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STCENTERPRISE's Review of Justice League

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Justice League

Justice League(2017)

Justice League

The pase of the film went so fast because it had way too much to introduce and focused way too much on CGI.

The characters for the good guys was good. I liked All the characters they introduced with Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg.

The villain was your standard villain that was boring and not interesting at all. He needed a better motivation for me to care.

All the super heroes looked epic and Amazing.

I hated the second post credit sequence. It was not necessary I need to see more standalone films before we decide to connect them all. I don't mind connecting a few heroes but not them all.

I wish that we heard more new themes and a distinct Justice League theme. I liked hearing hints of Danny Elfman's 1989 Batman theme and John Williams Superman theme in this film.

I liked seeing the Justice League members beating up on Superman.

I felt like Commissioner Gordon was waisted in this film. He was there merely to introduce him. Commissioner Gordon could have been cut and I would have no problem with that in this film.