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STCENTERPRISE's Review of The Jackie Robinson Story

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The Jackie Robinson Story

The Jackie Robinson Story(1950)

Jackie Robinson (1950)

I find it interesting hearing how Jackie Robins sounds in real life or how the details are a little different from 42 even on what details they decide to focus on emphasizing or decided not to emphasis.

I am surprised how the baseball game is shot in such a way to see such a minimal amount of the crowd. The fact that this film was trying to avoid shooting the crowd made the way they shot the baseball sequences with the angles a bit boring because they decided not to show the game as much as focused on some of the less interesting elements.

I think it is interesting how early this filmed after Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers. The film was released in January of 1950.

I think it is interesting how or which insults they wanted to focus on like come shine my shoes or something to do with Watermelon.

One thing that stood out to me was they were using similar if not exact music which I have heard before in the T.V. Show Leave it to Beaver. It made me wonder if the music is by the same composer or if they were borrowing music from each other.

I think this film was not that entertaining compared to the film 42 but it was interesting seeing the choices, lighting is different or what was and was not emphasized in both films.

This film made a stronger emphasis on Jackie Robinson's mother and brother and a little bit on his wife but not with a lot of depth or in the same way as 42 does. Where as in the film 42 a stronger emphasis is made on Jackie Robinson's relationship with his wife and a little bit on his son.

Both films hit on the relationship with Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson but not in the same way or as in depth as 42.

This film hardly touches on the relationship of Jackie Robinson and his fellow players.

A stronger emphasis is made on focusing towards church and talking to his pastor but 42 emphasis more on how Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson were both Methodist which I found interesting.