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Cowboys & Aliens
10 years ago via Flixster

At first, I was like : SAY.......WHAAAAT ?.....YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME .
Yet, rented the video, watched it, & was actually amazed . I actually really liked it .
Also, the possability of aliens visiting Earth way back then, is plausible , in my opinion . Though, for gold ? lol. O.k., I'll go with that . Meybe they use it for fuel, or computer hardware . Who know's ? The action was great, the aliens were cool, except, the hand out of the belly, was a bit too much . .,lol. Olivia Wilde...OH....Yea . She looked waaay good in this film . Daniel Craig was fantastic in this part . Of course, Harrison Ford, held up his end of the movie also . Loved the nutty son of his, always ending up in jail . I KNOW there were guy's like him, in real life, too , back then. We still have them today, even . haha . The scenes, were really done up good too. The atmosphere of the town, the desert, it was so believable . First time, I really liked a film, in years . This, was a good plan, for a movie . Although, if anything near like this were to ever happen back then, you KNOW....It would go down through history, & in the history book's, even . Yet, stranger things have happened . I give this, 6 thumbs up ................. Mark

Bird on a Wire
11 years ago via Flixster

Have seen this like 4 times . It is very good . Of course, I've had the hots for Goldie Hawn since the early 1970's . lol. Yet, I liked the
film, true not one of eithers greatwst films , but it's a good one, on
a winters night , curled up with 1 you love, or like myself, by
yourself .

Snow Dogs
Snow Dogs (2002)
11 years ago via Flixster

Love this movie . Although, the dog's doing the eye thing , that was too much . Although , a Disney movie for children, so I'll allow them
some fantasy room . lol. I'm still a kid too, so I can go with it .
I fell in love with I think her name is Joanna Recalso ? She looks
Philipino , but claims She's Chinese . She is one of the most gorgeous
women I've seen . Wow, I'd like to spend a day with her . I love animal's, so this was right in my alley .
Also, once had a malimute-husky, eons ago . Great dog .
Cuba is also 1 of my favorite actors , and so too is
James Coburn . I've seen a LOT of his movies , too . From the 1970's
till now . Yet, the film is packed with real good talent, & goofy but
neat script , and fantastic scenery . Although, I really wonder , if , any of the film was in fact , filmed in Alaska ? Be nice if it were .
Of course, I'm from Miami, so oh yea , miss Miami a lot .
Everyone , should see this film . It's not hysterical, but it is funny .
I don't believe, they were going for comedy, as much as a few lessons to be learned . First, family , is family . Give peaple time,
before you write them off, as a friend . If your single like I am, and
a person gives you more smiles than you think are necassary, then
give them a chance, too . As in the gorgeous Chinese girl . WOW !!
Also, treat the Earth as if it were your home . Because, it is .
Don't pollute , and treat water as gold .
You'll like this movie .

Superman (1978)
11 years ago via Flixster

First, allow me to say, that the world has lost , a great man .
He left us , way too early . He will be missed by soo very many.

This movie , was a true reflection, of the original Superman .
Started back in the mid 1930's . Christopher Reeve, made, Superman.
I truly believe, there will be no other actor , in the future, that can match him, as being, the legendary , Superman .
Along with the rest of the cast, Margot Kidder, who almost was passed over for the part, was sensational, as Lois Lane . Also, keep
in mind , this was as much for kids , as it was for adults .
Keep that in mind, when critizising this film, and how it was played out . Some of the scenes are dumb, or too expected, yet, for all
the little children, that see it for the first time, it's an awakening to
the goodness that we all have within us . If only, we allow it to show . Superman wasn't a hero . He was a common man .
Yet, he faught for the good, the poor, the rich, the tired, the energentic, the young, old, the meek, the lonely . He faught, for justice,
for peace , for the world .
He is in all of us . If, we learn to let him out .

............................................... Mark ....................................................

The Remains of the Day
11 years ago via Flixster

The actors and actresses were all good . The story slow, and you find yourself questioning, when it will get interesting . Yet, in the back of my mind, I was always wondering, IF, Stevens really did ignore
what was being said among the guests at the Darlington , as well as
Darlington himself , and his family, or was He keeping hush-hush, in
order to keep his job ? After all, late 1930's , money is scarce everywhere , heading into troubled times with many countries at eachothers throats, so, one does wonder , if He was perhaps , paying
more attention, than He led on . The trouble I had, was that I could see her liking him, yet, with him, I really couldn't tell, which way his heart was going, if, anywhere . He never really gave the notion, of yay, or nay . haha . Till the near end . If you have nothing to do on
Sunday night, this is worth watching . Again, you must look deeper into the movie, to really get something out of it . Some may say, boreing, others say, all over the place, though, it's almost true to
life, to me . How often, does your life, get a kick in it, or rather,
dull and mundane, as this movie shows ? Yes, peaple want exitement , with this one, you better look somewhere else .
Though, if you appreciate a little , romance, intrique, and antiqueties,
then you might have an interest in this film . The way things were, once upon a time .