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Justice League

Justice League

The pase of the film went so fast because it had way too much to introduce and focused way too much on CGI.

The characters for the good guys was good. I liked All the characters they introduced with Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg.

The villain was your standard villain that was boring and not interesting at all. He needed a better motivation for me to care.

All the super heroes looked epic and Amazing.

I hated the second post credit sequence. It was not necessary I need to see more standalone films before we decide to connect them all. I don't mind connecting a few heroes but not them all.

I wish that we heard more new themes and a distinct Justice League theme. I liked hearing hints of Danny Elfman's 1989 Batman theme and John Williams Superman theme in this film.

I liked seeing the Justice League members beating up on Superman.

I felt like Commissioner Gordon was waisted in this film. He was there merely to introduce him. Commissioner Gordon could have been cut and I would have no problem with that in this film.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok (2017)

I have seen this film both in 3-D & in 2-D. I honestly could not tell what difference 3-D did for this film. Everything looked great in 2-D and personally I did not see anything that stood out to me in 3-D.

It is the best Thor film ever. I thought it had some of the best character development, costumes, music. There was never a dull moment. All the comedy had a purpose.

I was surprised that moments in the trailer were not stronger or as strong as they were in the film.

I was surprised how early Doctor Strange Appears in the film and that he did not come back into the film once he was seen in the film. I was not counting on Dr. Strange's scenes to be as funny as they were.

I really enjoyed the comedy, action, acting, camera cuts, costumes, world building. I liked how the music changed depending on the world.

I was really pleased that the Led Zeppelin song from the trailer played three times in the movie.

I was really pleased by the movie.

Not one character stood out among the rest. They were all pretty Amazing from Jeff Goldblum to the rest.

I think that of all the Marvel films even though we never really had enough time focused on it this film had probably the highest stacks and the highest consequences of any of the Marvel films in this Universe. Thor looses his Father, many of his companions, his Asguardian army, many of it's citizens, his own Eye, and even towards the end the home world. Even based upon the first part of the End credits it is obvious Thor and his people can not catch a break on the loss.

Unlike Spider-Man 3 or Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2; I believe that Thor Ragnarok is one film that does a great job balancing off having all the villains in the film where I got enough of them without feeling like they covered too much.

I really like the ride as Thor see's the Jeff Goldblum as the #Grandmaster and hear the song "A World of Pure Imagination" as he goes on the ride that looks like Space Mountain or something. It is just Hilarious how this ride that is like a Walt Disney World ride and Thor is acting like it is torture.

I like also Stan Lee's cameo in this film as the one responsible for Thor's new hairstyle in this film.
Not one character stood out among the rest. They were all pretty Amazing from Jeff Goldbloom to the rest.

I really liked how Hella looked in this film and would switch back and forth on her costume. Her character was very strong.

I wish that this film focused a little more on the drama and loss to make those scenes stronger emotionally on the score music and focused more time on thinking on those moments because those scenes were easily passed and were not very strong on the audience.

The Jackie Robinson Story

Jackie Robinson (1950)

I find it interesting hearing how Jackie Robins sounds in real life or how the details are a little different from 42 even on what details they decide to focus on emphasizing or decided not to emphasis.

I am surprised how the baseball game is shot in such a way to see such a minimal amount of the crowd. The fact that this film was trying to avoid shooting the crowd made the way they shot the baseball sequences with the angles a bit boring because they decided not to show the game as much as focused on some of the less interesting elements.

I think it is interesting how early this filmed after Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers. The film was released in January of 1950.

I think it is interesting how or which insults they wanted to focus on like come shine my shoes or something to do with Watermelon.

One thing that stood out to me was they were using similar if not exact music which I have heard before in the T.V. Show Leave it to Beaver. It made me wonder if the music is by the same composer or if they were borrowing music from each other.

I think this film was not that entertaining compared to the film 42 but it was interesting seeing the choices, lighting is different or what was and was not emphasized in both films.

This film made a stronger emphasis on Jackie Robinson's mother and brother and a little bit on his wife but not with a lot of depth or in the same way as 42 does. Where as in the film 42 a stronger emphasis is made on Jackie Robinson's relationship with his wife and a little bit on his son.

Both films hit on the relationship with Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson but not in the same way or as in depth as 42.

This film hardly touches on the relationship of Jackie Robinson and his fellow players.

A stronger emphasis is made on focusing towards church and talking to his pastor but 42 emphasis more on how Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson were both Methodist which I found interesting.

Victoria & Abdul

Victoria & Adbul

I liked the musical score by Thomas Newman

I liked the costumes.

What I was surprised that the story of Abdul was only discovered in 2010.

It had funny moments.

This film took place between 1887-1901

Abdul died of Sifilus for sexually transmitted disease.

I felt like the CGI of the ships and some of the landscapes looked off to me.

I liked the film. It has it's funny moments and it explains at the end why this story has never been seen or told before.

I think that this was a unique and interesting story about cultures.

The acting in this was very good from all the actors and actresses.

I really like how this film was shot with different camera lenses and technics. Even the close up shots to communicate the feelings in the room or how many people were put into one room or area.

Roman Holiday

It is a film with a sad ending.

I felt like Gregory Peck's performance is what sold the film.

I like the physical comedy of taking of the shoe and trying to get it on.

I liked the light comedy movements.

The costumes and hair styles by Audrey Hepburn were pretty good.

I like the bar dance fight in the film where they are trying to capture photos during the fight.

I liked the outfit & hairstyle that Audrey Hepburn is wearing when she first escapes the castle.

I think that this film could have been too sexualized to make it seem like they were having an affair but this film manages to make it not too sexual in a love relationship.

I liked the locations in this film.

There were a lot of times where I felt like the pace of the film was a little slow for my taste.

The Bellboy
The Bellboy(1960)

I really liked this film. I found the slap stick comedy really impressive. I think all of it was very well done. The acting by all the actors was all great. Sometimes it was the other actors who helped tell the story and make Jerry Lewis work best because a lot of it relied on the actors since Jerry Lewis often would not say anything.

What stood out to me about this film was the writing of the comedy was really smart.

The camera cuts stood out to me about this film. I like how they were able to make the camera cuts go from one time of day to another with a camera flash or have no crowd to a complete crowd, or go from Jerry Lewis go into the elevator to coming out of the elevator as a different character. The cuts almost seem seamless and often I don't see when the cuts are done.

They also did a great job of not making Jerry Lewis character of Stanley speak only whistle, or use facial expressions in a way that was reasonable to believe.

I was impressed by the film. At no point did I feel like the comedy did not work.

I was impressed that Jerry Lewis did this as his first directing debut, that he wrote the story for this film, and produced the film. I felt like this was a cohesive story.


Dunkirk (2017)

This was a very unique experience; especially seeing & hearing the film in IMAX just made you feel emersed in the experience.

I was not a fan of the musical score by Hans Zimmer. It had a lot of tension and suspense that made you on edge the entire film. The clicking clock sound from Christopher Nolan also had you on edge thinking there was a limited time and that at any moment something was going to occur.

What I found interesting is how you never saw the Nazi's in this film besides the planes and even at the end the nazis you saw were in the distance or out of focus.

I liked the sound and visuals of this film. I liked that this film is mostly practical. It is very difficult to identify if anything from this film was CGI since most of it appears to be practical effects. I have never seen a war film captured & shot this way before with the cameras like they were shot on the plane or seeing the sinking inside of a ship quit like this does. The closest we have ever experienced is in Titanic or Pearl Harbor but this film put the tension and suspense up on a whole another level never experienced before. Also the scale of the sinking of the ships was more than has been seen before with any other war film.

I think it was interesting how the Civilians were the heroes of this film rather than the military.

I think that this film did a great job showing perspectives from sea, land, and air all in one film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

I liked the opening with Vulture doing clean up scavenging team after the first Avengers film.

I liked Spider-Mans suit but it did not feel like a typical Spider-Man suit. It acted like a Iron Man suit. I liked how the suit acted as a counselor or a friend to Peter Parker.

I liked how Ned was portrayed in this film. He felt like a real friend and relationship felt honest. Although that relationship dynamic has been seen before in other films so it did not feel like it brought something new to the table.

I was surprised how much of Captain America was seen. I liked how his videos were required curriculum

I was glad we saw Iron Man's secretary in the film. I was not expected to see her.

I liked how Spider-Man would make mistakes as he was saving people. I liked seeing Spider-Man doing routine things as he was saving people pets.

I liked the different suit settings like the interrogation setting.

I felt like when Spider-Man saved people the scenes did not hit those big heroic cheers like they did in previous reiterations. Where they hit was when Iron Man hit the scene.

One aspect I did not like about this film was Michael Giachino's score for this film. It felt like a different kind of film than was neccesary for a Spider-Man film. For a Spider-Man film I think it required a stronger score to make particular moments stand out more and this film score did not deliver that for me. i enjoyed the Spider-Man theme but it does not have me hum the theme like other themes. In fact in many ways I felt like the score was forgetable.

I liked the opening introduction of Peter Parker showing what happened behind the scenes during Captain America Civil War.

I liked how Happy Hogan was given a different kind of role in this film and a much bigger role almost as a baby sitter for Spider-Man

I liked the introduction of Iron Man suit where we found out Tony Stark was on vacation.

I was glad they explained what happened to #StarkTower after Age of #Ultron.

I felt like Aunt May we did not get enough in the film to tell whether we liked her or not. I was hoping for a back story to be explained in this film.

This filmed showed Spider-Man trying to be a hero but it felt more like a teen film rather than a super hero film except when Iron Man or Captain America was introduced. I found it interesting on the credits where there is a distinct distance from when the Columbia Pictures/Sony logo appear at the beginning to when the Marvel Cinematic Universe logo appears in the film.

I liked when he was stuck in the warehouse and we find him testing out his web capabilities. I also liked it when the suit tells him that he has only been in the warehouse for 37 minutes.

I wish they explained Peter Parkers real powers outside of his suit. Was his strength and back flips jumping biological.

I felt like Spider-Man portrayed as a character unable to do things well on his own. He was a flawed character. I liked that but when he fought the big battles he seemed liked he was unable to do things without assistance.

I liked the jokes in this film. I laughed the most in this Spider-Man film than of the other films I saw with Tobey McGuire.

I felt like there was not enough serious emotional scenes to help you feel to get invested in the character in this film. The most we got was when Tony Stark took Spider-Man suit.

I was disappointed by the reveal of MJ. It was just given out as a random note. They also changed MJ dramatically. In the comics Mary Jane is a red head, is the prettiest girl in school, and Peter Parker has had a long love history with Mary Jane. In this film they changed Mary Jane as a non red head, the mean girl who has no fiends.

This film missed it for me as far as a big dramatic moment. It really did not have those moments in the film. I felt like that was a missing element in the fight scenes for Vulture vs. Spider-Man.

I liked the fact that Peter Parker knew who Vulture was before Vulture recognized who the real identity of Spider Man was.

I liked the final Spider-Man suit shown in the film. I wish that was the suit Peter Parker chose instead because that suit looked much more interesting than the one Tony Stark provided Peter.

I felt like the teachers in this film were portrayed in a believable portrayal and provided an accurate depiction. I liked that we saw more of the teachers in this film.

I liked the final scene with Aunt May as she yells at Peter Parker. I was not expecting her to discover the reveal Peters secret identity so quickly. This will change the dynamic for that relationship in the next films we see her in than any other Aunt May we see in the future.

I was so pleasantly pleased that we finally saw Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts make a brief appearance once again in the Marvel films. I hope we see more of her character in the future. I am glad that they did not kill off that relationship. I was so concerned that they did so in the films and that Gwyneth Paltrow would not make an appearance again in a Marvel film again.

Baby Driver
Baby Driver(2017)

#BabyDriver 2017

The film making was great. Very thought provoking.

I liked the music choices. The soundtrack is a highlight to the film. The soundtrack was not just limited to just one genre or era. I was a very diverse soundtrack and it was used very well to work with what was going on in the scene. The music stood out how the soundtrack helped play tone of each scene in the film. It is something I will probably buy. I think the sound effects in this film I found impressive too to help tell the story. You saw sound play a role in the remix scene that buzz high pitch sound play when music is not playing.

The car driving, stunt work was amazing. The choreography was epic. What stood out was how every chase felt completely different.

I was impressed by the one take long shots with no cut at the beginning of the film.

I wish the swearing and violence was not so precedent.

I liked how he was making the music with the synthesizers.

The writing was very smart and provocative in thinking.

The violence got intense. Particularly towards the end of the film. This was far more than I expected going into this film This kind of graphic disturbing violence may not be for everyone.

This showed realism. In fact very little of this film was CGI. Most of this film was shot on film with the exception of some night scenes filmed on Digital.

What stood out to me in this film was the multiple pairs of sunglasses Baby wears during this film as well as the numerous musical devices he has on him.

I loved choreography in this film. It was very well filmed. Even the characters walk in a particular way to the music and getting the choreography just right for each scene to match.

This film is not for everyone. It gets very violent and intense. Even for me I

The relationships in this film get very well developed.

Kevin Spacey does a good job portraying good cop bad cop in this film. You can tell by those he heirs to do his business he is not someone to mess with.

I liked the deaf Father in this film. I liked how the subtitles were legible and put in the middle of the screen rather than small and bottom of the screen. The subtitles in middle of the screen created a close relationship.

What is interesting is camera and story directions they went in this film.

The Mummy
The Mummy(2017)

The Mummy (2017)

In many ways I think I went in expecting one film and got a different trailer but still confused on how to define the film.

The first act of the film was really good. But this film is going to get mixed reactions because it is difficult to pinpoint what kind

Tom Cruise is playing the Han Solo character of this film in it for the reward and doing the sarcastic remarks. The Nobel thief on an adventure.

I think the beginning of the film was the best.

The action was pretty cool.

In many ways the Mummy's acted more like zombies rather than Mummies.

The beginning was the best.

This film was suspenseful with comedy.

Doctor Jekyell and Mr. Hide and think could have been handled better in the film. Doctor Jekyell was handled better.

The airplane and opening sequences were done pretty good. It was probably my favorite part to the whole film.

I like the comedy elements in this film.

This was very different from the other Mummy films.

I think the score by Brian Taylor was interesting. Some of it sounded pretty cool.

I disliked how growse and disgusting the bodies looked in this film by the Mummy sucking the life out of them.

This was a very different kind of role for Tom Cruise. I think that a lot of the negative reactions may be because this is not Tom Cruise typical role we see him play as the Han Solo like character.

Dr. Jeckyl in many ways felt like a random element to the story in order to provide exposition to the story.

This film is filled with plot twist and turns.

My least favorite part is the interpretation of the Mummy. It was more like a curse/zombie film rather than focused towards the historical Mummy in the cultural sense.

I felt like this was a mediocre film.

Megan Leavey
Megan Leavey(2017)

Megan Leavey 2017

I liked how this film filmed the war zone to be so realistic and believable.

Megan Leavey showed the relationships between the family, dog and and those in the Marines.

I liked film score in this film by Mark Isham. It was suttle.

This film has some successfully done emotional invested moments in the film to get you invested in Megan and dog Rex. This film did a good job building up the relationships rather than rushing the character development.

What is sad is how little this film was promoted for such a good film that is very well told and gets you invested in the characters.

I liked how they briefly showed the military training for Megan as well as built up gradually the relationship between Rex and Meagan in the film. The training in some ways reminded me of the films Rudy from 1993 and Disney's animated Mulan 1998.

What is interesting is how some of the parts in Iraq are filmed like a documentary and you can tell because it is done with shacky cam. It provides a realistic element to the film but also can create tenssion in the film as well.

the aspect I did not like was the alcholic drinking in this film but it is in the film for a purpose because it leads directly to the punishment working with the dogs.

the begining may have been slow but knowing what it all leads up to helps you grow with the character better.

This film I thought had a pretty good accurate depiction of the military and how the military was run as well as how the situation was like in the Middle East.

I liked how this film incorporated and built up the story with the Yankees so by the time the ending of the film happens it is a very satisfying ending to see the Yankees game.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)

What I think was interesting a out this was thWonder Woman 2017

The only issues I have with this film was some passing issues and explaining motivations of the villains and the film feels like it ends abruptly and I wish there was more to tie ends better

The film score by Harry Rupert-Gregson is amazing and so glad that they incorporated Hans Zimmers score from Batman vs. Superman into this film.

Visually this film looks Amazing and impressive.

My favorite part was actually seeing Diana's and the Amazon's world and the choreography of those scenes. We have never seen anything like this in a while on film and never in a female lead super heroine film before. I was glad how much time was focused towards the origins and it was not rushed. However I wish that there was more time spent in that world before they went off into Man's 1917 world. Part of the reason why the look of this film is so stunning and the landscapes and Cheography stand out so much is the focus towards geography and scale to a scene. I think 1 reason why Cheorography works so well in #WonderWoman is geography of scene. This is almost as exciting as sword fight in Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl with Will Turner and Jack Parrow or theater fight in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

The way they captured the war front of World War I enjoyed and looked Amazing. No Man's land looked just as I imagined the trench warfare in WWI.

I liked how this film explained the Wonder Woman whip how it served as a truth serum which has never been seen before.

It was so great when Diana first comes out of the trenches.

I loved all the costumes and landscapes in this film.

The best about this film as far as the 3-D effects was seeing the Amazon world.

This whole film looked impressive visually. This film has an epic scene where Wonder Woman comes out of the scene that has you cheering for her. What I think was great too was how we see the human male heroes help her as well and follow her lead how she comes out of the trenches. Going in I thought that the male characters would not be able to do much to assist Wonder Woman but I was glad how they were still able to assist Wonder Woman. This film shows how regular joes can be helpful and change the world rather than wait for the political system and doing something about the things in this world rather than just wait for the system to correct things in this world.

I think that odd, Nebula rift or cloaking device protecting or hiding the Amazon World was interesting explaining how come we never heard of this world.

The last third of the film as far as who the true villian was I found as confusing because it lost all sense of reality.

I liked the hero characters but it lost it at the ending because they did not go into enough depth on villains. There was not enough explaining the motivations of the villains why they would keep fighting or what was their ultimate goal for fighting.

I wish that the time spent out in WWI was spread out longer. The way the film was set we only spent the last few days of the fighting war in the film. What got me was that the ending was not realistic to what really ended the war because the truth is the end of the war took much longer. That does not even include the talks that took a year to determine the way the war ended.

Also the end of the film leaves Wonder Woman's story between this film to Batman vs. Superman very open and confused as far as what has Wonder Woman been doing all this time that she was not better known by Batman or Superman.

I am so glad that they made Wonder Woman both share both Feminine and masculine characteristics that was actually a good balance.

This film also shows by mans entrance into the Amazon's world that The Amazons despite there abilities they were vulnerable. These are not just omnipotent characters and they can bleed and be killed by Man's tools as seen by the bullets.

The only issues I have with this film was some passing issues and explaining motivations of the villains and the film feels like it ends abruptly and I wish there was more to tie ends better

The film score by Harry Rupert-Gregson is amazing and so glad that they incorporated Hans Zimmers score from Batman vs. Superman into this film.

Visually this film looks Amazing and impressive.

My favorite part was actually seeing Diana's and the Amazon's world and the choreography of those scenes. We have never seen anything like this in a while on film and never in a female lead super heroine film before. I was glad how much time was focused towards the origins and it was not rushed. However I wish that there was more time spent in that world before they went off into Man's 1917 world.

The way they captured the war front of World War I enjoyed and looked Amazing. No Man's land looked just as I imagined the trench warfare in WWI.

I liked how this film explained the Wonder Woman whip how it served as a truth serum which has never been seen before.

It was so great when Diana first comes out of the trenches.

I loved all the costumes and landscapes in this film.

The best about this film as far as the 3-D effects was seeing the Amazon world.

This whole film looked impressive visually. This film has an epic scene where Wonder Woman comes out of the scene that has you cheering for her. What I think was great too was how we see the human male heroes help her as well and follow her lead how she comes out of the trenches. Going in I thought that the male characters would not be able to do much to assist Wonder Woman but I was glad how they were still able to assist Wonder Woman. This film shows how regular joes can be helpful and change the world rather than wait for the political system and doing something about the things in this world rather than just wait for the system to correct things in this world.

I think that odd, Nebula rift or cloaking device protecting or hiding the Amazon World was interesting explaining how come we never heard of this world.

The last third of the film as far as who the true villian was I found as confusing because it lost all sense of reality.

I liked the hero characters but it lost it at the ending because they did not go into enough depth on villains. There was not enough explaining the motivations of the villains why they would keep fighting or what was their ultimate goal for fighting.

I wish that the time spent out in WWI was spread out longer. The way the film was set we only spent the last few days of the fighting war in the film. What got me was that the ending was not realistic to what really ended the war because the truth is the end of the war took much longer. That does not even include the talks that took a year to determine the way the war ended.

Also the end of the film leaves Wonder Woman's story between this film to Batman vs. Superman very open and confused as far as what has Wonder Woman been doing all this time that she was not better known by Batman or Superman.

I think that this film had a great colors brightness and darkness. However there were some times where I found some of this film so dark. I thought that some scenes in the WWI world was filmed too dark that unless I am a dark theatre it would have been very difficult to see some scenes in a room with light. I heard that this film was filmed on film rather than digital so that may explain why this film was so dark in night scenes rather than brightened up some more.

I live how this film showed that humans can still assist the superior super heroine.

I loved Steve Rogers secretary and wanted more from her in the film since she had some great lines in this film and wanted more from her.

The villain reveal seemed random.

This film gives heart to the hero characters.

I liked seeming Wonder Woman climbing tower with her cuffs, reminded me of Tobey McQuires Spider-Man 1 & 2 climbing the wall. I also like the alley scene with Wonder Woman and how even the normal guy could still help the super heroine in a fight and they were not just standing around watching in a fight.

I wanted a more in depth resolve seen in the film even a proper morning for the loss of life in this film particularly Steve Trevor and the Amazon trainer. To me this film seems like it ends abruptly rather than having a clear resolve or show what has Diana has done or gone after WWI.

The humour in this film was well done and handled in this film very well not being over the top or distracting but being very natural.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (2017)

The universal story in this film even in the sub stories seems to be focused towards family and those groups no matter how dysfunctional they may be in the film.

This film actually made me tear up for the relationship between Gamora & Nebula and made me feel sympathy for their characters.

I was not expecting curtain things to happen. There were some things I did not see coming.

I did like Baby Groot in this movie

I liked the relationship between Mantis and Thrax.

One thing I hated were the sexual references in this film. I thought it went too far and was inappropriate and unnecessary for telling the story.

I don't think as a whole this film meet up to the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.

What I found interesting was the gold species used remote control vessels and it's people used the ships in a way like a video game. It was like the modern day equivalent on drone.

I did find it interesting how Ego was responsible for Peter's mothers death it showed how low in regard he had for others lives or relationships.

Rocket was pretty funny how we saw him make traps and jumping around.

I think it was funny in one of Post credit scenes seeing him act like a teenagers.

I liked the video game version of the theme to the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in the post credit scenes.

It was crazy seeing the Ravagers suffocate in the absence of Space. It was a disturbing scene.

This was crazy on some things we saw.

For instance I was not expecting to see Nebula go after Gamora like she does in Moby Dick with not consideration of the risk to her own well being.

Everyone introduced in last film was considerably well developed more than the previous film.

One thing I liked about film was worlds looked.

I think that as a whole the first film is considerably the far better film.

There is a lot of Nostalgia moments where they film scenes that stood out as successfully done before in the first film they filmed scenes like the hero walking scenes like those.

I found this film far more graphic and disturbing in the violence like people being thrown out the airlock, similar to a pirate being told to walk the plank, the Gamora and Nebula relationship is much more graphic in violent than the first film but also made you hit the heart. This film made you see the direct risk and consequences to everyone's actions. There is was not just a happy ending to anyone in this film.

I was impressed by the opening to the film getting Kurt Russell look like 1980's Kurt Russel and have trouble actually seeing Kurt Russel's face be CGI, Motion captured or whatever to make that film.

Even though I think that this film is not as good as the first film this one does make you appreciate the first film more as far as the characters. Especially with Yandu and the relationship between Nebula & Gamora.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I really liked the musical picks chosen for this film. This film has great number of 80's and 70's hits. The score was very cool to listen too.

The film had an interesting story. The graphics were interesting and great. I liked how the Holographic technology had an 80's quality as seen at the begging of the film.

I was surprised how much I would like Groots character over the others in the cast. I was expecting that the raccoon; Rocket would be the most likable out of the bunch. Rocket was not as caring as Groot; But Groot kept coming out with new surprises that I did not foresee coming into this film.

I was glade to see the integration of the things we have already been established from the previous films such as the villains of the Avengers like Ultron and the Collector who was seen first at the end of Thor 2.

Howard the Duck was a surprise but I am uncertain how he will play a role in the future of the Marvel universe.

I liked Star-Lord's or Peter Qill's back story. I just wondered why he never sought to journey back home.

I was surprised by the amount of comedy in this film. I liked how much they had on each character. Each character was equally represented and had a part in the film.

I am wondering how they are going to link up this film to the next Avengers film Age of Ultron.

Going in Style

Going in Style (2017)

A stand out for me in this film was the music Composer Rob Symonson.

I liked the film.

I was not a fan of the cocain drugs in here and that one f-bomb was said during the film but becides that I really liked the movie.

I liked the escape from the grocery store and interrogation at the value Foods grocery store.

I think that seeing Christopher Lloyd in the film was a pleasant surprise but his role was too small for the film.

I liked the story and way they went about telling how they were going to steal the money.

This movie was hilarious.

This went in a different direction from the original Going in Style film where the original film was a dry humor this one was a little more up beat on the comedy.

What I appreciated about this film was how there were clear motivations that led to the outrageous comedic moments in this film. It was not just jumped into comedic moments right off the bat.

Going in Style

The movie is funny because you see older people doing things you would not expect to see old people do like rob a bank or do things just unexpectedly.

The movie has a good ending because they gave the money to people who needed it and the last robber after all his friends had died he spent the rest of his life in jail with people rather living alone.

Electric House

The Electric House (1922) with Buster Keaton silent Film

I think that for the most part I enjoyed this film because most of the inventions installed in the house by modern standards are practical for most part, impressive considering the period this film was made even though today it is something that can exist or does exist regularly.

I think what I was most impressive with was the rail road toy that brought the food to diner table or cleaned the dishes.

I also enjoyed seeing the Pool game setting up the pool balls on the pool table. 

I do like the beginning with the swapping of the diplomas.

I actually like the moral of the story of the film that it is possible to be successful if you put your mind and dedication to it. 

I liked it when the real Electrician tried sabotaging Buster Keaton's character.

Buster Keaton was amazing in this film. This was not your traditional slap stick film in that you felt sympathetic towards Buster Keaton's character. I was impressed that they made Buster Keaton's character actually successful early on in the film rather than making mistakes like you would expect to see if Charlie Chaplin's character was in the film.

For a silent film I actually felt like it was a rather tolerable film. At no point did I feel like the film was going on too long. I actually was quiet amused by the film. The passe of the film was well done. I never felt as thought there were too many slow points to this film. 

What got me was that the intent of this film was originally to be comical. However my today's standards I found very little comical due to must of the inventions presented in the film I could easily see installed into a house today. 

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The Lost World

The Lost World (1925) #Silent_Film 

I thought the choice of actors and acting was very good in this film.

The dialog time for slides was just enough time to be able to read.

The sets were pretty good considering when the film was made.

Monkey named Jocko is brought along with the expedition to the Amazon because he knows which berries and are edible and poisonous in the Jungle. Really we are going to trust the monkey taste for the humans? 

The visual graphics for the map and ship to England to Amazon was cheesy. It is the precursor to the map sequences seen in Indiana Jones.

I liked the stop motion animation even if it was inaccurate to how we know now how #Dinosaurs looked or moved.

However this movie was just too long for my taste. It look too long before we saw the dinosaurs in the movie. It took almost 30 minutes before we saw any #creatures. It is also a long movie considering that it is a silent film where it is 1 hour and 32 minutes long.

I thought that the romance in the film felt like a random side story compared to what else was going on during the film.

I liked the action and loved seeing the #Brontosaurus roaming around in London and crushing buildings.

I do have issues with the guy in a guerrilla or caveman costume in this film who is trying to sabotage the exploration trip. It is way too obvious that it is a man in a suit. 

Kong: Skull Island

I actually enjoyed the film.
I liked how the film was set in Vietnam and went to real locations in the world like Hawaii, Aulstralia, & Vietnam. This film benefits that the actors where often working with real enviroments and practical effects. Also the real environments were a real plus for this film.

I enjoyed the music selection both music and score, and even the choices in the film when to use silence to create tension and suspense.

This film had more creatures than I was expecting to see.

This film did not disappoint as far as the look & action.

I wish that more character development was done for some of the lesser known actors.

I loved how the post credit scene helped to establish some of the major Godzilla creatures.

This had epic action scenes and I loved the look of this film.

This even had some down right growse scenes by the monsters and showed some disturbing images.

Hollywood My Home Town

I thought it was cool seeing Hollywood from 1927-1950's seeing actors and actresses on and off set.

The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

The movie was great at the beginning. The film starts of with an adrenaline rush of laughter but half way through the film and it was just went too much. The film went all big showed all it's cards at the beginning so much so that there were no further surprises after the first 30 minutes of the film so anything else that comes after the first thirty minutes is no longer a surprise.

I though that this film did a great job understanding the genre of Batman but after a particular point it just came too much. It went too quick to go too far as far as the jokes. The film did not know where to stop. The end resolution was ridiculous.

I enjoyed & liked the fact that this film at least understood the Batman genre. It was obvious that a lot of research and fandom went into this film as far as the story, the characters, incorporated obscure villains, the obscure details from the previous reiterations, even up to the film score that incorporated elements and ques from the previous reiterations of Batman. Especially in the track "Battle Royale" done by Lorne Balfe. Great film score as well as the other songs in this film soundtrack.

I enjoyed the fact that this film was able to incorporate obscure villains and references of the previous Batman reiterations.

The depiction of the action was extraordinary.

I was disappointed by how little there was so little of the Justice League. I did want to see more than just a party scene. I wanted to see more interaction.

This one did more psychoanalyze Batman/Bruce Wayne family issues.

This film went from high energy to a sudden dip because went so high. It was like the film started off with someone drinking a energy drink like Hammy in the Over the Hedge film but then eventually after you have a party the audience is like okay we have heard that. We went so high that there was no where else to go but down.

This film had far too many jokes and gets exhausting and too much. I think it would have been better if there were a little more serious issues intermixed to the laughter to keep it focused.

I wish that this film worked more on the other villains besides the Joker. This film had so many villains but not enough to get you invested in the other villains besides The Joker.

This film did draw on too long on too much drawings.

There may have been just a touch too much talking roles by Batman.

I wish we saw a little more of Bruce Wayne and less of Batman. This film had plenty of Batman and not enough focus on the villains.

This film understands his distance he tries to get from the rest of society so he does not emotionally invested in other people.

Those who suffer from ADHD, are not big fans of Lego or Batman may not be a fan of this film because they will not understand the references.

Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders

Batman Return Of The Caped Crusaders (2016) film review

If you enjoy the 1965 Adam West Batman then you will enjoy this film.

I love how this renders the city of #Gothom City, The Batmobile, the humor of the 1965 Batman, The #Batcave, and expands what we know from the show. It even makes the #Batmobile larger than we saw in the show. This film was able to capture the feel and cheesiness of the original show. You can see that even by the cross walk scene. This film even is able to go the extra steps of capturing the qualities you enjoyed from the original show. There is even a point where you see all three Catwomen from the show visualized in this film for a brief moment. This film also is able to go steps further as far as story, ships, the city and able to expand on it further than the show was capable of doing with the budget that was available in the 1960's.

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Corespondent (1940) Alfred HitchCock film 2nd Anerican film after Rebecca

The film is Set during 1939

This film uses some interesting camera angles especially in the wind mill.

I found it interesting how the film started off with a globe and then after the credits zooms out to find the rotating globe is a skyscraper like seen for Superman.

Boss from the New York Globe seeks fresh eyes and Does not want a foreign correspondent of economist but wants news to see where Europe stands on facts rather than wait on news.

Starts in United States where a journalist is sent to Europe England in order to acquire news for New York Globe News paper to learn and send information about what is going on in Europe to determine if war is eminent or if peace could come soon.

Then they go to Holland in the rain and bicycles.

While taking a photo acting like a corespondent someone shoots the mayor Mr. Van Meer important in the midst of a crowd in the rain in Holland.

The New York corespondent goes after the camera assign in car motorcycle chase.

Disappears by windmills Amsterdam in middle of nowhere.

wind mill rotates in the opposite direction against wind to signal plane to land.

The real mayor Van Meer is hid in a hide out in a windmill sounded by other windmills. The mayor was not shot but a substitute and will be taken by plan but want world to think he was shot.

After Globe New York Corespondent gets authorities be finds windmill is empty except one man who claims he has been sleeping there the entire day but is lying.

Later that night two police officers arrive and yet they are not  police but claim to be. They cut the phone lines.

A guy try's to push Ne York Foreign correspondent into driving truck to murder him but he moves out of the way. 

Go up church cathedral tower to purposely try to kill foreign New York corespondent.

He tries to kill him when corespondent moves aside.

What I found odd about this film was that this film ended in the midst of a radio broadcast that is in the middle of a German Air-raid of England. His desire & dedication to keep broadcasting as long as possible even in the midst of an air raid to get news to the United States. You have to remember that this film came out in 1940 during the Battle of Britain with German air raids. At the point when this film came out a clear resolution to the war or what would happen was not clearly evident from with side. This film serves as a U.S. propaganda film to see what America could do to support the war in Europe.

The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us (2017)

The best parts about this film are the landscapes and the music from the film score and songs.

However the story itself was on the weak side. It also was a bit boring. Some things did not always make sense from the characters as far as how they reacted to things or towards others or went about doing things.

I had an issue with the fact some things as far as technology looked advanced where as other things like some of the computers, stores like Sams Club, the cars looked very much like now even though this film took place now.

I felt like I was unsatisfied by the story because the resolution to the characters felt incomplete and felt like not much was resolved because most of the characters are left unsatisfied and back to where the story ended up in the first place. It makes you wonder what was the point of the story if everyone is just going to end up back where they started off before where the characters started off in the first place. The characters really did not get to expand and resolve what were the issues we all cared about or creating relationships just to remain separated. I also did not feel like the family relationships were not strong enough in this film. Many of them felt unemotional and relied far too much on the scientific and political concerns and not nearly enough focus on the emotional family portion to get the audience invested in the story.

I also was not satisfied by the kid keep asking what is your favorite part of Earth. It was a boring question where I felt like the answers or questions never went anywhere satisfactory.

I felt like the characters were not well enough developed besides the main character to get you as an audience member invested in the characters besides the main character.

I liked the environments of the hub depicted of Mars in this film.

I have trouble believing NASA could keep a kid secret for as long as they did.

What got me was how frequently they were stealing cars, money, cloths and other things without getting caught or facing any consequences. I just found that unbelievable and unrealistic.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Tron Legacy (2010)

The best part is the film score by Daft Punk. However but the story itself is confusing to follow as well as the world to understand as far as the scale and how it all works. The world felt more like a computer program vs. a video game. It was a game where the rules were not well defined and the peramiters of the world were not well set.

I hate the lack or colors of only variations of orange, blue, white, and black. It felt almost monochromatic in it's environments within the game.

I did not understand why characters in the game talked electronically sometimes that was difficult to understand what they were saying.

I don't think the beginning made much sense. I thought this film was going to connect better to the original Tron as far as it's origins.

The ending was confusing because I never understood how a computer program could exist outside of the game as a person and what happened to the dad that he could not or did not try to escape the game.

Patriots Day
Patriots Day(2017)

Patriots Day 2016

I thought this film did a good job paying respect to those in Boston. I thought that this film put a positive light on the community of Boston for the most part.

This may not be a film for everyone. The F word is thrown out there a lot in the film, there are drugs and alcohol seen in the film as well as some graphic and violent scenes. It is an educational and enlightening film if you are not completely aware of everything which occurred at the marathon or following the marathon trying to capture the bombers.

I loved the end credits dedication to everyone who's story was being depicted in this film.

It was an enlightening film. It depicted the investigation and process very well.

I wish that the F word was dropped as often in this film.

It was filmed like a documentary; especially when it came to how the marathon was shot. I appreciated the real footage. You could distinguish when real footage was used because it tended to be the worst quality footage.

I did not know about the ITT Tech students hacking car or the shooting.

I did not know about the story of the bombers at all or the major shooting after the Marathon. I was not aware of the lock down of Boston.

This film was enlightening seeing the Investigation process of all the items put together for the investigation of the bombing.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures (2017)

I liked how this film had a good mix between the space race and race issues. I liked how they easily they transitioned and went from one to the other. I did not feel beaten to death by race issues. It felt like a equal mix of both.

I liked how this film incorporated church and family into the film. It was an unexpected pleasure seeing that into this film.

Kristen Dunst
Kevin Costner
Jim Parsons

Hans Zimmer and three others did the music for this film.

I think there was a good balance looking at the lives of three African Americans

This film is a good film for those interested in NASA, African American race, Women's rights, the Cold War history, history, Mathematics and more. This was unlike any race or Space Race film I have ever seen before. It was about not underestimating someone based upon sex, gender, race what they look like. I liked how quickly and easily the film could go from transitioning from NASA, race, gender, mathematics, family, church, work life, all within minutes or seconds into a scene. It made the film feel so believable and realistic.

This film hit several important message that are applicable or relatable to several groups.

I really enjoyed this film and is one worth buying. A great movie for a January film. I am really surprised how little this film was advertised.

I liked the cineophotography choices on some things like using reflections in the walks or reflections of the mirrors in the bathroom to show faces and figures.

I wish that some of the original footage was better enhanced in the film. It was obvious when real footage was used. Also It almost took you out of the film when you went from new footage with better quality to short segments of obvious real footage of the day where the quality was not up to modern standards.

Looking at Jim Parsons role I had trouble seeing his character for anything besides Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

I had trouble figuring out who the actress Kristen Dunst was at first while watching this film. It was not until I saw her on the screen for her second or third time that I recognized who she was. I was not used to her with a southern ascent and blond hair instead of red hair playing Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man.

The Stratton Story

I found it interesting how Jimmy Stewarts physical performance changed as he was walking when he has troubles with his leg. I thought Jimmy Stewarts performance was very convincing.

The Shop Around the Corner

Shop Around The Corner (1940) Is based upon the play "Parfumerie"

A film where you really need to be able to follow the dialog and who is speaking to who and what. The other thing is the body language with the micro expressions on the actors faces. I think that this is one of the better acting films.

I saw this a second time and the story made much more sense because I knew what to look for in the other character while the other was saying the dialog.

What I find interesting is how a key figure to this story is in an affair with one of the characters in the film that is never seen but only referred to by other characters or on the phone. Not much is seen from that particular character as a sign of a relationship but just small hints.

I think the costumes stand out in this film. It is obvious to me that each costume choice perfectly fits the character they are portraying.

I think one of the major stand out characters in this film was Pepi Katona. I like Mr. Pepi Katona in his lines and way he speaks. Pepi almost stole the film by his performance even though we see so little of his character in the film. His character changed drastically when he went from errand messenger to a clerk. I even liked how Pepi's voice and tone changed on the phone as he talked to different characters. Even Pepi's clothes and how he presented himself to others changes in this film as we presents himself to others as different characters.

I liked the scene where Pirovitch is looking through the window of the caf (C) to see who is the girl to Alfred. I enjoy the scene because in it we never see the girl. The scene is purely driven by dialog and what the listeners reactions are to the speaker yet we understand or get a mental picture of what the other sees. Because we don't see the girl and we only can infer what is happening and going on based upon the dialog and reactions.

I like Jimmy Stewarts acting in this film. Just by his body language, facial language he is able to convey a lot in this film about what he really is thinking without necessarily saying anything.

I also like the loyalty and character of Pirovitch.

What gets me about this film is how it mostly takes place at the shop but never felt bird staying in one location. This film is mostly driven by the performances.

Frenchman's Creek

Frenchman's Creek (1944)

A very idealized fantasy told tale of an unrealistic interpretation of French pirates in the 1600's.

The criminals are looked upon as romantics and good guys rather than crooks or villains

This is a film that tells the story mostly from the females point of view. It is mostly told on the home front of England with a little bit in the French pirate ship. Maybe 1/3 of the film show pirate perspective. This film mostly focuses on the wealthy Noble class and the romance between a married woman who already has a child seeking adventure and a pirate captain who likes a woman who obviously is not satisfied with her lifestyle.

This film does not have much action and the pirates just steal and fight people. Often you never see too many killed. Often they are captured, tied up, just to be released again. Maybe two people do you see get killed during the whole film.

This is not a very remarkable film. It does not stand out all that much.

Battleship Potemkin

This film was so impressive. A film that depicts the crude and terrible conditions in the Russian navy. It uses unique editing technics. I uses huge crowds of extras. The scale of this film looks awesome. I have never seen the technic where selective color is used in the coloring of this film. I loved and was shocked when I saw a Russian Red flag appear in this film that as a whole is filmed in black and white. This was very impressive when you hear that this film was being edited up to the end, The cuts were being edited together up to the end so much so that the cuts were being licked together before the opening premier. I enjoyed the film musical score. This is one of the best silent films I have ever seen. I just wish I understood with more context the culture or what was going on with some of the large crowds or why people were being attacked. I found it unique how not everything needed subtitles or was given subtitles so that the audience could interpret what was going on in a scene.

This is impressive when you consider that this was made by a 25 year old where this was his second film of all time and was hired by the Russian government to make a propaganda film.

King Kong
King Kong(1933)

Personally I thought that the film started out slow and boring.

The story and how it is told is crewed. The crew is obsessed with killing anything not human or like them. They shoot dinosaurs for no reason.

Kong agressivly and cruelly kills creatures like lizards, snakes, Dinosaurs.

What gets me is the creatures don't look consistent in three ought the film. Kongs face consistently changes.

The fights even get pretty bloody and graphic.

King Kong was all about raising and making money showing as a specticol.

The humans are so dumb in this film.

Kong almost acts like a pervert with the girl.

They made Kong a slave captive.

The city looks so fake when Kong is incorporated into the scenes. .

"It was Beauty that killed the Beast." which is so dumb because it is such a lie. The humans were the problem causing extension of animals that should not have been messed with their habitat. Not only that but the one responsible for causing so much trouble and seeking out Kong. He is not willing to take credit that he was responsible for causing all the death and trouble.

The human story is so dumb. The only smart one in the film was Asian guy on the boat.

This film was pumped out quickly and it shows from the stop motion.

I felt like this film was so dumb. It did not use critical thinking or thought provoking ideas before pursuing action. They just went strait to action. They just went into kill, kill, kill. There was no real character development or investment.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One (2016)

This was an Amazing Star Wars film. It was much better than the Star Wars prequels. This was so cool. Everyone of the characters was amazing as far as the comedic chemistry compared to that of the original trilogy.

This film explains why never saw these characters in the prequels or the original trilogy.

I loved the CGI and incorporation of look or the original trilogy. I thought that the look of the motion capture Grand Mof Tarkin, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, some rebel pilots from the pilot of the Battle of Yavin IV. The only thing that threw me off was the fact that the voice for Grand Moff Tarkin.

This movie had me invested in the characters more so than I felt like in Force Awakens. This film provided me enough to enjoy the characters more.

I like that film expanded the Star Wars universe by creatures, world.

This film showed world as we have never seen it before. It expanded the world and provided different camera angles as never seen before going inbetween ships.

I did not like the fact that there was no opening crawl to the film. That would have helped the film provide exposition and context to what this film was and when it was being set in.

This was a great prequel to lead up to A New Hope. It has amazing space battles and land battles.

What bothered me was that we never saw an explanation of what lead up to a New Hope.

What upset me was personally even though the music sounded look it belonged in that world there was no new distinguishing themes from Michael Giacchino for Rogue One.

I was really surprised that none of the new characters were able to survive to the end of the film but because of that it helps us appreciate the risk of the Rebellion more what it took to get the plans to the Death Star.

This also is a great film that shows how well Rogue One fits into the exposition provided with the opening crawl to A New Hope.

I was glad we saw and heard from C3P-O and saw R2-D2. I wish we saw more. I thought it was cool we saw the criminals who got sliced up in Mos Esley space port trying to make further trouble by Obi-Wan Kenobi. I was not counting on it. It expanded their role to show they were in more than just one planet or movie.

I was also glad that we heard about the significance of the Senate and we saw in a flashback a little of Couresant.

This film did not rely too heavily on the previous material in order to tell the story but was hinted to ever so slightly.

This felt like a Star Wars film like prequels never did. It did not rely too heavily on CGI to tell the story. It had a good balance of practical effects, special effects, CGI, motion capture technology, and other Technics in order to tell a story.

This is the Star Wars film we deserved instead of Force Awakens or the Prequels. It has practical effects, a story and characters to invest in, It expanded the world rather than condense it. It used CGI only when necessary.

This film visited far more worlds than seen in any other Star Wars film up to this point in one film. This was the first film where we actually saw worlds that were being suppressed by the Empire rather than just entered the area. This film provided context to why the Empire was such bad guys.

This film also helps to make Grand Mof Tarkin more terrifying than we have ever explored before.

What got me about this film was how well ships like the star destoyers looked like models in this film instead of CGI.

This film helped to expand the Jedi and force lore to show that there were others trying to protect the existence of Jedi temples, what was left of the beliefs, the history behind the Jedi after Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

This film showed us things as never seen before, larger rebel Space battles than seen in Return of the Jedi, tropical battles, the Death Star demolitioning entire cities instead of entire planets.

This film brought back the random elements to bring believable world as not seen in Force Awakens.

This film was well directed and incorporated just enough elements of the other films while providing great stories.

This film actually helps provide better context to those talking scenes that always seemed boring in A New Hope.

One thing that bothered me a little was that during speaking scenes there was not enough computer ambient noises to give that real world feel. Especially when it was room in the other films we know that those sounds should have been there but we did not have playing.

What I found interesting about this film was that this film the Rebel Alliance almost functioned like the Republic council where it required all parts of the Rebellion to be united on a choice rather than being more united on it's choices.

I found that aspect interesting. I also never realized that the Rebellion was made up of separate parts united as one which kind of expands the Rebellion into different groups which we may have never been explored before. That may explain why it took 10 years before the Rebellion had a major successful battle against the Empire was because they Were not united on their decisions. This film gives the impression that the Rebellion fought the Empire not unlike The Americans against Great Britain in the American Revolution with mostly defeats to win against the British.

I was really happily surprised to see a light saber fight by Vader like we have never seen before. This film gave us something we have never seen in a Vader fight in a Star Wars film only in Video game form. The same can be said for Yavin IV Rebel base. This film showed a much larger base inside and outside than has been seen on screen of that base. Only in video games have we seen the Yavin IV base look like the representation seen in Rogue One.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

I like this film a lot because of the clone war fight & The Jango Fett character was cool.

I was kind of disappointed when there was soo much love scenes in this film. Other than the love scenes though the action was great.

DE I would have liked to see more of the Sandpeople or also known as Tusken Raiders fight though in this film as well as just more on Tatooine. I felt like we were cheated on that moment showing how bad Anikan was and lead up to Darth Vader.I would have also liked a little more from Jar Jar Binks because his role in the film is so minimal that it should not been in the film A time all.

I like the begging relationship from C-3P0 & R2-D2 in this film I just wish that they would have shown that move in the new Trilogy more than they did like they did in the original trilogy.

I liked that we got to see Yoda fight in this film. It was Amazing light saber fights as never seen before.

I also loved the Battle of Geinois. It was probably my favorite part to the film because I felt like it was the closest connection to the Original trilogy of Star Wars.

My least favorite part to this film was Anikan and Padm portions of the film because it through me out of Star Wars because it did not feel like a Star Wars film. I think that if touch excluded the Anikan and Padm aspects to this film then I would have loved this film more. I loved the Obi-Wan/Jedi council story line.

I loved the opening car chase through Couresant but I hated the sound effects for the Vehicles in this film. They felt out of place in this film.

I loved the Jango fights because those helped explain the and give fans things we never saw from Boba Fett in the Original trilogy.

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge is a great film. I loved how this film looked. I thought that the acting was phenomenal in providing a realism and believably in characters that is not seen too often these days on the screen.

I liked how the film started to give you an idea of where these events are going to lead up. I also think that flash backs and flash forward moments were used very well in this film in that they were not used often and were only utilized to further the story.

This film got intense and got emotional even at the non bloody Scenes depicting the loyalty and devotion to Desmond's beliefs and men hummed he served for.

This film did a great job on the interpretation and depictions of a chaotic battlefield seen in the Pacific realm. I don't think that I have ever seen the Pacific battlefield interpreted as intense and graphic seen quiet like this films interpretation.

This film depict a very Graphic interpretation of the Pacific War that looks somewhere in between the World War I in trench warfare and Vietnam in brutality.

This film felt like it had three separate parts with the love and family dynamic, the fight for Desmond Doss not to Cary a gun, the Hacksaw Ridge Battle.

I really appreciated that the end of the film showed footage and interviews in the film from the real people. Harry Gregson-Williams did the score for this film.

I think that his score did a good job of making you feel those emotions. I liked how this film developed the characters in this film from the military personnel, the family, the love relationship.

I loved the intro scene in the military unit with the naked officer, Desmond Doss, the guy who got a knife stuck in his boot. I felt like it was random and believable. I thought that Vince Vaughn's acting depiction of Sergeant Howell's was probably the best one I have seen of a military leader in a while on how he would ignore the obvious and go for anybody else but the obvious.

This is a film where I probably will buy and I felt like it is a great film for family relationships and those who are interested in World War II films. I feel like some of the violence and body parts can be very graphic so if you don't like that then you may not want to see this film.

This is a film faith. It is a film about standing up for your beliefs and ideology even though others are opposing you. It is about dedication and loyalty. I love how Christianity and beliefs were interpreted and depicted in this film. I also liked how the family was depicted in this film. It was very honest and real.

This is a film I will probably buy when it comes out and would recommend to others.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Jack Reacher Never Go Back (2016) Film Review

I saw Jack Reacher Never Go Back. I don't know how to explain it. Do you know how the first film felt like a action adventure mystery film trying to find the clues? Well in Jack Reacher Never Go Back I did not feel like that too much. I mean the mystery was there but it was not as strong of an emphasis like the first film. I am not sure what this film was but I guess I would classify it as a dysfunctional family chase, escape, and at the end coming together film just to separate to go on with their lives again at the end. The chemistry or back stories to get invested in the characters or victims were missing in Never Go Back.

The best parts of this film I thought were at the beginning and were the best parts shown in the trailers which I found disappointing. I was hoping that what I saw in the trailers would get expanded with more depth than what was depicted in the film.

I don't think that there was any fault in acting or writing for this film. I think that any flaws in this film I would either credit towards Edward Zwick Directors choices on how the film was shot on when to do close ups and long shots, what was emphasized, editing choices to how the film was shot, scenes cut together. I don't think that there was any fault in acting or writing but I would accredit to either directing choices, what was emphasized, editing choices to how the film was shot, scenes cut together, and edited together. For instance action scenes had too many close-ups instead of wide shots or not enough suspense. There were wide shots just before action starts; so no tension is created. Then when action starts there are lots of cuts of close-ups while action is occurring so it makes it difficult to tell when it is actors vs. stunt people doing the action. This film I also thought was too brightly lit or the colors depicted in this film were not used in a way to help create a particular atmosphere for the film. The way it was shot surprised me in that I felt underwhelmed by the action. Since Edward Zwick; the Director of the Last Samurai did Jack Reacher Never Go Back; my expectation was that I would have thought that the action shots should have stood out as more impressive than they depicted in this film.

This film had some good one liners; however nothing quiet stood out as significant that I have not seen before in some other franchise or film done better.

I believe that there were not enough surprises. There was something missing in the character relationships. For instance I felt like this film needed more back story to Agent Turner's coworkers as far as the victims in a relationship so we feel more invested in the victims and agent Turner's relationship with those characters to be able to understand the character who were killed but hardly anything was given on that. I would have liked to have seen Agent Turner at her job before we saw her arrested to get a understanding of what her job was like and relationship between her coworkers was prior to being arrested.

The villains were not developed well enough to care either way for them. The characters of Colonel Morgan, The Hunter, Colonel Moorcroft; all seemed like stereotypical depictions of military or villain characters that have been depicted in other films and shows. There was nothing that stood out as significant as far as something different I have never seen before in other films.

The beginning was good and the end chase scene on the roof of New Orleans was pretty good. The middle body to this film I think needed more work.

This had good lines but the action was not shot very well or long enough to stand out enough. Like the salt shaker scene in the trailer was too brief and needed more tension.

