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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

interesting! this started out super awesome & i was totally stoked; i absolutely LOVE how meta it is. but then after making a few wrong choices & seeing the same scenes multiple times, i felt like it was taking forever & i still really don't know if i actually finished it all the way through or not? but i had things to do -- & this isn't a film that you can easily multitask with -- so i ended up just skipping to the credits when it gave me the option. i almost wished it was just a movie i could watch in that regard. maybe some day i'll do it again & see if the different choices give you a different outcome. however, based on the happenings of the film itself it probably doesn't matter what you choose; it's just a matter of what you see in what order. anyways. very fun idea, i'm glad they did it -- but also i don't really want this to become a thing.

UnReal: Season 2

not sure i loved this season as much as i loved season 1 -- the drama seemed a bit outlandish in this season. which i guess made it all that much more addicting. <-- basically what that show is about.