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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
On Dangerous Ground

On Dangerous Ground(1952)

While On Dangerous Grounds has its minor flaws in the storyline, and reveals some of its weaknesses in character development, it's still a perfectly suspenseful and spellbinding noir film that doesn't stop to draw one's attention. It has a deeply grievous overtone, supported by the relationship between a blind woman and the policeman who is supposed to catch her killer-brother. Starting with a very fast pace in the big city, it settles for a little slower action-pack, changing the scenery to a snow-filled secluded village, where a manhunt is underway. Robert Ryan is very likable, even with his threatening attitude, and Ida Lupino astounds with her believable portrayal of a woman who lost sight and is now trying to hide her scared brother. Nicholas Ray's steady hand gives the chills, as the climax approaches and the atmosphere begins to intensify with every following minute.