I laughed a few times; however this film was missing the vibe of the first film. I think that this film most of the stories significant parts stood out to the female leads and Jack Reacher himself did not stand out enough to care about his character enough with sympathy. I did not feel the danger in this film like I did in the first film since we saw Jack Reacher get significantly hurt in the first film unlike this film where until the end we often only saw the results of his wounds instead of him actually getting hurt.

I thought that that the Jack Reacher and Agent Turner getting on the bus to escape the military police chase was trying unsuccessfully to wink towards the first film. It did not stand out like the first film did.

In many ways I felt cheated by this film because the advertisements in the trailers showed all the good parts. I expected that I would see more depth to extend the scenes in the trailer or more stand out scenes like that seen in the trailers but those were the only scenes at the beginning and towards the very end but the middle was missing something. I feel as though the trailers advertised all the good parts. Also in the trailers I hoped that more explanation would be given to what was told in the film such as the story about Jack Reacher and the desk but nothing was expanded on that story. I hoped that there were going to be more stories by Jack Reacher talking to Agent Turner or Samantha giving exposition on what Reacher had done while he was in the military or love relationships but instead others gave more stories than Reacher did in this film.

This film felt like a dysfunctional family film where family is always on the run to escape, hide, or chase the bad guys. It did not feel like a mystery. It was others who would give them information they needed or took from others rather than search himself.

What got me was how they threw away the phones that were in the system just to get new throw away phones yet never went to get new phones constantly threw the film.

This film bugged me in how much pick pocketing and theft of others belongings happened from all the main cast characters. It almost made it seem like they were saying it is alright to do that to get under the radar. But also showing how difficult it is since you will caught as seen by the credit card and phone scenes.

One thing I wish was developed further with a better resolution was the character Sergeant Leach. To me that relationship or dynamic seemed like such a great chemistry between Reacher and Leach. It looked like a back story was there but never explained. I wish that some sort or relationship or chemistry was developed or depicted at the end with Agent Turner.

For some reason I did not like the action scenes in how they were cut or shot because I felt like there were far too many close ups during the action and not enough wide shots. I think that wide shots were intentionally used before action started instead of using close ups before to create tension.

I hope that this is not the end of the Jack Reacher franchise since the first film was so good. I think that this film needed a different director to give a different kind of vibe to get you to care about the characters and film the action scenes.

The Accountant

This film is filled with Lots of plot twist that I did not see coming even up to the end.

I liked how the flashbacks were used for this film. They were used a lot better to tell the story compared than many other times I have seen them utilized.

One scene that stood out to me seeing all the numbers Ben Affleck's character had written on the glass windows and eraser board and all the markers he went through and dried up conveying the time that has passed.

I believe that this may be One of Ben Affleck's best performances.

The fights were intense. I liked how just showing the feet, shot bodies, people in shadows, the gun sitting on the table, hearing sounds, or saying what happened to others created suspense and fear of their capabilities.

This film had a lot of plot twist and reveals up till the end of the film.

This film did a great job on character development and making you care about the characters.

This movie was advertised badly in that I expected something different.

This made the fights intense in the family relationship and the character development.

The car trailer and the layout of items with the money, comics, artwork, puzzles organization of drawers looked really cool.

I like the research done for this film and the back story and flash backs were utilized so well. Flashbacks were used so well compared to how I have seen other films.

The intense violence was short which I appreciated. I was expecting it to be much more graphic. There are lead ups to the violent scenes and a lot of it is hinted to by music ques, seeing a foot, a hands, a gun, blood splatters.

The music does a great job of leading you in a particular way without actually telling you what is going to happen. The score by Mark Isham does a great job or creating a false sense of security, creating suspense, or giving you an impression of the scene without telling you what is going to occur in a scene. I enjoyed the film score to this film.

The action was create but several times I felt as the cuts occurred too quickly and I had trouble identifying what exactly was occurring in the fight. Especially when it can to the hand to hand combat.

I liked how close ups of parts of the body or objects were used to create suspense.

One aspect I enjoyed and the major draws to the film that drew me to this film once I discovered that that was what this film was about was Autism and coping with their disabilities. I really appreciated how well this film depicted Autism in this film.

I later appreciated the scene where Ben Affleck's character stayed in a room seen sitting in a bed room with all kinds of objects and things that could set him off and using it to try and remain calm as things such as rapid flashing lights, loud music, a clock could stimulate him to set him off but attempts to use it as a way to stay focused and not go off in a tangent but eventually in the film when someone erases what he has done and interrupts his task and is not allowed to complete a task he is set off when he turns on the stimulation in a room. I think that this film did a great job depicting some of the characteristics of Autism.

This film becomes great in that it shows that even with disabilities people can do great things. As seen by the final reveal of who has been making the phone calls to Ben Affleck's character.

Anticipated, implied, convey, foreshadowed


Delicious (1931)

It is a very darkly lite film but a good choice on actors and well told story. The only things lite tend to be the faces in night scenes or parts that are normally lite from windows, candles, or lanterns. Very little is lite on most scenes. There is no artificial light used to light up a scene. It is almost lite like in a theater play and shot similar to a theater play.

I like the music in the film and how it is utilized for this film. The music in this film is not used too much and is used in a way to further tell the story. It is not there just in order to be able to fit another song.

The film begins with Heather among fellow foreigners on a passenger boat head to New York City and they sing songs of there native cultures.

Sascha writes a song of his own called Delicious to describe her. What I like about it is seeing all the different reactions of Heather as Sascha sings his song and how her reactions change from pleasure, to insulted, to happiness as well as other reactions while Sascha is singing making it appear more natural rather than making it a boring & appear as a staged scene.

Heather from Scotland is not allowed in America relative said could not afford a living for her since relative lost a lot of assets.

The film begins with a bunch of immigrants in the third class onboard a passenger ship like the Titanic.

First class vs. third class.

Henson is such a comedic character

Mr. Beaumont was in first class and is trying to fall in love with Heather.

Heather is convinced that she can not marry anyone unless she loves them. It can not just know them or be friends with them.

All Heathers friends try to protect her and help her out.

Heather gets off ship from hiding with horse stall onboard the ship.

Heather finds her self at Mr. Beaumont's estate then goes back with Russian family.

Mr. Beaumont is already engaged to another girl prior to meeting Heather but he is more in love with Heather.

Sascha is Russian guy who Heather says will marry.

Mr. Beaumont was in a horse race accident. What is smart about how it was done is that the Russian family and Heather heard it over the radio and immediately we see their reactions but it was an easy was to avoid showing action of a horse race and save cost. I think it also created a stronger emotional scene creating distance from the race and the relationship.

The acting is this is very well done. Sometimes it is not what they say that is important but the expressions on face or body actions.

One thing that I liked about this film was that at no point was discrimination about ethnic foreign cultures brought up in this film which I was expecting to happen since there were Russians in this film and in big cities such as New York City at that time discrimination and hate for foreigners taking work away from Americans was common.

This was about friendship between equals even though someone from a higher class in a relationship with someone of a lower class was considered out of the ordinary.

Atlantis, the Lost Continent

It is a boring movie. They do weird things like transform humans to animals in order to work.

The Atlantans have an advanced submarine and powerful energy diamond.

The Greeks are made primitive in speaking and thinks like a cave man or Tarzan only wanting the girl for love.

I had higher hopes for Atlantis look and technology. Even the Atlantans act primitive instead of advanced.

The Atlantans all act as though all foreigners are threats.

There is a gladiator like fight that is so slow that it looks lame. It starts out in a fire charcoal pit and then turns into a fight in a pool where the water keeps rising.

The Chief from Get Smart is in this film as an authority on religion in Atlantis.

A new authority figure of Atlantis wants to conquer the world rather than be defeated by foreigners who know nothing about Atlantis.

The villains are stereotypical villains with no depth. The Atlantans are fearful of foreigners and look foreword to war for the purpose of power and control. There is no depth or development to the characters.

The priest was once a scientists till there thinking changed.

Atlantans once used technology for peaceful uses but then found a way to convert the technology into a useful distructive weapon.

This film almost seems like it is speaking to the Cold War age of fear of war and nuclear war fear.

This one who study's the stars astrology purposely tries to blame the foreigners.

The volcano lava keeps rising steadily.

This film speaks of slavery as bad and try to improve conditions of its workers.

Then the island explodes and melts to the bottom of the ocean. This film is so terrible.

They try to say that the survivors were the ones who were able to spread the myth and legend of Atlantis.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

This film I grew up on at a very young age. James Horner's score of the Enterprise Clearing Mornings was my major introduction to Star Trek at all. I think it is a great Star Trek horror and actions space adventure with great morals.

Great Movie, great musical score by #James_Horner that helps drive the films action and get you emotionally invested into all the characters, Great Action, Great villain Khan portrayed by #Ricardo_Montalban, Great #Director by #Nicholas_Meyer, Great memorable quotes from Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities & everything. The only thing that I did not like was the creatures put in #Chekov's ear. #Kirstie_Alleys portrayal of the character of Saavik was Great in the Wrath of Khan. The other disappointment was that they were unable to bring Kirstie back for movies Star trek III & beginning of IV because she was better than who replaced her.

I think that Director and screenplay writer Nicholas Meyer deserves a lot of credit for this film making the screenplay work by picking what everyone liked and combining it all within a short period of time to create a great story. #NicholasMeyer making the Star Trek world appear believable with random life elements that do not necessarily add to the story but give realism. Nicholas Meyer making a great death scene, changing the uniform to be more militaristic, expanding more depth on the characters back story of #Kirk, #Scotty, Chekov, Khan than had been explored before and picking out James Honer as the composer to this film.

I love how this film begins with the simulator test called the #Kobayashi_Maru

I think that one reason Wrath of Khan works as effectively as it does is by the #fear factor it conveys by what you don't see directly but you get hints of. The music does a good job making the audience scared with anticipation before something happens. The music helps convey how threatening Khan is without actually doing anything but you are able to see what he is capable of doing through others, you see how he commandeered U.S.S. #Reliant, changing your focus to a rat and door and then McCoy bump into seeing bodies, or creatures.

James Horners score for Wrath of Khan is excellent. It is big and dramatic with military and crazy Khan motifs in between. It hits you at the heart when Spock and Kirk's relationship as well. It I can listen to the whole film score from beginning to end with the exception of the creature from Ceti Alpha V going into #Captain_Terrell and Chekov's ears to control them.

The film has great visual effects that are enjoyable to watch from the #phasers, bridge exploding, #Mutara_Nebula, CGI #Genesis effect, and space battles. I think that the visual effects and models still are able to stand up today unless you consider the shadows of the models but I can live with that. I also like how the bridge is lite up and looks in this film.

I think that if you look at the clearing mornings scene from the Motion Picture, Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, or Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country; by far the Wrath of Khan version is far superior. I think it has to do with the environment that is made with believable lines that are in the background that don't necessarily add to the story but provide life to the scene like the check list playing on the computer com that you can hear where as in Star Trek The Motion Picture a lot less is spoken on the com besides necessary dialog. That was one element that Nicolas Meyer helped to contribute to Wrath of Khan was creating that believable world. Even with the torpedo scene just before the Enterprise enters into the Mutara Nebula seemed so like like even though it does not necessarily add to the plot if gave life to the #Enterprise outside of the bridge of the Enterprise.

This film does a great job on the sound effects creating a believable world. Much more realistic dialog and went back to what Star Trek The Original Series was at it's top of it's game.

This film uses literature in a great way like Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities as well as a few other pieces. That provides legitimacy and credibility to the film.

This film helped develop characters like Chekov being a first officer and see another side never seen before. Be saw Scotty with a nephew which had never been explored before. We see Kirk's relationship with his son and former wife #Carol_Marcos explored. We see the crew of the enterprise go up against real life consequences like we have never seen as high as explored in this film with deaths and the Enterprise but in extremely risky situations never been face to as extreme as this film shows.

This film may be the strongest as a whole. I can listen to any part of the film and enjoy it.

This film was smart is showing Khan's strengths and weakness. He looked unbeatable being an augment and using military strategy. This film did a good job of not giving too much exposition to his character from the television show which I appreciated because Khan is almost a different character in his acting in this film compared to how he acts in the episode Space Seed. There is a greater sense of his strength as a leader just in his costume and how Khan pulls his figure. What works is that we never see Kirk and Khan face to face. They are always communicating over the view screen or the communicator. They are never physically in the room together.

I also liked how this film brings up the third dimension. It is something that does not get discussed much even when considering most space battles since on Earth we tend to think on a flat perspective.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

I liked the music as far as the score and score.

It is an odd film with a temporal time complex story.

I think that the CGI was used appropriately in combination with the CGI. I liked how much of the film was shot practically with CGI.

I liked the lighting and historic look.

I found it bizarre. I wish that we saw more of some of the other children. Some of them I was not even sure exactly what their powers were.

I liked the wind and air power. I also liked the fire powers and invisibility.

The temporal repeat loop the same date in time was a bit confusing to explain. They kept living on the same day in September 1943. If it is the same date repeated then how come they are not seeing themselves each day?

I liked the lighting and how the film was shot.

I think that the lead up to the world was too long as far as the explanation. It was confusing to follow at the beginning and slow in a way that was not told interesting because it too far too long.

I also thought that the villains of the film took far too long in the film to develop and introduce in the film. There was not enough of them to make those villains as strong enough in my opinion to develop as a strong treat.

I thought that the eating the eyes bothers me as disturbing images. I can't stand having anyone even puff air in my eyes.

Samuel L. Jackson portrays a good villain in this film. I just wish that we saw more threatening qualities from him to be more terrifying.

Miss. Peregrine reminded me of Mary Poppins but there for a strange super power house and looked like Angelina Jolie.

I loved the graphics going into the ship going from being in water to all the sudden having it filled with air.


Storks (2016)

I think that I enjoyed the beginning was better than the end.

The wolves were the best part of the movie. I thought the film was hilarious.

I like the soundtrack and film score.

I liked it when ever they said boss. Or the little birds being used as tennis balls.

I liked the world that was created being so large and the penguin fight trying to be as quiet as possible.

The only big problem I had with the film was the pigeon in this movie. It was not funny and I don't think that character actually added much to the story.

I like the beginning with the girl in the mail room playing all the parts herself with the hair changing then she does a group hug with herself.

I think that it was a long lead up to the parents who only cared about real-estate.

I think that this film put way too much emphasis in the business aspect to the film. It was boring, been told many times before, and not relatable to kids. A lot of the ideas in the film had been seen before and portrayed better in other things but I enjoyed most of it in this film.

Angels in the Outfield

Very well done movie. I just love the lines "It could happen." Great actors & music.

Angels in the Outfield 1994

I like the film score. It has emotional feeling and I like the casting for actors in their role. i think that everyone does a great job in their role for this film.

I like the visual effects and look of the angels. This is an element which was lacking in the 1951 film.

This film is funny and hits the emotional feelings that the original film did not. It has great catch phrases especially from J.B. woth lines like "It could happen" and "Nacho butt."

The kids, coach, and team members of the angels are all shown in a darker situation at the start than they ever were in the original 1951 film.
There is a stronger emphasis on the ball game and on the crowds perspective compared to the original film.

More depth is provided to the baseball announcer. They develop his personality and behavior much more strongly compared to the 1951 film. They develop him as a character you love to hate.

The Coach George Knox believes that the team is untrainable and was given the team to play.

Media coordinator David is so hilarious. It is not so much what he does but what he doesn't do that works. Also it is about what he wears that makes the scenes work. He becomes the slap stick character who always gets the abuse from the kids. Getting ketchup, musters, soda, popcorn all splattered on him. They do it so well and really easily told after a while by just having him shown up with different costumes.

A stronger emphasis is made to using the music and visuals to drive the scenes further. I love the musical score because it can give you shivers of a powerful scene. This film focuses more on the kids rather than the adults which I think makes this much more relatable for a family film than just focusing on the adult problems.

The kids are in an foster home and Roger prays to try and get back with his father to get out of being in a foster home.

There is a sense that the coach is really terrible only looks out for his own interest rather than for the team as a whole. He even has a past history with Mel for causing some of the medical and physical problems he is dealing with.

We see Baseball announcer drink alcohol while on duty.

I love Danny Glover's as Coach George Knox response as team wins first games as he is in utter shock; it is hilarious.

I love how the clouds look in the long exposure shot.

The radio baseball announcer is made even more of a jerk by not allowing the other announcers to speak for air time.

The angels makes a rules about not telling others about their existence

Al played by Christopher Lloyd is awesome. He makes it a likable and memorable face to the Angels. He is similar to Clarence in It's a Wonderful Life but with more of an edge.

I think that Danny Glover does a great job in the role of the coach.

Nachos butt.

Maybe you should not swear so much because angels don't like it.

Mel Clark is given a strong emotional story since the coach George Knox started with a bad past history as the coach was responsible for Mel's injuries. Then in the end it is a much more emotional ending.

Roger and J.B. are the kids who are the main characters.

Ranch Wilder the voice of the Angels who is the baseball announcer.

Championship have to be won on there own.

Mel going to come soon from smoking all those years. But he is covered.

To me this film does a great job hitting the emotional scenes like as we hear about Roger's fate with his father, the scene where we hear of Mel's eventual fate due to smoking, seeing the entire stadium crowd stand to make the flapping angel wings with their hands, and the end fate for J.B., Roger, and the Coach I think are all effective by the musical score. I credit the musical score and visuals for why this film is so much more successful compared to the 1951 film.

Angels in the Outfield

Angels in the Outfield 1951

This movie is different from the 1994 Disney film.

The emphasis is on the coach and the reporter and a little on the girl who can see angels. The angels are never seen and the baseball game is never really shown too much except in close ups and medium shots. Not much is shown in wide shots.

In the 1994 film the players, kids and angels are given a stronger part in the film. There was more developed on the characters.

This film is told from the Coaches perspective the strongest. The other aspects are touched only to help further the coaches story. In the 1994 film it is told from the kids perspective.

I think that baseball as far as the plays is not shown very much compared to just mentioned in discussion and what is seen tends to be talking parts rather than the game showing the action.

In this film we never see the angels. Only told by the girl what is told and the coach hears to voice of the angel.

The coaches credibility is questioned for seeing angels and fighting.

I don't think that this film hits the emotional feelings like the 1994 film in comedy and sadness.

The girl is in a church nun run orphanage with a lot of kids.

This film saves money by not showing action but tell story by what people say they see and lots of speaking parts to drive the scene telling you what had or is happening without showing anything.

This film emphasis the relationship of the female reporter and the coach.

The Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven (2016)

I was not counting on the church getting burnt up at the beginning of the film.

There were not redeemable qualities in the characters like in the original.

There were darker moments. The characters are all grayer. This one has a diversity in cast, in Ethnicity and in beliefs.

I was surprised seeing Matt Bomer from White Collar being in the movie. I was not counting on it.

I think that the costumes and sets looked authentic.

This was an action packed film. It has more guns, dynamite, Gatline gun.

I think that the gun to knife challenge needed to be longer to be more impressive. I think that it did not have the proper timing devoted to the scene.

I was glad that James Horner's written score was used for seven themes for this film. I was glad that Elmer Bernstein's theme was used for the end credits but I wish that it was utilized more in the film. I liked the music but I wish that the themes stood out better as more distinguishable enough where I am humming the theme latter on as I walk out of the theater.

I think that all the characters were interesting and had you cheering for them.

I liked the landscapes in the film. I thought that the natural lighting look was a nice touch to the look of the film.

I was surprised by who survived and who died by the end of the film other than Denzel Washington.

I liked the 1960's one I felt like the gun slingers started out corrupt and came out redeemable characters. In this film I felt like they were still gray characters by the end of the film.

I was surprised that Chris Pratt with the cards instead of clapping hands.

This one had more as far as what they were able to do for the town vs. the village in the 1960's version of Magnificent Seven.

I think that the one character I was not expecting to like at the end was the guy from Law and Order and Jurassic World.

I wish that more back story history was devoted to the characters. Especially the native Americans, Asian, and Mexican characters.

There was a believability and realism in the characters and world they were in.

I have trouble distinguishing weather I like this film more or less from the 1960's version. I I like the action in both films. I liked the fact that this film was upgraded to a town vs. a village. I liked the diversity in the cast vs. the 1960's version or the 7 Samurai film. The new version the characters are grayer and the violence is more intense than the 1960's. I liked the main villain better in the 1960's version and we saw more of the villain in the 1960's version.

I felt like there was a stronger connection to the villagers and children in the village in the 1960's version compared to this version. I liked the comedy better in the 1960's version.

I liked the clapping hands but I also liked the cards from Chris Pratt's character.

The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketters 1948

I think that very quickly once the film begins it is easily noticeable that this film looks very pretty in Technolocolr

This film has A very large and well regongized cast of actors who either were well known or became very well known in cinematic history including Gene Kelly as D'Artagnan
Lana Turner as Lady de Winter
June Allyson as Constance Bonaciex
Vincent Price as the cardinal Richelieu
Frank Morgan as King Louis XIII
Angela Lansbury as Queen Anne

This film is Directed by George Sidney. George Sidney did an excellent job

The costumes look so elegant, colorful, and feel like royalty compared to other musketter films. They appear clean and staged rather than believably lived in.

The first sword fight was interesting in that the musketeers fight in a park by trees and water fountains and monuments. We see one of them jump over each other climb and run and jump off trees. It is an open area with plenty of places to go. The action includes some crazy choreography and stunts which look amazing and fantastic but they don't look necessarily believable that they would happen in reality in a fight.

It has a different vibe from the other Musketeer films. It has slap stick comedy, the tragedy is never really seen but expressed through shadows, blood, or told by people through expressions and tricks to avoid seeing any blood.

The D'Aragnan's fight towards the end was turned into a Warner Brothers slap stick fight.

I was surprised to see a young Angela Lansbury portray Queen Anne. I was not counting on that going into this film.

We also see Frank Morgan who played the the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz portray King Louis the XIII in this film.

I like the cuts for the action scenes. It gives the impression of quickness and is able to keep the audiences attention.

I like the low angles in this film when we see Vincent Price as the Cardinal Richelieu as the villain. It gives this impression of power, and villainy.

I like the silhouettes as the musketeers are seen riding on their horses leaving for England to try and retrieve the diamonds for the queen.

The chase and fight to get towards England you can tell when they are by the ocean that they are in California.

Some of the stunts and jumping onto the horses seem unbelievable and fantasy like in a cartoon way that don's seem believable.

This film is able to maintain a good pass (C) as it is constantly on the move and does a good job on the cuts to show different perspectives of the scene.

I think that it does a good job on casting, stunt work, sets, lighting, and costumes look elegant and idealized even if not accurate depictions.

The action and poses remind me of Errol Flynn characteristics to a film.

The lighting and shadows reminds me of the look I may see in a early Disney film like Snow White, Pinocchio, or Dumbo.

I was not satisfied by the results to the ending of this film since I felt like the Cardinal Richelleu portrayed by Vincent Price was still in power capable of using his powers for wrong.

I was surprised by how little we saw of Cardinal Richelleu in this film. It is very little.

Outside of the sets when it came to the landscapes near the ocean or wide open areas it became easy to identify that they were not of France but shot in California based upon the geography of the rocks, trees, and cliffs.

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940

I think that Abraham Lincoln looked too old at the start of the film.

This film mostly covers Abraham Lincoln starting from his early love history but not told but in an idealized fashion.

We see John Brown at Harpers Ferry captured and arrested by Robert E. Lee with Down Brown holding his dieing son in his arms but does not show what John Brown actually did to try to end slavery at

It covers a little bit on Lincoln's political carrier. I find some of the details exaggerated and mythical rather than historically correct. This film also jumps to events and skips a lot of information.

It hints at events and covers the Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln presidential debate.

I think that some of the letters, newspapers, and text are not put on the screen long enough to read them all.

We see Lincoln family about to get a family portrait but they keep finding a way to move and get out of taking the photo.

Chicago Tribute made appointment for photographer to take family portrait for the campaign.

Stephen Douglas has own cheering parade as he arrives into the town.

I thought it was interesting how at the Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debate a reporter was writing his words in Morris code on paper to send in the telegraph rather than written out in words.

The actor playing Lincoln looked like Lincoln but I think that this film missed something because it is told in a boring way and not in a way that really adds anything to his background or those characters sounding Lincoln's life. I have seen better Abraham Lincoln films.

The Sugarland Express

This was very good movie. Steven Spielberg did a great job telling this story.

I was surprised by the movie. I was surprised to find that the two were not arrested sooner. It is surprising how much support the criminals got in Texas. I was surprised by the ending. With the exception of one of them getting shot the other got off pretty well. The amount of police cars chasing them is crazy. I was also surprised how the police were so lenient to the criminal's demands in giving them what they wanted.

It was impressive the amount of police cars chasing the criminals car. It seemed a little over kill to have soo many follow just one car for something that might only need like 6 police cars at most. It was also surprising how long the police were pursuing the Lou Jean Poplin and husband Clovis.

Some of the wide landscape scenes look interesting

There are some funny moments like the crowds cheering on the convicts to get their kids.

It also gets to be unbelievable with all the police cars following them.

I liked the green and red lights used inside the police cars at night while they are talking in the radios. Especially in the scene between the two Louisiana police officers.

I never realized that the Louisiana Police Troopers got into a car accident during the first time I saw this film.

I also did not recognized in the first showing but caught during the second viewing was all these pedestrians who were armed trying to stop these convicts. And All the police disarming the people who were attempting to shoot the convicts when they drove through the town.

On my second viewing I recognized and appreciated these long one shots inside the car where the camera was moving around while the car was driving but with ver few cuts inbetween when the criminals are making their first demands to the police.

Also I appreciated the scene where the Warner Brothers Wilde Cyody cartoon and the window reflection of the carton as we see the Cyody reach his fait and the irony of the convict Clovis who had just earlier been asking of his wife Lou Jean what if we are not able to get their son. Then what? Then the Warner Brothers cartoon depicts his eventual fait.

I do think that the font for the credits for this film is very small and hard to read especially on the T.V. Screen.

I am surprised by John Williams score for this film since it has very little as far as score music. His score really only plays about 6 times I would say. I think that if there is any music it comes from the radio, places they go in the background and so fourth.

I also was surprised to see Boy Scouts in this film in the first large crowd scene and even at the end they start guiding traffic out of the area.

It was interesting to see gas sold for .33 cents per fallen in this film.

One thing I think is unique about this film is how this film shifts between different tones but does not transition through the technic of music. This film goes from a criminal film, chase/ suspense film, action, romance, a comedy, police drama, and tragedy all in one without distinct music queues used to distinguish the transitions to the audience. Therefore this film can be difficult to try to define.

I like the scenes where we are in normal talking situations and we learn a little back story about the three characters in the car. It becomes obvious towards the end of the film that the relationship Statius of the police officer to the convict changes from doing his job, wanting to stay alive to towards the end of the film he still has that but he no longer has fear that the prisoners will kill him because he has created trust and a bonding relationship, he also cares about the fait of the convicts. I like that the relationships go somewhere in this film. I also like that this film shows how unusual these circumstances were and how the media almost interpreted them as heroes.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two strings

A film that was advertised to sound like a kids film with slap stick comedy in the trailers but in reality covers simple, more important story issues and has very little slap stick. In fact most of the funny parts were told in the trailer.

One of my favorite parts is the Asian sounding music.

I like the important issues this film covers such as the importance of the telling the story, memories, ancestors. Memories becomes an important part of the film for telling the stories and fact that some characters have troubles telling their stories.

In many ways I did not know what to expect from this film because the trailers to me portrayed a slap stick kids comedy of things I have seen better told before.

Stay during the credits for the behind the scenes to how they made.

This movie was really good when it came to the water And backgrounds it was hard to see when it was stop motion is some cases.

There were a lot of metaphors. It is a coming of age story. A boy learning to become an adult.

The armor was a metaphor to help tell the story. But what proved the most useful was not those elements but the musical instrument to be able to tell the story.

I think that a lot of the jokes were told during the trailer so I did not find this film all that funny.

I think that this film was a little slow as far as the passé of the film for my taste just because in some parts I was not exactly sure where they were trying to go for the film.

A Southern Yankee

There were some jokes that worked but this film was not able to hit all the jokes in my mind. I think that they tried some of the jokes way too much like Red Skelton's character consistently tripping throughout the film being clumsy. I don't think those worked in the film after a while because it happened far too much. So much so that it became predictable and a characteristic rather than funny. Red Skelton's character after a while became annoying and the only characters I enjoyed were anyone but Red Skelton. It is not a movie I would recommend but it does have some interesting jokes that I do believe did work such as a joke written by Buster Keaton which is Red Skelton march with one flag facing the Confederates and the other side the Union and stops a temporary fire until the wind blows.

I think this film missed the moral and the risk element. If there was a sense of the danger by a loss I think that this film would have been made it's marks better but there was no sadness or seriousness of the ramifications of what was going on. It was just all jokes. Because of that this film missed on it's message.

I also felt like this film ended too conveniently by having the War just end the way it did just seemed unrealistic. There was no sense that the Union or Confederates were is severe danger from low supplies or dirtiness, hunger. It all seemed like they were both on equal footing besides medical supplies and wounded men by the Confederacy and the Union low on cotton supplies.

The Circus
The Circus(1928)

It is hilarious. Great job on comedic timing. Bringing up real human difficulties.

It uses great special effects.


Sully 2016

I was not expected the clipped the wing and crashed

I did not expect the film to start the way it did.

It was good at being able to capture the feelings, stress, and mental thinking, psychologically aspects. I think that this film was able to capture how cereal

This film did a good job capturing the event and the psychological aspect.

I liked the scenarios and simulators shown of crashing and going back from different perspectives. I liked the aspects of explosions.

I was not aware that some of the passengers tried swimming away from the plane.

I feel like this film is better to see in IMAX. I would have preferred a big screen for the landscapes and for the sound effects.

What stood out to me was how little there was as far as the music. There was very little. The film was was driven by the speaking and sounds.

I loved the fact that Sully brings up the very good point during the simulators that it did not put into the equation The human factor. The simulator did not even put in there air traffic control.

I liked how the copilot mentioned early on in the film that Sully went directly from step 16 to step 52 of what to do incase of an emergency because he was an experienced pilot vs. one who did not know what to do.

Practice in simulator 17 times before getting the landings right. That seemed unbelievable that that kind of expectations should be kept in reality.

I was not counting on the flash backs Sully back in the day seen flying a biplane when he was a teenager and when he was AirFlorce showing he has dealt with plane troubles before in the past. I liked that because it provided the aspect that Sully knew what he was doing and this was not his first time dealing with plane troubles.

Stay till the end. There are a few scenes in the end and mid credits of this film.

For those interested in psychology, disasters, or airplanes you will enjoy this film.

I think this film was also able to give you a better understanding of how the pilot feels and thinks. Also gives you an idea of how surreal a flight crash can be from the pilot and even a passengers perspective was on this event was even after the event with everyone wanting to ask you questions. This also shows how intimidating the media can be on you and your family.

Suicide Squad

I liked the characters. This film made it likable. It provided a good introduction at the beginning of the film. I think anyone who sees this film will probably feel as though they did not get enough of all the characters but I also think that we got enough information to be introduced to to be interested in what those characters will do next.

Going into this film I imagined a much darker film. Had it been more silent moments I would have been a much darker film.

I felt invested in all the characters. I felt invested in all the characters somewhat emotionally.

I liked how much Batman was in this film.

I was really surprised that I was not more scared in this film. I was expecting to be scared of Joker in this film.

I felt emotionally invested in each of the main characters due to their losses.

Harley Quinn acted exactly how I imagined where her main devotion lied with Joker.

Joker reminded me of pimp version of Mark Hamill's portrayal Joker but not as scary in this film.

I loved the music from the songs to the score.

I loved that we got to see hints to the Harley Quinn 1990's cartoon costume in this film.

My problem was that the way the lines were said in the trailer gave a much more powerful emotional and comedic impression than I got while I was watching the film.

I thought that the main villain was not big and dangerous for film.

Once Enchantress turned into a belly dancer was a weird. It did not fit with the character who we had seen earlier in the film that was mysterious. One thing I did not understand about Enchantress was what she was doing with the portal. Why was the villain Enchantress were using a similar idea as seen in films like the first two Thor films, Spider-Man 2 or The Avengers by building something to destroy the world as we know it by means of a portal. The plan was never explained enough to understand what she was up.

I liked #Diablo had a great story and felt bad because he killed family.

The characters, relationships, and chemistry between the characters; are the best parts of the film.

The flow to the film seemed a little off.

The way that #Flash and Batman were utilized in this film I felt was adequately used to only introduce them to the stories of the villains back story. I did not need to see a lot of them. And this film used them the right amount.

Will Smith as Deadshot was probably was the best part to the film.

I was pleased with Harley Quinn's portrayal felt like the portrayal that I imagined her to be.

Some of the feelings were not as strong enough as I had imaged to feel sad or cheer like I felt like when I watched the trailers.

Some songs I did feel were a bit out of place because some of the music did not give me the emotional response it could have with no music or different music such as Deadshot trying to get #Diablo.
It made some scenes anticlimactic.

Some cuts made scenes predictable like showing Katana's samurai sword just before Harley Quinn stables #Enchantress and I thought that that should have been not shown until Enchantress was stabbed to show the surprise.

I was expecting the bar scene to be much more powerful emotional and climatic scene than was presented in the film.

The Joker and Harley Quinn was like a Bonny and Clyde relationship.

I think we needed more Enchantress back story as a witch.

I think that there was too many songs back to back and in some ways we needed them spread out with fewer songs so that we are cheering in excitement.

I thought that the origin story to Harley Quinn was not strong enough emotionally. It could have been told better with different music.

The ending to this film showed by #Diablo was so important to the team because he was very much underutilized in the scene.

I loved #Katana in this film. There was enough mystery in the character where I found it interesting. I loved the story behind the sword and how the hair looked on her.

Boomerang happened to be the character where we had no clue what kind of character he was or why he was even in the group at all.

Amanda Waller was a character where you never felt quite sure if she was a good or bad character from the beginning even to the mid credit scene it made you question where she stood.

This is a film where I would be interested in seeing another film like this with different villains.
This films mid credits sequence hints to the Justice League.

#SuicideSquad #filmreview #Deadshot #Harley_Quinn #HarleyQuinn


Inception 2010 Film Review

I just saw Inception for my first time.
I thought that this was going to be a film about studying how the brain works in a dream state or going into dreams for strategic information as a spy. In some sense it was that but this was not as much that. This film was very confusing because of the cuts in the film and how they were done.

Visually this film looked interesting.
Story wise I felt disappointed because I was expecting more unexpected things and more rules to be broken since it is a dream that things that don't exhist in reality would start to occur similar to the Hollowdeck or the world of the Matrix. Like people would have abilities they would not have, things from fictional worlds would appear. You would see people interacting who should not be interacting with each other in real time or space like the president meeting George Washington.

This story was so confusing to follow. It broke the laws of physics but also was cut and told in a way where I was not exactly sure what the purpose of this all was. I imagined a completely different story and in the end felt disappointed because this was not the film I had imagined based upon the film trailers.

At the end of the film I was not so sure that Leonardo Decapreo's character was really in really since the top was continuing to spin.

I was disappointed by the world's created that we were not actually seeing made up worlds like going to a different planet or different time. Making things up in our mind. Seeing other people's fantasies good and bad come true besides DeCapreo's character.

I imagined this film being like a combination of three episodes of Star Trek Star Trek The Original Series episode "Shore Leave", Star Trek The Next Generation episode "Message in a Bottle" and Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode "Extreme Measures". This film had elements of that but not completely.

They Died With Their Boots On

They Died with their Boots on 1941

An Errol Flynn film. A movie about Custer The 7th Calvary. Errol Flynn plays the character with nobility, honor, and loyalty towards the military. The only problem is I think that the real Custer was not a good as portrayed in the film.

It has Gene Lockhart.

Conspiracy to get Custer out of the picture by saying that there is gold in the part of the West where none existed in order to brake treaties with Native Americans to gain land.

I liked the military music and the action.

It was a very entertaining story.

The Great Diamond Robbery

A film about a diamond cutter and yet doubted by his employers abilities.

Then when Red Skelton's character gets drunk someone discovers him. Comes up with a con to rob him of his money but as he finds out that Red Skelton is more valuable than just a few hundred dollars they create a con to find his family to create trust in Red Skelton's character. Eventually Even though Red Skelton's character at the end feels disheartened for being lied to and did not really find his real family he was able to prove his diamond cutting ability and was able to find a lover.

Personally I did not find this film all that funny for a Red Skelton film. It mostly revolved around the crooks and trying to get away by stealing.

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home was the funniest of all the Star Trek films, It utilized all the characters the most compared to just the dynamic 3 Kirk, Spock, & McCoy. Each of them is used in an important way rather than a miner role. It covers a very important issue that is the planet and covers extinction. It is a Time Travel film that goes into the modern world of 1986 so it was very relatable to anybody no matter if they are a Star Trek fan or not. It pays respect to the previous films and shows. It utilizes all the things developed before in the series and films. The glasses from Wrath of Khan make a comeback in this film. The whales all look real not robotic. If you are to recommend a Star Trek film to a non fan it would be Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.

We get the great scene with Scotty Hello, Computer. The keyboard, how quaint!

I have seen it many, many times since I was very young. I grew up on this Star Trek film.

The one drawback to this film is the time travel sequence with the CGI faces that looks like someone was on drugs when they made that scene. Then the amount of swearing.

One of the biggest inaccuracies is how they completely changed the Klingon Bird of Pray set from Star Trek III The Search for Spock. However I will admit that I do like the way the Bird of Pray looks in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home compared to Star Trek III The Search for Spock.

I loved the music especially the film score by Leonard Rosenman that sounds fun and was very different from any Star Trek film but I love.

Star Trek Beyond

I did not enjoy this film much. I did not laugh much. I only laughed twice during the film.

I only liked the McCoy and Scotty. I liked the Spock and McCoy dynamic. But Spock is too emotional for a Vulcan. Leonard Nimoy always suppressed his emotions and would avoid showing others that he is in love or had any emotions. I could not get into Spock in this film.

I did not laugh much in this film.

I liked the visuals of the Space Station and the planet landscape.

I wish that the score by Michael Giacchino was was more memorable or recognizable. What disappointed me was how little of the Star Trek theme was played in this film. The theme was not played too much except at the end.

Technology felt out of place. I have trouble believing or investing in this world as a hard core Star Trek fan.

I like that they have all the characters doing things. Rather than just rely on Spock, Kirk, and McCoy.

I have trouble investing in this Star Trek world. I did not feel for the ship or the characters like I should have.

I did not get why Captain Kirk was not being punished for having two Starfleet vessels destroyed.

I could not get into the end sequence with the anti-gravity. I just did not get how no gravity or the laws of gravity were acting so strange.

I could not believe that the Enterprise got destroyed so quickly. That the crew was fighting with no warp engines, that the ship was not blowing up because of the warp engines being blown up, that Kirk did not take the ship more seriously. In the original Series Kirk said that he already had a girl. Her name is the Enterprise. I could not believe how long the Enterprise falling apart took. It took way too long and I did not feel the risk.

With all the destruction we had to reward Kirk with a new ship. Really?! To me this would have been punishment and reevaluating his discussions to destroy so many starfleet ships so quickly. If this was any of the other series his actions would have been reevaluated for disobeying the prime directive on several accounts and destruction of property.

I have trouble believing this to be a Star Trek World. I can believe this to be a science fiction world but not a Star Trek world because the technology does not look right or believable.

I did not understand the villain. Why was he killing people? Why was this human character now an alien. What is he trying to get at and why is he killing people. The alien villains did not make sense.

I did like the original cast picture from Star Trek V The Final Frontier.

And of course we had to have an Enterprise-A at the end of the film. Really? I wish that they waited till the next film to get a new ship.

I had trouble getting into all the weird sideways and turning camera angles. This is Star Trek not a Marvel, DC, or other Science fiction franchise. There should not be all those angles in a Star Trek franchise.

Something was missing for me. It was all adventure but with no clear moral or meaning.

Ocean's Thirteen

Oceans 13

I thought that the film started out slow because it was a lot of talking and set up discussions to what would happen later in the film.

Jumping through the elevator corridors looked dangerous and crazy amazing.

I like the American flag motorcycle costume.

You shook Sanatra's hand so you should know better.

I enjoyed the casting decisions for this film.

The diamonds were donated towards charity for 200 kids to go to camp.

I wish that there was a little more action to this film.

The music in this film was pretty good. It was interesting how this started out be a plan for redemption but as more people came involved this became than just stealing money from one system but also diamonds for someone else if they are to be allowed to use drill to help disrupt the casino main computer and security system.

I liked the dice machine that would make the dice role to the numbers they wanted to make 7.

Is it as good as the first film. No, but I do like the fact that this is a different story and it sounds convincing. This also goes into stories concerning greed, loyalty, and dedication no matter the cost. Sticking up for those people in your life that mean the most. This was not about the money but doing what is right based upon morals.

The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets film review

The film shares a lot of the same characteristics as Toy Story & Toy Story 2. The best parts of the film are the parts that share no similarly to the Pixar films. I wish that the film did not have enough uniqueness.

I liked the film score by Alexandra Desolate the same

I liked the snake scene where they avenge it. It was kind of like Return of the Jedi with the Rancor.

I liked the hawk in the film. It was unexpected.

This was a Hoggpog of different films wrapped all into one film. There was no cohesive theme to the film.

The weiner dog scene it did not make sense.

In this film I did not feel as invested in the characters as we should. The characters were not well developed.

The search and rescue reminded me of elements of the first two Toy Story films.

I did not expect the cat to be female based upon the trailer.

The way the trailers advertised this film I thought I was going to see a better and different kind of film.

This film was a different from the expectation I had going in based upon the impression provided from the trailers.

This film missed on having a moral or emotional moments to invest in the characters.

This film also had far too many characters to follow with very little character backstory.

All the pets had negative attributes.

This film was missing a few things to make it a cohesive story. The film felt like it was a mixture of many story elements wrapped up into one film.

Also the hotdog wiener packing factor did not make sense as far as why that was out into the film. That element of the film made no sense. It added nothing to the plot of the story.

The old dog was funny. It had a lot of unexpected moments with that dog.

I was hoping that going into the film the Secret Life of Pets it was going to be a better film but it just turned out to be an average film. It had a few funny jokes but often the jokes were things I have heard before or were very similar to things I have seen or heard in previous films. This film also was missing a few things such as character investment from their back story or from dramatic experience, it had too many characters, and there was no clear purpose or morals to this film. There did not seem to be a cohesive story. It was a film that felt like they put a bunch of the best ideas and elements from other stories and put them down into one film.

There were also parts of the story where you should have felt some emotional investment in the characters when somethings happened but as an audience those feelings were absent.

The BFG(2016)


I thought that visually this film looked fascinating and interesting with the incorporation of the motion capture technics, the camera movements, and the advances in CGI. This film at the beginning made sure to introduce you to the size and scale of the world by constantly moving. It also worked on various perspectives.

This film as far as a story perspective this film was missing something. This was missing something as far as the plot because it lacked much as far as a problem to invest in. also this film never really explains too much concerning why does BFG collect dreams or what happened to the humans captured before by BFG.

This film missed a distinct score theme to identify with. The score resembled score sounds I have heard before from John Williams like in Star Wars the Phantom Menace and the Harry Potter films. However the score did not sound all that remarkable or unique compared to other John Williams film scores.

This film visually and story wise reminded me of elements of what Steven Spielberg had done in Hook and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. They both hide each other to the culture and try to and avoid something bad from happening by their own culture. The movements inside BFG's home in a few scenes reminded me of the cart chase in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Adventures of TinTin.

I thought that once we went to England to see the Queen I felt like there was something off or out of place once we went there in the story compared to the rest of the film. It felt out of place and I felt like lost me because I could not convincingly believe that that interaction could actually happen in that way in reality. Also the Queen would not have been the place to go ask the questions she wanted. It would have been the Prime Minister.

I liked the costumes in the movie. I felt like it matched well with every characters personality.

I was not into the language spoken my BFG. If he has supposedly existed since the begging of time don't you think he and culture would have been noticed and spoken better in terminology than that seen in the film.

I also never understood why we don't see more people on the streets of London by The Orphanage in the film besides those near the pub at the beginning of the film. I felt like the lack of people and vehicles on the streets did not give enough realism and life to the film. The lack of people roaming around the streets reminded me more of a stage show.

The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan

The film had some interesting elements.

It was interesting having Samuel Jackson's character have different motives than Tarzan's yet share common goals. I think that gave the film a little more realism and believability that each had different motives for why everyone was there. Samuel L. Jackson needed Tarzan. I liked the slave trade element that gave this film a bit more as far as historical believability and context rather than making the film all seem like fiction. This film talks about issues like slavery, debt, killing wildlife, preserving wildlife,

The end sequence was pretty cool with all the animals stampeding and fight sequences reminded of Spider-Man.

What I enjoyed most was the way the film was shot with it's landscapes and close up shots.

The film score by Rupert Gregson-Williams was pretty good too. I also was glad that the film incorporated authentic African native songs as well as score.

This film very much had a period look I could believe belonged to England, America, and Africa in costumes, sets, props and everything else. I liked how the film looked visual.

One thing I found took me out of the movie a little bit was that Samuel L. Jackson sounded vocally to modern rather than a period character and the actress who played Jane, Margot Robbie without a British accent did not have the ascents that would match the 1890's. It sounded like we had modern people in a period film.

I think that the opening credits was interesting with the historical background and the opening sequence with the diamonds.

I wish more was invested into the background the main antagonist.

I thought it was interesting how they did the back story to the tribe and Tarzan but how it was done was pretty well were we the audience got an impression of a past but it was not necessary to tell in great detail.

I had a problem with the amount a CGI animals in some places. I wish that there were some real animals mixed in with CGI. The ants looked cool.

Some of the look to this film reminded me of Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes films.

This film had a lot of slow moments that I think could have been edited better. It had parts that were a little boring.

The scenes of Tarzan swinging on the vines looked very interesting. I liked how they were shot.

I was glad that this film was a sequel rather than an origin film. Just because we have seen so many origin films in the past.

If you come to expect lots of action they they may be disappointed by the low amount of action in this film.

Alexander Skarsgård was a good choice for actors for portraying John Clayton as Tarzan.

I wish this film had some comedy in the film.

I liked the look of 5 year old Tarzan portrayed by Christian Stevens. I thought his depiction matched the look I had imagined in the film.


Jumper 2008

I loved the film score in this film made by composer John Powell.

I think that Samuel L. Jackson did a great job in the role playing a bad ass villain.

This film did a great job on going to locations all over the world and the concept to the film was great.

What felt like this film felt a little slow or flat came from the way the actor Hayden Christiansen who played Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels.

Pennies From Heaven

Pennies From Heaven

I enjoyed watching this movie. It is filled with great music, serious issues, and comedy.

This film ask how to support yourself or a family when there is no plan and how to make a way when one is desperate.

I think one of the things that interesting was that this film goes into a lot of different environments and jobs to be able to keep the audiences attention such as a jail, a restaurant, an orphanage, and more.

I found the Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby parts to this film very good. I was kept fully engaged when either one was on screen during this film. Bing Crosby does a lot from doing very little such as body or facial expressions to tell a lot.

They try to put the girl in an orphanage in most of the film just to get to the end of the film where the orphanage does not desire to have her because she causes more trouble than she is worth to support.

I loved the ending because it ends in an unexpected slap stick ending.

The Train
The Train(1965)

The Train 1965

Starts out in Nazi Paris August 4, 1944

We see all the paintings Gearing had collected over the years.

The Nazi's collect paintings to be collected

Burnt Lancaster does a great job in this film. The stunts and explosions look impressive for this film.

Directed by John Frankenheimer

Frenchman cancels a German train

The film is filmed in Black and white.

I like the perspective shots as the train leaves.

Vaires the air raid explosions looked Amazing.

Stop at Rive- Reine

He sabatog oil to the train by blocking the oil with a French Frank.

The black and white gives the impression of a dirty and period look like a coal mining town.

I thought the British Spitfire against the train in the tunnel looked interesting.

You talk about the war. I talk about the cost for the war.



They go around to avoid damage to train tracks

Remilly changed the sign to original sign which is Pount a Mousily

St. Avold



The French Resistance Changed town signs.

Train went off the rails by sabotaging the train tracks through explosions and unscrewing the track.

The film ends right back at the Reine River.

Big train ramming and French sabotage occurs in this film in one town.

This film has nice perspective shots.

England has said to save the train by marking it in white paint as a priority.

No one is ever hurt just dead.

"Have you ever looked at any of the paintings on board. I think that when all is over we should do that."

They put the air raid sound on so the French Resistance can paint the tops to the trains white.

These were people who were not willing to get into it but wanted to preserve the culture of Humanity. No one saw the paintings and the ones who tried to preserve the culture all got killed preserving the culture. In the end everyone on each side died but the culture remained preserved through art.

This film has an important question concerning how far do you go to preserve art and the way of life and is it worth it at the end?

This film has several slow points so I would not encourage this film for a young audience because they may find parts of this film boring when it comes to the lead up scenes to the film.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

Finding Dory (2016)

I felt like this movie beat my expectations going into this film. My expecting going into this film was that Dory alone could not handle being the main focus to carry the film. In a way this is true but by editing and meeting new characters this film is able to make Dory not the main focus but about the characters, the #journey of the characters #Dory meets along the way, and defining family #relationships. Also as this film goes on Dory actually improves on her memory ability so because of that she is a more interesting and capable character than in the beginning of the film or in the first film. Which I think was the right story move to make.

This film surpassed my expectations for this film.

Dory's short term memory is made from a comedic element in the first film to a serious film which made me feel more sympathetic rather than make fun of Dory in a wrong way. Short therm memory should not be made fun of but taken more serious which was the right move by #Pixar.

The flash backs and memories were also used in a good way for the film. It was not too much which it could have easily done.

This film actually made Dory as a character more understandable and relocatable by being able to explain disabilities.

Destiney, & Bailey were a great pair of characters who each were talking about their disabilities and the characters working together to their advantage as well as not helping always in the right way. Bailey's voice sounded like Rhino from Disney's 2010 film; Bolt.

I liked how this film made up unique catch phrases like Pipe pals instead of pen pals.

This film had random elements like the toy Dory toy bump into Marlin.

I was glad that the turtles showed up again but I would have liked them to show more time on screen.

The seals were great in this film. they were kind of like dogs who are lazy but wake up when they notice a squirrel outside. The dumb looking one who was one of the favorites reminded me of Ed from the Lion King on his appearance.

I was so happy about the end credits scene to Finding Dory where there was so much sea life to look at with all the different fish.I also enjoyed that right after we see Gill and the rest of the gang who escaped in the end of the #Finding_Nemo film showed up again still wrapped in bags just to put back into quarantine.

I was so glad that they went somewhere else besides Australia and went to California.

I liked the octopus driving the baby cart and driving the truck. I love that whrn the truck goes over the the Louis Armstrong song The skies are blue.

I also felt like this film does the opposite of the first film. The first film was about being narrow minded and opening up to see less fish because Marlin was scared of danger and the unknown. In this film it expands the Finding Nemo universe by adding to the back story and not afraid of encountering new fish and sea creatures for all the harm and danger they were capable of. This film did more for me than the first film.

I was also glad that this film did not just stay in the ocean during the whole film but went to an Aquarium to change to different environments and expand the amount of sea life. This film also went to visit new ocean environments and looks that had not been seen in the first film.

I enjoyed the fact that this film went into disabilities and showed how working together you could use disabilities together and get all the advantages together like memory and sight to work together.

I think that the computer animation is much better in this film. This film went to expand the captivities of Pixar's abilities in #animation.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day Resurgence

This film was missing something. The only thing that was good was the old actors and some of the twist.

I was glad that they kept some of the original theme and used it at the right time.

This film missed something on the realism factor on the aliens and the tech. Because of that this film was not as frightening.

The alien mother was interesting but this film was missing something.

I was not invested in the new characters because the acting or the back story or personality was not built up enough to care. Their dialog was missing a believably and improved lines to care.

The scale of the destruction and lack of enough time to weep made me loose investment into the characters.

I really think that the loss of Will Smith from this film made this franchise loose the edge to this film.

The original characters and the writing for them are the best part to this film.

In many ways the look and feel to this film made me feel like I was watching a completely different film from the last film and made me feel like I could not connect to the world viewed in this film. This film

I don't get why the mother ship left at the end of the film. This movie sets up a different kind of sequel where at the end of the film I feel like I'm not sure if I really want to see a sequel in 3-D.

This film was missing the unique resolution like the first film with infecting the aliens with a virus. Also everything happened so quick that it was missing the build up to care.

This film also missed the loss factor. Not enough time was spent on suspense, tension, sorrow or what just happened to be able to feel what has just happened. You can not feel the stakes. This film went for too big. Bigger was not better in this case because it was not unique.

This film felt predictable as far as the aliens and the stakes are not relatable.

Ocean's Eleven

I think this seemed much more realistic and believable to go with than that seen in the 1960's version. This has a much more ethnically diverse and age diverse cast to do the con.

I think this was a much more challenging con to do than that seen in the first film with all the moving parts involved with security issues.

