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Atlas Shrugged: Part I
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Excessively talkie-talkie and very boring. The two worlds the filmmakers have tried to "marry" don't really go together. The characters in the film are all sexually-repressed better-than-thou's who go from dinner party to dinner party lamenting less money and no fun in the bedroom. The cast is comprised of unknowns as anybody with any sense steered clear of the subject matter at this point in history. The film is set in 2016 which makes the film make even less sense because we have NO competing railroads as is ... "some" are against high speed rails but in this film it is presented as if it is their brainchild. The film is impersonal and cold ... and there isn't a sympathetic character in the bunch. It just isn't any good.

Weiner (2016)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An insightful and compelling, reality television-esque political documentary from first time co-directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg about a brazen man named Weiner who was aware of just about every weiner joke EVER told who yet managed to become the punchline of whole new weiner joke after accidentally tweeting his weiner to the world.
Anthony Weiner was a combative politician from New York whose fiery rhetoric and demeanor won him many fans and followers on social media - some of whom happened to bring about his demise - after he was elected to the US House of Representatives where he found himself shaming republicans due their refusal to pass legislation written to help 9/11 first responders. The story/shame/joke of Weiner is well-known to those who follow politics and while this doc recounts all of this, it is primarily about the narcissistic man's attempt at a political comeback years after his resignation from congress as he attempts to run for mayor of New York City.
Like him or despise him, I don't think there is any denying that this Weiner is an interesting individual and fascinating subject matter for a political documentary.