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Righteous Kill
13 years ago via Flixster

Well the world was waiting for this - De Niro and pacino teamed on scren once again, and the world was largely underwhelmed with the response. To be honest although the guys do look too old for their respective parts, there is still an energy in watching the two of them perform. Unfortunately the script is rather weak and the twist in the tail is nothing terribly interesting or exciting. Director John Avnet also directed pacino in 88 minutes which is rather substantially worse than this by the way. Here's hoping the next joint venture between these guys will make rather more use of their still great talents.

Malcolm X
Malcolm X (1992)
13 years ago via Flixster

Denzel as Malcolm X, directed in trademark style by Spike Lee, what's not to like? Great, great Lindy-hopping scenes at beginning of the film and continued interesting changes in style throughout. One of the great biopics of the modern era. See it!

Demons of the Mind (Blood Evil)(Nightmare of Terror)(Blood Will Have Blood)
13 years ago via Flixster

Unintentionally hilarious horror flick from the dying days of the Hammer studios. Laughable dialogue and costumes sadly dont make up for the fact that this movie was already horribly dated by the time it was released.

Legends of the Fall
13 years ago via Flixster

Overlong pretentious claptrap. Very much a woman's movie with lots of swirling violins playing while Brad looks forlornly over the landscape. Obviously made with the idea of being smething of a sweeping epic that would capture the attention of the Oscar voters, but like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the blatant campaigning for awards was rightly ignored.