This film made sense in why each person joined this team and what they lost and had to gain in order to get into doing this sting.

This is a film with a lot of famous cast members involved or became famous after this film came out.

I felt satisfied with how the money turned out but I feel like the film ended abruptly.

Oceans 11 is a heist film made up of 11 expert criminals played by some great actors who plan to spot out the hotel for its flaws in order to rob the casinos of Los Vegas. They plan to rob the three casinos owned by one owner. MGM Grand Hotel being one.

Matt Damion, George Clooney, Brad Pitt,

Some of these actors became famous for this film.

They rob during the big restyling matches when security is distracted and more money is in the bank.

Terry of all the people you know that There's always someone watching.

The ending I found unsatisfied. I felt like the way it ended was abrupt and needed either a little more or needed to end somewhere else a little sooner with an explanation.

I also think that the leading woman needed more to her personality and background. What we know of her is what others say without the character herself.

Ocean's 11
Ocean's 11(1960)

Oceans 11 1960 film

I like the opening credits to the Oceans Eleven except for the very small fonts that are unreadable on a small tv.

This is a lot of talking, drinking alcohol, and smoking. Talking cons and hustles.

This is about a group from the 82nd Airborne veterans who decide to steal from 5 casinos at one time.

This film was only interesting once they were robbing the casinos. Everything before I found boring. There was so much talk and you never really got what their loyalty or their relationship was before they got together to invest in why they would all do this crime I felt.

I thought it was interesting how the trash was used to do this hustle.

It was also interesting too how dead body was the way to keep money just to have the money cremated so no one has the money.

I think they had too much lead up which was not interesting. I think that this film could have been done a little better.

I also was not a fan of how this film felt like a musical in many ways rather than a con film up until they actually were committing the con at the casino.

Unfortunately I saw this film after seeing the 1973 film The Sting, 2002 film Catch Me if you Can, and the 2001 version with George Clooney & Brad Pitt of Ocean's Eleven which I found much more interesting.

The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers 1974 version.

The opening credits with the multiple shots looked interesting in the way it is shot.

I liked how the sword fights were filmed With wide and close up shots.

I thought it was funny jump out of the window just to be catched by the painters thing powered by a water wheel when trying to go after guy with patch over eye.

Funny how Dutee was able to get into a duel with all three Musketteers from 12. 1, 2 p.M. When he has only been there since 8:00 A.M.

I found it interesting with the sword fight with the cardinals is done with the drying table cloths hanging on the cloth lines and the nuns watching above. I think it is interesting that there is no music playing while the fight is going on.

Found it funny when the king was playing Chess with a giant chess board and live dogs as the chess pieces.

I loved the scene where the old man is being captured and the old man starts loading his pistol so slow making mistakes that the sherif no longer takes the old man seriously.

Interesting angles

I found the sets large and look authentic and interesting.

There are random elements which seem funny put together but give the film a believable realistic element making the world depicted very real to the audience.

The casting, cutting, and fight scenes are filmed very well.

I found it interesting that most of the film the actors did their own stunts and most of them got hurt in the process including the stunt men.

I also found it interesting how many times there could be as many as five cameras filming at one time during a scene. This film had enough film to create two films after this was done.

Dante is such a clumsy character.

Ruchefort who is cardinals right hand man. I loved how after the book cloths closet falls Dante mentions all the things which Ruchefort had done to inconvenience him.

This films show's many secret passages through walls and paintings.

I thought it was cool seeing the men just walk through an armor room where all the armor is being built just to see how it is done.

The Cardinal says "Vengeance that is an expensive luxury." I thought that line was an interesting one.

I think that it was interesting that enough footage was made to make two movies for the price of making one film because so many cameras were being used.

I found it interesting how large most of the sets were.

The costumes in this film looked so real and authentic.

I actually want to see the sequel now.

I though it was great how comedy was used in this film to bring that random element of believability to the film.

I liked how the leading lady ran into a game dummy at the end of the film. It was random and unexpected.

I am surprised how little there is of the other three Musketteers in the film.

I did enjoy the fight scene with the food and how the musketeers would take food or people would keep going on with their routine as if nothing new was going on while the sword fights were going on.

Bon Voyage & Aventure Malgache

It is an interesting film all spoken in French that tells the story about a double agent within the allied prisoners escaping a German POW camp.

It was an interesting French Resistance film.

A interesting story about a British double agent within the group working as a villain.

Me Before You

You before Me (2016)

This was a much better film than I had anticipated going into the film. It has an equal quantity of comedy, emotional investment, and a little bit romance. This film did an excellent job on casting to show the distinctions on the characters. If you know someone with disabilities or Have trouble learning how to work or get along with someone this film is a good one for you.

I liked the cloths from a story aspect being able to visually present the differences in personality in fashion and music between the two characters. Lou Clark being from middle class not so wealthy family with strange but funny fashion taste that totally don't fit Will Traynor's wealthy family that is very well versed and knowledgeable on films and foreign films. The fashion part of this film was used well in this film and integrated through the film very well to show the progression of the character. I liked Lou's tropical Hawaiian dress, blue dress, butterfly dress, red dress worn in this film.

I liked the fact that Lou took the time to research both online, and in a real library the condition he was going through and what could be done to help. It just gave you an idea of the amount of information out there needed to help someone as well as what is required to help someone.

I thought that the begging should have started or told earlier in order to be invested in both characters when they meet together. I wish we say more of the troubles Will had prior to Lou entering into the story helping Will.

This film is Shot in England, France. There is something appealing about how some of the shots are done that I really liked such as the snow landscapes, the look of the castle, looking up at the starts, both of them together riding on the wheel chair together with the starry background above, the lightning.

I liked that Will introducing Lou to foreign films and how that was being integrated in the film in how yes they may have not been on the same page but she could learn to enjoy the same things he likes. She was even starting to get interested in seeing a Spanish film but her current boyfriend was not. Also the current boy friend did not take the time to ask or find out what she was interested in where as the other guy did take the time. He actually learned more from him in a few months about her own interest than the boy friend athlete who had been dating each other for 7 years and he was only interested in his own self interests rather than think of others.

Lou once had Bumble bee leotards that she enjoyed until she out grew them as a kid. I liked Lou's Bumble bee leotards was something that came back a few times in the film and was not just introduced once and never comes back again.

I found the mental yelling Will does to Lou to prove a point distracting. I felt like the way to get Lou's attention to stop staring at Will was handled felt out of place from the rest of the film.

I felt like the editing on particular scenes could have been handled better from a passing stance. Like the Birthday party needed something to make it seem quicker rather than the length of awkwardness. The cuts at the begging showing the first five or six days seemed like much more time was spent than a few days. Then the beginning When we are first introduced to him after the accident I would have liked more of an introduction showing just struggles immediately after with all the other help assistants prior to the last one finally being hired to just give us a hint as to why the parents picked her and why was this girl picked that the others did not have.

I think that Lou's birthday scene made sense that the reactions Lou had to each gift was appropriately different from the photo album, the necklace, to the bumble bee leggings.

Will in some ways sacrifices himself in order not to be a burden on others to take care of as well as not cost so much for others to take care of him. Will understood his condition was only going to get worse not better.

I thought it was unique that the author of the book Me Before you also was the screenplay writer for this film.

I felt like the end to this film seemed abrupt and I would have liked the ending to have felt more complete as far as where did Lou end up in relationship and how she concluded her life after the relationship rather than leaving it with her reading a letter from him while in Paris France.

The end credits are short compared to most films today because there are no special effects and the film is shot in an easy fashion.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

The film had a great story line and The writing. I think this film has smart thinking and also great catchphrases. I thought that this film had good cinematography. Screenplay writer and director Christopher McCQuarrie did an excellent job on this film overall.

I liked the intro to this film with the gun moving around. I think it worked that there was no musical score playing just before or while the shots were happening. it drove the suspense. It got you as an audience member to jump out of you're set freaked out.

I liked the fact that we saw an investigation to the victims to the gun shooting. It could have been easily been ignored in a film like this; and the audience not be invest in all the people being killed. By doing an investigation and digging into what happened to the victims and also doing it later in the film makes it such a bigger deal to the audience to invest more in what happened at the beginning of the film. It showed that these were real people being shot rather than random people.

I loved the line Jack Reacher said; "You see your friends you see me. Do you want to see me again?" I liked the lines like; "I'm not stealing you're car am I?"

I liked the fact that the author to the Jack Reacher books; Lee Child was in this film as the police officer at the desk with all of Jack Reachers belongings as Jack Reacher tells the attorney what three things cops will not do.

One scene I liked was when Tom Cruises character was talking to the lawyer and in the reflection you could see Tom Cruises face. I liked the car chase, it reminded me of car chases as seen in Bullet or in the Rockford Files. This is a film worth seeing. For those worried about language this film only uses the "F" word once during the entire film. One character I enjoyed was the owner of the gun range. I also liked the fact that this film took some time to get to know the victims to make the film more personal when it came to the victims.

I think one reason why this film may have been as good as it is is the fact that there are qualities presented in the film Jack Reacher which reflect Tom Cruises personality such as Jack Reacher's character and Tom Cruise share the same in interest in researching before acting. Tom Cruises interest in car driving and shooting are done very well in this film. Tom Cruise makes sure that the film has good writing before doing a film. The character development in this film was very well done but enough was not answered to keep you interested so you would be able to find out more as the film continued.

One thing I wish this film went more into was a bit more on the background of one of the bad guys Two, make the main Russian mob leader seem more threatening than presented in the film because other wise he just appeared to have a threatening and nasty background but he had nothing besides the fact he hired a bunch of henchmen to really make me feel scared of this guy. He just told scary stories about his life and sat in a chair but never had a knife or a gun or showed any of his physical capabilities to make me feel afraid of this guy which the film failed to present I think.

One thing I liked about this film and it worked very well is the way in which silence before or during action scenes .was used Particularly one scene where I liked it the most was in the opening shooting scenes and your anticipating the gun shoots and it is very load once shoots are going off and it makes you jump out of your set.

The car chase in this film was great. One of the best car chases filled with suspense. One thing I like most is the comedy of the car not working properly a few times creating suspense and realism. I enjoyed the look of this car chase making you go Wooh! I also enjoy how the car chase ends with Jack Reacher just walking out of the car as the car continues to coast by. I like how the bus crowd moves to conceal Jack Reacher. Best part about this is that the car chase you can tell what is going on based on body language rather than people talking. The other thing I enjoyed about this car chase is how this is driven based upon the sound-effects rather than a musical score telling the audience how to feel.

I loved the phone call at the bar between Jack Reacher and Charlie where Jack Reacher constantly hangs up on Charlie to show him he has the power and is not going to let Charlie control the hostage situation and makes clear that he is not a hero not that kind of character.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

Spider-Man 3 2007

The film that did not meet expectations after seeing the hype of Spider-Man 2. The film we were waiting for for 3 years because it was the first Spider-Man film to have 3 super villains in one film.

The problem with this film was that there was far too much going on for one film to handle

I did enjoy the camera sequence with the Head of the Daily Bugle, John Jonah Jameson as he is looking for a camera to use to capture the big final battle in the film. He finds a kid and offers them money and gets it. then once he tries taking a photo Just to find out the camera has no film in it. The kid says film cost extra.

I was not a fan of the direction of Head of the Daily Bugle, John Jonah Jameson being quiet and not his normal behavior of acting excited, mean, exaggerating things and the employees having more power than he.

I hated that Peter Parker acted so selfish at the beginning of this film only thinking of his own successes yet was so naive and oblivious to what was going on with Mary Jane. It made Peter Parker seem annoying and unlikable. You almost want to cheer on for Harry to get Mary Jane rather than Peter at points of this movie.

I enjoyed the fight between Harry and Peter Parker at Harry's home. It was the fight we all wanted to see since Spider-Man 2. It got you surprised with suspense because you were not exactly sure which direction the story would head or if or who would die at the end. It has so many enjoyable great catch phrases during that scene "Oh look at Little Goblin Junior. Want to cry?"

I was disappointed by how little Aunt May played in this film. She seemed like she was placed and forced in to the film in order to move along the story rather than being more natural about being in the film. I was surprised to see Aunt May arrive at Peter's apartment and felt like that scene was a bit forced.

I did like that this film did expand on the college professor Doctor Connors's character further.

I was disappointed by the look of New York in this film because often this film does not look the same as it did in the previous films. In fact this film makes the exception of being a film that was mostly shot in Chicago rather than New York. New York often is confined in this film in a way that looks staged.

I was not interested in seeing the direction of Mary Jane Watson in this film. I think that Kristin Dunst's portrayal in this film was not a great compared to the previous films. Having her be fired from the theater in this film I felt like that just added one more element I did not want to see of her character again. Mary Jane failing as an actress and also failing in a relationship. Not succeeding as an actress was already a problem we had already seen before in the first film. I also was not interested in seeing Mary Jane work at a bar. This film made go from liking Mary Jane to not liking her character much at all.

I did enjoy how we saw multiple sides of Harry's character in this film from begging to the end. The vengeance one at the very begging, the Harry that almost sent him back to Spider-Man 1 and the the Harry that was very different from the begging of this film and that was manipulative and deceptive to Peter and Mary Jane's relationship in order to get his way. It was sad to see them kill Harry off in this film. The relationship between Peter and Harry seen at the end of Spider-Man 3 was something I wanted to see more of after this film came out. This film explored multiple directions of Harry that had never been seen before in a film.

I was glad we got to see Venom in this film but I did not like the look of Venom seen in the end of Spider-Man 3 that looked far too heavily dependent on CGI and I would have liked to have seen a little more live action mixed in.

I did like the look to the Black Spider-Man suit seen in this film.

I felt like the action sequences in this film did not have enough live action mixed in. Often they looked fake such as the first Harry and Peter Parker chase, the sky Scraper sequence with Gwen Stacy, or the final battle. That made you almost feel disconnected with this film and find where is the real over what is fake.

One thing that I was very disappointed about this film was even though it still incorporated the established film themes the composer of the two previous films; Danny Elfman had done; It was disappointing that this film did not have Danny Effman compose this film. I think that the difference in the music sound showed when it came to the opening credits of the film titles. It did not Cary the same emotions and darkness, vengeance, compassion, friendship I would have liked to have seen with the exception of Sandman. I wanted to hear a Danny Elfman version to Venom's character.

I did enjoy seeing Peter Parker win a spot at the Daily Bugle. I just wish we got to see more of what Peter was like once he was able to get the spot at the Daily Bugle. We have wanted to see this since the first Spider-Man film and this film did not explore that in depth like I would have liked.

I did enjoy seeing Peter Parker do his dance sequence in front of the store.

I was not interested in seeing Gwen Stacy in this film. It was just another element that was too much. She did not add much to this story of Spider-Man. If she came back in a Spider-Man 4 it may have meant more.

I did enjoy the Chubby Checker Twist song sequence in this film between Harry and Mary Jane. It gave us a hint of what their relationship may have been like. A part that we did not get to see in the first Spider-Man film but was only hinted at before. I would have liked to have seen more of that before Harry regained his memory to what had happened.

I did feel like we did not see enough of Peter at the university in this film which did disappoint me.

I felt like the scene where Spider-Man turns into Venom was rushed. I was disappointed or upset that Peter never questioned what happened to him. Instead he just says This is something else. I felt like that scene deserved questioning and an explanation in the film and yet no explanation is given provided.

I hated the Dance off Peter Parker has while under the influence of Venom with Gwen Stacy in order to impress Mary Jane at the bar where Mar Jane works. It was an embarrassing scene. The worst part is that we return back to this bar in the most awkward way to end the film in a broken relationship.

I found Harry's butler telling about what he had found on his fathers body after he died a random element to the film.

I was upset to the introduction to how Venom comes to Earth so close to where Peter Parker was so early in the film. It just came too quick.

I have an issue with Peter's hair style whenever he is under the influence of Venom costume. I'm not sure what exactly it is because I liked the look but how is was used to tell the story is probably what I have a problem with most.

I did find it kind of random to add in to this film that SandMan was the real person responsible for Uncle Pen's death. I felt like that was a sub plot that was random and did not add much to the film even if it connected the character of Sandman and Peter closer than some of the other villains.

I am kind of surprised by the way they left off Sandman. The way it ends I almost thought that Sandman may become an allied but that was not to be. The other thing was that this film did not resolve what happened to his family or escaping prison.

I think that turning Sandman into his character was rushed and never resolved as far as what happened to him.

I did like seeing the first scene with Sandman originating out of the sand. That was a cool scene that just reminds you of The first Mummy films.

This film has me really down and depressed at the end needing to see something completely different to make me happy again.

This was a film where I was left disappointed by the ending because it felt like it deserved a fourth film in order to be able to resolve the Mary Jane and Peter Parker relationship but instead we receive a remake that was made too quick after Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

Somehow I like Spider-Man 2 much better than the rest of the other Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. Usually sequels tend to be not as great as the first film but this film brakes that rule in a film franchise. It made Spider-Man seem much more human than the other films.

The film score once again by Danny Elfman is to me considered the best of all the Spider-Man films. It is a twist to the already established theme but adds a little more action to it. I enjoyed the Doctor Auto Octavious theme too that just suggest his movements with the claws. Love Danny Elfman's music in this film.

The stories great. It has Peter face real struggles that are easy to relate to such as relationships The villain was for one more human than the others in the films. I mean Alfred Molina was great; he played in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. His charter was not crazy but an accident.

Peter didn't seem like he was some hot shot.

The Graphics are Great & the Comedy is Great & best out of them all.

I loved the Rain drops keep falling on my forehead sequence. It was so well done.

I also enjoyed seeing Peter delivering Pizza as Spider-Man at the beginning of this film. I wish that we got to see more of that in the film.

I liked the continuation to the role and the portrayal by J.K. Simons; as Head of the Daily Bugle, John Jonah Jameson. It was spot on, mean, selfish, hilarious, but yet likable as a character in how he would get things wrong. He continues to have great lines in this film. I liked the scene where he tries to give the name to Doctor Auto Octavious. We even get to here that Doctor Strange mentioned as they try to find a name to Doctor Octopus. It is a line we can appreciate more as the New Doctor Strange film is soon to arrive. I loved his line in this film concerning caviar at the wedding. I also enjoyed the fact that more of his story and family was developed further in this film. We also find out how much or how little he really knows about people like the mayor of New York.

I enjoyed the part where Peter Parker tries to see if his abilities have come back so he tries jumping between building and fails. "I'm Back! I'm Back!" falls on cars "My Back My Back." and the cherry on top the car alarm going off when he touches a car.

I also enjoyed the elevator scene. Nice Spidey costume. and him giving way too much information you just don't want to know about the costume.

I loved the lines by Peter Parker's landlord Mr. Ditkovich. "Rent!" "I have ears like a cat! And eyes like a rodent."

I found this film interesting in how they could have a super hero film with so little of Spider-Man in the film but it is still able to work. This film gives much more focus to Peter Parker than Spider-Man. And when the costume does come on you are just in joy and it gets you excited again.

I liked that Auto Octavious was developed a relationship with Peter Parker and they were able to develop his humanity before turning him into the protagonist. This film helped the audience get you invested into his character to better understand his loss when he changes.

I liked how this film gave a first look to his College life that was not seen before just talked about in this film. We even get to see Doctor Connors introduced in this film.

I enjoyed the mayor action scenes of this film such as the car chase against the police, The bank robbery, and even the train fight. I loved how we got to see much more of Spider-Mans action abilities improve compared to the previous film.

I liked the way this film was able to get back Uncle Ben and Norman Osborn into this film even if it was short. Even if it was short their roles in this film were key importance to move the story forward.

I also enjoyed the final sequence at the end with Spider-Man Swinging through the city alongside the fire rescue helicopters much more than the end sequence to the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film.


Spider-Man 20012 film review. This film does contain spoilers.

I loved the musical score in this film by Danny Elfman. It helped me get emotionally invested in the emotional parts to this film as well as the action. It was a great drive to the film.

I was and am not a fan of Green Goblins costume look. His hoover board looked cool though. I also felt like Dr. Osborn's character was rushed in the film to his origins of becoming the Green Goblin. I would have liked to have seen more of Dr. Osborn before he became the Green Goblin in order to invest in him turning into a villain. His origins became so quick.

I loved the slick look to the Spider-Man costume. I enjoy the fact that Peter Parker was bit by a genetically enhanced spider to gain his powers biologically to Spider-Man. Rather than have his powers built technologically.

I liked the High School scenes but I wanted to see more in High School besides, A field trip, trips on the bus, and lunch time. All things which tells us nothing as far as how come everyone from school but Harry and Mary Jane are the only ones not picking on Peter Parker.

I liked the CGI Action in this film but I think one thing I feel like this film falters is when the cuts of the live action come because the pase of those scenes is so much slower compared to the pase of the CGI action scenes that it looses me to quickly identify the difference.

I enjoyed the portrayal by J.K. Simons; as Head of the Daily Bugle, John Jonah Jameson. It was spot on, mean, selfish, hilarious, but yet likable as a character in how he would get things wrong. He always wants to be the center of attention and the one to be the big man getting credit for things.

I love the lines by John Jonah Jameson such as "Slander is spoken. In pint it is liable." I mean his priorities are all wrong.

I think that Sam Raimi in this film hits the mark getting you invested in these characters from Harry Osborn, Marry Jane Watson, Peter Parker, Aunt May, Uncle Ben.

I loved the origins sequence to Spider-Man's costume in this film looking to buy a car but leads up to the creation to the costume. I also enjoyed the sequence after that shows what the Daily Bugal has printed about Spider-Man and shows all that he is doing in the city and gets a bunch of people's perspective of what everyone thinks of Spider-Man at the end of the sequence we see a reflection of the Twin Towers in Spidy's eyes.

I enjoyed the first time Spider-Man takes photos of himself in the alley in the middle of a crime.

I loved the first time Peter tries to figure out how to get his Spider-Web powers to work again to be able to swing and he goes, Up up and away Wip Shazme, go go hip go. It just was unexpected and hilarious doing all these other super hero clushays Clich (C)s and catch phrases to get his powers to work. The once he does figure it out he say tallyho and makes an epic fail hitting a billboard sign and sliding down.
I love these comical and yet real life sort of situations look believable.

I liked the catch phrase and speech by Uncle Ben "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility." It has so much more meaning and importance.

I think that the world of New York that Sam Raimi created in this film hits the mark right showing the cruelty, corruption, dirty, down to Earth New York. I also enjoyed that this film went to real locations in New York but changed them ever so slightly for the film such as the Daily Bugle.

I think that the Green Goblin was a good villain because he was so dangerous and he was able to hit Peter Parker from the heart of his friends, his family and allies. But because of the Daily Bugal's bad media attention to Spider-Man and they discover he is the good guy and we see the city rally to help Spider-Man rather than hurt him. It gets the audience emotionally invested to show even the common person can make a difference against bad people.

I think that overall this film had great casting decisions make, Sam Rami was a great choice for director. the story was well told.

This film came out perfect timing considering that this came out in the summer of 2002 right after September 11, 2001; when people in the nation needed to hear a more positive look and hero with terrorist attacks occurring in New York.

I think that the final two fights between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin strying to resque Mary Jane vs. the people on the bridge in this film are shot amazingly. I also enjoyed the the final show down between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. There was so much suspense. The way it was done you honestly thought that any time Green Goblin was going to defeat Spider Man with his grenades, weapons and punches and everything else Green Goblin used against Spider-Man. I mean you could tell based upon the blood and everything you were just surprised that Peter was not killed by the grenade.

I enjoyed the end credit sequence with Spider-Man swinging through the city of New York.

Captain America: The First Avenger

I thought that the movie was very good. I thought that the computer graphics were very good and they were able to show WWII in a way that looks believable. The look of the city, cities, era looked very authentic. The film pulled off a believable 1940's look while looking future like as well.

One of my favorite parts to this film I thought was the score by composer Alan Silvestri. Alan did a great job of incorporating a period sound, action packed music and theme that sounds very patriotic. Overall I did believe it was a great job on the score for Captain America.

One thing that was cool is how they were able to explain how Captain America was able to go from the 1940's to being in the modern day.

I loved the early training sequences and CGI work to make Chris Evens look like a different body type. You would have thought that the before was his real body not the after being Chris Evans body which I found surprising ounce I heard about it.

They did a great job of showing the World's Fair. I enjoyed seeing a 1940's look to thoughts of what the future would look like

I enjoyed the end credits sequence which I thought was well done to change well known WWII propaganda posters and make them look 3 dimensional. I enjoyed seeing those propaganda posters with the Alan Silvestri Score.

I was glad that we got to see a younger Howard Stark in the film to connect with the Tony Stark back story as well as and future Marvel films.

This movie has a great set of actors. I thought the film did a great job on character development and investing in the characters as well as providing a background.

I enjoyed seeing Tommy Lee Jones portrayal as Colonel Chester Phillips playing the military leader who is dissatisfied by the choice of Steve Rogers to become the super soldier. I think he played the typical person who is stereotypical post Civil Rights movement of Steve Rogers abilities being the super soldier and being a obstacle stopping Steve Rogers from being able to work at full potential.

Stay after this movie for the post credit sequence. There will be another movie "The Avengers" next year.

What I enjoyed most was that this did not feel like a super hero film. It felt like a alternate universe to World War II but incorporates elements of familiar reference to the already established Marvel Universe and if you see the future projects after Captain America came out I feel like I can appreciate this film more and more. Such as the #Tesseract, Howard Stark, Buckey Barns

Going My Way
Going My Way(1944)

Going My Way. 1944 film

The film starts of with Bing Crosby doing things not typically associated with being a priest such as Baseball, jumping over bushes, load, good musical voice, hanging out with children, talking with an atheist, playing golf.

Old fashioned vs. young.

Bing Crosby is supposed to Straiten out Saint Dominic since the church is in trouble.

Then they eat stolen turkeys.

Love response Bing Crosby gives to boys who stole the turkeys and join me for Baseball games.

Instead of put emotion in hands but put emotion in the voice.

O'Malley take us to baseball game and not rat out kids for stealing turkeys.

I love the body language of Bing Crosby and can automatically tell what he is thinking based on eyes, hands, facial expression.

Started a boys choir out of all the boys who went to the Baseball game. A way to get the boys out of trouble.

There is a big thing where body language is used in this film to emphasis and tell the story.

I like how while Bing Crosby sings the song Going My Way to the young romantic couple all three actors express different emotions and expressions while Bing Crosby is singing rather than the same emotion. And even as the song continues their expressions change but nothing is said but it becomes obvious that their state of mind changes.

Then there is fire at the church parish.

45 years and church burns.

The Magnificent Seven

The casting choices are superb and the score is just phenomenal. The score was by the same guy who did the Great Escape & 3 of the Actors who were in the Great Escape were in the Magnificent 7, like Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, & James Coburn.

Love the theme song and score by Elmer Bernstein. One of the best western themes ever made.

The main bad guy is bad but likable and luckily he is developed at the begging and shows his brutality by shoring one of the villagers at the begging of the film.

They steel belongings and chickens and blankets.

I love how the main leader of bandit says I love this village and pleasure coming to this village. The first discussion really does a good job telling what they have done and that this is not the only location the bandits have and will steal from.

The bandits never steal all the food. They leave enough to get by on.

The old man offers them items to sell to purchase guns or gunmen.

The pass of the film is good.

I loved the funeral sequence. Not about $20.00 but others don't want buried. Salesmen but others don't want him buried because he was an Indian.

There are people who shoot from windows. The scene shows the gun abilities of Chris portrayed by Yul Brynner and Vin played by Steve McQueen and , the kind of characters they are and devolved their personality

The bandits steal the women of the village. This film is very different from the Seven Samurai.

Hiring men is cheaper than purchasing guns.

Good men vs. just any man. Interview process with villagers and head gunman.

Clapping is the test and see what will do by the door.

Not about money Harry room and board and plenty of food.

Don't think the scares mean anything. What we are looking for is the man who gave him the scares. I love that line. Smart line.

$20.00 is all they pay.

The gun vs. the knife fight at the train stop is one of the best scenes of the film. Love how it is shot and cut with so much suspense. You question the entire time as a audience member who will win gun or knife. You don't know how far either will go or if one will really cheat or not. What adds more suspense is the fact that he shots at point blank range between the legs. Red is so well played in this film.

The casting of this film is great. I like the characters of this film.

What man does not care about money but competes for own purposes.

What I like is that no music is playing at second saloon scene with the drunk kid and no clapping hands. Then fires just driven by sound effects and lines and one man talking.

One thing that stands out about this scene compared to the Seven Samurai is that in this same sequence the samurai beat up kicked and laughed at the one samurai. In this film the gun men stay calm say nothing and are completely quiet using nonviolence tactics creating a much more powerful and meaningful scene.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. has been looking for the Johnson Brother who he found. someone he needs to have the advance on the $20.00 to pay for the most stylish store house in the filthy corner is the place he has been sleeping a horse stall-house and one plate of beans. That scene just tells you he has hunted down people and obviously has just recently finished off his job somehow mysteriously unanswered concerning the Johnson brothers. He has gone to long reaches and lengths in order to track down and do what ever he fid to the Johnson Brothers. This scene also tells us that the leader knows him and obviously has a known reputation.

I love the lighting in the scene with him being the only thing lit up and all the shadows in this dark room.

The kid from saloon who failed at the clapping test is following them from behind.

The characters are all likable.

What I like is how he gets excepted in the group once they are he can fish for himself and make his own food and they signal come on. They he says no you join me in the food I just caught and made.

They enter the village and it is empty. The farm villagers are afraid of people hiding of everything.

The village bell alarm rings and they all come out. Thanks for greeting us to risk to Hel you but don't greet us but different when in danger.

Steve McQueen remarks that he has been to many towns with all kinds of different women but this is the First time he has been at a town with no women.

I love Reds answer to your the best shot. As he shoots bandit lookout spy. "That was the greatest shot I've ever seen." and then yells out with modesty "The Worst. I was aiming for the horse." and the young gun fighter smiles and points like yeah this guy is amazing!

I live the sequence as he trains the villagers to shot. Guns will come through Guveras men who search the town.

One of gun slingers ask villagers where and what ever happened to the Gold mine in mountains never had a gold mine. We don't have a silver mine at any time. For own interest and see if the bandits had another reason for continual showing up.

I love the bull fight music to think that it was an improvised scene not in the script.

We find a girl dressed as a man.

The villagers hid all the women of the village.

The gunslingers find out

Hat all the villagers have been only eating a few torterias and beans since they arrived. Once that happens they start feeding the villagers the food that was cooked for them.

Fernando One line I like is "Squeeze! I'll tell you what. Don't shoot the gun. Take the gun like this and use it like a club." Hilarious line and shows the character.

The old man refuses to be moved in the village. He can not be protected. I will not enjoy hearing from farmers talk about fertilizer and women. The old man has personality.

They create more traps than seen in the Seven Samurai and more training is seen than in the Seven Samurai.

The walls were not built to keep you out but keep you in. We're in the same line but as competitors rather than equals.

You hear that Seriara. ride on Ride on.

You won't come back because you won't because you are going to leave your guns.

"Generosity. That was my first mistake. I leave these people a little extra and they hire these men to cause trouble." It shows you sooner or later you must answer for ever good deed.

I love the action in this film and the traps. There are great horses running. There are more bandits in this film than in the Seven Samurai.

The one thing different is how the kids are bigger part to the film to put fresh flowers in his grave if he is to die and find Bernardo a role model. The kids were not made as big emphases in Seven Samurai like they are in the Magnificent Seven and A Bug's Life. Where as the women are much more emphasized in the Seven Samurai.

Steve McQueen as Vin mentions to villager about shooting bandits "I envy you." What you are feeling experiencing for the first time.

I like the wide shots in this film.

Wife, kids, room none. Prospectives none. Insults swollowed none enemies none. None that are alive. "That's the kind of arithmetic I like."

Young One of gun slingers dresses up as a bandit to learn about their plans.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. has bad dreams and sleep walks. "Have no fear. My own words." I have lost count of my enemies.

He catches a fly in hand while on table in one swift shake. I love his next line. "There was a time when I would have caught all three."

The villagers answer Man from U.N.C.L.E. "We know what fear is. We have lived it all our lives. Only the dead are without fear."

One gun slinger is a gambler.

There are jewels in the mountain.

Price of corn is going up. The bandits have been starving for three days.

"I'll kill the first person who thinks of giving up."

I don't want to kill you I won't to be practical I don't want to hear from your friends. You take whatever you want you can keep but you leave the guns. Whatever happens to the villagers will happen whether you stay or go.

"It seemed to be a good idea at the time."

Bernardo. You think that I'm a brave man because I have a gun. Well your parents are more brave because they carry responsibility. I loved that message it is about the kind of person one is.

I hate them who are farmers because they are where you come from.

Once the Magnificent Seven are lead out we find put where everyone's motivations lie.

Harry is the gambler and plays for profit. Harry goes back to help out the other 6 and the villagers.

One is in it for himself.

Harry dies coming in late

Man from UNCLE rescues villagers that were fighters that were held hostage.

You came back for a place like this. Why?

The old man lives in Magnificent Seven unlike The Seven Samurai.

I think that this may be the greatest Western film of them all overall. It sends great messages. The action is amazing the casting is perfect. The writing for the screenplay is great.

To Catch a Thief

One thing which I did not like about the film was the beginning with the cat walking up and down on tile roof and then have three people say they had been robed. I think that it would have been better if that had been edited out and have instead a close up of a newspaper about the thefts and that person with the newspaper just begin talking about the thefts out load.

I liked the fact that the film would mislead you by not always following the John Robie when you thought they were doing a crim.

I liked that this film had several twist and that the thief who had lost most of his credibility really was telling the truth through the entire film about him not steely anything which I think made the film much more interesting.

I also liked the music and costumes for this film. The only costume I really did not like was John Robieâ(TM)s striped costume which he wore for most of the film since I felt that that costume did not fit the character he played because it was too plain for someone who had done crimes and enjoyed a richer lifestyle.

These characters created in this film were ones you felt you liked in all the cases.

During the film I felt there were only two characters who could be the cat thief, Grace Kelly's character Frances Stevens and Danielle Foussard.

This film has a very satisfactory ending as well as a great comedic and memorable line by Grace Kelly's character Frances Stevens. Ah So this is where you live? Oh, Mother will love it up here.?

This film I would have to consider one of Alfred Hitchcockâ(TM)s better films since it was not too strange and was not a horror film yet still kept you thinking like all his films.
I love the line Cary Grant says "It's such a pleasure to meet an issuance agent who pays such expensive claims."

I find it interesting that no subtitles are provided for the French dialog.

This film makes an emphasis on food and pastries.

Green is used a lot in this film for roof tops and night scenes.

I really think it it is interesting how the car chase is shot where Grace Kelly shows enjoyment going super fast. And Cary Grant shows no stress on his face but all is shown based upon cuts to Cary Grant's hands and knees.

Charles Vanel it is so obvious that he was dubbed during his scenes because sometime the voice did not match up exactly with the mouth.

Edith Head did a great job on the costumes. Especially for the dresses on Grace Kelly.

I liked the use of the green filter in this film in the night sequences. It looked interesting.

I felt like at the end there was some well made suspense and drama as Cary Grant tried capturing the thief.

I like the opening helicopter car chase sequence with Cary Grant and the police.

I think it is interesting at the picnic scene where Cary Grant eats from the chicken. He goes at a part with very little meat there where he was eating.

I think that this film was very well edited. I liked the cuts.

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War 2016

This was such a good movie. This was the 2nd Avengers movie we should have have had instead of Age of Ultron. this is the redemption Avengers film after seeing Age of Ultron. This is a film where everyone will find something to like.

This is probably this best Captain America film because this film helped to develop Characters the most of Captain America as well as the surrounding characters. This movie also went into directions you would never suspect it to go.

It was great seeing the development and interaction of characters you were not exactly sure which direction they would go and to see this in this film is what we all want to see.

This film also goes into the loss factor and

I loved seeing Ant-Man and had the special surprise of turning gigantic.

I surprised by how Rhodes and how Vision got involved.

I was interested in how they developed Vision.

I loved the actor who played Spider-Man in this film. He had some great lines in this movie. I loved his introduction with Tony Stark. I was not sure about it because I was skeptical about the look of the costume looking too much like the 1960's version

I loved the early tech in Peter Parker's room to show what kind character he is.

This film just has me much more excited to see what we see next in the super hero films.

This film film travels all over the world and I was not expecting that. This film actually travels to more parts of the world than seen in any of the Super Hero films including Age of Ultron. But this film does a Great job of not spending too much or too little amount of time in each location.

I was not expecting the twist of Black Panther's costume being made out of the same material as Captain America's shield.

This film does fail to answer where is Thor, Hulk, or Nick Fury are in this film. Nick Fury is not even mentioned in this film.

After seeing this film I just want to see and understand to know more about Black Panthers origins and what drives him.

I was surprised to hear Bucky was not only brain washed by the Nazi's at Hydra, modern Hydra, and now we learn he was also brainwashed by the U.S.S.R. Communist. This only makes you feel more sympathetic towards Bucky.

This film did a great job of explaining how Tonk Stark and Steve Rogers could flip on one working for the global government under contract vs. making the decisions for themselves.

I think this film went further in much more depth as far as relationships and loss.

The Russo Brothers did a great job on this film on all cylinders making this a great film but also being able to make you invest in why they are on the side they are. This film also felt the most like a Captain America and a Avengers film more so than any other film.

You felt invested in the conflicts but you also did not want to see anyone get hurt in this film. In this film we see people we care about get hurt such as Iron Man, Bucky Barns, Captain America, Rhodes, the entire Stark family, and Agent Carter.

What I think is interesting is in this we finally see what exactly happened with the Stark family and who was Tony's mother. I was not counting on seeing that in this film.

This film did a great job showing what Tony Stark looked like younger back in 1991. Amazing.

I enjoyed this film and it is one I will buy.

I wish we got a little more from Agent Carter's niece. I did not get enough character development from her in this film.

I wish that there was less hand held and quick cuts in the action sequences. It looked sloppy and it was difficult to even follow what all exactly was going on in this film.

I did love the action sequences in this film and how each sequence in this film you were very much character and emotionally invested in the scene.

I loved the tunnel chase. It was Awesome. I also enjoyed the final fight between Tony, Bucky, and Steve Rogers.
I was not exactly sure how that was going to be pulled off in this film as far as how come they would go at each others throats but this film did it well.
It may be possible to say this battle may even be equal to the final conflict between Luke and Vader in Empire Strikes Back.

Every conflict in this film is invested at the heart.

I think it is interesting how it is Black Panther at the end of the day who is the one able to clearly see how to deal with the bad guy not Captain America or Iron Man. An interesting twist I did not foresee.

I love the two end credit sequences.

I loved how Spider-Man is the one who makes the remarks about the At-At's in the Empire Strikes Back.

What I think this film did a great job at concerning the timing and introduction of each character. This film gave each charter a good introduction and they were not all introduced at once but were given their due. They appear in the film where you are super excited when they finally do appear in this film.

This film does take an interesting twist making Aunt May young rather than old. Also the home looks different and more comforting than seen in previous films.

This film I felt like this film was much better than Age of Ultron. However I think this film needed more work on the motivations to the villain. It was mentioned but never gone into enough in emotional depth.

I think that this film got more out of Bucky and Steve Rogers characters background and past than had been done and told before in previous films which helped me to better invest in the characters more.

I think it was interesting how we thought about how many civilians do super heroes kill or harm while trying to protect the greater whole.

This film also got me back to being invested into Rhodes character once again after seeing the first Iron Man film. Honestly I have not really been invested in the character of Rhodes at all since the actor change. This film brought back the heart of Tony Starks relationship once again particularly after seeing what Vision does.

I think what I think this film was missing is seeing more switching within the film of sides. I was expecting more switches within the film of Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch, Vision, Rhodes, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, and Iron Man. Like I was expecting that within the film all of these characters would continually switch sides based upon perspective.

I think that this film takes an interesting choice when it comes to the the musical score. This film does not incorporate any of the established themes from the previous films but instead goes more towards following the emotional rout.

The Seventh Cross

The Seventh Cross.

1936 7 Jews escape a Jewish camp.

1 got caught by the Nazis shortly after they recognised the escape.

Not a big fan of having the narration of the movie.

The mirror bathroom scene was interesting how it was filmed because it looked like a split screen up until one of them nearly walked right into the mirror.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

O' Brother Whereart thou

This film is Set Mississippi in the 1930's.

John Goodman
George Clooney
Actress who play Ms. Incredible as George Clooney's husband.

This Film begins in black and white with prisoners working then turns to brown and white. Then we cut to three prisoners who escaped.

It has one got a train.

George Nelson shoots cows in robbery escape with money blowing out of car.

Bank robbery

Now people from radio recording station want the prisoners and African American for a contract for Soggy Bottom Boys the band after hearing the recording made a big hit on radio. the band they made for $10.00 each for recording one song.

George Clooney constantly uses Dapper Dan use for hair.

I am not a big fan of the overexposed orange and yellow look to this film.

This is a redneck movie in my opinion.

Do not seek the treasure. It is a trap.

George Clooney says that There is no treasure. There never was. It was about getting to George Clooney trying to get back to his wife to avoid her getting married. George Clooney only needed the other two to help him get out of the jail. George Clooney's Wife kept saying he was run over by a train.

Klu klux klan has black singer who sold himself to the devil.

I am not a big fan of the music. Not my kind of music.

Soggy Bottom Boys the band sounds stupid. Sounds like a terrible gross name for a band. Sounds like someone messed up there pants in the bathroom or in the swamp.

Flood saved them from the devils hanging.

The film ends in black and white.

I was not into this film mainly because it was not my kind of film.

Two of the prisoners are superstitious and one is big believer in God. George Clooney's character is the only looking for a more logical answer based upon science rather than looking to supernatural, superstitious, Devil, or God for the reason for how or why things occur.

This film I guess shares similar characteristics to that of Homer and the Odyssey but told in a southern fashion but I did not enjoy that.



This film is set in 1979 hostage situation during Jimmy Carter Administration and ends in 1980.

This film is about 6 from U.S. embassy in Iran who were able to escape for safety to the Canadian embassy located in Iran.

Iran in a foreign film scifi movie to get hostages out. Idea came from watching Planet of the Apes.

John Goodman is in this film.

Looks like Battle Star Galatica set in Iran.

Torture hostages in us embassy basement to shot them blindfolded with no builets.

This film has everyone in it.

By Day 87 Six of the U.S. embassy members returned back to us after being safe under protection by the Canadian Embassy.

I was not aware of what the government situation was prior to these events, the sort of conditions which existed in Iran, why the people felt the way they did or that 6 members of the American embassy has escaped being captured by the Iranians, or that a plan was made for 6 U.S. embassy members to leave based upon a false story made up by in colaboration with the C.I.A. and those in Hollywood about looking for locations for a made up science fiction film named Argo.

This film made me more aware of the events politically in Iran and by the U.S. and Canadian government in 1979-1980.

I don't think that this film is for everyone. For a history aspect or cultural aspect I found this film enlightening and interesting. I was not aware of this story or understood the context of the story.

The Heat
The Heat(2013)

The Heat 2013

I liked the music choices and the writing because writing is pretty well done.

I liked the opening introduction for both characters.

I was surprised to see the actor who played Biff, Griff, from Back to the Future Trilogy and also seeing a regular guest star from the Big Bang Theory in this film.

I think this film has a lot of hilarious moments I just wish that it had less swearing and inappropriate sexual content.

Some of the interrogation scenes I enjoyed. I liked the first interrogation with Sandra Bulluack's character with Millisa MaCarthy which I found hilarious.

There were a few scenes I did not enjoy or did not get because I think there were missing something in order to better understand the scene. Like the club scene at first I was not exactly sure what was going on as far as why or what Sandra Ballack was doing dressed the way she was or what she doing till very late in the scene.

Another one was my Mellisa MaCathy's father had Jesus doing sports activities like baseball, basketball and hockey and what the significance was of that.

The Jungle Book

Jungle Book 2016

I think that Jon Favreau did a nice job on this film. He made some good choices.

Going into this film I was expecting the same story I have heard over and over before done with complete Computer animated animals which did not sound appealing at all.

This movie is filled with many different twist compared to previous incarnations of Jungle Book. This movie focuses on the enginity of Mowgli's human kind.

This film is much less music oriented and focuses more on action, expansion of the size of the Jungle World compared to previously seen in a Jungle Book film. This film goes to parts of the jungle never seen before. It also does not begin at the very beginning of Mowgli's abandonment or at another point seen in the other films. This film starts a day or two before the question is brought up weather the wolf pack should no longer have him.

This film does not go to the village much. There is no love relationship at all. The Elephant March is absent from this film.

I felt like this film does have some interesting attributes compared to previous films. This film is much larger in scale as far as the world we see of the jungle and the amount of different kinds of animals we see. This film lacks a human love relationship which I am pleased with.

I think what stood out was the how this film expands the amount of animals and sorts of animals seen in the jungle compared to previous films like we see porky pines and peacocks just to name a few.

One thing that also stood out to me was how reliant this film was to CGI animals. I think I would have preferred to have seen some live action animals mixed in with CGI animals. At several points it became very obvious that what I was seeing was fake. Particularly in the wolves faces and eyes of many of the animals.

I was disappointed that Kaa's role was so small compared to the previous films. I liked that character in the past. Also this character does not have the comedy factor like the 1967 Disney Animated cartoon version.

I was not impressed with the opening credits looking so flat and two dimensional. However the opening chase sequence made up for the disappointing opening in this film.

In this film the wolf pack and Akela is given a much larger and more significant role than seen before in a film which I appreciated.

I did like the closing credits with the animated story pop out like book doing different things during this film.

I did like the film score by John Debney which provided a much more action packed atmosphere and feels suspense. However I would have liked more of the classic songs.

I think this film does do a much better job of making King Louie and Kaa look much more intimidating than seen before.

I think that Shere Khan in some ways resembles more of Scar from Lion King in this film compared to the Shere Khan in other Jungle Book films. I think that is because he kills off the leader of the Wolf Pack and lies and get Mogulie to come back for redemption and has the animals come to support him to unit similar to The Lion King. I was disappointed in how similar this film is to Lion King in the regard to this aspects of the film rather than go a different path.

One aspect that I enjoyed about the shooting of this film was how I liked I how this film the cameras are constantly moving in many long shots that almost seem like they are on a dolly and we the audience are never stuck in one spot for too long and often there are scenes that are shot in one continuous long dolly like shot which were enjoyable to watch.

This is a film I will probably get once it comes out.

I think that I liked how dirty this film looked as far as the amimals and Mowgli looked in this film. I appreciated that this film had a sense of reality when it came to factors like dirt, scars, bites, stings on characters and did not just see them disappear very soon in the picture.

I think that it was interesting how they went about doing Baloo in this film. He is a little different in this film in that there is an obvious history where Baloo has attempted to get different animals to do his own work. He has been known to fear climbing due to heights and laziness unlike the other incarnations of Jungle Book.

Judgment at Nuremberg

Judgment at Nuremberg 1961

Starts with a German military song then the Nazi sign being exploded immediately following the song. The film begins in 1948

The film has a young William Shattner playing a captain.

Judge doctors and other leaders since the major leaders committed suiside

Has Cornell Klink as a character.

Sherif from The Rifleman and showed up in many Western TV shows.

It has Judy Garland in it as a witness.

This film comprises of some of the best known actors of the 1960's.

In many ways this films tribunal reminds me of Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country with the translation scene.

I think that the musical score suggest too much of a person before anything is told about the character. That is true of German wife who's husband was killed before this film started.

I thought with the exception of the begging of the film where they had the translators speaking English for the Germans that the film is pretty boring for the most part on how the story was told. I think it needed more movement or cuts to be more interesting to be able to keep the audiences attention.

This film did not make sense what exactly the Germans were on trail until they presented the footage of Jewish concentration camps. Some of the statistics given in the film I was unaware of.

I think that this film took far too long to get to the main point. It took almost half the movie before it got to seeing the footage of the Holocaust victims.

I thought the ending of the film was interesting where they were all sentenced to life imprisonments by 1949. However by 1961 when this film was made none of the hundreds if German political prisoners were serving their life sentences.

I also liked the perspectives given in the jail and by the rail staircase in prison at the end of this film.

This film brings up some interesting questions concerning doing their duty under Germany over the moral duty and where do you stand. The tuff questions.

This film also brings up how unaware the German people were of the Jewish Hollowcost.

I think that this film should have been either been edited to be shorter or made into a short mini series. This film took a little over an hour to led up to what the purpose of the film was. I liked the opening and the last hour and a half of the film. A large chunk of the body I feel just took way too long to explain and was boring in the way the story was told.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid depicts a corrupt New Orleans. A porker game played corruptly by cheating.

A knife vs a razor blade in a dumpy bathroom.

I like who the train tracks chase was filmed with the crane shot.

A girl who cheats at solitary and forces the puzzle pieces to fit into a puzzle where it does not belong.

The film ends with Cincinnati Kid ends broke.

I was not impressed with the music. It was far too ordinary and did not stand out. It sounded like music that would hear in just an ordinary 60's city set show. I think that the music made this film boring. The music has to keep an audience interested but the music just makes the film boring. There are some scenes where the choice to have music in scenes verse no music would have been different to add more tension.

I am not a fan of the corrupt gray figures depicted in this film. I felt like the way the games are depicted were not filmed in an entertaining way that keeps the audience interested. i felt like the card games in the Sting were much better told than this depiction.

I felt like the film could have been edited shorter. It was a little too long for my taste.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

The Artist 2011 it is a new film made like a silent film. only sound it has is the old style silent movie kind of music. it has John Goodman and Malcom McDowel from Star Trek Generations and James Cromwell as Zephraen Cokren from Star Trek First Contact all of which are in the movie. The film starts off with a movie premier for A Russian Affair with George Valentin in a large theatre made for an opera or play but shows a movie inside with an orchestra. It is set in 1927 prior to sound being incorporated into movie pictures.

Starts with an actor who enjoys the crowds fame.

Not everything said is given subtitles but is given to the audience to infer what is being said.

This is set in Hollywood and shows old Hollywood.

The names Miller, Peppy Miller.

There is Dancing scene behind the curtain back prop where we don't see the girl just the legs and feet.

They make a film called "A German Affair" and there are conversations where he has his mouth covered and no subtitles are provided.

There is one dancing sequence where they do multiple takes and each time they do it slightly different.

Peppy Miller becomes a big star.

We go to a 1929 and see a swashbuckler film in production.

John Goodman shows a sound added to a film for a screen test with a bunch of executives and says it is the future.

Then we have a scene just made up of sound effects no music and no voices laughing. He screens a lot but his voice does not come out. Then the actor wakes up.

Then we see the actor come to the studio where none but one is there with a newspaper and shows the actor who showed up the news article that reads "Kinograph Studio Stops All Silent Productions To Work Exclusively On Talkies."

Find a room filled with executives talking.

John Goodmen says they want new faces not old faces for these talkies. The public is never wrong.

The actor George says He is the one the public comes to see. And they never needed to hear me.

George responds to John Goodman "Make your talking movies. I'll make a great movie. And it's not like I need you for that!"

Looks back at a picture of Peppy Miller. And says fresh meat.

Makes Tears of Love.
Comes out same day as Peppy Millers movie

George Valentin says he is "not a puppet he is an artist!" Talkies are not serious. He is competing against talkies. When an actor becomes the director behind the film.

Peppy Miller the girl you will love to love.

The wife says she is unhappy to George. His responds so are millions of us because his film did not turn out as a success.

They split the screen at a dinner sceen with George on the left on the shady side of the screen and Peppy on the new brighter right side of the screen to show the new vs the old as Peppy Miller is being interviewed about why people like her after her first sound picture.

The old don't cary the spot light by their looks but now they can hear me.

Out with the old and in with the new that is life. I've made way for you George responds to Peppy.

The Stock Market crash happens.
George has made a bust unless his film is a success.

Peppy makes George's show.

Then we see a long line for Peppy Millers film Beauty Spot with a much larger crowd.

Then Dorris Georges wife leaves a letter on the pack of line of George's photos where Dorris drew on his teeth black saying she has left him pack his things. And by the way go see Peppy Miller's film Beauty Spot since that is who he is in love with any how.

Peppy Miller and boyfriend come to say how much they liked his film but George takes it the wrong way after reading his letter.

We hear Peppy Miller sing.


George is in a much smaller home and a lot of empty alcohol bottles.

He goes to pawn shops to sell his belongings.

It has been one year since he has paid Clifton. Then he fires him. Clifton is James Cromwell. He can't pay him so he fires him and says he can have his car. Clifton says he does not want another job he enjoys working for George.

George Valentin sells his belongings at an action including his huge portrait.


We see George his concscience and other figures from one of his earlier pictures show up.

Guardian Angel with Peppy Miller.

His shadow even walks out on him. George is displeased with himself and destroys his films sets it on fire in his own home.

His small dog runs out. Barks at a police officer like a Lassie film. Police officer rescues George Valentin.

