouldn't be super enticed if i were a child -- apparently Georgie didn't have the greatest instincts, haha. 10/10 would watch again.

Annabelle: Creation

hmm; idk -- i thought this was fine; i'm surprised the ratings are as good as they are, actually. it wasn't bad. but i wouldn't go out of my way to tell someone to watch it.

Cannibal Holocaust

ohmygosh; not that this is new information, but people are assholes. i never know how to rate these kinds of movies because i would rather not watch them again, but that's the point of the movie -- to make you not want to watch it again -- so it does it's job very well. i kept thinking this movie reminded me of Green Inferno & then they mentioned "Green Inferno" in the film so i wonder if that film was a runoff of this one (CH is worse than GI in my opinion). at any rate, this film made me feel really icky while watching it. it's quite disturbing. & the most disturbing parts of due to the "cultured" people, not the indigenous ones; that's the saddest part. no wonder it's banned in how many countries.

Atomic Blonde

this was really great; the action was entertaining & believable for the most part, the story was good & the cast is A+. i laughed & i cringed. i recommend.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2017)

i have troubles getting passed all the obvious CGI scenes -- & there was a lot of those in this film; so i didn't super love it. but it was good. i did enjoy it.


so; i almost didn't finish watching this... i thought it was SUPER boring. but then it happened. i'm glad i kept watching it because i ended up liking it quite a bit. it wasn't awesome, mind you, but it is an interesting story.

47 Meters Down

idk; i didn't think this was terrible. i've heard it's unrealistic, but what movie isn't now days? i thought it was pretty suspenseful & even though the girls are kinda stupid & not great listeners, i enjoyed it a lot.

War for the Planet of the Apes

aaaaah; i fricken LOVE these movies. this one was a little more story than action, but it was great. it ended way too soon. Woody Harrelson is such a great villain, haha. & it was a pretty great setup for Nova.

Baby Driver
Baby Driver(2017)

i super loved this; the music is great & cast is awesome. even though the story line is predictable & the love story progressed too quickly to be realistic, i thought it was fantastic. 10/10 would watch again.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

not as good as the first, but still quite enjoyable. i love Chris Pratt & Dax fricken kills me; a good 50-70% of everything he says of does cracks me up.

Rough Night
Rough Night(2017)

i don't know. i didn't think it was that funny -- i didn't finish watching it.


okay; i thought this was going to be ridiculously awful, but i actually thought it was really funny. i'm a fan. i'm a fan of the rock & zefron bromance. give me more.

Dinosaur 13
Dinosaur 13(2014)

this was more on the legality side of paleontology than anything, but super interesting. & it's SUE! yay South Dakota! :D

Star Trek Beyond

meh; i put this movie on with intentions of watching it, but it lost my interest pretty quick. i watched about 10% of the beginning & 5% of the end so i missed a little, but i still got the gist of it. all these movies are the same any more; there's way too many.

Hell House LLC

this was not that bad... kinda got me a bit, actually

It Comes At Night

my first thought after the movie ended was literally: "that was stupid". maybe my expectations were in the wrong place, but this was terrible. i didn't get it; it left a lot of questions unanswered. also it was boring.


ohmygosh; kids are so scary. i hate them. even though these ones were fairly impressive...

The Girl With All the Gifts

it's been a while since i've read the book -- which i loved -- but i thought they followed it quite well; i did notice a few things missing, but overall it's a pretty great adaptation. very well done.


i have no idea what i just watched, haha. loved the ending.


this was great; loved it

Dark Places
Dark Places(2015)

super disappointed; had high hopes because of Charlize Theron, but this movie was incredibly boring.


this was stupid. what a crappy professor.

Get Out
Get Out(2017)

this was very good; it's what you think & also not what you think all at the same time. i really liked this one.

Why Him?
Why Him?(2016)

i laughed way more than i thought i would; i thought it was super funny. apparently Gene Simmons doesn't know the words to "the first noel", haha.

The Craft
The Craft(1996)

not bad; not bad at all...


loved it. can't believe i haven't seen it before now.

Going in Style

i thought this was SUPER cute; my kind of funny. i loved it.

The Void
The Void(2017)

meh; this was kind of just weird. i didn't hate it, but definitely didn't love it.

Nymphomaniac: Volume II

similar to the first: there are some interesting parts, no doubt; but i also think someone just wanted to make an artsy porno.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I

there are some interesting parts, no doubt; but i also think someone just wanted to make an artsy porno.

The Bye Bye Man

it was fine; not very good though

Kong: Skull Island

fricken 10/5 stars. the movie ended & i wanted more. say what you will about all these King Kong movies/remakes... this was FANTASTIC entertainment. see it in theaters; you won't regret it.

Beauty and the Beast

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT!! i went in with high hopes & came out satisfied; they did SUCH a great job.

Doctor Strange

i liked this one a lot -- action packed & quite funny. i'm not familiar with the comic at all, but i think he'll be a great addition to the Marvel Movie Universe. looking forward to seeing more of him.


hmm; it's a pretty good mockumentary -- execution wise -- & actually not a terrible story either. but all the blurry photographs were annoying. also it kind of lost my attention for a bit in the middle there.

What We Do In The Shadows

nope; couldn't do it. maybe i'll try again some other time.

Trouble Every Day (Gargoyle)

hmm; i disliked this & liked this all at the same time. it's super slow moving; it may have lost my attention once or twice, which is maybe part of the reason why i didn't know what was going on until the very end. but really, the story itself is pretty good -- i can't decide if the way they did it, though boring, was actually a pretty genius way of telling it or not.


this was fantastic. a lot of times i didn't know what was going on, but i couldn't stop watching it; the cinematography is quite captivating. there's virtually no plot & no dialog, but i was entertained throughout the entire thing. you really feel like you're getting a look inside her head; sensory overload -- at least visually & auditory.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

haha i can see this being a hit in 1978; it's not bad at all. but i did giggle at a few parts for it's ridiculousness, haha.

The Wailing (Goksung)

hmm; long story short i actually didn't super like this one. i love Korean films -- they usually have superior plots, which this one was good, but my standards were a little too high going into it i think; didn't quite meet my expectations i guess. the acting in this one seemed a bit over dramatic for my tastes as well.


i probably didn't give this one a good enough chance & may or may not try to watch it again another time... but i couldn't even finish it. i didn't care about the characters & the songs weren't that great. i think i only made it 1/3 of the way through before i left the room & didn't come back. at this point in time, i say no thanks.

Fifty Shades Darker

meh; it was fine. i won't lie & say that i didn't get into the whole proposal scene towards the end there, but other than that it's what you'd expect it to be. the first one was better & even that one wasn't great.

Now You See Me 2

i didn't think this was bad at all; if you liked the first one, you'll like this one. the card handling & throwing gets me... i thought Lizzy Caplan was a nice addition too.

The Night Before

i didn't love this, but the midnight mass scenes killed me. Seth was definitely the best part of the whole thing.


hmm... yeah i wasn't really a fan of this one either. i found it to be kind of boring.


hmmm; not terrible. the little twist at the end was nice -- but not great.

Arbor Demon (Enclosure)

this was silly. she didn't even take off her pants at the end, there.

Carnage Park
Carnage Park(2016)

i really liked this one! the story isn't THAT original, but it is different -- different enough to stand out, i think. the look & feel of the film is very much like an old western movie, which was simultaneously confusing (perception wise) & cool -- i think i actually super loved that about it. was also surprised to see a Cameron cameo.

I Am Not a Serial Killer

this was very good! & quite an original story line, actually; i very much enjoyed it. i didn't realize the old man was Christopher Lloyd until i heard him speak, so that was a nice surprise as well.


yeah; very well done -- creepy. i wonder if this wasn't some inspiration for AHS Freakshow; reminded me a lot of NPH's character.

Train to Busan (Busanhaeng)

the ONLY beef i have with this movie is the fact that the first couple "changes" happened after the victims died, but on the train the change seemed almost instant after they got infected. & again at the very end, the change from human to zombie was inconsistent from both these. other than that, though, this was pretty good -- reminded me of 28 days later.


not bad at all! it's sort of an anthology film & yet it's not. all the stories are connected, even if it's just by a thread -- turns out it's just an endless loop of torture for the people involved. not bad at all.

The Neon Demon

wow; i actually really liked this one too. another artsy film which happens to be quite ironic: the characters are obsessed with being beautiful & this film has gained quite a reputation for it's aesthetic success. maybe that's why i liked it so much. and i really dislike Elle Fanning, but she says like 4 words in this film so i actually didn't mind her so much.

Always Shine
Always Shine(2016)

huh; i did like it. not much happens... but it sort of tricked me? i obviously first thought A, then it could be B, but then something else happened which disproved B, so what the heck is happening? turned out to be C. ... that probably didn't make much sense. but at any rate, i liked it -- super interesting way to tell a story.

Under the Skin

artsy films are usually a hit or a miss for me... & this one was a hit. i really liked it. the dialog is pretty non-existent so you rely on the expressions & actions of the characters to tell the story which could lead to different perceptions of the film. but i really liked it. i liked it a lot.

The Grifters
The Grifters(1990)

this was pretty good! a bunch of con artists trying to out-con the other; not bad at all. John Cusack seems so young in this one.


i kind of thought this was stupid; sounds like i should watch the original.


definitely a classic cult type film; Angela Bettis did a superb job playing her character.

Shut In
Shut In(2016)

yeah; i didn't think this was that good. a few good jump scares in the beginning, but i didn't love the story.

A Cure For Wellness

ohmygosh! people DIDN'T like this?? i'm so surprised. i LOVED it. yes... it was a bit long and somewhat predictable at times, but i thought it was great. i really liked it. i'd totally watch it again.

The Handmaiden (Ah-ga-ssi)

well i wouldn't watch this one with your parents -- or your children -- but this plot was FANTASTIC. i absola-fricken-lutely love Korean film writers/directors (& kudos to the author of the book it's based on). they do this job SO incredibly well. i definitely recommend this one. but again -- probs shouldn't watch it with someone you wouldn't want to watch naked people doing naked people things with.

Wild Things
Wild Things(1998)

this was not terrible, actually. i was impressed with the plot line. the cast is very nostalgic.

The Dreamers
The Dreamers(2004)

well; if you want to see Eva Green naked, this is the film for you. i think she wears clothes for like 10% of it.

Henry & June
Henry & June(1990)

throughout the whole entire movie, i thought June looked kind of like Uma Therman -- lo & behold, it IS Uma Therman. #facepalm no wonder she looked so much like her. anyways; this was a really long movie. & i didn't realize it was about real people until the ending credits. but i wouldn't recommend it -- i didn't really follow the story & that Anais lady was giving all her belongings (bike, type writer & money) to these people she just met; it was weird. no one does that.

Basic Instinct

believe it or not, but this is the first time i've seen this movie; the only thing i knew about it was the iconic scene everyone talks about, and i'm not sure i really cared for it. didn't seem nearly as riskay as it's reputation holds it to be -- but it is 2017, not 1992. a lot can change in 25 years.

Don't Hang Up

i'm ashamed to admit i didn't see that ending coming. i'm losing my touch. this movie was pretty good -- nothing too special, but i did enjoy it.

Green Room
Green Room(2016)

hmmm; i do not see the appeal of this one. i like Patrick Stewart & i like Anton Yelchin, but i did not like this movie. i thought i was boring & i hated the music they played.

High Tension (Switchblade Romance)

plot twist! nice -- it was "meh" up until the ending.


this was FABULOUS. James McAvoy did SUCH a great job; he played his part SO incredibly well... i will be adding this one to my Shyamalan collection.


i super loved this; they're a really good pair, even though i preferred when it was just him, haha. the story is good too -- i was expecting something like 2001 space odyssey/gravity/every other space movie, but it was actually quite original. i really enjoyed it. i'd totally watch it again.


ummm this is fine. it's nothing new. but i've seen worse.

The Shrine
The Shrine(2010)

not terrible. but not that great.

A Monster Calls

hmmm; the monster is cool, but this was not my jam.


hmm... i didn't love it, actually. i thought i would, but it wasn't nearly as good as the previews made it out to be. i didn't like the ending at all. & Marion Cotillard isn't my favorite.

Stephen King's 'Graveyard Shift'

haha, ran across this one by accident & thought it reminded me of the Stephen King short story... come to find out it's the Stephen King short story adaptation, haha. so that was kinda fun. but really it's not very good, haha.

Kill List
Kill List(2012)

hmm; i wasn't into this one. it's fine, but slow moving & kind of not interesting.

The Bad Seed
The Bad Seed(1956)

what a kid; her mother's stupid.

Time Lapse
Time Lapse(2015)

pretty good; this isn't exactly time travel -- & i love time travel -- but it's a similar plot line. i liked it.


this... was interesting. if anything, it made me feel really sad for the girl's sake & super mad at her parents. what a couple dead beats.


Judd & Shannon played their parts very well -- i didn't super love the movie, actually, but they were very convincing. shows how obsession/paranoia/delusion can affect you -- scary stuff.

The Cellar Door

yeah; i couldn't finish this one. it's not good.

Breathing Room

um; this was fine & i did like the ending... but at the same time -- what was even the point?


yep; i had already seen this one too -- jeepers what's with me not rating & reviewing things?? this one's pretty good, though, so i watched the whole thing again. despite the bad reviews i don't think this one's that bad.


yep; i've totally seen this before i don't know why i didn't rate & review it. Milo is such a looker & his smarts in this film get me. the story's not bad either, but i didn't want to watch it again so i only got halfway through the second time.


i actually really liked this one, haha -- it's stupid & has a "campy" feel to it, so if you're into that thing you'll probably like it too. a lot of random things happen, but i kind of loved it. i recommend for all the wanna be scary movie watchers since it's really more of a comedy than anything.

Death of a Ghost Hunter

it's not that bad; it's not that scary -- it's more about the people in the story rather than the paranormal, but it was fine if you don't mind low budget feeling films.


meh; it wasn't bad -- i liked the way it ended. but seriously, if i was that chick i would've just started driving & gave him no choice. he was a maniac driver.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III

ohmygosh; how on earth does this have 100% critic rating? i get that it was purposefully stupid... but it was really stupid; i couldn't finish it.


i really hate when people just yell & scream throughout most of the movie... but the story/concept is super intriguing; i really liked that.

Hidden Figures

loved it. everything about this movie is fantastic.


this. was SO funny!!! i put this on because i just wanted something stupid in the background for noise... it CRACKED me up. what a surprise.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

so i don't think i loved this as much as the rest of the human population did... but it was good. i thought this was going to be about him finding all these fantastical beasts... but it's not. it's about him losing them all & trying to catch them back. like, dude. keep your bag shut. the creatures are cool, though.


so. while watching the movie; i wasn't sure if i really liked it all that much -- but then i slept on it & the more i think about it, the more i really like it. i really liked the concept. it's different. it's slow moving... but good. yeah -- not bad at all.

The Game
The Game(1997)

i would be so beyond pissed if i were Michael Douglas; he took that ending rather well. the story is very very good. i wonder if this film gave inspiration for "Fear Inc".

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me

Lynch does it again; it's so weird, but i love it. i do plan on watching the tv series at some point, but that'll be a ways down the road when i have time to commit to both seasons. & good grief that girl can scream. ouch; stop it.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

i actually did think this was funny. i liked the story & i liked the jokes. it was cute.

Nocturnal Animals

WOW. i loved the fiction within reality story telling. also, that ending! #savage

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

i actually really liked this... i found the book to be sort of underwhelming, so i wasn't expecting this to be great or anything; but it was very good. i enjoyed this much more than the book. well done.

Fear, Inc.
Fear, Inc.(2016)

wow! why such poor reviews?! i loved this! great concept.


haha; this was fine -- JT's grumpiness is the best part of the whole thing though.

The Eyes of My Mother

loved it; the fact that she thinks what she's doing is normal & okay is what's so horrific about it; that's the scary part. the black & white REALLY adds to the feel of the film as well -- great choice. this was really good; very well done.


was not good. Harvey Dent was awkward for this role IMO.


well; someone was a V/H/S fan. not saying this film wasn't good, but i can't not compare it -- the short is much better just for the fact that it gets to the point & seems more horror-ish since there's not a lot of down time for filler nonsense. but i did enjoy it. it was my favorite story out of all the V/H/S shorts.


oh i didn't think this was that bad -- i like the concept.

