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Dark Side of the Moon

Interesting how you mind changes as you watch. First you think it is all rubbish. Then you start wondering... wow!..this could be true... then you think this sounds highly unlikely... Then you think.. just maybe... Then you laugh yourself silly... Great mocumentary....

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

OK. Don't think they are great actors in 'serious' roles. Although I have not seen "Girl Interrupted". But this is a great vehicle for them both, and Jolie in particular. Great action. Great pouting. Ange is sexy (and the toughest).

Journey to the Center of the Earth

This is the worst $5 (Aus) I ever spent at a movie hire store. Wooden acting. Schroder and Fonda seemed to be having a competition to see who could maintain the one expression right through the movie.
Dreadful editing. All the suspense is taken right out of the chase sceen at the start because of choppy editing. Kindergarten stuff.
Stranded story lines. For example, what happened to the kids relationship??? The movie just seemed to end... 90 minutes.... Did they run out of money??? Ripped off!
Errors of fact. Schroder's character says that the dinosaur was from Pleistocene. Only out by 65 million years.
Dreadful disjointed script that built no interest in any of the characters. The most interesting thing the Russian guide says is "Nyet!" at a critical time in the story when he could have said more
I laughed most of the way through it and it wasn't a comedy. Awful!!

Shark Swarm
Shark Swarm(2008)

Aaargh! Shark Swarm. What can I say. Daryl Hannah looks like she is retaining water. A flock of pelicans flying with the sound of seagulls. 12 people eaten by sharks, including three school kids and nobody in the town is batting an eyelid. The suspense is so watered down that Jaws would die with embarrassment. Don't bother with this one!!!

Pan's Labyrinth

Not sure why I like this. It is dark and violent. Subtitles make it harder to engage. But it is involving and intense and visually stunning.


Big fan of the offbeat. This was fun and engaging. Great humour

The Shawshank Redemption

Great acting. Brilliant story. Morgan Freeman's narration is excellent. Some 'difficult' moments dealt with with class (the Librarian's death). No weak acting or characters. Love it.

The Big Blue
The Big Blue(1988)

One of those movies where you go... "What?"...., then later... "Wow!"