Once Peppy Miller hears about George Valentin she rushes to see him in the hospital.

George had rescued the film they both once worked together on back in the 1920's.

Peppy tries to get George Valentine to work and John Goodman says be is a silent film actor and a nobody.

James Cromwell works as a driver for Peppy Miller now. And James Cromwell warns George of his pride and says Peppy Miller is a good person.

We find that all the belongings George sold were purchased by Peppy Miller and kept in a dark room all under sheets to protect them from dust.

George returns with his dog to where he started the fire.

Peppy Miller takes the car to find George. And drives like a crazy lady all over the road almost running into cars and disobeying the laws of the road.

George has gun to commit siueiside wiside as dog barks at him. We hear a bang but it was not the gun but the car that made the bang as ran into tree.

They do tap dancing as a big hit.

We finally hear them speak at the end as they breath after dancing for a sound picture and John Goodman says it was perfect.

And Action! Is the last line of the film.

Second best Silent film to win Best picture.

It is a really well done to make it look and sound great.

I did not realise or recognise the first time when I saw this film that I caught was the significance the first dance sequence was where all we see is the feet and how important that scene would be towards the end of the film when the roles are switched.

I also liked the shot where it begins with the George Valentin and then the reflection and we think that the film is shot starting with the reflection but it actually is him then turns upside down to the reflection. I thought that was a cool effect.

I also thought it was interesting how this film utilises sound, music and silence during this film.

I thought that the stair case scenes with all the people walking up and down reminded me of the Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times.

The Sniper
The Sniper(1952)

I felt like the pase of this film was slow at the begging but once someone was shot the pase of this film speed up.

I was not satisfied by the ending. I never felt curtain if the sniper was ever cured.

I did like how San Francisco looks in this film.

The sniper a Black & White film Norie film shot in San Francisco.

Characters are neither black or white but gray.

The main character once was in a physiological ward once when he was in jail for hitting a girl. He left when his time was up but the doctor in the jail wanted to keep him.

Mr. Miller says he is an Engineer and came from Hawaii to build a bridge 5 miles wide.

Mr. Miller overslept he is an errand boy

Mr Miller first time he says he hurt his hand as an Engineer traveling back from Hawaii. Second time he says he burnt his hand.

Mr. Miller says My mother never taught me anything.

He gets dress of woman he shot then hides it just to burn the dress.

Then he writes a letter to the police saying to stop him he is going to do it again.

Mr. Miller works an Alpine laundry store.

Mr. Miller listens to what others say.

He does not like it when men and women kiss.

This film was shot in 18 days and was mostly shot in San Franscico.

I did like how the sniper rifle separated into different parts.

The sniper a Black & White film Norie film shot in San Francisco.

Characters are neither black or white but gray.

The main character once was in a physiological ward once when he was in jail for hitting a girl. He left when his time was up but the doctor in the jail wanted to keep him.

Mr. Miller says he is an Engineer and came from Hawaii to build a bridge 5 miles wide.

Mr. Miller overslept he is an errand boy

Mr Miller first time he says he hurt his hand as an Engineer traveling back from Hawaii. Second time he says he burnt his hand.

Mr. Miller says My mother never taught me anything.

He gets dress of woman he shot then hides it just to burn the dress.

Then he writes a letter to the police saying to stop him he is going to do it again.

Mr. Miller works an Alpine laundry store.

Mr. Miller listens to what others say.

He does not like it when men and women kiss.

Shot in 18 days mostly shot in San Franscico.

Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai)

Seven Samurai 1954

There are more cruel and shady figures in this film

Thief's, poor village farms, gamblers, people who will fight because they are Hungary, people who take hostages, bandit samuri warriors who plunder many villages for goods and food.

The film begins with bandit samurai plundering villages and one villager over hears their plans while hiding.

The monk ask of someone who is keeping a baby hostage if they would want Rice-balls for themselves and baby since they must be Hungary rather than starve themselves in captivity hiding with a crying baby.

A samurai runs out while the mother runs in crying.

The town cheer as the baby no longer is hostage.

The samurai are so surprised by the actions of the monk Katsushiro request to become disciples of the Monk but the Monk says I do not take on disciples.

Well talk as we go get off you go.

I am not someone you should admire. I am always on the loosing side.

I don't have the means to travel with an attendant.

Leave him to be

Defense is much more difficult than offense.

Old samurai ask You say there are mountains behind the village the monk ask to a group of samurai he has gathered with the villagers.

Passage by horse

Oldest leader of samurai says It's difficult to find trustworthy loyal samurai only willing to work for barley and food to offer them.

The men are concerned about the women in the village going crazy for the samurai in attraction for them.

The old man has to remind them hey are you nuts the bandits are coming and all you are concerned about is love. Have you forgotten?

Strike the robin as he enters

Reminds samurai that they working for farmers. There are no rewards or stipends just plenty of food.

One finds friends in the strangest places. Samurai Need allies.

I like his frankness and gumption

See a Siri just split wood with an axe like a samurai sword.

Samurai test see what will happens when a Samurai Katsushiro wacks someone before entering the door. With they defend self, will they know someone will hit them. Will the avoid being hit. Will they welcome them or will they be hit themselves.
It is a test To see what the samurai will do. will they can avoid getting hit rather than clapping hands as seen in the magnificent samurai.
Samurai comes in drunk and gets hit.

Family tree is recorded wrong in that it says samurai is only be 13 years old.
Samurai now make fun of drunk man who thinks he is a samurai but has not backing to legitimize his skills. The other six leave him locked up in the town angry to become silver.

Father ask Shinto to have her hair cut off to look like a man so not attractive to the other samurai. He does not care about the village as much as his own daughter. Drove rest of village nuts who have women because he had Shinto cut her hair in public.


Kikuchiyo fished for food and had food cooked while the other 6 samurai watch him catch the fish. He shows off fish he has caught fish. One of the samurai ask where Kikuchiyo has gone since they no longer see him behind them. They think he may have given up and money when he shows up ahead of all the Samaria

The town looks deserted when the samurai arrive. The village ask what is the meaning of all the yelling.

It is so easy to fear.

The alarm goes off and the whole village becomes chaotic in panic with no organization. The whole village comes out.

The samurai look at a map to study the village best defenses. Look at a forest outside village for logs.

You have hunted down retreating warriors and took their weapons and gained a week spear.

North there is a small river stream.

One samurai, Katsushiro lays in the flowers above the tree and finds woman from village picking flowers thinking she is a man wondering why she is without a weopan this is not the time to be wondering around. The girl with her hair cut even though he does not realize she is not a man but a woman she gets into a fight to realize that she is a woman.

One of The samurai find armor from the villagers that they had plunder acquired from the defeated warriors in armor and weapons to show off the other samurai.

The villagers hid everything food and possessions under the floorboards of home or in mountains, the fields, to play innocent when the villagers really have more than they say a

They hunt down the losers with their spears.

The villagers killed warriors to get this armor.

You can't understand unless you've been hunted yourself.

What did you think these villagers were anyways? Buddhas or something? Don't make me laugh!

You ask them for rice or barley and they say they are out but they have it hiding.

The farmers are in gray they are clearly not all good or bad just as much as the bandits.

They make a flag for battle.

One Samurai goes and practices in the rain because he needs to work on his skills.

One samurai Katsushiro offers rice to the girl with short hair and an

Bandits killed old woman's family and just wants to die.

The samurai can not defend everyone during harvest so teach them technics to defend themselves.

By protecting others you save village but only protect yourself you destroy the entire village.

After intermission we see harvest of village in action.

One samurai finds girls of village while harvesting.

One samari notices that married couples happen to be the most productive of workers at harvest and they talk about recommending other samurai getting married as well.

Samurai runs off after hearing get a girl and get married. Samaurai try to have a discussion with him.

Two samurai a take Kikuchiyo's sword because he fell a sleep while on guard and say glad it was us not bandits or else they would have cut head clear off.

When you think you are safe is when you are the vulnerable.

Bandit scouts recognize samurai. And the set up of the town looks different. The samurai have to take out the scouts so they don't know the layout of the town.

The good guys and bad guys are no so clearly defined.

The villagers want to kill the bandits spy scout.

Let old woman avenger sons death by the bandits by killing bandit scout begging to be let go.

Samurai check out bandit hideout a day and a half away.

Samurai Burn bandits hideout. His wife runs into burning building. Samurai try rescue but can not go into burning building.

They put battle flag up onto of a house in village and the bandits show up.

Bandits have 3 muskets. 20 warriors and one was shot by an archer.

The bandits burn villagers shakes and homes. The old mans home is burned.

One samurai gets two more bandits to recover a musket.

One of the samurai is inspired because the other samurai does not boast of his accomplishments.

Two of the bandits are shot by musket for fleeing away from the bandits for being scared.

One of the samurai dresses up as a bandit in one of the dead bandits clothing.

There is nothing heroic about leaving your post and aging all the glory for yourself to gain another musket. It is fought together as a team. Wars are not fought alone.

Gorobei is the first samurai to die in the film defending his post being shot by a bandit archer who got through the wall fens.

Katsushiro has love interest in girl in village with the short hair Shino.

The father Manzo looks for Shino.

Father accuses Shino of being a tramp and a wrench and a slut for being with one of the samurai Katsushiro and beats her at night.

Manzo says he can no forgive those who have made his only daughter damaged goods.

The last 13 bandits are left.
They fight in the rain and mud.

One of the samurai is shot by musket.
A second one Kikuchiyo is shot and stabs the leader of the bandits who was hiding with the women.

One thing this film does is fail to develop the villains the bandits in the film. We know they are bad guys based upon what they do but there is no background to their backstory of character.

Now the villagers party play music and plant their harvest.

All but 3 samurai survive and one samurai Katsushiro who is in love with Shino as the desire to stay with the village.

The victory belongs to the peasants we as the samurai have also lost.

I felt like this was a long film and I was not a fan of the musical score. It did not stand out to me.

I was not impressed by the musical score in the film. It did not stand out as memorable. It often felt like it was out of place in my opinion.


Zootopia is not a film for little kids because a lot of the themes discussed in this film are not comprehendible for a young audience are for a more mature audience. It requires a lot of complex thinking. It is a sophisticated story with lots of unexpected plot twist.

I like how they built the world in this film with all the different parts to the world. I liked the opening sequence and the introduction to Zootopia with the train ride.

The story is about not judging based on stereotypes such as size, predator or

I liked that Mr. Big was actually super small and was like the Godfather.

This film is hilarious but contains important messages.

What stood out to me was how each animal had different characteristics that typically defined them but those rules could be broken.

There was a lot of research that went into this such as the police department and zoo for characteristics of animals and incorporating it into their personality.

The world in Zootopia was so interesting how to develop it. There was a lot to explore.

I loved the wesley chase in the small mice town to look like a giant dinosaur attack film.

The train chase was awesome.

I liked that they incorporated posters from Disney films like Tangled and Wreck it Ralph but changed it a little bit.

I loved the apartment and how the neighbors the pictures on the wall would move when they talked and the walls were not soundproof.

I saw Disney's Zootopia in theaters with an audience filled with a bunch of little kids. It is a great film that is an original story filled with lots of plot twist. However #Zootopia is not a film for little kids to enjoy. The film covers themes like diversity, race, size, common perception and being a con. Ideas which often are above a very little kids understanding. There are also a lot of jokes that kids would not understand unless the were familiar with the references like The Godfather.


Rembrandt 1936.

This film begins at his height as an artist and covers his downfall. This film focuses on his relationships and debt but really starts without the explanation to where he came from, It does not go into his artistic technics, nor his love for collecting foreign objects.

Many of the scenes in this film are posed to look like Rembrandt paintings.

I like the shadows and lighting in this film for night scenes and inside buildings.

Rembrandt liked to paint the poor and render their flaws. He preferred to draw them as they were as people rather than painting them idealized.

You Lucky Dog

I liked when Kirk Cameron's character spoke as the dog.

I was surprised but happy to see John de Lancie in this film as a bad guy. He played the character Q in Star Trek T.V. Series.

It has some funny sequences.

Alley Cats Strike

The final sequence seems unrealistic and unbelievable to doing a super slow sinning bowling ball down the alley.

I do like the main theme song.

Lassie Come Home

Lassie come home 1943

Starts off in Edenbourow England.

They sold Lassie for money and could not afford money to pay for food for Lassie.

Lassie dug herself out first time and second time jumped over the fens.

Lassie to go to Scotland for a dog show.

Heinz the dog handler does not like Lassie.

They go to Northern Scotland very mountainous landscape.

At 4:00 P.M. Lassie would always want out for meeting for school.

Lassie encounters small traveling wagon trick show where small dog named Tuts does tricks like pick up different color rings or jumping through rings.

Two burglars have a fight and knock out and kill Tuts in the fight with clubs.

I think this film is better because it deals with loss and there is an evident risk where we see the consequences.

Lassie jumps out of a two story building and gets a limped foot when trying to escape the dog catcher.

Lassie is starving refuses to eat soup.

I feel like the story and characters I am invested in and people die that you care about so story is stronger.

The ending links and sets up to the next film Son of Lassie.

Son of Lassie

Son of Lassie 1945

Lassie and Lady

Son of Lassie Lady go recruited to military army dog training. MP'S

Find son of lassie Lady afraid of guns and not jumping over fens but crawl under it.

Lady snuck onto British reconicissence plan to take low hight photos of Norway during World War II.

The plan gets shot down and Lady with owner.

The air raid sequence looked impressive with all the explosions and destruction.

The landscapes or mountains and snow of Norway looked amazing.

Nazis use Grande on log cabin so it will not be used to hide allies.

Have Lady encounter POW camp where a blind man ask to use Lady for a Seen Eye dog.

Workers are around digging and putting sand bags for barricades

Dog found owner but Nazis located British pilot

Dog can't even fetch a stick.

Nazi sergeant insults British pilot

Lady came home with owner. Nothing about the ending came as a surprise because it was expected. The body of the film and journey was the best part of the film.

Lassie was insured for a million dollars while head star was insured for less.


Stripes 1981

Starts with an army recruitment Commercial that is set in what looks to be in Vietnam.

Billy Murray starts off as a Taxi cub driver. Who is a photographer taking photos of customers in taxi while driving a taxi.

A Rustle teaching basic English in foreign language but has never taught the class before.

Bill Muray stops in the middle of a high traffic bridge in the city.

Next we see him with pizzas and someone takes his car because behind in payments.

Bill Murray as John quit his job and find his girl with pictures he took of her in the apartment.

His girl leaves and John plays baker Ball in his apartment and throws basketball out his apartment window.

They keep braking windows.

Army only way to get out of failure.

Ox Dewey Huxbucky John Candy ask female MP'S "Excuse me stewardess is there a movie on this flight."

Welcome to Fort Arnold

Join army it's free a way to loose weight.

Pacifist never hit anyone in anger.
I will be behind you

Chicks dig don't wear underwear stories you tell. I volunteer leadership to team.
Round of applause to sergeant

Cast is mostly made up off big Saturday Night live actors of late 70's.

Jack and Jerry's Caf (C) Bar club Women in mud wrestling in a club. Then Dewey Huxbucky John Candy pays money to mud up bikini women in mud. Before MP's arrive.

Actor who plays Billy from Beverly Hills Cop wears Death before Disco sweater.

General Banekey gone for two weeks.

We are American dogs. all different but loyal. old Yeller. Do what I do. Follow what I do.

Urban assault vehicle with armor and missiles. RV is secret weapon in Italy. All terrain vehicle.

Take RV to Germany

Americans borax in search for RV go into Russian Checslovokia boarder and cross barricades.

Far fetched and not like army. It was a cheesy film that I did not find too funny. Often what I found funny were the far fetched ideas of what the army would do or get away with. Often I got no laugh or a light chuckle. I was disappointed. I was expecting with how many said this was great that it would be a much better film.


I think that a lot of credit has to go to writing and Tom Hanks performance bringing such a believable and realistic reality to acting like a kid.

Secret Service of the Air

Secret Service of the air 1939

Ronald Ragan

It was surprising when the plane dumped out the passengers in the cargo section like a bomb door.

Pacific Transport Aircraft pilot Bancroft found with counterfeit money after trip

Bancroft on a spy mission in prison to find information. Warden knows.

The prisoners try for a car escape that looks pretty extreme. Even stunts are amazing. It looked pretty amazing with the car chase even if changing cloths while driving was kind of outrageous.

Land a job with the air taxi at Alcatraz prison.

The film has several fist fights sequences.

I think that it is one of the better Ronald Reagan films. The problem I have with the film is that the Bad guys were not very well written. This film is about Ronald Reagan trying to do negotiations to determine and obtain money plates to stop counterfeiters.

Chariots of Fire

Chariots Fire 1981

The film begins in London in 1978

Score done completely on the key board
Beside authentic period music not part of the score.

June 24, 1924

This is about running athletes trying for their Chance to win championship to run in the Paris 1924 Olympics. Two athletes a Jew and Catholic go to Cambridge.

Cambridge 1919

Boys choir sing in front of a list of names of the dead from World War I in England at Cambridge. 1914-1918

Cariots of Fire has a authentic historical period look to the film credited to the language, locations, sets, and costumes.

The two factors that make you identify that the film is made in the early 1980's is the musical score and the slow motion running that immediately tell you when the film is made and know it is not a period film.

What I like is the historical period locations and authentic period cloths that sell the believability of the film.

I am not sure if I would watch the film all the way through again. I was not into the story because it was not that interesting. There were no challenges that were obviously stood in the way. The film it went a little too long.

Grand Prix
Grand Prix(1966)

Grand Prix with James Garner

I like the opening with all the cuts, the sound effects and starting with interviews with the drivers.

It looks so amazing. I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of multiple screens taking up the same screen.

James Garner tried saying something was wrong with his car almost in the middle of the race but they did not know what to do. It almost killed his team mate with a girl who does not enjoy her husband driving races and James Garners car went into the Mediterranean Sea.

No there is no terrible way to win. There is just winning.

For James Garner character it is not about the money but about racing and chance to win. He is willing to take less in profits and pay for his own expenses and take from the race winnings a portion.

For the Ferrari company to sponsor James garner it is not about driver so much as much as not having the driver disqualifying About quality and reliability of the vehicle.

I like seeing variety in the different types of cars and vehicles shown in this film.

I think it interesting how the different races have a different feel to them in how they are shot.

One race it shows the race with the crowd in the front and race in the background.

Or race overlapping other footage of the race with a French sound to the music. The look of the race is different.

One is a love story where he goes out with a girl but wife is just a business relationship rather than love relationship so one racer goes out with a different woman.

Another is splitting up with her husband or girlfriend

James Garner tries to get into a race as a driver so he works a news reporter in the race.

Then we see the Japanese interested in the race. Japanese are interested in getting James Garner as a driver. He wants to higher as a third car driver James Garner. That way the Japanese race car company owner can win by any means necessary.

There are no subtitles. The film is told and spoken in several different languages by the actors, speakers, news reporters.

I like how the film is shot and decision on how music over sound effects are used in a scenes.

One of the leading women is from North by Northwest. The girl is John Pierre's girlfriend.

Japanese Owner Izo Yamura In the World War II He shot 17 planes.
After the war Americans occupied his home and when through they altered his home adding closets and bathrooms. Locking up their acquired possessions.
He comes right to the point. Pete Aron replies what you did in the war does not matter. He missed World War II by a few years.

They enter the wounded drivers home Scott Stoddard to find it filled with trophies in cases.

This film does a good job developing the characters and giving bits of information subtly throughout the film in different forms.

Italy, France, and England have different feels to the race and it is reflected in how they are shot and what are made the emphasis in the races.

In England it rand in the race to have a different look and feel to the race.

Scott Stoddard says With a car can strip to find what is the matter with it. If only can do that with people.

In England it is the driver who was the Winner in Italy who wins and the looser who becomes the winner. It is the one who got in the wreck in Italy Scott Stoddard who comments about James Garners win.

Then they go to the Netherlands for the race.

Follows 4 racers. Music is more emphasized. 4 camera screens for the race.

Shows pain in divers legs. Knees of Scott Stoddard

This time the winner in Netherland is the one who had an accident at the begging of the film. But he is shooting his leg with steroids or drugs to keep his leg out of pain. Still in recovery not completely recovered.

Next race is in Mexico.

Start of with big band.

Still puddles of water on track in Mexico. Overlapping footage. See driver putting in drugs before race.

Scott Stoddard Driver passes out from the drugs in the middle of the race but makes it to the pit stop.

James Garners car leaking fuel and on fire. James Garner makes second.

Nino Barlini GR.A from driver from Italy is winner of one race then leaves his girlfriend to date other girls.

Jean-Pierre doubts why he is driving based upon how many showed up to help the dead driver over the winner.

Cars for several car companies Ferrari and Ford show up late for the race.

Jean-Pierre's real wife shows up for race after Mexico.

Ferrari owner is thinking of retiring John Pierre.

Jean-Pierre Barti wife; Monique DeLvaux Barti says he will only have prestige if he is married to her. The other girl Pierre is dating is nothing.

Nino Barlini Winner of last race leaves behind his girl for dating other girls working for the Japanese company. Geisha girls

The race means uncertainty.

Nino Barlini's girlfriend is leaving him because goes for other girls.

Do you want me to stay. I think you are old enough to make own decisions.

Scott Stoddard Group B

Steep inclines for the road turned at an angle.

Monzo Banking

Have to go 180 and gravity pulls car towards banking.

James Garner as Pete Aron response to Japanese owner Izo Yamura to why he races To feel so close to death is life and feel like living.

This film is filmed with incredible footage of races, and crashes.

Shows life and death.

It was crazy seeing one of the crashes with John Pierre going over the ramp. He dies in the race.

James Garner as Pete Aron wins the race. And he has
Scott Stoddard join him in a drink out of the trophie for toasting his fellow racer John Pierre.

We see James Garner as Pete Aron at the end revisit the finish line to remiss over the loss of a fellow with the sound effects of the cars playing in the background.

I do like the film score in this film. It presents both the good and bad things concerning car races from the different nations interest in racing, the crashes, publicity, alcohol, drugs and drivers relationships with other people.

I liked how they filmed the car races. It looked amazing all the different moving camera angles. This had an interesting look. I did feel as though it was a little long but it was enjoyable. The first car race was amazing.



Jessy Owens story we know the finale result going to the Olympics in Germany prior to World War II and winning. But not all the other details that came before the Olympics are known.

I never realized Adolph Hitler would avoid the hand shake with Jessie Owens but rather than just refuse to shake his hand. I also did not realize that Adolph Hitler did not even show up to the last race Jessy Owens ran in.

I did not realize another woman get involved in photos to make a setup

I did not know he had a kid before he was married.

I liked how the historic locations looked in this film.

I did not realize how close the vote was for the U.S. to decide to go to the 1936 Olympics. 56 against to 58 for going by U.S. sports league.

I did not know how much there was by Gerbils to filming portions of the Olympics.

It is a film that shows awareness.

I think this film

I was not expecting the coach to say and act the way he does. they were pretty radical then and even for today. such as saying I don't care about what others think what your grades are. I own you and racing is your priority.

I don't think it was not the best sports film out there but it does enlighten the audience to things you may not know about the film. I think Remember the Titans, Rudy, 42, The Greatest Game Ever Played are better films than this film.

I did like how this film used descriptions to tell when and where places and times were.

This film hardly touched on Jessy Owens daughter. We hear her once in the film and is hardly seen. She is more discussed than heard or seen. A missed opportunity.

I did not expect to see Jeremy Irons or see other stories fools besides Jessy Owens.

This film I felt lacked the character investment I would expect to have for the film.

I think it is interesting that the Olympics would not recognize or allow Jessy Owens to bring his coach till Jessy stood up for him.

One thing I think this film failed to do was to get the historic figures such as Jessie Owens, Gerbils, and Adolph Hitler
to look closer to the real thing.

This film does focus on the coach saying to Jessy Owens don't care what others say. ignore it and don't allow it to get to you so that you don't loose focus.

There were scenes such as Jessy Owens first walking on the German Olympic Race track and I felt like how out of focus the crowd looks.

Some of the text at the end of the film concerning what happened after the Olympics in 1936 I would have liked a little longer on the screen to be able to completely read.

I was surprised to find out that some of the records and that the White House did not recognize Jessie Owens winnings at the 1936 Olympics till many years latter.

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

The Best Part of the film She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is the music and the locations.

I think one thing this film lacks is the character development of the characters besides John Wayne and the women. The rest of the characters lack enough for me to care and invest in the characters.

John Wayne's character retires in this film.

The bar fight scene is made so cheesy. The other solders get hurt and fall too easily. It looks so staged it does not look believable at all.

A Foreign Affair

Set in Berlin Germany after the war

Unique is seeing Germany all blown up after all the bombings. It is about the search for a German Nazi spy that a U.S. soldier is protecting an dating while a team of senators is making an inspection of the U.S. occupation of Germany and seeing how it is being done.

One scene that got me was the opening scene with the only female congresswoman from Iowa packs everything she has been working on during the flight putting her papers an glasses into cases that are in larger cases and then locking and opening those cases.

I like the lighting and shadows in this film of the dark scenes.

This film portrays two strong female roles in contracting ways. Ones is A strong woman organized congress woman, determined to get her own way, the other is a woman in deceptive and in mystery and a collaborator.

Interesting way to used reflections and mirrors at night club

This film we see the Russians, Germans, and American all interacting before Berlin Wall is established.

This film has no subtitles for the foreign languages spoken in the film.

What is a unique and interesting plot twist towards the end of the film is where the U.S. Government wants the U.S. military guide to dumb dating the Iowa congress woman in order to act as a spy and continue his relationship with the Nazi lady in order to uncover a bigger Nazi who they say was bombed by during the war but in actuality has been hiding undercover.

Congresswoman came as an objective observer but a love relation made her loose her objectivity.

I think that the acting in this film was very well done. I think another aspect that I like about this film is the look. Each character looks and dresses differently. How they look and where they live is reflected on in this film. I also like the look of Germany and how we can see all the devistation from all the bombings of Berlin from World War II. But is is before everything was rebuilt and the Berlin Wall was built up.

Hail, Caesar!

Hail Caesar

I liked the cenophotography and the music. I

It was an odd movie. It would jump around to different movie sets and people but it never felt clear how they all related to each other till almost the end of the film. I was confused because it has mixed meanings that are not completely clear.

I like the camera angles, the lighting. This film actually makes the filming of old films look more appealing than how the older films were filmed.

It has it's funny and cool moments.

I liked the sets and costumes in this film. They looked amazing. I liked the behind the scenes look to the film showing the making of the movie and how that was done in the old days.

I liked the water scene and how it was shot as well as the tap dancing Navy men scene.

I think this films choice on actors were good choices.

I think that the film is kept visually stimulating to the audience by constantly choosing and changing different environments and sets to go to periodically. The cuts were not made to quick or too long but were made just long enough for you to understand the environment and what is all is happening before switching out to a different perspective. In each scene there are lots of props, costumes, decor and camera angles to keep the audience constantly interested.

I did not think the story was very interesting or clear in comparison to how the film was made. This is a great film as far as studying how to make films, learning the politics of Hollywood back in the day and just looking at it from a historical perspective.

British Intelligence

This film is made in 1940 and set during World War I. it is a spy film. It can be kind of boring. There is some action at the beginning and towards the end of the film but the middle of the film it is mostly conversations trying to determine who is working for who and who are the spies. It is kind of a difficult film to follow since this film has double agents as well as talking.

It was an alright film but kids would probably be born by the film.

There is some trench warfare, German spies, British Intelligence as well as double agents.

The film has it's moments.

I had difficulties seeing this film the first time determining who was working for who and what exactly the spies were after.

The Sea Hawk
The Sea Hawk(1940)

The Sea Hawk
Spain 1585

Battle early on Sea Hawk and massive Spanish Ship being rowing around

To get Spanish to surrender is to go to the Spanish horn blower to make the surrender call.

English Pirate privater Ship The Sea Hawk. Free slaves on below Spanish ship to

They argue in front of captured Spanish crew where gain food and alcohol from and saying it came from Spanish galleons or Portuguese ships.

The Spanish have confiscated cargo of English in Spanish ports.

The Queens requires no explanation.

Errol Flynn has own pet monkey with crown from Brazil.

Everyone in England is concerned that Spanish are a threat with treasure gain from New World and colonies so Try to convince Queen of England to invest in building up Navy.

Captain Thorp is a lady charmer Queen of England, Donna Maria captured on Spanish ship, as well as other women.

The Spanish try to put a spy onboard Overtross Sea Hawk but his interview to join crew did not work to be acceptable to CAPTAIN

They go to a chart map maker. Rarely seen in movies map vs charts.

Found out that they plan to go to Panama at map shop.

Show South America in Brown and White instead of Black & White.

The Sea Hawk crew is killed and captured in a trap by Spain in Panama.

9 cities and 54 Vessels.

Privater Crew of Jeffrey Thorp was put into captivity chained to work rowing Spanish ships for rest of lives.

Stop rowing to gain dagger from one of whipping guards.

Over night the ore rowers escape and take ship using confiscated knife from guardsman.

Find plan for secret planned invasion by the Spanish of England.

I liked the final sword fight sequences using shadows to depict the battle. The numerous angles from wide shots, close ups, and seeing shadows on the walls to depict the fight. I also thought the sword fights were stepped up with Errol Flynn fighting 3, 4, or more people within one fight was entertaining to watch.

The musical score in this film was great but the pass was ever so slightly a rich too fast.

I did like that the South America portion of the film was shot in brown & white where as the shot portions in Europe were shot in Black & White which was an interesting feel to the film. I had never seen that done before except in the silent films.

I liked the scale and choice on places to put the camera at. The angel looking from a crane perspective strait down on the ship in South America once Errol Flynn's crew boards back from being ambushed by the Spanish in Panama was a nice touch.

I also think that this film did a good job of using silence to create an atmosphere of uneasiness and tension among the audience.

I liked the pictures scale in ship fights, models, and size of the ships used to film this picture. It was an experience to watch.

The Pride of the Yankees

Pride of the Yankees 1942

Gary Cooper portrays Lou Gehring

Guy who loves Baseball and can hit home runs but is told by his parents he will go to college to become an Engineer because his parents as foreigners were not so fortunate.

Begins with him as a kid hitting a home run and inspirational baseball hero is Babe Ruth

He goes to Columbia University and is offered to play for the New York Yankees only to tell them that he is going to be an Engineer.

The people find out about Lou Gehring before her mother because found out in Newspaper. Found out gave up college in order to play baseball. Baseball to help pay for mothers medical treatment.
Mother is disappointed by son.

This film has Babe Ruth played by himself.

Gehring gets hit in the head when they try to tag him out after making first going towards second on first game to play. When they try to get Gehring out to see doctor he says; Don't take me out I've tried too hard to get myself in.

Gehring. Not corrupt. Just does his work and goes home. The ideal image. Honest, hardworking and cares about his family.

Publicity stunt by Babe Ruth to go to hospital and Babe promises a home run. Well then the kid as Lou if he can sign the baseball that Babe Ruth signed for him. Then ask if it is possible to hit two home runs for him. Gehring then says he promises to hit two home runs if he promises to make a home run to get well enough to walk and go home again.

Gehring mother taken by surprise when Gehring comes home with a new woman.

Gehrings mother picks out furniture and wallpaper in house after Gehrings wife made a choice. Mothers thoughts were that Gehrings wife was wrong but Gehring has to have a discussion with his mother to support his wife decision.

There was one scene where Babe Ruth is onboard a Train with the Yankees team and Babe Ruth says this is the last straw hat he is going to have because they keep getting destroyed. Then each of the team players takes a bite out of Babes straw hat. Then they play a prank on Gehring which he feels hesitant to do since Babe he is his biggest fan of Babe and he is one of the newest players. The Yankees team players say take two bites.

I like the lighting and camera angle of the sideway railroad tracks.

Made bracelet out of all medals Lou Gehring earned over the years.

Making a tribute to Lou Gehring after 16 years and kid who asked for signing his baseball and to make two home runs comes back to say he was able to keep his promise to Gehring after all these years.

One of the best Garry Cooper films. Filled with drama, comedy, excitement, and serious life issues. This film also uses the actual baseball players that were famous of the day.

The Apartment

The Apartment 1960

This film is serious but also has elements that are comedic as well all at once. The thing is that the film can jump quickly from serious drama to comedy, to romance in a split second. This is a film that can be defined under one subject alone.

It begins in the city in a large office for insurance.

Uncle Martin shows up in this film.

He is loaning out his apartment to other people.

The boss played by Fred McMurry is trying to go out with lady in elevator but is still married to his wife and looking for a devoirce.

Once his Ms. Olsen secretary shows up they leave. The secretary listens to bosses phone conversation and a spy,

Friends allow and recommend Baxter to be promoted to an 2nd executive office.

People in 4 or 5 in office keep asking to borrow Basters apartment.

Christmas party in 19th Floor of the office

Secretary Ms. Olsen tells of all the women the boss has been going out with.

Mr. Baxter is the second youngest executive at the office.

Elevator lady plays music on record player that she gave a gift to the boss after the boss leaves.

The elevator lady overdoses on sleeping pills.

The boss Jeff fires the secretary for telling elevator lady of all the lovers she has had.

The Secretary Ms. Olsen has a meeting with Bosses wife.

The two Mr Baxter & elevator girl have missed work for two days and now a guy is looking for the elevator girl.

This movie I liked the wide shots and decisions. I liked the

I liked the ending, the way this film looks in Black and white. This film looks at using space well often with one character on one side of the screen while the other character is on opposite side expressing a different emotion and thought than the other.

This film focuses on the details.

For instance Baxter fears that the Elevator assistant will try to commit siuwiside so he removes all the things in mirror cabinet. Including the razor blades. Which later on Mr. Baxter tries using his razor to find that he took them out earlier.

This film is filled with great cast of actors & actresses.

This film has elements that can be considered controversial such as a married man having a relationship with other women in his own office. A guy letting other employees use his apartment for particular reasons.

Captain Kidd
Captain Kidd(1945)

Captain Kidd covers the dynamic of the crew. This film goes into character development of more than just one character. This film also has suspense that makes you wonder where and what will happen to the characters.

Captain Kidd supports who ever will support him and will switch sides whenever he sees the need. He also is willing to kill or get ride of anyone he finds in the way to get him what he wants.

He is. Cross captain. He creates suspicion amongst his crew. He hires prisoners, He makes deals that are corrupt. He keeps a list of enemies and finds ways to kill them or strand them in order to keep the power and profits to himself.


His crew is untrustworthy and

One lies and says he is working as a spy that was hired by the British to keep track of Captain Kidd since he makes corrupt deals and check how he deals with prisoners. Captain Kidd then has second thoughts about how to deal with him.

Captain Kidd is a privateer who knows how to control a crew, is able to conceal his crimes in convincing methods that appear plausible yet deceptive.

Captain Kidd has someone purposely sabotage a ship by putting a candle by the gunpowder.

A girl and treasure from a royal ship is sent onboard to Captain Kidd's ship.

Mr. Adam Mercie convinces girl to Play the game. Be nice and kind in order to survive on board the ship. Don't attract suspision.

Sword fight to keep girl in the dark.

In sword fight Adam looses looses neckless with crest on it. Captain Kidd finds it on floor after sword fight.

Captain Kidd then thinks of a way to get rid of Adam.

They go back to Madagascar to acquire the 12 Apostles Treasure. The same treasure that had been barred at the beginning of the film.

Adam fight against Captain Kidd and henchmen who boarded ship after

Adam Mercy hangs on ruder chains after being hit into the water. Adam comes back for the girl.

Adam and girl escape on a longboat before being sighted by the crew and
Cannon fire at long boat but Adam and girl swim to shore.

Captain Kidd makes it beck to England after

Lady Ann Dawson

Mr Polgy find treasure in Captain Kidd's cabin once makes it back to England.

Captain Kidd is killed and hung even though we don't see it.

Name ship the Lady Ann to go to America.

This is a good pirate/privateer film.

A Yank in the RAF

A Yank in the RAF

The title is deceptive because yes it is that but really the Royal Air Force is almost a small story.

The main story is three Royal Air Force workers trying to work hard to get one American Woman working in the British Military and is a club Dancer in her other job.

This film does something that very few WWII films show and that is dropping off leaflets over Germany.

The Yank, Tim's treatment of the leading girl Carrel played by Betty Grabel can almost be defined at some times as sexual harassment or abuss. He also breaks into her home, drinks her alcohol, and steeps at her place without permission when she is gone.

This film seems obvious on the way it is shot on when models were used, real military cut footage, and when scenes are staged. It is especially noticeable when it comes to the final battle sequence.

I was not into the movie because 2/3 of the film are just a love chase film where three guys are trying to get on girl to be their lover. Also the Yank in this film Tim I don't like because he is cocky and way too forceful.

Only 1/3 or less of the film actually has to do with the military story going on which I actually found as the interesting part of the film. And even the military portion of the film is not done with enough seriousness as far as the look or how the film is told.

Action in the North Atlantic

Action in the North Atlantic from 1943

Has a terrific fire sequence fairly early on in the film once a German sub sinks a American cargo ship headed for England with oil and other supplies.

German sub rams life raft row boat after crew escapes oil.

Navy Rescues crew of sunk cargo ship after 11 days.

Humphrey Bogart has a tooth ace.

Canada Novaschoshia convoy meet with an international convoy of allies.

Absolute radio silence is made.

There are no subtitles for the Germans or other foreign nations represented in this film.

This film is filled with sub, boat, and airplane battles with mostly convincing model fight scenes.

This film is filled with all kinds of sea battle tactics.

What I like is that there is not much romance in film which I don't really care for anyways.



I like the diversity onboard the stagecoach passengers in that we have an alcoholic Doctor Boone, wife of a military Calvary soldier, peacock who is the paster, Hatfield who is a former Confederate soldier who is now a gambler, and John Wayne as Ringo.
It is good mixture of diversity in characters to provide a sense of randomness that seems real. There is a Calvary army. A mixture of gray personalities that are not all good or bad. We have a robber of money from safe of the fist town and is caught in final town

They stop at coach way stop station to change horses and give horses and passengers something to drink.

John Wayne is for some reason thought to have done bad things and others are planning to arrest him once he enters his destination. His horse died that's why John Wayne joins the stagecoach.

The scenery looks nice.

The confederate solder pours some water from stagecoach drivers canteen into a silver cup with a crest to her told she recognizes the crest on silver crest where he told her that he won in wager.

In this film we encounter Mexicans and Native Americans.

Doctor takes Black coffee to silver up after drinking alcohol the entire stagecoach trip.

We have apache women at on stagecoach stop where the passengers complain.

One of the woman passengers had a baby girl in between stagecoach stops.

There is enough mystery but some more information is given as story goes on.

Apache woman takes horse which Mexican complains about to wake up stage coach passengers.

Prostitute by the name of Dallas is in love with John Wayne character Ringo but is in conflicted because she knows he will be imprisoned once enter Lawsburg.

John Wayne Rengo says he was in penitentiary going on 17. We know he owns a Ranch.

We see Apache smoke signals so leave.

There is realism that looks amazing by the stunts in the final apache stagecoach chase. The most Amazing is the apache stunt men jumping between the stagecoach horses and then going under the horses almost like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Each sallon in this film has its own personality and you can tell the size of area or town they are in by the saloons look and population.

Newspaper is already make predictions before of Ringo's death before anything happens.

Final town is much darker, larger, and grayer in personalities compared to everywhere else the film goes to before hand.

After seeing it a second time I do have a better appreciation for the film.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942

James Cagney as George M. Conan

Film Starts to portray him as Shows him older. Taking off make-up in present day to film shooting 1940's

Called to White House

Then goes to talk to FDR about George Conan's past. To birth on 4th of July when 38 stars were on flag.

I like it when a girl from Buffalo is trying to impress him as a old man but she does not realize he is wearing makeup to look old and then he dances and takes up make-up and she does not understand he has makeup on to confuse audience.

Gives girl opportunity without rehearsal even though she is not on call sheet.

There is action. Change in type of music.

There is more than just music but it is used to tell a story rather than playing music at random in the middle of no where.

It has comedy.

I'll call him Mary. I like James Cagney's reacting as she tells her the lyrics.

This film has a lot of great moments where the actors and actresses look directly into the camera which almost creates an intimate feeling for the audience.

Great music, dancing, and acting. .

Patriotic. Idealized.

I liked how they used suitcase postcards to show where they traveled to. A way to go quickly from one place to the next.

Teens did not know who George Conan was because not known in film pictures but only in theater.

FDR gives George Conan the Congressional Medel of Honor for songs like Over There.

Don't worry we have them licked.

The Dancing James Cagney does walking down the stair case of the White House is Amazing. It is stunning that that was impromptu.

This film I was expecting to be just like an ordinary musical. But this film exceeded my expectations. I did not know it had any basis on real life.

This is not a film I would recommend to a younger audience or a group would not appreciate a musical. I liked the fact that it has comedy, tap dancing and story imbedded with music. And I like the fact that the music is not being sung at random times of the film.

Captain Horatio Hornblower

Captain Horatio Hornblower

Really elaborate costumes with realism.

The Point is made that Gregory Peck was the lowest in grade for sword fighting he has not sword fought since used last in school and does not plan to use sword fighting any further on his journey. The film is Almost making a point that he is no Errol Flynn.

Gregory Peck is no one like Errol Flynn as far as the behavior of women. Gregory Peck is almost A Captain Picard figure rather than a Captain Kirk.

The point is constantly made that this is a ship of war.

Two women board ship as passenger after delivered by a Spanish crew.

Crew been continually at sea for 8 months from England to Pacific South America in chase of French Napoleonic ship.

The ships and musical score are amazing.

The ship battles were pretty good even if they over steered and over kill on explosives.

I think it is great that a great deal of this film is filmed on location.

However something is lacking in this film as far as the characters go. With the exception of the leads there is something lacking as far as depth and believability in the surrounding characters and crew. Also the chemistry between characters is not at its full potential I believe. Besides that the rest of the film works.

Across the Pacific

Starts off with Bogart being Dishonorably Dismissed from the Army as artillery.

Trys to Join recruitment for Canadian Army. Once name mentioned say no longer need anyone for artillery.

It is a movie all about gaining information and intelligence as a spy.

The movie was not that good. It was kind of boring and was mostly talk rather than follow action kind of film.

Bogart almost wears the same sort of outfit he wore in Casablanca. With trench coach and his hat.

The title almost makes no sense because a lot of the film is in the Atlantic Ocean and only thing that looks like it is in the Pacific is all the Asian and Japanese characters.

Passage to Marseille

This film has so many flash backs within the blahs backs shows different types of scenery from royal French Air Force ship finding prisoners stranded in the ocean, a flashback to prisoners in the jungle, to Humprey Bogarts story at a French Newspaper in 1938.

Major mutiny occurs concerning which France should be served once Hitler invades France. France controlled by Nazis or based in Great Britain.

What I thought was interesting was that this film shows realism onboard the ship by showing the camera move on the ship to represent waves.

This film it is easy to tell when there is a model being used rather than the real thing.

They Drive by Night

This film presents what the life of cargo truckers was like during the late 1930's-early 1940's and dangers of trucking prior to the interstate system was around.

This film makes a point of being able to quickly identify city they are dropping off cargo to by seeing they are at by major architectural landmarks in the background like Golden Gate Bridge.

Joe goes From Truck Driver trying to make next paycheck in debt to co-owner of trucking company.

Electric door makes her go nuts.

Woman murders her husband because does not no longer love Mr. Carlson.

Then goes to a court movie.

It is a good film but not the typical Humphrey Bogart character. It is a film that covers several themes and is like three kinds of films graphed into one film. I think the diversity and changes to the kind of film it would change is a big attraction for an audience to keep its attention.

The Miracle of the Bells

The Miracle of the Bells

This film starts very slow gets interesting towards the end of the movie.

It is an unusual role the way we see Frank Sinatra. Not the typical role we see him portray.

I thought was cool was when Actress Olga acted as Joanna Ark for an audition and the scene went from audition in house and saying the lines to in a court scene in one room to a set with a blurry filter on right and left of screen and in focus in the center.

It was a funny event when all the churches beggin to ring their bells between 8:00 in Coal town for death of a Polish actress who dies from Turburculosous a day after film is made.
Bells played for three days attracts press agents.

Bill Donavan press agent has been renowned as a stunt pulls off stunts to attract attention to low level pictures

They did not play bells for death of Father. Wanted to be buried by father at Saint Michaels in Coal Town, Pennsylvania.

It was impressive when the angel statues moved towards to coffin. The question is do you tell of the physical explanation or that of Religious reason or not explain it at all to gain support of believers.

Believe that the amount of people coming to see funeral at Saint Michaels Church was unable to support columns that hold angels up causing the angels to turn and face body. church, plus the coal mines under the church.

When Olga was returned it has effected the town. Many have started to support Saint Michaels Church.

They decided to release the film after all publicity. The money raised from movie to start a hospital dedicated towards finding a cure for Turburculosous.

The Bishop's Wife

The Bishops Wife

I thought that the acting and story were well done. Carry Grant does a Great job at playing an Angel. He has emotions and shows little expressions all at the right time. I thought that even the way he spoke is exactly what you would expect to hear from an angel.

I loved it when the preacher asked Dudley to proform a miracle to prove to him he is really who he is an Angel. He responds I don't need to do tricks and then walks out the door that the preacher had just locked and then when the preacher tries the door find the door locked.

I also thought it was interesting that the story ends with Dudley saying he will not recognize when he has left or remember that he has even been there.

I found it interesting how we clearly see Dudley did have a thing for the Bishops wife but yet recognizes he can not have her for obvious reasons.

This film can speak to different groups based upon experience.

I enjoyed the music and score for the film.

The film to me reminds me of elements of It's a Wonderful Life and a few other films I have seen.

I also liked the scenes with the history professor and Dudley as he is confused as though he knows him but really doesn't but is almost convinced as though tricked by Jedi Mind tricks. Yet even the History professor recognizes that something is off and not normal about Dudley from the Roman coin, reading his book, and drinking his drink just to find Dudley has been constantly refilling it when he is not paying any attention to his drink.

I thought that the visual effects were impressive for its dAy such as the envelopes being sorted in mid air, the tree being decorated or drinks being refilled.

I found it interesting how in this film it was the preacher that needed the most convincing when it was the one who should be able to recognize exactly what God and angels are capable of doing and sort of miracles they do.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Out of all the Star Wars films I hated the film score the most because the music didn't use enough of the established music. The sound of the music did not sound right for a Star Wars film. It did not stand out as recognizable or sound like I was watching a sci-fi film. It sounded ordinary and not sci-fi.

The film has a dumb ending. Luke is on a deserted island and he shows up only at the end without even talking. Like seriously out of all these years that is where we find him rather than searching for what Jedi's did in the Jedi Council and training other Jedi's. This makes no sense. I wanted a New story not rehash of previously told elements.

I did not like the fact the light saber fights did not make any sense. No one with such little skill should fight a sith to be able to fight them with any decency.

This film did not use the classic characters like Han and Chewie well enough to be invested in the character.

I and not a fan of having a third Death Star. It is a dumb idea.

This film also did not utilize Luke Skywalker enough.

And honestly after this many years after Return of the Jedi I thought we would be dealing with bigger problems besides the Empire. I would have thought we would be dealing with multiple planets trying to gain power that had been surpressed during the Empires rule and that if we did see the Empire it was weaker than seen in the original Trilogy.

I don't know what exactly was missing
But the language did not sound right by the new characters and I don't know why R2-D2 was turned off instead of being with Luke Skywalker.

This film should not have had anything like a Death Star at all.

I appreciated the practice effects. The fact they used the Millennium Falcon well.

Killing off Han in the first film was a bad decision due to the fact we did not get to see enough of the Leia, C3P-0, Luke relationship enough.

It was dumb to have the sith related to Han and Leia. That was a dumb idea.

I wanted to see more from the silver trooper

This film lacked anything for me to be invested in the new characters too much.

I did not understand why so much was revealed concerning the new villains. I was not invested in the new villains at all.

Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber lost in Empire Strikes Back did not make sense reemerging once again. That should have not shown up at all without some sort of explanation.

The character Fin did not bother me but the language of the film did not sound right. It was missing something.

I liked that this film brought elements of the original films and we saw the Falcon and chess board make an appearance.

I thought that Luke would be training multiple padawons and Jedi by this point not being secluded on an island.

The themes and music were not Star Wars like. It sounded like it belonged in anything but Star Wars.

I did like the hyperdrive effect in this film.

I liked how the Millennium Falcon was used and introduced at the begginng of the film.

I liked that we saw the classic Stardestroyer and X-Wing crashed on the planet of Jackku. But I would have liked to have seen other Rebel ships that are new besides X-Wings.

I was not impressed by the music in the bar scene. It was not catchy. The music sounds more like sounds rather than music.

I was not impressed by the ships so much because I would have expected more technological development and variety in types of ships. This seemed like it was mostly the same but slightly different.

This film really lacks catchy phrases like the other films.

I was not impressed with the villain who was not scary other than his voice. The Lightsaber he has was totally stupid. I felt like what are you trying to do cut yourself in a duel. I was not turkey invested in villains. The story has been told before.

I really was not pleased with the ending to the sith. I would have preferred to have seen a new villain in the next film.

This film I felt did answer nor deliver the major questions the fans desired to know such as where the galaxy was. What has been going on for all these years. It seemed almost like very little changed since

Han Solo in The Force Awakens plays the role of Obi-Wan in A New Hope. The mentor.

The Lightsaber duel in my opinion was not interesting at all. Like who wants to see a Lightsaber duel against someone who is experienced verses not experienced at all with a Lightsaber? That combination makes zero sense or is interesting in any compacity.

Visually the film was very interesting to watch but story wise it was lacking big time.

The biggest disappointment is that this is not the Star Wars sequel I had imagined after all these years since I have seen Return of the Jedi. This did not live up to my imagined expectations. I imagined more Jedi. Luke doing more all these years and seeing more from the classic characters in different roles.

The Peanuts Movie

Stayed true to the characters, stories, kind of music, comedy and artwork of the original which is greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed the film score and was glad that they incorporated the original music.

This film felt like it was a bunch of Charles Shultz comic strips tied together to make one film.

I thought it was cool that this film put in there that this film helped support 12 million jobs.

Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy(1937)

Something about this story does not appeal to me. The fact that Dick would constantly leave his leading girls behind and practically forget them for meals did not seen appealing. The main character Dick Tracy almost seems flat in this film and I have very little emotional investment in the character.

Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in Conneticuit

It is a romance comedy set around Christmas time but does not feel like a Christmas film.

The film is about a non fiction newspaper writer who is trying to convince her readers and publicist that what she has been writing in the truth.

She encounters problems as what she has written is not the truth so she has to continually try to convince others the lie is the truth.

Dodge City
Dodge City(1939)

Dodge City

Find crime,

Find drunks

The cattle herd stampede was shocking for a 1939 film.

That and what happened to the marshal who was just carried away by criminals with everyone just watching and no one whiling to stand up and stop them.

The technicolor is stunning for a 1939 film so vibrant like the pink dresses.
Greens and blue stage saloon sets

Shows the conflict of Hooray for Dixie and Georgia after the Civil War.

Kansas Dodge City

The women against the saloon.

I've never seen a saloon fight done as big as this film.

Hang someone without going to court.

No warrant no sheriff

"Well that's the first jail I've ever seen you could not get yourself in."

Ask a last resort Errol Flynn from the Cattle business to be a sheriff for law and order to clean up a new city Dodge City.

Hatton as sheriff

It took a kid being dragged away by scared horses for Hatton to stop and become sheriff.

1879 restrict guns in a particular part of town.

Tries to bride Errol Flynn but it doesn't work.

Curffue is set for gambling none past 2:00 A.M.

Clean up of Dodge City brings new people in town.

Taxes are enforced In Dodge City.

The stunts and action in this film is out there stunning.

The sets for a Western town are fairly large compared to other Western films or shows.

This film has many people die and no one is safe from being killed in this film. Even kids can be killed. It gives the film a more emotional investment in the film.

The train on fire in one of the cars looks Amazing. I have never seen anything quit like that before in a western. Even the pistol fight in the train car with things popping off exploding is an Awesome sight to see in such a film.

Errol Flynn is not typically the character you would expect to see in a Western. in fact he almost is the least likely actor you would expect in a western but actually he does this film justice.

The jail was large, filled with lots of prisoners.
More than you may typically see in any ordinary Western.

I enjoyed the theme score to Dodge City.

I would highly recommend this film. You will be kept entertained the entire time.

The Egyptian
The Egyptian(1954)

It is unique that this story is told from a doctors perspective in the fact that a doctor tends to interact with all sorts of kind of life. Therefore all aspects of life are seen in this film.

It covers themes such as Egyptian religion, love, deception, greed, power, poverty,

The physician is stupid in this film for handing over all his valuable possessions eventually even his own fathers land to a Babylon women who promises nothing and is greedy.

