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Deadman Standing

Don't bother, this movie is formulaic and poorly done. Watching Shadow, the young sidekick, trying to conjure up non-existent tears was sheer torture, The dialoque is wooden, the cinematography looks like it was shot with an 80s VHS camera, and parts of the story are lifted directly from Eastwood's Unforgiven. SPOILER ALERT! Watch the scene where our hero's gun is disabled, and see how that was even possible, since he was wearing it at the time. This movie belongs among the worst Westerns ever. I was begging for this to be over, but no such luck.

Les Miserables

I first saw this movie over 35 years ago, on the local night owl theatre (back in the day when El Paso only had the 3 network stations and 1 usable UHF station). While it seemed to run long, it was very powerful. Every actor was perfectly cast, and the injustice of a prison sentence for stealing a loaf of bread was a perfect hook. I became a Charles Laughton fan that night, and give the movie a perfect rating.


[font=Times New Roman][b][u]Derailed[/u] [/b]was not that bad of a movie. Sure, most of the movie twists were telegraphed, but the acting was decent and the writing okay. For me, a movie does it's job if it will entertain me for as long as I'm watching it; if I walk out of the theater talking about it positively, so much the better. I admit that I probably would have pointed out the inconsistencies to my wife had she attended with me, but all in all, the experience was positive.[/font]

Dark Water
Dark Water(2005)

I have waited anxiously for this move to come out, based on the trailers in theatres. Jennifer Connally has proven herself as an actress, and I thought with an Oscar in hand, she would have picked a winning project. I must say that I was rather disappointed. It was not very scary, instead it was "atmospheric". The mood was established early on, and the constant repetition of water leaking or spewing got old quickly. How many of you figured out what had happened when you first saw the backpack? I sat in the theatre for the rest of the film waiting to be proven right (I was). I go the movies to be entertained, to escape, and that did not happen here.