Queen Of Spades: The Dark Rite

meh; a Russian version of Bloody Mary -- it wasn't terrible.

The Magnificent Seven

i thought this was real good! good cast & good story.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

huh. that was very good. i liked it a lot. different. i don't think i'd classify this as horror -- but definitely suspenseful. the build up to the story is fantastic.


woooooooow; why does no one like this? this movie is great - plays on perceptions & manipulations. i loved it. well written & well acted.

Blair Witch
Blair Witch(2016)

well i never was a fan of the original so i'm not surprised that i didn't really get into this one either. the scared chick at the end was good though -- i've never genuinely been that scared to breathe like that, but i've been close so i totally get it. that was pretty good acting.

School of Life

this is a great movie; everyone needs to watch it.


i liked it - i think the concept is super intriguing. sort of reminds me of an episode of Black Mirror.

Bottle Shock
Bottle Shock(2008)

so the movie didn't particularly move me or anything, but i like alan rickman & chris pine -- & wine -- & the story is an interesting one. not bad.

The Cokeville Miracle

the acting isn't awesome, but the story breaks my heart & lifts it up all at the same time :( from what i can tell the movie follows the actual story fairly well.

The Intervention

yeah i didn't particularly like this one. just drama.


wow; was this the inspiration for fifty shades? because the resemblance is uncanny.

The Devil's Advocate

Pacino makes such a good villain; this movie is great.

Ocean's Eleven

gall-dang this is a good movie; i can't believe i haven't seen it before now. top notch casting & story line.


mmm i didn't like it - it's just gorey. it's like all the other american touristy type horror films. they eat shrooms, get high, & kind of act like assholes, so as you can imagine, that doesn't get them into a very good spot. & the fact that they can't speak spanish doesn't help.

Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion)

um... that family has problems. watching this movie now makes it seem super cheesy, haha, almost funny. but the concept is very scary. kids are just scary in general.

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

this was not what i thought it was going to be; it was very scandalous - then frustrating, then sad, then happy, then sad again. not bad.

The First Wives Club

kinda cute, but also kinda meh.

Kate & Leopold

this was annoyingly cute; i loved it.

Major League
Major League(1989)

this movie doesn't claim to be anything it isn't... you can predict exactly what happens. but it's SO GOOD. this movie is fantastic.

The Others
The Others(2001)

i had seen this before; but just didn't remember it i guess. not a bad flick.

Still Mine
Still Mine(2013)

oh these movies are always so sad; it has to be SO hard to watch a loved one suffer from alzheimers. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Mumford & Sons "after the storm" so when that part happened i got real sobby. very good story.


haha, why is this called "mermaids"? this movie was quite funny; & awkward at times. but funny. i really loved Winona's character -- & i like Winona, so there's that.

The Lobster
The Lobster(2016)

haha, i really like weird movies -- and this was exceptionally weird. the story/concept is intriguing & the purposeful awkward acting/dialog reminded me a bit of moonshine kingdom, which i love. overall i really liked it!

Not Another Happy Ending

i didn't love it, but the ending was SO super cute.

Love's Kitchen

aaah; those Scottish accents get me good, they do. & the movie was really cute; i love food, i love love & i love Scotts -- good flick.

Christmas Grace

i can't decide if it's the acting or the dialog that's horrible, but the story's good.


this was a really good adaptation to the book; it's such a sad story. i remember feeling like she was way more frustrated with Jack not adapting to the new world as quickly as she was than they portrayed in the movie, but they did show some aspect of it. all in all, the book is heartbreaking, but the film is very good as well.

Christmas Angel

this was SO GOOD. i LOVED it!

Christmas Lodge

this was good; i love Michael Shanks

Miracle on 34th Street


A Christmas Kiss

i've seen this before -- but i watched it again cuz it's cute!

A Boyfriend for Christmas

cute & unrealistic: perfect christmas movie!

A Christmas Detour

cheesy christmas movies are my fav

Christmas in Boston (Instant Message)

i love super cheesy christmas chick flicks

Crown for Christmas

i love super cheesy christmas movies

The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)

i've seen this before; but i didn't remember enough to rate & review it, so i watched it again. and it's good; but i wouldn't call this a scary movie, per say... it's really kind of a sad story which happens to have a ghost in it whom helps leave a satisfactory ending... but that's kind of it. it's good but i now know why i didn't remember it before.

The Snowtown Murders

hmm i did not like this; it's eye opening because it's a true story... but as far as movie-wise, i have to agree with some other reviews i read -- it's slow & sometimes all the yelling/talking gave me a headache.

Under The Shadow

i am pleasantly surprised; the jumps are not just jumps... they're JUMPS. i don't know that i've ever jumped this bad before -- either that or i was in a jumpy mood. if i were older i'm pretty sure i could've had a heart attack.

Bridget Jones's Baby

i've never seen a Bridget Jones movie before, but this was quite funny; i'll have to watch the ones before it.


this was very good; it's scary how much the internet impacts everything & everyone in today's world. this shows some of the fun, but also some of the dangerous & life threatening. it's easy to be an asshole when you hide behind an anonymous username & to believe things aren't real when you're watching it from behind a screen.

The Monster
The Monster(2016)

the story is sad & for a while i thought the monster was just metaphorical for the relationship between the little girl & her mother... but then there actually was a monster. & the monster is not great. the suspense is alright & there's a few jumpy parts, but as a whole i wouldn't say this is that good of a movie. but it's not bad.

Pete's Dragon

this was very nicely done; i really liked it.


wow; this was fantastic -- i suddenly have the urge to delete all my online accounts & start living in an underground cave.


very interesting story. very well done. Tom Hanks was perfect to play the part.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

this was actually good; i saw the last ouija movie that came out & was NOT impressed so i didn't have high hopes for this one either. but this was very good!

Take Shelter
Take Shelter(2011)

huh; another really great film from Jeff Nichols... he's slowly becoming one of my favorite directors. again -- it's a supernatural drama that doesn't have a lot of action, but the subject matter keeps you engaged. very good.

Midnight Special

very good; interesting concept -- & i kinda like the whole supernatural drama i had going on. not a lot of action, but keeps your attention.

The BFG(2016)

cute! & visually pleasing! i don't know what i was expecting, but it was different than i thought it was going to be -- it was still very good; i'd be lying if i said i didn't shed a tear at the end.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

BABY DORY IS SO ADORYBLE! (see what i did there?) seriously though; another great animated film. i didn't think it was possible to make a decent sequel to Finding Nemo, but they did it. i thought it was clever, funny & heart warming. i swear i didn't cry.

Bad Moms
Bad Moms(2016)

i thought this movie was great! it was funny, realistic & it had a great message! everything about it was great. i definitely recommend this one!


hmm... interesting concept; but i have no idea how you'd find out that the English language was causing it. it happened very quickly & they figured it out very quickly. & nothing actually happens, really -- i feel unsatisfied. but like i said; interesting concept. are you trying to tell us something, Canada? ;-)


it took me all the way through this movie to realize that i've seen it before; that's how unforgettable it is. it's called "monsters" but don't expect to see any.

Lord of the Flies

hmm; it's been a while since i've read the book & from what i can remember, i feel like this was a fine movie -- although i did catch that none of them were British -- but reading other reviews i guess it's not a very good adaptation. there's an older film from the 60's that apparently follows better so i guess i'll watch that one next.

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

so i didn't realize that the 1986 version was a remake until just now; & even though it's been a while since i've seen that version, i feel like i still noticed the differences between the two. i feel like the 1986 version focused more on the gross factor of him turning into the fly, whereas this version focused more on a story of a mad scientist who just happened to turn into a fly as a result -- or something more to that extent. & i love a good Vincent Price appearance. out of the two, i think i'd have to say that i enjoyed this one more -- super cheesy, but very classy. this is the type of filmography i think of when i think old movies. minus the black & white, of course.

Don't Breathe

this was fantastic. the suspense was great. the story was great. the plot twist was great. and it was all believable. very well done. very well done in deed.

Suicide Squad

i liked it fine enough; i didn't realize that The Joker's part was so small & Deadshot's part was so big -- judging by the previews i saw, i would've guessed the opposite. i thought the witch's role was weird in this story too, but i really enjoyed the backstory on Harley. overall i think it's a fine movie: i can name better & i can name worse.

Lights Out
Lights Out(2016)

i'm torn between liking this & disliking this. the scare factor of this compared to the original short doesn't even compare. the short scared the living daylights out of me; couldn't sleep at all that night. but i had no problem sleeping after this movie. for some reason i just didn't find it scary. there were a few good jump moments, but other than that, i'd say this movie was just okay.


this was actually very good; i hate to admit i had low hopes because it released in 1973, but it blew me out of the water. the "old feel" (because it is old, not because they did that on purpose) made it feel exceptionally creepy. great story with a great ending. i didn't see it coming!


i don't understand why everyone was so whiny about it; this wasn't bad at all! has a "casper the friendly ghost" vibe just because it's more of a comedy movie with ghosts instead of a ghost movie with comedy, but i liked it. Kate McKinnon's character is by far the best -- but that sandwich throw back at the end got me good. i laughed for quite a while on that one.

Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap(1979)

well. this certainly was something. the idea is creepy, but the production value is definitely that of 1979 which makes it difficult to be effective in this day in age.


i guess i didn't think this was bad; but i didn't really think it was all that good either -- the back & forth between the two of them was kind of annoying; i felt real bad for the guy. & i didn't really get what happened at the end there.

The Hallow (The Woods)

i thought this was quite good! i wonder why the audience didn't like it as much... i must not have been paying very good attention in the beginning, because when they started talking about putting iron everywhere in their house i thought "oh that reminds me of that one book i read about changelings" -- sure enough; this movie was about changelings. i think it's very well done, too. i'd recommend it!

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

hmm; i think i kind of really liked this. the feel you get from the film being black & white with the secular camera angles & having hardly any dialog is really interesting. i don't think i'd watch this again, but it'll leave an impression.


not a bad little thriller. predictable, but not bad.

Dead End
Dead End(2003)

this was much better than i was expecting it to be. i found the mother character to be annoying, but she quickly turned creepy throughout the film. the ending was superb.

Out Cold
Out Cold(2001)

how have i not seen this before now?!

Big Ass Spider!

haha, i thought this movie was great! i laughed more at this than i do most comedy movies -- & as far as giant animals go, this one wasn't bad. not bad at all. i think it's a great light-hearted "scary" movie. A+

We Are Still Here

i cannot believe this movie recieved a 95% critic rating... this movie was stupid. the acting was bad & the monsters were people covered in mud wearing white contacts. yes, the ending was gory, but this was not good.

When Animals Dream

i really enjoyed the story behind this one; it's a more unique approach to the subject & i kind of liked it. the movie itself, beyond that, isn't too much though -- it's very slow moving. reminds me of Let The Right One In in that aspect. but more sex-driven.

Witching and Bitching

hmm; i read a lot of good reviews so i think my expectations were too high. i didn't really think this was all that funny. the big one at the end surprised me a bit, but i didn't really care too much for this one.

WYRMWOOD: Road Of The Dead

this was actually quite fantastic -- a very refreshing approach to the evermore popular zombie movie. i really enjoyed it.


ohmygoodness, haha; it's what you'd imagine it being. it actually wasn't terrible -- but then the bedroom scene with the girls happened & i thought "oh my, here we go". & then the bathroom scene happened. it's cliche & perfect for stupid movie lovers.

The Woods
The Woods(2006)

i kind of really liked it. it feels like an older movie even though it's really not; Bruce Campbell's appearance may or may not have something to do with that, though. the music could've also played a role in that as well -- i really liked the soundtrack. anywho: it's predictable, but it's good. i think my favorite part was the lunch punch. also, her mom is a real piece of work & the school choir sings really creepy songs.


quite honestly, out of all the clown movies i've seen lately, this one is NOT bad -- it's not bad at all. the clown is actually really scary once he's fully transformed. the idea is fairly original too -- it starts off feeling like a spoof of sorts, but gets pretty serious by the end of it. i didn't hate it.


whaaaaaaaat? it's pretty predictable all the way up to the end. i don't really know what that ending was, to be honest.

All Cheerleaders Die

kinda stupid; it's like comical b-horror. predictable & ridiculous.

Starry Eyes
Starry Eyes(2014)

interesting... i'm sure there's a deeper meaning for the message behind this film, but that girl was crazy. it's surprisingly grosser than you think it would be.


wow; this was actually really good. VERY realistic; which makes it extremely scary. i know i'm going to regret watching that so late once i get in bed tonight. i HATE home intrusion type movies; it's one of my greatest fears. so between that & the psychological factor, i really liked this film. it captured what it set out to do very well.

Jug Face
Jug Face(2013)

i think i've seen this one before; & it's okay -- i didn't hate it but i didn't like it that much either. i don't know why they just didn't leave the woods. like, go to a doctor to get better instead of trusting some demon pit magic -- & i guess the two peeps tried to get away once, but they probably should've went somewhere else or kept going or something. anywho. not bad but i don't recommend it.

The Houses October Built

i applaud the original-ish story idea; there are actual such things as extreme haunted houses & some of them are actually quite dangerous, which sort of brings this story to life & makes it that much more scarier. as far as a film i would not recommend this, but the overall concept is quite scary.

Happy Birthday!

i read reviews that said this was surprising; and they weren't lying. i was pleasantly surprised at how this ended. but because i didn't care for the stuff before that, i wouldn't say i really liked it all that much.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

it was fine -- i laughed quite a bit at a few of Adam's lines, but i didn't really care for the girls in this movie.

The Shallows
The Shallows(2016)

mmm very good. nail biting, in fact. however, i'm not sure a real shark would be THAT agressive... but i also don't know that much about sharks sooo.

Friend Request

whoofta; this movie is a jumpy one. but other than that it's stupid.

Me Before You

i LOVED this; i really loved the book & this was a great adaptation. Emilia was PERFECT as Lou. of course, a few things happened differently & things were left out... but it was still really enjoyable. loved it.


hmm... definitely a cult film with an 80's vibe which normally i think i'd like -- & given the good reviews i thought i was going to -- but no thanks. i did not like this one. for the most part i just thought it was stupid.

Limbo (Children Of The Night)

this was surprising. my feelings were very confused. the soundtrack was super good; it was weird having such inspirational music playing while children are eating grown men to death, haha. i ended up really liking this.

The Secret Life of Pets

"oh great, you're in love. how gross for the rest of us." LOL! this wasn't bad -- but why wasn't the bird able to talk? the hawk & every other animal could talk... so that was stupid. wasn't anything spectacular, but it was cute.

Captain America: Civil War

action, action & more action -- but i don't really get it; why are we fighting each other? also, i found spiderman's involvement awkward.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

not as great as the first one; but still pretty good. i enjoyed seeing bebop, rocksteady & krang though.

The Conjuring 2

solid. story-wise & scary-wise i preferred the first one, but i'd be lying if i said i didn't jump at least twice. i REALLY love when they compare the actors/scenes to the real family/photographs this story was based on during the credits.

The Legend of Tarzan

i was surprised at first because it wasn't like the animated movie; but i ended up actually really liking it by the end. i was worried about Alexander playing Tarzan, but he fit the part really well; nicely done.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

huh; i wish they spent more time on the plagues; there was a LOT of build up. i didn't love it.

Miracles from Heaven

ugh; i bawled like a baby -- really nice story. all of the characters were really lovable too. plus i'm a big fan of Jennifer Garner.

The Remains
The Remains(2016)

there were a few decent scenes, but the majority of the time it just felt like they were trying too hard to be every other movie in the genre; except doing it much worse. there's nothing original about it & i didn't find it scary, so i wouldn't recommend it.


i think i've seen this before -- or maybe i saw parts of it in a count down list or something... but it's not bad. another zombie-like film for the books. i saw a lot of reviewers compare it to the TV show The Strain; but i don't agree. this movie isn't even close to the caliber of The Strain. if you're going to pick between the two, pick The Strain.

