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STCENTERPRISE's Review of Victoria & Abdul

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Victoria & Abdul

Victoria & Abdul(2017)

Victoria & Adbul

I liked the musical score by Thomas Newman

I liked the costumes.

What I was surprised that the story of Abdul was only discovered in 2010.

It had funny moments.

This film took place between 1887-1901

Abdul died of Sifilus for sexually transmitted disease.

I felt like the CGI of the ships and some of the landscapes looked off to me.

I liked the film. It has it's funny moments and it explains at the end why this story has never been seen or told before.

I think that this was a unique and interesting story about cultures.

The acting in this was very good from all the actors and actresses.

I really like how this film was shot with different camera lenses and technics. Even the close up shots to communicate the feelings in the room or how many people were put into one room or area.