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Justice League
4 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Justice League

The pase of the film went so fast because it had way too much to introduce and focused way too much on CGI.

The characters for the good guys was good. I liked All the characters they introduced with Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg.

The villain was your standard villain that was boring and not interesting at all. He needed a better motivation for me to care.

All the super heroes looked epic and Amazing.

I hated the second post credit sequence. It was not necessary I need to see more standalone films before we decide to connect them all. I don't mind connecting a few heroes but not them all.

I wish that we heard more new themes and a distinct Justice League theme. I liked hearing hints of Danny Elfman's 1989 Batman theme and John Williams Superman theme in this film.

I liked seeing the Justice League members beating up on Superman.

I felt like Commissioner Gordon was waisted in this film. He was there merely to introduce him. Commissioner Gordon could have been cut and I would have no problem with that in this film.

Thor: Ragnarok
4 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Thor Ragnarok (2017)

I have seen this film both in 3-D & in 2-D. I honestly could not tell what difference 3-D did for this film. Everything looked great in 2-D and personally I did not see anything that stood out to me in 3-D.

It is the best Thor film ever. I thought it had some of the best character development, costumes, music. There was never a dull moment. All the comedy had a purpose.

I was surprised that moments in the trailer were not stronger or as strong as they were in the film.

I was surprised how early Doctor Strange Appears in the film and that he did not come back into the film once he was seen in the film. I was not counting on Dr. Strange's scenes to be as funny as they were.

I really enjoyed the comedy, action, acting, camera cuts, costumes, world building. I liked how the music changed depending on the world.

I was really pleased that the Led Zeppelin song from the trailer played three times in the movie.

I was really pleased by the movie.

Not one character stood out among the rest. They were all pretty Amazing from Jeff Goldblum to the rest.

I think that of all the Marvel films even though we never really had enough time focused on it this film had probably the highest stacks and the highest consequences of any of the Marvel films in this Universe. Thor looses his Father, many of his companions, his Asguardian army, many of it's citizens, his own Eye, and even towards the end the home world. Even based upon the first part of the End credits it is obvious Thor and his people can not catch a break on the loss.

Unlike Spider-Man 3 or Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2; I believe that Thor Ragnarok is one film that does a great job balancing off having all the villains in the film where I got enough of them without feeling like they covered too much.

I really like the ride as Thor see's the Jeff Goldblum as the #Grandmaster and hear the song "A World of Pure Imagination" as he goes on the ride that looks like Space Mountain or something. It is just Hilarious how this ride that is like a Walt Disney World ride and Thor is acting like it is torture.

I like also Stan Lee's cameo in this film as the one responsible for Thor's new hairstyle in this film.
Not one character stood out among the rest. They were all pretty Amazing from Jeff Goldbloom to the rest.

I really liked how Hella looked in this film and would switch back and forth on her costume. Her character was very strong.

I wish that this film focused a little more on the drama and loss to make those scenes stronger emotionally on the score music and focused more time on thinking on those moments because those scenes were easily passed and were not very strong on the audience.

The Jackie Robinson Story
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Jackie Robinson (1950)

I find it interesting hearing how Jackie Robins sounds in real life or how the details are a little different from 42 even on what details they decide to focus on emphasizing or decided not to emphasis.

I am surprised how the baseball game is shot in such a way to see such a minimal amount of the crowd. The fact that this film was trying to avoid shooting the crowd made the way they shot the baseball sequences with the angles a bit boring because they decided not to show the game as much as focused on some of the less interesting elements.

I think it is interesting how early this filmed after Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers. The film was released in January of 1950.

I think it is interesting how or which insults they wanted to focus on like come shine my shoes or something to do with Watermelon.

One thing that stood out to me was they were using similar if not exact music which I have heard before in the T.V. Show Leave it to Beaver. It made me wonder if the music is by the same composer or if they were borrowing music from each other.

I think this film was not that entertaining compared to the film 42 but it was interesting seeing the choices, lighting is different or what was and was not emphasized in both films.

This film made a stronger emphasis on Jackie Robinson's mother and brother and a little bit on his wife but not with a lot of depth or in the same way as 42 does. Where as in the film 42 a stronger emphasis is made on Jackie Robinson's relationship with his wife and a little bit on his son.

Both films hit on the relationship with Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson but not in the same way or as in depth as 42.

This film hardly touches on the relationship of Jackie Robinson and his fellow players.

A stronger emphasis is made on focusing towards church and talking to his pastor but 42 emphasis more on how Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson were both Methodist which I found interesting.

Victoria & Abdul
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Victoria & Adbul

I liked the musical score by Thomas Newman

I liked the costumes.

What I was surprised that the story of Abdul was only discovered in 2010.

It had funny moments.

This film took place between 1887-1901

Abdul died of Sifilus for sexually transmitted disease.

I felt like the CGI of the ships and some of the landscapes looked off to me.

I liked the film. It has it's funny moments and it explains at the end why this story has never been seen or told before.

I think that this was a unique and interesting story about cultures.

The acting in this was very good from all the actors and actresses.

I really like how this film was shot with different camera lenses and technics. Even the close up shots to communicate the feelings in the room or how many people were put into one room or area.