ABCs of Death 2

i had no idea they had a second one of these until i stumbled upon it -- & this one isn't bad; i can't decide it i like it more or less than the first. this one was certainly less sexual than the first so that was refreshing. there's also a 2.5 but i don't recommend that one. the shorts weren't that great & they were all the letter "M" so that was boring. i think half the fun is trying to figure out what the letter is going to stand for whilst watching the short.

Summer Camp
Summer Camp(2016)

huh; they added a little twist to the whole zombie genre, which i quite enjoyed. i really quite enjoyed the ending as well -- i'm a sucker for tragedies. but that being said, it wasn't great; i don't care to watch it again.


this film was mentioned in another review i read for a movie called Evolution which is sort of similar but with an all boys island versus an all girls boarding school. i was a bit thrown off while watching this because the version i found happened to have Spanish voice-overs when i was so sure this was a French film. also, no English subtitles so i'm just going off body language here... but i didn't really care for it. it was fine & i liked the creepy factor, but it wasn't nearly as intriguing as Evolution was.


like all anthology films, there are good ones and there are bad ones. but i really liked the holiday theme. some of them are definitely inventive.


hmm. what was that ending?? this was super intriguing -- totally my kind of movie; the visuals were stunning too. very well done. but i'm going to have to watch this one again & pay better attention.

Hardcore Henry

after seeing the previews for this film, i didn't really want to see it because i was sure it would make me sick. turns out, i LOVED it. what an original idea! & it was done SO well; i thought it would seem super weird & not realistic at all... but i was wrong. this was way cool. loved every minute of it. not to mention the soundtrack to this movie is flippin awesome. definitely recommend.


i kind of really loved this -- although i'd like to know more about how that ending happened; however the mystery of it is also what appeals to me so much.

The Purge: Election Year

the best part of this whole movie is when the chick runs over that group of girls -- talk about a satisfying scene. but i'm kind of over this; it's the same thing every movie. the concept of having a purge in reality is actually extremely terrifying, so i would never knock these films for having an original idea, but that originality stopped at the first one. as should've the movies. the first one is still the best in my opinion. but i'd say this one was better than the second.

The Short Films of David Lynch

David Lynch must be a super interesting person. these shorts have thoroughly convinced me that all of Lynch's works are weird. these kind of explain why Eraserhead was his first full film.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

after watching a few of Lynch's films, i kept hearing/reading about Blue Velvet -- this film still had the weird qualities his usually do, but i feel like they were a bit muted; and that the story was a little easier to follow than most. so maybe that's why it's so popular. however, he has quite a few popular films. this one would probably be a great introductory film to the world of David Lynch.

Lost Highway
Lost Highway(1997)

hmm; not that i've seen very many, but i'm pretty convinced that all Lynch's movies are weird. i like that, though -- trying to find the deeper meaning or whatever is kind of a fun game.

The Nice Guys

i really enjoyed this one; Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling make a surprisingly great team. the action is good and the comedy is snarky; i love it. definitely recommend it.

The Gift
The Gift(2000)

bahahahaha; i died when they showed the scene with the random man playing the violin! LOL! but this movie was pretty good i guess; Keanu gots to chill out a bit, but i liked Giovanni's character/sub-plot. i saw the twist at the end coming though.

Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps(2001)

feels like a cult movie i would've liked when it came out; it's a bit sub-par now with the advances in graphics and movie magic lately, but i liked it. i'm surprised she fared so well after her attack, though; still able to run away and drag her sister with even!

The Witch
The Witch(2016)

okay; this isn't bad -- but i didn't think it was really that good. i had high hopes for this one, so that's disappointing. if it weren't for the goat and the scene with her mother and the crow, i'd say i didn't really like it, but i find goats to be creepy no matter the circumstance so i'd be lying if i said it didn't do it's job at least a little bit. however, i think i prefer Shyamalan's "The Village".


yikes, between all the yelling and the camera work in the beginning (& at the very end), the rape scene isn't the only thing that makes you feel sick. but i really liked that it told the story out of order... movies that do that well are top notch in my book. another reason why i appreciate the backwards story-telling is because when you think the worst of it comes at you right out of the gate, slowing finding out how the story was before the incident almost makes the situation that much more terrible. i think that's pretty good from a filmmaker's point of view. unfortunately, even though this film aims to make you feel uncomfortable, this is not the worst i've seen.

Drag Me to Hell

i kind of really like this one; i don't know why. it's almost "comical" in the way that things - or her "visions", if you want to call them that - happen. and i love the effect of the ground opening up and demons actually dragging them to hell... idk. i like it.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

so i didn't really want to see this because i thought it looked ridiculously stupid - but i had nothing else to do today & this movie actually blew my expectations out of the water. i really liked it. i thought it was mega funny. and creative. nice work.

The Angry Birds Movie

the best part about this movie is the little yellow dude; but beyond that, there really isn't much else -- i really like Jason Sudeikis, but i don't want to watch this again. the whole thing just kind of seemed unnecessary.


another anthology film, if you're into that. i'd say if you were a fan of "the ABC's of death", then you'd like this one as well. a few of the stories had similar feels, but all different concepts. or course, i enjoyed some over the others, but the stories i didn't particularly care for had that weirdness to it that i really love. so... i liked it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

psh; people are cray - this movie was good. long. but good. i mean, i do think the whole story is kinda stupid with batman and superman fighting. like, dudes, you're n the same side. but the action was good. & superman & Lois are just too dang cute. i was probably most excited during the whole wonder woman/flash/aquaman/cyborg bit, though.

The Antichrist

haha, old horror movies are weird.

Mulholland Drive

are all of David Lynch's movies weird? the only other Lynch film i've seen is Eraserhead, and boy, i don't think i'll ever forget that one. this one was also very random and confusing - i assume there's a deeper meaning somewhere in all of it, just as i'm sure there is in Eraserhead as well... but i don't really have an inclination to watch this one over again to find out. however, i'll definitely be revisiting Eraserhead in the future.

Winter's Bone

hmm... i don't know that i'd say it was a thriller. or one of the year's best films. but it wasn't bad. nothing really happens besides her gallivanting about while people refuse to help her, so that's kind of aggravating. seems as though everyone would rather keep a meth head hidden than help a family of 4 (who's being taken care of by a 17 year old, mind you) from losing all they have (due to said meth head). other thoughts i couldn't help but think is that probably the majority of our generation's 17 year olds would never be able to handle the responsibilities this one had. and the fact that she had to have the 6 year old watch her cook and learn how to shoot guns just in case something happened. i feel like maybe that happened more often in our grandparent's generation, but not anymore. i can't tell you how many times i run in to people who don't know how to cook. like, how do people not know how to cook? you literally need to eat to survive. anyways. it's a slow moving movie, but if you're in to dramas and unhelpful people, then you'll like it.

The Beaver
The Beaver(2011)

this film was NOT what i thought it was going to be -- what an interesting story! i thought both Mel and Jodi did fantastic jobs playing their roles too; it's hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes when you've have no exposure to the illness, but they did a great job making me feel frustrated and sort of defeated at their situation. psychological issues are crazy interesting; i wish i knew more about them.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

i figured it was about time i watch this; and since the previous film i watched premiered the famous Orson Welles, it seemed like a good segue to watch this one next. again, i can see why this film is and was so popular during its time period. a lot of movies & tv shows reference this film and the contents in it, so i kinda knew the story before i watched this anyways, which maybe dulled my opinion of it a bit -- i thought it was fine, but i don't feel particularly liberated or anything from watching it. but again, this was released 75 years ago -- it's really quite awesome that modern film still alludes it.


hmm; definitely interesting - i can see why this was a great film for the time period. it's funny that this movie is all "Orson Welles this" and "Orson Welles that", when his character doesn't even appear until the end and only lasts like 30 minutes of the whole film. but i guess his character is by far the most profound & was probably quite influential. the story this is based on is also interesting - i did some research afterwards. people be crazy.

Lady of Csejte

i don't know, i kinda liked it; i find the story to be super interesting -- Ms Bathory has quite an influence on the entire horror genre so i found this particularly interesting just because it's actually about her. a lot of other films just mention her, mimic her or have a cameo character.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

i don't know... i kind of really liked it; the documentary feel was nice, the tapes were intriguing and the overall story was really quite disturbing. i particularly loved the last sentence that was said in this movie. the way they did that kind of gave you the feel that you were apart of it, in a way. i don't know how to explain it without spoiling it; but the whole movie was just very intriguing. the whole stockholm syndrome thing is just mind boggling. and scary.

Lovely Molly
Lovely Molly(2012)

there's better ones out there, but this wasn't that bad -- the beginning is kinda iffy, but i liked how the end played out.

Blood Creek
Blood Creek(2009)

huh; i kinda liked it. not bad at all. especially with Dominic, Henry and Michael in it -- yes, please!

The Jungle Book

i really loved it; i had my speculations -- but it was really great. i wish there was more Kaa, but i guess it left me wanting more which is usually a good sign. if you're a fan of the animated Disney film, you'll love this one too.


it was enjoyable enough; i would put this in the same category as Jeepers Creepers -- but Jeepers Creepers is better. not really that great, but kind of liked it.


i quite enjoyed this film; it's very visually pleasing. and i liked the story -- and the new perspective.

Secret Summer

this is a movie my mom would like; but i'll admit - i'm a sucker for these types of movies too. totally predictable, but feel good with extra cheese on top never hurt anyone.

The Inherited

hmm; well it's not bad -- the acting/dialog is kind of cringe worthy; and the ending is weird -- but i liked it enough to watch the whole thing.


i actually thought this was pretty good -- i watched a short film called "the descendant" which i liked and a reviewer mentioned that this movie was a full length version of it. and it totally is. the cast was surprising -- Sawyer!!! -- and the kid was creepy. i liked it!

Hidden In The Woods (En las afueras de la ciudad)

i said the phrase "oh man" quite a few times -- it's disturbing and quite gross. and since i don't speak the language, the majority of the time it just seemed like people were screaming and yelling weird sounds at each other, which by the end of the film, started to give me a headache :/


i liked it! has a great cast & the story keeps you interested enough; i really don't understand why they had to go hunt him down though -- since he was bothering the girl at her house, they could've just stayed there for a few days and then he wouldn't've suspected anything either... but i guess that wouldn't've been as exciting. i'm not for sure what that ending meant, though.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

wow; this totally makes me not want to have kids, haha. what an awful awful boy. i feel like the story is more about the mom than the boy -- that kid wouldn't have gotten away so easy if i was his mother. yikes. she had some issues herself i think. but also her husband was completely oblivious and wouldn't listen which also didn't help i guess. idk -- it's an interesting story. i quite liked it. even though it kind of gives you an emotional complex.

Fish Tank
Fish Tank(2010)

a lot of people really love this film because it's a great "coming of age" film -- or whatever verbiage you prefer... but i think i'm one of the people that found it kind of depressing. definitely a drama. nothing good really happens. i feel extremely sad for those kids.

The Other Side of the Door

i really wanted to like this one; i think i may watch it again because i was pre-occupied whilst watching it so that may be why i didn't really care for it. but it definitely didn't take my attention away from what i was doing.

Before I Wake

hmm; i really enjoyed the concept/story behind this one which might make me like it more than i normally would -- because i think it was just fine, scary-wise. not bad, but not great. but i did really like the concept, like i said.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

not as good as the first one; and the first one wasn't that great.

The Darkness
The Darkness(2016)

the story was actually pretty anti-climatic; and it seemed pretty scripted -- like how'd they know what to research so fast and why did the 1 video they watched told them exactly what was happening and how they can get rid of it. then when they had those spirit people come into the house i kinda felt like nothing really happened. i don't know how to explain it, because obviously things happened... but it was like things were happening because they were told to happen, not because that's how it would realistically happen if it were actually happening -- if that even makes sense. either way, i wouldn't recommend it.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

i agree that even though the movie is visually stunning, the story is a bit lack-luster. i do think they did a fantastic job keeping the vibe from the first one; and i totally loved how they tied the small details into the first one (i.e. why the windmill was broken in the first one). overall i thought it was good; i liked it.


i did chuckle a few times -- it was cute. and good lesson to never give up on your dreams. they were SO mean in the beginning... i really thought they picked the perfect voice actors, too. Bateman's voice was extremely great as the fox; and Goodwin's voice was perfect for the bunny.

The Invitation

yeah, i liked it fine -- i don't know why they stayed as long as they did; i think i would've went home even before that other girl did. if she even made it home, that is. but the ending didn't really hold up to the build up i didn't think. it's pretty predictable. but not terrible.

What We Become (Sorgenfri)

i didn't like it as much as maybe i normally would've -- the version i watched had really bad subtitles; English obviously wasn't their first language -- so it was hard to determine if the acting was bad or if it was just the dialog? anyways... not a bad story though. i liked the thought behind the ending, but that man was stupid. i would've preferred it if he had taken the shot. it would've been more tragic that way.

The 5th Wave
The 5th Wave(2016)

i'm sure the book was better, but i never read the book. i didn't really care for the movie though -- the special effects were good, but the characters and the way in which things happen didn't really appeal to me. and i always hate kids in movies that make such a big deal over something so stupid like a teddy bear and then the "adult" in the situation gives in and that's what starts the whole plot. stupid. the kid is just fine without his teddy bear. in fact, he would've been better off.


i got a lot more emotionally invested in this film than i was planning on; it's a really great story about continuing to work your butt off even when everyone's kicking you down. hard work pays off. it was well casted and well executed.

10 Cloverfield Lane

i enjoyed it! i could've swore this movie was about aliens, so when it wasn't i was confused -- the story caught me off guard; which may or may not have made it better than it actually was -- and then the end happened and i was like "ooooooh!"; clever story writing. i thought it was very good.

The Huntsman: Winter's War

stellar cast & the story isn't terrible -- but i honestly really didn't enjoy it until the very end when Charlize was in the picture. that was by far the best part. Emily's character isn't nearly as menacing as Charlize's. and what a stupid animal to ride around on; who chooses a polar bear? all that did was give me some Narnia vibes.


similar to The Fly, but different enough. the movie is sub par up until she actually starts transforming, then it's not half bad. i just can't believe she waited THAT long to finally call a doctor. and why did everyone decide to look in every nook and cranny of her apartment yelling her name? i'm fairly certain that the MINUTE i saw her apartment, i'd be outta there. call poison control or something. stupid.

Flight 7500
Flight 7500(2014)

i had a feeling this wasn't going to be anything great.

The Boss
The Boss(2016)

i really liked it; it's a nice story and it's (fairly) clean humor, comparatively. i love the Kristen Bell-Melissa McCarthy duo. i found the bra scene to be particularly funny for some reason; but all in all, i laughed quite a bit.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

there is NO way that horse would've ran that straight while the bridge was being blown to smithereens... wasn't even startled. and what an unfortunate voice Sam Riley has been blessed with. i get that in the right context it's probably very sexy... but i did not like it in this movie; i couldn't help but think he was trying to be Batman the whole time. but i actually kind of liked the film! haha -- it was weird at first because it still follows the Jane Austin storyline -- ish -- but it's quite comical and the zombie kills are entertaining. i quite liked it.

The Dead Room

it was fine; nothing special - but not terrible.

The Choice
The Choice(2016)

i had a hard type un-associating Abe Lincoln with this movie, but he played his part really well. i really liked it; it was good. but typical -- totally predictable, but still makes you ball like a little baby. my dad called me during the graveyard scene, so that was awkward. (o_O)

Seconds Apart

hmm, i kind of liked it. the story was interesting enough to hold my attention in the beginning -- should've known it would be a girl to mix things up -- but i really loved the end. when you find out what their home life is really like, it weirds things up a bit. however it was almost as if that detective was reading a script or something because his accusations, although they were right, were very outlandish to be made so early in the movie.

Stranger in the House

predictable & not that great; but not bad.


well that escalated quickly! also why was everyone in the family just sitting on the floor during that last scene?! even though dad did what needed to be done, he surely could've used some help, or distractions at the very least. obviously Reece's character was kind of stupid, but who can blame her when she's got Mark chasing her... holy crap; i think he's attractive now, but 20 years ago?? whoofta! teenage (any age, really) crush much? what an attractive specimen. even with that awful hair cut and those awful pants.


it's a lot of dark tunnels with heavy breathing and the parents telling their daughter to be quiet, but it wasn't bad.