It also presents different occupations within Egypt and ancient world such as slaves, servants, princes, Pharos, physicians, military leaders, those who barry the dead, cheese makers and more. This story presents rags from riches stories and back again.

Disgusting things such as medical problems concerning Operations or fight scenes in this film are often presented not in detail but are suggested through shadows and sound effects, seen from the distance, or hidden behind objects.

Land of Hittites with iron weapons that prove stronger than Egyptians cooper weapons.

Mary had been in love with the physician resist her love till 3/4 of the film through. Mary is shot by the military by arrow for standing up for her Egyptain Gods.

This films costumes, lighting, sets, and rich colors are all amazing.

The cheese maker turns to work for the army after saving Pharaoh disguised as an ordinary bystander praying to the Egyptian sun god Ra from attacking lion, eventually promoted to head of the Egyptian military. Poisoned Pharaoh to become Pharaoh himself.

He goes from best friend to physician, betrays his lover, and whiling to commit treason to preserve Egypt.

The physician is told that he is the half brother to the pharaoh. He was left in a baby basket floated down the Nile River and adopted by a poor family.

The servant to the doctor eventually bribes the soldiers with everything not to be killed.

The Egyptian military kills all those who believe in the Egyptian Gods for they believe they are responsible for tough times.

The problem I had with the film was how long the film is. It is like 2 hours and 30 minutes long. It could have been split up into two films rather than one long movie.

The Pharaoh is purposely poisoned by drink to avoid a slow and painful death.

The military leader is to become new Pharaoh.

Only the sand will survive.

The film is told from the Physician sent into excel.


It was surprising how well this film captured the cruel treatment that the Nazis SS soldiers did to people in order to get the answers they desired. They would go so deep in cruelty that eventual the innocent victims would turn into the Nazi's enemy.

This film also presents the significance and power which radio can play.

I like the use of shadows and lighting in this film. I like how shadows are used while the radio announcer is speaking.

It is a good propaganda film made for it's time. The ending has a very strong emotional climax.

This film shows how significant and the power role to which the underground could play even by the middle of 1941. this also shows who could be in the underground and their motivations for joining.

The Cross and the Switchblade

The Cross and the Switch Blade

The scenes are so cheesy. The action scenes were not filmed very well.

Two gangs in a major city in 1970
Spanish vs the African American gang. A preacher in the middle trying to protect the people trying to peach because everyone needs him. Spanish gang is afraid of the preacher ask for someone to get rid of him.

This film shows the dumbest and trashiest parts of the city.

This film shows drugs too.

I'm surprised they are actually able to show how drugs are made in this film and still be PG.

David Walkerson is played by Pat Boone.

The music was alright 60% of the time but I found 40% of the time the music did not fit the scene for me. And rather than feel for the scene like when the girl was getting clean off drugs or it made me feel like I lost reality and feeling and was completely not right for the scene and made me laugh instead of taking the film seriously with the correct emotion and lost all seriousness for taking the story .

Some of the ways which reflections in the mirror were used when we saw the drug dealer giving hearowine I liked

I was surprised by some of the graphic blood when one of the gang members fell down the stairs or the way they showed drugs being stored or made. I was surprised such images were allowed for a PG film.

I was surprised how little actual Biblical text were used in this film. It really was not used too much until the very end of the film. And the film made a big impheses on love and I was surprised there were not more messages besides just love in this film such as piece, war, killing. It was touched at the end but I'm surprised it was not made strong throughout the film rather than just the end.

The preacher coming to the main gang lords in the middle of the night was wired saying God loves you.

Some of the fight sequences in the film I found cheesy because of how it was shot where you were so close and cutting so quick that the action never was really focused and you could never see too much damage.

It has some good messages but the story could have been told much better in other parts.

Like the scenes that should have been the strongest emotional effect were reduced in effectiveness due to things such as the wrong type of music in a scene or music at all or cutting or what was emphasised when such a strong emphasis was not necessary and could have been understood without the emphasis.

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a MockingBird

For the court scenes it consist up of many cuts made up of many camera angles.

I like how it is filmed.

The kids I found were dumb and sneaky.

It must have been a controversial film made in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement.

They try to frame a African American by lying.

The cameras distance between characters is used to often suggest emotional response.

The closer the camera gets often suggest fear, danger,

This film does a good job of suggesting something by the camera not focusing on something else. And suggesting danger. Using shadows, looking at something else or using other methods.

Arthur aka Boo we find responsible for protecting children, hiding things in the tree and putting pans folded on top of the fens once caught.

It has an ending where I was not completely satisfied but all my questions were answered.

Captain Blood

Great film score Music arrangements by Erich Wolfgang Kormgold

Set in England 1665

Starts with a man riding on a running horse to Dr. Peter Blood home.

I like how shadows are used to express actions.

Keeping imprissoned for three months in unclean cell.

Corrupt court. Not whiling to hear and are quick to imprisoned and call guilty anyone they just want a quick results.

Just is seriously ill at trial.

Guilty of treason for harbouring rebels and for doing his duty as a doctor rather

Prisoners Sent to the British colony Port Royal to be sold into slavery.

People are sold as though they were horses.

Dr. Blood is sold for £10.00 by Ms. Bishop who's father is Governor.

Judge is sick from gout and Peter Blood made from slave back to doctor physician.

I like the sarcasm in the Errol Flynn character.

Sugar Caine knives to fight their way out.

Prisoners we find out before imprisoned and sold were Ship gunner, and ship captain.

Find if they escape they will have a crew of them yet.

Dr. Blood Resents being bought by Ms. Bishop or Uncle having a niece who is so kind.

Ned the navigator and tried and whipped.

Beat Dr Peter Blood

A timely interruption by a Spanish ship by King Philip at the British Colony

Spanish Privateers loot, pillage Port Royal in pirate fashion. Allowing Dr. Peter Blood and slaves the chance to escape.

Unfortunately to find the shop they planned to escape in burned and sunk.

They decide to commender a Spanish ship.

200 thousand pieces of 8 the Spanish could make it so they don't burn the city to the ground.

Colonel Bishop plans to board and thank his slaves for taking out the Spanish to find his slaves did sink the Spanish.

Made a Captain Blood established of Piracy for his crew constitution 1687

Fight in the Caribbean

Captain Blood's name becomes infamous name in Caribbean.

The lighting of the reflections of water while on the boat is well recorded.

Pirate crews of Captain Blood & Captain Levasseur the two most raverd captains meet in Tortuga.

The Island of Virgin Marg

The British ship has been capture by the other French pirate rival Levasseur with the British crew left stranded on the island.

Forbid taking women as prisoners.

English ship had on hand on board 20 thousand pieces of 8.

Captain Blood whiling to pay the random Ms. Bishop. You are hardly in position to say anything about being sold.

And that ends a partnership that should not have begun. After Captain Blood stabs Captain Levasseur.

Ms. Bishop is not whiling to wear anything stollen by a pirate.

Go head to Port Royal

Ms. Bishop is upset Dr. Blood has put his revenge above everything else.

Captain Blood is Chivalrous.

Captain Bloods crew mutiny against Captain Peter Blood to head towards Jamaica not for gold but to send back Ms Bishop and British crew back.

Reach port Royal where shots from ships docked shoot off the cannons.

King William whiling to give a pardon to serve the king in the Navy.

King William the III of the Netherlands makes offer for the pardon not King James is kicked out.

Creep up on Port Royal with a French flag to attack the French.

Ms. Bishop admits she loves Captain Blood.

Governed allows me to come and go as I please. And abandoning his post and leaving his post vulnerable.

Loved it when Ms. Bishop calls to the new governor Please be begged be merciful for my Uncle.

This film has a Great funny ironic plot twist ending that is enjoyable pleasure.

In this film I found difficult at times to difrenchiate or tell when the scenes are real locations, film sets or models. This is a great pirate film filled with ship battles, Sword fights, and great sets and models that are difficult to be able to tell from the model verses the real deal.

What I did appreciate about this film was that this film depicts real issues that were problems at the times in the mid to late 1500's and does not attempt to dull those issues down. Such as corrupt British courts, punishments, loyalty, piracy, slavery, medical treatments and problems, treatment of prisoners and slaves.

The Red Danube

The Red Danube

It is a film that is filled with truths about what happened after World War II during the early part of the Cold War in different parts of Europe where the Russians would request their people back who escaped during World War II.

It has a good cast. It has some emotionally sad parts seeing the treatment the Russians did of people they had returned to go back to Russia and how the children and elders were given back to the British for they saw little use for them. Some parts were funny parts such as the nun.

I liked the poor impoverished child the British called the nick name Mickey Mouse.

I liked the movie. It is able to capture the best parts of Christianity and able to provide a good idea of how bad the Soviets treated it's people and why people did not wish to return to Russia.

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment 1936

This film misses the subconscious aspect that the book has covering what the character thinks of things and misses out on the small details of what the space looked like, the city as far as smell, appearance of the city and room on the larger scale. There is a much bigger thing in the book about paranoia over things that is not said but is thought.

This film is able to capture the Suspicion and feelings even by the actors looks, expressions, lighting, use of space, the where the camera decides to focus on.

This film does a good job on casting and acting. Peter Lorrie does a good job just how he does his acting by adding suspicion, confidence, shame; at the right time.

I like the lighting in the film. The silouiets are well used.

This film looses something by having it set in modern times and having hints of Imperial Russia such as the insignia of Imperial Russia or mentioning the currency, mentioning of the Siberian desert as a form of punishment.

This film looses the context of the times which Crime and Punishment was written in to better understand the way people acted in the days.

This film does not add the context that the Imperial Russian police were corrupt in the period the book was written or daughters still had there husband chosen by the family. The mix in cultural thought in religion and ethnic diversity.

This film had a dumb ending with grand thematic music because he is about to confesses his responsibility for committing the crime of murder on the pawn shop woman.

In some ways I think that this film or book is dumb. Not because of the realism but because of the incompetence, stupidity in bad planning and thinking in those who commit a murder or study crime by an experts who study crime.

Sergeant York

Sergeant York

Sergeant Alien York and Gary Cooper shared similar beliefs, life styles which they could relate to such as shooting, raised in the country, how they were viewed in the publics eye. Because of that I think that Gary Cooper was able to do more to add to his part the honesty, realism and believability.

Howard Hawks did a good job in displaying the war in the trenches as well as cutting the film for comedy purposes in the case of the beginning of the film when an old man walks in to the church service late and the wood floor boards are creaking.

Directed by Howard Hawks
Music by Max Steiner

I have never seen a preacher work in the general convent store shop for the local shop as well as church before this film.

I like how they integrated the Bible, Bible verses, and Early American history in order to find out why to fight based upon religion.

God and country defend.

Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God what belongs to God.

Trust into something bigger than own self.

This film manages to depict a very good image of trench warfare during World War I that portrays an honesty concerning the aspects of the fears, horrors, but manages to put in the heart with a little comedy of unexpectedness that seemed natural instinct and honesty that may be considered unusually unexpected in such as situation and in normal situations can be an unusual find. For instance this film has instances sergeant Allen York saying its just like shooting turkeys when shooting the Germans in the Trenches, having a bunch of Germans decide to surrender or being smart enough to have the German leader say we are surrounded serenader.
Or facing the problem of a POW camp not excepting the prisoners because it can not fit them all in.

This film is good in that it does not begin with the World War but instead starts in 1916 with a Newspaper that reads about the situation in the Battle of Verdun in France and how those in the countryside of Kentucky and Tennessee see the war before 1918.

This film I see how it was viewed as relatable in the 1940's to the American People because it deals with a hard worker, farmer seen as low on the economical chain, a hunter, religion. This film hits upon the themes which are all aspects which mankind deals with. The ideals that are to be considered the American way of life as well as the Biblical way. Going places you don't feel comfortable with but God or country has led you to.

I can understand how this film was used as a World War II propaganda film to recruit soldiers. This film does a great job and has a strong message about faith, loyalty, trust, truth, honesty, working hard and more.

One flaw I did find is that it is clear when a place is filmed on a set, is at a real location or is using real footage that already exist which I think is a problem. I understand that it is the way films were made back in the day but I don't think it is good when an audience member can clearly identify when something is fake verses real because it can detract from the way the story is being told when an audience member is paying attention to other things rather than the story itself. If an audience member does not believe in the world the character is in it looses something. For me some of the country side scenes of Tennessee did that for me in this film just because I could not see a particular distance so I knew the set was contained or the lighting did not look right for the environment or time of day.

Hollywood Remembers: Gary Cooper - American Life, American Legend

It shows a good range of Gary Coopers films and shows his background very well but it is told in a fashion that can be boring in some parts. It is a good resource or reference, in the case of me; to start off with if you are unfamiliar with the works of Gary Cooper.

The Gold Rush

It is a well told Charlie Chaplin film filled with comedy, drama, and romance.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

Very intresting how you could have such a boring place for a movie & yet have a Great movie, loved John Williams Score for this film. The Credits were cool.

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

Very good movie & Casting. Like Tim Allan, The actor who plays Monk, & Actor who plays Snap in Harry Potter.

Bridge of Spies

I was surprised how long it took before the musical score was introduced into the film. It seemed unusual for Spielberg. To choose having the Sound effects or silence drive the scenes rather than the musical score. It was a great choice based upon the subject material of spying. Having the silence and sound effects drive many of the scenes provided a needed tension to the audience.

I liked the camera angels of low angle shots, splitting the screen with one person on one side of the screen and the other side has another figure in two to three person shot. I like the way the worms eye angle was used in this film.

I also liked how this films uses all the camera shots.

I liked the musical score by Thomas Newman. It has an action sound as well as a sorrow anticipation sound to it like something could happen at any moment.

This film in court scenes reminded me of films like Lincoln and Amistad.

I liked how every scene had plenty of things to look at in a wide angle shot or in a negotiation scene.

The sets and locations were so amazing. I liked when we saw the Berlin Wall being bricked in. I had trouble identifying when it was filmed at a real location verses CGI. Especially in large landscape scenes of the city of New York, East or West Germany or anywhere else, effect scenes of the U2 being destroyed and so forth.

This film shows how badly the Russians treated the East Germans.

I was also surprised how a nickel was used to cary very small messages inside. That was amazing. I never knew that messages could be passed through a nickel or that that had been done before.

It was an Amazing story. It was almost like playing poker seeing who bluffs who.

I like how in this film we got to see the cameras on the U2.

I thought it was interesting how a dollar was used to hold a pin for poison.

I liked the lines used repeatedly "Do you think it would help."

It was amazing seeing the U2 exploding and being torn apart.

I think that the performance by actor Mark Rylance of the character Rudolph Able was probably one of the best in the film because he says very little but conveys more through his facial expressions or eye contact. His lines are simple but the way he says them is so dry in this film it comes out funny.

This film is one I would own.

Comrade X
Comrade X(1940)

I thought it was a funny film. It shows the outrageous suspicions that all Russians had in the Soviet Union. I like how the sets look. I think it is a comedy, a mystery, and several other kinds of genre type of film which I am not sure I'm able to clearly identify. I thought it was a pretty great film. I would buy it. Clark Gabel did a very good job acting in this film.

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days begins with from the Earth to the Moon made in the Early 1900's

I thought it was interesting seeing the rocket lounched and seeing the camera view from the rocket as it was spinning around Earth.

I a liked the scene with them riding around town from a bicycle.

I liked the scenery of the different countries.

I was not as impressed with this film as far as how this story was told compared to the Disney version. I did find it interesting how this film went to different countries compared to the Disney version.

The three camera wide angle shots were a little bizarre at times to see because the view looked skewed and distorted.

I liked the Native American Action scenes. Seeing China, Japan, landscape of India from the train & Elephant of India. Some of the Hot air-balloon scenes looked interesting when seen in a landscape scene.

What I like about this film is that a lot of the locations look like it is filmed at real locations rather than sets.

Around the World in 80 Days

This film is filled with Too many inaccuracies for the time period this film is based upon. This film is also very different from the original film.

I did like the action scenes in Paris. Having Jackie Chan in the film go to China.

This film shows an entertaining Journey.

I do like the film score theme for this film.

The computer graphics are interesting.

In this version there is more action. Phileas Fogg is considered an inventor with questionable objects of his time similar to Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Phileas Fogg abilities are considered questionable to the scientific community. If wins Phileas Fogg is to become head Minister of the Scientific Community in England. But if he does not make it he is to decommission his laboratory and no longer invent again.

This film is filled with more obsticils than encountered the 1950's version.

Also the ethnicity of Monique La Roche & Passepartout is reversed compared to the 1956 version. In the 1956 version Passepartout is a Spanish ethic background & Princess Aouda is from India. I found the culture mix better and more interesting match compared to the 1956 film.

This film has more trying to stop the trip than in the 1956 version of the film.

Now You See Me

Now you see me.

It has some interesting twist and tricks. The acting was very good. The only problem is that there is way too much computer graphics rather than practical effects so the film looses some of it's believability because the film makes it obvious to the audience when special effects were used.

Time After Time

Time after time

I was surprised that the films starts off with a first person perspective with Jack the Ripper.

I think that Malcom Macdowell does a pretty good job in this film. The 1895 sets look amazing and dead on.

What I have issues with is the look of the time travel effect that looks cheesy.
Also Orsen Wells says that the time travel effect will leave him in the same location where as in this film he is sent to San Franscico in 1979.

I like how show San Fransco in this film with Golden Gate Bridge, Red Wood Forest, Palace of Fine Arts,

I was glad that the gore and killings of the victims was inferred with blood rather than making it look really gruesome.

Dudley Do-Right

I like the film. It is a film I enjoy for it's jokes and great punchlines. It has great scenes that are just ridiculously stupid but hilarious. Like "Meanwhile at Snidley's not so secret hideout."

DD "Dorris Day"

"That's not fair! They've got Rocks! All we have is machine guns."

I think if this film fails it is because Dudley is not well done as far as presenting him or others as a Canadian Mounty or Dudley's girl friend is not well done in the acting. The Native Americans were presented as an insult rather than jokes that did not miss represent there characters culture.

I do think that Snidely Whiplash was the best developed and portrayed character through out the film.

The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcan is a fast passed film made with a lot of dialog and movements filled with lies and deception may have to watch a few times in order to understand the story.

I like how the camera is used in this film with several different things to look at once on the screen at one time. Because of the cuts and how the space in the frame is used in this film the eye is always moving do you don't get board which could have easily have happened in this film since this film has a lot of talk made up of partial truths and deceptions.

The film ends in an interesting way. The criminals don't get away with the crime. The criminals don't find the real Maltese Falcan. Bogart does not get the girl. Lying does not pay off and justice is served. We find Bogart just does his job rather than keep a love life.

We find this is a film with a lot of complicated moves. You have to be constantly listening in order to follow all the clues to the mystery.

This was a great film. Not for kids but for an audience that pays a lot of attention listening.

One question lies at the end of this film where is the real Maltese Falcan?

The Ace of Hearts

I was not a big fan of this film. It took too long to tell the story and I thought that this film could have been edited better. This film has scenes in it which I felt did not add to the story such as a case where two characters bump each other as they are walking the streets could have been cut out because it was ill-relevant to the story plot. The ending was stupid. The sets were good but the story was not exactly clear or well told. It never made sense what this group was and why the obvious punishment was always killing.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I thought it was going to be good but instead it was stupid. I felt like it was waisted time I could have spent doing something else.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

The graphics were amazing especially the Mars & Space Station.

This film follows the book very well. This film adds a little more than the the book towards the end of the film than the book by Andy Weir provides but the film stays very much close to the book. I'm glad that the main aspects which Andy Weir desired out of his book were kept such as the Loyalty and trust the crew had to their commander. The 1970's music choices. How this went to a world event where the whole world watched this crew once they heard about Mark Whatney's survival and rescue from Mars just like the book and Apollo 13.

The settings looked Amazing in this film just by the vast size.

This was so Amazing to watch the sand storm and the science.

I saw it in 3-D and it was great because of the Martian planet landscape, Seeing Earth & Mars from Space, the lighting, Sandstorm, and the camera angles of the Space ship the Aries 4.

It was a very well told story and Ridley Scott did a great job in this film.

The acting was very good.



The graphics were great.

The story was very different from previous incarnations of the Peter Pan world. This film depicts a different Area than what is viewed from Wendy and brothers visit to Neverland. Wendy as I recall came from an era prior to World War II where as this film depicts a time when Peter is from the era of World War II. Also the previous versions depict that time passes much slower in Neverland than in Earth time. Like a Day in Neverland counts as A year on Earth. Not the way the film Pan depicts. Also there was an interpretation that the longer in Neverland the more you forget what life was like in Earth. Not seen in this film.

It shows a much larger world than has ever been seen before.

I was expecting hook to loose his hand at any point from the Alligator.

The natives in this film resembled nothing that had ever been seen before.
They looked nothing like native Americans.

I was not counting on skeleton birds or multiple Pirate ships or them looking for fairy dust because fairies had gone into hiding.

What got me was Peter Pan happening prior to World War II but this film takes place with a World War II battle against ships. It looked interesting.

The way they told stories was wired with the oldest tree and telling the story of flash back in the mermaid memories bubbles was weird.

This film covers things that have never been seen before in a Peter Pan film before. This film shows an interesting aspect that looks very multiethnic culture from the orphans, the Natives and the pirates which looks more diverse compared to most Peter Pan films with the exception of Hook.

Pan is a very colorful film. It is filled with all kinds of colors.

I saw it in 2-D and could tell it would have been Amazing and better to see in 3-D just based upon the movements and objects moving around.

I never understood why Blackbeard would burn the fairies rather than try to capture the fairies to obtain their pixy dust if that was what he was trying to acquire in the first place. That was another flaw I saw in the film.

This film leads me to ask more questions than has answered by the end. This film never answers how Hook and Pan became enemies, how Hook looses his hand or why Hook hates clocks. This also does not explain Tinkerbell's relationship to Peter Pan or why Tinker Bell is special compared to the other fairies. This film does not explain how Hook got to the Island of Neverland.
That was one flaw I had with this film was that it failed to answer the questions I desired to know most.

The Intern
The Intern(2015)

The Intern enjoyed the Story.

You can't always get what you want.

I enjoyed the costumes and was glad it ended in a happy ending

Loved how different everyone was.

The story was very universal and a family film for everyone because it speaks for everyone. Or speaks to specific generations. This did not focus on one generation or another or a male vs a female audience but was a good film for a universal audience. Everyone can get something out of this story. I like how this film starts in the middle of a story and ends in the middle and can continue right where it was left off.

I liked how Anne Hathaway eventually made it back up with his husband.

I liked how the costumes of the characters all clearly were different from each other and were used to identify who the character was. And this film mentions that how the characters dressed meant something about the age and era a person comes from.

This film has comedy as well as mention specific and go cover serious issues.

I liked how this film covers real life relations issues between colleagues between loved ones no matter their age and where people stand.

This film has heart and investment in characters through character development.

I liked it when the male co-workers did an inside job to brake in to delete a message email to Anne Hathaway's moms computer. That was just hilarious.

It is a film I would but because It speaks to different ages based upon their ages. One age group are sex is going to get something different that another age would not.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Diary of Anne Frank

It looks like a story that could be seen on a stage. All of the story takes place in one building all contained.

I liked the music at the beginning of the first intermission.

There is drama and heart in this story.

Covers from 1942 when Anne gets a diary till the end of the war in Nazi Germany in 1945.

They go stir crazy in a small portion of a factory.

It is a film that would bore most kids. It is mostly talk and listening. Visually it is it very entertaining. I feel like it is a film you could mostly listen to and it is not always necessary to watch. This film could easily have been a radio show.

This film is told quietly and in Black and white which I felt was appropriate for this film.

Edison, the Man

Starts with him as an old man being honored and interviewed.

The film comprises of a flashback that shows what led to him lighting up New York City with electricity.

Edison reveals in an interview that he does not cary a watch. I found that interesting as well.

This film covers the struggles Edison faced to invent the lightbulb and up to lighting up New York City and some of the other inventions that came through his associate workers such as recording sound.

What I did not know before this film was that Edison's first invention was not the lightbulb or that so many doubted Edison's ability to make the lightbulb before he found a way to make it work for long periods of time. I did not know that he tried making the lightbulb at first without something to confine it. I also did not realize what helped sustain the lights energy was a lack of oxygen and more of vacuum or another gas prior to see this film. I always thought it was just to protect anyone from getting shocked by electricity be accident.

At the end Edison as an older man gives a speech where he has concerns over Has science gone too far to construct mans own destruction balance. Is it Man's own destiny. Could man have constructed it's own destruction by the technological innovations it has come by? I found it kind of ironic that the end of the film would end with questioning his or human inventions to think such a good thing was so bad.

Sunshine State

This is a film that is filmed on Amelia Island. It looks at the community of Amelia Island. I found the movie rather boring. This film lacks the action. I found it more interesting finding where things are filmed around Amelia Island.

This movie is about being endangered, times have changed, and things being not like they used to be.

Shares some characteristics to the Island but the names have changed.

I Accuse!
I Accuse!(1958)

I Accuse

This deals with the real life events of The Dryfus Affair. I thought that this was pretty good depiction of the real life events concerning the Dryfus Affair. There may be a few details missing but the acting, resemblance, and decor all looked fairly accurate.

The military arrest Dryfus on vague reasons such as a letter transmitted by the Germans that was intercepted with the ending with Mr. D from Germans. Head German leaders assume it is Dryfuss and do not further the investigation.

Arrested Dryfus over similar handwriting and because he is a Jew

There were some who despised foreigners and Jews who

They make ip that they Believe Dryfus has powerful friends so they don't put him on trial.

They do an unwarranted search of Dreyfusses home in search for more incriminating evidence.

Maid demands to be paid in fears the family will loose money. maid believes in newspapers over loyalty to home owners.

Dryfuss commanding officer is the only one who doubts that Dryfus is truly guilty.

Spiral loop behaved like a guilty man because his hand was shaking. How does a guilty man behave but gives little response to explain.

Dryfus kind of man who wants to learn everything. Based upon that they say it is characteristics of a spy.

Spends late to fulfill his duty.

Dryfus was born in an area that was French but that area since 1870 was a German territory.

Dryfus family may or may not do business with Germany but Dryfus is loyal to France.

A single document is the reason they prove Dryfus is considered guilty.

Guy comes in to sell military secrets inside the French army itself.

For many Dryfus was liked for his company he keeps. He was a hard worker in the military which is commendable. He enjoyed his work in the military.

All dislike change

War minter

Counter espionage number of documents have gone missing. Suspect spies.

Dryfus on Disillusioned officer.

Estage Esterhousy always looking for money.

Many officers in French army who are not French.

Jew on senior staff. First time ever.

Scoundrel D know he was an Artillery officer.

Get an expert on handwriting to analysis letter.

Dryfus used to be grim and serious before joined senior staff and now he is happy. He tells brother Matthew that He rather be Captain of the army than president.

Intested in espionage rather than calligraphy. All analysis derives from a theory.

Suspicious but not

Dryfuss is well off with no need for money.

Military did not want media publicity.

Won't allow his wife or lawyer to see Dryfus until the day of the court marshal.

Serconstatial Cercomstancial evidence against Dryfus that confirms nothing of his

There is a spy in German embassy.
Not a German spy the other real spy can work safely.

Affairs get into the media and now German embassy is aware. Security at risk.

Hand writing analyst was the single Spiral loop over Angular twist in hand writing.

Dreyfus always had money not always aware where Dreyfus got his money.

Inadequate evidence against Dryfus centered into one document.

Made Dreyfus public humiliation stripped his uniform and snapped his sword in two.

An innocent man has been degraded. He yells I am innocent Long live France while crowd boos and hisses traitor.

Can not go over heads of advisors.
Must keep his name out.

Alfred Dryfus was denied in letters from his wife even though Dryfuss sends letters out all the time from Devils Island.
No one speaks and no one talks to him.

Give back life that was taken away from him.

Mother lies to her children about the real truth of his father.

Worth thing that could happen that Dryfus be forgotten so a faculae report in England is made about Dryfus situation.

Dryfus is ordered to say nothing.

There will be help in second case.

They arrest him to get rid of the evidence. In response in an attack on France they response by making reports on newspapers.
Write to president of France an injustice by

Acuse war office, hand writing, revolutionary truth to gain the truth. Ask for light of the truth.

Scandal for filled with forgery, us president, prime Minister of England & German Tsar.

Military procedure was badly done. Make a fair trial for Dryfuss. If Dryfuss is innocent then the army is guilty and the army is in trouble.

Dead Poets Society

This was a very good movie. Although I was very surprised at the begging when Robin Williams charter asked the class to rip out some of the pages of the book to the index when I first saw this film. On my second time I saw this film it began to make sense. Also the ending was a very big surprise for me. But it was a very well made movie & thought you some English reading too I think or a different way to express yourself.

Strict parents who don't allow you to do what you want but rather tell you how you should run your carrier path rather than let yourself go your own path.

Strict guideless verses openness and allowing you to go your own way.

Seize the Day. Do what you can to make the most of life rather than doing less than your potential.

Think for yourself rather than having yourself have your life determined & judged by others standards.

Read and write passed on passion and human feeling what we stand for.

What will your verse be.

What stands out to be is that there are clear scenes

Not artist but free thinkers.

Not a syndic, realist

But only in dreams are men free. Alfred Lloyd Tennyson.

Dead Poets Society. Most likely to do anything. Looking at old annual of teacher of the Dead Poets Society. Seek for Sucking the marrow

Make poetry make own poetry and spoke from own lips.

Teacher O' Captain my Captain. Mr. Keating

Guys join to make own Dead Poets Society at night in to have better technic to get girls.

What gets me about this film is that there are scenes in this film is that there are scenes in this film where you are drawn back in by how the story or dialog is told it draws you in when there is nothing really interesting to look at but you are drawn to the dialog and the reactions of everyone's face.

Check to see from another perspective. Constantly look at things in a different way. Even if it looks silly or wrong

Strive to look for your own voice.

Nothing is impossible.

If you don't say anything not disobeying parents.

Work off opposites on roommates. One Neil who wants to do more and wants to get outside of the box where as the other Todd Anderson likes staying confined to standards of the rules. Underestimates his own abilities. One roommate helps the other recognize his own self. Stirred up

I liked the steady came scenes where you chase the boys in a confined space to get the notes and homework. Or using it to look up and spin around on a stair case.

One may say a sport is better than another

Rise above your name. Rise above your own potential.

Plays music while read poetry to get feeling. Speak as you would fill a soul rather than just reading with no feeling.

Read with emotion and feeling.

Where not laughing at you but w

Don't let your poems be ordinary.

He treats every student differently. He tries to open them out of there comfort zone to become better than they are.

I like how they spin around Robin Williams and student as we see the student brake out and is able to express himself. Found his own voice when he thought he had nothing.

I like the use of classical music in this film.

Scene where students start smoking there pipes in cave.

Got to do more. Got to be more.

Music as a form of expression similar to poetry

Sonorous. This film does not dumb you out as an audience as far as the literature or vocabulary.

Make it known beliefs are unique rather than following the crowd. Even if others may find what you do strange.

Tradition and discipline verses thinking for yourself.

Daring from caution. Getting expelled is stupid because you will miss some golden opportunities.

This film hits on some strong serious points.

Family found it deceiving. To do acting.
The Fathers role is so well done. Planned out my life never asked what son wants.

Your acting for your father.

Father no longer wants him to play in Henway Hall play.

The one you least suspect gets killed. Because he finds no way out. Parents forced his son into a box with no way to escape to make his own way.

He lies in order to may himself feel comfortable rather than

Love over follow heart over follow rules.

You feel something strong by this film. This film does a good job of using silence and just letting the sound effects and actors lines run the scene.

Father sees his sons acting as not a serious carrier move. And not up to his expectations.

The reactions in this film are believable and real reactions.

This film is filled with powerful & emotional moments.

Insist on not defying parents will.

He was good and his father denied him his success.

Neil commits suicide and you feel an emptiness because and loss since we were so invested in him. He was the glue to the film that kept the characters together.

Snow cold yet so beautiful.
I found it strong when we real that Neil Perry had written in his poetry book this quote. "I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life!" H.D.T. It was so potent and powerful.

All the acting is very well done.

Extensive Inquiry

They framed Mr. Keating so that they could get out of it.

"You can't save Keating but you can save yourself."

My Captain my Captain

Broke the rule to follow own way.

How to Train Your Dragon

I thought that the movie was very interesting. I now rank this film 4th highest. Just Below Over the Hedge on the Dream Works Films. I thought that this film was better than the Shrek films. Itâ(TM)s a film worth seeing several times and buying.

I thought that it was great how they emphasized in the film the importance of Brains in intelligence of tactics and training over types of weapons which made the movies twist much more interesting and exciting of what would happen next.

Alice in Cartoonland

I found this cartoon impressive and funny for it's day. The mix between animation with live action was very well done. The stories were well told.

The Jazz Singer

This film takes place in New York in the early 1900-1920's. I believe this presents an accurate depiction of the times of the culture in the 1920's that does not look created or manufactured but looks real.

This was a really good movie for a film that is a silent film with a few places that incorporate songs. In some cases I felt like complete silence made the scene much stronger than having music at all.

I liked how some of the text slides had background images. That was a pleasant surprise.

What I liked about this film is how the locations set decorating all looked very real and believable rather than looking staged which I found impressive for a film made in this era.

The acting in this film I was also impressed with because there was something very believable about this film. Like some of the motions and body movements made this look so believable. It did not look fake.

There is something real about how this film presents the sets, acting reactions, set decorating

I think it is interesting how some of this is speed up and others are filmed or presented at a normal pace.

The singing has voices while the rest has just background score music.

This film is a strong as it is because this film touches and ask questions about choices about dealing with life issues, Rebellion from the culture you were born from, love, redemption, comedy, success, escape, finding own way, religion, race, culture and even Death. This film has a Realism that I can not explain why it all works together.

This film brings up how to deal with following culture acceptance verse family acceptance, verses relationships to family and religion and how far do you go before crossing moral issues.
This film touches on choices of Job carrier doing the play April Follies vs. religion and family.

What I found ironic for its time was a Jewish person putting on make-up to dress as an African American which seemed odd since they were both considered not the best to be considered in America back in the 1920's. They were considered undesirable or not preferred races of the day.

Walt Disney Mini Classics - Ben and Me

One of my favorite cartoon of the day. It in one that introduced me to Benjamin Franklin as a kid.

Walt Disney Mini Classics - Willie the Operatic Whale

I used to watch this a lot as a kid. The whale cartoon always got be emotionally because it was such a strong and sorrowful film.


Now this was a good movie.

I like the mess ups the kids make. What makes this film successful is the role played by Leslie Nielsen.

It has an emotional ending you are invested in.


I think what I liked best was the film score by James Horner. It is almost presented in a bigger than life aspect.

What I was not a fan of is the sexual talk, sexual immorality, drugs, alcohol.

I thought some of the characteristics by Tom Hanks besides the above mentioned factors were funny like how he would act as a big shot and not get away with it or how he felt with people was funny. I did not think it was necessary to see Tom Hanks character get the girl at all.

I was not satisfied with the results of the film. I felt like the villains were not adequately dealt with in order to resolve the conflict since the villains were still there & could always come back.

I did like John Candy's role in this film up till the end when he was blabbering up stuff from being slapped by Tom Hanks character.

This film made a fun of Asians, and war films, card films, bar fights, rescue scenes, and the Peace Corps, CIA, the military, and not in a good way either.

Meet John Doe

Meet John Doe

It is powerful seeing them sing and prayer just before being framed.

They didn't give a chance before mob threw everything at him.

Odd seeing the big boss with a giant Christmas tree all decorated and kids doing Christmas Charols

What started as a news poplicity stunt to gain more sales. what started as a way just to get a job and money became something bigger than one person. What John Doe became was something bigger than himself.

It meant changing the world helping others, knowing neighbor, helping others who need a job or money.

Even though the big business men like Mr. Norton tried shutting it all down it brought a nation together and even big business men still were not

The final scene worked out because of the main leading woman crying hanging on to John Doe while Gary Cooper looked strait no reaction while we cut to see the reactions of others from bosses, and crowd that began to see how how powerful the message and truth was.

Lay it on the people to try and lick them Mr. Norton

The Negro Soldier

For a film that was made in 1944 this film was actually very good I thought. I never realised that such a film had put African Americans in such a bright light. I find it interesting that for a war film the message was told inside a church. I learned some things about what African Americans activities in American History that I had never heard of before such as their involvement in the Revolutionary War or War of 1812. In some ways it did not seem realistic the way which they chose to tell the story such as the lady reading a long letter in the middle of a church service.

This film also hardly touches on the Civil War. It practically skipped over the war.

The footage was good.

Why We Fight - The Battle of Russia

I think the footage is interesting for a 1943 perspective of Russia. I thought that the first part was much more interesting than the second part that is more current information told in a propaganda fashion that is told in a cheesy way more so than part one. Part too is a little long in my opinion.

I thought this film does a better job of revealing aspects of Russia's geography I did not exactly comprehend completely before such as cities, landscapes, size, military strategies. This one also revealed the diversity in culture of Russia. The maps in this film demonstrate the significance of particular landmarks such as oil towns, snow, ice, mountains, and farms.

I thought it was interesting how the deeper the Nazis got into Russia the stronger the Russian military got.

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Mr Deeds 1936

Powerful scene was when guy who was a farmer and lost his job comes downstairs to yell at Mr. Deeds for spending money wrong for parties.
It was powerful after he had been betrayed by girlfriend reporter.

Powerful, funny, and real. There is an honest sensarity.

I like the lighting, siliuets and of scenes.

Mr. Deeds sanity is in question because of his caring, generosity and givingness.

Think That the body expressions are very well done by Mr. Deeds. Smallest micro-expressions tell a lot. Slightest smile, hands over mouth, eye contact.

It does not require

Silence was a big deal in the court scene.

Funny and sad when everyone in the court interrupted to protect and defend Mr. Deeds position in the court.

This film invented the terms doodle & pixelated to be brought up in films. Do silly things contemplate and think.

John Wray as farmer.
Longfellow Deed's by Gary Cooper.
Frank Capra picture.

Frank Capra did a great job on this film.

It is a film that can make you cry.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation was so great. The protagonist as well as the good guys in this film were so well written.

There were great Benji scenes in this film that really expanded his abilities and capabilities.

There was so many funny scenes that work well with the characters..
I like the speed of this film. The story moved so well that there was never a dull moment. If you left for a short break you missed significant details to the story plot.

The water scenes were well filmed. I liked the fact that the car case & water tank scenes had no music and they were driven by the sound effects. The motorcycle scene was so well done. There was so many quick scenes. I feel like I need to see it again in order or see what I missed the first time through because of the passe of the film or because I went to the restroom.

I liked the fact Ethan Hunt had to think from recovering from being in the water tank so he was stumbling to get to the car which made the scene have inevitability as well as comedy where you were not sure as an audience member if he was a reliable agent after what had just happened.

I liked the fact that Ghost Protocol was brought up in this film.
I like how the film was shot camera angles.

The opera scenes was well done with music and constantly changing camera scenes. The passe was well done on shooting it. It had all kinds of twist and had you surprised by the decisions Ethan eventually came deciding to do.

This film did a lot more locations for a Mission Impossible film than I remember seeing in any other Mission Impossible film.

I loved how the knife fight scene was shot. It was very well done.

I liked seeing Benji playing Halo 5 on his computer. That was funny.

I was expecting at any moment that Alec Baldwin would turn out to be a villain working for Syndicate.

I loved how the IMF eventually captured the main villain at the end of the film. The lighting was well done & the scene just had a lot of irony considering the begging of the film with Ethan Hunt.

This film did such a great job on plot twists.

This film did a great job of not revealing too much in the trailers.

Great job Christopher McQuire & Tom Cruise for writing & making one of the best Mission Impossible films I have ever seen. I never felt disappointed at any point by this film. I really thought that Rebecca Furgason did an exceptional job playing the role of Ilsa Faust in this film. You never really knew where her loyalties were at till the end. I would love to see her make another appearance if another Mission Impossible film is made again.

I was really pleasantly surprised how early the Tom Cruise hanging off the airplane scenes came so early on in the film.

I liked the begging of the film with Ethan in a music shop and listening to a record. The way it the message went had you questioning right off the bat where loyalties lied within the IMF which made the film so exciting.

I enjoyed the cool gadgets in this film such as the opera pamphlets that secretly turned into a digital laptop, the lipstick usb, or the multipurpose key.

This is a film I will buy when it comes out.

One thing I was not counting on was seeing how early this film showed Tom Cruise hanging off an airplane. I totally expected it to come latter in the film such a large sequence.

I liked how Ethan Hunt got his first message with an old record told in a digital way which was so cool. An homage to the Mission Impossible series. But it was really great when the message turns to make a twist for the worst towards the end of the recording which was so unexpected.

Mission: Impossible III

This film starts off with a strong beginning with a torture scenes and Ethan Hunts wife getting shot early on in the film.

This film has the scariest villains out of all the mission Impossible films because it deals with serious issues like biological weapons and he goes personal into finding Ethan Hunts biggest weakness.

I like Simon Pegg's character Benji in this film.

This film has som funny lines.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

I thought that this was the best Mission Impossible film yet. The gadgets were Awsome. What made it great was when the gadgets became defective. This film had excellent music which fit the locations. I love the dust storm, the explosions and the CGI effects for the film. One of my favorite gadgets has to one used in the Kremlin to scan the hall way. My second has to be the contact lens gadgets like the scanner/printer or the scan technology. The angles used like of the Kremlin, the dust storm, India.

I loved how the introduction to the film was done; very cool. The gun fight scene was well done, the jail brake was well done. I even liked having the Dean Martin song ain't that a Kick in the Head being played in the jail brake. What I really enjoyed was the opening credits of this film. it reminded me of the introduction to the original series of Mission Impossible by showing clips of the movie.

One of the downfalls I have with this film was the ending. I felt like the whole India sequence went way too quickly compared to the rest of the film. I felt like we as an audience spent so little time there that it felt rushed and almost unnecessary to go there. Also the nuclear sub missile sequence seemed like they went way too slow for what would actually occur in real life scenario. If the Russian missile were to be shot off in the Pacific then it would take almost no time at all for it to hit Seattle Washington. When the nuclear missile was lunched and seeing all the time and effort that went into the IMF trying to stop the detonation of a nuclear weapon it seemed like it lost my realistic believability in them being able to realistically stop the bomb in a reasonable amount of time that seemed plausible. The scenes just went on way too long by that point. And the cuts of the missile seemed like it was not going much farther each time we saw it compared to the previous cut which was like really did we just pause the motions since the last action scene.

Two why would the Russians hit a target like Seattle Washington rather than something more crucial importance like New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Detroit, Huston, Strategic Intelligence based in Colorado.

I did enjoy the Kremlin scenes in this film. Especially the ballon sequence and seeing the Kremlin get blown up multiple times from the first time to seeing different perspectives filmed on the news reports on T.V.

I think that this film did a great job on the musical score and incorporating the different themes from Mission Impossible to this film. It is a score where I can practically listen to every track and not have a problem with it.

One thing I think is cool now that Rogue Nation has come out was that at the end of this film Ethan Hunt is given his next mission to find the organization the Syndicate which leads up to Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

Beverly Hills Cop

Great Action & musical score. Love the jazz/ pop sound to the Beverly Hills Cop theme. It's the best film out of the 3 they made. They cussed too much though throughout this film.

This one has a lot of memorable lines, scenes, and music. This is a film I can watch many times but I prefer to see it on T.V. With it's censorship.

The car chase at the beginning was very cool to watch. The villains were well done in the acting. And we all love seeing how much of a con man Axel is at the hotel as well as the police departments in Detroit and Beverly Hills.

Axel's beat up car was also a funny joke throughout this film.

I like the way this film is shot and the cuts are done.

Beverly Hills Cop III

The only cool thing about this movie is that George Lucus apears in this movie as a extra in this film.

The opening scene of this film was very well done since they killed off one of the characters where we had been invested in since the first Beverly Hills Cop film. This film actually helps to develop the Detroit chief's character more than the previous films in some ways which is kind of ironic since he is seen less in this film compared to the other Beverly Hills Cop films.

This film has the weakest bad guys of any film. Also why are we going to a kids theme park that is not even appealing at all for a film. This went from having villains that were so amazing to the worst villains in history to go up against. Something seriously went wrong in the writing of this film.

I felt like this film jumped the shark a bunch of different times when it was not necessary to do so for this sort of film. Especially when one of the final solutions is for Axel Fowly to use Surges multipurpose messed up boom box weapon. The writers went a little overboard on writing that one.

Honestly one scenes that I could not get into was seeing Axel dressed as one of the animals in the theme park. I mean really? That was not interesting or funny at all.

Beverly Hills Cop II

The best part of the 2nd film is the end when Billy puts on the the coat & brings out all the weopans out. It was not as good as the 1st one though but much better than the 3rd film.

I thought that this film contains some great action scenes. I was not a fan of the look as far as how it was shot to look so dark and yellow.

I felt like the music and the songs were not as great as the first film.

This film in my opinion does have better villains than the first film that are much more threatening and starts off by shooting the chief was a very big deal in this film. However the fact that the temporary replacement for the department chief carries such low regards for their the police officers to only be working traffic duty and limits their abilities so much it makes this film a little less interesting in some ways because now the cops are all sneaking around rather than doing their duty which sends the wrong message.

I did like that we got to see more into the friends Axel hangs out with in Detroit in this film compared to the other Beverly Hills Cop films. I also enjoyed seeing the under cover car in Detroit was a red Ferrari.



Honestly I thought that a lot of the film reminded me of Disney's Pixar's Walle.

I mean Tom Cruise is doing the job of Walle except he is a clone instead of a robot. He is curious just like Walle. Walle is left to clean up Earth after a major disaster. There is computer who is solving as well as making the problems in both films. Both Walle & Tom Cruise characters collect items they find left on Earth that remind them of society before the disaster. Both encounter a female character that stirs up curiosity.

I was hoping Morgan Freeman's character would appear sooner and would have a much larger role in the film than he does. I was not counting on the twist at the end or that it was going to be a computer running the whole problem similar to Walle or V'Ger in Star Trek The Motion Picture.

The graphics were good but I was annoyed by the sound effects, motions, and appearance of the drones. They did not look appealing or cool.

I did not count on one of the drones taking out Tom Cruise assistants. That was unexpected.

This film is mediocre at best to me. It also is on the long side to me. I feel like it could have been edited down a little better.

I was not counting on Tom Cruise fighting his clone in the film.

The Cheap Detective

I thought that this film was hilarious. I thought that it was well written dialog and the jokes were well done. I liked the opening credits, sets, decor, costumes, and music which were well done for this film. This film is made up of a lot of actors from 60's through 90's.

I also liked how he would get out of not paying the cab driver each time he takes a taxi ride.

The Nazi's in this film were funny too. I like the bar scene when everyone sings like the Germans sing their national anthem and everyone else then starts to sing.

I love how the film ended with him riding with all the girls from the film and was able to get rid of the one that was his partners wife.

I love how everyone who gets shot stays still in the position they were standing in when they were shot.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. proved to be a mediocre film.

What I liked was that it was set in 1963 with authentic 1960's gadgets, clothing, decor, & music but this film missed something for me.

I could not stand how quickly the camera cuts were done. And think that this film could have done without the split screen action scenes. I did not like how quickly the opening credits or closing credits moved between one image to the next without a chance to read the information.

I was upset that the original Man from U.N.C.L.E. theme was not incorporated better into the film. I mean the only time it played was maybe a few seconds when Napoleon was switching radio stations.

I did like the scene with the boat chase where Napoleon eventually got into a truck and eventually just eats lunch while watching the boat chase continue.

I did not like the fact they were competing and working against each other.

This film had a few moments I liked for example the former Holocaust torturer having problems with his electric chair and eventually fixing the problem with his chair while Napoleon & Russian Illya debate what they should do to the former Nazi scientist torture meanwhile he is being electrocuted and set on fire while the other two left the building.

I liked how the subtitles were handled in the film with the font and size that was legible.

I liked the opening car chase in East Berlin.


This film is so great. It is on levels as great as Iron Man as far as showing us originality never seen before on screen before in a superhero film or any genre goes. It has the humor like Spider-Man 2. It has a scale that surpasses that seen in any of the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films. This film presents in a much larger scale in seeing things in small scale blown up into large scale. I loved the bath tub sequence and seeing the water move.

This film did a great job on the CGI on Michael Douglas seen 26 years younger.

The writing in this film was very well done. I even liked the villain in this film. This film did a great job incorporating the Marvel universe such as mentioning Stark enterprises, seeing the small parts of the Avengers Shield building, incorporating parts of Captain America story, and seeing Agent Carter for a few seconds at the begging of the film.

I was glad that this film integrated the Marvel Universe well with mention of Tony Stark & Iron Man, The Avengers & S.H.I.E.L.D., & seeing little bits to Captain America characters. I was not counting on seeing the facilities seen at the end of the Avengers Age of Ultron to be incorporated into this film. I was pleasantly surprised to see Agent Carter in this film, even if was not very long at all. I was glad to Steve Rogers as Captain America, Bucky Barns, & Sam Wilson as Hawk make appearances in this film. I was not expecting to see the villains selling to Hydra agents.

I liked the musical score by Christopher Beck and the song selection.

I liked the characters in the film. I thought character writing was well done. I was invested in the film as far as the characters and story. Going into this film I was not sure how exactly I would feel towards this film but I was very impressed. This film surpassed my expectations.

I liked the lip syncing when he tells a story before a heist is done based upon gossip that is heard.

I liked that the song A Small World was whistled in this film. I liked the heist idea in combination with smartness like MacGyver when stuck in situations.

I liked the father/daughter relationships in this film. This film is left where you can see a lot of potential opportunities in the future for future sequels.

Moscow On The Hudson

Moscow on the Hudson provides good examples of the paranoia of being imprisoned and captured by the KGB. KGB fears of Russians being exposed to American culture on there trips tour to Russia. the Russians the long lines for toilet paper and and difference.
This film depicts how Russians did not understand the American culture completely in America. They had great fears about being paranoid & being exposed to things like Time Square, the subway system and so forth and they were only allowed to shop in Bloomingdales for 30 minutes.

This film has swearing, sex, & nudity scenes so it is not made something I would bring a younger audience to see.

I Think it's funny how many cultures Robin Williams character is exposed to very quickly once he defects and decides to stay. Immediately he decides to choose to stay with a black African-American family, dates an Italian girl, and meets a Cuban lawyer.

The first trip to the grocery store in America is a funny scene because he goes from Russia that has a long wait for a product to in America a huge selection of products to choose from with no lines to obtain coffee.

I personally thought that the beginning of the film was much better than towards the end of the film.

I like music in this film it has a great representation of the sounds of the music cultures in the 1980's.

I did not like the swearing, sex scenes, or the ending of the film.

I did feel that this film does show an accurate depiction of the cultures of New York and of Moscow in the 1980's. An image of Communist Russia I had never seen nor understood before seeing this film.

Robin Williams character in this film is not really funny. If anything is funny it is the situations or misconceptions he has and experiences he has getting to America. In reality this role is much more serious for him.

It is a good film if you wish to know the cultural differences of Russia verses America.

Jakob the Liar

The Jakob lire

Has its funny moments.

I liked that Robin Williams was protecting a girl throughout the film and was able to keep his promise to protect her.

It was about the pros and cons to tell lies to keep a good moral. I liked the camera angles.

I liked one of the scenes where camera was rotating around Robin Williams and we saw quickly hints of the ghettos of the Jewish Holocaust.

I liked the film.

I thought this film shows a great idea in showing the positives in a negative situation with the darkest and gloomiest of times.

Coming in this was a much funnier film than I had expected.

I liked the scene where Robin Williams character tried to act and do radio sounds and impersonations of Winston Churchill for the girl.


I was unaware of such a complicated case in U.S. history going to the Supreme Court so early in U.S. History prior to the 1840's and had John Quincy Adams defending the case.

I thought that this movie was pretty good. I was unaware of some of the steps that went into slave ships. This film no doubt about it presents a very graphic image than I had imagined before. Especially seeing slaves purposely drowned because of low food supplies and the crew selectively choosing who gets feed and who does not and slaves eating the food off others faces because they were hungry.

I think that this film was a little too long and could have been cut more to give it more speed because at points it felt a little slow.

The musical score by John Williams reminded me of The Patriot & Lincoln combined to make this film.

The acting and story was very good.

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

It is a completely outrageous ridiculous slap stick comedy. It has its outrageously ridiculous funny moments. It has a rude inconsiderate comedy moments as well.

I liked the mirror scene and opening introduction scene of Groucho Marx

I liked the motorcycle scenes as well.

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

I thought it had it's moments. My favorite parts were the dreams. Especially the filming the dreams sequence and the first night dream after first day to school. The imaginary friend was a nice touch too.

I was really surprised by the emotional response Pixar was able to make the audience feel towards the end of the film when Joy gives Sadness the controls.

