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Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid (2015)
6 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Had potential but tried to hard to be a "cult movie"

C.H.U.D. (Chud)
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

decent monster movie...something is eating the homeless in the sewers! good music, cheesy effects...a b-movie for sure to be watched at midnight...

Drag Me to Hell
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A fun old school horror/comedy. Is very much in the vein of EC comics of the 70's (tales from the crypt etc). Used a mixture of CGi and some practical effects and raimis signature cool camera angles (evil dead). A good old (sometimes cheesy) horror movie. About time!

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
13 years ago via Movies on Facebook

fun monster movie that thou doesnt break any new ground..was an excellent 80's throwback. they used only practical effects (no CGI) i thought robert england was great. left opening for a sequel..and no complaints here if they decide to make another one!....