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Scorched (2003)
2 years ago via Flixster

Not as funny as I thought it was gonna be.Kinda stupid

Chawz (2009)
2 years ago via Flixster

I guess I was expecting a better movie because of the DVD cover.The 1st 15-20 minutes were alright.I LOVED the slapstick & I couldn't keep myself from laughing but after awhile it just gets boring.Chawz had a Sci Fi Channel feel to it & I wouldn't be suprised if it showed up on their channel in the future.I'd tell you to go watch it if you're into these type of flicks but if you're not then I'd tell you don't bother

Mob Story
Mob Story (1990)
5 years ago via Flixster

Talk about boring, It took me 2+ hours to watch a movie that was 1 hour & 33 minutes.Instead of just turning it off, for whatever reason I kept pausing it to go do other things & coming back to it.There was nothing really funny about Mob Story.If there was, I must have missed it.The only funny thing I ever remember happening was the part where the hitman licked his gun & it got stuck to his tongue because of the freezing weather.Now that was funny!!! Nothing really ever happens either.The only time something happens was the last 10-15 minutes which also had to be the best part (If you can even call it that) of the movie (I guess they decided to save the best for last, Ha Ha) As you've probably already guessed, Mob Story is a movie I would NOT recommend.If somebody told me ahead of time they were thinking of watching it, I'd tell them to skip it & watch something else.There are millions & millions of things you could be better off doing with your time so why do like I did & waste an hour & 33 minutes of your life you'll never get back

Courier of Death
5 years ago via Flixster

You know what watching Courier Of Death had me thinking? It felt like somebody came into some $$$ or was already well off so they bought a camera & whatever else you need, got some friends together & asked them *Hey you guys want to be in a movie?* & started shooting an Action flick.The best parts were the shoot out scenes at the start & at the abandoned building.They were so badly done & you know they probably weren't meant to be that way that they were hilarious.If you're reading this & haven't watched the movie yet, be on the lookout for them & you'll see what I mean.And the acting..... The acting was BAD from beginning to end.There were a few scenes I know I wasn't suppose to laugh at but I couldn't help myself because of the acting that I felt bad afterwards.Towards the end, with 30+ minutes to go, I was counting down the minutes till it was over.It was a real struggle to sit through the entire movie without turning it off but I did it.If anybody's interested there are 2 reviews on imdb from 2 people who worked on the movie (1 from some guy who worked on the movie & the other from Diana Bauer who played Nancy Neuberger) that are worth reading.There's some info about the director & behind the scenes stuff that will make you go WOW (Now I see why the movie is the way it is) I would say Courier Of Death is a movie to watch, just to say that you watched it or if you come across it & are looking for something to watch especially a BAD movie to watch