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Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

THOUGHTS WHILE WATCHING: Life Of Pi - This is really cute so far. This movie is changing EVERYTHING in me!!! I just learned the Indian sign language for "pussy" is "lotus flower in the forest." Night=Well Spent. Shit just got RACIAL up on this boat!!! I swear, Pi must find THE ONE RING, because that bitch's gorgeous young face metamorphoses into some GOLLUM looking shit! Casting WTF? Okay, what kind of clown car menagerie is this boat? You go'an run outta rats REAL quick, my ginga... This child is a real "lotus flower in the forest" if you know what I'm saying... Christ! You can cut the sexual tension on this boat WITH A KNIFE!!! Whoa, man... Slow down. I'm just looking for ideas for a KID'S book here... I don't know, I think I'd chose the story with the humans and interpersonal struggle and genuine drama... But, you know, I'm a grown up.

Indie Game: The Movie

You know, I'm pretty much a fan of any documentary. This one was good, but not as engaging as I hoped it would be... The subjects were interesting, but none of them captivating... which, for me, makes an okay documentary a fantastic one. This one stands at good. And the emotional payoff when you find whether or not their game is a success almost makes up for any other flaws. Recommended.

Sweet Home Alabama

Thoughts while watching Sweet Home Alabama: So, Dakota Fanning grows up to be Reese Witherspoon..... Innnnteresting....... OMG she's a PYROKINETIC!!! Awwwwww. He buys her a white harem... Candice Bergin... This bitch. Who is this lesbian coven she has to answer to? OMG they're all beautiful creatures!!! Does the hound dog represent Cerberus, the guardian dog of hell? Matthew McConaughy looks FANTASTIC! They just insinuated that Reese Witherspoon's family owned slaves... This film just took a dark turn. Swoozie Kurtz looks TERRIBLE! How many characters does Matthew McConaughy play in this movie??? Selma Blair looks about the same.. "Just because I talk slow, doesn't mean I'm stupid." That's some Gumpian wisdom right there. Oh honey, look out for Juke Boxes... Famous actresses aren't known to fare well in places like this... Holy crap first slavery, now abortion and homosexuality... This movie is NOT afraid to go there. What did that dog being underwater so long have to do with anything? Is that how she's going to solve the case of the underwater codger, her mystery dog can stay underwater for minutes at a time and investigate? Why is this movie so political? And by political I mean ABYSMAL??? What is happening? Why is she learning things? When everything went pear shaped? What is she, a time lord? Ohh... She's a double agent! Ohhhhhhh. His mom's the MAYOR. Her witch doctor and the high priestess of her coven just arrived!!! Do they need to melt all that gold for a spell? A storm is coming. Oh my god! She's a more vile antihero than Alex in A Clockwork Orange! I hope they get struck by lightening. This must be the second film in a trilogy... Where our heroes are at their lowest, and the bad guys win in the end? What is the b story with this dog? Leonard Skinner is rolling over in his grave.


Thoughts while watching Willow: Wow, Warwick is only 18 in this picture. Mombi!!! Jim Morrison!!! I thought Robin Wright was in this movie... Tit grab? WTF? Wanna breed??? I have no idea where this movie is going. And someone told me there'd be dragons! Okay... no one told me, I just assumed......... Why is Jim Morrison so dark in this movie? He looks like a Dothraki. So if they have REALLY little people in this movie proportionate to "average" heighted people, they should have HUGE people proportionate to dwarves. Really? An hour 20 minutes to go and NO DRAGONS?!? Who made this movie??? That is one expressive baby, tho. But maybe if they didn't cut to a reaction shot every other minute, this movie wouldn't be three hours long! God, I feel like I was BORN watching this movie. Does it ever end? Finally! A dragon... kinda. Willow: The Seinfeld of fantasy movies....

After the Wizard

OH MY GOD this is dreadful! I had to have heard somewhere it was good or interesting... something compelling enough to put it on my "want to see" list, but I can't imagine what. It's just... A mess. Like a really bad Saturday Morning OG Readmore type production... Curse my OCD/Completist heart, or I really have shut it off. Not even enjoyable on a camp level.


