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Our Hospitality

Our Hospitality(1923)

"Sherlock Jr." is Buster Keaton's film about a movie theater employee who aspires to be a detective. Keaton handles his role well and the supporting cast is solid as well. The film has impressive cinematography, but a generic score.

The film has amusing moments: the very close shadowing of the villain by Keaton as a detective, Keaton walking through the safe door and Keaton taking cues from a film to guide his romantic actions. Some of the stunts were entertaining, particularly Keaton's escapes through a window and a stomach. The famous scene where Keaton enters a movie scene was cleverly made, but I found it only moderately entertaining.

However, I found most of the film's jokes basic and not very amusing. A lot of the stunt sequences, while well-shot, were overlong. While "Sherlock Jr." had some funny moments and is a meticulously constructed film, I was disappointed by how few times I was amused by it.