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Fighting Mad
Fighting Mad (1976)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The tagline for this early Jonathan Demne effort should've been "Get Off My Land!" Dependable star Pete Fonda plays the "peace loving" Tommy, who in the first five minutes is threatening motorists with a tyre iron and only grows to become more "fighting mad" as the film ensues. Can't blame the lad really: the slimey, strong-armed tactics of the businessmen harassing his family over land issues are pretty despicable. Plenty of enjoyable rucks between Fonda and suited heavies, a drawn out early death scene for poor old Scott Glenn (as Fonda's brother) and a bizarrely speeded up few frames of film with Fonda and son on a bike (think "Easy Rider" meets Benny Hill) make this one watchable. Don't think I can argue its superiority over Demne's later "Silence of The Lambs" though!