Well that was very, very cute. I was expecting a bit more, but really, it's exactly what it should be. I have one major nitpick though... The animated design of The Evil Queen. All the other characters resemble their live-action analogs, but still look like Disney characters you'd see in an actual cartoon. But The Evil Queen just looked like Susan Sarandon doing a guest shot on The New Scooby-Doo Movies. And those eyes! Never would that character have eyes that color unless it was to match the same fetid dishwater brown as Ms. Sarandon's. Also... Amy Adams is running around in fairy-princess ball gowns the whole movie... Until the end, where she actually goes to a fairy-princess ball and is suddenly dressed like she's going to the Golden Globes. ODD choice.

The Dark Knight Rises

Trash. I haven't had to fight sleep at a movie so much since I saw The Artist. Batman spends 45 minutes in a prison while there's a "silly hat montage" of a villain you care nothing about terrorizing a city of people you care even less about. Catwoman was cooler than I expected, but when she's a character a tier below Lucius Fox, what's the point? Asfor the cheese-ball ending... I would have preferred her and Batman holding hands and crashing that flying cockroach of a Batwing into Gotham Canyon. Boo-Urns! Oh yeah, and every character you think is really XYZ turns out to be EXACTLY that character.

God Bless America

Profanely underrated. It's like Natural Born Killers with a soul and Falling Down with a moral compass.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The whole time he's small, I love the movie... The whole time he's kind of a joke as the "Symbol" of Captain America, I really liked it... The time he puts on the final costume and really starts busting baddies, I feel the movie just becomes a mess. A mish-mash of montages, a sudden and disappointingly unmoving death, and Red Skull becoming one with the universe? BOO! But, I also loved the very very, you may have missed it ending. Very well executed.

Cowboys & Aliens

I enjoyed this movie. I think the director really missed out though, trying so hard to make it a "good" movie, instead of focusing on the fun and absurdity a title like COWBOYS AND ALIENS would imply and if explored would have made it a GREAT movie. Also, the person I saw it with HATED the reason the aliens came to earth... But to me, I feel like humans' obsession with such things are as absurd, and so many wars have been fought over something that has no real value except what we have given it.

Attack the Block

The driving force behind any "attack" movie, be it ghosts, aliens, zombies or military... is you have to care about the characters... I know I had to be lobotomized to think there was no redemption coming, but when you make your main characters so unlikable, and not even in an interesting way and wait so long to give them any kind of pathos, then, you know, you kind of have me sitting there most of the film regretting I paid 12 bucks to watch a bunch of thugs running around who, in any other movie, would have been killed during the opening encounter with the enemy. And you can say "yeah, but that's what makes it so great, it's NOT like any other movie." And I say "No." And oh yeah, to every hipster douche in the audience... Just because Nick Frost is funny in other movies, doesn't mean every time he's on camera you have to laugh, especially when he's doing things that aren't remotely funny.


