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2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Stranger

The Stranger(2010)

*1/2 (out of four)

Maybe the film should have been called "The Absent-Minded Stranger" since both it's lead character and the script seems to be forgetting something, namely a coherant plot and believable characters.

Wrestling superstar Steve Austin stars as a man on the run from the Seattle FBI. His problem is he doesn't know why he's on the run. He just is. Naturally he succuessfully kicks some butt while he's moving from place to place and a sexy female doctor is trying to help him.

The film is pretty empty headed and the script is very disjointed. As the FBI Agent, poor Adam Beach is at least working as an actor, but this is a far cry from his great performances years ago in films like "Smoke Signals" and "Flags of Our Fathers". Austin doesn't fair too well either. His silly character keeps forgetting everything that has just happened. He asks "Who are you?" so much that he was beginning to sound like the three Willy Brothers from "Home on the Range".

I think maybe Austin would be better suited to sticking with something that is a little better his wrestling shows.