The Silent House

BAH; it's Spanish and the version i watched didn't have subtitles so i have no idea what was said. but there really wasn't a lot of dialog, so i guess that's okay. although i don't know what that ending was... so maybe that dialog would've been helpful. this movie is very dark -- meaning it lacks in lighting -- and there are a lot of shaky camera shots focused on her but you know something's going to happen in the background so you just watch the background type of scenes... so that was suspenseful. but other than that i didn't really care for it.

Super Troopers

i laughed a couple times; but i don't care to see it again.

Invasion of the Pod People

this was really bad; sometimes i like bad movies... but not this time.

The Finest Hours

i might have to watch this one again later; it lost my interest pretty fast and i didn't finish it.

Mr. Right
Mr. Right(2016)

i thought this was super cute; but i love Anna Kenrick and i find Sam Rockwell to be quite attractive, so that may or may not have had an effect of my opinion. but i really did think it was cute. and witty!

Dirty Grandpa

well; he certainly is dirty. not a family movie. it's weird to think that Robert De Niro is the jackass and Zac Efron is the responsible one, haha; but they both played their parts well. the story as a whole is nice, but it's a vulgar journey.

They Look Like People

this certainly is interesting & something i would normally love, but this was also very slow -- almost too slow; i mostly just wanted to stop watching it. but if paranoia intrigues you, you may enjoy it.


this. was not bad. not bad at all. in fact it was kind of really good. puts a new perspective on an old story line; it was quite refreshing. and smart. i liked it!

The Boy
The Boy(2016)

there was a twist i wasn't expecting... but i think i would've rathered it didn't happen. i very much like the idea of this movie; very creepy. but the ending leaves you unsatisfied.

The Girl In The Photographs

decent; but i think the most exciting part was that it took place in South Dakota; whoop whoop!

Hail, Caesar!

i really love quirky movies; if you're a fan of Moonrise Kingdom or The Grand Budapest Hotel, then chances are you'll probably like this one too. A+ cast.

The Task
The Task(2011)

it was fine; similar to any of the "can you survive the night" type of film

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever(2016)

this is LITERALLY the exact same as the first one; and the first one isn't even that old -- why did they remake it?


yup; loved it. i've always liked Ryan Reynolds & this movie was made for him -- more please!

The Forest
The Forest(2016)

oh! why didn't anyone like this one? it's not bad by any means, i didn't think... there were times where i couldn't figure out who was going crazy and who wasn't & more than a few jump scares that got me pretty good, too. i thought it was decent.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

well i liked it because it's a decent movie, there's nothing wrong with it -- but this was not the book. i should've known it wasn't going to follow the book because the second film didn't really follow the second book either. i mean, the general story line is the same, but that's pretty much it. i was disappointed in the ending the most because i really loved how the book ended -- but i heard through a little birdie that maybe this isn't the last movie? that maybe there's a secret "second part" to allegiant coming out sometime??? but i don't know... if that is the case, i don't really like the fact they're doing that either, so...

Goddess of Love

i kind of really liked this one; the beginning isn't anything special and it was kind of slow -- so at this point i didn't really like it at all -- but after she goes psycho, she really goes psycho; and i really liked that part of it.


if you're a fan of lower-budget, all-the-attention-is-given-to-gore, so-over-the-top-its-funny type of films, this one's pretty good. i liked the credits montage at the end too.

Event Horizon

at first i thought it was going to be similar to Pandemic (2009), but it was not -- i thought it was pretty decent though. i didn't love it, but i think it deserves more than the 24% critic rating...

Kaidan (Kwaidan) (Ghost Stories)

hmm... i'm assuming this was great in the 60's, but i did not like it. i found them all very boring; was not entertained. the 2nd story -- with the snow witch -- reminded me of the gargoyle story from "Tales of the Darkside", but other than that i didn't think anything of them.


i looked this film up because a shorter version is included in the anthology "Three... Extremes", which i've recently just watched. as i mentioned in my review for "Three... Extremes", the full-length version includes much more backstory and a few scenes that i wished weren't cut out, but the shorter version also included a scene that wasn't apart of the full version -- and that scene was probably the best scene. i wouldn't've liked this story as much if i hadn't seen that ending scene in the shorter version... but the full version goes so much more in depth.... i think if you watch one you need to watch the other. you need to watch both.

Three...Extremes (Saam gaang yi)

i didn't love it, but overall i liked it. if you're idea of a scary movie includes jump scares and the paranormal, then you won't find these scary; but if you love a good twisted plot, you might.

i wasn't too impressed with "Dumplings" at first; but after watching the full released version, i appreciate it much more. the full version includes much more backstory (of course) and a few scenes that i had wished were in the short version; however the short version also had a scene that wasn't included in the full version -- the very last scene. and quite possibly the best ending scene i've seen in a while; makes the whole thing worth it to watch.

"Cut" was kind of stupid. i didn't really enjoy this one. it had some "Saw"-esque-ness to it which i did enjoy, but i didn't particularly like the story. i appreciated the plot twist at the end though.

i've read a lot of reviews that said "Box" was the worst one of the three -- but i beg to differ. this one was my favorite: it's the only story that i'm still thinking about; and i don't really know what i think... everything about it is so surreal and by the end of it you don't really know what happened. i tried to find some type of analysis on it, courtesy of the google machine, but i really didn't find anything. i did come across one review with some thought provoking ideas, but i don't think we'll ever know what REALLY happened. ugh -- i love when movies are like this, but it's also very frustrating because i want to know what it means!!!!!

Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home(2015)

i liked it; Will Ferrell's usually a hit or miss for me, but i usually almost always like him when he plays the stupid innocent type (eg. Elf) so i kind of liked him in this one. i always love Mark Wahlberg & i really loved the ending too, hahahaha.

Victor Frankenstein

i enjoyed this; mostly because i really enjoy James McAvoy... but the movie was decent. the creatures were wicked cool, but other than that it was kind of just "meh". good for a one time watch.


i was SUPER skeptical about this film; it looked good but i wasn't sure about the cast... i thought it was going to turn out stupid. and it is stupid! but it's a really GREAT stupid; i don't know how to explain it. it's really good -- i very much enjoyed it. also -- i LOVED the ending. the concept is gold.

How To Be Single

i actually found this to be quite funny; the story is cute too.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

this was a great documentary -- very interesting. might make you look at movie ratings in a different light.

Requiem for a Dream

it's hard to know where that line lies between desires and addiction; Aronofsky said this film isn't about drugs, it's about monsters -- everyone has potential to experience addiction to something (not necessarily drug related) and it's scary how fast you can fall under it's spell. the film did a great job of depicting just 4 examples of how addiction can change a person's life. even though none of the outcomes were good, the mother's story hit closer to home for me. i've never come close to wanting to do drugs, so hers was the most relatable. it's great to have goals and strive to be something better, but when that turns into obsession -- or rather, addiction -- you could be doing more harm than good.


this was decent. i don't think it was particularly original in any aspect, though -- so in turn it was kinda just meh. but not bad!

The East
The East(2013)

this movie was kind of great; very well done. gives you perspective.

The House On Pine Street

i didn't really like this one. it was kind of nice because the stuff that happened was quite subtle and not so over the top, but i don't care to see it again. meh.


i actually really liked this one; i didn't love all of it, but agoraphobia fascinates me -- i just don't understand it. 3 men break into your house, threaten to torture and kill you and by some miraculous happenstance, the front door is wide open and you have a clear shot to escape and find help. yet you don't. you just stand there and would rather be tortured and killed then leave your home. that's so intriguing... and frustrating, haha. anyways. i enjoyed it; as far as agoraphobic films go, this wasn't nearly as good as "Shrew's Nest", but admirable nonetheless.

A Serbian Film

i'm rating this 4 stars because this film does it's job extremely well. that being said, i will never watch this movie again and i don't recommend that anyone else watch it either. The story is very sick and incredibly disturbing. i knew that going into this film and i've watched many disturbing movies before, but this one takes the cake. i don't think anything would've prepared me for that ending. my mouth literally dropped and my stomach rolled into and ontop of itself; i felt really icky after watching this film. i'm fairly certain that was the purpose of it; to show just how sick people can be when it comes to money and sex. definitely gives perspective if nothing else. but if your stomach isn't churning after this one, then i'd suggest you see a therapist.

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom)

i'm quite impressed that a film like this was made in 1979; although, it is foreign -- foreign films tend to be more on the profound and riskay side of things, so i guess it shouldn't be that surprising. watching it in 2016, it's not that great, but i bet it was a shock for 1979. the story is pretty sick and twisted and a lot of the scenes are quite terrible. i guess this is based from a book which was based on true events? gross.

Zoolander 2
Zoolander 2(2016)

i thought it was funny -- i feel like if you're a fan of the first one, you'll like this one too; not as well, but enough. it's the same stupid humor and it tributes the first one nicely. it felt like a "reunion film" and every celebrity in Hollywood the day this film was announced auditioned for a cameo appearance. that was kind of fun.


this film is kind of disturbing; but also very artistic. - i feel like there was a TON of symbolism too; much of which i either missed or didn't understand. some of the shots were very beautiful; but also very revolting at the same time? it's hard to explain. i was very surprised to find Willem Dafoe in this; i thought that would be weird, but he did fantastic fitting in. a lot of the way this movie was shot reminded me of Melancholia which i think is partly why i liked it.

The Last Witch Hunter

i didn't think this was that bad; i kind of like Vin Diesel, although i kind of hate Elijah Wood -- but i love Michael Caine. and i also love really cool CGI monsters.

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

i share the seem feelings towards this one as i did "Creepshow"; almost seems like it's a spoof when i watch it now -- but i wonder what my thoughts would be if i were to watch it in 1990. again, SO many big name actors in these! (by today's standards)


haha, this was weird. it almost seemed like it was supposed to be a spoof because of ALL the big name actors (who maybe weren't big names at the time) who are in it... it's also fairly light hearted with the whole comic book format... i'm curious what it would be like to watch this movie when it came out.


i was only kind of half watching this while i was taking down my Christmas decorations, but i don't think you can go wrong with Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell -- i agree that the beginning almost feels more like a TV Show and it does move fairly fast; but i liked it!


not as good as Baby Mama -- i think the duo does better when Amy is reckless & Tina is the responsible one; but it was still good -- i really liked it. it was cute and funny; the pedicure scene was one of my favs because i have a friend who's name is Maura and we've had a very similar conversation before, haha!

The Intern
The Intern(2015)

this was ADORABLE. loved it. great family, comedy, feel-good film. i really love Robert De Niro -- and Adam DeVine.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

i really love the monsters and all the action; that stuff is pretty hard to beat.


this was silly.

The Canal
The Canal(2014)

i'm torn. part of me wants to say this was bad and part of me wants to say it's good. the story and the concept was really good -- i really loved the ending. but it could've been executed much better... i was never scared or creeped out or anything when watching it, just the ending concept is interesting & sort of creepy i guess -- as it should be.

Late Phases
Late Phases(2014)

this was fine, but the werewolf is pretty bad; there were a couple shots where it looked more like a guy in an easter bunny suit. the stories not bad, though -- however, i don't know any person in their right mind that would let their blind relative move to a new town and live there completely by himself; and he didn't even have a walking cane. i mean, who does that? and also, since when is "wild animal attack" murders an "okay" thing and why do people continue to live there if it happened so often. it doesn't really make sense. so as far as a realistic movie, it's not. but not a bad B movie flick.

Christmas Eve

if i were on a plane or a bus and they showed this movie, i wouldn't be mad, but this is not very good. super cheesy and James Roday's character is kind of a dick. also, Patrick Stewart's -- why was he even in this movie?

Miss You Already

i literally have a headache because i was crying SO much. this movie is awful. really tears at those heart strings like they're uncooked spaghetti noodles in a ninja competition. it's funny, it's sad, it's a really great story of two very close friends. if you're a ball of goop on the inside like me, you'll ball your eyes out for the last 30 minutes straight. minor critique -- i've never had a baby, but i do believe the labor part of that experience would NOT have gone that way in real life. there wasn't even a doctor in the room, haha.

Here Comes the Devil

i knew the beginning of this one -- i must have started to watch this and then lost the interest to read subtitles and stopped. i do that sometimes; i thought this title seemed familiar. i watched the whole thing this time though -- very much loved the ending. and i'm talking the last, like, 2 minutes. literally: the ending. the rest of it was just okay; more creepy notions than scary -- you pretty much know what happened right away so there's nothing to guess as far as plot goes... you just kinda have to watch it do it's thing and then they pull a quick stunt at the end and that's about it.


haha, what?! what's with the bad reviews on this one? it's a gem! i've seen WAY worse movies with much higher ratings... must just come down to preferences i guess. and i could be bias, too -- i really love aliens and the idea of them genuinely scares me, so this one probably has a 1 up on me just based on subject matter. however.... that ending?! come on... that was gold. loved it. maybe a bit long and a bit cheesy in parts, but overall i think it's a solid find.


the movie is quite dark -- visually speaking -- i recommend watching it at night instead of during the day like i did because it was too dark to see what was happening 3/4 of the time. it wasn't bad, though -- typical and predictable with an ornery kid that no one likes... but i wish they had elaborated a bit more on why these psychos were living there and what their motives were.

Rites of Spring

this was pretty cheesy: don't people know that if they scream, then the bad guys will know where they are?! also: they're lucky that there was exactly 1 desk in that very empty room so that they could break the window and escape... sheesh. talk about scripted! also also: that was a bad ending. but really; this wasn't that bad... i've seen worse. it's just very cliched. i thought their subplot was more interesting than their main plot, though -- too bad they weren't switched.

Stuck in Love

i thought this was super cute; awesome cast, too. i lost it when Rusty started crying in the car... but things happened really fast towards the end there; i feel like there was so much build up and then BAM let's get this movie over with. but still cute.


haha, if you want to watch a scary movie but don't actually like scary movies, you might like this one -- this was a very light hearted horror film. i don't know whether to categorize this as a monster movie or as a comedy; sort of reminds me of "Mars Attacks!" in that way. the monsters are pretty legit, too -- i've seen more "serious" horror flicks use worse depictions... overall, i enjoyed it!

The Road
The Road(2009)

this was boring as all get out; definitely a drama film -- a slow drama film. like, nothing even happened. A+ cast, too. i'm sad i didn't like it better. and the kid made me mad... i get that you still want to help and be nice to people, but in a situation like this that can get you killed; your dad's just trying to keep you alive. stop being a baby.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

not bad; it's your typical slasher type film. i didn't watch the original before hand, but from what i saw in this one and from what i've read in other's reviews, they did take an interesting approach at this remake. it acts as a sequel almost; very clever in how they referenced the first one.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

not a bad flick -- the beginning was a pretty good set up, actually. i was hoping this was going to be another film like "The Visit" where the lady was just crazy... but then the story got complicated and i think it made it weird. over all, though, not bad.


wow; i am in shock that that went on for as long as it did. thank goodness Harold (or whatever his name is) was a smart, decent human being. and i've heard of this type of thing happening before in real life! that's part of why it's so shocking! honestly... if anyone had half a brain, they'd know something was fishy and do something about it. and i'm so disappointed in Becky... if the alternative was just to go to the jail and have them do it there, i think that's what i'd do and demand a family member or lawyer or something be present as well. you don't just do that stuff in a fast food office with the door closed. makes me mad. but the concept is very creepy... people can be sick. this movie portrayed it well.

Funny Games
Funny Games(2008)

wow; talk about a remake -- i think the only thing different is the length of Paul's shorts! oh, and it's in English so i didn't have to read subtitles... maybe that's why they decided to remake it; because otherwise, this was very unnecessary. see my review for the original -- everything still stands.

Funny Games
Funny Games(1998)

reminds me a bit of Death Game (1977) which was also just remade (Knock Knock, 2015). it's terrifying because it's just a couple of psychopaths that happened to knock on your door; wrong place at the wrong time. could happen to anybody. and even though i wasn't actually in this situation so i have no idea how'd i'd act, but there were more than several times that the family could've stopped what was happening. first of all, the dad is a pussy. second of all, the mom was stupid -- why didn't she say anything to her friends on the boat? why didn't she keep hiding from cars? i don't get it. and the kid was really stupid, too. but he's a kid so i guess he gets a pass. overall i didn't love it; but i think it's kind of a classic for lack of a better word -- and also i really just wanted to watch the remake, but i figured i should maybe see this one first.

