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The Haunted House of Horror, (Horror House)

TERRIFIC CAST in very gory, thrilling and exciting Tigon studios classic horror.

No Name on the Bullet

AUDIE MURPHY is spellbinding good as always in this tense classic western.

The Mercenaries (Dark of the Sun)

ROD TAYLOR YVETTE MIMIEUX JIM BROWN are electrifying brilliant in this very tough, violent, atmospheric tough action adventure set in the Congo of the 1960s. Probably the greatest WAR film ever made has outstanding plot, tension, direction, music and a cast that deserved to win many oscars. Major screen chemistry between ROD TAYLOR (always excellent)
and Jim Brown as 2 respectful mercenaries with a tough job to carry out.
Jim Brown the leading Black American actor of the 1960s and 1970s was
at his best as Ruffo who is vindicated by Captain Curry (Rod Taylor).
ROD TAYLOR and YVETTE MIMIEUX were first paired magically on screen
in the All time classic film Geoge Pal's TIME MACHINE in 1960.


CROSSPLOT is a MAGNIFICENT 1960s THRILLER with a fabulous all star cast
led by the always great ROGER MOORE in a pre Bond role that shines all round.
Strong plot, direction and outstanding music with the title track
ILL FIND OUR LOVE1969 sung by multi talented New Zealand Balladeer
JOHN ROWLES. Martha Hyer, Claudie Lange and Veronica Carlson are superb.

The Oil Prince (Der Ölprinz)

CLASSIC WESTERN benefits from strong leading man STEWART GRANGER.