I enjoyed this movie, but I felt like it could have been more. There was a lot I could relate to in this movie, from his uncle's depression, to the beautiful girl who liked him because he didn't treat her like a piece of meat or a whore. And the crazy drunk friend whose first reaction is to take his shirt off and try to get blown. So yeah, I wonder if I enjoyed this movie for itself or for what I saw of myself in it... Then again, that might be the most valid way of appreciating art anyhow.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Okay, this review is going to be nothing but ***SPOILERS*** but it's been out so long, I'm sure no one will find it devastating... But let's just start with the first sequence, as James Franco is talking to a board of investors about a medicine which he tested on a chimp called Bright Eyes (homage fail) that VERY chimp they're about to showcase runs amok and, though we find out it was protecting it's young, doesn't stay and PROTECT IT'S YOUNG, no it goes on a rampage ENDING IN THE VERY ROOM WHERE SHE IS BEING DISCUSSED. Now, if at that moment the ape laid dying on the table said "Ladies and Gentlemen, I here's Bright Eyes!" I would have settled in... But no, I knew I was in for an ugly ride. Let's talk Alzheimers and the drug that sets all of this in motion. Frano takes the drug (and the baby chimp) home to try and make his father better. Actually he took the chimp home first, and after 3 years the chimp is doing well, but Lithgow (the father) is a mess... So Franco tries the medicine and lo and behold it works! In fact, like in the chimps it improves Lithgow's mental capacity...
Then another 5 years pass, during which it seems Franco has held an honorary position at the pharmaceutical company since he seems to have no other project but the secret Alzheimer's medicine, and, sadly, the effect of the medicine wears off. At this point, Franco tells his boss about the medicine, but says it's incomplete because it stops working AFTER FIVE YEARS!!!! Do you know how many THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars people would pay to add five QUALITY years of life onto a family member with Alzheimers. But, for some reason the ambitious money hungry boss misses this, but allows Franco to pick up where he left off.
Then John Lithgow dies. Obviously the medicine is a failure if it killed a 70 year old man, right... I mean that's cutting a few years off the actor's age at the beginning of the movie. Remember EIGHT YEARS PASS. So, I dunno, Alzheimers and monkey medicine aside... Maybe he just died because he reached his life expectancy?
Now, okay, I'm not even going to get into Draco Malfoy and why someone who hates chimps would dedicate their life to working with them... And I guess this is explained away by him being the owner's son, but still, Brian Cox didn't seem to care that much for them either.... ANYHOW. At the end, okay, I know the helicoptor is shooting at the apes, and it's now crashed on the edge of the bridge, and there's Bright Eyes, looking at Jacobs, the money hungry drugs maker, seeming to say "So you're the secondary antagonist I've never met. What should I do with you." So he calls over a second smart old ape who DOES know Jacobs and he seems to say "You're that jerk that gave me SUPER INTELLIGENCE!!!" and proceeds to kill him.
All this being said, a Chimp yells NO! and rides a horse. So on THAT level, it works as a fun summer movie and once I decided to let go, I kind of enjoyed it.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Silly, silly, silliness. There is no acting in this movie, just reading lines, sometimes with scared faces on. The element you're supposed to be "afraid" of loses all it's terrifying charm once you see it running around in full light half-way through the movie. Don't people learn from Jaws? Less is more, and there was just MORE of what was terrifying the small family in this film. And it was too much.

Another Earth

The only thing about this movie, is that there never needed to be "another" Earth. The Sci-Fi element supposedly drives the story, but I feel that without it, you'd still have a story... Sure it would be a standard indie film of quiet desperation and regret... So maybe the ever-approaching earth that hangs in the sky above our own helps to set it apart... But that's about it. The acting is well done, though, and the other Earth is surprisingly well woven into the story, even though, again, it's really just a McGuffin.


The best movie I've seen so far this year. All the casting and acting was excellent. A few of the story-lines were ham-fisted (I'm looking at you Marion Cotillard) and some underwhelming for the dramatic effect I'm sure they intended (clearing my throat; 'Kate Winslet' under my breath) but it was well executed overall and some story-lines that you thought were going nowhere, turned out pleasantly surprising (winking at Jude Law). A solid "A."

The Help
The Help(2011)

So many excellent performances and a great story.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Loved this movie. Loved the original, and it paid perfect homage and respect to it. The two movies in between could never exist, and I wouldn't miss them one bit.


Well done movie, but you could see Screenwriting 101 in every inch of film. I mean, come on, showing "how big" the villain's teeth are, then have her walking out of a wolf's mouth at the end. Please.... Please.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

This movie would have been awesome if it were only the fantasy. But the third of the move where the strippers are trying to find an escape, which loosely ties to their otherworld adventures was a real turn off. It was like watching Striptease with Robots some times. Boo.


I'm sorry, but as soon as I **SPOILER** saw the old lady, I knew she was the Devil. Lo siento.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

Very awesome, well done movie. The end where he has the stand-up do his routine made me cry. **SPOINLER* Though as soon as I saw the guy leave his wallet behind the first 8 minutes, I knew who the culprit was.

Mystery Team
Mystery Team(2009)

A fun sweet movie, with enough edge to not make it sappy, but not as over the edge as you might expect. It walks a fun line, and is a great movie for a lonely Friday night.


It's insane how this movie could come out today with little to no changes and be completely applicable. I always thought the "Mad as hell" rant came at the end of the movie, but it's only the beginning. Definitely a classic.


Excellent perfomances, and Cillian Murphy is Amazing, but the story goes absolutely nowhere, and is all that much worse, for wasting such potential.


I saw 3 really good horror movies yesterday, and a couple of messes. They were called Insidious. This movie didn't know what it wanted to be, but at its best it hearkens to greats like Poltergiest and even A Nightmare on Elm Street. At it's worst, it's the end of House of 1000 Corpses. Still, scared the hell out of me more than a few times.