Lake Mungo
Lake Mungo(2009)

interesting. this is filmed in the style of a documentary -- not shaky hand held documentary, like a legit documentary. i think that was both equally smart and also not. smart, because it made it seem way more believable -- i actually Googled it just to make sure it wasn't an actual documentary. but in doing this, the movie wasn't scary. but maybe it wasn't supposed to be. it was just a creepy story. so if that's what they set out to do, mission = accomplished.


i liked it! i guess i like food and Bradley Cooper too much, i don't know why this didn't get better ratings. the story is very similar to "Chef" except instead of opening up a food truck, he sticks with the restaurant biz. and even though Bradley's character is an asshole, he's kind of lovable.

Final Girl
Final Girl(2015)

i've seen this one before; i wonder why i didn't rate and review it then. anyways, i didn't remember the beginning right away, but then once it got going, i remembered quite a lot of it. but i watched it again anyhow. it's a pretty good flick; i've seen worse.

Before Midnight

this was boring. and way too long; i didn't finish it.

Falling Down
Falling Down(1993)

this is why everyone should just be nice; you never know when you might piss off the wrong person.

Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich seh)

this is one of 2015's creepiest horror movies? i give this film kudos because the story is good, but there's a few things that happen which turn out to be totally irrelevant to the story and then don't get explained so there's more unanswered questions than i'd like. but bottom line, it's just really not that scary. the idea of what happens is very scary, but i don't think it translated well. at least not for me.


i'm impressed -- Julianne can do more than just sing and dance. she was pretty good in this actually. and she's super cute. and the movie isn't bad! i was assuming this was going to be another hitch-hiker flick, but it's not. i mean, it kind of is, but then it's not. it was refreshing. not bad for a one time watch; i probably won't watch it again.

Tag (Riaru Onigokko)

i just got done watching 2 of Sion Sono's films and what are the odds that this random pick is one of his too! haha, also -- they reused 2 of the names from Strange Circus in this film as well which kind of threw me at first; what a coincidence. that's when i decided to look at who the director was and then had myself a nice giggle. anyways, i liked this one quite a bit too. i saw a few reviews that said this was one was just confusing and nonsensical, but it's not; i'm just assuming they didn't finish watching it. don't get me wrong, i agreed for most of the movie -- there were lots of "why did that happen?"s and "well that would NEVER happen"s and etc. but when you find out what's happening, it makes sense. if you like weird and more of the psychological type with some interesting gore-factors, then you'll like this one too.

He Never Died

i had high hopes that this one was going to be pretty great, but i didn't care for it. the action is fine, but it's nothing special -- and the story's good, but it's nothing i haven't seen before. i don't know; i guess it just really didn't do anything for me.


i know i've tried to watch this one before and didn't finish because i totally called the beginning parts but the ending was new to me. it doesn't surprise me that i stopped watching it because it's really not that good, but now that i've seen how it ends, it's actually pretty smart.the story is actually pretty stupid, but i really liked the concept. i also feel that Isla Fisher needs to stick with the romcoms.

Kimyô na sâkasu (Strange Circus)

this is why i love foreign horror films. Japan and Korea just kick the crap out of every other country -- their plots are so insanely smart and there's so many twists and turns you can't possibly guess the endings. i can maybe think of 1 or 2 American or Spanish films that i could also stick in this category, but even so, they're just not the same. nobody else writes plots like this. it's weird, disturbing and not for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for a mind blowing story, i recommend it.

Suicide Club
Suicide Club(2002)

the only reason i watched this film was because the director is the same director from "Strange Circus" which i loved. the opening scenes are probably the best out of the whole movie and the story is profound, which i love, but overall this movie didn't really do anything for me.

Snervous Tyler Oakley

this was uneducational and boring; and i love Tyler Oakley. this felt like a "let me show you how popular i am and how many people love me" movie more than a documentary, which isn't what Tyler is about so i'm sure that wasn't the intent, but that's what i got from it and i didn't particularly like it.

Sinister 2
Sinister 2(2015)

i didn't mind it -- i think i liked this one better than the fist one.


i didn't like the story, but i did like the monsters.

The Guest
The Guest(2014)

i liked it -- that guy's a beast. those people were stupid, though; so were the authorities. they didn't do a very good job of explaining the "why"s of the story, though... i still had questions that weren't answered.

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

it's not like the movie is bad... the story is good, but it's just really long. too long. it's basically 3 hours of Leonardo DiCaprio getting the shit kicked out of him and somehow sill alive. i found it boring and unbelievable. he shouldn't've survived the first half hour let alone the entire 3. but like i said, it wasn't bad, but i don't wish to see it again.

The Good Dinosaur

beef 1: if the kid can sniff out anything... why doesn't he sniff out the river? beef 2: the feathered dinosaurs are a little reminiscent of The Lion King's hyenas. but it was WAY better than i was expecting! the funny parts are funny and the sad parts are sad; typical Pixar. but i'm not complaining. definitely not their best work, but it's admirable.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

this was fantastic; smart people bring me such joy. i can't imagine what his experience must have actually been like... it's an insane story. at parts i thought the movie was quite long, but i was engaged the whole time and by the end of it, i wasn't thinking about how long i had been sitting on my couch.

Paranormal Activity 2

not as good as the first one.

Paranormal Activity

this scared the shiitake sauce out of me; i didn't sleep a wink.

Crimson Peak
Crimson Peak(2015)

Bobby Singer!! hahahahaha; but seriousness: i really enjoyed this -- a lot of good jump scares and the story was really great. superb cast for this type of film; nice work, del Toro.

In the Heart of the Sea

very good -- i really enjoyed it. i really enjoyed Chris Hemsworth as well.


this was really fun! boy, did those gnomes bring back memories! i think if you read the books, you'll love this. i was a little worried about Jack Black being in it, but he fit in really well -- i bet he had some flashbacks of working on Gulliver's Travels, haha. that would be kind of cool if they actually came out with the book they wrote.


i kind of enjoyed this quite a bit; one audience review states it's reminiscent of movies like Cube and Exam -- both of which i also enjoyed immensely -- so i really wasn't surprised that i also enjoyed this one. i watched this with my sister & we were still discussing our theories the next day!

Ted 2
Ted 2(2015)

well it's stupid. not that i was surprised.

Hotel Transylvania 2

it's cute; but i liked the first one better.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

i really enjoyed it; a lot better than part 1 -- it was very predictable, but i love this series & i particularly enjoyed the underground tunnel scenes in this film. the ending was familiar, but i really didn't remember any of that other stuff from reading the book, which, granted was a very long time ago, so from what i can tell they did a good job.


i really liked it! it's super cute; I'm not a fan of Sofia Vergara, but luckily she's a very minor part so she didn't ruin it. I am, however, a big fan of John Leguizamo -- he can be in more movies if he wants to be.

No Escape
No Escape(2015)

that was kind of intense; the only reason they survived that is because it's a movie...


wow; this was way better than i was expecting it to be -- i thought Paul Rudd was an odd choice for a Marvel movie, but he played the part really well. I'm impressed.


well if you'd like to get sucker punched in the face with a dose of reality, this is the movie for you. it's quite profound. the issues brought up in this film are right under our fricken noses and while it may not blanket the entirety of the human race, it's pretty damn close. our generation is failing the generation below us and they will fail the generation after them because of it. our world has turned into a very vicious cycle.

Love, Rosie
Love, Rosie(2015)

the story moved very quickly, which i generally don't like, but a lot happened in this film so it worked. it's not fabulous, but i did like it. it's a frustrating, but cute little rom-com.

People Like Us

very good; i liked it a lot. i'm surprised that the critic's rating isn't higher, actually. the story is good and the cast is great -- if you're in the mood for a drama, i'd recommend it.

The Sand (Blood Sand)

this movie is stupid and so are the characters in it. the idea isn't terrible, although Tremors does it much better, but it's cheesy and there's too many holes in the plot to have a chance at being saved. it's 2015, don't we have enough of these?


it comes off as a B-movie; but it's not bad... kinda stupid in spots; but the monsters are cool.

Ricki And The Flash

i feel like this is a role that Meryl Streep had on her bucket list of roles to play before she dies -- probably a very fun role to play, no doubt; but i'd be very surprised if anyone genuinely liked the movie for itself and not just because "Meryl Streep is in it". there's a few good quotes that come out of this film, but that's about it. maybe if the music were better i'd have more positive feelings toward it. i don't recommend it.


i won't knock it because it's no doubt a great story -- but as far as movie-entertainment value, i couldn't help but compare it to Vertical Limit. (anybody remember that movie? haha) i undoubtedly remember liking that movie much better and maybe because i was such a fan, that hindered my opinions on this one... i feel the same about this movie as i do about all those war movies like American Sniper. yeah. it's fine. it's a true story which makes it great. but as far as the cinematic experience goes, it's been done before. and this one didn't blow me away. it focuses more on the character's experiences, not the action-packed "sit on the edge of your seat" type plot points.

Hitman: Agent 47

meh. the girl's transformation happened way too fast to be realistic and the acting really wasn't that great -- i think they heavily relied on the action sequences to keep the movie going. but i appreciated the ending.

The Gift
The Gift(2015)

yeah that was a pretty good little thriller. i love the psychopath type films where everything is meticulously planned and thought out.

The Final Girls

well i didn't love it like everyone else did -- but i did like it. it's definitely more of a comedy than anything else and i guess i just wasn't in the mood for a stupid "spoof"-like movie. but it really wasn't a spoof... it's a fairly original idea; it's just the way the dice roll makes it feel like one. great cast, though.

Whatcha Wearin'?

i thought it was kinda cute! haha. it's a different story line and maybe a little too dramatic for my taste in some areas (like a lot of Korean films are; in my experience anyways) but the overall story was kinda cute... i didn't hate it.

The Intouchables

i didn't know Dustin Hoffman was French! haha... but really; uncanny resemblance in this film. this was a very touching story -- which evidently actually happened -- it's sure to make you feel good. i really enjoyed it. besides the fact that the version i watched did not have English subtitles and my 2 years of French in high school can't really help me now, i just watched this without understanding more than 3 or 4 words said throughout the film and i still really enjoyed it. i did Wikipedia the plot when it was over to more fully understand the story, but i was pretty darn close to having it figured out; i don't think you really need to understand what they're saying to understand the story. that probably applies to more than none, but that was an experience in itself with this film.


i thought this story was fantastic; i quite literally can't wait to read the book. i absolutely loved the different perspectives on the same moments... and who knew you could be so emotional over a tree? LOL. i'll say it again, i thought this was fantastic - definitely recommend to anyone who likes the quirky romantic comedies.

The Green Inferno

yeah i didn't really like it; it definitely makes a statement and probably isn't too far off the truth of what would actually happen, which is why it's so horrifying... but i don't care to watch it again.


i feel like it's about time i actually watch this movie -- it's been on my "to watch" list for a while now and i just never got around to it. it's a classic in the genre & obviously the fuel for AHS's 4th season; it was quite fascinating, actually, to see what they took from this film and how they twisted it to fit their story... i'm quite impressed. this movie really does make you step back and realize who the real monsters really are, though; makes you feel uncomfortable. it's not even an hour long so don't blink or you'll miss something.

A Christmas Horror Story

i thought this was going to be an anthology film, but it's really not? yes, there are several separate stories going on, but they're all getting told simultaneously instead of linearly -- and then some are connected quite nicely for a rather brilliant ending. i liked it.

I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine

this. this was the sequel i was looking for. it follows Jennifer's story after the first film and it truly is a continuation -- it's not just the same story happening again with different people. i liked the story and the revenge was good; she's still the same rage induced Jennifer as she was in the first one.

I Spit on Your Grave 2

who's Katie? the girl in the first one was Jennifer something, right?! soooo... evidently this isn't a continuation of her story. this is more of a remake then it is a sequel since it's basically the same exact movie only different characters in a different country. except it's worse. if you want a good revenge story, the first one is much better. i didn't really like this one.

The Vatican Tapes

i like Michael Pena, but this just wasn't good.

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley

so i was going to say "when you've seen one, you've seen them all" -- which i think is still true for the exorcism films in my opinion -- however, there was a twist with this one that's normally not there and i commend it for trying to be different. i feel it could've been executed better though. and not to mention that they focus more on the priest's story (like all exorcism films) even though this is a sequel to Molly's story... anyways. i don't recommend it; it wasn't great. but i appreciate what it tried to do.

Knock Knock
Knock Knock(2015)

so i don't think i'd call this a thriller... it's more of just a story about a couple of assholes. as sad as it is, this is the reason, i'm sure, why people are so hesitant to help each other out because you never know who could turn out to be a psycho and who genuinely needs help. these girls were ridiculous, but he was stupid, too. the fear of getting in trouble works for both genders when threatening them to do what you want. anyways; not a terrible remake of 1977's "Death Game" -- however, Keanu Reeves is in it so that doesn't help. i think he's a terrible actor. it's like his face is made of cement; he can't emote anything. he looks and sounds the same when he's happy as when he's sad as when he's angry as when he's scared... and his bow legs make him look SO uncoordinated; not to mention that awful haircut -- that's probably in lieu of covering up his stone face, but i don't think it works. he was good in The Matrix because his character was basically a robot; but other than that i have yet to watch another movie where i didn't prefer someone else to play his role.

Two Night Stand

i thought this was cuuuuute! predictable, of course, but what good rom-com isn't? haha. what's his name is slowly growing on me... he's not fantastically good looking or anything, but he's really good at being that down to earth, charming boy next door kind of character; it's hard not to like. and i think she's cute. she was awkward in Crazy Stupid Love, but she's cute in this movie.

The Water Diviner

i think i've said this before, but just in case you missed it, i'm really not much for war movies? every once in a great while i'll watch one and think "wow; that was great" but most of the time they're just "meh" for me. and i say "meh" to this one. i really wanted to love it because i absolutely love Russell Crowe, but i just didn't. he, of course, was wonderful, but i wanted to watch him find more water; haha. i super loved the beginning even though his wife was crazy -- which, i can't relate because i've never been in her position, but she just seemed over dramatically unhelpful and had these incredible expectations of him. he eventually does what she wants him to do (sort of), which made me ball like a little baby... and i really liked the love story between him and the hotel chick. the ending was super cute.

Hot Pursuit
Hot Pursuit(2015)

i thought this was kinda cute; i laughed a few times and i think Reece Witherspoon is just so super cute.

The Visit
The Visit(2015)

um..... and that's why you don't send your kids on a train by themselves to stay with grandparents they've never met for an entire week. i even had that thought right away before anything even happened; i mean, who does that?! but well done, Shyamalan. very well done. i can't tell you how many times i jumped... i would've left that house LONG before those kids even thought about it. really, the only thing i didn't like was i felt the ending was kind of abrupt; it was like "BAM this happens" and "BAM that happens right after" then "BAM it's done" -- but the build up was great. i'm a Shyamalan fan and it makes me happy that he's got another good one in his repertoire.

Paper Towns
Paper Towns(2015)

the movie is a pretty good adaptation of the book, really; but even when reading this book i just kinda felt "meh" about the story.... so in turn, i'm kinda just "meh" about the movie too. i think they did a good job with casting though!


haha, so this wasn't great -- not by any means. but i didn't hate it. a lot of it was really stupid, but i giggled a few times and Q*bert is just too dang cute.


i liked it! it's an interesting concept for sure; and you can't go wrong with The Clooney. i'm not quite sure why so many didn't like it.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

ugh. i SO wanted to love this; but i just did not. this definitely felt like a "line" movie, meaning it's only purpose is to connect points A and B (movies 1 and 3) so i'm very much hoping for a spectacular 3rd film. not only was this movie lacking in action & story plot, but comparatively, very much lacked in the book retelling department as well. the first movie followed the book SO unbelievably well, whereas this one deviated quite a darned bit; that or i just haven't read the book in so long that it seemed that way. so that's disappointing. i did, however, appreciate what they did with the inflicted flare victims... not bad at all.


this is terrible; the idea is good and i was surprised to find out what he was hiding in his basement (or wherever he was)... but everything else was terrible. the acting was terrible. the dialog was terrible. and some of the things that happened were just completely unrealistic; like, it wasn't even trying -- [SPOILER ALERT] -- there is NO way that you could cut your leg off with a guitar string in that short amount of time and THAT quitely. and WHY did he cut off his leg to get out of his chain, but somehow miraculously they were able to get her chains off afterwards without even scratching her? no.