I loved seeing the parents set up in the movie. Like mom is organized and orderly where as Dad is set up in sports and military fashion. I loved how Dad had the Death come 5 button for discipline measures.

It's a film I would watch if it is on T.V. But it is not one I would purchase on DVD.

Apollo 13
Apollo 13(1995)

The story is told pretty accurately. It is a good film about coming together in the midst of a problem. It is also good film concerning procedures, NASA space training and the graphics are cool. In some sense I wish that there was less CGI and more from actual footage that existed from the period. It's a good drama story. I like spotting all the Easter eggs as well as trying to find all of Ron Howard's relatives in this film.

No Down Payment

It is a film set in a typical 1950's urban setting. It's a 1950's film that deals with problems you don't usually hear in a 1950's film; but more closer to a 1960's film. It is a character film. They are dealing with post dramatic war disorder from World War II, drug addiction, work verses home, racism, relationships between a husband and wife. What I find odd is that all of the characters present a lifestyle on the outside that looks typical but personally we see they are all flawed and dis-functional. With a few things I felt like I was not satisfied with how the ending went because I was not satisfied with how some things were resolved in their characters. I thought it was good that the drunk father still tried even though unsuccessfully to try and provide for his son and wife. I was glad the Japanese family got to be able to live in the naberhood. But I did not feel necessarily like this was a safe environment although it was an open neiborhood where is was simpler to cross into another persons yard, get into another's house, parties between neibors happens frequently. There did seem like there was a realistic aspect to this film In the problems these people were facing, the life style, and the look of the environment. It was an odd film.

Gun Crazy (Deadly Is the Female)

Film starts with a young teen who loves guns gets in trouble once he is tempted to steal a gun; after his teacher takes away the gun from him. Once he has been sent to a special boarding school and has been in the military for 4 years he encounters a woman who he goes crazy in love with at a circus act who is extremely talented with guns. he then married that girl but eventually turns after a honeymoon to robbing locations due to the fact they can not handle making only $40.00 a week. The wife eventually kills a woman working at a meet plant after a robbery and a police officer during the escape.

The Happy Thieves

It was an okay film. I liked the musical score but I did not feel like it matched the location or theme of art thieves. It also seemed cheesy seeing art thieves steeling a painting that was so large. It seemed like it was unrealistic for art thieves to go after making such a large counterfeit painting. In the end too big of a hassle because it requires a lot of time, money, planning, effort and trouble where the time and money could be better spent.


Was a great movie with an original story filled with emotion & mystery.

Brad Byrd did a great job on this movie. It has great message.

Keep positive & and hope.

I thought it was awesome the opening credits with Tomorrowland and guy on the jetpack

I was afraid everything was going to revealed in the trailers.

I loved how the film started with the Worlds Fair of 1964.

The whole movie was Awesome!

It is a film all about recruiting Dreamers to change to future to make it better.

I felt like a lot of it was confusing but I'm glad they did not try to explain time travel and the transporter transportation.

I was surprised that I not hear the music heard from the trailers in the film.

The acting was very well done. It was so believable. The youngest actress Raffey Cassidy who is playing Athena was so convincing to me that she was real yet a android or higher form of robotics intelligence.

I loved the comic book shop. There were so many iconic items to look at. It was so Amazing. Never such action in a comic book shop. It was also ironic to see real Sci-Fi characters using fictional items as weapons such as a R2-D2 or Han Solo in carbonate.

I also thought it was hilarious when Casey would walk into things while touching a Tomorowland pin.

Based on the trailers I was not counting on the personalities of the characters being the way they were portrayed in the film.

For example I was expecting the teenager Casey to be a rebel based upon what I had seen in the trailers rather than a dreamer trying to preserve the future through acts of vandalism.

I like the message. I liked Brad Birds contribution to the film of the idea of when did the concept of the future change from being positive to negative.

I was surprised to see such a emotional response in myself from the girl android Athena towards the end of the film. Even though I knew little about their relationship I was heavily invested in the characters for what they stood for.

I loved the documentary intro at the beginning with Frank portrayed by George Clooney & the teenage girl Casey played by actress Brittany Robertson would continually talking & interrupt about where Frank should begin his story & how to tell the story.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I think that Chris Hemsworth was a great choice for playing the Huntsman

I find the mirror a little Bizarre. It does not look like the Mirrors seen before in Snow White or Shrek films.

The troll looks much larger than any troll I have ever imagined.

The ageing of SnowWhites step mother and brother looks odd.

This film presents a much darker version of Snow White seen in other versions I have seen. Both darker in the tale as far as how it is told not just the circumstances of Snow White but also the Kingdom and how the film is portrayed in a darker environment.

The story does not follow completely the typical storyline told of Snow White.

I was surprised to see Snow White imprisoned in a North Tower from an early age till the time she came of the age of being the fairest of them all.

For example the drawfs are the ones who capture Snow White & The Huntsman rather than Snow White finding her way isn't the drauwfs home.

I thought it was interesting one they entered the fairy land how drastically the environment altered to a much brighter one.

The drauwfs in this film are seen as much tougher and stronger rather than clumsy like the Disney version.

In this film one of the drawfs dies and we did not see them mining although it is mentioned by one of the drawfs that they once mined prior to Snow White's Fathers death.

There are much more deaths & fight scenes in this film than any Snow White film I have ever seen.

Every character in this film has a dark tale compared to every version I have seen.

How Snow White gets the apple is different compared to how I recall in other versions. Snow White gets it by the stepmother disguising herself as the Prince William rather than an old Woman.

Also there is no drawf home seen in this film.

The way which Snow White is revived is different from other Snow White stories.

This film Is very different in the fact there is a castle battle towards the end of the film.

I found the Stepmother very odd in her powers and how she was able to stay young.

In some sense I liked this version over the others because the characters are more believable, there is a more gray zone present within all the characters & it is not all black & white.

What I did like about this film was that a lot of the film looked like it was filmed at real locations and what is in CGI mostly looks like it is creatures, The mirror as the Step mother saw it, and spells. But a great portion looks fairly real when at all possible. Which is a preference I have over trying to make a great portion of the film CGIed including environments.

Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Version)

I think that Chris Hemsworth was a great choice for playing the Huntsman

I find the mirror a little Bizarre. It does not look like the Mirrors seen before in Snow White or Shrek films.

The troll looks much larger than any troll I have ever imagined.

The ageing of SnowWhites step mother and brother looks odd.

This film presents a much darker version of Snow White seen in other versions I have seen. Both darker in the tale as far as how it is told not just the circumstances of Snow White but also the Kingdom and how the film is portrayed in a darker environment.

The story does not follow completely the typical storyline told of Snow White.

I was surprised to see Snow White imprisoned in a North Tower from an early age till the time she came of the age of being the fairest of them all.

For example the drawfs are the ones who capture Snow White & The Huntsman rather than Snow White finding her way isn't the drauwfs home.

I thought it was interesting one they entered the fairy land how drastically the environment altered to a much brighter one.

The drauwfs in this film are seen as much tougher and stronger rather than clumsy like the Disney version.

In this film one of the drawfs dies and we did not see them mining although it is mentioned by one of the drawfs that they once mined prior to Snow White's Fathers death.

There are much more deaths & fight scenes in this film than any Snow White film I have ever seen.

Every character in this film has a dark tale compared to every version I have seen.

How Snow White gets the apple is different compared to how I recall in other versions. Snow White gets it by the stepmother disguising herself as the Prince William rather than an old Woman.

Also there is no drawf home seen in this film.

The way which Snow White is revived is different from other Snow White stories.

This film Is very different in the fact there is a castle battle towards the end of the film.

I found the Stepmother very odd in her powers and how she was able to stay young.

In some sense I liked this version over the others because the characters are more believable, there is a more gray zone present within all the characters & it is not all black & white.

What I did like about this film was that a lot of the film looked like it was filmed at real locations and what is in CGI mostly looks like it is creatures, The mirror as the Step mother saw it, and spells. But a great portion looks fairly real when at all possible. Which is a preference I have over trying to make a great portion of the film CGIed including environments.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

This is the story of family, companionship of an unlikely companion, and about survival.

The computer graphics looked amazing.

What got me was how at the end the Chinese desired a plausible answer to the reason for the ship sinking even if it was a lie over hearing the truth.

I was glad to see the survival skills shown in this film.

The computer graphics of the water seen at night seemed pretty but unrealistic as far as how clear and vibrant they made the water life appear.

Unfortunately the the animals all looked CGI. At no point was there believability for me where I questioned weather the animals were real verses CGIed unless the humans may have captured a fish or saw a animal that was harmless.

I was surprised & happily surprised to see Christianity mentioned and exposed in this film.

101 Dalmatians

I think it is a better version than the remake made in 2000. I feel like there are more jokes to understand because of talking dogs. Because the dogs don't talk in the 1996 version a lot of jokes are missed since they are referred. I think there is more personality in this version expressed by the voices & by the animation.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

I liked the fact that this film incorporated secondary characters from all the characters seen by each characters. I especially liked that this film expanded the character development to Black Widow & Hawkeye who in previous films had been underdeveloped quit a bit.

I felt like if you have not seen Iron Man 3, Thor 2 The Dark World, Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier before going into seeing this film you are probably going to miss out on some of the details as far as what is going on with Hydra, what happened to S.H.I.E.L.D. or Iron Man's energy piece.

I liked that we saw a new super hero in the image of Jarvis.

The really unexpected seen I did not count on was a super hero with the ability to lift Thor's hammer.

I felt like the graphics and just the mere size of this film went far beyond what we have seen before in scale on the big screen.

I liked that this film brought back characters and stories from the previous films.

I really enjoyed the battle between Iron Man & The Hulk. It made sense and was entertaining to watch.

I was surprised to start the film right off with an action scene at the very begging. I did want a little more at the beginning to explain how the Avengers got back together to fight Hydra after the result of Captain America The Winter Soldier. I was not expecting Ultron to be developed so quickly in the story.

I was not expecting Quick Silver to die at the end.

I was not expecting the score to be written by Danny Elfman. I was glad that the Avengers theme was incorporated into the film but I wish that the film was played faster passe.

I was glad to see Agent Carter in the film at all.

I found it interesting that Ultron was not just one robot but a program that could transfer to many different places at one time.

I thought it was interesting that the new super hero incorporated different qualities of Ultron, Jarvis, Tony Stark, and Thor.

I was glad that at the end of this film a New S.H.I.E.L.D. was being built which links up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

I felt like all the dreams visions that Scarlet Witch put into the Avengers did not make a lot of sense. I felt the visions given to Tony Stark almost looked like it could lead up to the next Avengers film.

I felt like this film moved at a much faster pase in comparison to the previous Avengers film. The previous film had encorporated into the film some slower moments to help the audience think about what just happened in all the action scenes. In this film there was a lot less of that. This film quickly went from one action scene to the next with little time to contemplate what had just occurred in all the battles.

I did like the odd angles and the high speed shots where everything was slowed down just so that it was possible to be able to see what all was going on by the different characters during an action scene rather than occurring at normal speed.


I thought that the beginning started too slow and boring at first. It did not make any sense seeing the film from the beginning for a spy or action film. If I saw this film in theaters I think that I would have quickly left the film early on.

I thought it had it's moments. Some of the stuff in the film were cheesy in an over exaggerated fashion such as there over kill on the abundance of ammunition and weapons and over kill on type of weapons to take out a few retired CISA agents.

Some of it was cool and hilarious such as the pink pig, the gun going against a MK47

Others things were cool like the house decoy verses the underground house hidden inside the trunk of an abandoned junk car.

I like how this film used jokes that came from the Cold War taking jokes based off spy shows and films to input them within this film.

I liked the actors and actress in this film.

I was kind of surprised to see Richard Dreyfus playing the role of the villain but I think he did a good job playing that role.


I thought the music score was okey. I enjoyed the CGI on the environments, ships and castle.

This film focuses more on the background to the charters and back stories to characters but less emphases on the original story. Because of that a lot of movie lost it's strength in power compared to the original 1950's cartoon version.

This film had more of a comedy element less musical emphesis.

The animal characters were not as invested in like the cartoon version.

The stepmother and stepsisters were not presented as cruel enough in this version. They always made them have an excuses that had a positive outcome why they were not treating her well. For that reason they pretty much made them appear not so evil but mearly diplomatic for the stepmother and stepsisters unaware of others perceptions and selfish.

I was not emotionally investing in the Characters like the 1950's version.

The exterior castle for Cinderella's disappointed me in this film because we never saw it except at the beginning of the movie.

The fairy godmother disappointed me in this film. Yes she was funny but she did not act bright enough.

I was surprised to see the prince meet Cinderella prior to the ball.

I was surprised not to see the prince dance with more women prior to Cinderella's arrival to the ball.

I was also surprised to see all the animals that were changed by the fairy godmother still maintain characteristics of their prior existence.

I thought it was enlightening that we saw references of Cinderella's merchant trades with Asian influences on the wall and and a map hanging of Asia.


I liked the camera angles in the films. This film was not afraid to use strange sideways angles. The viewer is constantly looking. The sets were very well done with all kinds of things to look at. It is a very good movie. The story was very well told. It is hilarious. The acting was very good. I liked the miniatures of the people in the house or in the train wear the people or family live. I liked how the cut out of the walls allowed the viewer to see what was going throughout the house.

I thought it was great how they started off the film from the early 1900's.

There was so much to look at in every scene whether it was objects or things to read.

This film has hilarious moments.

I know this was a film for little kids but this film had things for all ages similar to the old Looney Tune cartoons that have signs for the adults to read.

The pigeons wear hilarious in how they kept showing up when Paddington had a sandwich.

I liked how the London guard had all the food in his hat just like Paddington except with a higher quality standard of food with Tea, cakes, and higher level sandwich.

I liked how the villain situation was resolved at the end by not showing her dead, the pigeons came back & it is the drunk aunt who solves the situation which no one saw coming.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

About half of the movie I liked but when it came to the portions for which made this film rated R such as the gruesome killing, swearing, and sexual themes I felt it was unnessacary in order to tell this story. This film went a bit far on the fight scenes. I think what really went too far was when the film decided to have everyone turn on each other in a church.

I thought the acting was very good and this was a very good spy film. It has its laughs.

Samuel L. Jackson plays a very good villain. I liked how he had a lisp. I liked his personality about how he did not like seeing blood.

I was surprised to Mark Hamill in this film as a professor.

I liked the opening credits in how the letters exploded to spell out the words.

The gadgets were awesome. Did a like the elevator scene that reminded me of the Hunted Mansion ride.

I liked the training scenes in this film relating to loyalty, trust, team work, and creative thinking.

I thought that the villain had a disturbingly realistic way to distribute & use small computer chips to destroy humanity.

Road to Bali
Road to Bali(1952)

It has it's funny moments.


A very good movie. Insightful for survival purposes and treatment of POW camps.

It shows how well man can endure great difficulties and the difficulties POWs faced as a prisoner of Japan.

It had its sad moments and disturbingly disgusting ones as well. It was insightful as well in presenting how Japan treated prisoners.

The CGI effects were awesome. I liked the introduction with the WWII Bomber scene.

The flash backs were interesting. I was just surprised they were not seen more often throughout the film rather than just early on in the film.
I liked the musical score by Alexandre Desplat.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

The Exodus

I liked the cenophotography, the costumes, and large scale landscape scenes.

However this movie proved to be disappointing from a Biblical and historic accuracy.

This movie proved so disappointing concerning on so many levels. Moses had a staff not a sword. The crocodiles were not responsible for causing the Nile River to turn to blood. The parting of the water happened not a extremely low tide. The pharaoh didn't hang Israelites after each curse. God was not appearing as a child. The bush on fire talked to Mosses not a child. God made the Ten Commandments verse Moses. God talked to Moses more and Moses talked to Pharaoh between each curse to disprove the Egyptian Gods. Mosses did not train the Israelites to become warriors and terrorist prior to escaping Egypt. There were no tornados as they crossed the Red River. Mosses was not lost in directions but had his journey and quest told to him before arriving at the needed time.

This movie was so long because this film added facts that did not happen.

What I had a real issue with was how this film portrayed God. This film almost portrayed God as though it is possible that Mosses imagined God was was insane.

Why was Mosses chiseling out the Ten Commandments rather than God.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Night at the Museum 3 was a much better film than Night at the Museum 2. I was glad that Alan Silvestri came back to do the score for this film. It had the comedy. I felt like for the most part the characters & objects interacted in a believable and realistic interpretation if they really came to life. I felt like the second film missed that completely. In this third installment we see more of the already established characters in the film with much larger roles than they played in the second film. Where in the second film most of the roles where by the new characters and the established characters in the first film were confined to have a much smaller part. This third film I felt like the characters worked together much better with the new cast.

I felt like this film felt defiantly like this was the final conclusion to the Night of the Museum film.

I liked the intro to the film. It is very different from the precious films which was a pleasant surprise.

This film upped the anti to the graphics and the abilities of the possibilities of the capabilities of the museums. The museum universe and characters was expanded to a grander scale.

Penguins Of Madagascar

It had a lot of funny scenes such as the chase in Venice Italy, ejecting out of the planes, breaking into Fort Knox, and shooting the Cheese chip at the button towards the end of the film.

I felt like the film was disappointing in the fact that a lot of the surprises and comical moments are revealed through the trailers for this film before I went to see it. Two I thought that the film did not follow the parr for a Penguin of Madagascar film.

The other thing was that was a downer was the evil mutant idea has been used a lot recently. It was just used in Despicable Me 2 so to see that idea used again in another film was a downer. Besides disgusting mutants are not interesting or desirable to watch, it's just disappointing & downgrades the integrity of the film.

What I did like was the idea that the octopus villain was an animal from the Zoo in New York and had been at all the locations the Penguins had been. So I did like the idea that this was a past villain that had never been seen in the films.

I did like the musical score to the film.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

Coming to see Big Hero 6 my expectations were not as high as what I had coming to the film. My expectations were exceeded.

I was not expecting the mentor to be the villain or all the gadgets in the film.

This film was filled with all kinds of twist and turns that I did not see coming based upon the trailers.

The musical score was great.

I was not expecting more than one super hero. This film made nerds look cool.

My favorite super hero was the girl with the magnetic wheels.

Stan Lee making an appearance was a great surprise.

I was not expecting to see such a high influence by the Japanese culture. I thought it was interesting how the city's name was the combination of San Francisco & Tokyo.

I would buy this film. This is a film worth seeing in 3-D.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I was not expecting to see Dick Van Dyke in the film. That was a pleasant surprise.

I had concerns at the begging of the film because the first day that was before the worst day the entire family besides Alexander acted too cheesy by acting. I t presented a traditional seen on tv and film family with the parents ignoring the kid with troubles and siblings that were annying. the family besides Alexander was presented as too perfect and annoying by ignoring Alexander. The second day the acting was done much better by all the actors and actresses.

This movie presented a lot of twist that coming to this film I was not expecting to appear. It made it much more enjoyable to watch.

The baby Trevor was pretty hilarious & cute just looking at him and you smile. The Peter Pan mistakes were hilarious.
The error on the book was funny to see what the mistake was.

I have to credit the trailer people because in a long time the trailer did not reveal the major comedic jokes or important plot details in the film in the trailer so it was much funnier to see the reactions. The final results of the party was a great surprise to see.

What was good about the film was you rarely saw the parent yell at the kids for making mistakes, swear, chew them out or other outrageous act that is typically seen on t.v. these days when kids do something wrong.

I like the message the book and film had which was no matter how bad things may appear you can still find the positives.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A film now filled with recognizable actors & actresses such as Lenard Nimoy who played Spock in Star Trek,
Donald Sutherland Who played Odd Ball in Kelly's Heroes, Karen Allen Who played Marion RavenWood in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jeff Goldblum who played in Jurassic Park

The movie is filled with a lot of odd camera angels. The sound effects and music tend to be louder than the vocals. Therefore I felt like falling asleep due to having a difficult time listening to the dialog.

The movie is too long and there is not enough action.

During the movie I kept thinking; Let the movie end. It's boring. I felt like wanting to go to sleep.

This film was horrible as it was more gross, disgusting, and disturbing rather than a horror film.

The film also has nudity towards the end of the film so beware when watching the film if that is a concern of yours.

The Good Lie
The Good Lie(2014)

A very good movie. It showed the cultures of Africa from Sudan and Kenya to the United States. The film presented a very good perspective of the aspects of the Cultural shock between the two cultures.

I thought it was interesting that the lead actors in the film were all played by refuges.

It was an emotional story and the film was able to catch the emotional aspect of the refugees experience.

For me it did a good job to telling audiences of what the situation is like in Africa.

I felt like some of the moments went a little long.

What surprised me is for a movie that was so well advertised I wonder why a film that just came out last Friday; why there are limited theaters and showing for such a good movie. The film was showings there are for a film that has been released only last week. Only 3 showings and 4 theaters are showing the film. This low showing does not reflect how good the film is.

The film is produced by Ron Howard.

The Bourne Identity

I felt like the film was convincingly able to portray a paranoia feeling by Jason Bourne simple by moving the camera multiple times in cuts yet see nothing from the actor.

I was not satisfied completely by the ending due to the fact that we left Jason Bourne discovering where he had worked with the CIA but came out not knowing anything about what he gave up to leave his past personal life. We learned more about the girl he was with s personal life more so than Jason Bourne. I felt life the film did not explore enough with Jason Bourne's own past personal life.

Star Wars: Empire of Dreams

This DVD gave be a much better understanding to the significance to the Star Wars films than before by like 80 percent. It is one of the best documentaries made to tell of the significance, importance, and struggles that went to making the original Star Wars trilogy.

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck(1989)

John Hughes did a great job on this film. It's hilarious. It is filled with memorable lines. It is very well edited by it's cuts. It is filled with great actors and actress that can tell so much with movements, lines, or facial expressions.

The Boxtrolls

It's a film concerning self discovery of ones potential for the good guys perspective.

I thought it was cool when during the end credits they showed how they did the clay animation.

The king was stupid only caring about cheese with very little attention made to children or elsewhere besides the aristocrats.

The villain was kind of disgusting with his greed for power desiring for a white hat and cheese even though allergic to it.

The trolls were better part of the movie. They had a Unique culture and universe which was interesting to look at from a low technological perspective.

The girl seemed like the most annoying brat coming from a family of aristocrats. She eventually turns differently as she slowly recognizes that what she has been told has been all wrong.

In the end I became disappointed by the film because I came to the film with higher expectations. Some of the story seemed very familiar as though I have heard aspects of the story or themes heard before. Man vs. machine, adults not paying attention to children, being excepted in select groups. I came hoping for more originality concerning the story line since it has been advertised for so long.

Anatomy of a Murder

I found it interesting the sets and decor. I recognized early on that a lot of thought and a strong emphasis went into the details, the look to make each scene appear appealing and interesting to look at to the audience such as the backgrounds, signs in jail, the shadows of the words Sherif Office stood out in the scenes or designs of the wallpaper or curtains, paintings to make long conversation scenes seem not so boring.
Keep the eye moving. And for a film largely verbal with very little seen of the crime itself it was very necessary for the audience to be able to look at other things to stay interested in the story. A great deal of this story requires the audience to infer and use your imagination to create the picture of what the troubles were and what happened at the crime scene.

One of the things I found it interesting how the audience of the film is not told upfront what the case is all about. so in many ways the perspective or point of view which the audience is learning about what is going on with the case is just like a jury verses from the aspect of the victims or lawyer.

I also realized fairly early on that there is a lot of smoking and alcohol beverage drinking within the film.

I thought is was interesting to watch how the wife acted totally different once Jimmy Stewart mentioned her husband may be watching by looking out the window. She went from very close to her own car door window. She moved to the other side of the car away from the jail window or Jimmy Stewart giving a lot of personal space.

I think that one of the scenes could have been edited out cut when they showed that the victim was with the Psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist evaluation Temporarily insane. What does that mean?

I was surprised by how Large the courtroom was with two floors and large paintings above that may be 8 or more feet tall. It surprised me because usually you don't see court rooms that large in a film.

I find it interesting yet funny how Jimmy Stewart was seen at the beginning working on something to catch fish while sitting in court to keep him focused.

I find the story interesting in that it is about a controversial issue in the late 1950's like sex or rape. That was an issue rarely heard of fir its time. Things like panties are seen as funny by the Jury in court yet today it is heard more often therefore more common and viewed as not as funny.

One line that fascinated me that Jimmy Stewart mentioned was somewhat on the lines that; People are not just merely good or bad but are many things. I thought it was an interesting point for its day to bring up.

The other line that Jimmy Stewarts character brings up is that "Everyone loves something" weather it's fishing or any other personal interest.

One scene that stood out to me from a film aspect was The momentary pause/stare between the husband and wife on the way for the wife to go to the stand. It was a great scene with a lot of tension that leaves the audience curious what exactly could she reveal that may hurt either both herself or her husband whatever she may say.

I thought it was interesting when the Council sued by George C. Scott purposely blocking view of Jimmy Stewart's character.

I enjoyed the realism with ill-relevant discussions that are unrelated to the main story.

This film stands interesting as this film explores different elements such as Psychology, fishing, court, police investigation, military aspects are looked at in the film as aspects yet they all come together in the story to create one story.

I found it interesting when Jimmy Stewart brought up the aspect of Country lawyer Jimmy Stewart verses big city lawyer George C. Scott in the courtroom. It identified that there was a major difference in technics or styles how each lawyers went about facing the case. Such as in how the city lawyers has an associate to go to for information verses a small lawyer who had fewer resources to go to. An old style verses the new style of law.

Good points were brought up about how the side with George C. Scott consistently tried repeatedly to not bring up the rape case in court but rather a murder case.

Dolphin Tale 2

It was pretty good for a sequel. Very different story. We got to see more Dolphins as well as turtles. We got to see a broader view of what the Clearwater Maritime group does in this film. We saw more activity in the community, volunteers, as well as a educating the community. I was not expecting Bethany Hamilton to appear as long in the film. I liked the sequences under the water. They were pretty cool. I think some of those sequences went a little too long so it kind of bored me making me want to hear about the story rather than see scenes of Dolphins swimming around. I was surprised how recently this story took place because the footage took place in January 2014.

The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss (The Amazing Adventure)(Romance and Riches)

What I liked about this movie was it shows what can happen with a limited budget. Found out that Carry Grant has more friends and closer relationships with people on a British 5 Pound budget a month than when he was rich without a job.

I liked the film for it's story and would recommend the film to others.

Barbarians at the Gate

I had higher expectations for the film. It looked funnier based upon a clip I had seen before on the film on YouTube but for myself the film proved to be not as good of a film besides the one scene where they are looking at a healthier cigaret that has more side-effects compared to the benefits.

I did like the intro showing what James Garner was like as a boy in 1940 & a teenager and I like text at the begging that said "A long time ago Billions of Dollars ago".

Good Will Hunting

I found some of the film far beyond my comprehension when it came to the math or following the stories the characters tell to friends because sometimes they sound too confusing.

I didn't like half of the material in the film. I felt like there was an unnecessary amount of swearing and it made Wills friends seem dumb and it did nothing to add to the films content or story. I think that the swearing in the film dumbed up the characters to make them appear less intelligent. The swearing showed a complete disrespect & disregard for others.

The only thing that made me reconsider his main friend was the speech he gave Will towards the end of the film about he better have a different job than his own friend with the abilities Will just knows through his math.

I felt unsatisfied with the psychology Will received towards the end of the film. I did not feel as though he had solved his personal relationship problems.

I felt that the math, psychology of Wills delima he face from his childhood, and Wills unique way he knew knowledge from math, science, and History did make the movie feel dramatically better and feel intelligent. Some of the lines Matt Damon had to spit out as the character of Will really made me think WOOW that is impressive and made you do some high concentration to follow exactly all that he is saying. Those moments were the part of the film I liked most.

It has some funny moments. I also liked how they explained why Will was hanging with the group of friends he was as a safety net and as a form of loyalty even though they were keeping him away from his full potential in life with his capabilities.

The Awful Truth

It is a romantic comedy. It is pretty funny. I like the dog. I also like the relationship between Cary Grant and Irene Dunne's characters when they were in front of the others boyfriend or girlfriend or family.

The Clock at the end was impressive with the different moves the figures performed as different times.

I thought it was interesting how the film ended with an uncertain ending leaving it to the audience interpretation whether they got back together successfully after the device was concluded.

Pot o' Gold
Pot o' Gold(1941)

What stood out to me and I was really impressed with was that music quality and performances were outstanding.

I was surprised when the music boarding house helped out a stranger based upon his performance with a harmonica so much so they were giving Jimmy Stewart a place to live and sacrificing all their musical instruments to be sold off in order to pay for Jimmy Stewart's bail out of jail.

I also thought the opening scene stood out as memorable when Jimmy Stewart and his acting uncle tried to have a discussion in the loudest musical room in the building.

I really liked the film and was extremely impressed with the musical talent in the film. The music is excellent. The scene at the dinner table is the most impressive scene out of the film to sync the actions so well with the exact timing to the movements. It is a very complex movement for so manny people in the film. What I like most is the way they use the music. It is not presented in a cheesy way where people are just singing to sing but there singing and playing for a reason. This film is also funny. It is ironic how Jimmy Stewarts uncle is almost a complete opposite of Jimmy Stewarts character. His uncle is a wealthy business man, despises music, and has few friends where as Jimmy Stewarts character is in debt, loves music with a talent for the harmonica, and has many friends.

The Giver
The Giver(2014)

The giver

I liked how the film progressively went from a monochromatic environment to a faded colored environment to a vibrant colored environment. I wish that more of the film was presented and switched between a black and white environment to color to present how others viewed the world.

I also liked the strange angles at some times towards the end of the film.

I did not realize that Taylor Swift was in the film. I did not recognize Taylor Swift character. She portrays Rose.

I was not satisfied with the ending. It left with unresolved questions such as what is beyond and what would happen to the boarders.

I would have liked to have known if the main leader was taking her medicine or now to be so aware if others were not following the rules.

I did not understand why the main Giver, Jeff Bridges character; was not killed when they discovered he had broken the rules and lied about his apprentice.
I thought it was interesting how Vietnam scenes were presented with a grainier appearance than the rest of the film.

I was not expecting to see an image of Nelson Mandela.

I think what I liked about the film what the way the camera presented the film more than anything.

God's Not Dead

I just got done seeing God is not Dead with the youth group. By the way God exist & lives.

I was surprised by the lack of primary resources from witness, and foreign sources to use to support the claim that God is real.

There was a lack of biblical scriptural evidence but also there are better resources to support God's existence than that used in the film. There was a lack of primary evidence from numerous witnesses who could have supported God's existence after his resurrection presented in this film.

I was shocked when the teacher mentioned that he would take it personally if he did not say God was not real. Shoot if a teacher did that I would go up so some of his faculty members and charge him for disrespecting my own beliefs. I couldn't believe how he took this so personally to be concerned out his own reputation and legitimacy for his Psychology course. He should have been fired. There were a few things he said & did which were questionable or would have got him kicked out from teaching presented in this film. Or to get a bad grade based upon what one believes rather than how ones goes about his argument seemed highly unusual and unexceptible behavior from a professor in a U.S. university system.

Some of the support I found wasn't quiet as strong as I would have expected particularly from the teacher and pastor which were weak support.

Like the Steven Hawking quote which was a theoretical response that was a what if sinarow if God does not exhist not an evidence support.

I was overwhelmed by how good the PowerPoints were from a business major in his freshmen year. It seemed unrealistic for him to be able to have the software to create such great graphics in a PowerPoint that would require things like Photoshop or some other type of programs. What is a business major doing with that kind of technology anyways. he should be able to have that sort of technology. The PowerPoints seemed unrealistical advanced for a freshmen in college who is a business major. A business major would not have the technology advanced enough to create such a PowerPoint. A arts or graphics major might but not a business major. The support he was using seemed far more advanced than I would expect from a freshmen. It matched that more of a junior or senior of college.

Also the resources he was using to back up his argument seemed recent and available not in a library or online.

I will admit that I did enjoy the film. I felt engaged the entire time to watch the film. I felt that if I left for a minute I would miss a significant portion of the story that could prove important. It was very intelligent engagement of thought.

I was also surprised by the girl friends responses to supporting weather God is real. It seemed unbelievable how upset she was about what his boyfriend was doing. It seemed outrageous. Why does she care so much about what he is doing for a grade.

For the Muslim girl I felt like there were better examples than 1st Peter to respond to the predicament that she was in after her father rejected her and kicked her out of the family for listening to the preacher speak about the New Testament on her iPod. Mosses being rejected from his Egyptian family or Joseph loosing everything after his brothers sold him inso slavery would have been better examples for the preacher to use than that of what the pastor used.

This film lacked historical evidence and support to back up that God is alive.

The Schrod of Terren was not used as evidence.

I felt Skeptical about the evidence presented since it was not the best support.

The teacher was bad in that he insulted his own wife. Like really.

The way the story was told reminded me of the way "Crash" was told.

I found ironic the way the teacher faced God at the end.

The preacher was more of a pastor at the end of film than that during the entire film.

I was surprised by the end credits by the shear number of colleges and Universities who had students face questions about their faith. I want to say it doesn't surprise me though.

I have to say that even if I found many flaws with this film concerning how the film was presented I felt like it was a good film because at the end it made you think, and engage into critical thinking of what ifs and what could the other side have debated about or evidence could they have done that was not bought up. This film shows why this matters to use today and is very relevant for so many schools to question religion to this day.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

I liked the film a lot on multiple levels. The cineophotography was excellent considering the wide angle shots of landscapes and the long dolly or trolley shot when they are fixing up the Indian restaurant in France. This film I felt captured the essence of the cultures in distinct ways.

I liked how the score of this film Intermixed, intertwined, integrated the cultural aspects through the sound of the music of two cultures of France and India within the film. Sometimes they played separately and other times they would integrate them in an intertwined aspect within the tracks.

I liked the lighting was presented within this film using starburst look & sun glare from the windows. I like how the fireworks were presented. I liked how the lighting looked with the electrical lights and car lights seen at night.

This film captured the locations at different times of the year and weather conditions that looked vary appealing on film weather it was sunset, sunrise, rain, snow, or night or day. I also liked how there were many times we could see splits seeing inside and outside within the same shoot so you could choose what to look at weather it was up or down or the right side or left side of the screen yet see something different.

I thought it was interesting how the look that was presented proving distinct differences from rural cultural France, modern France, the Indian restaurant, & India. I was surprised to see such a distinct difference in the look of a Modern France with high end tools and modern appearance. The colors were not as vibrant, looked very plain, square shaped, boring but also looked very technological advanced.
Indian culture looked primitive but the French restaurant looked classical. The food market had very vibrant colours.

The film went in more places story wise than I came to film anticipating. The story was good and went in several directions within one film.

I found it an interesting choice not use subtitles in this film for the French or Indian language into English.

I liked how the food was presented with the close ups within the food market, restaurant and preparation in this film. In that aspect it reminded me qualities of Ratatouille.

This film surprising was produced by many different organizations such as Dreamworks, Disney and by people such as Oprah Wimphrey & Steven Spielberg.

I also liked one of the scenes early in the film where the family was in England and while cooking in the rain there suddenly was an huge airplane coming in for an approach to land at an airport close by. That scene just gave you the WOOW! factor to the scale of this film early on.

I would highly recommend this film to anybody. This film exceeded my expectations walking into this film. I enjoyed the music and will buy it.

Captain Newman, M.D.

It was an alright film. It was not a film I would want to see often. It had it's moments. It had a lot of famous actors in it. It was an okey film.

Lady Gangster

Interesting on the close up on the lips and focus on the face of the lip reader.

It was one of the first films that I have seen an old version of a female prison showing how was sort of pleasures were available to female prisoners or there cloths. I found that aspect enlightening.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

I liked the music a lot. It did not have as much base compared to the first film. This film had much more chquwire irer chowire chorus sort of music.

I thought that film started off differently than I had expected.

I thought it was great that you saw an upgrade to the technology in this film.

This was a film with a great story.

I felt like if you left for a short while you would miss a significant amount of information that could tell you what happened in the story.

One thing I recognized once I saw the film the second time was that the soundtrack score is played at a lower volume compared to both the sound effects and the vocals. I think that it would have been better if the score stood out more in the film rather than be in the background characteristic to the film.


I liked the film. I thought it was interesting the ways which he uses to find people and find his daughter. My only complaint which didn't seem realistic was he would fight too soon before he could get answers. He would not go to the authorities enough for support and back-up. The mothers ethics were not good.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

One thing I did like about this film over the first film was that the daughter had a much more active role in the film. She had more action role rather than screaming like the first film. She got to drive the car and throw grenades. I also liked the fact that Leium Nelson got taken and we saw how he was able to get out of a situation. I thought that this film was not as long as the first film and was not as gruesome which I liked because the first film had a lot of steps and people to go through.

I also like the fact that this film went to new locations rather than staying in France.


The film was very different from what I was expecting or had imagined the film to be. I had come imagining a much darker film especially from seeing the trailers. I thought that this was film was worth seeing in 3-D. I have seen the film in 3-D & in 2-D and I recognized immediately a discernible difference in the viewing experience. In 3-D smaller details stand out much more prominently such as details in moving objects like the fabric of the windmill, lights, bubbles, fluorescent eyes of Maleficent, pixy dust, or the lights. When viewing in 2-D those details blend in and do not stick out.

I really liked the musical score by James Newton Howard. I liked how the film interchanged within the same song from good to evil.

I thought it was interesting how many different costumes Angelina Joline had during the film.

I thought it was interesting how Maleficent originally had wings and was a fairy.

I thought it was funny how Maleficent would play practical jokes on the the good fairies

I thought it was a great twist that the king was once a peasant farmer who had a family who was a friend of Maleficent and cursed Aura not to be evil so much as revenge for the kings betrayal for cutting off her wings.

I thought that the graphics in this film were very good. I saw this film in 3-D an I thought that I saw or recognized more of detail in 3-D. I thought it was interesting how the film changed the the castle to the Sleeping Beauty castle.

This film is very different from the 1950's version. but I think that this film did a great job of explaining or telling the story in a convincing way to be able to enjoy both films. i thought it was interesting how they explained this film is the story told by Maleficent and the story told in the 1950's is the traditional story told by myth.

I was impressed by the amount of different costumes Maleficent wore during the film. I was not expecting to see so many different variations on the costume but I also was not expecting to see very little of the traditional black costume.

I thought that Maleficent did a great job of presenting a good looking while looking evil. I thought it was interesting how how Maleficent was made as a gray character not purely good or evil.

I thought it was interesting how Prince Philip's kiss did not solve Aurora; Sleeping Beauty's curse but it was Maleficent which was an interesting twist.

I thought it was interesting the story behind the crow. I thought it was interesting how Maleficent would change the form of the crow from different forms from human, crow, dragon, wolf. I thought it was interesting how Maleficent never changed into the dragon it was the crow.

I was surprised that the traditional I Know You Once Upon a Time was not song during the film but only at the end credits. I felt like the new version is done very well. It actually gives me cold shivers to listen to it.

I thought the acting was very good.

I was not expecting the actor who played Murdock in the 2010 film to play such a convincing role of Aurora's father.

One thing I did not think of until listened to the interviews but I felt anticipation during the film was that I was waiting for the scene of the curse Maleficent placed on Aurora. It did not happen in this film till 30 minutes or more of the film had passed so there is a big led up to that scene.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

I thought the film was interesting. It reminds me of the film of Groundhog Day or Star Trek The Next Generations Cause and Effect where they are in a continuos loop in time.

This film is pretty good. The screenplay is written by the the director of Jack Reacher.

I thought that it was great how Tom Cruises character changed so dramatically from the beginning of the film to the end of the film.

The graphics were good and it was well edited and written. The robot alien invaders were creepy yet had an interesting time travel twist I liked that we skipped all the things that happened previously and just showed what was new in the next loop.

I thought it was interesting and funny whenever they would say people's lines before they spoke.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America Winters Soldier

I found the movie was okey. I was glade that they kept the Captain American theme and brought back some of the character.

I felt as though Captain American did not stand out enough in this film. Everything was about equal on how big things were so nothing stood out as overly amazing. The film. Needed to start small and get bigger not constantly same scale of explosives.

I thought one thing that stood out was the car chase of Nick Ferry with all the police cars. I liked that the only thing that was working was the Air-conditioner.

The villains in my opinion were not big enough they needed something bigger.

I felt like the film needed Tony Stark in the film to solve some of the technology problems like the USB troubles, solving the aircraft carriers and so on. It did not make sense for for Captain America or Black Widow to solve technological problems concerning technological classified details where as that would have been Starks expertise.

I was not into Captain America's new suit that much. It looked boring compared to his previous suits.

I thought that more character development happened with Nick Ferry's character more so than everyone else's character including Captain America. I thought that the film just continued where the last film ended off but really didn't add more to Captain America's background. I think more development needed to happen with the villains of this movie. They did not stand out enough in my mind. I thought that the main bad guy should have been locked up rather than killed in order to see him appear in another film.

One thing that really, really bugged me in this film was letting all of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. secrets out. That was stupid on multiple levels in my opinion because that was just a big Pandoras Box let loose. Look at how many troubles Tony Stark had to face ever since Iron Man occurred that hurt him in Iron Man 2 & 3 due to his suit being out there and his identity being let loose. Now letting S.H.I.E.L.D. Letting there secrets out means all the bad things left hidden to avoid villains from getting their hands on it are available. It also lets all the vulnerabilities of super heroes known to everyone.


Miracle's Great. I never lived through the 70s or 80s but it's time line & references of that period gave me a much better idea of what went on in that time period than I get from reading American History Books. A very good film for historical reference. It also lets me show the importance of the 1980s Olympic Hockey games in American History. I thought this film has a great set of actors.

This movie is about Hockey, then moves on to being about making a team, Hockey to being about a hockey team trying to beat the best team in the world of that day, then goes on to be about America coming back to be able to once again be able to stand back up on its feet, continues to go on to being about a Hockey team trying to bring back confidence to the American People.

One shot I liked was during the last game with the Russians when the score board the camera angle keeps rotating. Another thing I liked is during the final game when the camera keeps moving back and forth between the hockey players to give you a better understanding of the organized chaotic trouble that the Russians had to how the Americans were playing the game.

Also Mark Isham's musical score is great for this film. If you have ever seen October Skys this is the same person doing the musical scores in other films. The movie has a great beat to the music as it gets further & further in the film. It starts of slow & goes faster & faster as the movie progress till the very, very end. And it's that way for most of the music in this film. I think that the music in this film helps you to have a greater significance of the things which were going on during that time period and feel more for what was go on.
I think that this film changed the attitude of how you felt towards Jimmy Carters Crisis of Confidence speech because of the editing and Mark Ishamâ(TM)s musical score. Unless you had heard the speech once before without the music I think your attitude towards the speech would be different.

To me this film is a very inspirational film about Historical events building up a team, which at end restores the confidence of the American people that was lost during the 1970s from all the problems. Kurt Russell's action job in this film is terrific as well as the team actors in this film.

I thought the film did a great job expressing the coach Herb Brook's method for coaching the teach.

Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm

I thought that it held up to the previous Disney sports films like Miracle, The Rookie, Remember the Titans.

I thought it was funny. I was not into the music.

Liked the couch speech about towards the end of the movie.

I liked the way they showed how in India they can spread the word. Get kids to send out flyers.

I liked how they had everything shipped to India but they they are located elsewhere in India. Or how they had to unload the shirts in the middle of the road in traffic. Lots of beeping horns that means nothing.

I thought it was interesting how nosed of the adventure was documented through recording.

Heaven Is for Real

I had no problem with the response the kid had about what heaven was like in his description.

The movie had me doubt or question what the pastor preached or how he responded to the his son's experience it sounded very Hollywood where they would rewrite things to provide more drama or provide an unclear answer to provide a defined answer to is there really a heaven which bothered me. Why couldn't they say something like seeing is believing or keeping faith or something from Field of Dreams.

The preaching seemed questionable since it lacked scripture examples and the examples seemed more confusing than anything as it did not provide clear answers or a point to solve a solution.

During the film I kept thinking Field of Dreams and Polar Express.

I thought that the film was a mediocre sort of film.

Force 10 From Navarone

I enjoyed this film more than the 1961 Gregory Peck film The Guns of Navarone. This film has more plot twists and deals with more ethnic issues. There are Allies that are disguised as the Axis and Axis who are disguised as Allies. I think it was made more interesting by the crew being captured early on by the Allies but also interesting that not all of the Allies are going for the same mission. I liked the theme to the film a lot. This film was pretty good and I would watch it again. I wish there was a bit more character development in the film.

I was glad that this film worked with more ethnic cultures than just Germans and English but you saw and heard from the local inhabitants of Navaron. You also saw a black person behind German enemy lines to provide a different aspect of the war. I liked the knife to the gun predicament that happened in several occasions within the film.

Twelve O'Clock High

It is a film that mostly deals with the psychology concerning those onboard the bomber planes going up against the Nazis. It also looks at the way to go about leadership to obtain the most productive results from their men. Staying close or being tough. There is very little action is seen in the film. Most of the film takes place at the Airbase. I thought it was an okey film. I would have preferred to have seen more action and less of the airbase.

The Jackpot
The Jackpot(1950)

It was okey. It seems unrealistic to be able to win all those prizes for answering a question. The question for answering the Jackpot was kind of dumb. I don't understand how you were to answer the question without providing optional choices.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

It was kind of funny but some of people and story lines were not exactly accurate like the French Revolution. It is not a historically accurate film concerning events or people's personality. I'm not sure if it was possible to fly Leonardo Da Vinci flying matchine as seen in the film. I'm not sure about the time travel physics either because sometimes the results seemed questionable.

The final result to restore the time continuum did not make sense by going into the future a few minutes while the people in the present stay in the same spot prior to the past going to the present.

I really liked the score by Danny Elfman.

The LEGO Movie

Lego Movie

Really, really funny. This was an awesome film. The effects were awesome. It's hard to tell when stop motion start and Special effects step in.

The film is really good and interesting story message about originality fighting against maintaining standards established by instructions.

What is great about this film is that it can fit into a universal audience. There is something that can appeal to any audience.

It has everything, Star Wars, BasketBall, DC Superheros, Dumbledore from Harry Potter, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare, Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Liked the fact the instructions were key to solving the solution to taking down President Business.

Then the films emphasis of Free Will and originality is considered as important.

I loved how President Business weapons were real objects not Legos.

I think it is interesting how Emits imagination reflects a child's mind and imagination but eventually grows.

President business is like that of a Dad.
I was not counting on this film entering reality.

My favorite parts were that of Entering Star Wars Universe. I thought it was cool that they were able to get The real actors who played Lando Calrissian portrayed by Billy Dee Williams and C-3P0 portrayed by Anthony Daniels to play their character in Lego movie.

This film was filled with great actors and actresses to play their parts.

The Wild West was funny. I wish we saw the super hero universe. It was great to see Bruce Wayne. Two people I did want to see more of in the film was Batman and Good Cop/Bad Cop.

I was not expecting to see the Astroid Monster from The Empire Strikes Back to make an appearance in this film.

This film almost reminded me at the end with the result of Kong Fu Panda but Lego Movie is different.

The Monuments Men

I really really liked the musical score for the film. George Clooney did a great job in the film. I really enjoyed the film. It is a great film for teachers and those with a love for art and museums.

This film provides a new appreciation for art. It's a film worth seeing.

I still liked it when they encountered the German soldier and Bill Murphy is like we're going to sit here and pass the cigarets.

Kon Tiki
Kon Tiki(2013)

I did not like the film too much. The film kind of reminded me of Cast Away. Except I thought that Cast Away was more unique in that he was stranded on an island for three years and didn't have communication with the the outside world.

I felt like the only thing Thor Heyerdal proved was that it was possible because of the current for people of western South America to have reached the Hawaiian islands on a balsawood raft. He failed to test genetics of Hawaiians to Asian or South American similarities. It drove me nuts that we never saw them row anywhere. It seems hard for me to believe that tribal people would not have used ores to change direction or for stirring.

Saving Mr. Banks

I felt that this was a much more powerful film compared to the original Marry Popins. Much stronger emotional story. I think that the great acting can be accredited to this. The acting portrayals was very believable interpretation.

I did not realize Disney based his looks on Mr. Banks.

It was a surprise how strict the author P.L. Travers was concerning making the Movie Mary Poppins. So much so had to be recorded and had to be nit picky about every little detail.

I was surprised to discover that the author was such a strong rejector of Disney that she constantly tried to sabotage the making of Marry Popins.

For example No red was to be seen in the film, The dialog, the look of the characters and scenery

I did not realize that she did not desire for the Banks family to appear as a wealthy Bourgeoisie family but rather a common family.

This movie dedicated to the daughter of Walt Disney Diane Disney Miller who died 2013.

This film is partially a BBC Production in collaboration with Disney.

I wish that the film was able to explain somethings clearer earlier in the film when it came to the semblance of things to the author P.L. Travers because it was confusing at first hearing things in order when it came to the authors past for the basis of the Marry Popins film.

I did not realize that the author was from Australia. That came as a surprise.

I liked how the credits were made with the real recordings and photographs.

I did not realize that Disney did not completely fulfill the wishes of the author of Marry Popins film and disliked Dick Van Dyke.

I did not realize that the author refused and rejected to the film becoming a musical.

I did not realize how strong of an emphases was made into the father since I saw more commonalities to Dick Van Dyke as the chummy sweeper.

I saw more of a resemblance of Mr. Banks to the author in some ways.

I thought that Dick Van Dyke's character as the Chimney sweep resembled more of the authors real father than Mr. Banks did.

I thought it was interesting that Walt Disney preferred to be called by her first name as Walt as well as the staff while to keep a personal relationship. whereas the author preferred a more professional relationship.

I thought it was interesting how Go fly a kit had a stronger tides to than some of the other iconic songs of the film.



I liked the short before the film turning a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon into a original cartoon by putting it iron an original cartoon. The animation was excellent.

I did think the animation looked great in the film. Particularly the sawing the ice scene at the beginning of the film.

I was not counting on the Ice Queen Elsa to be leaving the kingdom in order to protect the kingdom from her powers. Or that she was kept in isolation in order to protect those that surrounded her.

I liked that handsome Prince Hans, who was good looking, actually was a villain. Showing that you have to get to know people rather than fall in love right away or that villains do not always seen obvious and appear evil.

I felt like there was far too many songs in this film. I thought that comparing this to Tangled that Tangled was a better film. This film was more girly and less appeal to a guy audience.

The animation in this film was very good.

I was glade that the message was not to fall in love too quick but getting to know the person first in an extended relationship. I was glade Anna did not get married at the end of the film to anyone. It was about not rushing love.

I was glade it was not a kiss of love that resolved the ending but family love between sisters so a kiss was not required.

The Book Thief

I liked how the film began with variations of white in the environment from clouds, train smoke, to the snow.

Score by John Williams. Could tell because it shares characteristics familiar to his music.

I liked the movie. I liked how the story told of finding the light of hope in the darkest of situations.

I liked how the uncle papa lured her and gained her confidence through calling her my princess.

Sure the film undercut the more darker parts of Nazi rule but if you can't strand that kind of horror this is a good film.

I was not counting on the people to survive that did nor the people to live that did by the end of the film. This film did a great job on the decor and set appearance to look historically accurate.

I wish that the film would have provided a bio at the end of the film to tell what happened to the surviving characters after World War II.

Johnny Shiloh

It was an okay film. It was not the best film nor the best. I thought that his Yippee! and Yahoo! for excitement were a little over the top. Just because I have somewhat of a recall of what happened with Johnny Clem I know like most Disney films this one exaggerated the story of Johnny Clem. I do not believe he was captured by the Confederates. He did receive a watch with his name Johnny Shiloh. I am not sure how much the Confederates would have known of Johnny Clem if at all captured. Some parts appeared cheesy. As I recall Johnny Clem also attempted to join several regiments before finally being accepted. He did eventually receive the rank of Sargent for shooting an officer. However the Confederate officer who was riding his horse asked Johnny to surrender then shot the officer. This film shows that he shot a Confederate officer fighting one of his colleagues without talking to anyone of the Union prior to being shot.

Thor: The Dark World

This film contained a lot of twists. For example: I was not expecting to see the Captain America appear in the fashion he did in this film.

I liked the comedy in this film and thought that it was better than the first Thor film. I was surprised not to see S.H.I.E.L.D. In this film.

I liked how this film was filmed in comparison to the first Thor film. The first film was filled with many vibrant colors and was much brighter. The first Thor movie was filled with many slanted angles similar to the 1960's Batman series. This second installment is not so. It is filmed darker settings. There is more action since the first film deprives Thor of his powers.

Thor acts differently than the previous films we have seen Thor in that he is wiser and not seeking power.

This film makes us wonder what is to come next. It concludes with a possible step towards the Avengers 2 and possible appearance of seeing Thor in another Marvel story prior to the Avengers.

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips is Very much a procedural film showing the procedures for cargo ships and the Navy when it comes to piracy, negotiations, and hostage situations.

This film has a lot of hand use cameras to film the movie.

