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Journey to the Center of the Earth
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Rubbish script writing, poor camera angles. Acting is rather flat. Special effects are mixed. Costumes and makeup are fairly good.
Overall not a movie to be taken seriously and seems like a very low budget B grade movie, but it does have some very funny scenes with the New Zealand Maori people.

The Dark Knight
14 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sadly this not a movie for children. Batman used to be about one liners with a bit of humour and cheese thrown in. The plot has never been amazing with Batman movies and this one tries to be clever but gets lost a bit in the process.

My reason for the rating is the uncanny violence and untypical mood of the Joker. Health Ledger does extremely well in the role but, the violence of the movie has put me off for life from big ugly blockbusters.
That Batman and Bruce Wayne character also have morfed into a brooding and arrogant nature which is not typical of the batman I used to know on the big screen.
I hated this movie more than I like it. It promotes life as "chance" which is ridiculous and the amazing amount of brutality whether suggested or carried out is now typical of what I have come to expect from typical action movies.

The boundries are pushed every year and the level of acceptable content is slowly being brought down to gutter level.