Deli Man
Deli Man(2015)

well i love food and this doc was super interesting; but i didn't love it.

An Apology To Elephants

ugh; breaks my heart. i was on the verge of tears. i wasn't as impacted as i was when i watched Blackfish, but i think budgeting and production value might play a part in that as well because there was nothing okay about the issues brought up in this doc either. i actually don't have anything against zoos for the most part because they do take care of the animals, it's more of a learning environment and most animals are given the space they need. SeaWorld is a different story because whales are so frickin huge; you can't keep them in a big enough confined space. but the circus... those POOR animals. you know that part in Water for Elephants? yeah... the bad part... that wasn't even bad compared to the real, actual footage shown in this film. so sad. not that i ever go to the circus, but i don't think i'm going to start.

I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

this was definitely an interesting story... i guess i've never really thought about how they puppet Big Bird; man, i'd hate to have that job. he truly was dedicated to his work. but i think i found Elmo's doc (Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey) a little more engaging as far as production value goes.

The Captive
The Captive(2014)

it wasn't bad; i love me some Ryan Reynolds. the story aims to make you think about just how dangerous the internet can be... but i've seen and heard enough kidnapping stories which makes it hard to believe that this girl still remembered/wanted to escape to her family without any kind of brainwashing or Stockholm syndrome happening. she was kidnapped at 8 years old and help captive for 8 years??? something like that. there's no way that creep didn't imprint on her at such a young, malleable age. anyways. minor details. it wasn't bad, but it wasn't overly exciting or suspenseful as far as entertainment value goes either.

If I Stay
If I Stay(2014)

it wasn't bad; i have a hard time believing the love story though -- and even thought i'm pretty sure this story should've made me ball my eyes out the entire time, i never really felt any emotional connection to any of the characters. so even though i'm a big ball of goop on the inside, i didn't shed a single tear. although that scene in the hospital with her grandpa almost got me. this is the first time i've thought Chloe-what's-her-face is really pretty though!

The Words
The Words(2012)

WHY ARE THERE BAD REVIEWS?! evidently the average movie watcher must not also be an avid reader. i thought this story was great and i'm super disappointed that it wasn't based on a book -- BECAUSE I WANNA READ IT! i did some research and there IS a book with a suspiciously similar story (Lila, Lila by Martin Suter), however I don't speak nor can I read German so that won't be happening any time soon :( but back to the movie. I think if you love reading or writing or just words in general, you would enjoy this film. Bradley Cooper's not bad to look at either.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

so; i'm gonna say something that i never thought i would say: i REALLY enjoyed this movie! i thought it was great; despite the fact that Megan Foxx plays April and these turtles are the ugliest TMNTs i've ever seen, the action was really good and i found it to be SUPER funny. that elevator scene? cracked. me. up. the ending was even a little emotional! this totally brought me back to when me and Ames would watch the 1990's version; we used to love that movie. At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised with this film; I think I'd even like this if my expectations hadn't been so unbelievably low...

The Spectacular Now

it was cute; but i'm not completely sure that i particularly liked it though... i still want to read the book, i'm sure that's better.

The Skeleton Twins

i thought this was going to be a comedy, but it actually turned out to be quite depressing, haha. it's deep subject matter, but there's a few breaks where they throw in some sarcastic quirk every now and then, which made it more watchable.

The Boy
The Boy(2015)

well that escalated quickly. this is definitely a disturbing tale and hard to watch at times; but it does it's job well. i wanted to strangle the little twerp myself for being such a crappy human being, but i suppose he wouldn't be that way if his parental figure wasn't so neglective. and DWIGHT! anyways; i don't care to ever watch this movie again, but it was done very well. it aimed to unsettle and boy, did it.

Contracted: Phase II

i like it because it's a continuation of the first one; apparently there will be a third?? these really aren't that special, but i do really like the idea of them.


i read that this was a slow movie to start, but if you stick around for the ending you won't be disappointed... well i wasn't impressed. i don't recommend this one at all.


umm this was not that good. at all. i'd much rather watch REC or Quarantine. this one didn't even come close...


i think i agree with most of the reviewers on this one... it was just okay. i REALLY like the idea of it all... but the movie itself just really didn't do much for me. good thing my boyfriend was in it -- i can always use a little more of him in my life.


wow; this was great -- it's been a long time since i've cried over a movie this much... i love fighting movies. even though you know how it's going to end, you can't help but get sucked into it and then a thousand little knives stab into your emotions and twist around all over. it's that awesome feel good after you feel really sad type of movie. that scene where he goes to visit his daughter and she let's all her anger out really got me. sob. Jake Gyllenhaal did a fantastic job; i thought he was an odd choice for this type of roll but he did good.

Jennifer's Body

so this movie wasn't terrible, but i was probably most impressed with JK Simmons' role than anything... i didn't know he could be so diverse!

I Spit On Your Grave

the beginning is hard to watch - but the end is probably one of the best revenge sequences i've ever seen in a film. definitely not for the squeamish; i even flinched a few times. i never saw the original so i can't compare to the first.

Magic Mike XXL

well... i'm not going to say i disliked it, haha. the dancing was amazing; however, Channing is obviously the one with all the moves. the other guys didn't do much besides take off their clothes. i also enjoyed the fact that Matt McC wasn't in this one either. he was just gross in the first film. ew.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

i love these movies; and i kind of loved the plot behind this one. the only thing that i really didn't like about this one is that it was extremely CGI'ed. the beginning was terrible and there were parts in the middle and at the end that almost looked more like a video game than a movie. that was bad; they should probably lay off the animation a little bit in the future.

She's Funny That Way

it wasn't bad, but it wasn't really that good either. there were some cute parts, but none of them were funny enough to make me laugh. i liked the ending though! (not because it was over, haha, but because of how they ended the story!)

The Loft
The Loft(2015)

i wasn't aware that this was a remake so i didn't think this was too shabby... in fact, i kinda loved it. it's an A+ cast if anything else. i called the killer in the very beginning; but the plot had me second guessing myself 2 or 3 times, which i always take as a good sign even if the whole story was a bit "been-there-done-that".

Parasyte: Part 1 (Kiseiju: Part 1)

this was weird... but i didn't hate it. i figured it would be stupid, but the monsters are actually kind of cool; the animation is legit too.

The Gallows
The Gallows(2015)

i thought this was really stupid.


i think this movie tries too hard to be funny... so most of it is actually not -- however, there were at least 3 times where i busted out laughing, because the parts that i did find funny, i thought were REALLY funny. i just can't take Ed Helms seriously -- he always seems like such a doof. of course, it probably doesn't help that the majority of my free time is spent watching reruns of The Office, so you could say my image of him is a bit tainted.

Project Almanac

it was your typical time travel movie; nothing's really new and it's fairly predictable - just someone else telling the story, i guess. but it wasn't bad by any means... just nothing i haven't seen before is all.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

i kind of loved this movie; the story is pretty dark but the intelligence behind it is admirable. i'll admit i have not read the book yet; so not knowing how it ends and guessing what was happening/going to happen was probably more exciting for me than it was for most other people i'm sure.


this was much funnier than i was expecting it to be; i remember first seeing the previews for this movie and thinking it looked kinda stupid; and with McCarthy's latest "comedies" that she's put out, i didn't think i'd like this one either. but it was surprisingly really great! i like this McCarthy :) she should play characters like this more often instead of the roles she's been milking for the last couple of years in movies like "Tammy", "The Heat" and "Identity Theft". i also loved Jude Law and Jason Statham's performances in this as well. solid comedy.


disclaimer: the version i watched had English voice-overs; i'm assuming the acting and dialog wouldn't've seemed as bad if i had watched it in it's native tongue and read subtitles instead. and the graphics aren't awesome or anything, but they execute giant trolls fairly well. there were some very cool parts. don't go into this with high expectations and you'll think it's great ;-)

Insidious: Chapter 3

i really like these movies.... not because they're that scary -- because they're really not; but i was such a fan of the first one and they've been doing a really excellent job with these last two to tie everything back to it... everything always ties back to the first one. the plots and story lines are great. these are smart movies; and i think that's worth appreciating.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

yeah; i laughed a couple times. these movies are cute. not that great; but not that bad either. i wouldn't buy it though.

The Longest Ride

super cute. i love a good chick flick.


i'm torn on how to feel; because the movie wasn't horrible. but since it's a remake, you can't help but compare it to the original and i think this one falls short. first thing i noticed about this film is that they didn't waste any time getting into the paranormal stuff; things start happening right from the get-go. so this movie will not bore you by any means, but since that left absolutely NO time for character development, i had no emotional connection to any of the characters and could really care less if their closet ate them, ya know? i feel like jumping into everything all at once right away took away from the story - and the scare factor too. as far as "feeling something" about the movie, the first one takes the cake. this one is just static tvs and chairs being thrown across the room. another disappointing factor for me is that, generally speaking, i really like Sam Rockwell -- and likewise, hate Jared Harris. in every movie i've ever seen Jared Harris in, he's always been my least favorite character. but in this film, he might've been my favorite. and i'm not exactly sure that's a compliment. I was super disappointed with the casting/acting. however, one thing that i did enjoy about this film was showing us a little bit of what was "inside" that closet - i don't remember the original doing that.

Jurassic World

AAAAAAAH! i LOVE dinosaurs. i thought this movie was fan-flippin-tastic. i wanna watch it again and then 300 more times. and there were SOOOOOO many references to the previous films (especially the first one!), it was insane! so absolutely wonderfully smart. i loved every second of it. can't wait til it comes out on Blu-Ray; i'mma snatch it up off them shelves so quick... i can't flippin' wait. i love Chris Pratt and i loved the storyline. i'd totally go to a real Jurassic Park if it existed, even if there was a chance i'd get eaten. totally worth it. did i mention that i loved it??


i enjoyed it! i thought they cast the parts well; i especially loved Helena as the fairy godmother. she's so good at playing those eccentric-type characters. and it stayed pretty true to the animated movie, so i guess as far as remakes go this was successful in my eyes.

Burying the Ex

it's definitely more of a comedy than anything else; and it is kinda funny. but i wouldn't recommend it.

Almost Mercy
Almost Mercy(2015)

this really isn't a great movie, but it kinda played with my emotions a bit. these two kids' lives are absolutely horrible and every adult around them just makes it worse. it's terrible to watch; mostly because situations like that really do happen! the first half just made me feel icky - no wonder they turned into sociopaths. but i suppose that's what makes a good revenge film, right? first you have to feel so incredibly bad for the main characters, that when they obliterate half the town, you feel a sense of justice being served which makes you happy. weird how that works.

Ex Machina
Ex Machina(2015)

wow. i really loved everything about this; the plot is so insanely smart. and i didn't predict the ending either which is always a plus. i thought this was going to be an action-packed-same-as- every-other-one type of film; but it's not. it's science and being smarter than your opponent. loved it.


i'm inclined to like this one because it's main focus is about dreams and the subconscious mind; but i must have had troubles following it because it kind of just seemed like a series of disturbing images in between her arguing with her mother. im actually not entirely sure what happened at the end -- it ended with an incredibly, almost awkwardly long stare at the camera before it goes dark.

Musarañas (Shrew's Nest)

this one was super interesting; but it seemed like there really wasn't anything special about it, ya know? like, a crazy agoraphobic girl goes even more crazy because she doesn't know how to adapt to simple social situations. but then you find out what really happened in that house and why things are the way they are... and for some reason i didn't see it coming. i did not predict this one correctly (well, not entirely anyways; i was right about a small part of it) i really must be slippin'. either that or they did a really great job with the plot. what a crazy tragic story; it made my heart hurt. and for whatever reason, good or bad, tragedy appeals to me. i get way more into these dark/deep-almost-psychological types of movies much more than your average jump scare film. it was very well done.

Let's Be Cops

i was kinda disappointed... i love the show New Girl, so i thought i was going to like this one quite a bit. but i just didn't find it funny... so that's too bad.


interesting. at first i thought this was going to be like a RoboCop/Judge Dredge type of movie, but it's not. and i kind of appreciated the ending! it's an interesting concept to think about...


i saw this a while ago and just now realized that i haven't rated or reviewed it yet. if i remember correctly, i think they did an okay job with this - i remember liking it to an extent; it was definitely entertaining.

It Follows
It Follows(2015)

i was incredibly disappointed. this got such good reviews i was expecting a lot more. i get what it was going for, which, yes, is a very scary concept -- something follows you that only you can see so no one else can help you. and it doesn't stop. you can run from it and delay it, but sooner or later it'll get you. unless you pass it on. good grief. it kind of seemed like this entire film was a giant metaphor for what happens to promiscuous teens. STDs; they'll get cha. anywho, the acting wasn't that great and it seemed kind of choppy -- i think they could've done much better with this.

Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys(2014)

i really love The Four Seasons so i thought i would really love this movie too... but it was kinda long! and i realize that this movie was supposed to be on their lives and their story, so in that aspect it probably was exactly what it was supposed to be; however, i think i would've just preferred a "concert" type movie -- i just wanna hear them sing!

The Age of Adaline

well it wasn't very unpridictable ;-) but it was a nice story. very nice movie.

The Lazarus Effect

it's not as bad as any other horror movie that comes out now days... not sure why no one liked it. there were a few jump scares that got me in the beginning - and i liked how it ended. i thought Olivia played her part really well...

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

it was cute; as expected. i appreciated Rebel Wilson's character, although she wasn't a super big part. but story-wise, i think i preferred the first.

Pitch Perfect 2

i think i found this one funnier than the first one. there was a couple really clever jokes that got me. and i really just love the music. i love the back and forth riffs between the teams. there was a lot of good song choices in this one as well.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

i didn't hate it! when i saw the 3Dness on commercials, i thought this was going to be the most stupid thing they've come up with yet. and that, actually, is still my thought -- however, the majority of the movie is not in 3D, it's like watching a regular (longer) episode of Spongebob. which i love. so this gets 3 stars.


it wasn't terrible, however i will not be adding it to my collection. there were a few cute parts, but i don't think i laughed, like, at all. i can't get past Jim Parson's voice... he's not very versatile; he will forever be Sheldon Cooper. and then i also felt like they just made this movie so that Rihanna could come out with another album - because she'll be the only one on the soundtrack. i didn't even know she was one of the voices until i became suspicious by the 2nd song played and looked it up on IMDB - made sense after i found out, but i thought the relationship between the soundtrack and the main character's voice actor were quite distracting. i don't care to watch it again.


so i actually didn't hate this like i thought i would - in fact, i thought it was quite funny. i'm not sure if it was the story, the dialog or the fact that it was Daniel Radcliffe - probably a combination of all three - but i cracked up quite a few times. i think i'd even go so far as to say i'd watch it again.


haha, i kind of really liked this movie -- made me laugh quite a darned bit, in fact.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

woah. this was way better than i was expecting it to be... i don't know why it took me so long to watch it. oh wait. yes i do. because of the Pitt man - which, i still would've liked a different lead role, but the rest of the film was really quite fantastic so i'll let it slide.


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am not so sure what to give this - because i really like how the story started the general gist of everything; but it was maybe a little too sci-fi-ish and more funny/ridiculous than awesome/fantastic -- obviously i would've preferred the latter.


i don't really know how to feel about this movie; i was so ready for a great horror movie and then it turned out to be kind of an awesome love story... and the story itself was kind of entrapping; i wanted to keep watching just so i could figure out what the heck was happening!


i am super impressed with this film! i wasn't expecting this to be very good and even thought the bear attack wasn't the best i've seen.... the acting and the realisticness of it was pretty solid! i legitly have zero desire to ever go camping. ever. scared the cripes out of me.

A Cry from Within

when it started i thought "this could be pretty good" cuz the beginning hints at things that were interesting - but i wasn't really expecting it to be good. and it really wasn't.


i thought this was fantastic. JK Simmons totally earned that Oscar - what an asshole. but he's that asshole that you can't help but love because he's only being an asshole for your own good.


i really enjoyed it; i don't see why all the terrible reviews.