I thought was a good film and enlightening as far as learning what goes into negotiations.

I felt as though the film presented a real life situation that did not appear to bear off what the actual events of 2009.

The Red Badge of Courage

I thought that the film presented the feelings of a soldier on the front lines from fear, terror, and just attacking without thinking.

I liked some of the ceneophotography scenes. In particular I liked the angles sometimes where one half of the screen would see soldier up close and the other side shows a soldier in the distance. I also liked the shots looking up at the tree and you see the light rays and smoke from the battle come out of the tree.

It was surprising how much this film followed to the book for something made in the 1950s.

Stalag 17
Stalag 17(1953)

I liked the Stalag 17 a lot.

It was an interesting film with an interesting twists.

I like how the film did not reveal the actual person revealing the secrets within the Barracks until after half the film.

The story was very well done.

I was surprised the commandant had his men place boards on the ground so that he would not get muddy. I was surprised by the amount of mud.

The comic relief characters and the guy who announces information to all the barracks saying adieus all the time were the only things I did not like about the film. I did like the twist towards the end of the film as well as the final escape in the film.


Not patriotism but a new faith a new meaning for fighting for. Americans fights for freedom. page 27 Killer Angels more important to tell the truth. Find his truth.

Why were there so many foreigners from Europe following Confederate General Longstreet's army as observers?

Confederate General Armistad mentions the significance of some of the soldiers fighting in the Civil War and how many were related to figures who lived during significant events in American History such as figures like Patrick Henry, Robert Tyler Jones who was related to a president. General Armistad was related to

General Chamberland speaks to those of Maine 5th Core about finding your own meaning in this conflict for the reason for fighting. He speaks in a speech that each has to find their own reasons for fighting this conflict. That this was a very different war compared to previous wars fought in world history in that previous wars were fought for land, money, governments, causing hangings. This was a very different kind of conflict than had been fought previously. Some of the reasons mentioned were for pride, justice, freedoms to all. one thing a Union officer asked of a captured Confederate soldier was why they were fighting. The Union Maine soldier assumes it was to keep their slaves and slavery. however the Confederate solder quickly corrects the Union soldier responding I'm not fighting for no darkies but for rights. What was the strongest motivating force for fighting?

How come this book presents an overwhelmingly patriotic view on both sides?

One thing that stuck out to me that one of the Maine soldiers from the 5th Core talks about to Colonel Chamberlain was that the Yankees just make them fight the front lines not thinking of the consequences or lives lost of their own men.

Surprise by the amount of Confederate soldiers missing shoes. How could so many men be missing such essentials as shoes within the army.

I found it interesting that Lee would wait for reports of General Jeb Stewart of the Calvary before moving or taking a full force offensive attack on the Union.
This book shows that a significant emphasis is made upon the Calvary as being the eyes for the army to prepare forth what is up ahead to seek out intelligence of enemy movements.

I find it interesting how there are foreigners observing Longstreet's army and following the Confederate army to make reports which will determine weather they should support the Confederate cause. It surprises me that there are foreigns observing from such a close distance as in a Confederate army. This would seem as a risk if Union were to defeat or capture the Confederates that it may appear that it may start a war with the other if caught side.

I find it interesting that the men on both sides fight for state over the Union or of the nation. Colonel Chamberlain refuses to shot men from Maine. Before the Confederate charge the reasons mentioned for charging in their yell consist up of from Old Virginia, for state, for land, for home, for sweethearts, for wives, for Virginia. This fill emphasized how significant the state and loyalty towards the state was in comparison to the nation. This not a loyalty with a government but for land and at home with little comprehension of unity on either side but within each individual state. I found it interesting in a discussion Lee had about how he could not comprehend
Fighting for Virginia but against home or family.

I felt WOOWED by the emenice sized by the armies and cannons seen in this film.

I was impressed towards the end of Corneal Chamberland's defense of the union line on the second day defending his position on Little Round Top when his men are low on ammunition. The deep forest. Yet he also recognizes that it that is so for themselves that is so for the Confederates so he chooses a last resort move converting from a defensive move to an offensive move by resorting to a bayonet charge able to capture the the Confederate Rebel army with little chance of reloading. It is a risky, surprising move to move in such a desperate move and be able to win.

How could Confederates come to the conclusion to believe that Gettysburg could be the final confrontation or turning point of the war.

I was surprised when Lee decided to do a charge to Semitary Ridge that had to cross a field over a mile long. I thought this film depicted an accurate depiction of how slow a march can take but what I don't get is why they were not jogging rather than marching at a making pace.

I found the musical score came quickly boring as it presented an excessively patriotic state view and became too cheesy of a feeling after a while.

It was surprising how close this was to the book but the tone is different.

I found the film a little on the long to keep my interest. I thought that the film needed an intermission or sequel.

The Molly Maguires

I really liked the music score for the film. I thought that the film presented a good aspect to what a coal miners life was life and town life for Irish immigrants in a small coal town during the 1870's. I thought the film showed a good representation of the troubles the mines faced by its workers and how the workers had difficulty getting away from businesses like coal mining because they charged there employees for everything from housing, food, local shops, supplies they consumed on the job like carisean and oil to light their lamps to see.

I thought the ending was a little odd.

I found it interesting this film presented this from the viewpoint of a man hired to investigate the coal vandilers causing damage to the coal mining business. I actually felt more towards them than the coal mining business who I would consider the villains not the good guys in this film.

I thought that the ending was odd.

The Champion
The Champion(1915)

It was an okey film. It was not my favorite Charlie Chaplin film but it had some funny scenes within in.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

I thought it was a great swashbuckler sort of film. A great faith to hold up to be rescued by a hidden British men discussed as French who would be generally not be looked upon as the villains. The rescuers in the least suspecting locations.

I real like the ending. It had a surprising twist.

For A time that had so much death particularly in France over stupid stuff it was great to see someone throwing France off their grove by saving people avoiding the bloodshed and providing hope.

Lafayette: The Lost Hero

I liked how it was done. It revealed information about Marquis de Lafayette which I was not aware of. I liked that they actually went to the major locations that Lafayette went to. I liked how they used visual aids such as paintings, maps, and films from the past to help provide a better awareness to Lafayette. I never realised how young Lafayette was when he arrived in America or that he had lost his parents at such an early age.

The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams

I did not get into the film. I am not really into love films. I did not find the acting believable. It did not help that the actors did not speak in accents.

Drums in the Deep South

This film emphases a theme of The south lost cause theme is seen throughout the film.

I did not think that the 1861 portion of the film was very clear. I did not understand that Clay Clayburn and Will Denning who visited Braxton were lovers at one point or another to Kathy Summers. I did not understand that till later on in the film nor did I care at the beginning of the film. I did not understand that until latter on in the film. I thought that the film did not provide enough background early enough in the film to make me care about the characters or get personal enough to know the characters.

The north only does what they are told and follows orders making them sound Nobel and not ruthless like Sherman.

In the film they say that the only thing the south wants is to be left alone from the north. Slavery is hardly mentioned at all in the film. The only time slaves are seen is at the beginning.

From the top of a cave the Confederacy fire at the two Union ammunition trains for Sherman's army in 1864.

They present each side as ingenuity

Ad showing the woman's role in helping the Confederacy by doing her duty and remaining loyal to his husband and towards the cause.

The southerners don't speak with a southern accent. Nor do we hear a distinct northern accent out of the Union men.
Devil's Mountain where the Confederates hide and establish a base away from the Union looks a lot like the Close Encounters of the Third Kind Mountain.

The woman Kathy Summers does her part for the Confederacy by concealing the location of the Confederates to the Union, retrieving the piano wire to be used for the cannons, and sending intelligence information to the Confederates about the Unions plans.

The Union realizes that the piano wire has been stripped out of the piano.

I thought that the Union went a little overboard at the end of the film when they decided to get ride of the Confederates by placing all their gunpowder in the mountain and destroying the mountain to get ride of the Confederates.

The film had a crummy ending by having the heroes the Confederates die and then have text in Support of the Union who killed the Confederates. Seems weird.

I thought that the film itself was not very good. It started out too similar to Gone with the Wind and then leaves this big gap until 1864 where most of the films story occurs.

To me the characters were not personal enough. I was not invested in them enough because they did not feel believable.

It was an interesting story idea but not done very well or believable.

The Birth of a Nation

Birth of a Nation

They tried to be objective about the film. I was surprised that it showed the north and south. This film surprised me by presenting more than just the war but also reconstruction as well.

I think it is interesting how this film uses white actors and actress and uses make-up to make them black or melotos.

This film during the Reconstruction era it puts blacks in a bad connotations and southerners in a bad way by having men and southern women in support the Ku Klux Klan

Blacks chasing women for a date, in charge of government and not allowing southerns the right to vote in election.

Southerners blame Blacks for savage ignorant reason death of daughter or sister. Seen in large groups like mobs.

Only when blacks are shown in a positive view do we see real blacks otherwise we see white actors with make-up to look black.

We find after the Civil War there are ethnic groups who stick together.

In response whites who were smaller in numbers created the Ku Klux Klan to help there support in numbers in times of trouble. The Ku Klux Klan became vangililanties who used religion to support their reasoning why they acted a particular way. A way to feel secure and led a feeling of security how they felt towards Africans acting in a mob or restricting their rights.

I thought that it was good a film for it's time trying to be objective and used historical sources in the text to justify its honest integrity. However it was way too long. Once the Civil War portion of the film was completed there should have been a sequel just for the Reconstruction portion of the film.

The Natural
The Natural(1984)

The Natural

I like the musical score by Randy Newman in this film a lot.

I liked the sets with a period look.

I thought the story was good along with the acting.

I liked the ending a lot by ending with a bang literally.

I thought that this film had an interesting twist towards the end by going back to the gun shot and baseball bat.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

The Butler

I didn't think it was going to be a film about Civil Rights. I was expecting this film to be about what he did during the presidencies and the events related to Presidents like Man walking on the moon. Instead this film became about the Civil Rights movement.

I also thought that this film did a poor job finding actors who looked like the historical figures they were portraying.
This film was more interested in getting famous people rather than historically accurate. Because of that I did not feel convinced as an audience member that they were portraying the characters that the actors were portraying.

I thought that the film could have ended with his retirement at the end of the Reagan administration. I did not find it necessary to show all the way to Obama being voted in. That was a little excessive in my opinion.

I felt that this film made it so that certain events were more significant than other events and that this film underrated other historically important events such as the Cuban Missile Criss, the Cold War, Man Walking on the Moon, along with other events. Since this film only presented events related to the African race rather than a more diversified list of events it made the film feel rather one sided.

I did like how this film did show the father and son who did not see eye to eye in the beginning eventually come and relate at the end.

If you are into Civil Right things or interested in different African American movements in U.S. history then this film is a good place to start but this film goes so quick that it only provides examples of mere glimpses in history and is not a good reference for a more in depth look.

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Outlaw Josey Wales

I think it is interesting how Josey Wales is a outlaw villain while being a hero in some ways as well.

I think it is interesting how everyone Josey encounters who joins him tells Their tale to him.

I like the colors in the film. I also liked the camera angles.

It is interesting how the film has you routing for the outlaw Josey Wales.

I think that it is interesting how the film is know for showing lots of shadows on the face. Much of the film is made with shadows seen on people.

I think that it is interesting that there is a humor seen by Clint Eastwood's character Josey Wales having this iconic spiting tobacco which is used for responses and telling a story.

I think it is interesting how they define Josey Wales by his pistols and the fact he has multiple pistols.

There is an understatement in the film.

There feels like there is something has changed by the end of the film even though he Is being chased there is a fearful respect for Josey Wales. The characters know of the danger capabilities of Josey Wales and a compassion for his situation.

I think it is interesting too how Josey Wales is in a way being changed by those who follow him who have lost something and yet are changing something about his character to be willing to stay.

It seems like all the characters have this gray personality to them. They have secrets and a dark side of loss.

Personally I thought that this was one of Clint Eastwood's better films. It felt like an actually western showing the run down towns and darker sides of the west. I felt like the film has a satisfying ending.

I like the musical score for the film by Jerry Fielding.

I liked the way which the native Americans were portrayed in this film I think that a realism and perhaps accuracy was portrayed well in this film.

I found it interesting how each of the characters who followed Josey Walles lost in their lives what they found important in their lives and are discovering on their journey what is important in life.

I liked the fact the the Confederate leader on the search for Josey Wales was willing to let him escape at the end rather than arresting him.

I also liked the fact that Josey Wales had morals. He knew when others were treated wrong and was willing to help others in trouble when it suited what he needed.

I liked the acting in this film. The acting expressed a real sense of realism in the characters.

Young Mr. Lincoln

I thought it was pretty good film for it's time. At times it got cheesy. I thought that Henry Fonda in this film actually looked very close to how I imagine Abraham Lincoln in appearance for the age he is portrayed in this film. The film had some good stories but I have difficulty determining how much truth went into the actual events depicted in this film.

Weather the film was truthful to real events or not I found the film entertaining never the less.

The Sixth Sense

I like the reflection in the recognition document from the Mayor at the beginning of the film.

The church is a big emphasis.

I like the cineophotography in the film with the odd angles. I liked the open spaces, the shadows and how reflections were used in this film.

I like the use of shadows.

I like the reflection in the silver door knob as the kid reached to open the door.

I was really surprised that there were not more scary things since I thought that the film was rated R. The only thing I can see that made this film PG-13 was the short moments of gore and frightening talk.

This film really did a great job at scarring the audience with the music, open and wide spaces, shadows, and by moments of silence. Really the only things that scared you were context clues which made you think something was going to pop up and scare you. They used a method used in Jaws where you knew that the shark was near but never saw the shark for the longest time. That same method was used in this film. You heard about the bad things but never saw them exact three or four times.

I liked how the way to resolve the problems of the film was by facing the problems head on and asking what they wanted because Bruce Willis character finally determined that the ghost were not purposely scaring the kid but wanted his help and by hearing out the ghost and what they wanted resolved made the fear of ghost go away.

The ending was interesting finding out Bruce Willis was a ghost as well. I still wonder how he was still able to move things around or was it all in his mind and something Bruce Willis character just wanted to see and was living a fail de reality.

Medicine Man
Medicine Man(1992)

I liked the score by Jerry Goldsmith. I also like the environment as it was presented in the film.

I liked the scenes in the trees on the climbing harness. Those views were awesome.

I liked Sean Connery's character in this film but the girl from New York acted like a dumb blond who knew her science but nothing more.

The film is about who has the right to destroy someone else's environment on the basis of money when a home and a cure for medicine are at stake. The problems with threatening an ecosystem for anyone else's personal gain.

A themes in this film are still very applicable today.

The General
The General(1927)

That had to be the first time I have ever seen the Confederates as the good guys and the Union as a bad guys in a slap stick film. Also this was the first time I have really seen the railroad used a lot in a civil Car film as the major emphases.

I was impressed by the amount of Calvary seen in this film.

I thought it was interesting how they made the picture blue to express night and rain.

The Blacksmith

It was interesting. A lot of slap stick humor.

Days of Thunder

It reminded me of Top Gun made into a NASCAR film but it was less interesting to watch and the music was not as good as Top Gun. I think I would have found a horse race film much more entertaining than this film.

The Lemon Drop Kid

Based upon the title I was expecting a gangster film rather than a Christmas /Con artists film. I thought it was a funny film. I liked how the the hotel casino had the buttons to hide the casino table behind the walls. That was an interesting twist.

I thought it was interesting how the plot was resolved because I did not see it being resolved that way.


If it had not been for the fact that that it had swearing and a short bit of nudity I think that the film easily could have been PG-13 rather than rated R. I find it impressive that the film came out to theaters a year after the events occurred.

I did not think the love relationship between Harrison Ford was realistic or true to the story. The other thing I have some doubts about is wether the fist fight between Harrison Ford's character and the tourists actually occurred in real life.

I liked the film and the story. I was not a fan of the score but it did not bother me much.

I thought it was an original and interesting idea seeing a police officer in an environment of the Amish country able to hide and not able to find a person due to the lack of technology.

Despicable Me 2

I thought it was funnier than the first film but it helped that the trailers did not reveal too much like they did for the previous film. The only thing is that I had higher expectations that the villains were to be more dangers and badder. I was also not expecting a love relationship between Grew which did not interest me at all.

I was really disappointed by the Mexican thing for Grew who is either German or Russian. To me they did not mash and was not interesting seeing a fat villain.

The love theme through the film did not interest me nor seeing the minions being altered to purple mor dangerous beings.

The Lone Ranger

I was glad that they used the original Lone Ranger theme but I felt like it was not used enough in the film. I was not into the villians much either. They not appeal at all. I wish that they used a different actor to portray the Lone Ranger. I thought that the stuff durring the credits was a waist.

I did like the reflection of the buffalo in the train window.

I thought it was an interesting twist seeing Tonto in the 1934 but I felt as though that did not add too much to the film.

I thought it was interesting how Tonto always traded things of lesser value from people.

The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man(1941)

I thought that the story was good. I liked the writing for the film.

Monsters University

I thought it was a good film. Thought it was interesting how they made Mike Wisoski the smart one and friends with Randall at the beginning and how Sulivan was the slacker.

One of the things I liked the most about this film was the score because it had a College beat that I liked.

I also thought that it was cool seeing the flashback showing Mike Wisoski on a field trip as a kid.

I thought it was interesting seeing the break in to Monsters Incorporated.

I liked the messages like everyone is different and playing on their strengths and the importance of surprise and standing out in the crowd.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Superman Man of Steal was pretty good. The story presented an interesting twist to the Superman universe.

I liked how they presented Krypton. They showed something that has never been seen on the big screen. I thought the technology shown on Krypton was cool. I think this film did the best job compared to previous Superman films showing Superman's powers and jumping and punching powers. I thought it was interesting how they explained how The people of Krypton had difficulty acclimating to Earth's environment but then Clark Kent also had difficultly doing the reverse acclimating to Krypton's environment.

I thought it was interesting how they went about explaining Kent Clark's fathers death by the refusal of his powers rather than getting known to the rest of the world.

I was not expecting so much destruction to be seen in this film. This film had a lot of famous actors in it.

I liked how they went about showing Superman's father as a hologram or something.

I thought that Hans Zimmer's score for Superman fit for the film.

Looking at the credits I was impressed by the amount of business and military involvement they used from multiple branches in order for making this film.

I liked how this film used flashbacks to explain things. I thought that the film did not do it too much and used them to help explain the back story.


I just came home from seeing the film Epic. To me the story reminded me of the Wizard of Oz but with a nature theme. It looked cooler than the Wizard of Oz but it used some of the basic concepts. The bud was symbolic of the ruby slippers, The villains were the Witch and flying monkeys, the forest protector queen Tara was the good witch. Mary Katherine is symbolic of Dorothy. The dog is representative of Todo.

I was surprised to find out that the score was by Danny Elfman. To me it sounded more like something I would expect to hear from John Powell like in How to Train Your Dragon. The score was very good.

I liked how the film explained that humans and Dogs went slower while creatures in the forest were moving at an accelerated speed.

Key Largo
Key Largo(1948)

I thought that Humphrey Bogart in the 1948 film Key Largo was one of Hamphry Bogarts Better roles. He played it like many of his other roles with characteristics like selfishness and a fearful. The one difference I saw was that he did have some thought, he waited and often thought things threw before doing something. He turned out to be the hero in this film.

The story now a days seems familiar since it has been repeated several times as far as a person holding up a group of people and then found in a situation where he can not leave without the assistance of hostages he has captured. It is seen in bank robbery situations, westerns, and more. In this case what stops the gangsters is a hurricane.

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

Background noise, music, and voices, city sounds more of a emphasis than the rest of the vocal sound. Very much visual film.

It was interesting that the dogs death played a significant role in discovering where the body was hidden.



I thought that there were a lot of extras in this film. The effects in this film based on the 1927 standards was pretty good. Like the robot was pretty good, the stapping and city look. I thought that the film story was strange at times and I couldn't always follow what was going on. I thought it was weird when Maria was acting as a machine with the odd facial twitching and eye brow. I didn't understand the clock and why he had to be moving the hands and what it was doing. I didn't understand why the android wanted to destroy the city.

I thought the religious context was interesting but the story was told a little off.

I thought it was odd they were still calling the android Maria a witch and talk about burning her at the stake.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, is a love story, a tragedy, and a drama.

The film shows how wealth and money corrupts things. Money alone can not solve everything. True love and true friendship can surpass material possessions. However love and friendship can not always be reliable since people are human and they can stray away.

I like the sets, the colors, the music. However the story is not so great and is very slow. The women are dumb blonds. The movie made me sleepy. The ending is crummy.

The Great Gatsby

The film I found boring to me as it was clear, a bit too strait forward and predictive movie.

I found the modern music weird and out of place for a 1920's setting.

I found this one more sexual and clearer on drug content verses the previous versions which made you infer the sexuality and the drugs was not strait forward on the negative affects.

It seems that the guilty people were innocently blamed and convicted over crimes they didn't commit or the wrong crimes.

The Great Gatsby, is a love story, a tragedy, and a drama.

The film shows how wealth and money corrupts things. Money alone can not solve everything. True love and true friendship can surpass material possessions. However love and friendship can not always be reliable since people are human and they can stray away.

The movie made me sleepy. The ending is crummy.

I thought that the film had a great choices of actors that were perfect for their roles. The graphics were excellent and look good in 3-D. The only problem with the film was the story. It was told too strait forward and obvious so it was boring.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Iron Man 3.

It was much better than Iron Man 2. I loved the fact that they connected the Iron Man films all together and we saw Iron Man 2008 Yinsen portrayed by Shaun Toub from the first Iron Man who helped Tony get out of the cave.

I liked that the film started with one of 1999's greatest hits, Im Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die....

The fact that Mandarin was an actor was great twist. It was great at misleading you. I loved the fact that the trailers did not reveal that. It was interesting and funny twist.

The way they left the film I had expected that Tony Stark would no longer be Iron Man. It was good that they said Iron Man will be back at the end of the credits.

I still couldn't see Tony Stark having problems sleeping over saving the world in the Avengers. I could see any of the Avengers having a problem but not Tony Stark.

I liked how they made Pepper Pots have powers and got to wear the suit. It was good seeing her with more powers. It was so awesome.

I was not expecting to see their house blown up so early on in the film. I was expecting that to happen latter on.

I liked how Jarvis had more personality in this film.

This film kept the funny memorable lines.

I thought that this film had a much better ending than the previous Iron Man films.

I was surprised not to see Samuel L. Jackson in this film as Nick Fury.

I loved the ending with Tony talking to Bruce Banner a.k.a the Incredible Hulk after the credits. That was hilarious.

It's a film I would get.

Minority Report

Thought it was interesting how the film is set mostly with Sky blues and white.
The colors are typically shown very bright.

there is a lot of suspicion and no one is allowed to speak their side. There is A problem where thoughts can be rewritten.

You always have the choice.

When does precrime go too far?

The film was a little strange for my taste.

I didn't like the score. It did not have the sound like typically John Williams scores.

Great Expectations

Interesting how they relate everything back to the past.

Live don't live in the past or live in the parameters set by others.
Room set in the past filled with dust and content.

I would have never guessed that the prisoner at the beginning of the story would be the Forman towards the end. That was a surprising but interesting twist.


This film was about the reliability of human words. I enjoyed the story telling in this film.

Priest Honesty but suspicious. He questions his faith, Not know my own soul, but by the end he feels as though he can keep his faith. why because realizes that there are those who maintain the truth.

The film presents characteristics common to Japanese culture such as materialistic, Death, rain, Nature, mans distrust in women, Selfish, Dishonest.

I like the directors choice for camera angles and cineophotography. The music did not really impress me much.

I thought that the film got a little strange once we heard the accounts by the dead husband samurai through the spirits.

I also didn't like the woman in this film. If she was some other ethnicity I would assume that she was some sort of blond acting stupid. I thought that her eye brows were a little odd. They appeared too short on either side.

This film defiently expressed one of Japanese most fundamental themes in this film; transience, the idea that things do not last.

The film reminded me of some other films like Run Lola Run and tv show episodes. One that comes to mind comes from The Famous Jett Jackson about a bank robbery and each account was different but had bits of truth till you saw the kids accounts based off a video.

This film defiently expressed one of Japanese most fundamental themes in this film; transience, the idea that things do not last.

The film reminded me of some other films like Run Lola Run and tv show episodes. One that comes to mind comes from The Famous Jett Jackson about a bank robbery and each account was different but had bits of truth till you saw the kids accounts based off a video.

I thought that the most reliable sources of stories came from the criminal and the witness. You take both and use the things that come out consistent in their accounts then you have the truth.

It Happened One Night

The movie was one that was moderate. It had some occasional funny parts. I was not pleased the ending.

The Far Country

I like the story. Jimmy Stewart does a successful job at portraying the character Jeff Webster who is likable, has traits of a strong character in his abilities. Yet Jeff Webster is a jerk as he has been taught that self-reliant and independent upon himself, believing that he does not require the assistance of anyone. The truth is as much as he does not see I he does. They have helped him in his success but something in his background has made him believe that people do not help each other but of their own self-interest. business greed, and the belief that doesn(TM)t need anyone. He shows weakness in fear of death and being outnumbered. He doesn't take extremely risky risk. He comes to the conclusion that the only way to be successful and successful is threw greed and own skill and you can not rely upon others for assistance without having to pay for something in return. There must be something for him to earn or an incentive or he is not willing to go the extra length. His colleagues and people who consider him a friend try to convince him to settle down. At one point they actually vouch for him into other jobs of power such as sheriff as they find Jeff extremely eligible and qualified for occupations. Yet he rejects the opportunity finding it a far too risky of an occupation, not worth the risk and feels no obligation to help the people of the town. The film does reveal that he does feel a loyalty to his honor and for those who has a close connection towards when it comes to people not getting killed.

As Jeff has everything taken away from him as it has been stollen. He finds the desire and cause as he finds the cause, reason to fight for as others dreams fall apparat and get taken away by bullies. As he looses those things and people which he cares for the most.

He had been falling for the wrong girl but once that girl dies he goes for the one who really loves him without the false pretense.

October Sky
October Sky(1999)

This film has a great story. Cool Rockets, I like the music, the science is cool as well as history. The actors are great; like Jake Gyllenhaal; who played in The Day After Tomorrow and Prince of Persia, Laura Dern; who played in Jurassic Parks 1 & 3, And you have Chris Cooper; who played in Sea Biscuit.

The scenes where Hommer prepars to go to the mine for the first time and he looks in the mirror while the Warner Von Bron picture on the left and coal mining on the right. I find that scene the combinations of the metal sounds, claustrophobia of people passing each other getting in and out of the mine, and score by Mark Isham help to make a very well done scene. Makes you feel down and feel sympathetic towards Homer as he has lost his dream and do something he has worked all his life to avoid. To avoid working the occupation of coaling.

My favorite part of Mark Isham's score in this film is when Homer Hickam and Quentin are looking for the unaccounted rocket.

Another powerful moment is when they win the science fair and he holds the 723 number in his hand for good luck. Then finds that he meet Von Bron.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

This movie was great, a little long but its good for History majors. Great music as well.

This film does a good job at depicting historical accuracies to the look, discussions to historical events going on at the time such as the Napoleonic War and Lord Nelson.

I like how the music reflects the era of music. There were a few times where the music was a little too eerie for my taste.

The film does a good job at showing the dangers and routine of a British navy ship during the early 1800's.

I thought it was interesting how the film showed children on board. Not only that but they were actively participating on board in ships routine.

This film also showed the dangers on board, from shop damage, problems that can occur crew moral, medical problems and more, the risk without wind or food,

For people who don't like more gruesome scenes people should either avoid or be aware that there is some surgical scenes shown in this film so you may want to skip those scenes. These scenes include cutting surgery, brain, the doctor doing surgery on himself to take out a bullet & amputation on the arm of a youth.

A Dog's Life
A Dog's Life(1918)

It was an okay film. It wasn't the best Charlie Chaplin film but it wasn't the worst film either. It had it's moments. I liked the begging where Chaplin kept rolling back and fourth under the fence to get away from the police officer.

Mon Oncle
Mon Oncle(1958)

The film was funny. I thought that film had a great use with the camera using every bit of space to it's full extent. Good use of showing the space. There are few to any close-ups used for the face. Most of the film is filmed at a distance. There were quiet a times where two thirds of the film would show one thing and the other one third of the camera would show something else going on. The film shown from a distance to see all the multiple things going on.

It almost reminded me of a silent film in the use of actors rather than relying on what they were saying. This film easily could have been a silent film.

It was funny all the child practice jokes used during the film.

I enjoyed the musical score for the film. Had a French/ Sting sound to it.

It was interesting how sound was made louder than the voices.

I still think it is funny the scene with the dog under the table growling at the dead fish with sharp teeth in the bag that was bought at the super market.

Mon Oncle

Colors were either earthly with dashes of color for the traditional and in industrial or modern side and plain dull there is a great deal of white or bright grays used to represent the more modern look. The entire movie was presented bright and cheery. The camera fame would often have three distinct sections for subject material showing the foreground, middle ground and background that the audience was very conscious of. The director intently never goes beyond showing more than (The new was empty inside and out.

Sound and music played a significant role of the film than more so that speaking. This film almost could have been presented without the characters saying anything since much of the film pays more attention to sound and visual spectrum visually. To give emphases of the importance to what is around you rather than talking. Music only occurred in the old part of town.

The use of camera angles on how much was seen in a space played a more important role for the film. Use of frame work. Mon Oncle often was filmed using medium, full, or regular long shots. Often scenes were not shown with things taken place in a very far distance. No sort of close up or tight shots were used were used during the film. But you will also realize that Tati never has anything too far back in the background. Typically everything that is presented even from a distance is within a space seen within a set but nothing like skyscrapers or anything in the very far background. Every part of the frame has something going on during the film to keep the eye moving. The camera never really presents much more beyond 25 feet. Social distance: is 4 to 12 feet away. Public distance is typically between12 to 25 feet or more way. He uses the frame so that you would see two different multiple things going on. Sometimes there would be something going on in 2/3(TM)s of the frame and the other 1/3 would show something entirely different going on. Or Uncle Holots home which was split up on the frame into thirds.

Uncle Hulot(TM)s neighborhood was more laid back, simple in some ways In the old neighborhood there was the use of more ingenuity to problem solving when things broke. They were more fun, personable socially, leisurely work, casual, and had a more relaxed time. The street sweeper was often seen leisurely doing his job procrastinating from doing his job to talk to people. Children played practical yet harmless jokes on adults. Grew plants and vegetables that were pretty and useful. Sociable in all settings with each other and the community or neighborhood. They talked to each other all the time and did not put on airs. It did not matter if one was in their pajamas or their Sunday best everyone was civil to each other and talked with each other. Traditional musicplayed during the times when the old community was depicted. The homes were the old traditional housing. Ingenuity, such as sterring the light, to get the caged bird to make it sing showed that simple and inexpesive thigns could obtain simple enjoyments. Stairs, it takes longer to get there. Variety of jobs that are useful. There were community phones. Vendors at the food market often were seen using their hands to make bread or sandwiches for the children.

Pre industrial world Regular world was not as clean, much more physical type of work using their hands. For example the cook in the field while the children were making bets used his hands which were very dirty. Or the food marketer who had a dirty truck, tools,

Or the G (C)rard(TM)s Uncle Hulot who was seen as very leisurely, he would mess up things at the factory such as walking around in wet paint or messing up the plastic. He would arrive at the party late, take his time about getting things done.

In the modern neighborhood it was important it impress neighbors and show their best to those they thought were important, but not to everyone. They were pretentious. They rejected the old and only wanted the fastest and most modern items. In the Ultra Modern world there is more open space lacking in clutter. The house was simple and uncluttered, away from traditional and towards the Mc Donald(TM)s attitude of, We want it now and we want it fast.? They were more serious, entertainment was on what they had not what they did together. Children were not something to teach or entertain. They gave their relationship and duties of their son to the uncle. Convenient and want it fast and quick, fast food was preferred over creation and slow savors of food. Modern society is set into maintaining their set time constraints. G (C)rard(TM)s parents become upset when he arrives home late from school and not on schedule to arrive from the party. Architecture was plain and standard shapes, Square, circle etc. New cars were bright and shiny. Weather was based on money and items not on the relationships and communications knowing and understanding others. Sensors in kitchen. Learning was more important to get ready for the real world. Modern care more about how college of same class look at each other and how to judge. Care more about what those from the same thought and judgedof. It was more sterile and lifeless.

What is gained? Goals met, schedules kept, things get done. Less procrastination more spare time but they don(TM)t fill it with anything meaningful.

The modernized world focused a great deal on cleanliness to the house, wearing special shoes inside the house to maintain cleanliness, the car, keeping things brand new. Even cleanliness of food, keeping food sterilized. There was a great concern for looks and what others of the same status thought of themselves. The walls were very empty with nothing on the walls such as paintings or pictures.

The CEOs in the modern neighborhood seemed lazier and reliant on money and prestige rather than those who worked physically. The new were dull and boring. The new technology made others feel dumbfounded yet curious wondering how it worked. ( almost a comparison between bourgeoisies and peasants)

What was lost threw modernization was that people became less personable in social life as small talk is more common, imagination was repressed, friendships were different, Trust, ingenuity, interaction with a wide circle of people. They don(TM)t go the market. Instead they have someone from the market come to them. Fun for children was practically nonexistent in the ultra modern society.

Tati worked tirelessly over his shots, his sets, his set pieces so that they were put together in exacting detail. Like Chaplin or Kubrick, he didn(TM)t make a film every year because he wanted to wait until he had all the pieces down to the miniscule detail.?

Tati never seemed to like tight shots, he preferred wider shots so that everything that happens in the scene appears in the frame. He wanted the entire room to be seen and for the characters to be seen from head to foot. In most films, the camera is interested in the head and shoulders of the person who is speaking with no thought to the space around or behind them. Tati wanted a space where a person doing something was also occupied by something going on behind them.?

Mon Oncle

The film was funny. I thought that film had a great use with the camera using every bit of space to it's full extent. Good use of showing the space. There are few to any close-ups used for the face. Most of the film is filmed at a distance. There were quiet a times where two thirds of the film would show one thing and the other one third of the camera would show something else going on. The film shown from a distance to see all the multiple things going on.

It almost reminded me of a silent film in the use of actors rather than relying on what they were saying. This film easily could have been a silent film.

It was funny all the child practice jokes used during the film.

I enjoyed the musical score for the film. Had a French/ Sting sound to it.

It was interesting how sound was made louder than the voices.

No music in ultra modern society. Noisy contraptions. Vacuum cleaner can't hear nature sceens

Still not sweeping rather talk and delay working

Has to dress before she sees him. Leaves painted footprints in office and desk.

Modern has no artwork. Empty walls.

No consideration for not smoking in their face.

All dress nice while eating and don't talk at the meal.

No creativity or music playing while at the modern home.

He touches food with hands that are filthy.

Hop scotch

Pink and green car for wife.

Construction tear down old buildings.

Gerold got his father to whistle and get someone to walk into a pole.

No music in ultra modern society. Noisy contraptions. Vacuum cleaner can't hear nature sceens

Still not sweeping rather talk and delay working

Has to dress before she sees him. Leaves painted footprints in office and desk.

Modern has no artwork. Empty walls.

No consideration for not smoking in their face.

All dress nice while eating and don't talk at the meal.

No creativity or music playing while at the modern home.

He touches food with hands that are filthy.

Hop scotch

Pink and green car for wife.

Construction tear down old buildings.

Gerold got his father to whistle and get someone to walk into a pole.


Napoleon 1927 film

The major themes portrayed in the film Napoleon were romance and war. The film Napoleon was released less than ten years since World War I had ended in 1927. The memory of war was very much conscious on the French population. France was still dealing with the devastation, affects, and a reconstruction after World War I. The intended purpose of the movie was inspiration of the nation of France at a time when much of France was in despair. It was an attempt to unite the nation when threat of Communism and Socialism was on the rise. Napoleon was seen as a hero, leader, workaholic, motivator and loyal to France.
France in 1927 was in a state of political confusion on how to move forward. The population was dealing with an imbalance due to the loss of a generation of young adults who would have taken the place of the worker force of the nation. At this time the population of France consisted of mostly the elderly and women. This imbalance caused France to rely heavily on foreigners to step forward and fill the vacancies of France(TM)s workforce.
Napoleon was portrayed in this film as a hero. His ideals of manifest destiny for France(TM)s expansion he used to inspire his men. He acted on his own incentives, and was presented as a bigger than life figure. He was encouraged by the ghosts of the Convention council who had been killed during the Revolution to become leader and go after Italy.
Napoleon was a workaholic. This was evident in the scene when he was so involved on working on plans for Europe he was two hours late for his own wedding. He showed his impatience during the wedding ceremony when he asked the minister to skip over parts of the ceremony to hurry things along and this gave the impression he was unloving or uncaring.
He was organized and demanded protocol from his soldiers. He observed the lack of organization and motivation when he arrived at the army camp. gave Napoleon the insight to organize and motivate the army. He immediately saw his men(TM)s needs and understood that to have their devotion their needs needed to be met. He communicates with his officers but looked to his soldiers he sees they are shabby and underdressed. France had nothing to financially support the soldiers but tells them to hold on as there was something on the other side of the mountain in Italy. He rallied everyone under a commons cause for glory and promised riches when they won.
He had personal ambition. He loved France and he loved his wife Josephine. He wrote to her many times a day and saw her as his world. The use of primary resources such as the letters to Josephine for quotes in the movie was very good.
It seemed as though Napoleon was portrayed in some respects and influenced by the Biblical figure Moses. The Assembly tells him to spread the Revolution and be a ruler and there will be consequences against him. They tell him to suppress the frontiers and make Europe a single people or group. Napoleon was seen at the National Assembly building and treats it as one usually does a church or holy place and portrays a deep reverence for the site.
The film was made on the basis of the belief of the need to spread French Nationalism to the rest of Europe and unite the rest of Europe when Europe was still struggling after World War I. The theme being that it was important to overcome the odds and fight for freedom, liberty and ones country. The movie was intended to inspire the nation of France at a time when much of France was in despair. It was an attempt to unite the nation when the growth of Communism and Socialism was on the rise.
The movie(TM)s purpose was to raise the morale and on how in the beginning of the French Revolution the French cause should of spread all over Europe so everyone would know Liberty. The purpose of the movie was to inspire the French and remind them of their beginnings as a Republic. Values of military and fortitude. Napoleon knew that when chaos was eliminated, organization drove ones the purpose towards victory, goals, coordination, discipline, and order.
The film tried to relay the message to rely upon yourself rather than the government and to spread French ideals to the rest of the world. Symbolism of the day for foreign affairs and colonization.
The 3/4 front view facial looking up at Napoleon was emphasized several times during the film to express power, a great figure leadership and superiority. The triptych was considered one of the most famous sequences experiments with the precursor or predecessor to the modern day version of the wide screen, split screen, or panorama ratio.



Danton used public opinion to his advantage. He had the support of the people.

The staff on Robespierre's board of public safety also did not find his motions to accuse Danton who they found as innocent of any crimes

He may have made some connections to the Soviet Union but I did not see it hindering the view.

The newspaper when Robespeiarre had his members from committee public safety go threw a supporter of Danton and tare it up.

Andrzej Wajda??s production, Danton takes place within 1794. The film??s theme is one of a political narrative. It presented the political conflict between Maxamium Robespierre and Georges Danton as far as what they considered justice in politics. Danton depicted the how corrupt Robespierre was willing to go in order to maintain his position in power.
The film depicted Robespierre at the beginning as a person who was extremely loyal in matters of maintaining a strict interpretation of the law. Yet, as the film progressed, Robespierre showed his willingness to violate his own moral code and beliefs concerning justice in order to eliminate political treats against him as he started to believe that he was the law. Robespierre thought of himself as the mastermind to the Revolution, voiced sympathy towards the people of France, and considered himself the voice of the people. He was portrayed in Danton as more sympathetic towards the people than he may have actually been. Robespierre was presented as a figure that used secret methods to obstruct the laws. Although he said he wanted an end to the Terror, he does not allow even his fellow accomplices to escape the guillotine, and justifies his actions as liberty for France. For those who support Robespierre, Danton placed him in a more positive light, but still not very personable. There was no depth into his background, but he was portrayed as more sympathetic to people around him than what he really was. Popkin??s described Robespierre as, ???disinterested in the devotion to the public good???[1] and more concerned with law and justice. ??His obsession of an ideal republic and his indifferences of human costs of installing it.?? [2] The film portrayed Robespierre as aware of political threats that surrounded him yet surprised when he finally was over thrown. The movie gave the impression that Robespierre did not desire to kill people so much and he was more concerned for the wellbeing of his colleagues to prevent their deaths. This was evident in one scene when Robespierre had private meetings and gave warnings to journalist Camille Desmoulins, as well as Danton, that they should not rebel against him and to switch political sides rather than be a part of the cirtas who were leg by Georges Danton that favored the halt of the Terror. The impression of Robespierre was that he wanted to gain justice but wished to distance himself from his colleagues to maintain a more objective view on the law.
Another scene Robespierre had members from the Committee of Public Safety vandalized Camille and Danton??s newspaper shop on the basis that it provided pro Danton Rhetoric. Robespierre??s Committee of Public Safety could not find anything to convict Danton of treasonous acts but they were unwilling to go against Robespierre. It was as if he wanted to be the noble hero of the Revolution, but fell short. He had his comrades murdered using illegal methods. This was emphasized in the scene when Robespierre could only find seven jurors for his friend Danton??s trail when the law required twelve. Having difficulty finding enough jurors to condemn Danto, instead of searching any further, he hurriedly held court with just the seven to guarantee a guilty vote.
Danton used public opinion to his advantage in order to continue the support of the people and maintain his political position. His popularity also fed the jealousy of Robespierre against Danton. In the opening scene there was a crowd of hungry people who waited in a food line but once they recognize Danton, they left the food line in order to talk to him. Their actions encouraged Danton and convinced him in that he voiced what the people wanted.
During the dinner scene with Robespierre, Danton openly disclosed too much information to his enemies. It is doubtful that he was aware to the level that was expressed in the film who his enemies were or calculated the likelihood of being overthrown until the final step; where the people would not allow Robespierre to read his list of enemies from his Black Book. Robespierre was surprised during his final speech that he was interrupted by the people??s decision to overthrow him when the final decision was made not something that was foreseen in Robespierre??s mind. Many politicians were afraid before that moment to voice their objections in fear for being convicted as enemies of the state and being guillotined. Robespierre was much more engrossed by matters of law and he had little interest in the people that surrounded him.
In the directors choice of costume and props, it appeared that the attire for Danton would have been less aristocratic, as this attire, during the Terror, would of targeted and convicted him as being of noble Statius putting his life at risk. This was repeated in another way which was represented in a scene when Danton had prepared royal delicacies in a meal for Robespierre at a time when people of France were starving. Prior to the meal Danton kicks out everyone out of the rooms connecting to the hall way. The people he has kicked out are dressed in noble clothes. Nearly all the directors?? choices of locations, sets, décor and scenery were depicted in such a way that looked relevant to Paris in 1794. The use of a melodramatic and suspenseful score gave the impression that there was a paranoid mentality and suggested that danger lurked everywhere throughout Paris.
The fact that the director was Polish and was being filmed during the Solidarity Movement did not conflict with the interpretation of the French Revolution but rather it would seem to give the director insight. Danton did relate to the similar circumstances of conflicts that existed during French Revolution and to those similar struggles in Poland during the Cold War. It seemed as though the similar circumstances gave the director empathy and insight of the past and could relate to Poland??s present situation.

How was it exaggerated if any? The film gave the impression of Robespierre appeared more sympathetic and was more concerned for the welfare for his colleagues than he really was. It was as if he wanted to be the good guy and pure to the Revolution, and he had the power to be this, but declines and still has his colleagues murdered using illegal methods.

I did not feel that the music quit fit the film as it had almost a Psycho or Jaws sound to it rather than a different type of danger suggesting possible danger, poverty, and depression. For instance the opening credits with the horse carriage trotting towards the audience as it was reaching the checkpoint entering Paris was out of place because it gave the impression danger is going to get you. Instead the music should have reflected horrible times or something else.

I felt as though the film made Robespierre appear too sympathetic and appear very anti personal. I don't think he cared as much as he did in the film or had private meetings with other politicians to warn them of their risk of death.

I was surprised how far Robespierre was willing to go dilute and pervert the law. He was willingly openly alter the law to his advantage in order to eliminate political threats.

I hated the suspenseful musical score in this film because I felt like it was inappropriate or out of place as it was the wrong type of music giving the impression of something jumping out of the dark or Jaws rather than corruption and terror.

Danton I think was played best in the court case because that was the time when I felt the most that he was a person of the people.

I thought it was a nice touch seeing the artist of the film seeing their methods, workshop, sketches as David sketch Danton to his death.

I thought that the film could have done without all the nudity.

It was interesting portrayal of the scene where they were arresting people.

It was surprising how all the rights in the case against Danton and his accomplices were taken away in the case such as not allowing them to speak, if they spoke out they were thrown out, the jury were rigged to convict them all guilty. They did mention a good points about how they say it was not the people he feared but it was the government.

They wouldn't allow anyone in the court to take notes because Robespierre had already set the verdict. Then the judge gets upset not allowing him to speak to the public.

At the end Robespierre is seen with powers almost as a dictator.

He would not allow freedom of speech.

I thought that the film went a little too far presenting Robespierre at the end feeling sorry for putting the death sentence on Danton and his men and then make his face supper pale. I'm like come on. You have got to be kidding me.

I thought that the time where the score did do it right was the piano music that was eery in the preparation to the guillotine. I also thought it was played right by having no music in their final thought as they cut their hair in preparations to the guillotine.

I thought that the gushing of blood at the guillotine was a little too graphic for my taste.

Robespierre and his staff, their seems to be a disconnect in the acting since they are Polish actors dubbed into French rather all acting done in French so there is a acting that is not as personal that sounds more like they just read their lines which no feeling.

This film is certainly not for a younger audience for cruelty, graphic scenes and nudity.

La Haine
La Haine(1996)

The title was appropriate for the film. That was a horrible movie about ganges. The only good thing about that film was the cenophotography because the script and writing was horrible. It presented such a limited vocabulary that told you very little.

This defiantly had no positive morals. You could notice that the more educated the person was the more civilized they were. Those in the Gang who were uneducated were brutal and savage thinking only in crewel ways and survival. I did not understand why they felt so strongly against those who did not know the French language very well when they themselves idealized figures who were not French and may not have known the language.

It was interesting how the film was done in black and white.


42 was a very good movie. The messages and morals presented in this film goes beyond baseball, race, teamwork, loyalty, or hero worship. There is something much more powerful shown in this film.

I liked the fact that film made an emphases on religion and Christianity at a time when Hollywood does not show that much in films and especially in a film this big. I liked the relation made of Jackie Robinson to Jesus because that is exactly what it was. Convicting an innocent man of crimes he didn't deserve.

This was a movie filled with many great actors. This was reflected by the how great the acting was in this film. This film I think redeemed Harrison Ford as a great actor again; not to say that he had lost it. It's just been a while since audiences have seen Harrison Ford in a great role in a good movie. One scene where Jackie ask the manager of the Dodgers, Branch Rickey why he choose to add Jackie to scene. The story Branch Rickey tells was so convincing and believable that it caused me to tear up a little.

I liked the detail in this film to historical accuracy. I also liked the graphics in this film. I had difficult time determining what was real and what was CGI.

This film reveals a lot to what went on behind the scenes by the team and Jackie Robinson that I don't think many Americans are aware to the extent of those actions.

Let There Be Light

Let There be Light

Actually I was surprised that for a documentary made in shortly after World War II that it adequately represented more ethnicities than just Caucasians. This film I thought was useful for historic purposes, psychologist, and families trying to understand how to go about family members after war veterans come back home. I thought that it was great that this was mostly real footage rather than people acting. I never realised all the kinds of things veterans did such as artwork, prep for civilian jobs and so fourth. I thought it was good that there was a happy ending but not always is there as happy of an ending as presented in the film as some psychological damage is permeant. I thought this was an interesting and useful documentary.

Modern Times
Modern Times(1936)

Modern Times 1936

Surprising how Charlie Chaplin actually Acted, Directed and also composed the music in this film. I actually liked all three aspects of this film.

I thought it was interesting how the only times people actually speak is when it comes out of a machine of some kind.

I thought it was interesting that even though it was not a silent film he was still using the cards that say people's lines or what was going on even though there were times you saw the manager speak on a television or here the machine speak.

One thing that is interesting is when they don't show cards telling you what happened or what they said you can either guess or read lips to tell what their saying.

I thought the film used a good mix of silent film aspects to the voice and Sound.

The shake scenes where pretty funny how everything was falling apart.

I also enjoyed the scene in the convenient store where Charlie Chaplin was roller skating blind folded and always managed to fail to go over the edge.

Pay It Forward

I thought that the film would be better. It has a great message. I feel as though Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment do an excellent job portraying a very convincing and believable human acting. Actually all the acting is vary convincing in a way which pulls the audience in to feel the emotion.

The film has a very emotional story.

It shows how much a kid can do when he has a plan that is positive. It almost reminds me of the morals about spreading the word of God threw discipleship.

The ending is very sad but in a way you discover threw Trevor's death that he was successful in his idea of pay it forward. Perhaps his achievements were small but the effects on others were greater. It shows that no matter who you are in society actions can make a significant difference.

Penny Serenade

Penny Sernaid

It had some light hearted comedy. The film was mostly a love story with some drama.

I liked the record scene at the beginning of the film. I thought it was interesting the use of different records being used during the film to represent different phases of their life.

One thing that surprised me about this film, especially since this film was released in 1946 was the fact that the main characters went to Japan. I would have expected that American films would not want to associate anything with Japan at that time.

The Christmas Nativity scene was kind of interesting. I'm surprised that they would allow a kid to walk such a narrow beam during a play to put up the star. It just was not safe.

Personally this kind of film does not interest me. It's too romantic for my taste. I felt like the intended audience was for anyone preparing to have kids, partners and grandparents.


This is the film that inspired Jerry Goldsmith to become a music composer. However this score I did not find as an interest to me as remarkable. I was not impressed by the score nor the film.

The skiing scene looked so fake. It did not look realistic to be so close and their body movements did not match what it would take to make turns, to go faster and so on.

The white as symbolism was a little odd since white is such a common color. It had to relate to the film of the day only shown in black in white.

I liked how the camera focused upon the shaving razor and how after drinking the milk you saw the psychologist on the couch assuming that he was murdered after drinking and seeing the milk.

I thought the dream sequence was interesting.

Knew him.

I thought it was interesting how the camera angles were used. Interesting the expressions made by Gregory Pecks character by the use of his eyes.

If your into psychology then you should see this film.

The final suspect revealed in the film I was not suspecting of the guilty one.

I found this as a mediocre film about mystery, romance, and psychology.


Is a romance, spy, and slightly a thriller film. Personally I was not into the films story line too much. I found it dull. I did like the camera angles and lighting in the film. One scene that comes to mind is during her hangover and while she sits in the bed and looks at Cary Grant the camera angle spins eventually upside down. I liked the outcome at the end of the film.

I found it interesting how the importance of the opening with being drunk and how the main characters symptoms once drunk became important to resolving the story at the end.

I wish more went into character development because I felt as though I needed more character development in the film. Cary Grant played very well in this film.


I was expecting the film to be funnier and I believe that the film could have been portrayed funnier. There were some things for ghost that should not be going on such as them being able to move things or eat that kind of bothered me. And if they could do all those things as ghost why didn't they just walk off and drive in their car earlier rather than wait for Mr. Topper. The film had some comedic elements but I believe that they could have been done better. Of course I'm saying this now after there has been many films and television series that have represented invisible people or ghost since the film Topper was originally released. So I have in essence been corrupted by the that which has been released after Topper and have lost my objectivity for adequately rating this film. Had they remained the film today I am curtain they would resolve those issues.

One thing that I liked in the film was the sports car that looked and sounded so cool.

One thing that I never understood were the issues for which Mr. Toppers wife found fault for in things such as the car and I never quite understood the relationship between the Toppers because they never acted like a couple that really loved each other very much. The husband seemed more into his work and never really into love each other.

The other thing why were people so quick to jump to conclusions without hearing their side of the story or finding the evidence? Why were people liking Mr. Topper once they heard about the fight in the newspaper? And why was Mr. Toppers wife so quick in jumping to believe that he was in a relationship with another woman. I never understood those social ideals in society of that day. It did not make sense to me. Those particular aspects did not translate into my mental comprehension.

I was expecting a better ending to the film. I really was expecting them to resolve with a better good deed than was presented in the film.

I liked the opening sequence of the film with The two main characters driving in the car. They were also a great singing duo. It was also hilarious seeing them sleep in the car and just park for the board meeting since they had been partying all night. It was funny seeing the reaction of the people watching them sleep in the car. How Cary Grant's character reacted in the board meeting was hilarious as well.

