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Five Element Ninjas (Ren Zhe Wu Di)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Loss of a fight means loss of a life.

A group of brothers seek revenge after their brother is lured in by a sexy temptress and brutally murdered by her Japanese samurai brethren. The brothers find a master that teaches them Ninjitsu and they return to their hometown to take down the samurai and regain their land.

"Not even the best defense can stop the ninjas."

Cheh Chang, director of Five Deadly Venoms, Return of the Five Deadly Venoms, One-Armed Swordsman, The Kid with the Golden Arm, The Flag of Iron, and House of Traps, delivers Five Elements of Ninjas. The storyline for this picture is very fun and well done for the genre. The martial arts are awesome and well done and the Venoms deliver wonderful performances and action.

"He's a samurai. He represents me."

I had seen this a long time ago and recently found it on Netflix and decided to watch it again for the first time in a long time. This was very well executed and contained a worthwhile plot that comes together well. This is a must own and see for fans of classic martial arts picture.

"I don't want to die here with you."

Grade: B+/A-

Samurai Banners (Furin kazan)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000]Yamamoto Kansuke is an esteemed samurai and military tactician. He is ruthless with his war strategies, but he is also manipulative, stubborn, and forthcoming with his beliefs. Kansuke has plans to manipulate the Shogun unit the people of his country by conquering all the clans to make one all powerful clan. He even goes as far as planning the Shogun?s air. This epic depicts a period in time when Japan was unruly and an empire was about to be born.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000]?The princess is about to kill herself. Do not enter until she is done.?[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]
[size=3][color=#000000][font=Arial]Inagaki's Hiroshi, director of White Snows of Fuji, Journey of a Thousand and One Nights, Forgotten Children, Samurai I, II, III, Samurai Saga, 47 Ronin I & II, and Incident at Blood Pass, delivers Samurai Banners. The storyline for this picture is a masterful epic that reminded me of The Seven Samurai. There were not a lot of action sequences, but Mifune?s performance was brilliant. Mifune delivers a stern and compelling performance as the title character.[/font][/color][/size]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]
[size=3][color=#000000][font=Arial]?I cannot die, even if I am killed.?[/font][/color][/size]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]
[size=3][color=#000000][font=Arial]The thief sequence at the camp fire, the assassination attempt on the Shogun, the battle versus Suwa, the princesses first interaction with the first lady, the mother?s dying wish, the sacrifice so the princess could escape, the beginning of the war (after intermission), the monk transformations, and the arrow in the eye sequence were amongst the better portions of the film.[/font][/color][/size]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]
[size=3][color=#000000][font=Arial]?You?re the type of man who lacks a likable personality??[/font][/color][/size]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]
[size=3][color=#000000][font=Arial]Toshiro Mifune is one of my all time favorite actors as his performances are awe inspiring. He is a very stern and stout man who delivers his roles in a resounding fashion. I found this DVD on sale for $10 with free shipping on the AnimEigos website. This is a long epic, 160 minutes, but well worth your time. There are enough twists and turns throughout the picture to keep you on your toes and the end in doubt. I strongly recommend this picture to fans of the samurai genre.[/font][/color][/size]
[font=Arial][size=3][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]
[size=3][color=#000000][font=Arial]?They each dreamed their dreams and then left this world.?[/font][/color][/size]
[size=3][color=#000000][font=Arial]Grade: B+[/font][/color][/size]

Hit Favorites - Snow Days
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

We're the wrapping crew.

This picture depicts several short stories from Thomas the Train, Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelica, Pingu, and Sam the Fireman during the holidays and/or winter seasons. Each character will face unique obstacles that strength, perseverance, and understanding can help them overcome.

"He only fell down 8 times."
"It was 11."

This was recently added to the Netflix queue for the holiday season and I instantly added it to my wish list to watch with my daughter. We watched these together and she was glued to the stories from beginning to end. This has a television episode compilation feel to it, because that's what it is, but isn't bad or a waste of time either. I recommend seeing this once but I wouldn't add it to my DVD collection.

