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Hearts and Minds
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Americans drop CLUSTER BOMBS on countless civilians; HEARTS AND MINDS totally changes the way I perceive US FOREIGN POLICY. After WORLD WAR II it seems that every WAR we've fought has been GENOCIDAL in nature. Civilians seem to be the target in our WAR strategy.

Let's see: at the end of WWII we (we being The United States of America) dropped two Atomic Weapons on Japan:

upon impact, the Nagasaki Bomb killed 40,000 civilians (8/9/1945)

upon impact, the Hiroshima Bomb killed 80,000 civilians (8/6/1945)

so, within three days my country killed One Hundred Twenty Thousand Civilians with two bombs

Since the two weapons were ATOMIC, Fat Man and Little Boy, radiation was released from both devices poisoning and genetically altering approximately an additional 100,000 civilians. In Total, the two atomic weapons caused the deaths of around two hundred and fifty-thousand unarmed civilians.

In Vietnam, my country financed the French Occupation of Vietnam and then began invading Vietnam as early as 1955, we dropped CLUSTER BOMBS, NAPALM, (sprayed) AGENT ORANGE upon civilian villages constantly especially after OPERATION MENU began that included incessantly bombing CAMBODIA. we killed approximately 242,000 civilians in Vietnam.

Apparently since commencing our involvement in IRAQ, an estimated 151,000 to 600,000 civilian deaths have occurred.

The United States of America seems to target civilians from what I'm hearing.

Then my fellow Americans say "Its "All" propaganda and manipulation. . .

How can "it" be propaganda and manipulation when we have the actual films of the Atomic Weapons actually exploding over Civilian-populated Japanese cities and Footage of the bombings in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan . . .

There's overwhelming evidence that The United States of America targets Civilians in its war schema.

Don't get me wrong I AM TOTALLY NOT ANTI-WAR; if were weren't in Afghanistan, people with axes to grind with The United States of America would be exploding Nuclear Weapons in our major cities left and right for REVENGE over what some of my fellow Americans DID to their people.

Its just very difficult to maintain my country as being The Good Guy in every War Theater since WORLD WAR II.

and HEARTS AND MINDS crystallized my suspicions about The United States of America harboring genocidal tendencies inherent in its Foreign Policy Agenda.

Genocide: when one race kills an exorbitant amount of people of another race.

---Unfortunately war is necessary, especially now because I suspect a lot of cultures probably resent my country's antics during wartime.

how about: war is not unnecessary these days . . . (note the double-negative)

Exterminators of the Year 3000 (Gli Sterminatori dell'anno 3000)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is my favorite of the POST-NUKE movies:
"The Boy With The Robot Arm" . . .

I love how ALIEN played by Robert Janucci always tries to ditch The Boy With The Robot Arm "Tommy" played by Luca Venatini and Tommy won't "let go" of Alien because Tommy's father was killed by Crazy Bull during a reconnaissance mission to find water.

Its a Road Warrior rip-off that has ALIEN, TRASH (Alicia Moro), and TOMMY: The Boy With The Robot Arm out trying to literally save the last vestige of Humanity from dehydration.

ALIEN'S car is called THE EXTERMINATOR and when CRAZY BULL'S (Fernando Bilbao as Fred Harris) gang eventually shoot-out THE EXTERMINATOR'S tires, Trash presses a button and the tires re-inflate . . .


Most people wouldn't really like it because its pretty shallow, but I love the themes in the storyline and the music by Detto Mariano

Heaven Is for Real
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Christian-movie with somewhat cock-eyed production values. Still Good. "Jesus is For Real" seems like a better title/

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've had people die suddenly in my life and the PAIN IS INDESCRIBABLE.
its 5 stars 100 percent because it effected me so much.

12 Years a Slave
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

thank you for joining me, reading this.
I broke-down and saw it two days ago. its TRAUMATIC, DEVASTATING, DISTURBING!

I'll finish writing this later.

thinking about it produces PTSD symptoms in me:
the two slaves, lynched, dangling from trees - getting to shaking spasmodically.

Eliza, the slave, weeping for her children suddenly being snatched away and dragged into the forest under the late afternoon sun to be lynched and "put out of her misery"

The protagonist being beaten into submission: from walking erect in the beginning of the film to having the self-respect beaten out of him.

very, very painful to watch. I found it hard to look the two white people in the eye who were standing in Cinemapolis (Ithaca, NY) lobby.

pure junk.

Ruggero Deodato-style of "Observer thrust into horrendous situations" only to come-out at the end a changed individual.

I am a descendant of slaves and 12 YEARS A SLAVE IS A BLATANT RIP-OFF OF DJANGO UNCHAINED. OFFENSIVE, Stereotypical hack work.
My great-great grandparents were born slaves and none of this crap happened to them.
there are many slave experiences that are never discussed because they go against the normal perception of slavery.
my ancestors were taught to read by their slave masters and treated very respectfully by all accounts.