Oz the Great and Powerful

I liked the film. It was a great prequel to the 1939 film the Wizard of Oz. The camera angles reminded me a lot of the first two Spider-Man films and the 1960's Batman series by using the slanted camera angle for suspense. The graphics were awesome and is a great film to see in 3-D. I liked the opening credits.

The musical score by Danny Elfman was excellent. In some parts it reminded me of the first two Spider-Man films and Meet the Robinsons which makes perfect sense since Danny Elfman did both scores. One thing that pleased me about this film was that unlike the original Wizard of Oz, this film was not a musical. The most you got was 30 seconds of the munchkins singing.

I am so glade that the film trailers did not reveal the wicked witches appearance because when you first see her it is soo much more frightening.

I enjoyed the fact that beyond just making the film begin in monochromatic environment like the original Oz film it began in full screen and then switched to a Widescreen and color. The movie also revealed environments of the Wizard of Oz that were never explored in the the 1939 version so it was great to see something new rather than exploring the same with a twist. The landscapes and environments were so big, wide and enormous that it kept your eyes constantly moving all over the screen to see all that is going on. There were several times where I wanted to remain on the scenery longer in order to see all the different things that were existing in the vast open environments. This was a very quick pass film. You always felt on the move so when the film ended you never felt like it was a two hour film which is good. And you never felt like you were in an environment too long to become bored.

The film did a great job at revealing some answers unanswered questions in the original Wizard of Oz. I felt that James Franco did a excellent job providing a convincing portrayal of a cowardly Wizard, explaining his origins in allusions, as well as providing an explanation why he provides horrible gifts.

The film starts at the beginning in Kansas were great. They did a great job providing you invested into the characters filled with the essence of emotion of sympathy. Particularly what comes to mind was the girl who had trouble walking. You felt compassion and sympathy that really pulled you into the film.

My favorite character had to be the ceramic doll out of the entire film.

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

I like the end title song Shine Your Way.
I liked the opening football gathering food scene.

This film surprised me in the fact that there did not have opening credits besides the title and Dreamworks but nothing on the cast. Lost films that I recall did that was Star Wars.

Alan Silvestri did the score to the film. The same person who did the scores to such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Captain America, The Avengers, Castaway, Night at the Museum 1 & 2, the most recent installment of The A-Team, The Polar Express, and the Back to the Future Trilogy, just to name a few things.

I thought that the film had an original story with great morals.

There was always something funny. I was not sure how funny the film would be but it had it's moments.


Great movie & Actors like Eddie Murphy who does a grat role in this film, Pat Morita who plays in the Karati Kid films, & George Takei who plays the main God in Mulan plays as Sulu in Star Trek. 3 Great roles played. Mushu had the best lines in this film. I liked the songs in this film. One I liked the most was making a man out of you and the action that is going on in the training scenes. I also liked Jerry Goldsmith's musical score for this film. I believe it is the only Disney animated film that he made the score for Disney.


Phil Collins music is one of the better things about this film.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This is one of those Disney films that I really could not get into like some other Disney films.

Down Periscope

I liked the musical score for this film. The best lines came from actor Harland Williams who played Seaman 2nd Class E.T. 'Sonar' Lovacelli. You had to love the sea animal sounds. This film kind of reminds me of the 1959 Cary Grant film "Opperation Peticoat" with the pink submarine.

The Kid
The Kid(2000)

One of Bruce Willis better roles. I liked the film score in this film a lot. I liked the idea of three times meeting up to alter the present. My favorite part is the Wambulance. This was a great role that fit for Bruce Willis. I still liked the opening scenes of this film with the airplane flying around and then latter on almost hits Bruce Willis while he is stuck in traffic. I think that Jon Turtletaub did a great job on this film. I'm surprised that this film didn't do better in the ratings. The secretary named Janet was also pretty funny pulling off the sarcasm with such a monotone voice.

The Rescuers Down Under

You know it's been a while since I have seen this film but there were a few things I do recall about this film that I liked. I did like how the silm started, I liked the musical score. I liked some of the flying scenes. I thought that the villian in this film was much more interesting and dangerious compared to the first Rescuers film.

La Grande illusion (Grand Illusion)

La Grande Illusion

The film was unique for a foreign film in the fact that it represented four cultural nations and spoke four languages within the film.

The film did not go into great depth explaining why characters were changing locations or when they did in several cases or the time span that elapsed which I believe could have been better explained or presented in the film. One example was the prisoners went from one prison camp to another without a very clear explanation for the reasoning behind changing camps or showing the reasoning which would have been more interesting to watch. Another one the beginning of the film starts off with the capture then shortly after they go to the camp. The film in my opinion does not adequately explain why and where things occur so it disorients the audience for a short while while the audience attempts to contemplate and determine what has just occurred.

In the film the "The Grand Illusion" I would relate class and nationality together as they have qualities which relate to each other such as respect and loyalty; common relations presented in the film.
"The Grand Illusion" is filled with expressions of patriotism, class order and tradition, the use of music for various reasons, compassion for each other, and symbolism. The film surprisingly presented incarcerated prisoners of various nations with a great tolerance for one another.
The patriotism in the film was expressed in one scene in particular with for the French and Germans when the Germans in the camp were celebrating the conquest of a fortress. Then later on in the film a French man stops in middle of the play to report that the French made the rest stop everything to announce France retaking the same fort that the Germans had celebrated a scene earlier. The French then stand and sing the French National Anthem in front of all the Germans. This annoyed the Germans greatly
The film showed a tolerance, respect for other classes that seemed exaggerated as the treatment by the Germans of their prisoners seemed nicer than it probably actually was during WWI. There does not seem to be any hatred expressed towards one another but punishment was dwelt (dealt) within that it was their duty to try and escape or stop prisoners from escaping or wanting to escape. There does not seem to be any real animosity or intentional punishment.

What surprised me was for a foreign film it represented not only the French and Germans, but the British and Russians as well. Yes, many of the prisons had nationalities mixed together but the fact that the four languages were spoken during the film was a surprise.

At first I thought that the Germans had set fire to the crate filled with books that were sent to the Russians. Come to find out the Russians set fire to the books that were sent by the Czarina. The Russians had anticipated food and drink like the other prisoners had received, and in their dissatisfaction set the books on fire before looking through them or reading them. For all they knew there was items or information stuck between the pages.

The French and British had better food since they were sent care packages of food from home. In many ways this would tend to have them treated better by the Germans since they also depended on the prisoners care packages.

They showed loyalty and concern for each other using music as new soldiers entered the compounds those within would sing warnings to incoming soldiers to the camps. It would seem that although some may speak another language sometimes singing the words was harder to understand.

Compassion for one another prisoner and guards. In one scene a guard gives a prisoner a harmonica while in solitary confinement. The harmonica was a piece of therapy to avoid insanity and quieted others.
Mutual respect between those of the same class. Those with Nobel status were treated better by the Germans of noble status than those who earned it through meritocracy. Mutual admiration even if they were the enemy and trust between these two classes.

Music is a reminder of their humanity towards each other and used as a protector to hide or reveal and remind each other of their common bonds.

Music was also used for a distraction during the escape to make the Germans look in one spot rather than the real escape.

There remains a mutual respect between the French officer and the German Commandant due to their class due to birth relations. Even up to the French officers attempt at escape. The German Commandant provides warning prior to shooting.

The Shadow
The Shadow(1994)

I liked the film. It was not the best but it was not the worst either.

One thing that stood out to me was how the villain plot was resolved in the film.

I liked Jerry Goldsmith's musical score for the film. I also liked the stars in the film such as the actor who played the museum security guard who becomes a human sacrifice to the Khan Neleex in Star Trek Voyager, the taxi driver who played Frankenstein in the Young Frankenstein as well as the father in Everybody Loves Raymond, Alec Baldwin as the Shadow and more.

One character who I think could have played her part better was the girl who could occasionally read minds.

The Pawnshop
The Pawnshop(1916)

It was an okey Film. I would recommend it more for little kids who enjoy slap stick comedy and Looney Tunes because that's the kind of comedy this film had. I liked how the film ended.

The Battle of Algiers (La Battaglia di Algeri)

Besides the theme played at the beginning of the film I did not really like the film. The film made me feel more sympathetic towards the French than the Algerians even though the focus was more sympathetic towards the Algerians. Although that opinion about the French became altered once the French interrogation torture methods were revealed. The film felt a little long to me. I felt like it was 3 hours long and it was becoming boring in the middle. I was not impressed with the film too much.


Great triller and Mystery. It makes you guess and second guess continually threw out the entire film all the way up to the end. I was not into the film very much. The film was filled with romance, comedy, and drama. This was a very good film. You never really knew who was Cary Grants character's identity was during the entire film.

This film was filed with great actors and memorable scenes. I liked the scenery and how France was represented during the film. You will never suspect who the true villain is in the film until the very end. The other great mystery is how the money was hidden or what is so valued. Almost as though it is a hidden Easter egg that has been hidden in plain sight.

Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn do a great job.

A thrilling film worth watching that will make you second guess yourself multiple times over various aspects of the film up till the end.

The story was super great and very much worth seeing.


I did not like the whispers where they were talking in their head. It was not adequately presented in my opinion by whispers.

Also I felt as though the actor playing Napoleon didn't look anything like Napoleon. He was too old and not good looking enough.

I was surprised by seeing actors like Christopher Plumber and in this film.

I'm not a fan of the camera cenophotography in this film.

I hate the music in this film. It does not match the film.

I don't like how oftentimes camera changed spots during action scenes. I wished that it stayed in spots longer.

I also did not like the high speed scenes when the French calvary was going after the British mainly because it was out of place during the film, it went too long and the bad circus musical score did not match the film.

One thing this film did succeed at was showing the eminence size of both armies, the patriotism and nationalism which the French people had towards Napoleon. I thought that this film did adequately represent some of the battle tactics.



The scenery looks more like Utah or Arizona than South Africa. Also the music soundtrack by John Barry sounds more like a western than African. Although the theme music in my opinion was the best part of the entire film.

The ending is kind of mediocre as I don't feel quiet satisfied with a resolved solution to the problem. I thought the film did present an accurate depiction of military tactics by both the British military and the Zulu tribes. The film did not explain why the Zulu's were fighting in the first place.

I wish more of an emphasis went into character development for both sides because this film just presents what happened with little on expressing their background and personality.

The River Wild

The movie is about how in times of crisis even when family is straying away it can become unite. I like how well trained the dog, Max was in the film. Also the film portrays convincing villains almost like child predators. I liked the setting of the movie with the mountain ranges.

The Kid
The Kid(1921)

For a silent film it actually is a pretty good story with some comical elements. The camera work for that day was very good. It has a few fist fight scenes and a car chase. If you have never seen a silent film then this a pretty good one to start with.

A Tale of Two Cities

The Tale of Two Cities

The film starts of slow but everything eventually relates. My issue with the film was it became difficult to differentiating between who was French versus English since they were all British or American actors with English sounding accents. A very sad and mellow dramatic ending. The movie presents a good depiction of France during the French Revolution.
It presents an accurate depiction of how people of innocent people were killed for no good reason besides a previous title. Not even a court case was provided to prove innocent or guilty. Just nearly guilty. Shows the waist.

I never realized that the quotes; "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times" as well as "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." derived from this book. I have known these lines all my life from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.

Johnny Tsunami

I liked how the film showed the differences between surfing from Snowboarding.


I think that this film is funnier to a younger audience and more serious to those as they get older and recognize the shortness to life. It has it's funny moments. I thought that it was a good film but I think that it could have been funnier and that it's comical potential was not reached to its fullest it could have been. I thought that Robin Williams played a convincing older child. I thought the film presented some good morals.


This movie was dumb. The best things about this film is the camera angles, the truck ramming all the caged animals and spiders that and the ending where the truck goes over the hedge. This film has a lot of things whether it is the camera angles and music which give similarities to Hitchcock films. This film was way too long and it left a lot of loose ends unresolved. It never explained who the driver was and what he had against the main character. This film didn't have enough character development.


The film does not seem very interesting. I don't like the slit screen concept in the film which I though was not used very well during this film very much. Also the military leader I felt was too forceful about wanting to eliminate the Hulk. I also felt like the Hulk was too large in this film. He should have been shrunk down a little more. The dad as the scientist who created the Hulk and also being an experiment himself was not very appealing story for the film. I also felt as though the music by Danny Elfman with a Arab or Indian sound which didn't suit this particular film. Also the characters I did not get the feeling like it was likable enough for me to feel too invested in their personality. Also the film has a dumb ending where I felt like nothing got resolved all it did was answer questions but nothing was solved. The film lacked any comedy so there was no moment where I laughed. This was a disappointing film.

Les Misrables

I wish the film had more zoomed out pictures seeing the city and background. I felt like there was were too scenes where it showed close ups of the face with blurred background which made it dull to watch the person.

I preferred the way by which this film presented singing the entire way through compared to seeing like a regular musical that has singing at random points with talking in between.
The music in this film was very good ever the crummy scenes because it had humour.

The most discussing parts were relating to the innkeeper and escaping a revolution battle in the sewer.

The most emotional scene was the end. It gave a tears.

I was surprised how Anne Hathaway's character died so early in the film but I was glade see did come back for the end of the film.

This film is definitely not for little kids because they would be bored out of their minds and they would be disgusted by some of the scenes and sexuality that is implied by the prostitute scenes.

This movie had good message with great morals.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

Great comedy however it did not quiet follow the Get Smart of the 1960s. I found The 60s version much better. I enjoyed the music score in this film by Trevor Rabin and I am glade that they kept variations of the Get Smart theme and just modernised it.


It was o.k.. The film seemed kind of dull but I guess for presenting a historically accurate depiction of the events that happened the film was successful.


This film does a Great job following the book with a few exceptions. Shia LaBeouf plays his charater very well in this film. Right after he finished doing The Even Stevens show.

It's a Wonderful Life

Great movie. James Stewart role is the best in this film. I can whatch this one over & over wether it be Christmas or not. It helps a little bit in my economics class.

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Go Frank Oz! Who plays Yoda's voice in the Star Wars films but plays a robots voice in this one. The sound tracks great. I found to be better than Jumanji.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The endings Crummy but the knight fight,the killer Bunny, & the Holy Granad are just Great.

Groundhog Day

Great movie & idea. My favorite line is "What happens if there is no tommarow? There wasn't one today."

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

It had some funny moments but I thought the film was more dumb than funny.

Bat 21
Bat 21(1988)


I thought that the film presented some accurate depictions of the Vietnam War. However the acting particularly by the main characters made them act more like civilians in military uniforms rather than people who had been in the military for a while and understood the consequences of being in the military. I also got the feel of a film made in the time in which the film was created rather than a feel of a film that looked like it was filmed during the time period of the Vietnam era. I also felt like this film had a lot of unnecessary swearing which did not add to the films plot.

Marvel's The Avengers

I just got done seeing the first Avengers film. This film did a great job of distributing an equally representing all the characters. Even if you are unfamiliar with the other characters or are not too supportive of the other super heroes this film makes you like the characters and makes you feel like you were not too confused with the other characters back stories. The action and story or stories are great. The writing for this film was very well done.

Wreck-it Ralph

I liked the film. The one thing I would have liked would have seen more interaction from other video games and seen interactions into more video game environments. I felt like the video game ending could have had multiple video game characters from multiple video games come to solve the solution towards the end of the film.

I liked the message in the film and could see a high probability of seeing sequels come out of this film. There are plenty of video games to choose from but I was surprised this film did not show more video game characters. This is a film worth seeing and buying.


Elektra is really a cheesy film in my opinion. The thing that bugs me the most about this film is for a film that has such a Asian cultural appearance and theme to the film it has too many Caucasian actors and actresses and not enough Asians for the main characters. I also didn't like the film story much. The fact the daughter became a secret apprentice was so random. Two this film left too much unexplained about Elektra's character or for that matter the mentor, her patients or the assigns for the first film. Also Elektra's red costume was made more for sexual appeal but it is not a believable outfit for a assassin. Some of her other cloths looks more believable for an assassin. The film left you more confused from the beginning to the end with you asking more questions than was answered. I also disliked the sword fighting in this film. The film showed a lot of excess sword moves and change of camera angles during fight scenes which don't give the audience enough time to pay attention to within the time which fight scenes are shown.

Hour of the Gun

The movie depicts Wyatt Earp and the life after the gun shooting at Tombstone. I felt like the film was filled with many different actors known. I felt like the acting felt flat and didn't feel really invested in the characters. I felt like the characters and the film was so serious that it was missing out on the humor.

Empire of the Sun

I found the movie as pretty good. Has a sad ending. It tells of a story not well known about World War II in China.

Jurassic Park III

I thought that it was the second best of the Jurassic Park movies.


I have been waiting a several years for this film to come out. Ever since I saw it's notice on Flixter that this film was being made Prior to seeing the trailers for Tin Tin and War Horse I have been waiting.

I liked the film. I really liked the costume work, make-up work, as well as the set decoration. A big emphasis was done giving a very believable period. However, the make-up was a little heavy on some people and it appeared pale on the thick. They did job on the lighting with natural light and candle light. The lighting gave it a very pale appearance. I also liked the silhouette lighting on the faces in some place in the film.

I felt like how Spielberg did a good job on focusing on the characters. Showing the importance to the different politicians, such as the political leaders from, Confederate delegation leaders, as well as congress members. I liked the fact that a large emphasis was given to the different characters and gave everyone a part. I really liked how they presented the relationship between Lincoln and his son.

I felt like this film presented a Civil War characters and story in a way not seen prior to of the Civil War in film or television ever before. This may explain the significance of this film.

I like the scene the you are a dem-o-crate. And we have a Re... Pub... Li... Can president. And no you won't change parties till after your vote.

I liked one of the scenes with the story "oh no don't tell another story." Where Lincoln tells a story about the Revolutionary War about Fort Ticonderoga and George Washington's portrait.

I liked how Lincoln was played almost like a grandfather. You thought he almost lost his mind with his stories but you knew he was the great listener and story teller with very intelligent answers.

I liked how this film emphases Lincoln's story telling abilities.

I thought it was interesting how unlike most of Spielberg's films where a large emphasis is made on the music. This film really didn't have that much music at all and when there was it was a type of music that almost losses in the film and you pay little attention to. There was no strong and powerful musical theme which moved you like in films like Glory The Patriot or Amistad.

I almost felt like Lincoln was played like Jimmy Stewart. I also liked how the film presented the characters with the characteristics of the characters even to the walk, the talk, the ascents, the dirty clothing look of Grant, and slow talk of Lincoln.

I felt like the film did a good job on how they do the speaking. You almost had to think about what they are saying.

The film was filled with a various actors that are very well known.

I liked how the intro was done with the soldiers talking to Lincoln speaking of the Gettysburg address.

I liked the songs that the people sang threw-out the film.

I liked how the camera angles and close-up shots were used at the film. Using angle shots at some points and floor shoots looking up at other points.

Paths of Glory

I thought that this film presented a very accurate view of what the trenches looked like and the trench warfare. I also felt like the way which the film was presented a very believable and realistic view to what actual even happened based on the 1957 era that this film came out. It also did a great job presenting the corruption of high ranked leaders within the French military during World War I.

The Best Years of Our Lives

I thought the film was pretty good. I felt like this film presented a very realistic and believable view of what post war life was like right after World War II ended. The fact that this film came out only a year after the war ended made it so supplies and planes still were around where you would have difficulty presenting last in the future. Even the acting is very good.

The Avengers
The Avengers(1998)

The movie was cheesy if I ever saw one.
The graphics were not the best either. The music was alright. The font for the opening credits was too small which made it difficult to read. You were not invested in the characters very much at all. They could have killed the good guys and cared very little because no background was given to like the characters.

I Confess
I Confess(1952)

I enjoyed the musical score in this film. I think it has to do with the fact that it was about a church environment so it has a very holly sound in the music. I thought the angles were interesting and I liked how they were used in the film. I liked how the beginning connected to the end. I liked the symbolism in this film. I thought it was interesting you have two sides who look for the truth the religion and the police yet they collide showing where there loyalties lie.

There was one scene that stood out where Hitchcock did a great job. You see the criminal who is worried that the priest will tell on him to the police. You then see him get a pistol thinking right then that he will kill the priest. Next you see the priest walking to a police officer guiding traffic. Any moment you think that the priest will be shot and the music is guiding you to assume it will happen but he passes him and does not get shoot.

I thought it was interesting how the priest never reviled clues to the police about the murder. The film showed how even when being convicted himself he still remained loyal to his vowels even when he was being convicted of crime he did not convict similar to Jesus to the cross which worked for a great metaphor.

I also liked the architecture and locations for the film. If it was not for the fact that the film quickly reviles the location being in Quebec Canada I would have suspected the film took place somewhere in Europe like England, France, or Italy which would reflect the architecture. I think it's interesting how I can quickly tell what period of time the film takes place just based on the cars driving by.

The actors were great in this film and were very convincing. I liked how the main priest showed very little emotion on his face as he was a priest.

Trouble with the Curve

I liked the movie. The title was absolutely appropriate title for this film. I liked the relationship shown between old and New, old ways verses technology. I liked John Goodman's character in this film. I was not a fan of Goodman's mustache in this film. Did not look good on him. I thought it was interesting how the baseball pitch and hit were made very loud compared to the rest of the film. The story was good. Showing what is important in life and the importance of having a relationship verses giving what is considered the best. The film had a lot of famous actors and actresses. The film also contained a diversified variety of music types from old and modern. I also liked how depending on the characters you would see distinctly different types of furniture and technology from older types of utilities compared to the newer generation. I also found it interesting how they showed how the one who had the Spanish heritage had the better talent with throwing the ball verses the native with better support and bad attitude. Also liked how the story emphasized the importance of actually going and watching the talent, getting to know the person, old ways, and personality compared to relying solely on computers, statistics, and modern up to date technics. The film shows the importances of old and new ways. I also liked the fact that Clint Eastwood's character would rely on old fashion ways such as newspapers, books for his research and used a type writer rather than computers.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The movie is rather emotional. The kind of happy sad kind of emotion. The film reminds me in some cases to films I have already seen before like "The Odd Life of Benjamin Buttons", "August Rush", "1000 Words", "Always" and other related films. The films where they have a limited time to be around, the character lives to make a difference and has to leave right when you are just getting to know the character or getting used to their presence. The idea is not too original but the leaves is somewhat a new twist as well as the list in a box. It's an ok film. The environment was good. The fall look of New England was appropriate environment for the film dealing with leaves and great for filming.

Strangers on a Train

Strangers on A Train

I like the camera angels chosen during the film. I like the symbolism with the glasses. The music is not bad for an Alfred Hitchcock film. I like how the tennis match was filmed with various camera angles through the film. The music played through the tennis match is very good and matches the scene. I also liked how the glasses were used in the this film. The film had a great ending. I loved how the film ended. Moral of the story. I'm not talking to anymore strangers on a train based on the ending to the film. I thought that this was one of Hitchcock's better films I thought.

Immortal Sergeant

I thought that this was an interesting World War II film compared to many seen. Not too many war films do you see Canadian soldiers as the main characters. I liked how the film showed the importance and value of food, even when it came to a single can of food when your desperate. I liked the fact that the film showed flash backs before the war. Also not too many films show ware fare during a sandstorm. I thought it was a pretty good film for ware morel back in 1943. I thought the film was pretty good and showed a different aspect of the was.


I thought that the film had some funny scenes. I thought it was kind of strange to have a dead person get a hair cut. I thought the film had great actors. I liked the colours and the environment as far as how it is presented. I thought the ending was odd as far as how they left off all the characters making you wonder what would happen to them. It reminded me somewhat of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind as far a how the film ended but not even that in a way.

The Wrong Man

I think that the film was interesting how Hitchcock used the camera to show different objects. Henry Fonda's character I felt like did not talk enough to defend himself. I thought it was interesting that as much research the police did to find evidence that he was the criminal but they never looked to find out if he was innocent. Also the film can be looked at as how the police did their job in the 40's. Today police would look for more evidence than just what someone thought they said. They would look for supporting evidence. I'm also surprised that the film never showed Henry Fonda on the stand. I felt like I was glad the film was edited because it could have been longer in the court scenes. However I felt like the film was not edited enough. I started to get sleepy and bored. The film a mixed ending. It had a somewhat of a satisfactory ending.


I liked the begging of the film. I felt like Cary Grant was a character who was shown as appealing and likable character. However as the film moved further and the suspicion continued the film began to dull and boring because it took too long to get to the point that the story was trying to revile. I liked how the camera showed Cary Grant in the chair and the scenes near the painting. I hated the ending with them in debt which was not interesting nor a satisfactory ending.

Only Angels Have Wings

I thought that the film was very good. It presented the difficulties of flying very well. Even though you could tell when planes were models or no models the film does a great job of making the models look believable. The acting was very good and believable. The story was very well written. I liked the ending to the film with a double sided coin to determine the ending of the film. I enjoyed the film and would highly reconmend the fil to others.

The Blue Max
The Blue Max(1966)

I did not realize that the film was a World War I film about the German side till I saw the film. It is interesting how the film you see both the trenches and airplanes. The film was alright but it was not exactly the best war film but it is not the worst one either. One thing That this film fails to do I think is to develop the characters background before the war which helps you to invest in the characters. I like Jerry Goldsmith's score but it is not his best one either. The film ends in a way where you feel dissatisfied by the end of the main character but still has somewhat of a satisfactory ending as a film.

Sunset Boulevard

I did not like the movie too much. I felt like it went a little too long. I feel that the story did not have a satisfactory ending. Either way I feel like based on the characters the movie would not have ended well for anyone except perhaps the writer/ narrator who understood that everyone in the house was a bit crazy. He was also the only one whiling to live life rather than living a lie and living in the past. I felt like the narrator/ writer was well chosen. His voice was satisfactory and has the correct sound to not be boring but interesting. Unfortunately he was telling a very dull story.

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman The Dark Knight Rises. I liked the film. It turned out better than I had expected after having Joker in the second film. I could see a Batman and Robin sequel after this film. I liked the fact that there were a lot of twist to the film just like the last two Batman films of this series. I also enjoyed that this film did a good job of linking this film to the previous films made from this Batman series. In some ways I feel like they successfully made this a much larger film as far as the bad guy with banes ability to defeating Batman than any of the other villains so far. My only issue I had was Bane. Although he is physically stronger than Batman; he was just not as memorable like Joker, Two Face, Penguin, or Riddler. Bane for one does not have a convincing scary voice for a character like Darth Vader or someone else with a mechanical voice. On the other had a think that this film choose wisely on picking who they did for Robin and Catwoman. I believe those two were pulled off very well. Although the charter Bane was able to pull off more than any of the Batman villains from this series I would not rate this as my personal favorite but my second favorite with the first Dark Knight being the best. I liked the fact that Hans Zimmer decided to use more of the Batman theme in this film compared to the last two films. Personally I would have liked to have seen Batman defeating Bane more by his gadgets and thinking rather than his physical strength. To me that would have made the film much more interesting. I also liked the fact that the writers choose to make Batman have several physical weaknesses at the begging of the film to be more realistic. I found it ironic that in this film they decided to make Bruce Wayne become bankrupt and what made the film even more interesting is that the film made Bane take control over Wayne industries. I was not expecting that to occur in the movie.

The Dark Knight

I liked the film. However when I think of Joker it is the 1960's and 1990's Joker. I feel like Joker should be a character who is silly and his weapons should be the same as well. I feel like Joker was more like a terorist than a silly bad guy. Two I feel like Joker should not be a character who uses guns. I liked the fact that Two Face showed up in the film. It was unexpected and was a surprise since he was a character who was not advertised in the film trailers. I liked the ending but I found it surprising that the police made Batman an enemy to the police.

A Song Is Born

I just got done seeing the film A Song is Born. Thanks Brennan for letting me barrow the film. It was one of my first musical films where I actually enjoyed the film for once. It had jazz, big band music, classical all within the same film. It had music as almost a nerd aspect and a gangster side within the same film. I enjoyed the music as well as the story. The best part, people were not singing at random parts of the film which seem unrealistic like most musicals. This is a film I would buy. This film had great musicians as well for example Louis Armstrong as well as many more. Another great thing about this film which I found unique for it's day is that African American's were not shown in their stereotypical role as a group of people who were not very bright but instead were very bright and smart and may not have known much about classical music but were very good at jazz music and were extremely talented at playing music.

The Music Man

For the most part I enjoyed the music. I think it has to do with the fact that the music is big band music. I was impressed with the dance moves which look difficult to synchronize. I also liked the fact that the spots where people were singing didn't seem out of place or random so much as compared to many other musicals.

The Poseidon Adventure

I thought this film was better than Earthquake or Towering Inferno but not much better. I did not agree with the ideology the preacher had when it came to religion. He sounds like man should try to work to be perfect for God instead of relying on God to help make us perfect. His ideology on what he thought God wanted from man and the reverse seemed a little off. I felt like the acting was crumy and the characters all acted stupid at some point or another at one point or another during the film. The only thing which made me interested in the film was that beginning of the film said that the film is based on an actual sinking of the ship.


It was alright. I thought that the film used way too many side angles. So of the graphics looked fake. The film helped to make the Avengers make more sense. I liked the graphics on the bridge.



I thought that the movie was boring towards the beginning of the movie. The music didn't help either. I almost fell asleep during the movie.

One thing that I liked about the film was the lighting.

I felt like the film did not get interesting until the husband admitted what happened to his wife Rebecca. Once that happened the film became much more interesting. I wish that from that point on word would have been the film instead because that was much more entertaining. This film did have an interesting ending though. I had mixed reactions on the ending. I was like I liked it because the characters I like lived but the ones that I didn't like died. Then I didn't like it to because the Madison burned down which is revealed at the beginning and end of the film.

The Negotiator

Besides the swearing I thought the film was great. There was a great cast for the film. The film was great at creating tension. It had good writing for making you have a sense of trust, doubt and distrust.

This was a good film for showing how to best way to do a hostage situation and how far you can go before there is no way out.

I liked the first talk negation with Samuel L. Jackson don't say no! You never say no in a negation.

First talk with Kevin Spacey with his wife.

I also liked the talk with Kevin Spacey where he kept hanging up on Samuel L. Jackson.

I liked how the film made you wonder what was going to happen next but you never quiet knew what would occur. One this was for sustain though. Samuel L. Jacksons character as well as Kevin Spacey's character could not shoot a hostage unless their was justification.

Unless your not a big supporter of swearing and it bothers you then I would highly suggest you watch this film. If you want to go into a negation or have a gun stuck to you're head if you plan on robbing a location then I would suggest this film.


I thought that Brave showed a Great improvement in CGI technology when it comes to the appearance of hair, animals, and landscapes. Particularly when it comes to Pixar. The film surprised me. I had no idea what the film was going to be about or any expectation. I liked the scare to the film.
I'm glade that I saw it in 3-D.

The Philadelphia Story

I feel wired watching this movie with Jimmy Stewart and James Cagney in the same film together. The movie was alright. Some ways I wish that it was Jimmy Stewarts character rather than Cagney's character that end up together at the end.

The African Queen

I thought that the film had a good ending. Humphrey Bogart does A good job. The film could have done better on doing the mosquito scene because all it looked like was a spots in random spots on the screen.

To Sir, With Love

I like Sidney Poitier's role in this film. The music even for the period's time was not the best but rather mediocre. I found it interesting how England's public schools are so disobedient and I had no clue that they have no capability to enforce capital punishment. That surprised me. I thought Sidney Poitier presented a kind of character which you don't see much of in that day. Thill that point I don't think films had never presented a male African character as a teacher and placed in England. It was a new concept to many. Also Sidney Poitier's teaching style was a new idea to be presented in films of the day. Although Sidney Poitier did a good job I like the teachers that are presented in The Dead Poets Society and Mr. Holland's Opus better.

The Devil and Daniel Webster

The movie kind of reminds me of a mix of A Christmas Carol and It's A Wonderful Life. The movie is too quiet in some spots and becomes difficult to hear what they are saying. I thought that the devil was interesting how they make him look like a Leprechaun with his appearance and a sack of gold. This film does a good job at creating a likable villain even though the Devil should not be presented as likable at all. I felt like this film made it so the devil let go too easily.

Pure Luck
Pure Luck(1991)

It was not too funny. It had two great actors and A story which could have been funny but it wasn't very funny. It had potential to be written better but it wasn't.

Ghost Dad
Ghost Dad(1990)

Ghost Dad I like the musical score and sound effects used. Bill Cosby did a good job.

I'm kind of surprised to see Bill Cosby play the character the way he did. He played a father who cared more about business than family and played a character who was darker and crud than he typically plays with less morals.

For a person who was dead he was a bit too concerned about keeping his job.

The film became a little odd in some places and became a little too materialistic for me.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Pirates Band of Mischief's

I liked the film. It could have been funnier. The music score was pretty good. I also enjoyed the signs threw out the film. It kind of reminded me of the early Looney Toons cartoons but with more signs. The film uses a lot of borrowed and stolen ideas from other films and sources. The film did not seem too original to me. The theme is something I have heard a lot of recently. I felt that there was not enough time even at the end credits to read all the signs to get all the jokes. I also felt like this was not a film for little kids like 5 or 6 years old and below wouldn't get a lot of the jokes nor be able to sit for this film because there are too many things they don't understand.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I liked the music, actors, acting, and the twist on how the story was done. I was not too impressed with the cinematography in the film. The film was made up of close-ups and mid shots but not too many distanced shots. Also the camera often moved too quickly and i would have like more response time for fight scenes. I liked how the forest homes were a mix of homes in the trees as well as on the ground. I also liked Morgan Freeman's character and how he kept his Muslim beliefs and sword. It made the film more interesting with more twist. I found most of the characters including the heroes a bit corrupt and savage for a Robin Hood film than a typical Robin Hood film.

Mister Roberts

I thought that the film was pretty good. It was done for the time era which it was done in. The movie starts off slow but once it begins moving it makes sense. I felt like the story line was realistic particularly Henry Fonda's character, the commanding officer and how the film ended. I enjoyed how the film ends. It ends sad but ends in a way where your yelling to yourself Yeah!! Where is it! It ends satisfyingly and realistically for the time of 1945.


Very good movie. The ending surprised me. Good story for those intrested in investigating. This movie is nothing like the original Red Riding Hood & is very much more intresting. This time the wolf is not the bad guy. I just wish the graphics were better. They seem very two dimensional.

The Adjustment Bureau

It was an interesting story but the idea that the bureau could not detect people well because of water and changing the way you open a door all seem odd and stupid. Also the idea that a group would try and avoid two people from dating sounds stupid.

The Long, Long Trailer

The movie reminded me of Robin Williams in R.V. And The 1970s film The Big Bus. The characters in many ways were like I Love Lucy but with a little more intelligence. There were some funny scenes and a lot of messes that were slap-stick comedy. The film was alright. I think that the messages presented still are relevant today as they were in the 1950s. Anyone who has had to deal with a large vehicle can understand the problems presented in this film.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

I didn't like the ending too much. Humphrey Bogarts character was a jerk throughout the film. The idea that wealth ruins ones life. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

I think it's interesting how Robert Zemeckis was able to make a film that was interesting enough to watch about a guy stuck on an island for so long. Also he made it so you felt for Tom Hanks character when Wilson floated away. I thought it was interesting how Tom Hanks character was able to use the packages he used on the island.

King Ralph
King Ralph(1991)

It had some funny parts but I was also hoping that the film would be funnier. I liked how King Ralph was able to connect with those in Africa. I also enjoyed seeing how he decorated his room.

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka)

Graves of the Fireflies shows an interesting aspect to World War II. I thought it was interesting how they present a family of children who come from a family of what was considered the privileged in Japan during World War II to children who live in poverty.
I never would have considered that a military family was typically considered a family that was privileged living in one myself.

I'm not into anime too much because the artwork looks very 2-dimensional with overlapping figures on top which does not appeal to me personally.

What got me was a scene after they had sold their mothers commonas for rice. Once they get the rice the aunt says you can have all the rice you want then suddenly without any new information presented to saying you children are so selfish for asking so much of me having me do all this work. You have to work for what you do. It was like what just happened here. This scene was so random to go from one extreme to the next within the same conversation. I just found that a little odd and presented the aunt as two faced. I didn't get why the aunt was being so rude to their Setsuko and Seita after loosing their mother in an air-raid

Another thing which got me was durring a conversation the aunt ask Seita how come he has not gone back to school it has been ten days. To me it would be natural to automatically just got to a new school which has not been bombed.

One thing which I didn't like in the film were the odd spots to suddenly have a music score put in. Two I didn't feel like there was much music in the film and they could added more musical score to the film. I thought that the film needed more music when it came to the bombing scenes and emotional scenes and their just wasn't any music at all during those scenes just sound effects which I felt made the scenes very dull. Three I didn't think that the music matched up well to a war related film.

My favorite kinds of scenery environments seen through the film were the rainy scenes.

This film was good at presenting the difficulty in gaining any food towards the end of the war.

One thing which was presented in this film which I did not realize was happening in Japan during World War II was that there were difficulties finding hardware like for cooking stoves because many Japanese had to give it up to use for the military war effort which to me essentials like that and a family having to give it up seemed to extreme.

One thing Setsuko says to Seita which I did not know is that sitting a particular way in Japanese culture while eating shows manors which I did not know before watching the film.

I found it odd when Setsuko and Seita found a dead body on the beach that had his head covered and flies were flying around that they did not tell someone off the beach that their was a dead man or barry him themselves to avoid be contaminated.

I was surprised by how many airraides were presented from so early on in the film. I thought most of the air-raides that occured Japan happened at the end of the war.

While Seita is looking at fireflies he is reminded on what he calls a Navy Review which I guess is the Japanese navy equivalent to air shows in America. Navy Reviews consist of ships decorated in lights and fireworks.

I surprised how this film presents Seita and Setsuko going from urban city's, beaches, farms. I would have expected to see kids to not go to so many types of landscapes on their own and would have stayed relatively close to relatives whom they would have known.

I was kind of surprised that Setsuko and Seita were not getting sick from unsanitary water by the pond they were living by towards the end of the film. Since they were drinking, taking baths, and cooking using that water.

I became surprised how desperate Seita was getting by having steal from farms or other homes during airraides.

it was sad seeing Setsuko with rashes on her back, salt hurt her and suffering from malnutrition. Setsuko became so desperate for food that she began to believe that dirt that was stuck together was rice and marbles were fruit candy. Then Setsuko dies of Malnutrition.

This film became an insight to me on how Japanese culture do barrel rights with a box filled with the persons most cherished belongings in the box. The Box with the person and their belongings are put on top of several charcoals for a cremation.

This film did follow the Japanese concepts which relate to its culture such as impermanence (常 muj?), transience, Wabi-sabi, mono no aware which the japanese hold deer. These ideas are represented since all of Seita's nuclear family dies by the end of the film. Also they represented after Setsuko dies they show a flashback of her playing around before she died.

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

It's horribly hilarious because the lines are are so horrible that they are funny. It's like a bad 1950's film gone bad. It's so hilarious. It's a great attempt at a 1950's film.

The 13th Warrior

Besides the music theme by Jerry Goldsmith and the idea of having an Arab with Viking like warriors fighting together I did not find the film that great. I enjoyed the theme. I didn't like the film too much. I think it has to do with the fact that there was not much character development and we did not get to know the enemy besides their culture from what you could see and their god. I was not impressed too much with the film.

The Russia House

I like the score by Jerry Goldsmith. I would have liked to have heard more variety beside on theme threw out the film. The film got kind of boring. It was kind of confusing because the film was edited in such a way that the information was given to the audience incomplete and would be given out of order. It became confusing as to what the film was about as far as what the CIA and British intelligence were really after. Luckily at the end there is an explanation with all the answers revealed. I think that the film could have done a better job of defining particular aspects to the audience sooner because it lost the interest of the audience because they may have gotten confused by the meaning of the film.

One thing that kept me watching the film was the cinematography. The way in which Communist Russia is shot is terrific. They show a lot of Russia(TM)s great locations with wide shots that are enjoyable to see.
The film has great known actors like Sean Connery, John Mahoney, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Roy Scheider.

Double Indemnity

I have to admit that this movie starts off very boring but once the first murder occurs in this film the film becomes much more intriguing. There almost seems like there is two distinctly different films within this single film. The first part is all about getting an insurance paper signed and a wife who no longer loves her husband like she once did and a insurance man who is deeply in love with this other Man's wife.

Then after the murder the story is about the mystery and seeing if the ones who committed the crime can get away without being caught.

I thought the music for this film was interesting in that if it were not the fact that I knew this came out in 1944 I would have guessed that the music should have been placed into a tv series from the 1980s or 1990s.

I thought that it was interesting that this story was told almost like a gangster film with all the baby's said threw-out the film yet the character is a insurance man.

I thought That Edward G. Robinson role in this film as Burton Keyes was great because I felt like he was the character that we somehow liked since we feel like he is the equal almost to the main charter and he almost brings suspense to the film as we expect that any moment he we reveal and uncover the plot but he never quiet does even though he was on the right track with all his intuitions of the crime.

A Thousand Words

I did not think that the film was that great but I thought it was an interesting way in which the film dealt with the fact that Eddie Murphy's character had a limit to the amount of words which he could speak. One of my favorite scenes is when Eddie had to use action figures, dolls, stuffed animals from around his office to be able to speak to people in his office. Once he did that I thought that there would have been a scene where he found soundbites or songs and play segments in order to say what he wants and there would be mistakes that he would make in order to talk to people.
I did not like the fact that they used the F word and the striping scene for a film which is a PG film. It was not appropriate for the film rating.
I think that the film could have been better but it was great to see a film involving miming.

Act of Valor
Act of Valor(2012)

I thought the movie was pretty good.
I thought that the way in which is filmed was interesting since there were points in the film where you were constantly looking around. There were great wide shots and good chooses for close-ups. This film is also different in the fact that a almost every form of transportation and form of the navy was represented in this film from paratroopers, submarines, small boats, aircraft carriers, airplanes, helicopters, fighter jets, and more. I liked how the map was used to show where everyone was. I thought that the bad guys were very good in this film.
Good thing is for a R rated film the violence was not that bad. Mostly it is for the blood, snippers shooting people in the head and torture.

The Great Dictator

The film has some comedic aspects but I feel
upset because they are making fun of the Jews and some very serious aspects of the Natzis and Italian leaders even though they have changed the names you can tel that is who it is supposed to be. The best part of the film I believe has to be final speech in the film which deals with equality and very important issues even to this day.

I find the film unique since it is prior to the world recognition of the Holocaust in 1940.

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

I thought that the writing for this film was very good. It deals with very strong and powerful issues which are important even today such as slavery in this case towards robots, treatment towards others, power in the wrong hands. The graphics and music were very well done.

Heart of Soul Surfer

It is a very inspirational story. If you have seen Soul Surfer the movie with Denis Quad and Annasophia then this film will help you gain an idea of how much is truth in the film. It's surprising how much film material there is on Bethany Hamilton and her family. It is interesting how many shows she has been on. It is inspirational how she uses her abilities to help tell others about God.

Red Tails
Red Tails(2012)

The airplane scenes and shots were really great. It reminded me of star Wars. I felt like the way that the airplane shots were done has not been seen before by audiences. I wish that different font was used for the beginning and end credits rather than Ariel.

I liked the music. I thought that adding the prisoner of war camp added to the film.

However I do not feel that the rock "n" roll sounding musical score matched the World War II era for this film.

I liked the intro to the film with the convoy being destroyed.

The Last of the Mohicans

The Last of the Mohicans is a film which seems very dark for the most part. It is a film which is very quiet for the most part.

It has good music but it remains unusual in that the musical theme does not sound native American but something different. I think it sounds more Irish or Scottish. I don't think that the music matched the film even though the score was able to make the film seem much larger and bigger.

The film is unusual in the fact that all the actors and actresses are unknowns till the film came out.

I like the scenery and landscapes shots scene in the film.


Personally I did not find the film that great. It was a mediocre film to me. There were a few times were the film made me laugh but I did not think it was too great.

The Three Musketeers

3 Musketers

I love the catch phrases.

"God I love my work."

"Now that we are all acquainted are we ready to fight?"

The action scenes are great as well as who plays the characters. They all seem right for the part.

"I like my head where it is."

"This Ax was a gift from the Tsarrina of Tokyo"

Ah Ha the cardinals snack chamber.

The shampain was excellent. The
Riming me to send a card to the cardinal.

That's it next tim we ride.

I enjoyed Michael Kamen's music for the film.

That's it I hope you enjoyed the ride.

"The right words can be worth more than 1,000 words."

I think it is interesting how each Musketter has different qualities such as wise, drunk and has experienced loose.

Another is comical and a lover

Another is a poet

The youngest is ambitious, bribe,

I told you I was famous."

I like the fact they use shadows to show what is happening.

I liked how the film ended.

I thought that the acting was great for the film. I felt like the actors were well chosen.

Big Miracle
Big Miracle(2012)

I liked the film. I thought that it was cool how they made the film hit all audiences. My favorite quality about the film is the fact that they incorporated news that was made up for the film as well as actual news that occurred during the period.

I liked that the end credits incorporated both the original news as well as what was made for the film.

I liked the fact that they kept Ronald Reagan's voice in the film.

The graphics on the whales was excellent.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Rain Man is very good. I think it's interesting how the title of the film came about. How Rain Man comes from Charlie; as a child, having difficulty saying Raymond.

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hofmann do an excellent job. Dustin Hoffman does an excellent job acting giving an accurate depiction of Raymond as autistic-savant. Tom Cruise roll is very well done is showing a character who goes from being selfish and only concerned with business aspect to a character who evolves over the film to be caring, compassionate and could care less about His own situation but instead is more concerned about his own family.

I thought it was interesting the aspect that although Raymond is the older brother and remembers so much that Charlie the younger brother now has to act as the older brother and in many aspects acts like the older brother to help take care of Raymond.

This film effectively has the audience feel for both characters and makes you feel for Raymond the unemotional character more that Charlie. The audience at all times has you feel emotions which you can relate to Charlie. The film ends in a sad way though since Raymond can not understand the emotional aspect.

I think my favorite part has to be the Los Vegas scenes just because it shows even though both are at a disadvantage as Charlie is not capable of counting cards like Raymond and Raymond is not able to have the mental capability to understand effectively how to play the game properly they are able to put both of their best and worst capabilities together to work side by side like brothers.

I think that Rain Man has to be one of Tom Cruises best roles ever since it has to be one role which Tom Cruise is not playing a jerk.

One thing which would have made the film better I believe would have been to not having the swearing that it did. I felt that it did not add to the film too much and I think that if it did not have all the swearing it would have had a wider audience. I believe that this is a film which should be shown to younger kids if it did not have all the swearing so that kids would understand not to pick on those who have disabilities and would show kids that just because they have disabilities does not make them stupid and shows that they do have capabilities and do know how to do things.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire

I think that the film has some great scenes and catch phrases such as â??Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?â??, â??I canâ??t compete with thatâ?? and â??Show me the Money!â?? I think the film has some great themes such as keeping faith even in hard times, Caring for others, supporting children, sticking together, trying to make the most out of life, trying to change your life to make it more the way you want it, as well as other themes. I did like how the opening of the film was done with showing all the different athletes. The opening got me hooked to the film very quickly that I am interested in the film. One of my favorite things about the film was Jerry Maguire making a Mission Statement. I liked the fact that at the end of the film we notice that both Maguire and his client Rod end up on a more personal relationship than the corporation business. Not only that but Maguire goes from a relationship between Rod with that went from lie to total truth.

Maguire went from a life were he did not have a personal relationship aspect with his clients to having one on one relationship with his clients which was more personal rather than antisocial routine of SMYI business life. He goes from a life just about lie to truth. I liked Jerryâ??s final speech before he leaves the business by leaving with the fish. This film is interesting in that it helped begin actors who were not well known before the film but helped to establish them for future films which become big.

I did not feel that this film needed all the swearing.

Overall I did not like the film too much. It is not a film which I would buy.


I did not like the movie too much. The movie had a dumb ending similar to "A Bridge too Far" with an unsatisfactory ending. The film is unusual in the fact that they get you routing for the bad guy in the film.

Hellcats of the Navy

Hellcats of the Navy

I found the characters plan and dull. The dedication at the beginning of the film was very good. I thought that the submarine sank too quick. The movie was not very good.

The Adventures of Tintin

The graphics were excellent. This has better graphics than The Polar Express. I found it interesting how how the film was filmed like you were filmed on a Disney ride. The story was told at very fast pass. It was intriguing how the film would switch in the way it did from the day which the story takes place to the pirate story. The way it was filmed and how the story was filmed was told like a comic serial like Star Wars A New Hope and the Indiana Jones films. The sparkle shine, reflections, light glare were impressively done. You could tell the graphics were good when you see the room dust in the flashlight glare. It's a film worth seeing in 3-D.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

I liked the film. The music was excellent and helped emotionally to relate to the characters. I was surprised by how many hands the horse changed to and it made the film much more interesting. The film was very realistic to World War I days. The graphics for the horse eyes were impressive.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

This was a much more entertaining film than the last Sherlock Holmes. This movie covered much more ground, literally. Professor Moriarty is a much better villain. The writing for this film was much better. It was great to see Sherlock Holmes go to 4 countries within one film. This film had more forms of transportation than the last film, from trains, boats, automobiles, and horses. also having Dr. Moriarty own an weapons manufacturing company made the film much more interesting. I was glade to see Sherlock Holmes doing more disguises and seeing his interest in camouflage.

First Knight
First Knight(1995)

I did not think the movie was very good. I thought the only good actor was Sean Connery. The film looked too Fantasized and romanticized. There looked to be hardly any truth. The story was too cheesy for the period and characters which the movie was based on. The love story was boring and went on too long. I just couldn't get into the love relationship with Lancelot and Guinevere. I also found the sword fighting looked fake since the swords were being swung around pretty fast as though there were really light weight. I think if it was shot more acutely the swords would have been swung around a little slower. I did not like how the battle in the dark was shot when it came to scenes with the knights fighting. The shots for the most part seemed too close to the actors.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

Tower Heist was a pretty good movie. I liked the music score. It had a great spy sounding music. I think that the score had to be the best part of the entire film. I would have liked to have gotten more comedy from Eddie Murphy in this film. I thought this film was great how the play ong the word word 'Queen.'

It had some moments that were funny. The cast for this film was great. It was good to see Alan Alda from M*A*S*H* play an active main character once again. It was interesting how he could play his part so you could almost see him as a good guy or a bad guy by his lines. Although you already know that he is the bad guy.

Dolphin Tale
Dolphin Tale(2011)

I just got done seeing Dolphin Tale. I thought that it was a good and enlightening story.

I thought that once the cousin became injured in the military the film theme became very different. I felt that Morgan Freeman helped to strengthen the integrity of the film. Having Morgan Freeman introduced to the film changed the film from a kids film to make the film about more serious issues while still having the same kid friendly story.

I found that this is a good movie to help inform kids about ocean life as well as learning about new prosthetic technology. This is a good film to help encourage others to overcome difficult life difficulties.

Personally my favorite part visually of this film was the part of the film where they were showing the different drafts to create the tale. The CGI graphics for that part of the film was great.

Under Fire
Under Fire(1983)

I thought that the movie was interesting from a photographers point of view or events going on in Nicaragua if you don't know anything about the area from 1979. There is no doubt that the Government was corrupt, the people were in poverty, and the terrorists may have been the only ones with real power and support of the people. One thing that I found ironic is that the terrorist acted so confident and didn't care when the photographers were around and acted like they were just ordinary people where as the official government questioned everyone, torr up everyones equipment in an inspection, and were known for making serious mistakes even though people would show the correct documentation.

I thought that the down sides to this film were that there was a great deal of swearing in this film, especially the f word which I found unnecessary for the film to be told. This film showed very little blood and the only scene that I found gruesome was a when a terrorist act happens at a restaurant and someones head for less than a second disfigured when his grenade acsendently goes off as they try to leave.


I thought that this was a great movie that had its joyful times as well as its sad moments of melancholy. I thought that the film helped me give me a visual perspective on Martin Luther that I did not understand the significance other than the important facts mentioned in church and in school. This movie also helped me understand better the significance of Martin Luther in the reformation.

This film also helps to show a brighter side showing the significance of Martin Luther(TM)s movements that I did not understand very well before I saw this film. I thought that the events and the period which Martin Luther was living in became much darker in my mind than shown in this film. This film helped me understand the importance of my having a German translation of the Bible was so significant as well as the invention of the printing press in Martin Luther(TM)s movement. This movie also showed me what kinds of rituals were going on in the time and the significance of Martin coming out and correcting the people telling them that these were just rituals but they don(TM)t save you like the church was telling the people.

The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming

I thought that the movie was funny. I think that the movie was created during a curtain period of time of fear but I unfortunately think that some of the jokes are going to loose it's comedic purpose because of the times which the movie was filmed in. People of today won't understand the jokes because they did not live in the day. I think that the movie was well done