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The Animatrix
The Animatrix (2003)
5 years ago via Flixster

This is a double posting of this movie -!lsrc:GSR-MOV-Title

Heavy Metal 2000
5 years ago via Flixster

While the animation was clearly better than what was contained within the first movie, the actual action scenes, the creativity of the storyline, the suspense within the storyline, etc., was far inferior to the first movie. That is to be blamed, at least primarily, on the directors! They had more to work with, including a lot more potential, and they still screwed it up. Plus, the animation suffered bc of the amalgamation of at least three different kinds of animation...

1. "Wolverine and the X-Men" style animation which serves the basic purpose of telling the storyline but is, nonetheless, nothing to write home about.

2. Realistic/semi-realistic looking animation, much of which can be seen in fireball/explosion scenes and in certain dark area's such as on walls in hallways & in corners. I've personally seen so many cartoons use such animation, in particularly in fireball & explosion scenes, that it has become tired and old. Seeing this type of animation used in darkened corners, hallways, tunnels, etc., is, at least for me, virtually unheard of and was actually kind of cool. But, they didn't use it enough, and more the right ways, to make the movie look or feel really any better at all and the usage of it in the fireball/explosion scenes made the movie feel like it was shot on a shoestring/trailer trash budget...

3. CGI animation, which looked cool but this didn't do anything to increase the coolness of the movie. And it was actually quite annoying given the reality that it is just a gimmick to make the movie look cool when the movie as a whole is more of a joke than anything else.

The storyline seemed to move towards making some specific connection with the original Heavy Metal on two or three fronts but, they never actually made any such connection so, with all of them it was only implied, & not even all that much...

The storyline, what with the glowing color of the object, the orb, from the first film and the color of the glowing crystal from this film; as well as the costume that this main character wears towards the end of the film. That costume bears some resemblance to the costume worn by the main character in the first film... And then there's the soundtrack. The soundtrack from the first film was practically a character in the movie! This time around however it doesn't even come close. I did notice something at about 30 minutes in, where the main character and her sidekick make their way through a space-station to find the bad guy, some of the background animation looked similar to some of the artwork on at least one Iron Maiden album, specifically "Somewhere In Time"; but, it only lasts for a few seconds total. Honestly, they really didn't even try!

In fact, while I like some of the bands that are on the soundtrack for this movie, the way that the songs were produced & structured into the film is a BIG pathetic joke, at best... And it always helps that they choose Pantera to be on the soundtrack, one of, if not the, most overrated band(s) in all of popular music over the last 15 years! Their support for white supremacy has SOLIDIFIED that for them...

It would have been great if they had linked the two films in some significantly discernible way, such as by making the storyline in this film take place hundreds to hundreds of thousands of years after the storyline in the first film, although they would have needed to mention that for it to have significance and it would be necessary to solidify the connection in some way, such as by putting the big statue of the main character/warrior holding the sword, in the first film, into this movie. And then even more so by making that statue a focus of the story, such as with a specific subplot. They did seem to imply something but, they made no actual connection and, then, what with the animation & the, overall, mediocre, at best, soundtrack, this movie comes off as a substandard soft-porn science fiction joke...


Last Flight Out
7 years ago via Movies on Android phone

While it exist's some distance from the worst film that I have ever seen (Which is the nicest thing that I can even say about this film.), it is just a vehicle for Christian fundamentalism to use to try and `pimp` their failed & lethargic dogma.

One can only fall into such trash if they are the kind of gullible & naive that makes them susceptible to buying the bull from the `Buy-Bull`...
To preachy & retarded.

Turok: Son of Stone
7 years ago via Movies on Android phone

I did read some of the Turok comics back in the day and I liked them. They were basic stuff. Violence was the plot. The stories were always a little more in-depth, fortunately. I'm not politically incorrect and I do like violent films, comics, etc.

This is not a terrible film. It did provide me with the minimum decency of nostalgia. Still, since I never read the original comic upon which this film is based...I can't help but wonder if the comic has as many holes in the story as this film. Such was never explained how Chichak, or his tribe, acquired firearms, the ammunition to operate them...or the horses. American Indians did not acquire them until after Europeans arrived in `the New World`, i.e., the Americas. And since they did not arrive until the late 1400's and since it would be a good two hundred years or so before the two cultures trusted each other enough to legitimately trade things with one another of such importance, i.e., weapons & transportation, this film certainly seems to be more about catering to some demographic that doesn't care or doesn't know enough to care. Perhaps there is room for all three possibilities...

(And perhaps for multiple reasons. I detest conspiracy theories; but, if I was a conspiracy theorist I might conclude that this film mongers about the influence of technology... That the only good ppl are those that don't sellout for what is bigger, better, more powerful, etc. That it even hates white ppl.

Glenn Beck I am not.)

Why Turok actually told Chichak where they could, honestly, find the `Cliff Ppl` is a mystery that I don't care to solve or have solved. I do understand why Turok told Chichak 'something'... Doing so bought them time, for Chichak to get complacent, so that Turok & Andar could escape, so that Turok could devise a plan to kill Chichak, preferably before he tracks down the Cliff Ppl, & for Turok & Andar to stay alive; but, telling Chichak where to actually, & honestly, find the Cliff Ppl only made those things harder & less likely to be achieved. How Turok could be so courageous & brave one moment & then a moment later be so weak, thoughtless & cowardly is pathetic.

Perhaps the plot wasn't the worst possible plot. It was tired, old, predictable & rather corny; but, I am confident that it could have been worse. The story was the worst part. It was bad.

By no means was this the worst film that I've ever seen; but, still. This sucked.