"Why can't a girl grow-up to be president?"

Grade: C

The Bullet Train (Shinkansen daibakuha)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Something real interesting is going on in here and I want in on it

A Japanese bullet train has been loaded with a dynamite bomb with a timer that will cause it to explode if the train reaches a speed below 80 mph (I could have the speed measurement wrong). Because of the speed of the train, no one can come on or off the train and the train will have to be cautious when driving through cities until someone can figure out how to locate and disarm the bomb.

"It's turning out to be a real rotten little deal."

Junya Sato, director of Lost in the Wilderness, Dream of Russia, Golgo 13, The Private Police, The Ando File, The True Account of Ginza Tortures, and Never Give Up, delivers Bullet Train. The storyline for this picture will remind viewers of a cross between Pelham One Two Three and Speed. The acting is surprisingly solid and the cast includes Sonny Chiba (in a very limited role), Ken Takakura (Black Rain), Kei Yamamoto (Premonition), Eijo Go (The Executioner), Yumiko Fujita (Time and Tide), Etsuko Shihomi (Karate Bear Fighter and The Bodyguard), and Fumio Watanabe (Scorpion: Female Prisoner Cage #41).

"The bomber will take the money and let the train explode anyway?"

While this movie is part of the "Kill Chiba" collection, I hardly consider this a Chiba picture. He barely appears in this film at all; however, the villain delivers a solid performance and makes up for a lack of Chiba. The ultimate plot and sub plots make the film worthwhile. I will say the film is a little slow and does not come across as dramatic as the director may have intended, but I still found this film entertaining.

"I can take a lot more than you can ever give out."

Grade: B-

The Warrior
The Warrior (2002)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[font=Times New Roman][size=3]A group of Koreans have crossed vast lands to pay their respects to the Ming Dynasty. During their quest, the Yuan Dynasty has captured the Ming princess. The Ming dynasty is a rising force in the land. The Yuan Dynasty, established by the world renowned Genghis Khan, is losing power. The Koreans are charged with the kidnapping and exiled to the desert. Once in the desert the Koreans meet the Yuan?s, take food and refuge with them, and discover the princess. They steal back the princess in hopes of setting things right with the Ming. The Koreans must continuously fight off the Yuan in hopes of escaping to the Ming; as their numbers dwindle this becomes more and more difficult.[/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3]?If you refuse to hand her over, we will annihilate you all.?[/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3]Kim Sung-Su, director of Runaway and Beat, directs Musa. Musa contains a magnificent story with interesting historical significance. The action scenes in this film are wonderful. The action is more like House of the Flying Daggers then Hero. However, this film is better then House of the Flying Daggers in my opinion. The acting in this film is surprisingly superb. Musa stars the Iron Monkey from Iron Monkey as the villain and Zhang Ziyi as the princess. This is my favorite film with Zhang Ziyi.[/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3]?You idiot?stop crying like a bitch.?[/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3]The arrows through the neck, the first attack on the exiled, the decapitation of the spitting man, the battle to rescue the princess, the surrounded and shot down with arrows in the woods scene, the scene with the guy getting his throat cut followed by the thrown knife, the spear throwing scene to save the princess, the man pinned to the wall by the arrow, and Ganam?s last stand were my favorite portions of the film.[/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3]?Exile is better then suffocation in an underground prison.?[/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3]The cinematography and color scheme in this film are fantastic. The music is hit or miss. The majority of the film has a wonderful soundtrack; while the fight sequences have a few cheesy songs. I purchased this film a year and a half ago and was shocked with the brilliance of it. The storyline is wonderful and presented with a brilliant cinematography and color scheme. Musa is a can?t miss Korean masterpiece.[/size][/font]
[size=3][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/size]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3]?I always wished for an honorable death.?[/size][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/font]
[font='Times New Roman']Grade: A [/font]