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Dog Star Man
Dog Star Man (1964)
22 months ago via Movies on Facebook

Watching Brakhage is somewhat like getting your brain reorganized, like the most intense part of a heavy acid trip. Confusing images linger onscreen, sometimes coalescing into something recognizable, sometimes not. At other times, they flicker past in a mad rush, to the point where your eyes no longer try to process them but simply let them invade you. What the films really mean is ultimately irrelevant. To me, his movies are gateways to rarely-visited areas of the mind.

The Story Of A Cheat (Le roman d'un tricheur)
4 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Guitry has a blast with the form, from the introductions to all the cast and crew at the beginning to the way almost the entire story is told in narration (except for the parts that aren't flashback). It's a very lively, playful and inventive film. So why didn't I love it more? It was amusing but never funny, clever but never impressive, engaging but never enthralling. It's cute and charming enough, and I wanted to see how the story would unfold... it just doesn't deliver that something extra. I enjoyed it though. Doesn't hold up as the "masterpiece" it's often hailed as, but it's fun.

The Return
The Return (2004)
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A haunting debut feature, with lots of room for interpretation (including an intriguing religious angle). It gives you room to think about the metaphorical implications, while also serving just fine as a surface narrative. A bit "been there, seen that" at first, but as the story develops it comes into its own. It's impossible to avoid the Tarkovsky reference; Zvyagintsev's work greatly resembles his, with a slow-paced tempo and long, lingering close-ups. The color palette is drained, painting a world of drab blue-grays that matches the bleakness of the story (although, admittedly, isn't that engaging to the eye). The two boys were both passable for child actors... the younger one, who looks a whole lot like Haley Joel Osment, kind of bugged me with his constant pouting, but given the character and the situation, I guess he didn't have a lot of options there. In a bit of poetic tragedy, the older boy drowned before the film was released.

Ossos (1997)
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Costa's style relies on the same kind of understated performances and minimalist dialogue as Tsai, Kaurismaki and especially Bresson. And obviously that's a style I enjoy, but I had a hard time getting into this movie. The problem is that I couldn't relate to the characters very well... in fact, I often couldn't understand them or their motivations. Costa seems to go out of his way to withhold information, which is sometimes an interesting way to subvert expectations... but sometimes just a frustration. I really wanted to like this film, and in a lot of ways I was intrigued, but ultimately I felt unsatisfied.