The DUFF(2015)

i thought this was super funny; i really like Mae Whitman.


um, Sally Field did an absolute wonderful job portraying Sybil. this story is so fascinating and completely heart breaking; the book sucked me right in which is why i wanted to see the movie. comparatively, they left out a few major incidents which i found rather disturbing, and didn't linger on the ones that they did show for very long -- in my opinion the book was much better (or worse, depending on your perspective). i felt like i knew Sybil's feelings more in the book which broke my heart even more so when i watched the movie i wasn't really as affected by it because you don't get to know that stuff in the movie. the book also touched on the other personalities much more than the movie did as well... i think you only really get to know Peggy, Vicky and Vanessa with a little bit of Marcia in the film whereas the book touches on all of them at least a little bit. and if i remember right, they don't tell you in the movie that Peggy is two different personalities -- Peggy Lou and Peggy Ann. anyways. it was very well done considering.


i don't know how to review this one because i kinda hated it and it was pretty much just terrible although the twist at the end was kinda awesome and made the rest of the film make a lot more sense so i get it.... but the only enjoyable part was the last 15 minutes or so. i liked the ending because i find tragedy appealing, but other than that this movie sucked.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

great per usual; out of all the Marvel characters, Captain America is my least favorite -- i think i liked this one more than i liked the first one though. i loved how much screen time Scarlett had.

John Wick
John Wick(2014)

i hate Keanu Reeves but this movie made him bearable. i kind of liked it actually - good action flick.


super enjoyed it. loved the story. loved the cast. loved the execution. loved it all.

Dallas Buyers Club

also nope. it's impressive how gross McConaughey looks in this though.

August: Osage County

this is a terrible movie; unless you enjoy watching Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep yell at each other for 2 hours -- then you might like it.

V/H/S: Viral
V/H/S: Viral(2014)

i really liked the first clip -- the magic one -- the rest of it was not impressive. i would've maybe liked to see the monster in the bones one though.


i kind of liked this! it's not a very good movie really and "Tammy" is kind of a terrible person, but i really like Susan Sarandon in this, haha. also not a very good person but she plays it well and it's different than any other role i've ever seen you play i think. it was kinda funny.


i'm super impressed with this film -- i was expecting some Gravity-type drama slowness... and maybe it was for a little bit; but then something happened and it kinda changed my mind about the entire movie and i thought "hmmm... so what's happening??" hahaha. i really liked it. it wasn't what i thought it was.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

great per the norm; what's Peter Jackson going to do with the rest of his life now?! ;-) haha. i really love how it ended -- the beginning of LOTR; that was nice and appreciated. i also appreciated that quivers didn't run out of arrows once, but twice during the film! i didn't think that happened in movies!

The Judge
The Judge(2014)

why did this get such bad reviews on the critic side?! i really enjoyed this one. i absolutely love RDJ and they let him play the witty smart ass he has flawlessly perfected which is part of the reason i love him so much. but besides that, i loved the story too -- it was funny, it was sad -- it was enjoyable. i'd recommend this one. a rather great cast as well.

I, Frankenstein

i didn't think this was that terrible, but i think Harvey Dent should've stayed in the Batman movies. i did rather like the gargoyle characters though.... they should've just made a movie about them!


it's a great story and i was balling by the end of it -- it's one of "those" movies. fits well under the category "bad things happen, then some good things, then more bad things, but it ends great and you'll cry multiple times throughout". so, ya know, if that's how you're feeling, this was pretty good.

American Sniper

it was good; but nothing happened that i haven't seen before. the only reason this movie has been doing so well is because of its Patriotism. although it is amazing how different Bradley Cooper can look but still look the same. he played the part well.


this was kind of really cute; i enjoyed it :)

The Gambler
The Gambler(2014)

i like Mark Wahlberg and i liked his quite literal "smart"-ass attitude. but the movie itself wasn't anything great - about a gambling addict who's life gets screwed up because of it (whatdayaknow; didn't see that one comin, did ya?)

Big Eyes
Big Eyes(2014)

i liked it! i didn't realize this was Tim Burton until the movie started and i didn't realize that this was based on a true story until it ended -- very very cool. i liked the story and i liked the characters and i liked the cast... and i liked the big eyed art!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

i thought this was super cute -- a good family movie!

The Best Of Me

i thought this was a very nice story -- of course it was sad.... no shocker there... but very nice. i called the ending, but it was a good ending -- i liked it. i also liked looking at James Marsden ;-) Michelle Monaghan is kind of a cutie too. good chick flick.


i didn't know Michael Keaton was in this, but when i figured that out i thought this was a pun on his batman days -- although i'm not entirely sure if that's true or not. this is a very quirky movie; and i usually happen to like quirky, but this was a little too out there. i didn't get it. it was weird. and pointless. great cast, but that didn't really help.

Into the Woods

i was disappointed; it seemed like they tried to stuff a lot of things into a not-quite-long-enough-period-of-time. and these movies that are chop full of A-listers are usually a hit or miss for me -- and this one was a miss. and it didn't help that the only character i wanted to see more of happened to only appear once or twice, totaling to an incredible 2 whole minutes of screen time. anyways. the music wasn't terrible, but i didn't find it particularly catchy either. all in all i was disappointed and i don't care to watch it again.

The Imitation Game

i thought this movie was really fantastic. i loved pretty much everything about it. except the fact that they thought man could do the work faster and better than a machine was beyond me, but i guess i'm part of the generation who basically grew up with computers; that probably wasn't the mentality back then. Cumberbatch played this role very well. A+

X-Men: Days of Future Past

i enjoy these movies -- Evan Peter's scene was by far the best part; i wished there was more of him although i suppose leaving us wanting more is always a good strategy too.


i really liked it. he's kinda creepy but also incredibly impressive.

A Walk Among the Tombstones

it was okay; Liam Neeson is always great.

Still Alice
Still Alice(2015)

woah. that was intense. i don't personally know anyone with Alzheimer's but i can only imagine that if you do, this movie will hit home hard. it was pretty emotional. even with Kristen Stewart in it, it was pretty great. Julianne Moore did a FANTASTIC job.


crazy great; when it started i was kinda like "oh... this isn't what i thought it was..." but then it happened and i was like "yes. this is what i wanted it to be." and then it goes and does it again and i was like "holy crap; what's happening?!" and then at the end i'm like "i have to watch that again". i loved it. it starts slow, but pay attention.


it's pretty impressive that they followed these people around for so many years... but my goodness was this the most boring thing i've watched in a long time. just nothing happened.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

i liked it; it's that weird, amazingly casted, dry humor type of movie -- if you enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom, than i think you'd enjoy this one as well.


i don't know what to say... it wasn't bad at all -- and i bet it was a very fun movie to re-make and the music was actually fairly good in my opinion... but it was just too different and i kept comparing it to the old Annie and the old Annie wins 100% of the time.

The Boxtrolls

it was pretty cute actually; i just really loathe Elle Fanning and i didn't realize that her voice was going to be buzzing in my ear the entire time.


predictable; but i didn't hate it. i even jumped a couple times.

The Book of Life

some parts were cute, but i really didn't enjoy it

Dumb and Dumber To

this was stupid and Jim and Jeff are way too old to be making movies like this; but i do appreciate keeping the original actors as the first and i did find it much funnier than i was anticipating.


it was pretty good; these movies make me sad though

Horrible Bosses 2

3.5 -- i thought this was quite funny.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent(2014)

i figured i wasn't going to like this movie because Murray's character is just an asshole... but i was VERY pleasantly surprised!!!! i thought this was mega funny! i also ended up a puddle of tears by the end... SUPER impressed.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

i tell you what, i REALLY like these movies... i thought this was fantastic; i'd definitely watch it again


this wasn't good at all. i do not recommend.

The Giver
The Giver(2014)

i remember enjoying the book much better than i enjoyed the movie. it's a great story, but the movie was kinda blah for me.

Dracula Untold

yeah; it was pretty good -- interesting take on the whole vampire thing and a few good action scenes... i wasn't sad i watched it. probably won't watch it again though.

Draft Day
Draft Day(2014)

i enjoyed it; i like Kevin Costner and these feel-good-pick-me-up-sports type movies always get me.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

i think i enjoyed this one more than i've enjoyed the other more recent ones they've made -- but i'm partial towards Mark Wahlberg, a fan of Stanley Tucci and love the dinobots.


i'm not impressed, but i've seen worse. i thought this was going to be based on the book -- the story you catch a glimpse of during the beginning of The Conjuring -- but i guess this is what happened before that story; however, if you've read the book, this story isn't really plausible -- there's no way that both stories coincide -- so that kinda took most of the scare factor away for me. but i did appreciate that they tied (and i use the word loosely) some of the scenes in with scenes from The Conjuring. as they should, because this movie wouldn't even exist without it. but on the bright side, i would be lying if i said i didn't jump at least twice. it's a loud-noise-jump-out-at-you type movie so if that's the kinda stuff you're into, it's not bad.

Deliver Us from Evil

i kind of couldn't get over the fact that Joel McHale was in this movie... and not like he was terrible by any means, but this is not the genre for him. i can't take the man seriously. although Eric Bana did much better than i was expecting. not bad; i've seen worse. but i don't care to ever see it again.


Scarlett plays the bad-assery role well... i very much enjoyed this movie. i think it was a fantastic idea for a movie plot as well. definitely recommend.

The Purge: Anarchy

i thoroughly disliked this one. i very much preferred the first one.

22 Jump Street

i wasn't expecting this one to be good because i actually quite enjoyed the first one. but i would be lying if i said i didn't laugh multiple times. this was pretty good. Channing and Jonah make a pretty good team.

The Maze Runner

i was NOT disappointed. which is fantastic, because i absolutely loved the book. i think they did an excellent job portraying the story and keeping those intense scenes just as intense as they were in the book. i was also incredibly pleased with the changes that were made. they were smart and fit well for the movie without completely forgetting the book. very tasteful. i enjoyed it and i'd recommend it.

The Pact II
The Pact II(2014)

the first one was better. much better. this was not very good at all.

The Possession of Michael King

holy crap. how did this not get better reviews?! i can't tell you how many times i jumped; if you like jumpy, this is jumpy. and not like anything new really happens, but the story is just different enough... idk how to explain it. it's different but the same; and i think it's better than the rest.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

really good; the appeal of the originality and newness isn't there like it was with the first one, of course, but it was a very good sequel. i think i still prefer the first one, but i still couldn't help but tear up at the end of this one too. well done; i'd definitely recommend.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

i didn't think it was any worse than the first one... i really liked the hippocampus creature. and Jake Abel's nice to look at.

Behaving Badly

this was pretty terrible. maybe a few laughs, but given the cast members, i was expecting a lot more. and i love Mary Louise Parker, but she needs to eat a cheeseburger.

As Above, So Below

i feel like if i were to watch this at home in my living room by myself, i would not be impressed. however, i watched it on the big screen and had the pleasure of sitting next to a screamer, therefore i did enjoy it. and i don't really mean to knock it, because i actually did really like the whole "as above so below" concept; the story was fairly interesting. but as far as "scare factor", it was pretty lackluster.

Guardians of the Galaxy

as soon as i saw the preview, i thought "that looks incredibly stupid" and had absolutely no intention of seeing it. but after hearing nothing but great things about it, my curiosity peaked and i could fight the urge no more. this was great; i was a little worried after hearing amazing reviews that my expectations were still too high -- but it delivered. right off the back it punched me in the gut and i had tears running down my face. the 90's nostalgia was greatly appreciated and i think i laughed more at this film than i do most comedies. and who would've thought that the fricken tree stump, whom i thought was the most ridiculous character (with a talking raccoon coming in at a close second) turned out to be my favorite. i'm also impressed as to how many big names were casted. i'd definitely recommend if you haven't already seen it.

Heaven Is for Real

i feel like i should read the book; because story-wise, it's a really great story... but i don't think the movie was very good at all -- seemed really jumpy and didn't linger long enough on certain moments that i can only imagine were really big parts in the book. i didn't love it. but i'll probably add it to my "to read" list for later.


goodness... family drama ;-) jk. it was a pretty good revenge flick; i was into it the whole time at least. and some of the ending "twists" surprised me too, so that's always a plus.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

i knew it was going to be bad, but this was worse than expected. the only thing that made me smile was that Billy Rae Cyrus cameo! but boy, does Tara, Vivian and Mark look rough...


i thought this was so super cute -- and funny too; i actually laughed quite frequently. also, i very much appreciated all of the 50 First Dates and Wedding Singer references! Adam and Drew should do more movies together; they work so well on screen. i'd recommend this one for sure :)

A Haunted House 2

these movies are so stupid. but we keep watching them so they'll keep making them. when will we ever learn? [sigh]


i really don't know what all the hullabaloo is about -- i thought this was a great interpretation of the story. i really enjoyed it. people forget that Frozen isn't the original Snow Queen story either. and Maleficent wasn't the original Sleeping Beauty story; there are COUNTLESS others like them -- i think a lot of the negative reviews i read were negative for terrible reasons; it's a movie for goodness sake, but because it's based on a Biblical story everyone flips out. i'd watch it again.

Rio 2
Rio 2(2014)

not bad. sometimes cute. but as in most cases, the first one was better.


not as funny as i was expecting it to be, but i didn't dislike it.


i didn't hate it like i thought i would; but i don't think i'll ever watch it again either. this is a terrible reason to not like a movie, i know, but i just can't get over the fact that they casted Elle Fanning as Aurora. i think that was a terrible decision. also, i was just waiting for King Stefan to spontaneously combust into a District 9 alien... not the actor i was hoping to play that role either. however, Angelina Jolie played her part very well and i took a liking to Sam Riley's character too; the creatures were fairly original and the world they built was amazing... and even though i knew the story line was different than Disney's animated Sleeping Beauty story, that too, i didn't hate as much as i thought i would. they tied in various parts of the animated story pretty well considering it was almost a total different plot. i don't know. i'm torn. i'd be lying if i said i didn't like it, but i know i would have liked it a heck of a lot more if they had casted Aurora and King Stefan differently. idk.

Thor: The Dark World

it was fine; i think i prefer the first one.

The Fault In Our Stars

i'm actually impressed by how closely they followed the book. of course it's impossible to include every detail and it felt kind of rushed compared to the book -- so like every other book-movie-depiction, the book is about 10 times better -- but i very much enjoyed this movie. definitely buying it when it comes out. i would still highly recommend reading the book whether it's before or after watching this movie because there is one thing i wish was just as effective in the movie as it was in the book: the dialog. the words. the book is FANtASTIC and there are SO many sentences that make your heart melt. and even though that same dialog was in the movie, it just wasn't as pronounced and i feel like if you didn't read the book, they slip right by you and you miss it. read the book. watch the movie. i'm in LOVE with this story.

Devil's Knot
Devil's Knot(2014)

stories like these just break my heart. i wasn't aware this was based on a true story and from what i've read, this movie isn't a very good description of the actual happenings. i think i agree that this film isn't really the greatest as far as entertainment value; it was pretty blah the whole time... but the story is just so sad. i shed a tear a two.

Vampire Academy

i was less than impressed; i should have just finished reading the book when i started it because now i REALLY don't have any motivation to finish it. the only actor/actress i care to watch again was Zoey Deutch and coincidentally her character was the only one worth watching as well. and not to mention that Sarah Hyland seemed WAY out of place in her character; or maybe i watch too much Modern Family... either way. anyways, looks like there will be another one, unfortunately.


wow... i feel like i should have gotten a phone call telling me i was going to die in 7 days after that last musical crescendo dissolved into a black picture of nothingness... this was weird. and (for some reason) i really liked it.

The Wolf of Wall Street

i tried to watch this movie twice and the second time i actually finished it... my favorite part was the credits at the end. actually, i really was kind of interested in who was going to be able to sell him that pen, but we all know how that ended (or didn't end). i just don't see all the hype everyone else does -- it reminded me of when "Flight" came out with Denzel Washington; apparently the best movie of 2012 or whatever year it came out and i couldn't wait for it to be over. what a terrible movie. but i think this one was worse -- i was like 60 years old by the time it was done;i feel as though it didn't need to be that long.

Walk Of Shame

apparently my funny bone sits differently than everyone else's because i thought this movie was really funny.


i liked this movie -- the love story is stupid, but that's not why i watched it.

The Sacrament

so this was based on a true story -- the Jonestown massacre -- which i haven't done a whole lot of research on, but what a terrible story. i've heard the movie tones down what really happened, but talking about just the movie for a second: i don't get it. why kill all of those people when you're just going to kill yourself and "everyone's going to die anyways"?? there was obviously something psychologically wrong with with him -- and those people! i'm not exactly sure how brainwashing works, but he did them people over good... how tragic. anyways, i enjoyed the movie; i wouldn't classify this as a horror movie, but more so just the subject matter was horrific to watch happen. so sad.

Delivery: The Beast Within

okay... i think we've exhausted all devil baby pregnancy ideas. this wasn't a bad one, however -- i prefer this one to Devils Due or whatever that one was called. and i was particularly impressed by this ending; wasn't expecting that one.

The Quiet Ones

this was stupid. and i very much dislike Jared Harris.


i'm not sure why i haven't rated this one yet, i watched it quite a while ago; although now that i'm thinking back to it, i think i was confused as to what the story was really about... so maybe that's why i didn't write a review. i liked it -- it's extremely weird, which is right up my alley.

I Saw the Devil

i love Korean revenge films; very violent and very gory, but they always manage to slip in random comic relief throughout the film... i love it. although this one wasn't NEARLY as good as A Tale of Two Sisters (which i absolutely loved), it was still enjoyable. i love when there's a BAMF who just kicks the sh*t out of everyone who deserves it.


i thoroughly enjoyed this film -- more than i thought -- i had never heard of it before; never saw any previews and i didn't read the description before watching either... i was a bit confused at first, but overall i thought it was pretty darn good; LOVED the ending... it ended EXACTLY how it should have -- i don't remember the last time i've gasped that loud -- that was nice. i think most of my fondness of this movie is for the ending itself... very well done. completely worth it. i'd recommend it. i'd also watch it again.

The Family
The Family(2013)

i think the fact that i really like the kids (especially the son) swayed my opinion to like this better than i probably normally would. i liked it -- and i found some parts to be real funny. i'm glad i saw it once but chances are i won't watch it again.


my goodness... i cannot express just how bad i feel for the families that are involved in situations like this. those poor kids; especially the daughter! how can you even think that doing this is okay? things always "get out of hand" and they "never meant for this to happen" but then why do it? why? i just don't understand... if you're lonely and want to chat online; fine -- but be yourself. you'll find someone who wants to talk with you eventually. watching this film actually made me really mad; especially now that it's over.

Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody(2013)

...i think i need to watch this one again.

Patrick: Evil Awakens

i never saw the original, which i'm assuming would have scewed my opinion a bit the other way, but i thought this was terrible. interesting concept, but terribly done IMO.

Alien Abduction

it's not great; i've definitely seen better... but i liked it. i think i must have a preference towards alien movies. they scare me.

Wolf Creek 2
Wolf Creek 2(2014)

same thing as every other film in the genre -- i don't know why i keep watching these, i never end up liking them...

The Den
The Den(2014)

this is why i stay away from online chat rooms -- you don't know who's out there. the internet isn't particularly hard to gain access to and with how technologically dependent our society already is (& it's just going to get worse), this really is something to worry about. something like this could actually happen. and it's scary. for some reason, we've decided that it's okay to "talk to strangers" online -- omegle is one of the most talked about social medias right now. obviously this movie is a very severe case, but it all starts with just one chat. just one meeting. be super careful you children with underdeveloped frontal lobes...

13 Sins
13 Sins(2014)

i actually really liked this movie -- i saw a couple reviews state that it was similar to the Saw franchise which is why i chose to watch it (however i don't think any of them have seen a Saw movie before because i didn't see the resemblance besides the fact he's playing a "game" but i can think of more "game" type horror films that match much closer) anyways; rant=over. i enjoyed this film quite a lot actually -- i even got a little teary eyed towards the end. and i liked the end. i kind of thought the plot was pretty ingenious -- i'd recommend.


so i really wasn't too impressed at the start -- but i really got into the music the further it got in... i wasn't completely paying attention so i'm not sure i caught the story in it's entirety -- and i'm POSITIVE seeing the play is mucho better than watching the movie -- but i found it kind of boring.

Across the Universe

and why am i only seeing this movie now?! it's crap plump full of Beatles' songs, the kid has an awesome accent and there's an incredibly weird part that i'm not quite sure i understood fully -- totally right up my alley. i'll be watching this one again for sure.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

interesting. not what i thought it was going to be. it had it's moments and i'm glad i watched it :)

The Bell Witch Haunting

oh my gosh. yelling and screaming give me headaches -- this was way too over dramatic. i couldn't finish watching it.

How To Die In Oregon

this was super interesting. i'm a little conflicted about the idea though. i can totally see where this may be a good option for some people in some circumstances, however, it's still suicide even though they don't think of it that way. they brought up that we put down our animals so they don't suffer -- same thing right? no -- we make that decision for them, they didn't choose to be put down. not the same thing. i see where they're coming from though, i do... but i just can't help but have this little part of me that thinks it's super selfish to end your own life and put your family through that loss knowing that you chose to leave them. but, like i said, listening to how the families were reacting to it -- it didn't seem as bad as i initially thought. again, i'm conflicted. VERY interesting...

The Invisible War

hoofta -- sure makes you think a little differently about the military... like the women have pointed out in the video, it is terrible that this is even an issue for women in the military, but the worst part is how things are handled after the assault has occurred -- the victim is blamed without hesitation and the perpetrator gets off scott-free. talk about a lack of freedom, what our country supposedly stands for.


another heart breaking documentary -- but it's such a blessing to know that there are people willing to jump through all of those hoops and have that much patience with the adoption system... it's so sad that there are so many children in orphanages not getting the attention they need.

It's A Girl!
It's A Girl!(2012)

it's a shame that this is an issue... breaks my heart. tears were shed.


i really liked this one. it's kind of a new way to do the whole found footage horror genre as well as the ever so repetitive now days [spoiler] genre. i would definitely recommend this one.


this wasn't very good. i don't know why i watched the whole thing.


honestly... who wears a white long sleeved shirt to do yard work and garden? i mean, really? haha... i didn't think it was bad. with all the business classes i took as an undergrad i've watched a few documentaries and films of the like about Steve Jobs and the way they portrayed him in this film was very different. i get it -- business isn't all success stories and happy feelings -- but they kind of made Steve Jobs look like a dick in this movie. all up until the end, that is. and who knows, maybe he really was a dick. that, kids, is how you don't make friends. i found the film fascinating and i'm glad i watched it, but i don't ever care to see it again.


i'm kind of pleasantly surprised. i mean, yeah there's really nothing to predict, but if there was it'd be pretty predictable, but i really liked it for some reason. i haven't seen very many werewolf films that didn't also include vampires or some other mythical creature, so i think it was just really nice to watch a werewolf movie about werewolves. the acting isn't spectacular and the story really isn't anything great either, but like i said, it must just have been refreshing because i was kinda into it the whole time.


um, not that bad, but it's not that good -- i like the idea and the story, but not the execution.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

this was just amazing -- i found it SUPER interesting. everything from where they buy their fish, how they buy their fish, the processes, methods and standards, the discipline, the tradition, the cleanliness, how things are cooked, how things are prepared, the attention to detail; not only in the food served, but in their customers as well. and shoot -- the life lessons.... i don't even think i can express how extremely captivated i was while watching this. i planned on having it on in the background while i got some other work done, but because of the necessity for me to read subtitles, this quickly seemed like it wasn't the best choice. but then within just the first couple minutes i was hooked. needless to say, i didn't get any work done :) this film makes me think of, not only the sushi industry, but the entire fishing industry in a completely different light. i caught myself thinking about the show "Wicked Tuna" quite often while they were at the market and thinking "so THAT"S where all those tunas go!" haha... i was just totally into this -- definitely recommend. now i want to go eat some sushi.

Last Day of the Dinosaurs

i found this through a fellow Dino-Doc enthusiast and i have one word to say: YAAAAAAAAS! granted, this was more focused on the extinction of the dinosaurs versus the life of dinosaurs like i would have liked, but SO FAR this is the best dinosaur documentary i've ever watched. this is the first of my fellow non-companion's list which i've watched so i'm excited to go through the rest!

Walking With Dinosaurs

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did they think it was a good idea to do a voice over like this? it doesn't need a plot. there should be no story. there should be facts! i wanted to learn something :(

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

soooo i didn't really have any hopes for this movie, as they keep getting worse and worse with every film in this franchise. however, i'm kind of pleasantly surprised. of course, it doesn't even touch the first movie (which is the only movie worth watching IMO) but i did appreciate that this one doesn't seem like it's "part" of the franchise. there's super subtle hints of the other movies being tied in, but i actually missed most of them until i read the Wikipedia synopsis -- so, in other words, this movie didn't seem like it had anything to do with the whole "Katie" story as the other 4 had been. BUT THEN! the ending was worth sitting through the rest of it. at first i wasn't all that impressed and besides a few jumps here and there, this really isn't worth the watch either, but the way it was tied in with the first movie at the end... they just absolutely nailed it. i was like "woah!" and then the end happened and i can honestly say it scared the living crap out of me. i even let out a little squeak as i quivered -- and then i laughed about it for quite some time. i like it more after watching it then i did actually watching it.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey

i really liked this :) it was crazy interesting because who thinks about the puppeteers behind the muppets?? i never did. and his story is kind of touching -- being the big blob of goop i am on the inside i did let one tear slide when they noted the Make A Wish foundation or whatever that was... super touching. and even though i wasn't a die hard Sesame Street watcher as a kid, i did watch it a little bit and most of the characters he played i remember watching -- so that was a nice trip down memory lane. also, the fact that his first job was a puppeteer for Labyrinth and how they touched on that film made me smile -- love that movie. i recommend it!

300: Rise of an Empire

i don't know -- these 300 movies just don't do anything for me. everything seems so forced and over dramatic.. just not my liking. and plus i was kind of confused at first because i hadn't seen the first one since it came out. don't worry, though, my little sister gave me a little history lesson and i'm all caught up now ;-) anyways; it's not bad if you're just watching for visuals. and by visuals i mean shirtless men.

The LEGO Movie

soooooooo not as good as i was hoping. there must have been too much hype because i had really high hopes going into this one and it just didn't do anything for me. i mean, i like legos, but maybe you had/have to be a die hard lego lover to enjoy this one. maybe i'll watch it again sometime and that'll change my opinion, but as of now i'm not impressed.

Only Lovers Left Alive

as an over all story, i did like it. it's different. very slow and nothing really happens. i found Mia Wasikowska's character SUPER annoying. i wouldn't want to watch it again, but i'm not sad that i watched it once.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

this was terrible. should not have been able to put the words "Cabin Fever" in the title.


i can't believe i never rated this movie... i don't remember a lot of the details but i do remember really liking it. i'll have to watch it again to give a better review later.

The Returned
The Returned(2014)

i was pretty excited to watch this when i read the description; sounded like it had a lot of potential for a fairly original idea (at least in my movie-watching repertoire). sadly, it really didn't do anything for me. loved the plot. didn't love the execution.

We Are What We Are

that ending though... didn't see that one coming. overall i'd say i liked this film -- it starts really slow but it's done in a really dark way that held my attention the whole time. you can tell the movie tried to keep the "secret" under wraps for a while, but with little speculation it's not hard to figure out and i suppose it's pretty predictable. but that ending was not. i literally stopped what i was doing to watch and say "eww" out loud. it was a good one time watch.

Don Jon
Don Jon(2013)

i don't know how to rate this because the story is actually pretty good -- i kind of liked it. it's just unfortunate that it's all about this guy who's addicted to porn and masturbation so its probably not what you want to watch during family night. also if your mother's a nun in disguise.

This Is the End

so i don't know what this is. it confused me and i stopped watching it not very far through. i didn't get it. maybe i'll try to watch it again later, but i doubt it.


i didn't mind it. i thought it was really stupid, but there were some funny parts. Ryan Reynolds is so nice to look at and the monsters weren't terrible. the plot and dialog are what kills it.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

i can't believe i haven't reviewed this movie yet -- i saw it when it came out. anyways. i actually kind of hated the movie. i think they did a terrible job recreating the book. not quite as bad as Twilight's destruction, but they're definitely in the same category. i really liked the book when i read it; so maybe that's why i didn't like the film? but i'm also pretty sure that if i hadn't read the book, this film still wouldn't have impressed me. so meh.

Zeitgeist: The Movie

okay. i will admit that this movie kind of blew my mind after watching; which is why i've been waiting a couple days to write this review because i was still processing it. but i think i'm at the point where i can get my thoughts across about this film. first off, i do agree with a lot of other reviewers that this is NOT a documentary. this is a film completely devoted to conspiracy theories. i think it introduces ideas that people can be free to believe or not, but i also think that this shouldn't be classified as a documentary because nothing is fact.

so after thinking my world has been turned totally upside down, i decided to do a little research (which, by the way, i encourage everyone to do before forming any opinions and beliefs) and i came across Brian Dunning who devotes most of his life to running a free podcast online to debunk popular myths and folklore using mathematics and scientific reasoning (which he made a 40 minute video on how he practices this called "Here Be Dragons" which i'm also glad i watched). this, then, shouldn't surprise you to find out that he has a podcast episode about this very film and the content in it. he impressed me. first he looked at Peter Joseph's life and how he's personally influencing the film. then he looks at the resources. and here's the kicker. this film and the conspiracy theories in it have terrible (if any) resources and no actual evidence. now i'm not necessarily saying that Brian Dunning is right, either, but what I am saying is that you shouldn't decide too quickly what you believe. research. get both sides of the story. i really enjoyed this film; it definitely introduced some new ideas that i would have never came to otherwise -- and honestly, it was really fun to think about for a while... but i think that's all i'm going to be taking this for. ideas.

if you're interested in Brian Dunning's work:


i didn't have high hopes for this film and in all honesty i really didn't care to see it at all... but i didn't hate it. starts slow and there's really not a whole lot of action, but i like the story.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day(2012)

it was a fine movie, just not different enough for me to like it more.

Revenant (An American Ghost Story)

i think i kind of really liked this movie -- there's not much to it; it's nothing new and it's pretty predictable, but there's quite a bit of jumpy scenes that kind of scared the crap out of me. you'll think it sounds stupid when i say the ghosts are the classic under the bed sheet type, but it worked. it so worked. you never actually saw anything, just shadows and outlines of things... i love that. i'd say it's definitely worth a watch in my book.

Room 237
Room 237(2013)

this was mega interesting. even if half of the things they suggested were true, that would still make The Shining so much more complex than i or any other normal person would have thought. i've been sitting here trying to think of a nice compact way to give an overview of what they talk about in the film, and i just can't. i could go on and on and on. basically, though, the main theme is that Kubrick was only 'pretending' to film The Shining, when in actuality there's so much symbolism that was meticulously placed that he's telling a completely different story than Stephen King's novel -- and the proof that they provided does not seem too far off kilter, either. granted, there were a few things i thought they were really stretching for... but all in all i thought this was fantastic and i'm tempted to watch it again because i feel like i missed so much. ...after i watch The Shining again, that is :)


wow -- that was emotional. i even looked up her live blog and all of her posts are still publicly visible; i'd recommend this one.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

the footage is amazing -- very beautiful. like another reviewer said, i wonder how on earth they were able to film all of that.

The Loved Ones

woah. psycho. good flick. pretty gruesome. but let's be honest...


Brent did a real crappy job of "getting away" the first time and how on earth was he able to climb outta that hole and drive a car?


well it definitely starts out slow. but what a horrible situation to find yourself in... although i would like to think that if this were a real life situation, that you'd do something about it BEFORE you sat there for two days and froze. also, i'm not quite sure why there were [spoilers] all of a sudden? i mean, they were at a public ski resort where people are there all day every weekend... man-eating [spoilers] shouldn't really be lurking around the area. but that was pretty intense. overall i'd say this was worth the watch. it really would be terrible.

The Machinist

wow -- i cannot believe how skinny Christian Bale was for this role... he looked like he was barely alive (which was the kind of point, i guess). but anyways; if you're into psychological thrillers, this is a good one.